The cosmic connection

‘Now I am going to connect with the masters.
You know that you can see and perceive through me.
When this connection has been achieved and I then start to connect with you, then you will perceive what I can see, hear and feel.’
The master sat down next to me and put my right hand in his.
At the same moment I felt a powerful current pass through me.
Then I felt myself elevated and being connected with another sphere.
It was amazing what entered me.
The second sphere now lay far from me.
‘Prepare yourself’, I heard a voice within me saying, ‘you will start to perceive.’
Suddenly I saw a beautiful country in front of me.
The people there were different, the nature more beautiful and temples and buildings were no comparison to those from my sphere.
Where was I?
The peace which came to me was the silence of an attunement which was not mine.
‘Can you follow everything?’ I heard a voice saying to me again.
‘Yes’, I said, ‘I can see everything clearly in front of me.’
‘This is the third sphere, but we will go further.’
Then this faded and I saw another scene.
Everything was different again.
The first thing I noticed was the purplish glow which descended from the universe.
Everything I perceived was quieter, more beautiful and greater.
The human being shone like a sun!
How much happiness still awaited me.
It was incredible and yet this took place before my eyes, I was connected with it.
On earth I was connected with my past, now with my future.
I saw an awe-inspiring view and a satiny glow lay over everything, which was the aura of the life which lived there.
‘The fourth sphere’, I heard the master say, ‘the Summerland and namely the first happy spiritual sphere.
There the human being has discarded his earthly feelings.
Only there has he entered the spiritual life.
It is there that he feels as if born again.
The human being already possesses this feeling in the first sphere, but it becomes stronger and more conscious, yes, more powerful, until he enters there.’
We carried on again and this scene disappeared again to make way for another one.
I could no longer make any comparisons, because what I now saw was indescribable.
How great and exalted this scene was.
‘This is my sphere’, said the master, ‘but we will continue.’
This scene also faded and then I saw the sixth sphere.
The firmament was silvery and a golden glance lay over everything.
It was difficult to grasp and I did not know whether I was awake or dreaming.
This was wonderful!
‘Did you see that sphere?’
‘Yes’, I said, ‘very clearly.
Where are you taking me?’
‘To the mental areas.’
Then the seventh sphere followed.
I heard birds singing, and flowers and people .
Everything spoke of happiness, purity, divine happiness.
Oh, I thought, when will I come here?
How far removed I was from this sphere!
There were temples as only a divine building could be.
What I perceived was wonderful.
The people whom I saw had to be like God Himself.
Were they gods?
I heard a voice say: ‘No, Lantos, do not forget that this is still the third degree of cosmic attunement.
They are not gods, but people like you and I, but in a higher attunement and namely the seventh sphere.
This is the end of the third cosmic degree.
Then come the mental areas.
The human being who enters there passes into that sphere.
The soul discards the spiritual body and carries on.
It is like dying on earth, it is entering the unconscious and the soul will wait there to be attracted again, as the human being on earth is born.
I explained this to you in the darkness, I connected you there with the world of the unconscious, it was there that you spoke to your friend Roni.
Your friend Roni was not conscious of anything, but the masters awakened him.
The soul which passes into the mental areas falls into a deep sleep and that world is therefore also a connection sphere, which lies between the third and fourth cosmic attunement.
Being born, as I already said, takes place as on earth, by one law, one force, one possibility, and it is a cosmic event.
In this way the human being goes further and further, higher and higher, until he has reached the last and highest mentality, the seventh cosmic attunement, where the Master, the perfect child of God, lives whom we know as Christ.
Life on the fourth degree is different than on earth.
You can see the seventh sphere in front of you and you think you see gods.
How will the people be then who live on the fourth degree?
We cannot form any idea about it and yet the masters from the seventh sphere know about their lives.
There people do not kill, brother Lantos, there people love everything, everything which lives.
There the human being is a cosmic being and is conscious of that.
There they feel sisterly and brotherly love, they are children in spirit, one in everything.
On the fourth degree the people live to hundreds of years old and live in peace and happiness.
Their physical condition is different to that which the human being on earth possesses.
It is there that the animal has another destiny and that the human being will no longer assault the animal, because all those earthly abuses have dissolved.
There the human being is in harmony with the eternal and knows our Father, Who guides and controls everything.
Those who live there use their knowledge and skill for the happiness of humanity.
On earth they are approaching the age of technical wonders, but the human being will not understand those wonders which he receives from this side.
But in the fourth cosmic degree all these wonders are understood and there, those wonders serve the human being.
On earth people will try to come into connection with them, but they will not receive this connection, because they do not know their own lives.
They do not wish to accept that it is possible to go further and higher.
They close themselves off to the higher attuned being and will remain as they are.
Thousands of years will pass before they are that far.
The people who have reached the fourth cosmic attunement find connection with each other at a far distance.
They tune into each other and pass into their lives.
As I can now let you see and experience everything, this is how the spiritual connection is there, which everyone possesses.
They live naturally, spiritually and cosmically.
They know there that there are people living on the planet earth.
On earth they do not know this, or they cannot determine it for certain.
However, the people who live there try to achieve a connection and they succeed, but on earth people do not understand their signs.
However, one day academics will be born on earth who will connect with them, but I told you, thousands of years will pass before this connection is achieved.
The mentality of the human being on earth is the animal-like attunement.
How can an animal sense and receive the signs and feelings sent out from the higher attuned being?
The animal-like being, which lives on earth, will have to discard the animal part, if he wants to come into connection with them one day.
Everything lives there in a higher attunement.
The social circumstances are different and everything is more exalted than on earth.
The human being can not be compared with the earthly being either.
His beautiful form shines, his feelings find attunement to God’s sacred life and he is in possession of a cosmic happiness.
What you experienced on earth is material happiness, but they possess spiritual happiness.
Do you sense what this means?
To possess spiritual happiness in a material state?
There they do not know poverty or lack, no illnesses or other misery, there everyone lives in happiness, all earthly torments lie far from them.
I do not need to explain to you now how beautiful the earth could be if the human being understood his own life.
They are not conscious and will go back there, until they have mastered those powers.
On the fourth cosmic degree everyone is conscious.
The human being who lives there had experienced the first, second and third cosmic degree and prepares himself there to enter the fifth degree.
Yet thousands of years will pass before they pass into it.
The masters on this side are therefore only in connection with those who live on the fourth degree.
You feel that all of us are connected to a mighty chain.
In this way it goes higher and higher, masters are in connection with masters.
Now look up.
You can see the seven masters, or mentors, of the third cosmic degree in front of you.’
I saw a beautiful temple and on the terrace I counted seven forms, clothed in beautiful garments.
Young and beautiful like angels and as pure and exalted as a human being cannot imagine.
I heard my leader say: ‘There in front of you, from left to right, you can see first of all the mentor of the first sphere, mentor Astor.
Then of the second sphere, mentor Gloudius.
Of the third sphere, mentor Sylvius.
Of the fourth sphere, mentor Miradis.
Of the fifth sphere, mentor Urabis.
Of the sixth sphere, mentor Mondius and of the seventh sphere, mentor Cesarino.
These seven mentors serve the human being who lives on earth and on this side.
These high beings will connect me with the earth.
You can see their shining garments, their young beautiful faces and yet all of them are thousands of years old.
Mentor Cesarion will pass into the fourth cosmic degree when his task has ended and then mentor Mondius will take over his task.
I may connect you with this vision, because you will know that it is not in my power to let you experience what you will soon experience.
The cycle of the earth is known to them and they know where the human being on earth is and for what purpose he lives there.
Only they could connect me with Marianne and your friend Roni.
They know whether the human being on earth had to make good, or that they have come back there for a task.
They are the managers of the third degree, therefore of the earth and all the spheres on this side.
From here they work and they have a connection with the earth.
The millions of souls who carry out work there are under their management.
Every being bows his head to the love which they possess, and yet they call themselves children in spirit.
They point us to the highest Master, Who, as I already told you, is the Christ.
All these high masters will give me and thousands of others the strength to accomplish this work which I have been asked to do.
The temple which you see is the Temple of the Soul.
This beautiful and great building was built by the masters of the seventh sphere.
It will remain for eternity and namely through the human being who has reached the seventh sphere.
Now, Lantos, you will go back to yourself.
I will withdraw and you will pass into your own life.’
I felt myself sinking away and awakening.
Next to me I saw my leader.
‘How can it be’, I said.
You see, Lantos, how far all of us are removed from other and higher attunements.
The human being goes continually further and higher.
God is Love and the human being will enter the Divine Spheres one day.
It is no use explaining the even higher states to you.
I am only concerned with showing you with whom I and many other leaders are in connection.
Now other great work awaits us.
I will now leave and will come back when you think you are ready.
Then my leader left.