I am convinced of my earthly death

“Can you feel the horror of this situation, Jozef?
Could it be different?
Crazy from fear as a result of the strange phenomena I lay down in order to rest.
I could no longer concentrate on one point.
Suddenly, I thought that I saw more light.
Now they will soon come to me.
How surprised I was when at the same moment a door opened which I had not seen, and a human being entered.
I looked in amazement at the man who stood there before me.
He was a powerful young being with a manly, beautiful face, so that I thought I was seeing a wonder.
Finally, I was seeing a human being.
He looked at me for a long time, smiled at me and said: ‘Brother of the earth’, and continued to look at me.
I thought, what does that mean?
Brother of the earth, I repeated in thoughts.
‘Brother of the earth’, he repeated, ‘do not look at me so shocked.
Is it so strange to see a human being?’
That man made me even more nervous than I already was and I asked him: ‘But what does that mean?’
‘I will explain it to you, but first be calm and listen.
Do you want to know where you are?’
‘Yes, please’, I replied, ‘but who are you?
Tell me where I am.
In a madhouse?
Where did I get those clothes?
Why did they put me to bed with clothes on?
Why is there no light?
Why did I not see an exit?
Why is everything so secretive?’
He continued to look at me and he said smiling: ‘I will give you an answer to all those questions.
Who I am and what I have to do will soon be clear to you.
I have strange things to tell you.’
‘Strange things, you say?
Is everything not strange enough yet?’
He looked at me and I felt that he was a good person.
‘You died on earth.’
‘What did you say?’
‘Died’, he repeated and he continued to look at me.
‘You now live in eternity and I have come to convince you of it.’
In eternity?I thought.
But that is not possible, after all, then I would be dead and I was alive, was I not?
I had sympathy for him and a terrible suspicion entered me.
He is a crazy person!
You see, I felt it well; I am living amongst mad people.
One of those madmen has come to visit me.
I burst out laughing, however sad everything was.
Then I became serious again, because his gaze pierced me and I choked my laughter.
I thought of my own situation and asked: ‘Do you know that I am not yet better, that I have been very seriously ill?
Do you want to add even more to that misery?
Do you not see the seriousness of my situation; that you want to make everything even stranger?
I felt a bit better and now you come with a story about death, and brother of the earth.
Come, be honest, what kind of nonsense is that?
Have you been here long?
Is that your idea of fun?’
My visitor did not answer and continued to look at me.
I looked at him and looked into two eyes, which looked at me lovingly.
‘Listen, brother!
I advise you in your own interest, to accept that you have died on earth.
We will not get any further otherwise and then I will have to leave you for a while.
Then you will be alone again and you will fall back into your previous state.
Do you wish me to go?’
‘No, no, do not leave me alone.’
‘It is therefore in your own interest to listen to me.
I am not mad, as you think, I have come to help you.’
What was that?
He uttered my thoughts?
Yet, I saw nothing special about him and he calmly continued.
‘I have to start again, so listen: You died on earth and you now live in the spirit.’
He looked at me as if he expected that I would start to speak again, but I had decided to let him finish speaking first.
‘You are not in a madhouse or crazy, and those earthly clothes are not made of rubber either.
You had thought of that, had you not?’
Did the man know what I was thinking?
My own thoughts, from where did he get that?
How is that possible?
‘You thought’, he continued, as though none of this concerned him, ‘that I was a madman, a crazy person, but I will prove to you the contrary.’
I did not know what to do with my body, I could no longer think and was deeply shocked.
However he continued quietly and calmly:
‘I repeat, your clothes are not made of rubber’, he laughed as he spoke, which did me good after such an effort and such misery which I had experienced in that short time.
His smile worked wonders.
It cheered me up and a spark of light entered me, so that that misery, which I had experienced such a short time ago, lay far away from me.
He asked again: ‘Do I speak like a madman?’
‘No’, I said and became very submissive, ‘not that.
But what does all of this mean?’
‘Listen’, he said, ‘that is all you have to do at this moment.
Your thoughts are tuned into your earthly life and as a result of this you cannot release yourself from all those tortures, everything, understand me well, which belongs to the earth.
I therefore ask you to accept this for the moment.
When the human being on earth dies, he passes into this life.
You therefore live in eternity, but you have not yet thought of dying.’
‘How could I’, I interrupted him, ‘I am alive.’
‘Precisely, you are alive, and yet you have died.
Have you never heard speak on earth of an eternal life?’
I thought I would sink through the ground, because now I suddenly thought of you, Jozef, but I did not say anything.
‘I read in your thoughts’, he continued, ‘that people told you about an eternal life, but you made a mockery of it.’
A short silence; I looked up to him and it was the gauging of soul to soul, so that thoughts flowed together.
Where did this man get all this truth?
Who was he?
A human being, but what kind of human being!
I could not speak a word, I winced from anxiety, because I saw myself on earth, heard myself talking to you and felt my own sarcasm.
It hurt me, and my heart was in my mouth.
‘You see’, he continued, as if it was the simplest matter, ‘I know all about your life on earth.
I will tell you even more, but remain calm and try to understand me.
As a result of this it will become clear to you that I am not a crazy person and that I am trying to explain the truth to you, nothing but the sacred truth.
People told you of a life after death and yet you could not accept this, but listen carefully now: in order to be able to pass into this life people have to possess the powers needed for that.
That is: to be able to tune in spiritually to the life where you now live.
However, we know that you think and feel in an earthly way, well, you do not even know that you died on earth.
How would you be able to form an idea of your eternal attunement?
That is not possible, after all!
You now live in eternity, you have discarded the material body.
The clothes you now wear have no existence and are unreal, unnatural on this side.
You therefore live in an unnatural state because you do not possess the spiritual powers for this attunement, therefore for this life.
You have to master those powers and I will help and support you in it, until we have reached that stage.
Yet, it is simple when I tell you that our life is a life in thoughts; as you think things, you attract them and you pass into that situation.
Everything will therefore be as you yourself want it and feel it.
When I think of earthly clothes, about something that I wore on earth, then I can dress myself in that garment because my concentration is tuned to it.
I therefore pass into that situation.
However, you will learn all of this, I have to convince you of it so that you will get an idea of how your life is now to be.
Is it possible on earth to know everything about another person?’
‘No, that is not possible, I have never met those people.’
‘However, we can do that.
Just think of something and I will tell you what you are thinking about.’
Well, now what?
I thought of our conversation at the graveyard; that occupied me the most, and I thought: You will know nothing about it. But how amazed I was when he said: ‘When you were at the graveyard and you were told about our life, you thought that you were involved in devil’s work.’
Stop, I thought, are you a devil yourself?
‘Our life, I told you a moment ago, is a life in thoughts.
I pass into your life and then know everything about your life.
Indeed, I am not a devil, but your brother in the spirit, and when you seriously want it, you will make fast progress.
When people told you about spiritualism, it made your life bitter.
Then you became sick and on your deathbed, you saw shadows.
When your end was approaching, those shadows became clearer to you, so that you could see them as human shapes.
They moved around you, which signified your end, and at that moment, you died on earth.
Then you thought you were falling, you fell deeper and deeper.
Then your earthly life passed you by until the moment of death and you entered an unconscious state.
In this state you were brought here and you have already awoken from it a few times, therefore you awakened and fell asleep again.’
‘Where did you get all of this from?
It is as you say, I experienced that, but where did you get that from?’
‘I just told you, and remember this, do not forget it again, or I will keep having to come back to it, that I can read into your life.
As a result of this, I experience what you have experienced and what happened on earth.
I will give you even more proof that I know everything about your life.
You were a coachman!’
‘Do you also know that?’
‘Yes, I said that I knew all about your life, after all.
You cannot hide anything from me and from anyone who possesses these powers.’
I bowed my head deeply to so much power and wisdom.
He continued: ‘I will therefore try to convince you of your own situation, which is unknown to you.
However, everything is up to you, you have your happiness and your life in your own hands, therefore, also your misery.
If you wish to think differently and then in the first instance that you have died on earth, then we will soon make progress.
If you cannot do that, then all those earthly phenomena will come back and will make your life on this side a hell.
Your wife still lives on earth and will therefore not come to you and will not be able to visit you.’
‘Do you also know that?’
‘I repeat, I know everything; we, my dear friend, know everything on this side about the life which enters into this sphere.’
Then Jozef was right after all, I thought.
But I had not finished thinking when he said: ‘Yes, your brother on earth spoke the truth!’
I understood now that the man knew all about me and meant well with me.
I felt respect for his wisdom, even if I did not understand any of it.
I had noticed that he had remained polite in everything.
Yet, I could not accept that I had died on earth; could he not have learned those skills?
Madmen tell the most horrific things; they then believe themselves that it is the truth.
But how amazed I was when he said: ‘Now you are falling back into your previous state and that is not the intention; in this way we will not make any progress.
I have learned those ‘skills’ in reality and you will also have to learn them, or you will remain one of the living dead.’
I felt myself becoming insignificant and small, since he appeared to know everything.
‘But I know’, he continued, ‘that it is very difficult to suddenly discard your earthly life; time is needed for it.
Yet you have to accept that you have died on earth, otherwise you would continue to walk round in a circle.’
I determined to do what he said and to accept it, and said: ‘But for heaven’s sake do not leave me alone again.’
‘I will not leave you alone again, only when that is necessary.
You are not as rough as you seem and want to be.
You also have to try to stop that habit.
The purer the human being is, the more beautiful his surroundings are on this side.
You are therefore in the land on the Other Side, which we call the spheres.
The sphere where you are is the first sphere of existence in the spirit, in other words: those who live here have not yet any spiritual possession.
In this sphere and in all the others, millions of people live together.
Soon you will see them, as soon as the time has come and you have passed into this sphere.
It is not possible before, because first you have to come to yourself.
And when you want to accept, we will soon be that far.
Think of this especially, that everything that I will say is deadly serious to me.
We do not mock with life, it is too serious for that.
You will soon know what our life is like.
It is different than on earth, but in your feeling, you have remained the same.
You see that you live and will continue to live eternally.
You will gradually get to know this life and master it.
Passing over and entering this sphere, to feel that you live eternally, you cannot yet do all of that, but soon it will be clear to you.
First, however, I have other things to tell you and you will be greatly surprised when I tell you that you have slept for three weeks accordingly to earthly time.’
‘Slept for three weeks, did you say?’
‘Three full weeks.’
‘It is incredible.’
‘There are some people who sleep for months on end and only then awaken, in order to then fall asleep again, like you.’
‘Do all those people experience the same as me then?’
‘No, for everyone entering, awakening and the conviction about this life is different, therefore personal.
The life where you are now is an attunement in the spirit, about which you do not yet understand.
However, that will also come.
We take one person as quickly as possible back to the earth yet another cannot be given this proof.
We can convince them, but have to act according to the inner powers that they possess.
I repeat, you have slept for three weeks and no one forced that sleep upon you.
This is therefore you inner situation.
Your attunement to this life is material; you lived in an earthly way and now feel in the life of the spirit.
I can see, as I already told you, into your life and because my own life was just like that, I can help you.
All of us who live here were once on earth and died there.
When I entered this life, I slept longer than you did; may this reassure you.
There are people who need months and years before they can awaken.
Their life on earth has been destroyed, but they brought themselves to it.
No one forced that punishment upon them.
God does not punish any child and not a single child of God is lost.’
‘Remarkable’, I said.
‘Gerhard, if you have ever experienced something natural, then this event is the most natural of all.
I have therefore come to you in order to convince you of your own life and to explain the eternal life to you.
You will therefore have to awaken and that awakening is adjusting to, passing into, to acquire this sphere.’
‘I will do everything’, I said, ‘in order to adjust.’
The brother said: ‘Thank you’, and I felt that he meant well with me.
Then he continued: ‘Now we are making progress; you have to continue going that way.
In the first place you have to be able to control yourself.’
‘Yes, I will keep calm.
May I now get up, I feel so wonderful?’
‘You can try.’
Try, I thought; Would I be able to walk? After all, I had always been able to walk!
I got ready to stand up, but I had not yet put a foot on the ground when I was overcome with dizziness and I felt my throat swell again and the fever coming back.
Dreadful, I thought, what will happen now, was I not yet cured?
I had a terrible pain and I cursed to myself at all that misery.
Would I not get better?
The brother looked at me and said: ‘Do not curse, you are cursing yourself, you are cursing your own life.
If only people would wish to know that and accept that.
You are cursing God, because your life is Divine.
You are cursing your own attunement.’
I was shocked, he had not heard me cursing, after all, but I had forgotten that the man knew everything.
‘Have a little respect for your own life.
The human being is like that and those thoughts are earthly and material.
In this way, you curse the peace of the spirits and life, and all that life is God.
You are therefore cursing your Divine Father and that is wrong, my friend.
I could go on for hours to explain how wrong this is, but let this be sufficient.
As you see, you cannot yet move under your own powers.’
‘But I did that when I was alone; I walked back and forth and felt nothing.’
The brother smiled and said: ‘You did all of that under my powers.’
‘Under your powers?’ I asked in amazement.
How is that possible?
That I was living and moving under his powers, but I did not get any further because it was a mystery to me.
‘You live under my powers and will and have not yet any possession.
I told you that you still have to master all of this.
You are not yet released from your earthly life and train of thoughts.
In thoughts you still live on earth and as a result of this you feel sick and those tortures will keep coming back.
When you were alone, I helped you at a distance.
You will also get to know those powers.
From the moment that you entered here, I connected with you and I will continually remain connected with you until you possess those powers.
You feel that our life is very different to that on earth.
You live in the spirit and spiritual powers are still unknown to you.
I have already told you all of this, but it does not get through to you.
Think, keep thinking, dear friend, we will not make it otherwise, but then you have to think more naturally.
Thinking naturally will make you pass into this.
I withdrew my powers and will a moment ago, as a result of that you fell back into your own life.
You did not feel anything, did you?’
‘No, I felt really good.’
‘But they were my powers, I will prove it to you.’
Suddenly I thought I would die from thirst and asked the brother for a drink.
However, he smiled and said: ‘I will send you a spiritual drink.’
A small pause now followed and I waited to see what would happen.
Then he asked: ‘Are you still thirsty?’
‘No, I feel released from that torture.’
‘Do you wish to know why you are freed from it?’
‘Yes, please.’
‘Then listen carefully: I placed my thoughts in you and concentrated on the thing that feels like thirst.
You felt it; it entered you, and yet they were only thoughts as a result of my will and concentration.
I could awaken hunger, thirst and many other feelings in you, which you still have to discard.
But I only wanted to show you by this that you are not sick in the first place, do not have to be sick, in the second place you do not have to suffer from hunger and thirst, and in the third place, that they are nothing more than earthly thoughts, because you still think and feel materially.
It is therefore your feeling, which asks, because you do not yet possess the spiritual attunement.
We know no illnesses here, no hunger or thirst; none of the things that the human body on earth needs in order to live.
That maintenance of your material state can mean suffering and sorrow in this life, even your destruction.
Because of that you see that our life is not so simple and that you lived in an unnatural state on earth.
We have discarded that life and yet you can feel your heart beating, yes, blood even flows in your body, but of spiritual substance.
You will have to learn all of that.
Step by step, we will follow the path of spiritual development.
When you could think of another suit, then the one you are wearing would fall away from you, but you cannot do that yet either.
However, you could try it.’
I did what the brother asked me and saw that my black suit changed colour; however, I could not get any further.
‘Your concentration is not strong enough, but in this way all those other states, such as your illness, will disappear as soon as you can tune into this life.
Your concentration flows in different directions, but you will have to accept one state of consciousness, without letting your will work, just as on earth, you stayed mostly in one consciousness.
It will therefore be clear to you that nothing can be hidden here.
I advise you, keep thinking about me, because by thinking about me, you will start to tune into me and everything will become easier for you.
I can also reach you more easily then in order to help you to master these powers.
After I had therefore tuned into you when you first arrived, pains and thirst disappeared, fever and all the other symptoms and you could move.
Now you can feel this illness again because I have withdrawn.
This is why entering is the most difficult time for everyone who arrives here from the earth.
Convincing them of their eternal life, you see that it is not so simple.
You now live in your own attunement and that is your surroundings, your house, your room and your light on this side.
You tried to make light, but you could not find the switch.’
I said no, and felt like I was broken.
Here they knew everything, which continually amazed me.
‘That is not possible either, my friend.
We have light and possess light according to how we feel inside.
Your house has been built in a spherical shape and I cannot yet make the reason clear to you overall, because you cannot understand it.
However, know that it is your inner life, as you think and feel and possess love.
Love, my brother, to possess love, is light and happiness on this side.
When I tell you that people live here who possess the most beautiful temples and buildings and may call it their spiritual dwelling, then you will feel how far we are still removed from that.
According to your love, your attunement, is your spiritual light, therefore this is what you see.
You tried to find the exit, but there is no opening and you felt locked up in a cage.
Yet, I entered.
There was therefore an opening, otherwise it would not have been possible.’
My heart was in my mouth; I could not find any words.
The brother walked towards me, placed his beautiful hand on my shoulder, as a result of which I felt a wonderful power enter me and he said with a beautiful soft loving voice: ‘Your life on earth was not spiritual and yet you were not a bad person.
You did not want the spiritual life, because it was too difficult.
To live earthly, to feel materially does not cost any effort.
You lived your life and did not feel any of that great and wonderful life which flowed through you, which people call the cosmos and of which you are a part.
That life is God and people like us have the Divine attunement and can therefore be as that great and wonderful life is.
However, we are still far removed from that but already feel some of all those powers and laws, which are God’s powers and laws, and we lead a life according to how we feel inside.
You feel earthly; many others feel animal-like and crude-material, but everyone builds a dwelling.
This is now the explanation of how a spiritual dwelling is built.
Anyone who feels Divine builds a temple as space, but anyone who feels materially finds his dwelling after his earthly death as he felt as a human being on earth, in a material but yet spiritual attunement.
Can you understand me?’
‘Yes’, I said, ‘how wonderful everything is!’
‘Now listen further.
I let you feel all of this because I connected with you; I elevated you to my own life attunement, otherwise it would not have been possible to feel this.
Now I ask you, why could you not find the exit and I could enter despite the fact there was no opening?
That exit was invisible to you because you have not opened yourself inwardly to this life.
You have therefore cut yourself off by yourself; you locked yourself spiritually in a cage and wanted this because you did not want to live spiritually.
Is all of this clear?’
‘I can feel it, brother, but I cannot express it in words.’
‘I do not need to talk about your clothes now, I already told you that.
But it is only later that everything will be clear to you and you will understand your own spiritual dwelling.
Your surroundings will change when you try to get to know this life inwardly.
Now I will go and leave you for a moment, but I will come back if you think that you need me.’
The brother left.
I was alone again with thousands of thoughts, afraid of having to be alone.
I had got to know one human being.
Then I started to think.
One thought followed another.
A few brought me back to the earth and when I was finished thinking about that, I came back to this life, to no longer be able to remember anything.
It was a chaos of thoughts, which whirled through my tired brain; my head was bursting with tension.
Thoughts about my house, clothes, space and all those spiritual attunements flowed together; I also felt the fever and pains coming back again.
Yet, I wanted to remain calm, but I was not yet convinced about the life in which I lived.
Could that be so, was that possible?
Could I, as he said, pass into another life suddenly, just like that, which was completely unknown to me, which I neither understood nor felt anything about?
Could I have done that, Jozef?
No being of the earth that enters here, even if he has a different attunement to me, will be able to do that!
Oh, I thought, what a difficult time all those people will have if they know nothing about a spiritual life!
Can a human being suddenly enter that great unknown, I ask you again?
You will understand me.
On earth, I did not believe it, my life was earthly and there was nothing in me, which signified any possession.
I did not possess the powers for this, as the brother said.
I had to know the life in the spirit in order to be able to adjust to my new surroundings.
It was a new world, unknown to me.
It was a world of secrets, but natural and real.
I was unnatural and unreal, and because I was unnatural, I mocked my own life, cursed myself and cut myself off, so that I was blind, spiritually blind and could not see or find a way out.
It was misty around me and no light burned inside me; I was still far removed from the high attunement.
I saw myself placed in a maze of human development.
I had to try to find a way out, but how?
I was dead and yet alive.
I was alive, but I was one of the living dead!
I felt very definitely that not accepting everything which I had been told would be fateful for me.
It was as if I was faced with a high mountain and had to climb it in order to see the light on the Other Side.
Only then would I see life in all its beauty and possibilities.
The brother possessed the art to descend into me and I wanted to learn that descent and many more things.
That was the possession, I thought, he meant.
He would help me to find my way out of all those unnatural paths.
The path that I had walked on earth was the wrong one.
In the brother, I saw the light with which I could light my path in this darkness.
Therefore, I had to follow him and I wanted to, but I also felt that I could not yet do it.
However much I thought and made an effort, I could not hold onto any of his explanations, so that I fell into the most terrible presumptions, after which I gave up completely.
The brother, as he called himself, was very strange.
But around him and in him lay a power, so natural, which I had never known before.
I had to take back my thought that he was mad.
If only he would come back to me, because I would not want to miss this unknown greatness.
I needed help, very, very much help.
I thought of him and of the words he had spoken to me, but no longer understood any of it.
While I lay thinking about him like that the door suddenly opened and he entered.
Now I saw the door.
Would it remain open?
I was shocked because he was standing in front of me again so suddenly.
‘Did you call me?’
‘I do not know”, I said, ‘I was thinking about you.’
‘Thinking like that already connects you with me.
How are you?
A bit better?’
‘I feel wonderful’, I said.
‘You see that you are already making progress.’
They are wonders, I thought, which I had experienced in that short time, to which he answered: ‘You will learn to master all these wonders’, so that I understood that no silent thought was safe here.”