The Origin of the Universe

Jozef Rulof



The wonderful trilogy ‘The Origin of the Universe’ is the highlight in the first series of five titles which Jozef Rulof received mediumistically from the masters of the light from life after death.
This trilogy continues to build on the foundations of spiritual science as they were described and explained in detail in ‘A View into the Hereafter’ (the reality and nature of our spiritual continued existence) and in ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ (the impact of our previous lives on our inner emotional life).
‘The Origin of the Universe’ gives a comprehensive picture of the origin, the development and the destination of all life in the universe, and human life in particular.
This picture was given by the highest masters, who made a study of all life, and who could penetrate to the very first origin of life.
As the first perceivable phenomenon in the universe they saw a cosmic life aura.
This thin life plasma condensed itself into cosmic mists, from which stars and planets were born.
The masters call this first phase in the evolution of the universe the first cosmic grade of life.
Primal cells developed on a planet from this first grade of life, which would drive themselves forward in a gigantic evolution process to a human being.
The masters speak here of the embryonic stage of the human cell, because this amazing process can still be traced back to the maternal womb on earth.
In the trilogy the masters describe where and how the human soul came into being.
How this soul already inspired the first cells to expand themselves and to connect with other cells.
How in that very first stage the soul already ensured the inspiration of the following life, the following reincarnation.
How the amazing combined action between soul and material substance created the formation and construction of the human body, along a gigantic path of development over many planets to finally reach the earth as main planet of the third cosmic grade of life.
In the second part the masters analyse where and how our emotional life came into being.
How the experiences of all those previous lives lie stored in our unfathomable subconscious, in order to build up our human conscious from there.
How instinct came into being, and how we can rise above that instinct.
How we relate physically and spiritually to the animal, and where the split between human being and animal came into being.
Where the human soul stayed during the formation of the earth, and how we as a soul came to the earth.
How the races and the peoples on earth came into being.
How the human being has built up the hereafter himself, the spheres of darkness and light.
And how the first souls could already take leave of this third cosmic grade of life, in order to start their journey to the next planet.
In the third part the masters give a revealing picture of life on the planets of the fourth cosmic grade of life, to which every being on earth will evolve one day thanks to reincarnation and the earthly hereafter.
The description of this future for all of us is unique and cannot be found in any other book on earth.
The masters wanted to give us an idea by this of the real depth of our divine soul, and the place of earthly life in our cosmic evolution.