Destruction and construction

“‘Now I will tell you about this life.
What we already spoke about belongs to the life where you are; they are therefore spiritual truths of life.
I have spoken about attunements and told that everyone possesses his own attunement.
Furthermore, that love is light and means happiness on this side.
However, I am now going back in thoughts to life on earth in order to explain a few of those attunements.
Because of this you will get a pure picture of space and eternal life.
The human being on earth lives in the pre-animal to the material attunement.
You know now that attunement means sphere and that people live in those spheres.
Those lives or souls bear and feel love and according to that love, they find attunement to this life.
You are now in a state that is the crude-material attunement.
This sphere, as I already told you, borders on the first spiritual sphere.
The beings that have reached the material attunement, and live in the first, second and third sphere, to then enter the fourth sphere, which is the first happy spiritual attunement.
Only then are they freed from earthly thoughts.
I therefore want to make it clear to you that you are between all these attunements and are busy mastering the first sphere of existence.
After the fourth sphere comes the fifth, sixth and seventh and all those spheres possess one cosmic grade and namely the third, which is the universal attunement.
As I said, people live in all these spheres, people like you and me, but in a heightened state.
Life on earth serves to develop us spiritually and to make us return to God.
All of us who are already here and lived on earth have had to master those powers; I mean the conviction of our living on forever.
But this should already have happened on earth.
Those who therefore forget themselves on earth and live life as it comes find themselves here faced with their own life and have to try to free themselves from it.
You will therefore understand and be able to accept it when I say that the spiritual body, the body you now possess, is the eternal one, that this body bore and guided the earthly body and that our feelings are as you felt on earth and as you lived.
I explained all of this to you and also that you have entered into the spiritual life with your earthly attunement of feeling.
I left you alone in order to think about what I had discussed with you.
But you cannot yet think, not hold on to any of my explanations.
You still think of your life on earth, your thoughts go back to that life and that is wrong.
You can make comparisons, but then you have to start from this side.
Retain what I just said, keep reflecting upon it and make comparisons between this and your earthly life.
That is: learn to distinguish what is material and what is spiritual.
That is very difficult, but I will help you with it.
I work on you in different ways and all of that will help you to enter this life.
Do you feel what I mean?
You therefore live in eternal life, in an attunement in the spirit, but that attunement is material and now we will try to discard those earthly feelings together in order to master the spiritual.
There is now peace in you, the spiritual peace and power, which we possess, because I tuned my concentration and will into you.
You therefore live under my powers and I want to leave you in this state so that everything can be absorbed calmly by you.’
Quiet and withdrawn I sat listening, but I could not keep my eyes open.
I felt myself becoming sleepy again and however much I resisted, I could not conquer that urge.
I still felt that loving hands were stretched out towards me and then I knew of nothing more.
I dreamt of my parents, wife and child, saw them together and heard my mother saying to my wife: ‘Come on, child, life goes on, you are still so young and you have to look after your child.
God wished it to be so and he is in paradise, isn’t he?
He is better off than we are and nothing can be done about it.
We have to surrender to it.’
Then I heard my wife say: ‘He was still so young and then so suddenly.’
I saw that she was weeping and both were sad.
It also made me sad.
How I longed for all of them.
Was I in a paradise?
With God?
With God in paradise?
Who was God?
God, that unknown power!
What did I know about God?
On earth, I thought about God like all people, about a great unknown power, and because that power was so great and so far away, I did not go into it any deeper.
I thought it was okay the way it was and did not make any effort to get to know God; I prayed and also went to church, but still – I knew it and felt it in me – that God remained far removed from me.
I awoke with these thoughts and continued with my thoughts.
God, well, who was God?
Would this unknown Greatness know that I had died?
That I had no possession, was not dead but alive?
Who knew what God was and meant?
I thought I felt God in that brother, but I did not know why I felt like this.
Was the man who was watching over me, and who did not get angry, something or a part of that Deity?
Strange that mother talked about God and that this occupied me so much.
Yes, I had to get to know God, otherwise I would not get any further, and I wanted to go further, after all, to those spheres, about which the brother had told me.
I was a part of God, my life was eternal, I lived in space and I was that universe.
The brother had explained it like this to me.
I was dead, and yet alive and full of spirit.
Did I begin to feel all of this?
Was I on the right path?
I started to think differently than on earth.
There God was a human being for many and that was not true, at least, the brother said so.
Here God was life and I lived in God.
Were those amazing powers which the brother possessed Divine?
Was I absorbed in those powers now that I had died?
And on earth then?
Was this life not the same as on earth?
I also remembered that; he had told me about that.
He was still so young! my wife had said.
Young and then dead!
Was I dead?
But I was alive, wasn’t I?
How did that fit together?
Death and life, here lay the solution to my own problem.
God, life and death, those three wonderful phenomena, I could not yet distinguish them from each other.
Yet I felt, although I did not understand any of it, that I already knew and felt more than those on earth did.
To them I was dead and only I knew that I was alive.
I was further than they were, and I lived in that unknown world, which they knew nothing about.
Yet, death remained a mystery to me, as God was a mystery to me and I also could not understand the life in which I was.
But I was starting to feel there was therefore hope!
As a result of my dream I felt a part of that wonderful thing and this brought me to another situation.
I lived in paradise, mother had said, but what was my paradise like?
Mother, I thought, what little you know about my paradise.
Yes, the clergy said that, the church, her religion.
I had been taken into paradise with God.
But I had been locked up in a cage and that was my paradise.
Yes, mother, I am alive.
To them I was in a paradise and yet they wept and felt that I was dead.
Why weep if I was alive?
Oh, people of the earth, you will be surprised when you find your paradise on this side!
But it is not as you think there.
I was with God, but had to laugh about my paradise, in all my misery I had fun because of the comparison I had made.
It was incredible for those on earth, but I, I lived in reality.
My paradise was a hovel, where there was no exit and I sat locked up in this paradise and was bound hand and foot.
Yet, I was happy because I felt that I could concentrate on one point.
I started to feel and to try to release myself from this paradise.
I was still in thought when the door opened and the brother entered.
‘Are you rested?
Did you dream and sleep well?’
I looked at him and my question lay in my gaze: ‘Can I no longer think or dream without you knowing it?
Is there nothing here, absolutely nothing to hide?’
‘Nothing, my dear friend, nothing.
God knows all His children.
God lives in us and the Divine attunement lies in our soul.’
‘But my thinking has nothing to do with God, has it?’
‘That is precisely what I wanted to talk about.
Your life is God, it can be Divine, therefore you have to do with God, also when you think.’
‘Because I am alive?’
‘Precisely, because you are alive.
Our life and that of millions of beings who live here and on earth and on all the other planets, all that life is God.
I know what you dreamt about and thought.
If it is possible for me to know all about you, what will those beings be like whom I told you about?
I repeat, what will the powers be like of those who live in the spheres of light?
Something within you tunes into that wonderful life which is God.
But everyone, every life sees and feels differently, and thousands more like them.
Millions of people therefore feel as you do.
Other people feel as I feel; it goes higher and higher in this way until we have reached the Divine attunement.
Every life therefore feels according to the love it possesses.
Love, I already told you, is light, and to possess very, very much light is happiness, it is your paradise on this side.
The brother looked at me and smiled and I felt why; because he knew everything.
We are therefore all on the way to developing ourselves in the spirit.’
I then thought of my dream, because I could not yet understand it, and asked: ‘I heard mother speaking about God and His sacred will, but how did you know that I was thinking about that?
Was mother telling the truth?’
‘Your mother was telling the truth, but now it was not your mother; it was me.’
‘Yes, it was me, dear friend, no one else.
I told you beforehand I would influence you in different ways.
I sent those thoughts to you, since I wanted to give you an image of God.
All of this serves to release you from your earthly feelings.’
Nothing is safe here, I thought.
‘Nothing’, said the brother, ‘because this is your eternal life.
You have to try and master the powers which you admire and when you feel this life, you would not want to possess any other.’
‘You are a wonder’, I said.
‘You will become such a wonder.
Is it not wonderful to possess these powers?
Would you not like that?
Everything is therefore the result of concentration and strong will.
You see that I keep connected with you.
Your curiosity is awakening, a glimpse of light shines through all that darkness, so that you will soon be able to distinguish your spiritual life from the material.
When you have understood me well in everything, then you will feel that I am helping you to think, but when I want, I can also destroy your thoughts.
You can therefore think as you should think on your own.
Your thoughts are earthly, material.
Soon it will be clear to you that you have acted and lived since your arrival according to my thoughts, as I already said.’
What does all of this mean, I thought, and said: ‘Nothing will remain of me if you carry on like that!’
‘On the contrary, everything will remain, but all of that is earthly.’
‘Where should I start, so I am nothing?’
‘Precisely, now we have worked it out, you are still nothing in the spirit and I will therefore try to destroy your inner earthly life in order to be able to reach you in the spirit.
Therefore destruction and construction, and I will therefore take everything away from you, because only then will you begin to live and will you enter this life.
I will therefore break your pedestal in half and help you to construct another life, a new pedestal and namely that of the spirit.
For this purpose, I will give you our life in its place, our eternal life, and would you not wish to swap your earthly life for so much happiness?
You do not yet know our life, but the powers that are in me and which you find so amazing, will also be given to you.
You will master that life, that concentration.’
There I was, in thought, Jozef, that I was nothing, of no value in eternity.
On earth, I did not think I was much, and yet I felt that I was far too much to be nothing.
To what extent must people who have lived on earth not discard then?
Did I, an ordinary coachman, still have something to discard?
I was nothing and yet I was too much in this life, yet I had mastered too much of earthly life and learned nothing in the spirit.
I should have lived more spiritually.
Praying and going to church was not enough, and that did not give spiritual possession.
Religions had nothing to do with this life because this life was different.
‘Precisely’, said the brother, as a result of which I understood that he had followed me in everything, ‘if you had lived a bit more spiritually on earth by giving love to everything which lives, you would have entered into the first sphere.
You are like a rough diamond, rough on the outside but your eternal attunement shines inside.
By serving life, only by serving, will you enter that sphere.
Those who live in the first sphere have mastered this; they are on spiritual ground and will not sink away.
Yet for this purpose you have to discard your earthly life completely.’
‘But what did I do to deserve all of this?’
‘You could not ask me a clearer question; carry on like that.
Listen, I will tell you why we are helping you; that is your intention, is it not?
We, who live here, therefore the brothers and sisters in the spirit, are here in order to help you and all others.
We serve life and by serving others, we will reach an even higher sphere.
Rich or poor, learned or not learned, we know no distinction here and everyone is helped.
We love everything that lives and are open to life.
Therefore, everything I do for another, I do for myself; it is the serving love.
Our life is like that, and that is the possibility of making progress.’
I bowed my head, Jozef.
Everything, which he did for me and told me, meant love.
Truly, I had not met people like that on earth.
However, they do exist, as the brother later told me.
‘Difficult times will come’, the brother continued, ‘and I advise you to therefore control yourself in everything.
Think quietly and calmly about everything.
By thinking, you will feel the attunement and the connection in the way it is necessary for you.
Then this life will be conscious to you and it will pass into you as a possession, because you now live spiritually.
Do you feel what I mean?’
‘Yes, I understand you completely.’
The brother looked at me and said: ‘You will be surprised at what I will now tell you; however, do not let it discourage you.
You can feel me, you say, but then I must tell you that you feel this through my powers, because you would not be able to understand me otherwise.
You are still not standing on your own two feet, because to live under your own powers, means being awake in this world.
You keep falling asleep; yet, you will keep awakening, just as long until you have reached the first sphere.
Many people on earth think that they possess love, but everything is self-love and this has no meaning on this side.’
‘How difficult this life is’, I said.
‘However, it is real and natural.
You cannot be mistaken in this life.
If you seriously want this, your surroundings will change and the treasures of the spirit will come your way.
Then this as well: do not think of rough things especially.
Thinking and speaking roughly tunes you to other situations and namely to the dark spheres.’
‘I will do my best, brother, and hope that you will stay with me.
You know my life as that of yourself.’
‘That is the case and when I tell you that my life was like yours, even if my social standing was different, then you will feel that we are one in many things.
As a result of this, I can feel your life so clearly.
Everyone who enters here will receive a man or a woman as a master who possesses a similar attunement.
When I entered here, I already told you, I had not yet reached this attunement.’
‘I am very happy, brother.’
‘Thank you, we have already become friends and will remain friends; brothers in the spirit, have we not?’
At this moment something broke within me, so that I fell to my knees and wept for a long time.
My heart was broken; I had surrendered in feeling.
I was deeply moved; I thanked God and prayed to that unknown power for forgiveness.
I felt like a child; my earthly life passed me by again and I had the feeling as if I was completely broken.
Something in me had been destroyed and that was my earthly pedestal.
I now felt far removed from the earth and yet I experienced my earthly existence at that moment.
I felt that the brother placed his hands on my head and heard him say: ‘Well done, my friend, it is wonderful to possess a pupil who feels the power of the spirit and knows how to bow his head.’
I looked at him and said: ‘I will do my best, brother, if you just have a little bit of patience with me.’
I thought about my life again and saw myself as a child, loving and willing.
It had to be so, I would become like that; I did not feel myself anymore, because I was a ‘nothing’.
How many nobodies were not there on earth that did not want to be ‘nothings’, but would become so here.
Everyone who feels themselves on earth, ‘feels’ themselves, is a ‘nothing’ in the spirit.
It is walking the path, which goes straight to the darkness.
All of us who live on this side and on earth, also those from the higher areas, are children in the spirit, children of that unknown God.
Jozef, I have to stop, the master says so.
Tomorrow I may return to you.
I see that I have already told you a great deal and yet I am not nearly finished.
How fast it goes, Jozef.”
I also heard him say: “I thank you, master, and I thank God that I was permitted this.
Oh, I am so happy!
But you do not want any thanks, just like everyone who lives in the spheres of light.”
“See you tomorrow, Jozef.”
Now I saw Gerhard dissolve and I felt myself being released, so that the contact was broken.
Amazing, I thought, how fast he has developed, how he has changed.
The simple coachman had become a human being and a spirit of the light.
I did not know what I had written down, but I would soon read it.
I did know the things he had told about, because I had experienced it, but I did not yet know how all of this would read.
In this way a person who had passed over could tell about his life on the Other Side, because the person, the medium was elevated into his life.
The following morning I saw him again.
He tried to connect with me, which he managed to do.
I opened myself to him and heard him say: “I am back again, Jozef.Good chap, I am so happy.”
Now I spoke to him, but from feeling to feeling; my thoughts passed into him so that he could receive them.
He could already feel me and said: “Yes, Jozef, now I can do what the brother talked about, you will already know all of that.
I have mastered those powers and learned everything, but it was not so simple.
Good chap, how amazing it is.”
I understood and felt what he meant.
Gerhard saw the wonder that he had died on earth and yet he lived again on earth.
Now he was in connection with the human being on earth whom he had once mocked.
Now he was a spirit himself.
“I have admired your works”, I heard him say, “they radiate.
They are spiritual products; they possess a great value and power of love, which light your whole room.
People should feel these paintings; otherwise, they mean nothing to you.
The light which they radiate, has a healing influence on you, it is the spiritual peace of the higher attuned spirit.”
I let him feel that I had to visit my patients.
“Oh”, I heard him say, “I will go with you and will follow you in everything.
How fortunate, Jozef!”
I was soon ready to leave and when I came outside, I saw Gerhard next to me.
Who would believe me?
A human being – but now a spirit – whom I had known on earth, was walking next to me and speaking to me.
Gerhard was experiencing an earthly event.
This should encourage people to start to work on themselves, in order to get to know themselves, as he had had to do.
These wonders were laid aside for all people when they would also enter that life.
However, they would have to start on it in life on earth.
If they wanted to live spiritually, loved life and everything, which lived and served others, then they would come that far.
In order to be able to see this on earth, people had to possess the light inside for it.
There he was, the man who had passed over such a short time ago.
Not a word was spoken and yet we were one; we spoke the spiritual language, the language of thoughts.
Gerhard had got to know life, he had been taught this in the spheres.
When he was amazed about something, he let me feel it.
Sometimes he floated above me in space, to then descend towards me again, as if he wanted to show me which powers he now disposed of.
No, I could not yet do that; gravity had still not yet ceased for me.
Then he was walking next to me and showed me that he could walk through the earthly people.
They were possibilities for the spirit, for the human being who lived in eternal life.
He himself had a lot of pleasure from it, because now he disappeared into the earth and stuck his head out of the earth, as if he wanted to make it clear to me that nothing on earth was a hindrance to him.
He felt, he saw and heard life in the material, and when he had made this clear to me I heard him say: “This has taken a long time, Jozef, and I suffered a great deal before I could concentrate on earth.
Now I see everything and see life as I saw it when I still lived in my material body and yet I am spirit,Is it not amazing?”
When I entered my first patient’s house, I saw Gerhard and my leader next to me.
Alcar showed me how the human being could be helped from the Other Side.
As a result of magnetic radiation illnesses ceased to exist, since the material body started to work again.
Gerhard knew this, but he had not yet experienced it.
He was really surprised when he saw that the human body was relieved as a result of Alcar’s aura.
I heard him say: “I will now learn all of that, Jozef, when I am ready and have gone back to the spheres.”
After I had helped my last patient, I went home and Gerhard asked: “Will we soon begin, Jozef?”
“As soon as possible”, I said, “because I am very curious about all the things you will now tell me.”
“Good chap.” I heard him say, “How enviable you are, how wonderful it is to be able to work for us.”
When I came home, I felt an intense influence, an urge to start.
I concentrated on him and I felt myself entering a calm attunement, so that Alcar could connect me with him.
Gerhard descended into me, in my feeling, I was elevated and he could begin.