My birth and death on earth

Then I felt myself becoming conscious.
It was as if I was being awakened.
I felt this clearly.
From the depth of the spiritual life I came back to reality.
A sacred feeling flowed through me.
I felt my heart beating inside me, but far away from me.
I heard a soft voice say: ‘Lantos!
‘Lantos’, I thought.
That voice became closer and closer.
What did Lantos mean?
Who was Lantos?
I felt myself becoming conscious and now I understood the meaning of the word ‘Lantos’.
‘Lantos,’ I heard again and I knew that they were calling me.
It was as if God Himself was speaking to me.
‘Can you hear me?’
I wanted to make a noise, but it was impossible for me.
‘You can only feel’, entered me.
I understood what they meant by that and sent my feelings upwards.
My feelings were picked up and I heard again: ‘Lantos, can you hear me?’
‘Yes’, I sent back, ‘I can hear you, where am I?’
‘You live on earth, but in the womb of the mother.
However, not for much longer, then you will die.’
‘You live in the mother’, I heard again.
‘You are now awake but it is higher masters who wake you.
Can you hear me?
Give me an answer then.’
‘I can hear you, but far, very far away.’
‘Do you feel who is speaking to you?’
‘I can feel you, is it you, master Emschor?’
‘Yes, my brother, it is I.
Now sleep, Lantos, you will soon go back to the spheres.’
Then I sunk back into that spiritual depth.
When I awakened I was lying on my settee in my own dwelling.
Next to me stood my leader Emschor.
‘My brother Lantos, can you remember anything?’
‘What do you mean?’ I asked.
‘I have no memories.
I only know that you went with me to the world of the unconscious and that I heard you speaking to me and saying farewell.’
‘Do you not feel anything else?’
‘No, nothing, I am not conscious of anything else.’
‘Not, that you were on earth and died there?’
‘No, I cannot feel any of it.’
‘Listen then.
You died on earth.
At the age of almost nine months old you passed over.
Before you were to born there you died.
Your father and mother are in a state of suffering and sorrow and weep about your passing away.’
‘What kind of miracle are you telling me about?’
‘Can you feel the silence of the spirit in you?’
‘I can feel a different silence than I first felt, master.’
‘That silence is part of your mother, of that awe-inspiring process which you experienced.
You have not yet completely passed into this life, in other words: you have not yet accepted your previous situation, therefore before we descended to the world of the unconscious.
Soon you will fall asleep again and will continue to sleep for a long time, in order to awaken again.
Only then will you feel as you felt before, before you were connected.
I wakened you and I will withdraw my concentration now, as a result of which you will fall asleep.
Sleep, my brother, you were able to experience this miracle.’
Then I was no longer conscious of anything.
I awakened again and I felt as I had felt when awakening from my first sleep upon entering.
I knew where I was and looked at Marianne.
How great God is, I thought.
Inside me lay love and peaceful, peaceful silence.
I thought of my own life, then of Emschor.
At the same moment he entered.
‘My brother, Lantos, how do you feel?’
‘Wonderful’, I said.
‘I have a lot to explain to you.
Then we will go back to the earth and you will see your father and mother, your sister and brothers.’
‘My sister and brothers, father and mother?’ I repeated.
‘Yes, do you not know what we discussed?’
‘Yes, I know that, but I cannot remember any of it.
I know that I have slept for some time, no more.
Must I accept this?’
‘Eighty years, according to earthly time, have passed.’
‘What did you say?’
‘Eighty years, and that is short, because many people are in that world for hundreds of years before they are attracted to the earth.’
I could not say a word and stammered: ‘Do you mean all of this seriously?’
‘How could you ask me such a question?
But we know that no one can accept this, but I will show you the truth of it.
Therefore accept that you have gone back to earth.’
What a miracle had happened!
They had told me about it beforehand and yet I could not accept it.
Then I asked the master: ‘How does all of this happen?
When is the soul attracted and how is this connection achieved?
Do you know how the human being on earth is born?’
When the father or mother starts to think of this event they are already in a cosmic attunement.
That event is therefore a cosmic miracle, a force which strengthens this connection, in which both beings are absorbed.
At the same moment that the father or mother tunes into it, the life, the soul, is attracted.
This process starts when the embryo is formed and as it grows the life becomes conscious.
The embryo accepts the direct awakening between the third and the fourth month.
The parents have a connection with the universe at the time of tuning in, therefore with this world, and that connection can only be broken by brutal force and it is a spiritual murder.
The life which is kicked back to this world is cursed in this way and the parents or the human being have to make that good.
The human being, spirit or soul, which grows up in that young body, is not conscious of anything, as you know.
When the earthly body was born there, you yourself were already on the way to the spheres.
In a short time, therefore sleeping, you went back to your previous state and that is only for those who experience this awakening.
If you had been born on earth and had died there later, you would have experienced the time of growing up on this side, even if it is shorter than on earth.
The spiritual growth goes together with and is tuned to the inner powers which the human being possesses.
A higher attuned spirit which would go back to earth has already accepted his previous state at the place of his attunement.
Is this clear to you?’
‘Yes’, I said, ‘but so amazing.’
‘We will go back to the earth and I will explain everything to you.
Through the help of the masters I was able to connect you once with the past, but now with your birth and death and return to this world.
You will only accept it when you have also experienced this.
Are you ready?’
‘Yes, master, I am following you.’
We floated back to the earth.
How amazing this problem was.
I had been born on earth and had gone back to this world for my birth.
Amazing powers of the spirit.
We had soon reached the earth.
When I tuned in I saw and felt that we were in the East.
I saw where I was by the clothing of the people.
China, I said to myself, so I was in another continent.
When I asked my leader whether I had tuned in clearly, he confirmed this.
I felt that master Emschor was continually concentrating and I knew that he was connected to higher powers.
I followed him in silence and observed.
An awe-inspiring problem would dissolve for me.
If people could accept this, they would know how and for what purpose they got all those characteristics.
They had mastered art and all character traits in another life attunement.
Language and country had nothing to do with this power.
The life came back and would be born on earth.
It was deep.
When I would be born here, I would know nothing more about my previous life, but deep, very deep within me, there lay it.
I felt and reviewed all of this.
Now we were walking through the streets of a town and I saw the astral being again and recognised his longing.
When we reached a street, we entered a comfortable house.
Before me I saw the earthly people: man, woman and children and I felt that they were deep in prayer.
I felt the silence here.
‘Your parents, sister and brothers’, master Emschor said to me.
‘Sense that it is she who carried you all those months and with whom you were connected.’
At the same moment that I tuned in I felt the connection with my mother.
Within me lay maternal love, I clearly felt these feelings. (When Lantos connects himself to his mother, he feels her maternal love entering him.)
This moment was sacred to me.
Yet all these people were strangers to me, but something kept me captive.
That was the love which all of them felt for the being who was born dead.
They sent pure thoughts to me of reunion and connection.
They were convinced that I was alive.
Now I felt myself sinking away deeper and deeper.
The earth sunk away under me and the silence which entered me was amazing.
Yet I remained conscious.
Now I felt attracted to my mother and also that I was connected with her.
I saw myself inside my mother.
Oh, my God, how amazing everything is.
However, I could only feel, but yet I understood it.
When I perceived this, I heard my leader say through the language of feeling which entered me: ‘You are one with your mother, Lantos.
I will now send my feelings to you, in order to explain this process to you.
You now see what has happened, you are in connection with the past.
Is this clear to you?’
I sent back to my leader: ‘Yes, master, I understand you in everything.’
‘You see, Lantos, that the embryo is starting to take shape.
You already live in this earthly body and yet it is first a foetus, which becomes bigger and bigger.
As the foetus grows, the life becomes conscious and reaches general awakening between the third and fourth month.
I already told you about this.
The life which lives in the earthly body is therefore the soul and that soul, so the human being, has lived in different stages.
During that pregnancy the mother lives, through the being which she carries, in a higher spiritual attunement.
The soul, or the life, now has to follow a process and that is the complete growth, then it waits for birth.
One day before the birth you closed yourself off to the life.
That power lay within you, which is cosmically determined, therefore a law which no one can change anything about.
This has nothing to do with the earthly event.
The soul, or the life, would go back to the spheres.
If you now tune into this event, you will be able to feel this clearly.
So the power which the spirit, or the life, possesses and manifests itself in a turn is the closing of the life and the return to your own attunement.
Millions of beings go back in this way and have experienced the awakening in the earthly life.
I already told you, this is part of the cycle of the soul, it is saying farewell to the material life of the third cosmic degree.
You went back, but others will be born.
We know about this and the human being goes back for a particular purpose, whether it be to learn, whether it be to bring something beautiful to the earth, which is cosmically determined.
On earth people think that a material disorder has occurred when a child is stillborn.
However, this is not true, because the life would and should return.
You were born here, this is your mother and father, your sister and brothers.
You can feel that all of us are sisters and brothers and that being a father and mother in the spiritual life has no more possibility of existence, because paternal and maternal love passes into that of universal love.
Now I will let you go back and I will explain the other effects and events.’
I felt that my conscious life came back.
This process was slowly completed and I felt the wonderful concentration which lay within me, that I would not be born on earth.
Then I saw how I closed myself off to life.
This event was amazing and exalted.
When I came to myself, I held my leader’s hand in mine.
I understood why he had done this.
From feeling to feeling I saw this miracle and what he perceived through even higher powers I could feel and it passed into me.
A process had been completed which the human being on earth knew nothing about and could not understand or accept either.
The secret lay in life after death and the cosmically awakened knew and felt this secret, the mentors whom I had been able to perceive.
Again I was connected with my leader.
‘Observe’, he said, ‘however, now you will experience the returning and awakening in spirit.’
I could see my mother clearly and that I was inside her and I followed the process of the young life.
Then I saw that it made a few turns and closed itself off to life.
The young body was suffocated in the mother and the feelings of it now came back to me.
I felt what I did, one urge, one power drove me to do it and I acted accordingly.
Now I saw that the life started to free itself and from the body of my mother I saw a young spiritual being releasing itself.
At the same moment that I perceived this, I saw a few beings and among them was my leader.
Now I understood this event.
When the spiritual body had completely freed itself, the spiritual cord tore apart and dissolved in an amazing way.
The young life had died on earth, but was born in spirit.
The beings who carried me to the spheres were followed by my own leader.
From the moment that they had left the earth, I saw that it grew up.
This process of growth was continually being completed.
A thick haze lay around the being and inside that lay the being sunk in a deep sleep.
We approached the spheres of light and entered the second sphere.
I was laid down on my own bed.
I saw all of this happening.
Gradually I got my previous state back.
How normal, how natural this event was, this miracle of God.
I saw that the thick haze dissolved and my spiritual body became bigger.
Then I prayed in silence and I thanked my Almighty Father silently that I was able to experience this sacred event.
This process of growth was amazing.
I soon experienced my awakening in the spheres.
I had not yet gone back to my own life.
I saw all of this happening.
Now the end was approaching and with this end my awakening in the spirit.
It was at this moment that my leader spoke to me.
I knew all of this.
I saw myself in falling asleep and after some time I also awoke from that and it was as if I had been born again.
I had got to know and experienced a wonderful problem: how a human being is born on earth and comes back to the spiritual world again.
It is cosmic wisdom and sacred.
It is God's holy guidance and Omnipotence which controls all of this.
I sunk to my knees and thanked my God for everything again.
When I had ended my prayers, I looked up at my leader and also thanked him for this event.
‘Oh, if the people would accept this’, I said.
‘This is possible, Lantos, and it gives them support, because they will experience earthly life differently than before.
They will no longer be sad when a young life leaves.
Everything is God’s will.
Now listen further, Lantos.
Now that you have experienced all of this, it will be clear to you that the human being, or the soul, is attracted from the unconscious and the soul returns to earth for some task or other.
Between that world and the earth, therefore that attunement, lies and lives God's holy power.
This power and force are laws, which the masters know nothing about either.
There lies the secret which the soul will experience and receive in the earthly life.
From there it comes to earth and now God's laws come into being and they are where the soul will live.
You lived in China, in your previous life in the West, before that in Egypt and many other continents.
Neither spirit nor human being knows anything about that.
So the masters can, before the soul enters the world of the unconscious, connect with that life and tune into the earth by concentration, as a result of which they can follow the life.
If the soul possesses riches, then no one can do anything about it.
It will be born on earth in that state.
The depth of all these problems can only be determined from the fourth cosmic degree.
Yet no being which lives on that planet - you already know this - has a connection with the earth, because they know that they are God's laws and they will respect these laws.
If the soul has to make good on earth, then this will happen.
If it dies at the age of five, ten, or later, that is also determined and will happen.
No one on earth possesses this concentration, not if people know all of these laws and events either, in order to attract the higher spiritual being to himself.
They are God's laws, neither soul nor spirit, however high they have come, knows anything about it, or can change anything about it.
For good and spiritual parents the animal-like life enters the earthly body.
This can be determined very clearly in life on earth.
People pray and ask God to give spiritual gifts to their child which will be born.
Yet nothing can be changed by praying.
If this happens it is a law.
Only God knows the depth of this wonderful process, it is a sacred law, which is the All-power.
Wherever the soul is, everything serves to master spiritual love through the earthly life.
The human being will keep on coming back, until he carries the third cosmic grade inside and then his cycle of the earth will be at an end.
In this life the soul carries on and you are familiar with all those other and higher spheres.
You also know that if the human being enters into the deepest darkness on this side, he can already develop himself on this side and can reach the highest spheres.
Your own life gives you an example of that.
Yet from the highest spheres it is possible to go back to earth and to complete a mission there.
I let you feel this in the sphere of people who committed suicide, it was when both those possibilities were conscious in you.
That one possibility is a law, the other a mercy, a mission, a task.
A mentor as Cesarino can return to earth and experience the awakening, also grow up there to the desired age, when the soul remains in harmony with the laws of nature.
In a flash the soul, therefore that high attuned being, can go back to its own sphere and pass into his previous attunement.
So the higher the human being has come, the faster this process is completed and it happens according to the inner and namely power of love which the being possesses.
The spirit, or the soul, which enters the world of the unconscious - you experienced this event - descends into a deep attunement and returns to the spark of light, of life, becomes smaller and smaller, as you saw your own garment, therefore your spiritual body, growing up.
From this side it descends into that inexplicable state and from the material connection - the fertilisation - the soul and body grow up naturally and in this way the human being on earth is born.
The miracle of gender is also a cosmic law, which only God knows and the soul experiences.
It is not possible to determine this beforehand on earth.
But we know - what I am now going to tell you is the most incredible part of this wonderful and sacred process - that there the soul will be born in both bodies.
When a mother gives birth to more children, this is an event which is connected to the earthly organs and has only to do with this.
So as soon as a fertilisation takes place, the life descends from this side into the material, and the embryo attracts life, since it was brought into being by the human being.
This applies to animals and human beings.
Yet the human being is tuned to the higher and perfect divine being.
However, the animal is part of its own attunement of animal life, even if the effect and fertilisation, descending of life and taking possession of the earthly body, are one and the same effect.
But all that life is God's holy life.
The soul therefore descends into both bodies.
Do you feel the deep meaning of this miracle?
It will then be clear to you that the soul possesses the male body in one life and represents the female body in another life.
The depth of this wonderful and sacred problem cannot be fathomed.
Yet the masters know it and all of us who can connect with the human being on earth, feel and see that this is the truth.
The maternal love is that wonderful power, God's holy creation, as a result of which the soul enters a higher stage and can master that possession.
Everything which the soul therefore experiences on earth, serves to enter the spiritual from the animal-like and coarse-material.
When the human being on earth wonders how he got all those qualities, then the life has mastered them in previous lives, and all of that has the purpose of awakening spiritually.
We know that people have to master everything by experiencing it and learning it and that people also have to accept that all these characteristics cannot be mastered in a short earthly life.
The soul needs thousands of years for that. And what are a thousand years on this side?
God gives all His children and all other life this mercy, so that the soul can make good what it destroyed in a previous life.
It is God Who gives the human being on earth the mercy in order to continue his interrupted work on this side.
It is always our holy Father Who guides we children and points out what is the best thing for us.
It is God Who gives the soul the mercy to experience motherhood and to master that love, the most sacred thing which God has created.
That is life on earth, my Lantos, and the cycle of the soul is the earthly, is the spiritual and cosmic life.
Is everything I told you clear, my brother Lantos?’
Then I took hold of both my leader and master’s hands and said: ‘I understand you completely, master, I could not feel it any differently.
To experience all of this makes me accept it.’
‘Thank you, then we will continue.’