I visited Marianne and Roni on earth

‘Now we have reached the greatest and highest for you and namely, where Marianne and your brother Roni are.
Yet you still have to be patient, because they have not yet been born on earth.
I will leave you, but I will come back when I have received that information and those feelings and the connection with them is possible.
It is also time to visit your parents, from whom you received the name Lantos.
Search for your happiness in nature, master all these qualities and wisdom and come to yourself.
I will come back, my Lantos.
Your Emschor.’
The master left and I knew where he had gone.
Back to his own sphere which was far away, very far from mine.
Yet I will come there and enter there, because I want to work on myself.
Now I was faced with the great event that I would meet Marianne on earth.
She was going to complete her cycle.
She and Roni together.
Everything was amazing, wonderful and deep and yet so natural and simple.
Now that I knew this I understood all these situations on earth.
There were no feelings, however incomprehensible, which they did not understand on this side.
Everything lies in the human soul, that soul which is life and on this side spirit.
It was amazing and yet so simple.
How I got to know life now.
The soul lived on earth in both bodies.
For the human beings all too amazing to accept it.
Yet it is the truth, because I had experienced it.
I awakened in my mother.
Oh, my God, how wonderful You are, oh, Lord, how trivial the human being who curses You.
I had become another being and now I felt conscious, but I had so much to think about.
Soul, spirit and then human being!
Life, as soul and spirit, descended into the earthly body.
See, how it awakens!
Feel that wonderful process and think about what you attract.
Do you ask yourself upon the birth of your child, where did you come from?
Are you prior to creation?
Are you coarse-material or spiritual, or do you belong to another mentality?
Did you come to earth in order to destroy?
To make good?
For lust or violence?
For what purpose, soul, do you return to the earth?
Did I used to be your sister, your brother or your enemy?
Did I kill you in your previous life?
What must I do if I want to understand all of this?
I do not know, but I will love you.
Was I once your father or mother?
Oh, young life, who are you?
I will accept it, because God knows for what purpose you live with us.
Yes, I thought, asking question after question and yet surrendering, accepting everything, whatever it is, because God is Love.
I went outside, although I was also in nature inside my dwelling, because here the human being is and feels one in everything and with everything, wherever he is.
I now took long walks together with my sisters and brothers.
They had also experienced all these miracles and told me about their life on earth.
Weeks, no, months and years passed according to earthly calculations.
My master had still not come back. And in this way I got to know my own attunement during that time.
I will not describe all of this to you, because the master who is helping me at this moment to record this has already done that through his instrument.
I am following my own life and have to follow my own experiences, because master Emschor had ordered me to.
Finally it was time.
I felt that the time was approaching.
I experienced and meditated upon all my experiences, in my own dwelling.
When I had also finished that, my master entered and said: ‘Brother Lantos, I greet you.’
‘I greet you, master Emschor.’
‘We are going to the earth, the most beautiful part will begin for you.
It is now time.
Are you ready?
I let you feel that from afar.’
‘I have felt it, master, and I am most grateful to you.’
‘Difficult moments will come for you, prepare yourself for that too.
Know that from this moment you will not return to your dwelling for a long or short time.
Your real work is only now beginning.
You will carry out work on earth.
In the first place to protect your twin soul and in addition to describe all of this.
From time to time you will return to the spheres in order to gather new strength.
Yet you will remain there for many years until she also passes over.’
‘May I protect her from this side?’
‘That is your work, but you will also help many other people.
You therefore have a beautiful task.
When I have connected you to Marianne and Roni and your parents, my task will be finished.
I already told you that you will be helped on earth by a master, in order to tell about your life through his instrument.
Before it is that far, we will separate for a long time, but you know that we are eternally connected.
If you are faced with great and difficult problems on earth, then you know how you can reach me.
Now we will go to the earth.’
I floated towards the earth again, now, however, in order to complete a mission.
A task had been placed on my shoulders and I wanted to give myself completely to this with all the strength and love which was inside me.
We were soon on earth and I felt where I was.
Now we were in the West and I recognised the land from the language which people spoke.
Did Marianne live here, in the silence of the rural peace?
We entered a house.
‘There in front of you’, the master said, ‘you can see her parents.’
I looked at them, but Marianne was not there.
‘She will come soon, have some patience’, the master said to me.
I waited and after a short time she entered.
My heart beat with longing.
Marianne, my twin soul, my eternal love!
I had had to wait for this moment for nine centuries.
My master took my hand and I knew what this meant.
I was connected with her.
I clearly saw her inner face from her previous life.
It could be perceived in this earthly body, but this had meaning from this side and only for me.
Marianne was seventeen years old.
I fathomed her inner life.
She possessed everything which she had learned in her previous life, her longing lay deep in her soul, the longing to receive that one thing.
But, oh, how it hurt me, would she not receive this love in this life either.
She had to make good in this life and she would experience a purification.
Her earthly body was now different than in her previous situation, but nothing had changed inside her.
I saw inside her and continued to see inside her and when I knew her deep self completely, I went back to myself.
‘Is it she, Lantos?
Is the woman you see before you, your Marianne?’
‘Yes, master, the soul which lives within is my Marianne.’
‘I will show you something else, but only when she is in a deep sleep, therefore later.’
Marianne still had a beautiful voice, but she would only sing for her own pleasure.
She lived on earth, had come back from the hereafter and was already seventeen years old.
Amazing, wonderful and almost incomprehensible.
Yet I saw and experienced this great miracle too.
‘Come, my brother, we will continue, I have even more to show you.’
Then we left.
‘Where are you going?’ I asked.
‘Are you not curious to know where Roni lives?’
My God, I thought, I had not thought about him.
We entered an earthly house again and I saw a being.
‘Look there’, the master said, ‘your brother, Roni.
He lives in another earthly body, bears a different name, talks a different language, yet I will connect you with his previous life.’
I felt myself sinking away again, as I had already experienced many times and I consciously entered my previous life.
I saw before me the moment of a dreadful scene, an awe-inspiring event, as a result of which I had suffered so much.
His death and my earthly end.
This truth shone from him into me.
I then heard my leader say: ‘Do you accept, brother Lantos, that it is Roni whom you see before you?’
‘Yes, master.’
‘Do you feel that the past lies deep within him?
I was able to connect you and now also with the help of the masters.
The man who is standing in front of you is your brother Roni.
He will pay and Marianne will pay and make good what they both once did wrong.
I got a fright.
This truth was harsh, yet I had to accept it.
I had already made a decision and reflected upon all of this in the spheres.
I was prepared, since I knew that I would experience this one day.
‘Come, my Lantos, we will continue.
Soon you will return to him.
I have to connect you with other beings, then I will leave.’
‘Will we remain in this country?’
‘Yes, your parents live not far from here.’
We floated onwards and entered an earthly dwelling again.
The people could always be found in their dwellings.
In the spheres we were in nature, but everything was different there.
‘She is not here, but yet I feel where she is at the moment.
Come, follow me.’
I had already seen where we were.
The distinguished woman from before was an ordinary human being in this life and namely the most simple being which is to be found on earth.
Her task was to bear the cares of her husband.
The scene which I now saw was wonderful.
‘Look’, said my leader, ‘there is your mother.
She is busy putting her feelings and all her love into her work.
She works on her piece of land and plants in it and also has a few animals.
Come with me, I will show you.’
I sunk into the past again.
Before me I saw a scene appearing which I recognised.
It was the moment when I left and had reached that decision.
I saw her grim face and felt her cold heart, because she let me leave without saying anything.
After this scene I was connected with the life which she now lived.
She was still cold, very cold and had little love.
God had given her another life task.
In this life she had to earn her own living by working hard for it.
Her husband was a farmer.
They had cattle and a piece of land and all the things which were a part of that.
I saw her callous hands, her bent back and her tied and wearied face.
She was bent double from her worries and I heard her ask and call out, ‘why and for what purpose' do we have to work so hard.
However, I had no sympathy for her, because she had to awaken and start to feel love.
As a result of this she would get other thoughts.
It was wonderful what I perceived here.
My mother from a past life!
Incredible and yet, the truth, the sacred truth, I had to accept this.
Yonder I saw her husband, he suffered from her moods, because love shone towards me from him.
He would warm her and as a result of his love she would change.
Was he my father?
When I thought about this, the master said: ‘No, he is not your father, but we will visit him.’
There were no children here, although I felt that she would like to have them, but she could not have any children.
This had a deep effect on me, because I thought back to my life.
She did not care then and now she would long, keep on longing and yet she did not have any children.
Another thing and namely a wonderful event in order to shake her awake.
God's holy guidance trembled deep into my soul.
God knew everything.
I saw a problem and a miracle and I knew both of them.
I stayed by her side for a long time.
I would return to her and observe her from this side.
I sent her pure thoughts and wished her the strength to bear this.
May God awaken you.
If she called for help and life on earth broke her heart, I would come and support her.
I would constantly remain connected to her and be able to help her immediately if it was possible.
Farewell, mother, you must discard your pride and also master love.
In this life you cannot party, all of that is over.
If you knew what you once were, you would already have bowed your head long ago.
But this is not yet possible.
‘May I return to her, master?’
‘As often as you wish yourself.’
‘Thank you’, I said.
‘I will protect her, because that is also part of my task.’
‘Come, Lantos, we will carry on.’
I understood, because I would see my father.
We left this country at a fast speed and I saw that we went to the far North.
Did my father live here?
Far apart and yet on earth.
I found it amazing that my leader had found all of them again.
My leader went to the harbour and visited several ships there.
I already thought that I sensed this mystery.
How could it be, my father a fisherman, almost incredible.
I saw many people together.
They were busy unloading the catch.
My leader pointed me in the direction of a great powerful figure and said: ‘Your father.’
‘My father’, I repeated his words.
He had not changed at all in this life either.
He was rough.
That false intellectual part from before was not a spiritual possession.
This was his true nature.
He could live it up here.
How strong he was, he had not changed in any way in that respect, only he did not have riches, because he had to work hard too, but he did it.
In his case - I felt it clearly - my leader did not need to connect me with the past.
I followed him and gauged his inner self.
He still had his rich airs, that lay consciously within him.
I heard him speak, he handed out his orders, because he was the owner of a boat and he earned his living with it.
No, this human being could not accept that he had been rich once, immeasurably rich.
All of this lay hidden deep within him.
The soul had experienced it.
I would not soon return here, and only then, when he would also pass over.
I would help him with it.
He was spiritually one of the living dead.
I could write volumes about this.
Evening fell when I came on earth.
Yet I continued to observe, because I now saw all of this from my own light.
I looked at my leader and said nothing.
Our feelings passed into each other and we left, to go back to Marianne.
When I came to her and we entered her room, she had already lay down to rest.
She was in a deep sleep and there were beautiful feelings within her.
‘I will now connect you with the past’, my leader said to me.
‘Come with me.’
I was connected with the past again.
Scene after scene passed before my spirit.
I saw myself with her in my past youth, in ancient Egypt and walked with her to the Lower Nile.
Then in Rome.
I descended even deeper into her and felt her cosmic destination.
I got to know a new miracle.
The soul accepted both bodies and yet she had to follow the path indicated by God.
In the last incarnation the soul accepted her absolute attunement and returned to the spheres of light.
I felt the depth of this phenomenon and understood what my leader meant by it.
Then I returned to myself and I saw her inner life.
My leader looked at me and said: ‘My brother, now I will leave, my task is finished and yours is beginning.
I will go back to the spheres and receive other work.
When the time has come that you have to tell about your own life, my brother and master, Alcar, will come and visit you.
I will connect myself with him.
Follow your path, your task is not simple, because many beings need your help.
We will meet each other in the spheres of light.
When Marianne leaves this life, I will come to you.’
I knelt down and thanked my master for everything and saw my whole life on earth, the many centuries that I had lived on this side in the darkness, passing before me.
Everything came back to this moment and I looked up to him.
Two loving hands lay on my forehead.
An awe-inspiring power flowed into me.
‘May God bless your work, my brother.
May His sacred power descend upon you, may He lead you and leader you.
Farewell, Lantos, farewell!’
Then I felt that he left.
On the side of my dear child I prayed to God to be able to protect her life.
I was invisible to Marianne and yet so close.
Years passed and the time came that she would marry.
I was with her on that day which means so much happiness for the human being.
She felt happy and yet, a great and sacred longing lay deep inside her, which could not be met.
She was happy and not happy on this day.
From afar something came to her which made her unhappy.
It was an approaching disaster, because she would not be understood.
From the first day she already felt that her marriage was a failure.
Roni was cold and hard and understood nothing about her deep inner self, nothing about all the love which she had.
I had to look at all of this, I could not change anything about it, but my heart broke.
I had to deal with all of this alone, because this was familiar to me.
How she prayed to God, how she begged for love.
Every day that she lived, she asked and begged, why can God approve of this!
How I must suffer, why and for what purpose is all of this, why must my soul be kicked?
I continued to watch out and placed my love and complete strength in her when she was asleep.
Then we were one and in sleep I freed her and we went to the spheres.
There we went for long walks and we came back in the morning.
Then she could cope with her suffering again and she possessed the strength for it.
Yet I was not allowed to free her from Roni.
She had to experience this, end this life in a way which meant nothing but suffering, sorrow and misery.
Her happiness, her thoughts about what her marriage could be, lay deep, very deep inside her.
I let her live as she ‘had to’ live, but I protected her in everything.
From time to time I left, but kept coming back to her.
In her lay a longing and that longing had come to her when we had been torn apart in my dungeon.
She could and would do nothing else in this life than long.
Her longing reached for that one thing, to possess that pure love.
Yet her spiritual happiness only awaited her on this side.
Here, in my life we are one and continue in order to master eternal love.
She sought comfort in her singing and read pure books.
They wanted to deny her that, that trivial, that little bit of happiness too.
Yet she read, driven to it by my powers.
Roni has still not changed.
He is a stranger to everyone.
He only possesses the art of painting from his former life.
He does not know himself.
However, he has discarded something and is fighting against it, that is his Don Juan type character.
But these characteristics have passed into bitterness and manifest themselves in this way.
He is a secret and cannot be fathomed.
That is because he is everywhere and in everything, and yet his character does not show any fixed traits.
He does not give himself and closes himself off to everyone.
Yet I know him and sympathise with him.
When he enters this life, he will be one of the living dead.
He will find his dwelling place in the twilight land, because he will not change much.
I will help him when he enters.
However cruel he is, he is still my brother and will remain so.
I follow him, soften his mood towards Marianne, because if that is not possible for me, her life on earth would be like a hell.
In the silence of her own room I am often, very often, alone with Marianne.
When she sings, I listen carefully, but she does not know that I am with her.
In nature she comes to herself and then I let her feel what it will be like one day and she senses me, but she wonders from where these feelings came to her.
Then she passes into me and tears run down her cheeks.
She calls fervently for help, but she still has to experience this.
Often when I carry out work from a distance - because I continue to follow people and help them - and she calls for help in her prayers, I see her weeping.
Then I look up at Roni, because it is he who does all of this to her.
Within him lives a power and he makes eager use of that power.
Her hands and feet are tied and may not leave.
Her children do not feel what kind of drama is taking place here.
Who could sense that?
Who on earth feels the depth of the past?
Are all people not on earth to learn?
Are thousands of hearts not broken?
Do good and evil not live together?
Can good not conquer evil?
Do millions of people not tied by their hands and feet and are their souls not unravelled?
On earth people do not find any happiness, and anyone who possesses it, oh, thank and pray to God, because there are so few who possess that fortune of understanding.
I follow precisely now the people, but do not see that love anywhere, that twin love, which brings and gives the highest happiness.
Wherever I go, it is the same everywhere.
Here it is the man who possesses that love, somewhere else the woman and in many other places neither of them possess any love.
How trivial the human being is!
I protected Marianne from complete destruction.
If I had not been there to stop her, then she would already have been on this side in order to experience her own end.
Not one, but two, three times these thoughts were inside her.
I found her at the side of a ditch.
Sorrowful, broken in soul and body.
Then I placed the image inside her of both her children, and if this happiness had not been in her possession then I could not have protected her.
I pray that it will never happen.
Years passed.
I connected her with friends and guided her paths towards them.
I also connected her with tuned souls, who will bear with her and will give her their love.
I followed her and changed her character.
Those wrong characteristics continually fall away from her and change into soft and beautiful feelings.
She is prepared to give herself completely in love, yet she recoils from the false and mean.
I speak with her from this place and she will receive this writing.
God gives me the grace and the strength for it.
‘Marianne, these words are for you alone.
They come from deep within my heart and I have put all the powers of my soul into them.
Struggle, my child, struggle, your life is hard, but know that you are not alone.
Look around you.
How many do not suffer as you do?
You can bear all of this, because you are being helped by others.
Others are alone, completely alone in your dreadful world.
Know, my child, that if you had not felt and seen the darkness, you would not appreciate the light.
All of this is necessary.
If you seek your escape in nature and the plants and trees and cherish all the other plants, then I will be with you.
If you start to long, then you will feel me.
If beautiful and exalted thoughts and views enter you, they are mine.
If you dream beautiful dreams of happiness and reunion, of a life after this life, then we have been together and in the morning you will awaken in silent and pure happiness.
Look, Marianne, hold that inside you and live on in that.
When you look up at the universe, you will see me, because I live there.
I come to you from there and lay flowers from the spheres on your paths.
I will make everything up to you one day.
Know that I am waiting for you on this side and you will recognise me.
When your last breath flows from your tired body, I will be with you.
Then we will be one, one for eternity.
So struggle and follow your path which you can see in front of you.
You will and cannot perhaps accept all of this and I do not ask that of you either, but still, very deep inside you, there lies the past.
The past was shown to me and one day I will return with you to the earth, in order to explain this to you too.
You will read all of this which I am writing down.
God gave me this mercy.
How great my happiness will be when you read this.
Together we will read about our lives on this side and from previous centuries.
Know that a century is only a flash.
To you they are years, the years of suffering, struggle and misery.
Yet imagine how I suffered and that all of that was for you, my Marianne, my love, soul of my soul!
I can thank God so deeply that I will be able to tell this to your world.
I am already occupied and almost finished.
I am still connected with you, verbally connected, when I write this down.
I will pray for the instrument through whom I was able to pass all of this on.
I cannot express any words of thanks.
I look at the master who helped me to record this, and he sees my tears of gratitude.
A few more words for you, Marianne, because I cannot leave yet.
Now, at this moment, when you read this, we are one, completely one.
Can you sense me?
Think, my dear child, think of this in your life.
How great it is to be able to receive the mercy. But do not think that we are the only ones to experience this.’
However, many people will shrug their shoulders at everything which they read here, but I will call to them from this side: ‘Brothers and sisters, all of you love, but feel this love.
Everything which I told, which I experienced with Marianne and which was explained to me in this life, is the sacred truth.
God knows that I have told the truth.
God and millions of beings know, because they have followed me in everything.
It is their own life, their work and longing, which is assigned to my master Emschor.
If I can convince one of you of your eternal life, then my suffering and struggle and all this work will be rewarded.
May God open your eyes.
‘And you, blessed instrument, I am now addressing you.
I will connect you with Marianne.
You will meet her.
When I let you feel who she is, let you see and hear it, since you possess those gifts, will you give her, my twin soul, your full love?
I repeat, you will meet her, I will show her image in different ways.
I will also give you a few points of recognition, so that both of you will accept it, however incredible it will be for you.
If I give you this proof, will you whisper to her that it is she?
I may let you know this, it is God’s will.
May I thank you from my deepest inner self for what you did for me?
The time was not up to you, you lived in my time and in my life.
I had to record this book in a short time.
I could fill volumes about the time I lived in the darkness, but that is not the intention.
The masters are only concerned with wanting to convince all the people on earth who possess the feeling and want to go into all of this of their eternal life.
These possibilities are there for everyone, whoever they are, because God loves all His children.
Deep inside yourself lies the truth, you yourself are the answer to all of this, because you are life, you are spirit and soul.’
I do not need to thank you, master Alcar.
You do not wish any thanks, but I must thank God for everything which He has given me.
Now I wish to end this work and to dedicate it to my Marianne.
‘Marianne, this is for you.
Accept it and enclose it within you.
Read it and reread it, then I will be with you.
Now I am leaving.
My blessings to you all.’
’May God’s sacred and vital blessing rest upon this work.’
The end