Dear reader,
In the first, second and third part of ‘A View into the Hereafter’, I told about André Hendricks, who was able to experience all of that as a link between the material and the invisible world. I also made it known in the second part that they were my own experiences, which I was able to receive through my guide Alcar.
However, in this book I myself am speaking.
Here you will read that some of my patients came back in order to tell about their life on the Other Side.
Do not doubt the truth, however incredible everything is for you, which is described in the above-mentioned books, and in this one.
Test your life on that of those who have already passed over, it will support you and strengthen your life on earth.
May it give many people faith and the belief in an eternal reunion on the Other Side.
Jozef Rulof
The Hague, 15 September 1937