The connection with you on earth

“On the way, the brother said that a surprise awaited me, which he had told me about before I went to school.
I was very curious and could not imagine what it would be.
I was grateful to receive some joy now for a change; I looked at the brother and asked not to be kept waiting so long.
‘Listen’, he said, ‘I have been allowed by higher spirits to accompany you to the earth in order to attend a séance there.
There, at the séance you will see someone again whom you knew on earth.’
‘My parents?’ I immediately asked, ‘will you help me to be able to reach them?’
‘No, none of your family members, but when the connection is achieved, you will immediately recognize him.’
‘Oh’, I said, ‘then I know who you mean.’
The brother smiled.
‘Jozef’, I called, ‘no one else could have given me this great happiness, and he can be reached.’
I had felt it well, because the brother said: ‘We will visit him.’
Then I grasped both his hands and thanked him deeply.
‘His own leader ordered me to do this, but there are even more surprises, but that will come later.’
I had not thought about that on the whole; it was therefore really a great surprise.
‘How did I earn this, brother?’
‘From yourself, you are so far developed that people can let you experience this, but even more surprises will come.’
Full of happiness I went back to my own surroundings.
The sun shone for me and I avidly drank in its rays.
Now for the first time I was beginning to live; how wonderful it is to be able to experience this.
‘As I already explained to you before, I could have sent you back to the earth, but then all these experiences, which you have now been through, would have been lost.’
I understood the brother and thought it was wonderful that my development took place gradually.
‘We act, that will now be clear to you, according to the inner strength which the human being possesses and to which he has attunement.
You entered here step by step, but others who are also faced with the facts, will lose themselves for a long time.
However, that has also been calculated, here people do nothing or people know why they do it.
Therefore, others must and will fall back, and that falling back is necessary because they cannot be reached in another way.
Then they will stand up and start again.
I am explaining this to you so that you will be able to sense that every human attunement is a personal situation according to which we act.
I also told you that some possession is present within you.
Those powers therefore enabled me to act in this way and to show you our life.
In this way we will go continually further, until you have reached the first sphere and will pass into other hands.’
‘Will I have to leave you then?’ I asked in amazement.
‘We will never part, we will be one and will remain one for eternity, inwardly connected, but you will carry out work, as many others and I do.
We will soon leave.
Now I will leave you alone and come to collect you soon.’
You can imagine, Jozef, that I was happy now that I would see you again and you will now immediately know why I waited so long.
However, I had no idea what a séance would be like.
On earth I had not experienced it because I was afraid and I thought it was devil’s work, but now I felt the great mercy of it.
I did not need to wait long and we could soon leave.
We had soon reached the earth.
The brother went in front of me and we entered a living room on earth.
I saw different people together, who sat around a table on which a wooden cross lay and a board with the alphabet on it.
Of course, you know all the things needed to hold a séance.
However, at that moment, I did not understand any of it and yet I soon felt what this cross and board meant.
I saw many high spirits, but however much I stared, I did not see you.
This was a great disappointment to me.
Yet, I was not discouraged, since the brother would tell me the reason for it later.
One of those high spirits was the leader of all of them.
He was the master under whose high leadership you are, but not your leader, but the master of all these high spirits.
You know whom I mean.
The séance had already started and we had to wait patiently, since I would be given the opportunity to say something.
A bluish haze hung around all these people, as a result of which they were completely closed off to this world.
To the thousands who lived in the sphere of the earth, these people, therefore those who took part in the séance, were invisible.
The brother said to me: ‘To us it is a great mercy to enter into connection, but also for those on earth.
Many people on earth try to achieve this connection.
Yet, others have to suffer because earthly people who use spiritualism for sensation break their connection, which they have worked upon for years and years.
They then see their work of years destroyed.
However, woe those who break these connections willingly, they put a battle and sorrow on their shoulders by destroying the happiness of another.
They forget that the masters come to earth, in that sphere of lust and violence, in order to give them spiritual food.
They forget the difficulty of our life and also that we really want to enter into connection with our loved ones.
It is they, Gerhard, who bring suffering and sorrow where happiness could have been brought.
This master who connects with them is a master from the seventh sphere.
In this way, earthly people are connected in the spirit and many pieces of proof of life after death are given to them.
Yet, there are many that are not satisfied and keep asking for more proof.
However, when this proof does not come, then spiritualism does not have any value according to them, their evening is ruined and they have lost interest in it.
They do not know how difficult it is for us to keep on providing the proof they wish for.
For them it is desired that they will discard their personality for a few hours.
By concentration and willpower, these connections are achieved.
When their loved ones stay for a short time on their side, they are not only very happy, but draw strength from that to develop themselves further.
When they also pass over, they will be connected for eternity.
Yet, many of us have to suffer because those beautiful connections are broken.
This happens in many ways.
In the first place, there are the people who abuse spiritualism for sensation.
Then there are those who pretend to be an instrument and falsify our world and cheat people.
They will have much suffering later when they enter this life.
Furthermore, those who do not wish to open themselves and feel themselves too much.
For all these people it is better to stay away from it, because they do not know that they are on sacred ground and that an awe-inspiring gulf will have to be bridged and namely that which exists between earthly life and eternal life.
Now observe what will happen.’
Now I saw clearly that a high spirit occupied an earthly person.
It was someone middle-aged, who served as a medium.
It was amazing to me and especially to see it from this side.
The spirit radiated a beautiful light, in which his whole being was shrouded, and tried to take possession of the material body.
I clearly saw the spirit descending and disappearing into the material person, while the two radiances connected, mixed together as it were.
I understood, because I saw both radiances that the person on earth had to possess a similar radiance of feeling, if the possibility was to exist of being able to reach that person.
If he had had another radiance, one, which did not mix, then there would be no possibility for the spirit to manifest himself through that earthly instrument.
How great the mercy is for the spirit that he can make use of the earthly person, a material body.
The brother told me that I had felt this correctly and that he had helped me by working upon me in silence.
He would keep on doing this.
I also felt that the spirit would leave a wonderful happy feeling behind in that earthly body when he would later leave that body.
Now I saw that the earthly spirit started to leave his own earthly body.
The medium was received by spirits of love, who took him from the circle in order to take him to the spheres where the spiritual life would be shown to him.
Loaded with spiritual wisdom he would return to the earth.
However, suddenly the disembodied person returned in a flash and collided with his own body.
It was a terrible shock, which we still felt shaking in our own bodies.
What had happened?
I felt that there was a disturbance, but I could not determine where that disturbance came from.
The material body doubled up as a result of that fast return from the spirit, he broke out in sweat, his heart was in his throat.
I saw this and felt it clearly; I understood how difficult it was for both beings.
Also, the spiritual leader, the spirit who had been driven from the material body, felt this terrible event as if he was thrown forcefully from this body.
The human being as a medium awoke with a terrible shock, as I already said, but was helped by us.
On our side, people made long magnetizing stroking movements over his material body, as a result of which he became a bit calmer and could breathe more easily.
I felt the great danger of this event.
Another intelligence said what had happened through the cross and board.
This spirit concentrated on those who held the cross, and all these people were disengaged in feeling, so that he could speak to them.
Around the cross lay a thick blue haze and that haze consisted of spiritual and earthly powers, radiances from spirit and human being.
Now I felt that the high spirit was concentrating and the cross started to move.
I clearly saw which letters were spelt out; all those letters formed words and those words were sentences, and in this way the human being knew what had happened.
However simple it was, to me this wonder was almost incomprehensible.
The people at the séance named all the letters and when they had received the message, they read it out to all the others, and to the medium, in order to reassure him, since he was very tense.
‘We are being disturbed by the elements’, I heard.
Elements, I thought, what does that mean?
The people at the séance apparently knew, but I, who lived on this side, knew nothing about it.
The brother said that I had to concentrate on him and when I did that, I understood the great event.
I heard a great storm and it poured with rain.
Because of these natural forces, a disturbance had taken place.
How amazing that I had heard nothing about that.
‘You see’, said the brother, ‘everything is connection and concentration, you will also learn all of this.’
Then the leader said again through the cross that she would occupy the medium.
They were not allowed to leave him in this state since his nervous system would then remain disturbed.
All of them now had to tune in and concentrate, they also had to pray.
Then I also heard the high leader say: ‘This disturbance is not our fault, but earthly matters are the opposing forces.
We have made our calculations and this disturbance will stop when the medium gives himself completely and can release himself from everything.’
All of us on this side prayed and also the people at the séance had sunk completely in prayer.
This moment was sacred to me; I had not yet experienced anything so beautiful.
Behind me stood hundreds of unhappy spirits who were allowed to attend this séance and had come in silence.
The brother pointed this out to me, because I had not yet seen them.
Again, the spirit tried to connect with the material being.
Now it was better and easier and soon I saw the medium disembodying and the journey to the spheres started.
Good God, how great the powers are which people receive from You.
This is how my thoughts were when I saw this exalted event completed.
Then I experienced another wonder again.
I saw the radiance of the high spirit shining on the material face, so that the people present clearly noticed it.
A sacred moment had come and we bowed our heads.
However, I saw that the people present did not bow their heads as deeply as we did on the Other Side.
They did not know or see who was speaking to them.
The shining form who had occupied the material body now started to speak through that same body.
The voice of the instrument was soft and had changed; I had heard the medium speak with another voice before.
The spirit made use of the earthly organs and speaking was a complete success.
The intelligence spoke to the people present and they received a spiritual lesson, a message from this life.
Everything concerned love and the great significance of this.
It was explained to them how they should live, if they wanted to reach the spheres of light.
The intelligence told about his life in the spheres and on earth.
For sixteen hundred years – I trembled when I heard this – the spirit had already lived in the spheres.
I thought: oh, people, woe you who sully this life and destroy it.
Now I understood the words of my own master for the first time: that the people who broke these connections on purpose would have to suffer.
It became a good and educational lesson for me and when it had ended, I saw that the medium had returned and descended into his body again.
The medium awakened in an exalted state and felt happy.
Then they were able to ask questions and people asked advice about illnesses and other earthly cares.
Then a spiritual doctor came forward, who was also another high-attuned spirit and who answered all their questions.
Sealed letters were replied to directly, then those letters were opened and people saw how precise the answer was.
I found this really amazing, I could not have done it and I understood as a result of it how far removed these spirits were from me.
They not only knew what the earthly person asked, but the correct diagnosis was given.
I heard the people present saying in amazement: ‘How can it be, they know everything.
There are no secrets for them.’
Those who were helped were very grateful.
Other earthly questions were also answered by another intelligence.
Then I was allowed to enter the circle and so I was able to let myself be heard for the first time on earth.
I do not need to tell you that this was a sensation for me.
But, however much I concentrated I achieved nothing.
The higher master then said to the people present: ‘He has not been through before, you have to help him.’
Then I heard a voice say: ‘Can we help you?’
A lady with a beautiful aura asked me that question; she had a loving voice.
‘Yes, please’, I spelt out.
My thoughts came through jerkingly and thank God that they understood me.
However, I felt that the high spirit was helping me.
I said: ‘Tell Jozef that I am here; he knows me and knows who I am.’
But I did not mention my name and only said: ‘The coachman, then he will know.’
‘Good’, said the lady who spoke to me, ‘I will pass on your message to him.’
I understood her literally.
Oh, I could have kissed her garment; I was so happy that she wanted to pass on my message to you.
I know how disappointed you were that I had not said anything about our conversation, but that will come later and then this will also be clear to you.
At this séance much happiness reigned, I could feel it.
I saw two spirits who lived on our side and whose wives, or loved ones, were in the circle.
I do not need to tell you how strong such connections are.
They were alive, and the human being on earth knew about this life and as a result of this, they were connected with each other again.
They were closely together for a few hours.
I had understood all of this as a result of the help of my master.
How awe-inspiring spiritualism is, how beautiful such séances are.
Here wisdom was received through the cross, but we can do this in different ways as the brother told me.
For example, through a table, this spells out the alphabet by means of knocking.
This is a very simple way of receiving a connection.
How I trembled and shook when the brother told me this, since I knew how I had mocked that table at that time.
However, all of that now lay far behind me and I understood how ignorant the human being can be.
This evening ended with a prayer; I would be allowed to return another time.
How many wonderful things I had been able to experience in the sphere of the earth!
What now, I thought, would I have to go back to my own sphere?
I did not know, but after our departure the brother said: ‘Now I will explain the material life to you, which you learned about at school; come, follow me!’
‘So we are not going back?’
‘For the time being we will remain in the sphere of the earth.’
‘Will I not see him now?’
‘Yes, soon!’
But that soon became the next day, because I would first experience other situations.
We walked through the streets, as if we still lived on earth.
‘We are spirit’, said the brother, ‘and yet we can experience everything which the material being experiences on earth.
We will pass into their lives and what the human being experiences, feels and sees, we will also experience.
In the way we can connect at a séance, that is also possible in normal life.’
Now I saw earthly life more clearly than when I lived on earth.
Now I could see through everything and I could not do that then.
I saw the people and with them the astral being.
Then we entered an earthly building, where many people were gathered and I heard music.
This music sounded rolling, grinding, screeching and shrieking in our ears.
Where were we?
‘In a cinema’, said the brother, ‘however, we will not stay here, but I wanted to make it clear to you that we can also experience this.’
I saw many spirits, who were all here in order to keep watch or to protect their loved ones.
I found this spectacle, seen from this side, very unnatural.
I felt the mocking of the life, there lay something which meant great danger to the spiritual life.
The human being wanted to enjoy himself and in this way, their amusement was provided.
I also knew that the spiritual life could be shown through the film.
However, what I now saw was only sensation; here something was shown which had no value in the spirit and did not possess any educational power.
This was pure lust.
In this way, the human being was influenced and his feeling contaminated.
Many demons were around the human being.
I saw animal beings, which I had not yet seen on this side.
‘The earthly person’, said the brother, ‘cannot hide himself from these beings.
The astral being searches for amusement and they only find this by connecting with the human being on earth.’
How natural everything was.
I clearly heard the sound of material voices, I saw everything as the human being experienced it in his material body.
‘How wonderful it is to experience this on this side’, I said to the brother.
I saw life on earth as I had not yet known it before.
We now went to other locations, which I had never visited before.
But the brother wanted me to get to know the animal part in the human being because I would see such beings again in the dark spheres.
He explained all of this to me and I trembled from so much brutality.
I saw the human being who had destroyed himself and others.
In silence, I thanked God that I had not known this during my material life.
I saw many men and women together.
How deep they had sunk.
Many men fell into the traps that were set for them.
I knew that such people lived on earth, but saw it from this side and it was dreadful.
We saw through them and felt what they wanted and saw the lust and brutality behind those masks.
How could those people forget themselves in this way?
‘These beings’, said my leader, ‘have sunk the deepest and will only see the depth of their own dark and terrible life on this side, which will be nothing more than misery for them.’
Around and in them I saw the astral beings, they kept the women entwined; the animal which had lived on earth and had come back to earth.
They experienced a similar life as on earth when they still lived in the material body.
They sunk deeper and deeper into the mud and would remain there for many years, until they would start another life some day.
How much did all these people have to discard?
When I sounded their lives compared to mine, then I was a saint.
Yet, I had not any possession either.
I looked into a deep darkness and trembled when I thought about all that misery.
Oh, if the people knew that they are never alone, then they would close themselves off to all those terrible things.
Every thought, which they cherish and send out, is received, and in this way, they attract what they want themselves and they carry on in this manner.
Then there is no being that will be able to free them.
We did not stay here for long either because I would not have been able to keep going.
In this way, I learned to know the spiritual laws, which I had been taught at the school.
Now I stood in the truth of life and felt those powers within me, so that, if I had still lived on earth, I would not have taken part in these things.
As a result of a short earthly existence, I saw the poor human being destroy his eternal life.
Those who cherished the longing for domestic happiness, understood each other as man and wife, want to make something of earthly life, and if they have a child and bring it up, that is the highest happiness and also the greatest mercy which God can give the human being.
People live on earth for this purpose; that is the highest of all these human situations.
That is great and sacred happiness; that is, to walk the path which all people will walk one day.
I saw life on earth during the day, and at night when the human being has sunk into deep rest.
Only then does the astral animal creep up on the bad living human being, in order to sap his life from him.
The brother explained all of this to me.
The astral being wriggles into the human brain and people met his longings because they think that they want those things themselves.
In the depth of the night, the human being murders and steals, driven to it by his passions and astral powers.
However, when the sun shines the animal powers cannot be stopped.
A connection remains a connection and everything will be experienced if the human being opens himself to it.
‘You will feel’, the brother said to me, ‘that a great deal will have to be changed before they want to be children of our and their Holy Father.’
Then we visited different churches and other buildings and I understood that only spiritualism would be able to bring change in the dogmas.
The spiritualists have achieved the connection between us and the earth.
I thanked the brother for these explanations.
Now he showed me something very remarkable; it was the passing over of a human being to this world.
We went through the houses and we stayed in one of them.
The brother said: ‘Look, our brothers are there the helping spirits, to provide spiritual assistance to the dying being.’
We were in a spacious bedroom, where an elderly man lay in bed who would not live for long.
Various family members sat next to the bed, weeping, but the man who would pass over had not achieved any great life.
I saw the shadows, which I had also seen on my deathbed, they were the spiritual helpers on this side.
Everyone who passes over is helped in this way.
However, there were not only helping spirits, but also those who already lived on this side and would cause him sorrow and suffering.
‘This dying man’, said the brother, ‘is awaited by many people and all of them will ask him for justification of how he wronged them.’
Truly not a nice prospect, I thought.
‘Come, we will carry on.
I could show you many deathbeds, but that will only come later.
At school, they told you about them and now you will be able to understand everything better.
This man is not one of the happy people who arrive here.’
Then I also experienced many other attunements, human situations, which I had been told about at school.
Now I understood all those transitions; it would not have been possible otherwise.
Then he took me to a place and here was the most beautiful thing which I had experienced during my earthly walk.
We entered a room where a person was busy writing something, which I could clearly see.
I wanted to see the face of the man who sat there working; he sat with his back to us, but the brother stopped me.
‘Stay’, he said, ‘you may not disturb anything here.’
Around him through the power of the brother I saw an illuminated shape, which inspired the earthly person.
‘See’, the brother said, ‘truly a beautiful connection; the man who is writing is a medium in our hands.
He is receiving and is busy writing down what his spiritual guide, or mentor as people call it, wants to give him, but he has experienced it beforehand on this side.
This medium disembodies from his material body and receives our spiritual life, as you were shown at the séance.
However, he disembodies consciously from his material life, which is only given to one or two people.
The being that you see next to him is a spirit from the fifth sphere, a master of the light.
I had already been in connection with this leader before and I was able to carry out some work.
You see, Gerhard, that the medium is deeply connected with our life and his master.
He serves us as an instrument and his leader wants to convince the people of our life.
We may not disturb, this is why I prevented you from approaching him.’
A few metres away, I stood watching them.
‘Oh, what a mercy’, I said to the brother, ‘to be able to receive this.’
‘This person is far removed from the earth in feeling.
He has seen the spheres and has already descended into hell in order to experience life there, but guided by his leader.
He will record all of these experiences and you see how this can take place.’
Around the earthly person, I saw the blue haze, which lay around him like a wall of spiritual power.
People from this side could not penetrate it; he was closed to our world.
‘A beautiful connection’, I said to the brother, ‘you could not have shown me something more beautiful.’
Now I felt something different, it was as if I felt drawn to him.
I did not know the meaning of it and did not want or dare to ask this, afraid as I was that I was imagining things.
Yet, I could not release myself from that feeling, which had so suddenly entered me.
I could not stop myself from telling the brother what I felt and I therefore said: ‘I have received a very remarkable feeling, which I do not dare to tell you because I do not want to deceive myself in any way.’
‘What is it, Gerhard, just tell me.’
And when the brother smiled, I felt that he knew more about it.
‘If I look at him then I see Jozef, is that possible?’
‘Listen, Gerhard.
The man who is busy recording our lives there is your friend on earth, who told you about our life before you passed away.’
I squeezed the brother’s hands from sheer happiness.
Is it Jozef?
How fortunate to be able to see him again in this way.’
Tears came to my eyes.
How great the spirit is who guides him and how great is the meaning of this message!
What a wonderful task.
Now I can tell you all of this, Jozef.
When I saw you for the first time, I could not do that; I was only allowed to observe.
I felt respect for the high leader and love for you.
Then a moment came that I thought I would succumb.
The high spirit suddenly turned round, looked at me and smiled.
He knew that we were here and the contact was broken.
You stood up and left.
You came out of the blue haze invisible to the earth and I heard you sighing from the emotions experienced and from the power of the inspiration.
I got a tremendous fright because I thought: Now he will see me.
But oh, what a disappointment, you did not see me; you also behaved as if I were not there.
Were you also blind and yet clairvoyant?
I called your name, but you did not hear me.
Deaf, I thought, he is also deaf and blind.
However, he is a blessed instrument?
‘Is he clairvoyant?’ I asked the brother.
‘Not only clairvoyant, but he can also hear our voices.’
‘But he did not hear me when I called his name when he passed by and he walked through me as if I was not there.’
I was speechless!
Then you came back, but you still did not see or hear me.
How sad I was.
The man who had told me about this life and said that he saw spirits, saw nothing in reality, was blind and deaf like all the other people.
I had not learnt it like this at school, for that matter.
How gladly I wanted to speak to you, because I felt your urge and strong will to get to know our life.
I felt that you knew more about it than I did, who already lived here.
You put all your powers into this work, you opened yourself like a child; everyone could call upon you just like that.
Yet, however open you were, you were closed to me and many others.
Neither being, nor spirit could reach you without the person who guided you.
You were soon in connection again and your fingers flew across the typewriter at high speed.
In this state, I could no longer feel you; you were far removed from me in feeling.
Your material body carried out the work; your spirit was elevated into this life.
The brother let me feel all of this; I would not have understood it otherwise.
The brother now pointed out the paintings to me which you had received from this world and a new wonder was shown to me.
Every work had its own aura.
Then, when I had admired all those works, I sat down close to you and continued to look at you.
I could not keep my thoughts from you.
Yet I came up against something, I could not penetrate the haze; you were not disturbed by anything from this side.
Amazing, I thought.
Both of you were one; the master who stood next to you had connected with you in feeling.
I felt one in soul, in longing, in life.
By seeing you again, something got through to me, it was the longing to be like that as well.
Yes, I wanted to master that.
Could I also catch up with you?
The human being, who has already received the spiritual connection on earth and lives according to it, is far ahead of the spirit on this side.
When the material tortures are cancelled out, they go to places that lie far above those of the earth.
People who already know on earth of an eternal life are blessed.
Again, Jozef, if they live according to it, otherwise nothing has any meaning.
‘Yes’, I called unexpectedly, ‘I want to be like him.’
I already said, something had got through to me, something was born and awakened, I wanted to master this.
‘I want to become like him, I want to see and feel as he does!’
‘You will receive this, Gerhard’, said the brother, ‘you will start to work for others, as he is already doing on earth.’
‘I want to feel the life in which he lives, yes, I want to get to know that life.
Will you help me?’
‘You are already busy’, the brother replied, ‘and you will soon begin.’
‘But why can he not see me?’ I asked.
‘I will explain that to you: this instrument sees only when his leader wants it.
He therefore sees through the will of this high spirit.
He learned this in the years in which this connection was achieved.
He therefore opens himself when his leader considers that necessary.
You will experience this later.
He may not be disturbed in this state.
He walked through you and yet he did not feel you; he would not have said anything to you either, even if he felt or saw you.
He sees only upon command and closes himself off to everything.
If he could not do this, thousands of astral beings would charge upon him and destroy his spiritual connection.
Such an instrument is precious.
People do not quickly develop a medium to this height.
I have already known his leader for a long time because I was able to carry out work for this master.
I know as a result of this how the master influences him and closes him off to all these dangers, so that he cannot be destroyed.
However loud you call, he will not hear you for the simple reason that his leader does not want that.
When this connection is broken, you will be able to reach him, but only when his leader approves.
The human being who serves as an instrument for higher powers has to have a strong and powerful nervous system; if they are weak, they cannot be trained for this work.
If a disturbance or split takes place between spirit and material body, then you will feel where they would take him.
But, as I already said, people seek out these instruments with tact and even then, a great number of different powers occur, which can all hinder.
A medium such as he must have a great trust and a strong faith in the first place.
Then much love for our work and the will to serve mankind.
If he surrenders unconditionally, and leaves everything for his leader, no interfering factors will occur.
He has to devote himself in everything, that means, disengaging himself, and to completely disengage is not so simple; that is being a medium and only then can an instrument be reached.
The further – now listen carefully – a medium develops, the higher the spheres are where an instrument can enter, but also the greater the dangers, because he is open to all kinds of powers.
You saw life in the sphere of the earth and I showed you the astral world and now I ask you: Is it any wonder that his leader closes him off so that he cannot see any being except when he thinks that it will be necessary?
I repeat, people have to have a strong nervous system, otherwise disturbances can occur and different physical illnesses will occur.
Do not forget that he was able to experience all these transitions that you learned at school by disembodying.
And to then have to live on earth takes strength, a great deal of effort.
If this instrument felt himself a human being – you understand what I mean by this – it would not be possible for him to be able to disengage for all that life.
Yet, he surrenders in feeling like a child to his leader.
This is necessary and therein lies the secret of being able to achieve all of this.
It is surrender, Gerhard, and a great trust and faith, it is love towards us and for the human being on earth, and it is wanting to convert the suffering and the sorrow into a wonderful peaceful reunion on this side.
That is serving, nothing but serving.
That feeling lies within him.
He, your friend, lives in feeling on this side.
He surrenders completely and will continue to do so.
For this purpose, he receives our wisdom and he returns to earth with spiritual treasures, as he is now busy recording all of this.
He is full of our life; and it is almost incredible how much tact is needed for those who possess such an instrument.
They are therefore only spirits of the light who can and may experience such a thing.
It will therefore be clear to you, Gerhard, that the instrument also has to deal with all that spiritual truth which it has experienced through disembodiment in the material life.
However, anyone who lives religiously is not lost and anyone who surrenders like a child, will receive a wisdom in the spirit such as the academics of the earth do not know.
Once this has been achieved, all danger is past and the medium passes consciously into our life.’
‘My God’, I said, ‘what a possession!
To already know so much about our life on earth!
Does danger no longer threaten him, brother?’
‘No, Gerhard, he has conquered that danger, there is nothing in which danger threatens for him.
He is conscious and anyone who is conscious of his state, lives and bares this as eternal possession.
He, your friend, has freed himself of all material pleasures and longings.
He lives only for his leader and his gifts and for the urge to be able to do something for mankind, and this destroys all danger.
He lives as an instrument should live, if it wants to achieve something as a medium.
You can see what has been achieved here.
However, the human being on earth will not yet accept this because people want to see and hear it themselves.
He has penetrated deep into our life, but the human being who lives and thinks materially, cannot sense the sacredness of our life.
Yet, many people are reached and those few people will help us again to spread spiritualism on earth.
God’s blessing can rest on this work, but it can also be a curse and those who forget themselves ensure this.
They have to have strong legs, as people say, to be able to bear the wealth, but many people can do that and only then is a great deal achieved.
I repeat, Gerhard, do not worry about him; he is in good hands.’
This was the first time, Jozef, that I have met you on earth after my death.
These gifts are great, sacred and pure, which the human being has received from God.
Your fingers flew over the typewriter as fast as lightning and in the time that I was with you, you had filled ten large sheets.
A part would soon be recorded.
I had known you on earth and knew who you were.
You had never learned anything and then to be able to do this, that was amazing to me.
Now I experienced myself what I saw then.
The words, which I had spoken to you at the graveyard, lashed my soul.
How sacred the spiritual life and spiritualism were; I would like to repeat this a thousand times.
Around you lay a great peace, the peace of the spirit which worked through you and which was your leader.
I now felt that the brother wanted to pass over; yet I could not release myself from you.
I would like to have stayed here for hours on end, but it had to end.
I was richer in knowledge and now it was no longer a disappointment that you could not see me.
I understood the great difficulty of being a medium on earth.
To be able to make journeys in our life and yet to have to live there, Jozef, it was a mystery to me how you could endure this.
Yet, I felt it and I no longer had to be afraid, because you were being taken care of, after all.
Then we took leave of you and the master.
On the way, I asked the brother various things, which he explained to me and only then was I completely at ease.
Then we visited graveyards and saw the earthly people there who went to visit the graves of their loved ones.
I saw terrible scenes, but why did they visit them there?
They are not there, after all!
Put your flowers next to their portrait in the room where they have lived and worked and spoken to you, but do not put those precious flowers on the graves, in which nothing but bones rest.
It saddens the spirit who lives on this side.
I want to call this to the people from this side.
They visit their dead and next to them, those whom people think are dead stride along in a beautiful garment and light.
Is it not sad that people know nothing about it on earth?
When I spoke to you about all those things at that graveyard, Jozef, I said so already, I pronounced the great truth that bones cannot speak.
I mocked and I should not have done that.
With the people who were mourning, I saw the spirit, who was sad because he could not reach them.
I saw different situations there, one of which touched me deeply.
I will tell you about it.
Suddenly, I thought of my own material body.
Where did my body lie?
Was it buried in this graveyard?
I looked at my master and he knew immediately what was going on inside me.
I now also understood why we were at this place.
I therefore asked the brother: ‘Is my earthly body here?’
My master took my hand in his and said: ‘Are you strong enough to see your own body, Gerhard?’
I thought about it and said: ‘Yes, I want to see my own body.
Now that I have experienced all of this, I want to experience that as well, however awful it may be.’
‘Come on, follow me.’
‘How do you know where I am buried?’
‘It takes concentration, my friend, nothing else but the power of thought.
You yourself now form my connection; through you I will therefore find the other one, which once belonged to you.’
I trembled and felt my heart beating fiercely.
We walked along various graves and finally my master stopped me.
I read: ‘Here lies G.D.’
‘Your own body’, said the brother to me, ‘your body, which hid the spiritual body during the earthly life.’
I sat down on the edge of my own grave and looked at myself.
There I lay, dead, but I lived here and looked at what once belonged to me.
Through the earth, I saw myself in a state of decomposition.
Can you imagine anything more awful, Jozef?
I thought about my life on earth.
Flowers decorated my grave, placed there by my loved ones.
I felt their loving thoughts for me, who had died.
This scene was horrific.
Why, I thought, do you search for me here, mother, and not in your presence?
How many times had my loved ones already been here and had wept, so that I could feel their suffering!
Soon only the bones would remain, it would not take long now.
However much I wanted to, I could not penetrate that body.
Something stopped me and I felt that it was my master who prevented me from doing this.
I had discarded my earthly garment and received another one, which lived on eternally.
My God, how wonderful this reunion is, how small and trivial the human being must feel who may experience this.
I also felt trivial and small; it had overcome me.
However awful it was, the image was educational.
Here my mother tried to find me again, here her tears flowed, but I would never come back here.
I wanted to go, far away from here.
I had thought I could deal with all of this, but still it became too much for me.
How great God is, Who controls all of this.
You are of dust and you will return to dust!
I thought about these words.
I had been dust and had become dust again.
I prayed intensely at the edge of my grave, very intensely, that I would be able to receive the power to open the eyes of my loved ones.
I prayed for this and my master along with me.
I would never come back here; I knew and felt that.
Mother, my dear mother, oh, do not come here again!
I am alive, I am happy, and I will see you again one day.
Throw flowers on human paths when they are still alive.
Give love, mother, to everything that lives, only then will you feel eternal life and you will not look for me here again.
Then you will know that I am alive and can return to you.
Do not look for me here, I no longer wish to see what lies here.
Thank God, I am alive and that there is dead.
Again, I stared at my body and then left that place very quickly, never to return.
Then I thought about you, Jozef, and admired you even more, that you recorded our life from the earth to make it known to mankind.
We left in silence; I had sunk into deep reflection.
Then we visited spiritualist circles, where many people were gathered.
We entered a large hall, where messages were passed on using objects.
Around a medium, I saw different spirits who longed to be admitted, since family members of theirs were in the audience.
Many people were connected in this way, but hundreds on our side and just as many on earth went home disappointed because they had not received any connection.
If the people could see how many spirits were present there, they would not be able to believe it.
Yet, just a few were recognized.
This work is also pure and sacred; it is beautiful to want to make yourself available for it.
I learned a great deal on earth and understood how difficult it was to see and hear us.
I got to know that difficulty since the brother explained everything to me now that I was allowed to return to earth.
From there we visited other countries.
I had never travelled in my life, but now I made long journeys with the brother and I got to know the whole of planet earth.
Everything, which he showed me, was amazing.
He penetrated everywhere with me, we entered palaces uninvited and other important places and buildings.
On the way, I met many spirits, brothers and sisters, who were getting to know these places, as I was.
We travelled from north to south, from east to west.
That took up a great deal of time.
I understood a lot of it and I saw amazing things.
I saw scenes, which I do not wish to mention here, but I saw the truth of life on earth and also all the horrors of it.
Oh, woe is those who forget themselves!
If people live as those whom I saw, the spheres of darkness await them.
Then they will see, hear and feel what they did wrong.
Suddenly, the brother said to me: ‘We will stay here for a while.’
I looked around me to see what he wanted to show me.
However, he did not say anything and I found that strange since he always explained everything to me.
However, now I started to see where I was and there in front of me I saw you.
What a surprise!
‘Jozef’, I called, ‘it is me!’
You felt me immediately and said: ‘My boy, is it really you?
I received your message, Gerhard, how you have changed!’
Full of gratitude I embraced the brother.
We had returned to you again unnoticed and namely to the place where you took part in the séance.
This was also amazing for me, that people can find everything again so quickly.
The brother then helped me to connect with you.
I heard you speaking to me and you know that I could not say much, which was also a disappointment to me.
Yet, when I saw why I was not allowed and could not say much, I was grateful.
Only you did not understand it and only now has the moment come that I can tell you about it.
Now you also know why I did not come to you that whole week.
I was with the brother on a journey, yet, I had already been with you, but was not connected with you then.
I stood next to you the whole evening and at the end, we left.
It was only then that I heard that if I could keep going, I would be allowed to return to you in order, to tell about my own life through you, as your leader did.
The brother had already known it for a long time because the master had told him this.
You already know what happened and now I can therefore carry on.
But I want to tell you this before continuing: How far ahead people on this side see, Jozef!
Is it not amazing?
When I still lived on earth, people already knew on this side what would happen.
On the way back to my own sphere the brother told me about the great event.
How happy I was when I heard about it.
The high spiritual leaders, you know them, had told the brother that I was allowed to fill a part of the book.
Indeed, when they want to, a high spirit can see ahead for hundreds of years.
When I had returned to my sphere, I had a very great deal to think about.
For this purpose, I sought the quiet nature and there I mastered everything.
Months went past, but when I was finally ready, the time had come to descend into the darkness.
Now I was prepared, Jozef, first through the school, then through life on earth, and when I had experienced everything to the depth of my soul, I was finally ready to start to work for others and to work on myself.
I had also had conversations at that time with the people whom I met; now they could no longer influence me because I now stood firm on the spiritual path.
It had started to thaw inside me; I had learned to know myself.
I told the many people with whom I started a conversation about what I had been able to experience.
Imagine that they also laughed at me, did not want to,and could not accept it.
They were the living dead; they had already heard that several times, but did not believe it.
They were people who would not yet awaken for the time being.
Now I saw through them and knew their attunement.
They called me the minister because I was still dressed in black.
Here people can also make fun and mock.
However, you will feel that they are mocking themselves.
I just let them laugh; they would continue to laugh for the time being.
They had already been in this little advanced state for years.”