Dear reader,
I received this book, in three parts from the spirit.
They are entitled:
‘The material life’,
‘the spiritual life’
and ‘the cosmic life’.
It is a biography of a spirit called Lantos who lived on the earth many centuries ago.
I received this book in a very remarkable way.
During Christmas 1936 the spirit Lantos showed me his life on earth in a few visions.
I saw his childhood years, a few scenes at a later age when he became an artist, how he killed his friend and was locked up in a cellar, then how he put an end to his earthly life and entering the spiritual world.
When I had perceived all of that, I heard him say:
‘I showed you my earthly life and my entering into the hereafter, but what I will now show you are truths in spirit.’
Again I saw various scenes passing before me, how he was born again on earth, but also that he had died before his birth.
Then I heard him say:
‘I am allowed to tell all of this and record it in three chapters.
I will now go and will come back after some time.
Then the spirit dissolved before me and the spiritual connection was broken.
Nevertheless I heard my leader Alcar say:
‘Just wait patiently and calmly, Jozef, you will soon sense him, because he will work on you.’
Months passed.
One morning I started to sense a remarkable connection.
I felt the first part of the book coming into me.
To the left of the centre of feeling, that is the solar plexus, that volume started to grow until it lay completely within me.
Not a word was spoken to me from the other side.
Then, after some time, I felt the second part coming into me, which I felt to the right of the solar plexus and then the third part in the same way, which had taken up a place in my emotional life above the solar plexus.
I therefore felt three parts in me and I could not release myself from them, however much I wanted to, which I had tried a few times.
My thoughts were: now they will soon start.
Yet nothing happened and summer came.
Another week and I would be leaving town on holiday.
However, one Saturday afternoon I felt myself suddenly going into a trance and, still conscious of my actions, I got some paper, then I felt myself sinking away deeper and deeper and I was no longer aware of anything.
They had started.
That same week I received the first part called ‘The material life.’
Then I left town.
The following Saturday we came back and it started again on Sunday morning.
That week the second part ‘The spiritual life’ was recorded.
The first part was written, but the second and third part were immediately typed.
Now I enjoyed a few days of rest, but I was explicitly told not to read any of the material I had already received.
Later, when I started reading, I understood this cautionary measure, because all those terrible things would have disturbed me.
Then I received the third part ‘The cosmic life’.
All of this was passed onto me within the short space of six weeks.
The book was recorded as follows.
I got the typewriter ready and waited patiently until the spirit Lantos took possession of me.
I did not need to wait long, I soon felt myself sinking away and being elevated in feeling in the spiritual life.
When I am in a trance, I know nothing more about my own life and what is happening around me.
Then my hands start to work, the feelings of the spirit are interpreted and one sheet of paper after another is typed full.
When those on the other side think that they have passed on enough, this connection is broken and I go back to my own life.
They could go on like that day in day out, but I have a wonderful protection, because my leader Alcar makes sure that they do not tire me out too much.
When the three volumes were recorded, I read through the whole work.
How I trembled from emotion as I read this biography.
How tragic, how deeply human and terrible the scenes are which the spirit Lantos describes.
It is worthwhile going into it deeply and following the advice in order to start a higher life.
I wonder: could I have achieved all of this in a short time?
I, who only finished primary school, who know nothing, absolutely nothing, about art and literature, and when the spirit supervises me do not even know anymore that I am alive?
No, that is impossible, to me this is everything and all my books are a great miracle.
This takes place outside my own capabilities and life, it is an invisible power, visible to me, which gave me all of this.
I could not even have written this preface alone, my leader Alcar had to help with that as well.
Could I have written this wonderful book, all those problems, those terrible situations of the spiritual life, all those laws and miracles which are described in these three parts without Alcar’s help?
Our feelings do not reach that far, this is impossible for an earthly person, because we know little of the spiritual life.
It is too amazing and too deep and yet how simple everything is.
Everyone can follow this life, because it contains enormous spiritual wisdom.
It is love, which they have given me from the other side through the human being who lived for many centuries on earth.
I thank God from deep within my soul for everything and I am pleased to have received this.
It is truly a message from the other side!
I have passed this on as I received it.
May this book also convince many people of an eternal hereafter on the other side.
The Hague, April 1938.
J. R.