To school

“ ‘I will come and get you and then we will leave.
With this image before your eyes you will soon make progress.’
I lay down in order to think about everything.
How poor those people were.
Anyone who did not possess any love was one of the living dead in the spirit.
I would do my best, because I wanted to make progress, I would work hard on myself.
Now I understood the brother in every way.
How simple this life actually was.
On earth people spoke of religion, however, all those religions had no meaning when people did not feel love, possessed no love for everything that lived.
In the human being lay the Divine core; the human being had attunement to God.
However, these people were dead, spiritually dead, if I should be allowed to live that same life one more time, how differently I would live.
I would master nothing but love, because love meant light and happiness.
My master possessed a great deal of love, because he was open to me and he gave himself completely.
I wanted to be like that as well, like him and many others.
The brother soon came to collect me and took me to another very large building, not far from the place where I lived.
When I said farewell to the brother, he told me that he would come to visit me from time to time.
I now loved my master very much, because he was like a father to me.
It was not easy for me to say farewell to him, but it was for my own best will.
With a few warm words, he also solved this difficulty and I entered the large building.
I got a beautiful room, where I could study, meditate and come to myself.
Hundreds of sisters and brothers were gathered, who all wanted to gain skills.
All of them had reached the age of approximately thirty years, a few were younger, but there were no children.
All these beings had already been convinced of their eternal life.
In my room, I waited until I would be called.
There I had plenty of time to think about everything that I had experienced during my stay here.
I considered my life on earth and the beauty, which I now possessed.
I had never dreamt on earth of the way I now felt and thought; my life there had been very different.
Now I was alive; however, on earth I had fallen asleep.
I had never thought about my inner state and my attunement.
I was alive, but in what way!
People had to love life, otherwise they were off the mark and people did not feel any of the things that God has placed in everything.
I kept on coming back to this question; I could not think about it enough.
I had not yet heard that damned people lived on this side.
But on earth, priests spoke of damnation and hell, and I would soon get to know that hell.
I would descend there and it was dreadful, just as the brother had told me.
However, I was not afraid; what others could do, I could do as well!
I prepared myself for it; wanted to master everything that had to do with it.
Now I was not thirsty or hungry anymore, I only felt a spiritual hunger in me and I wanted to still that.
For this purpose, there was only one path and I would walk that path.
A wonderful silence, which seemed pleasant to me, reigned around me.
In this silence, I felt the earthly life even more clearly.
A terrible animal gnawed at the souls of the people and that animal is called ‘ease’, the ease of the earthly possession.
I now thought it was wonderful that I had not known any possession.
This little animal gnaws at many souls and many people go under as a result of it.
They will be as the brother showed me.
The people amongst them whom I had seen, had already been in this life for fifty years and more, and it still gnawed at their souls and darkened the eternal light in this way.
Ease served the human being, but do not forget that this is temporary.
Only now did I understand all of this, now, in this silence, while I prepared to start a spiritual course.
Here I felt the deep meaning of life on earth.
I would not have to wait long before the first lesson was to start, which I was very curious about, of course.
People took me to a large hall, where a few hundred others were gathered.
All the ranks and standings of society were together here.
There were no differences and there was no distinction made between nationalities and religions; here white and black were one in spirit.
There is no longer any question here of white and black, but I only learned to know that later.
Here people did not laugh at my burial suit, because I saw people who were swathed in rags.
We had already become sisters and brothers and felt for each other.
Those who were swathed in rags would soon leave for higher spheres and there they would receive their spiritual garments.
At school, we were one in everything.
The spiritual life was explained to us in theory.
It was explained to us what life on earth meant.
Being born, life in different states of transition, from youth to old age, and then dying.
All those different transitions were made clear to us.
I saw many human deathbeds, which, depending on how the person feels, are of course all different.
All of that was very powerful and educational.
Furthermore, how the spirit helps the human being when he is dying, how auras are broken and connections are brought about.
Then how the people enter this life and depending on their attunement will receive their sphere and their happiness.
With all of this a month passed, if I wish to compare with the earthly conceptions.
Then the brother came to visit me and we walked in nature together and here he asked me various questions, all of which I answered.
‘You are making good progress,’ he said ‘and have understood everything.
You see how useful it is to meditate.’
It made me happy, Jozef, to hear this from my master.
With renewed courage, I set to work again.
Then we learned to know cosmic powers.
When I started my story, I told you about it.
They are those powers from which a person can feel that he will die.
It was explained to us how those great inner powers can be lost, as a result of which a person no longer feels them.
You certainly understood me when I told about them.
Furthermore, the strength of our inner capacity to spiritual attunement.
That went very deep and we were given more than a fortnight just for that.
To feel the depth of the human soul is awe-inspiring.
Yet, we could understand all of this because all of us were freed in feeling from the earth.
All of this is connected to the constitution of the human body, and there lie the transition times which the human being on earth experiences.
They are the years of ten, twenty and thirty, until the human attunement, in other words, the age of adulthood is reached.
They are all cosmic events, which people on earth feel none of; but the human being passes into it unconsciously.
The meaning of it lies hidden in the soul; they are unconscious powers and it is the love which people bare.
In the awakening – I would like to call it that – the spiritual attunement manifests itself, which is cosmic.
The human being therefore comes to earth with a fixed purpose and he cannot escape his destiny.
We learned all of that and understood it, as I already said, since we had left the earth in our feeling.
If I had not worked on myself, then I would have had to wait until I accepted and had discarded myself.
Anyone who therefore does not want it will remain one of the living dead here.
Then the lesson was about the first moments in this life, of which I already knew many transitions of feeling, that I had to experience with my own master, as I already told you.
However, do not forget that I am telling all of this in flashes, since it would take too long otherwise and that is not the intention, says the master.
Then we learned to connect and to sense different states, the hells and heavens, from the lowest states to the highest spheres.
We learned that every human attunement can be a hell or heaven.
This is why people speak here of heavens and hells.
We saw through beautiful visions the heavens passing before our spiritual eyes and we were beside ourselves with joy that so much beauty still awaits us.
We had already learned the depths of the hell, and we then returned through all these states of transition to the highest heaven of the spiritual attunement.
Then we learned to know the cosmic grades, but we did not understand much about them, as a result of all of this, we were given an idea of all life in space.
This also took more than a month and then my master came to visit me again.
I was blissfully happy to see him again.
He was also satisfied now, I had done my best as well, because I did not stop before I felt and understood everything, for which purpose we went for walks in nature, since the life, which lies in everything, will help the human being.
In this way, I learnt to solve different problems in order to be able to experience them later.
Meanwhile, I made many friends and they became brothers and sisters in the spirit.
We will remain sisters and brothers for eternity.
Then we were tested and questioned one by one.
I just made a few mistakes and none of us had to redo the exam.
We felt how necessary it was for ourselves to know all of this.
Now I understood the many problems that the brother had explained to me; now I would start to experience them and master them.
I therefore passed and when the brother came to collect me, we went back together to my sphere and to the building where I lived.
I had passed into another state for this course, but did not know anything about it, because the building did not lie so very far away from mine.
Yet, I had entered a state of transition, as the brother told me.
The spheres come together, however, I did not see any of that because the first state of transition was next to my own sphere.
Another state further and higher and people can see because then everything starts to change.
However, I would experience that later.”