To the earth, to tell about my life

“I could find you under my own power and you know how I came, I do not need to tell you any more about that.
I already feel the end of our time together approaching.
If only it could last for years, then I could still tell you a great deal, but I have come to the end, Jozef.
In those few years in which I have lived here, I have learned much about this life, but imagine how much a spirit from the fourth or fifth, sixth or seventh sphere would be able to tell about this life.
Do you feel how infinite life is?
And that the human being on earth cannot deal with this?
I live in the first sphere and there are six which lie above mine and which you have already told about in your books.
To me those spheres will remain invisible for hundreds of years.
Yet, I am happy, one day I will also enter there.
Will people be able to believe it?
No, dear Jozef, they cannot, but those who live in the higher spheres do not demand that either.
They only ask that the human being on earth starts to compare his life with theirs and starts to think differently.
Only here will they surrender willingly, because then they are faced with the naked truth and then it is accepting and starting to work on themselves, or remaining spiritually dead for many, many years, like they lived, thought and felt on earth.
Now I have told about my own life and I thank God that I was allowed this.
However, if I had not worked on myself, then I would have followed my own way and not that of those who live here and teach us.
Then I would have perhaps wept for a long time, a very long time, until I had no more tears to shed, like those who live in my previous sphere and still do not know anything about this life.
Thank God that my eyes were opened.”
Gerhard stopped and I heard him say:
“Master Alcar, how can I thank you, but you do not want any thanks, I know it.
I can only thank you and make you happy when I tell you that I will continue to do my best and will furiously work on myself and other people.”
Now I heard Alcar say: “God bless you!
If I have work for you, I will have you called, the way it happened now.”
I saw Gerhard bow his head deeply to Alcar, while he continued: “Jozef, I thank you for everything which you have given me.
How difficult it is for me to leave you now.
For the time being, I will remain on earth because I have determined to bring my family members onto this path.
I do not know whether I will manage it, because their religion stops them.
Will you give them a copy of this book when it is published?
You will find them; you know where they are.
Go on; try it; I will influence them, so that they will read it.
I will pray for that, and ask God for support; my master and my grandfather will help me.
Perhaps I can reach one of them.
When your time comes, know then that I will be one of the shadows who will help you in your last hours.
You will see me beforehand and then, Jozef, we will be together for eternity.
I cannot bear thinking about it, but it will come!
What happiness!
I will come to you full of love.
Write, Jozef, many people have to know it.
If a few will open their eyes, the masters will be satisfied and happy and our mutual work will be rewarded.
May God grant that this happens.
Once I lived on earth and now I am in eternity; I am not dead but I live eternally, on and on eternally.
Now I am closing my eyes, because everything comes to an end, also this happiness, only not love and eternal life.
Dear Jozef, I leave in silence, for him, my master in spirit.
Farewell, Jozef, I am going.
Your Gerhard.”
Gerhard dissolved, disappeared behind the veil; I knew that he lived there and that I would see him again.
All the others live there where is light and eternal happiness.
Dear reader, what can I add to this?
I would only reduce their honest and human argument.
I will also leave in silence, but first I thank God for the mercy that I may have served for those who departed and returned as an instrument.
May it convince a few and open their eyes.
The Hague 1937
Jozef Rulof
Alcar says:
“Do not be afraid of death
Because eternal life is within you.”