To the first sphere

“Before we left the brother said to me: ‘Greet them whom you love and who understand you, Gerhard, because for the time being we will not return here!’
I did what my master wished and then we went on our journey.
To the right of me went my brother, whom I had loved as a child can love his father and mother.
He had been both to me and I would always be grateful for this.
We walked for a while, but suddenly I thought that the nature started to change.
Was I seeing properly, or was I just imagining things?
But no, I saw green, truly green, as on earth.
The further we went, the more the nature, and everything, which lived in it, changed.
‘Have we already been here before, brother?’
‘No’, he said, ‘we were not here before.’
He did not give me any further explanation.
The trees were in their summer attire and I saw flowers, which I had not seen in all the time I had lived here.
I uttered one cry of amazement after the other.
‘Look there, brother, birds!
Where are we going?
It is so very different to my sphere.
I have not seen those dear little animals for ages.
Am I dreaming or is it reality?
Just tell me where we are going, brother.’
I looked at my master and waited to see what he would say.
‘Everything is changing, brother.’
‘Listen, Gerhard.
We are on our way to the first sphere.’
‘What did you say?’
‘To the first spiritual attunement in the spirit.’
‘Is that really true?’
‘It is the truth, we do not mock here, as you know; you no longer need to say that.
You are going to your own attunement.’
Then I grasped his hands, looked him in the eye, but could not say anything from happiness.
The brother felt that and we went further arm in arm.
Oh, how happy I was!
Then I would soon be able to return to the earth in order to tell you all of this, Jozef.
How I could thank God!
We were on the way to the first sphere!
I could hardly believe it.
Birds sang, as if they were welcoming me to my new surroundings.
My happiness knew no limits.
As we progressed, everything in this attunement changed.
Finally, we entered the first sphere.
Now I understood that the human being closes himself off, because those who lived in my sphere could apparently not yet leave it.
I found everything amazing.
‘Well felt’, said the brother to me, ‘this is very clear.
You have changed, as a result of which you can move more freely; everything is as people feel inside.’
The nature was as people on earth know summer, mild, with a clear blue sky and a few snow-white clouds, but then in the morning when it is still so wonderfully dreamy, when the nature sings and everything appeals to you.
It is like that in the first sphere.
Everything would remain like this, and no shadow would darken the light.
I had reached my first spiritual attunement!
Many people went in the same direction as we did and I understood that I was not the only one who entered here.
At the border, my first surprise awaited me.
My grandfather came to meet me; he had already known for a long time that I would come.
Can you imagine it, Jozef, how happy I was?
The mother and her child receive this happiness, the brother and sister and many other loved ones.
All of them wait here for them who return to God.
This is intended for everyone, everyone beamed from happiness and I saw many tears of love and reunion being wept.
It is truly no small journey that many had made.
There will be some who have waited fifty and a hundred years for this.
Can you understand their happiness?”
“Dear people, think about this a lot, but think in particular about your own attunement.
I received a dwelling, because ‘there is a place for everyone in my Father’s house.’
There are millions of us here together.
One day I will receive my own spiritual dwelling.”
“Now we set off to admire the first sphere with all its beautiful areas.
The brother taught me how I could connect in this attunement.
We remained for a long time in the first sphere because a lot had to be explained to me.
Here people also take part in art, but an art, which could not be compared with that on the earth.
How beautiful the music was which I heard!
I could fill a book with this alone.
I have not yet told you that the brother lived in the third sphere and that this sphere is his attunement.
How far I am still removed from that, but one day I will also make it there.
Now the time came, which was not so pleasant for me, since I had to part from my master.
He had been given another task than that to which he had given himself heart and soul for years.
The brother went to the earth and became the leader there of a well-known circle and also the leader of an earthly instrument.
You see that everything is taken care of here, that people just cannot do as they like.
There are some who claim of themselves that they can do this, but such spirits have no spiritual attunement.
These beings also live in the material world and they are exactly like these people, for example, those who claim to be mediums and yet do not possess it.
Do you feel what I mean?
The same mediums attract those spirits who do not possess any light on this side and in this way, the people on earth are lied to and cheated.
Both parties are unhappy and will have to make up for all of that one day.
When people have spiritual attunement, they are also tied to an order.
That order leads everything, sends them to the earth and they are in connection on earth with thousands, no, millions of spirits, who all have one aim in mind and that is to release mankind from all misery and especially to convince him of an eternal life.
I would see the brother later again on earth.
In eternity, we were one and we would remain one; yet, my departure affected me deeply.
How I had grown to love him.
He said: ‘Gerhard, as you love me, feel this way for everything that lives.’
What could I have answered to that?
Not a word passed my lips, but I understood him.
Then he left and now I waited to see what would happen.
Finally, how I had longed for it, the time came for me to leave for the earth.
Through the high spirits who were in connection with Master Alcar, I was warned to prepare myself.
I was ready, Jozef, and waited impatiently for that great and wonderful time.”