The awakening on earth

How many things I had to reflect upon.
There was no end to it.
I kept on experiencing new miracles.
The scene of the fourth cosmic degree was exalted.
Awe-inspiring great happiness awaited the human being on earth.
Love, nothing but love!
How far removed I already felt from the earth. Then all these spheres in the spirit came and then the mental areas.
The soul discarded its spiritual body there and carried on.
Oh, I understood and felt it completely.
It was remarkable that people were constantly left alone here in order to be able to reflect.
What did they do on earth?
There one person begrudged another the happiness which the other person possessed.
I had also been like that.
Now people could do anything to me and yet I would not be able to kill.
These feelings lay far from me.
Here I lived in my possession and next to me and within me my Marianne.
I wanted to be with her in the chamber of prayer, in order to beg for God’s blessing for our eternal union.
Her spiritual dwelling would be like mine.
Full of happiness, I knelt down and thanked my Almighty Father for all the beautiful and sacred things which I had received.
I was a part of the mighty universe, a part of God and everyone had the same attunement.
How I longed to be able to tell all of this on earth.
To be able to die on earth was a mercy, because many miracles awaited the human being.
I thought I was already conscious on earth, but how many degrees of consciousness had I now experienced?
I was awake now for the first time, and yet, I would only become conscious in the fourth sphere.
Passing over and becoming awake, that continual passing over and entering into other spheres.
It was amazing.
However, I accepted and believed everything, because I had seen it with my own eyes.
Now I would experience yet other miracles.
I felt so happy and I sat down again at the feet of Marianne in order to say farewell to her.
Then my leader entered.
I was finished with myself and waited.
‘Are you ready, Lantos?’
‘I am ready, master.
Wherever you go, I will be at your disposal.’
‘Wonderful, Lantos, then come to me and try to connect with the higher.’
I knelt down and prayed to God to give my leader the powers to be able to reveal everything to me.
We were in prayer for a long time.
While praying I felt a very peculiar mood enter me.
It was as if my feelings flowed away and I entered a silence which I had already felt before.
The longing to be born again entered me.
I descended deep into the feeling and before me I saw the world of the unconscious.
An even stronger feeling entered me and I saw the human being on earth.
Then a family, father and mother and children.
The mother was in rebellion.
What did this scene mean?
I saw all of this clearly.
Then I saw only the mother and I felt that I was being connected with her.
We were both one.
My God, what would I now have to experience?
I felt myself as the child which she bore inside.
I sunk into a deep sleep and that sleep lasted nine months.
Then I left and awakened.
Therefore died on earth and born in spirit!
What did this scene mean?
I looked at my leader and asked: ‘What does this mean, master Emschor?’
‘You will experience this.’
‘Will I go back to the earth in order to experience that?’
‘Yes, my Lantos.
You will experience the awakening on earth.
However, you will not be born, before that time, only a few moments before you will go back to this life.
What will be born there will only be a dead body, you, as soul and as spirit, will go back.
I have connected you with the masters.
Did you feel and experience all of this?’
‘Yes’, I said, ‘clearly.’
‘Listen, brother Lantos.
I may awaken you in the mother, therefore while she is carrying you.
After the birth we will go back to earth and you will experience this process again and I will therefore connect you with the past.
You know that this is possible.
Are you ready?’
‘I feel ready, master.’
‘Look around you, for some time you will go back to the earth and when you die there, you will go back to your dwelling and awaken.’
At a high speed we descended towards the world of the unconscious.
The deeper we descended the clearer I felt connected to that world.
We had soon reached that sphere and the master said to me: ‘We are now at the place and in the sphere where you spoke to your friend Roni.
Another degree deeper and that world will attract you and then you can no longer free yourself from it.
Go, Lantos, enter, on earth we will see each other again, I will speak to you there.’
I descended even deeper, but remained connected with my master.
I felt an awe-inspiring sleep enter me, but I still heard a voice say: ‘Can you hear me, Lantos?’
‘Yes’, I said, ‘but I am sleepy.’
‘You will sleep, but can you feel how far your previous life, in which you lived a moment ago, is now removed from you?’
‘I feel nothing but sleep, only sleep, master.’
‘Do you know why this is?’
‘No, master.’
‘The world of the unconscious attracts you, you will pass into it.
In the life in which you will soon be born everything will be unconscious for you.
When you are born on earth, only that part of you can therefore be conscious for which you will live on earth.
In your previous life your feelings as an artist were conscious in you, but you knew nothing of all your previous lives.
This is why people on earth know little about it.
I mean reincarnation.
Later, when we are together again, I will explain that to you.
Farewell, brother Lantos, this is part of your cycle of the earth and everyone will experience it, so that the human being will be convinced of his own life.’
Then I sunk into a deep sleep and did not feel or hear anything more.