The passing over of priest X and his return

(On request of his relatives no name or initials are mentioned.)
I experienced many wonders as a result of my gifts, however, what I experienced in this state with one of my patients was not only amazing, but because of it, I learned how great the powers of people can be when they exchange the earthly for the eternal and have completed a fruitful life.
Passing over for one person is happiness, for another, it is sadness, suffering and sorrow and deep darkness.
However, those who possess love and are open to life as it comes to them, they are the happy ones on this side and will see light and receive much love, which they gave to so many during their lives on earth.
God knows what their lives were like and they receive according to their inner strength.
A patient came to me with the request to make a diagnosis for someone else based on a photograph.
I took hold of the portrait and after a few minutes, I heard my leader Alcar say: “Nothing more can be done here.
The illness has reached too far an advanced stage; he will die from it.
Tell her that you cannot cure him.
But you will treat him if they wish that.”
I told this to the woman, but my visitor replied: “How much trouble did I not go to, to get him so far.
This man is a priest and his faith holds him back.
Now that I have persuaded him, can you not even help him?”
“I can help him”, I said, “but I will not be able to cure him.”
“I am bitterly disappointed”, she continued, “we want to keep him so much.
Oh, he is such a good person.
However, it will be a relief to him in any case if you help him.”
“I will do that in any case”, I said.
“But you may not tell the family members any of this, they may not know.
However, there is something else.
I have to leave town in a month’s time.”
“Will you be gone long?” she asked.
“Three weeks.”
“Well, now what?
I will just bring him to you, then there will be contact and you can begin immediately when you are back.”
“Oh, that is fine with me”, I replied.
“Is it serious?”
“Yes, very serious.”
A few days had passed when one afternoon the patient came to visit me.
He was a tall, thin man, but a beautiful apparition.
Something radiated from him, which I immediately sensed.
He had beautiful blue, child-like eyes, radiating with love.
He lay down in order to be treated and was apparently very curious how this would take place, because he had never been magnetized before.
However, he surrendered willingly, closed his eyes and opened himself completely to me.
After the treatment, which did him good, he said: “Just look at my trousers and jacket, I could fit into them twice because I have lost a lot of weight.”
When he said this, he had to laugh at his own figure.
He was of a different nationality and spoke broken Dutch with a peculiar accent, but so beautifully and with such a pleasant voice, that everyone would immediately start to love him whenever he spoke.
Extremely nice, I thought, pleasant to hear.
“I have become calm”, he said, “it has done me good; you have much power.”
I had received a statue of Christ from one of my patients, which he had made for me, he looked at it and asked: “Are you religious?”
“Yes”, I replied, “I am very religious.”
“A beautiful statue.
It was a great artist who made it, magnificent.”
His whole personality lay in that word magnificent, as he pronounced it.
“Great”, he said again, “very sensitive.”
Then he left.
When he came back for the second time, his first glance was at the Christ; the statue of God’s perfect Child interested him especially.
I could understand that, because he was a priest, after all.
“It did me good”, he began, “a great deal of good.
I am pleased that I decided to be treated by you.
Do you know that I am a priest?”
“I already heard that.”
“Oh”, he smiled, “from her.”
“Yes”, I said, “she told me.”
What a beautiful smile, I thought; he steals everyone’s heart with it.
Anyone who saw him smile felt a flow of love going through him.
“I have never given myself to such things before, but I trust you completely!”
I thanked him for this compliment and started the treatment.
During the treatment I felt that he kept his gaze fixed on the statue of Christ and that I could penetrate deeply within him.
Being able to help a person in this way is wonderful and great happiness.
He absorbed my radiance and magnetic powers within him and that would relieve him.
I also felt that I was deeply connected to him.
I did not see such people every day.
Only a few people can open themselves completely.
I was sorry that I could not change his situation, but other higher powers were necessary in order to be able to make him better.
I could trust what my leader had passed on to me, but it was a great disappointment.
Meanwhile, this treatment had also done him good.
“You have helped me a great deal”, he said.
“I can only do my best and let us hope that it will continue to do you good.
We will have to wait and see.”
I fathomed him in order to feel what he thought about his own situation, but he was calm.
“Yes”, he said, “we are all just people” and he meanwhile looked at the statue of Christ.
I understood that look: we should become like He.
He lowered his beautiful blue eyes and said: “The Son of Mankind.”
I felt a great love radiating from him to the statue of Christ.
For a moment, he stood lost in deep thought.
Then he looked at me, two suns radiated towards me and I felt the warmth, which he carried inside flowing into me.
A beautiful moment, I thought, he is giving himself completely.
He was like a sun and his whole being radiated love.
It was no wonder that people still wanted so much to keep him; they needed him.
“I have experienced much in my life”, he said.
I felt what he meant.
From his own life, he passed into that to which he was now connected.
“I have never had anything to do with these things, but I know much about them.
However, now I have to go home”, and he left.
After the third treatment, we had already become good friends.
We sensed each other and slowly yet cautiously, he started to ask questions.
All his questions were aimed at his own life and the area of religion.
He took the misery of the world very much to heart, because it was not necessary, he said, that so many people had to suffer.
He felt all this misery and that made him sad.
However, I also understood that he could move mountains.
A great faith and trust in God’s justice lay in this priest.
When he told about his own life and all that misery of the people, tears welled in his eyes and a great deal of love lay in his voice.
I asked him whether he wanted to see my paintings received through a medium.
“Please”, he said, “but then you will have to explain them to me, I want to know what they mean.”
I told him that I could not paint or draw, but that I had received them in a trance.
He only laughed and was silent.
However, his admiration for this event lay in his beautiful smile.
He stood for a while in thought looking at my paintings.
“Amazing”, he said, “but worrying.”
“Worrying”, I continued the conversation, “why worrying?
Is it not wonderful to be able to receive something so beautiful?
The spirits come to me with good intentions.
But there is nothing wrong to be seen in these paintings, don’t you think?
Everything means love and faith, faith in an eternal life.
What I received is love.”
He continued to smile.
He went from one painting to another.
He thought about everything for a long time, as if he wanted to solve this mystery for himself.
Then he looked at the statue of Christ again, as if he was trying to receive the truth from Him.
I let him be, I had respect for his personality.
I did not want to force myself on him under any circumstances.
After he had seen everything, he said: “I am leaving, we will talk about it later.”
He shook both my hands warmly as a goodbye and left.
Another time he asked me completely unexpectedly: “Do you believe in Mary?”
In Mary, I thought, what does that question mean?
After I had felt inside what he meant by this, I said: “But of course I believe in Mary.
I believe in all the saints.
It is my faith, after all!”
“Not any more now?”
I fathomed him again, felt where he was leading and said to him: “I will explain that to you.”
The priest looked at the statue of Christ, as if he felt where I would start.
“I received another religion and namely through the spirits, therefore through those who departed before us.
This faith is deeper than the one I used to know and possess.
However, I will tell you this in advance that I do not call the spirits, because they do not let themselves be called.
I believe in all the saints and why would I, precisely now that I know all of this, no longer believe in them?
All those saints, whom you know, now have another and much greater meaning to me than before.
Now I am starting to understand their lives on earth and the mission they completed.
Yes, I feel how beautiful their lives were.
I could not do that before, and the spirits made this clear to me.
Those who died on earth and came back to us already know those saints and they know how we must live in order for us to master that saintliness.
They say that we have to love life and that after death on earth, if we have led a good life, we will be happy and will see all the saints again.”
He nodded that that was the case and agreed with it.
“The lessons, which I receive from the spirit, always deal with those questions which occupy mankind the most, that is faith and love.
They show me how I must live if I want to possess happiness and light in life after death.
I find that life in nature, and there I get to know God’s life.
Nature is God, they say.
Their teachings are deep and full of truth.
They tell me about their lives and I was able to see their lives several times by departing from my body.
I saw how pious and holy their lives are.
They say, as I already noticed, that we have to love all life because it was created by God.
Those who say such things cannot be devils, can they?
People cannot believe this, although it is the truth.
Believe me when I tell you that, if I received spiritual food, which took me back, I would not want anything to do with those spirits.
However, everything is still immaculate and pure and it will remain so.
It is only love, which I received through them, and this has become my faith.
You say yourself that you know much about it, then you can imagine my situation, can’t you?
They point me to Him, who is standing behind you, to that large figure, to the figure of Christ.
All people must follow his example they say.
He has died for us, we will receive His love if we follow the way which the spirits show us.
They live behind the veil and that veil is lifted up to me.
Is it not wonderful to be able to see into their beautiful and pure life from the earth?
To receive such a thing is a great mercy and I am very grateful for it.
In order to be able to serve as an instrument for high spirits is a great and wonderful task and to complete that task is very difficult.
My life changed after I came into connection with them.
They say that all religions are one and that they are all right.
However, the connection I now have, this faith, is deeper than all the others are.
Through the spirits, I have learned to know spiritual laws and no other religion can give me that, because I am connected to those laws, they are the law themselves.
They show and have made it clear to me what their life on earth was like and has now become.
They are happy and they will remain so eternally.”
“Do you really believe”, he asked unexpectedly, “that we live on and that it will be as they say it is?”
“But of course.
I told you that I could see them and know their lives.
I have been there several times and I assure you that man will not be changed when he enters that life.
We remain as we now feel.
Nothing changes.”
He smiled again, but said nothing.
“Can you not accept this?”
“No”, he said openly, “it is too incredible for me, too good to be true.”
“You believe in an eternal life and yet you think that everything is different?”
“I do not know, but I will wait and see.”
“And yet, all of this is true.”
“You are also a priest”, he said to me.
“People”, I continued, “who are on the spiritual path and tell others about it are all priests.”
He looked at me and said: “Very good, very clear.”
When he had left, Alcar said to me: “A man in the good sense of the word.
There are few priests like him.
You can count the number of people like him on earth.
He no longer needs to be on earth, he will soon see our life.
His feelings find attunement in the spirit.”
Wonderful, I thought, that Alcar talked about him like that.
Then I heard my leader also say: “You will get to know him better.”
One afternoon, when I had treated him, he asked me: “What are you giving me?
I keep feeling so refreshed and lively when you have treated me.
And what do you do when you lay your hands on my body so quietly, where I am sore?”
“What I do?
I will tell you that.
When I close my eyes, I start to pray and ask God for strength to be able to help you and to be able to ease your pain.
I cannot achieve anything without His help and power.
When I have prayed I tune into your situation and then I feel in my own body where you are sore.
Then I start to concentrate on my leader, who will tell me what I need to do and according to which I then act.
All that is connected to your illness, because it is Alcar who wants to change the suffering and sorrow of people into happiness.
Not only physically but especially mentally.
I feel and see him next to me, yes, I hear him speaking to me.
He sees through all material and my knowledge is his.
I am and can do nothing without him and I surrender to him with heart and soul.
When he tells me to stop, then I know that I have treated you enough.
I can trust him in everything and count on him.
He is a master and a father to me, through him, I see, through him, I have learned to know life and he will solve difficult spiritual problems for me.
Through him, I learned to appreciate God’s holy love; in as far as that appreciation is within my power, because I am just a human being, after all?
People feel safe in his loving hands, and they can surrender completely to him.
My leader, reverend priest, is a spirit of love and this is how the people who come into connection with me will get to know him.
Anyone who surrenders to Alcar’s hands never feels cheated.”
He looked at me amazed and asked: “Where did you get that name?
Who told you that?”
“He himself.
But I told you that I can see and hear the spirits?
He himself told me his spiritual name.
When my leader still lived on earth, he had another name.
I can see his beautiful form, he radiates immaculate and pure light and his teachings are like those of Him.”
I pointed to the statue of Christ.
“Everything is love!”
“Wonderful”, he said.
“It does me good and it gives me support.
As long as it stays”, he added.
“I will make sure of that.
It is a great mercy and I do not wish to be ungrateful.
My gifts are sacred to me; I live for them and have already said goodbye to the earth in my feelings.
Believe me when I tell you that I know life after death better than my earthly life.”
“You have many powers.”
“Yes, I do.
I repeat, I am grateful for them.
I am clairvoyant and clairaudient, a painting, healing and writing medium, but to be able to depart from the body, that is the most beautiful of all gifts.
To be able to stay there and to see their lives, oh, that is so wonderful!
This is a great divine gift, as just a few people receive.
For the people who do not know these powers, they are not wonders and everything does not have any value either because they do not accept this truth and do not possess the feelings for it.”
“That departing from the body, as you call it, is that the most beautiful?”
“Yes, the most beautiful and the greatest of all.
Because by telling people about it, they will start to live differently and war and murder will cease to exist.”
“You are a prophet.”
“No, reverend, I am not, I am just an ordinary person like all people, but what I am telling you is the truth.
Is it not wonderful to tell people about an eternal life, as you experienced yourself?
They can cling to it, because they need a support.”
“You could tell a lot about it”, he said.
“I have already done that and if you want to know about my leader and my life and that of those on the Other Side, then you can take the first part of my book with you, I have them in the bookcase here.
You will get a true picture of life after death there.”
However, he did not go into it and asked: “How old are you?”
“I am thirty-eight years old.”
“Great, then you can still do a lot for people.
All my life I did not do anything else and I am still not sorry about it, on the contrary, it still makes me happy.
But”, he said, as if my conversation came to mind, “do you see the spirits as you yourself are?”
“Yes, I already told you that I can see, hear and feel them.
They are like us, but further on the spiritual path, at least, those who possess light.
A place such as hell still exists and those who live there will have to cover a long path and take themselves apart bit by bit.
That taking apart is not so simple, and people have no understanding of it.
People like us feel ourselves in general far too much.
I have seen hell and heaven, no, different hells and heavens on the Other Side, but there is no fire.
There the fire of passion and violence burns in their souls, I mean of those who live in darkness.
I tell about this in my books.”
At the same time I went to the bookcase, fetched the first part of “A View into the Hereafter”, and said to him: “Look, here is my first work and the second part has already been published.
It is not literary or scientific, but what is written there is the scared truth.
You will find it amazing and will wonder if everything is really like that when we later enter that life.
However, I was able to experience all of this.
In this book, you will get to know my leader and also many other spirits.
Then you will feel surprised when you read there how great life after death is, that there are no more wonders and that all problems cease to exist when people get to know those wonders and problems.
It is not a romantic vision or fiction, it is reality.”
I gave him the book. He took it in his beautifully shaped hands and asked: “May I take it with me?”
“Oh, please take it, I have enough of them and when you have finished it, if you want, you can also read the second.”
He warmly said goodbye after that.
When my patient came to visit me later, she said: “Did you know that he loves you a lot?
He calls you André and Jozef and says that André floats in space and gets his wisdom from there and speaks to the spirits.
Where on earth does he get all those things from?
Did you talk to him and tell him about your findings?”
“I have even spoken to him a lot, but did he not tell you that I gave him the first part of my book?”
It was namely a piece of proof to me that he had already read some of it, since I knew where that passage was which treated the universe.
“He is making progress”, she said happily, “don’t you think?
All of us see it.
He is so cheerful these past few days and he praises you because he is doing so well.
He feels undeniably better the past while.
Therefore he must be making progress.”
I let her finish speaking but felt where she was leading and when I did not go into it, she asked: “Why do you not say anything?
But he is making progress?”
However, I did not answer her directly and said: “Let us be grateful what we have achieved and rather not get ahead of ourselves.”
“But we can see it, can’t we?”
I told her: “What we achieve is benefit.”
“A benefit, you say, ugh, how horrible.”
“It is not horrible at all”, I repeated, “nothing can be done about it.
Let us be glad that he is doing well and wait and see.”
“We need him”, she said.
“But it cannot be helped.”
She left sorrowful.
Yes, it was a pity that he would die.
People will miss this priest because he was well loved, but when he felt good, he was happy.
She wanted to keep him, but her priest and father would pass away.
If I had disappointed her, I could not help it, because I could trust what my leader said.
I was curious what the priest would say about my book, because he appeared to have a broad outlook.
I was therefore not surprised when he came back to me and asked for the second part.
“We will talk later”, he said, “and then I will ask you many questions, but first I want to read everything.”
No conversation followed the treatment and I said goodbye to him for three weeks, since the time had come that I was to leave town.
He felt wonderful, did not have any pain and, when I was back, he would come to me again.
He wished me a good trip and much good luck.
He also said: “I will keep calm and read.”
The priest left.
My patient who was still to come and visit me said: “I was with him yesterday evening, it was the evening for church.
After the mass he suddenly said to me: ‘Jozef knows what illness I have, he and you know, all the others do not.’
I thought I would sink through the ground.
Where did he suddenly get that from?
I have told no one anything.
Would he know that it is serious?
Is it really the case, does he have that illness?
Can that ailment not be cured?
I do not understand where he suddenly got that from”, she repeated again.
“Can you explain this?”
No, I could not and I told her that I did not know.
“I only hope”, she continued, “that he does not deteriorate when you are away.”
She left and I got ready to leave.
Alcar said to me: “He feels his end approaching.”
Then I set off on my journey.
However, removed at a far distance from him, I felt how the priest was getting on.
Alcar also said to me that he had deteriorated.
When I came back from my journey I was called immediately.
He had already lain for a few days in bed.
So it’s like that already, I thought.
The beginning of the end is approaching.
If only it does not take so long.
This illness could be languishing.
All his friends and loved ones found it a pity and thought that if I had not stopped, it would not have come so far.
However, I knew better.
I went to visit him on a Wednesday morning.
When I entered his room, he radiated from happiness and was pleased to see me again
He grasped both my hands, looked at me and said: “My Jozef!
How I longed for you.”
I felt his great love for me, which made me very happy and it was as if he did not want to release me again.
“How fortunate that you are here.
Books finished, Jozef!”
I trembled, what would he tell me?
He closed his eyes, not a word passed his lips again.
He lay there still and was apparently thinking.
I became quiet as I felt at this moment the silence of the spirits, which entered me from him.
I sat down next to his bed and both of us were deep in thought.
I thought of his great friendship and love that he felt for me.
I gladly accepted his pure love and was very grateful for it.
What a short time I had known this person and yet it was as if many years had passed.
I prayed for him and started treatment.
Next to me, I saw my dear leader, the spirit of love, who had connected me to the patient.
Now we were one and I waited to see what my leader would have to say, since I saw that he was examining the patient.
I did not need to wait long and when I connected with Alcar, I heard him say: “There is no more help possible here, he will soon pass over.
I will give you proof of it, but wait patiently.”
I trembled.
Now what?
I asked God whether he would be able to leave this life without pain.
I did not dare to ask for any more, he could not be given anything more.
He would possess light in life after death and light meant happiness.
The man whose hands I squeezed had completed a beautiful life and was prepared to die.
With his eyes still closed and his hands folded, he said after a long silence: "Wonderful, Jozef, beautiful for people, but few will believe it.
It is difficult, very difficult to accept all of this.
Great love, Alcar."
He spoke haltingly, word for word, but I could hear it.
Thank God, I thought, he has understood my work.
It was just a few words that he had spoken, but it did me good to hear him utter them.
It made me happy.
Yes, few people could accept this.
I heard so often that I was too simple, not literary, not suggestive enough, so that people could not appreciate everything I told them about life after death.
They thought it was too sweet!
However, one day all of them would be sweet, as sweet as honey.
When these people were faced with the greatest and final problem, when the scales fell from their eyes, when they were able to see behind the veil, when they stood naked before God’s sacred throne, then everything would not be too sweet and too simple and they would want to possess a very great deal of this simplicity.
Only there would they see themselves, only then would they accept all of this.
However, I did not write for those people either.
They could not be reached.
The man who lay there on his deathbed, the priest, felt the warmth and the spiritual power that radiated from all of this and especially the great love of Alcar.
I could not have expected any more.
I had also received letters from those who were in a situation of suffering and sorrow, who had remained behind alone and were part of the highest class of society, that they were very, very happy.
During the hours of separation, Alcar had supported them through his great love.
They now knew that they would see their loved ones again.
They had seen the great thing happen; they had also seen something at the deathbed of their loved ones.
The dying person himself had called it out.
For all of them my books had become a spiritual support, the strength to now be able to continue life alone.
As a result of what Alcar had said, they had taken the cross on their shoulders, which God had given them to bear.
Only when people were in a situation of suffering and sorrow, only then could they be reached and they surrendered willingly.
No earthly learning could help them then, they longed for spiritual warmth, for the same feeling and for love.
Then the scales fell from their eyes, they listened to that soft but clear voice, and they found themselves.
However, those others did not need any spiritual food, they stood and wanted to remain with both feet on the ground, as they said themselves.
They had gone astray, and life on earth had swallowed them up.
They threw my books into the fire and stoked up the fire again, but inside they were perishing from cold and spiritual poverty.
They did not think that their time would soon come.
If I had been able to write for them alone, then I would most certainly have done that, but fortunately, there were also many others.
However, it did me good that the priest understood me so precisely.
Not that I needed it, I did not bother about anybody, because I saw the life which I wrote about, I departed from my material body and was able to experience it.
Everything was truth, and everyone would see it one day when they entered that life.
However, many people lived materialistically and laughed at everything, and at their own stupidity.
These great and adult people were like small children.
However, children can feel more than great and learned people, can.
Those who went into life after death deeply and lived according to it, were the happy ones on the Other Side.
The others would need many years before they would see the light, because their feelings were clouded.
Spiritual life is difficult to achieve.
However, if people feel it, then it brings happiness and eternal truth, a great and powerful trust and the possession of a sacred life.
It brings love, immaculate and pure love.
This man felt it.
“Jozef”, the priest suddenly said, “I am starting to float, far away from the earth.”
I felt a chill as he started to speak about precisely what I was thinking.
It was as if someone else had given him the strength to say it to me.
When he spoke tears filled his eyes.
The high priest was like a child and I also felt like that.
We were two adult people and yet children in spirit.
We had one God and had passed into each other.
We felt one life, one love, he as a priest, and I as an instrument.
Both of us served one God, wanted to serve one God, we had one Father and knew one truth.
He had been able to master that truth and wisdom by study and by experiencing life as God wanted people to experience it.
As a result of this he had developed.
I received it directly from the Hereafter and had become connected to eternal life.
I was able to see through his study and because of this at the same time I knew his theology and life behind the veil.
All those great things went through me; I was absorbed into the cosmos through my spiritual leader Alcar.
I now knew that I was a part of that wonderful, that great and sacred life.
Yet, I had not studied and came from a farming village, but I had received a knowledge and belief, as clear as crystal.
It was simply nature, and people could not learn it, people had to feel it.
The priest felt it; he was soft, soft as life itself and was open to that wonderful life.
Life lay in his beautiful eyes, in the tone of his voice, it expressed the soft feelings of soul and heart and people knew his personality from this.
That childlike, that pure flew through his whole being.
As a child, he would soon enter the spheres and tread those heavens where an unprecedented beauty awaited him.
This priest loved people with all their faults and sins.
He knew the passions and understood, because he wanted to understand.
He did not want to see any faults and gave continually with full hands.
Those hands were never closed and anyone who knocked at the house of his soul was let in.
The door of his soul creaked on its hinges, the hinges had been torn and broken, the door posts smashed and he did not repair them, since he knew that they would be smashed again.
He left the door open and everyone, young and old, rich and poor, could enter.
He allowed this because he loved and possessed much love; otherwise, it would not be possible to help them, would it?
Anyone who knocked at his house was let in and many people entered.
Some came with mud and sludge on their shoes, however, he did not notice; he did not want to see it.
After all, he loved them with all their faults and sins.
“Come in”, I heard him say, “oh, just come, do not be afraid, my door is open”, and he went to meet the people smiling and put them at ease.
“You see, the door has been destroyed and I cannot and will not close it again.
It will remain open for everyone, for eternity.”
Life had taught him that and many people had come to him.
One person put his clogs at the door and went softly towards him.
They felt respect, sacred respect for his personality and respected the house of his soul.
They did not want to disturb the peace of his soul and calmly went homewards.
He had helped them with body and soul.
However, others also came, who walked in just like that; they did not know and did not feel any respect.
He looked at them surprised, but did not say anything.
One person needed help and he wanted to give them that help.
Although he was trembling with shock, feeling the person with all his shortcomings and faults, he was able to calm himself.
He controlled himself, just smiled and put them at ease.
His eternal smile brought about miracles.
Many people entered, saw him sharply in the eye, which made him tremble and shake, but he stood before them like a child and was surprised at so much inhumanity.
The beautiful house of his soul, continually taken care of so that God could enter, was sullied by mankind.
Then he remained, when the person had gone, alone behind with all those human things.
He had to try to deal with it alone.
No one could help him with it, but he did not need any help either.
He knew and possessed the strength and understood the art and had the knowledge, which was needed to keep his spiritual house clean, so that God could enter at the most unexpected moment.
He possessed that great power and bore them; deep, very deep within him laid that pure love.
No, people could not stain the house of his soul.
A sea of love rinsed it clean, nothing remained in its place and the flames of his inexhaustible love dried it.
No one knew his secret, but they did not want to know it either.
In silence, he bore this treasure and only smiled, with which he connected all the people to him who came to him.
He lived in this way, and he had to learn to live in this way.
I sensed the priest in this way.
It was quiet around the patient and I thought about Alcar’s words, that he had been a great priest.
I felt the silence of death, departing from this world, entering the Other Side.
That problem churned inside me; I felt and saw it and I was absorbed in it.
Everyone on earth should experience what I now experienced.
I sensed the priest, fathomed his inner state and knew how happy he would soon be.
He had lived as a human being, as a child of God.
Suddenly he opened his eyes and asked: “Do you believe in people?”
I got a fright.
He had taken over my thoughts again, because he added: “Death is my friend, Jozef.”
Did he already feel the spiritual language, which people only knew and used in life after death?
“I believe”, I said, and did not know what answer I should give him otherwise.
Then he raised his eyes and looked at the figure of Christ, which hung above his bed.
His beautiful eyes were concentrated on this.
A child asked for the strength to be absorbed, in order to make his end sooner.
Then, after a few seconds, he said: “You are gifted, Jozef.”
It was as if the figure of Christ Himself had said this to him.
“You may not forget the saints”, he added, and then very unexpectedly, after having fixed his eyes on the figure of Christ again, he said: “I am going to die, Jozef, before this month has passed I will no longer be here.
Then I will start to float, like you.”
How can it be, I thought.
Had Christ told him this?
Is he so deeply connected?
Where did he suddenly get that from?
I found it amazing; he was so calm.
He felt what gifts I possessed and I thanked him in silence for his few but such deeply felt words.
There lay a warning for me to keep my gifts pure and high.
He was now far, very far removed from me.
I followed him inwardly and felt that he surrendered completely.
He alone also knew that secret, he felt connected with the Son of mankind.
He looked at the figure of Christ again.
Tears flowed down his sweet face and a beam of light shone upon it.
You are an angel, I thought.
He possessed a knowledge which only dying people possess, yes, experience.
He was already in that inexplicable state, in which earthly laws and learning dissolved and were absorbed.
He had no doubts in him, and I did not feel the slightest hesitation.
This was wisdom which he had experienced just a moment ago in complete silence and had received from a higher source.
I experienced something great this morning, something unnatural.
It must be supernatural, I thought.
The supernatural shone upon him, those powers passed into him and he said it to me, let me share in it.
“Will you help me, Jozef?” he asked again very unexpectedly.
“I am going.”
When I looked at him, I trembled.
It shook within me and I felt a great happiness.
“But of course”, I said and saw that he was weeping again.
He sensed me and said: “Not because I am going, Jozef, that is not why, do not think that.”
I understood and felt why he let his tears flow.
He was thinking of all his children.
To have to separate from them was difficult for him.
They would not be able to do without him, because they could no longer enter and find an open house again in which they could warm themselves.
Oh, it was not so easy!
He spoke again and gave me a reply to my inner feelings.
It was amazing.
“To separate from them is difficult.”
He had sensed me perfectly and taken over everything again.
This was proof to me that another power worked in him.
It was proof that he possessed a great love, and that he could pick up spiritual powers and truths since he was already connected in spirit.
People did not often experience something so beautiful at a deathbed.
This was a very special passing over, a preparation for the eternal world.
Not only that he felt his passing over, but he already knew the spiritual language which people spoke there.
He already possessed the ability to pass from one person into another and yet he still lived on earth.
What I had experienced at that moment was great.
“Now you have to go, Jozef.”
I said goodbye.
Not even half an hour had passed and how many things had I experienced.
On my way home, I thought about all these things.
How beautiful this morning had been.
How great to say farewell to this life so convincingly.
It was wonderful to be able to help dying people in this way.
I had already seen many people pass over, but not one like he.
One person was afraid, and others took nourishing food, because they did not want to die.
However, when death reported, no academic could help anymore and spiritual powers could not bring about a change either.
No one could escape it, which was the only justice on this dreadful earth.
This priest was familiar with death.
To him it was a welcome friend, a friend who released him from his suffering, who brought him happiness, light, love and beauty, yes, eternal life.
What remained of death?
Where was its power?
Where were all those terrible things, when people could call death a friend?
Death did not find any food with him.
Because he did not know any fear and did not feel any suffering or sorrow, from which death did too well.
Death had to and would suffer poverty with him.
He would starve, because he was not fed.
He carried out a wonderful conversation with death, he smiled at it and death smiled back.
They were familiar to each other, had become great, very great friends.
Life had taught him this by receiving all people in the house of his soul and not complaining when they even entered with their clogs, but by receiving them and going towards them in love.
As a result of this, he had learned to know death and he knew that this meant eternal life.
He saw through his mask, he was clairvoyant and saw behind the haze of decay and horror.
He saw that death was not the end, but a step forward to unknown areas.
To him that cruel man with his scythe was replaced by an azure heaven, a paradise of sheer happiness.
Fate ceased to exist; to him everything was God’s holy guidance.
God called to him and death disappeared, because he could not approach him.
No, this priest had everything that he needed in the land of eternal truth.
Death was happy that amongst all these people there were a few who were not afraid of him.
“Listen to me”, I heard death say to me, as it were, “you people of the earth, hear what I will tell.
Look at me; I am not dead.
It burns within you; it is God who sends His love towards you, which keeps all of you alive.
What you see, what you are and take care of outwardly, that will die.
However, something lives within you, which will live on, will continue to live on and will get to know infinite depths.
An exalted happiness awaits you, but only those who see life in me.
I did not give myself the name ‘death’, but you did that, you people, because you do not know me.
For you I was ‘death’, but I am only that to those who are the living dead themselves.
In you lies a spark of eternal life, in you lies the eternal truth.
Oh, people, do not let your life be soured by my name.
I am not death, I am life, and anyone who knows me will be happy.”
I had been able to follow all of this, but who spoke to me like that?
He was a living being who saw further than us, who thought we were alive.
He was cold and possessed sun at the same time, as a result of which he could warm everyone who saw life in him.
I entered my house with a feeling of great happiness.
What a morning!
How much had I received and been able to experience?
How wonderful it was then to be a medium.
I therefore learned to know the life that lived behind the veil.
And this through the man whom I had got to know such a short time ago, but whose great love of humanity I had discovered.
The true meaning of death would soon be clear to the priest and he would pass into a purple light.
The purple would connect with thousands of other colours, which were the radiance of his own inner life.
It was his heaven, which he felt and saw.
There, people would wait for him.
An everlasting beauty and an eternal rest awaited him.
Little did I expect at this moment that I would experience even more beautiful and exalted things with the priest.
It was soon Saturday.
I already longed to be able to go to him.
With him, my powers were felt and I was understood.
The priest was already waiting.
He took my hands in his and said: “My Jozef.”
How that man had come to love me!
Tears filled my eyes.
He was apparently deteriorating; the illness could no longer be stopped.
I sat down beside him, placed my left hand on his forehead, my right hand on his chest and radiated him.
He, the priest, absorbed that power and this gave him peace, which he needed so much for his last days on earth.
It would make his passing away easier.
He felt the healing working of the life magnetism.
Medicines could no longer help in this case and I could not change anything about it either.
After I had prayed, I heard my leader say that I had to concentrate in spirit.
At the same moment that I was tuning myself in, I thought that I saw intelligent beings.
Yes, I had seen properly.
Around the bed of the priest, I saw different spirits.
They were dressed in beautiful garments and radiated a wonderful light.
They looked at the man who would soon pass over.
I asked myself, what would this mean?
However, soon it became clear to me, since I heard singing.
They were spiritual songs and two voices took up all my attention.
It was a tenor and a bass, and the other voices complimented both these voices, in order to melt into one whole.
It was divine!
The tenor voice was of unprecedented beauty.
It moved me deeply; it was so wonderful and exalted.
When the singing had stopped, Alcar said to me: “The priest is connected to an order and those who have come to his deathbed want to make his passing over easier.
They come to him from the Hereafter; they are spirits of love.
The spiritual power of this event will pass into him.
He is still unaware of it, but he will feel something.”
I discovered that I became connected with the radiance of this event.
I saw the love of all these beings in a light and that light passed into the patient.
It lay around him, and would remain there in order to stop other powers.
This was spiritual peace, a consecration in the spirit.
The light now lay around him like a spiritual wall, a fortress of the power of love.
What I was able to observe there was wonderful.
Those who already lived in the Hereafter and had known him on earth, knew that he would die and he also knew this.
I felt the connection in this, a knowledge.
Love carried on past the grave.
All these beings had been priests on earth and had had a beautiful life.
He would be absorbed in their midst, because he belonged with them, and the fact that he was already connected to them was something special, only a few people received such a thing.
The patient had fallen asleep and I left in silence.
The spiritual beings had also dissolved for me.
When I came downstairs, his wife asked me how I found her husband.
“Could it still take long?”
“No”, I said, “it will not take much longer.
However, I do not yet know when either.
If it is necessary, I will tell you.”
The next time I experienced other wonders.
When I entered, I was asked to wait.
A priest from Paris had come over, but the patient gave him just one minute.
I smiled and felt that he did not want to miss a second of the time that I would be with him.
I was called within a minute and I entered the sickroom.
The patient was very pleased and burned with longing to tell me something.
I felt this as soon as I saw him.
“Listen”, he said, “sit down.
I have floated, Jozef, very, very high, like you.
It was wonderful.
I saw beautiful things.”
He kept waiting to catch his breath again and to see how amazed I would be.
He was very, very happy.
Then he continued.
“I saw flowers, oh, so beautiful.
Not here: no, they are not so beautiful here.
These were different.
I also heard singing, beautiful singing, very lovely.”
I felt a bit frighten.
Would he have heard that singing after all?
“Beautiful singing”, he repeated, “oh, so wonderful.
Lovely voices.”
Amazing, I thought, the man has become a medium in hearing, seeing and feeling.
At the end of his life, these gifts had apparently come to him.
I understood this completely.
His feelings passed into the spirit.
It was no wonder that he was happy.
In this way, I saw and heard it consciously, but when I told about it, people could not believe it.
He, the priest, had now become connected with eternal life.
When he had finished talking, he had tears in his eyes, for it had moved him so much.
He began again, “I saw many people.
Beautiful, beautiful, lovely voices.”
When he spoke, he looked at the figure of Christ, in order to thank God’s Son for everything.
As usual, I sat down next to him and treated him.
Alcar told me to watch out, something would be shown to me again.
I felt the priest sinking away beneath my hands.
Suddenly I saw a light and in that light, a radiating being manifested itself.
It became denser and denser, so that I could clearly see it.
It moved from the head to the end of the bed and made it clear to me that I saw and felt properly.
Now I saw an apparition in that light, a young spirit in radiating beauty.
I unwittingly guessed his age and thought that he would have reached an age between thirty-five and thirty-seven.
Then the image faded and I saw another.
The apparition itself showed me something: I saw a cradle and a dead child lay in it.
The number seventeen floated above the cradle.
The number was lit up, so that I could see it clearly.
Seventeen, I thought?
“Months”, I then heard a voice say, “Died!”
This truth was given to me in a short but powerful way.
It left no room for question and I immediately understood it when I heard it say: “My father!”
I thought, my father?
My God, how great this wonder is.
Is it his father?
It was therefore the son of the priest, a son who had left the earth at a young age.
Then Alcar said that I had seen it as it was and I waited to see what else would happen.
A child that, at seventeen months old, had left the earth, came back at the age of thirty-seven in order to come and collect his own father?
Was it in order to help his father with passing over?
But that was something very special.
It was a deep mystery and could not be fathomed by any human brain.
What wisdom!
How great this knowledge and what a great problem it was.
The child was alive – it was therefore not dead, otherwise, it would be impossible to manifest itself – and it had grown up.
But where?
Was that possible?
Yet I clearly saw a beautiful being, a spiritual apparition.
Was this not a mystery?
A supernatural mystery was shown to me and I was connected to it.
A problem that people on earth knew nothing about and which could not be understood.
Yet, it was the truth, because I saw it.
They were spiritual problems and laws, which people only learned to know after death, in the life where my leader and millions of others lived.
Where I was already able to stay several times and where the apparition had grown up.
This was a great and wonderful piece of proof of life after death, if people would accept it.
What a wealth of truth I was now able to receive.
I felt hundreds of questions arise in me and I could answer all these questions myself.
What, I ask, about death and its power now?
The human being deceived himself.
Who would still believe in death?
Here the young life, the child, which people believed to be dead, had come back to the earth as an angel in order to help his father in the material and to come and collect him.
How deep this problem was and from where did this being receive this truth?
How did he know that his father would die?
How did he know anything about father or mother, because he did not realize what father and mother meant when he departed?
Yet he came back, precisely now, now that his father would die, would pass over to that other life, where his child lived.
Now my leader told me to listen and I heard the beautiful being say:
“I have come to collect him: I am allowed to.
It is God’s will.
Ask the woman who is my mother, whether I died at this age; she will confirm it.
A bond of love connects us.
The eternal bond of love connects all people with their loved ones who live on this side and will wait for them when they will also pass over.
I was able to leave the earth at a young age.
This is already a great mercy.
You see that I live and you hear me speaking to you.
Everything is the sacred truth.
Be convinced and ask her.”
Deeply moved by this event I had listened to this apparition with admiration.
I also heard the voice say:
“I grew up in the spheres of light, know that life is eternal.
I think as you think and live in the spirit.
I can see and hear you and I can connect myself with your life.
I know that the man lying there is my father, my father in the material.
Yet, we have and know just one Father and that is God.
I thank you for being prepared to listen to me and for opening your inner eyes to me.
I also thank you for giving him love.
Also, thank the woman who is my mother for all her love.
I feel and receive their love, because I am alive and will always remain connected with them.
I know that they love me and that we will see each other again one day, for eternity, for eternity.
This moment is sacred to me; will you never forget it?
Will you also tell them, all my loved ones?
I live in the spheres of light and my father will also possess light and happiness.
Soon he will be with me; and all of this is God’s sacred will, may His will be done!
It is the truth and because it is the truth, it is sacred and people will bow their heads to Him who is the Father of all us.
For you it is a great mercy to be able to experience this.
I call to you and all people from this side: Do not be afraid of death, we live in divine beauty.
You will see light, when it is light within you.
All of this is love, sacred love.
I will remain with him until the end.
His earthly body will be buried, but his spiritual body will go back to the life, the life that is God.
No one will be able to change anything about this.
Go now, I am watching, nothing will disturb his rest.
I thank you.”
Then I saw that the apparition withdrew and dissolved.
I felt myself floating, could no longer feel myself, because I had experienced something sacred.
Before I left, I thanked God for everything that I had received.
Then I said goodbye to my dear friend, brother and father.
When I came downstairs, I asked the mother of the apparition, the wife of the priest, about the truth of this problem.
“Did you have a child”, I asked her, “that died at the age of seventeen months?
Was it a boy?
If the child had remained alive, could it now have been thirty-seven years old?”
I did not need to doubt the truth, since she started to weep intensely.
“Yes”, she said, “our boy died so young.”
Oh, I thought, what a wonder.
How great this truth was, how sacred everything was.
Now I heard Alcar say: “Tell her that you have spoken to her child, she has to know.”
Then I continued: “A moment ago I experienced something beautiful.
Your child manifested itself beside his father.”
Yet, I felt that she did not know or understand what manifesting was and that I should not go any further; this was too deep, too unreal.
People could not accept supernatural things and I therefore said farewell to her.
I had not had the courage the whole morning to think further about this problem.
I had to be calm for this; it had also affected me.
Many problems haunted my thoughts; I saw depths and views on the still unknown human horizon.
Something terrible clouded all this bliss, all this beauty, and that was death.
This image destroyed everything, so that the human being could not accept eternal life.
People shrugged their shoulders and went back to their day-to-day worries.
Death destroyed the happiness of people, it brought suffering and sorrow, and yet could only mean a great happiness.
It lay its death veil before the eternal light and sullied the sacred truth, and only because people wanted that themselves.
They loved it and did not want to see the light.
However, here it was confirmed that death meant life.
A child of seventeen months came back at an older age and said that it had grown up in the spheres of light, in eternal life.
That child lived in a divine beauty.
Oh, death, disappear from the earth and do not destroy the happiness of people.
Go and put away your scythe, because you are love.
Shine your eternal light upon people, your sun’s heat, and scatter flowers on their path and light their paths, where you previously brought destruction.
Death, where is your power, your old age and horror?
You are like a child, the child that left the earth and came back as a young man.
This truth, people of the earth, lies within you.
You live in the material and have eternal attunement.
Eternal life burns in your souls, death melts and evaporates, yes, dissolves and goes further, higher and higher, until life will have reached the highest of the high and it feels God.
This is where the child of the priest grew up.
Put away your black cloak, it is only for appearances.
We know the truth about eternal life; it was shown to us just a moment ago.
Nothing can be changed about this.
I now felt the time coming that the human being would no longer wish to know death, that his existence would wane, his being would change.
His kingdom of darkness would collapse; it could no longer exist.
The human being himself would dethrone him.
He had soured earthly life long enough.
The human being would know that no death existed and that only life was reality.
Finally suffering and sorrow would change into happiness and into an eternal togetherness on the Other Side.
All those pieces of proof were remarkable and how great this truth was.
How amazingly deep, how wonderful all of this appeared to be.
A child who had left the earth too soon, came back because it knew that his father would die.
The seventeen months and thirty-seven years comprised one life.
For the people of the earth a veil lay over all of these great things, but I saw through it and understood everything.
Thank God that we can now call this out with those who have gone before us, who came back to tell us.
They call very loudly: “There is no death, there is nothing but life!”
Oh God, how You give mankind an awe-inspiring truth and a great happiness.
However, they will not accept the truth before they see it themselves.
They do not want to, cannot accept and are afraid that their structure of knowledge will collapse.
They prefer to believe in that pre-animal-like being, in a death that makes them afraid and brings suffering and sorrow where happiness could reign.
They sleep their deep, spiritual sleep and will continue to sleep.
They do not hear that soft but clear voice, they do not want to hear that and the house of their soul is and will remain closed.
Must death continue to exist, continue to sour the happiness of people?
Is it not fortunate to already be able to receive the truth on earth and precisely by the mediation of those who have gone before us?
Just open your house and receive life!
It could be your child, sister, brother, father or mother who asks to be allowed to enter.
Does this certainty not give us the strength to take upon our shoulders everything that God gives us to bear?
Does it not give an answer to the question “Where are our dead?”
Are they alive?
How long has mankind not wondered about this?
Now we receive a message from them, from our loved ones.
Does it not tell us that love connects us and will remain so connected for eternity?
A halo of spiritual truth lay around the head of the priest, woven by his own child.
We learned to know eternal life through him.
If one of those who love him accepts this message, and death dissolves, the work will be worthwhile, then the return of his child will be rewarded.
I had got to know a great spiritualist in the priest, who did not call himself a spiritualist.
However, he was one with heart and soul, because he was spirit and lived.
This is spiritualism.
This is what mankind calls devil’s work and which people fear.
That spiritualism was not understood, and neither was death, but both meant spirit and life.
As a result of all of this mankind got to know a sacred spiritualism.
All misery dissolved in this and death became “life” and smiled softly like the sweet smile of a child.
The devil that hid behind spiritualism had changed into a divine being.
Death passed into it, both were one, brothers in spirit.
I could have carried on thinking for hours, there appeared to be no end to it, because the end of this amazing event, this problem, lay in eternity.
It existed there; the problem was the human being, the child of God.
I had still not received everything; I was still unskilled in even greater truths and wonders than those I had received up until now.
However, I would soon experience this.
It became Saturday morning and as usual, I went to visit the patient.
A gleam now lay in his eyes, which I had seen in the spheres of light, in the angels who stayed there.
People could also see this gleam with children as well; the purity of the soul radiated from these little beings.
I stood before his bed and the priest opened his eyes.
A wave of love flowed through me, two eyes fathomed, two eyes sent love to me and told about departing.
They closed very softly, very slowly and I knew: they closed themselves to this earth.
A shock went through me.
Would they no longer open for me?
How you have changed, I thought, my dear friend and father.
It will not take much longer.
I thought about the beginning, when my patient came to me, and my leader Alcar had passed on the message of the approaching end.
How true everything is.
How pure and what a power lay hidden in this event.
If they wanted it, the spirits knew everything and they could know everything about the human being.
Would his lips still speak?
Would these sweet blue eyes look at me again?
Would they not open again?
The few steps from behind the bed where I stood to the place where I always sat seemed an eternity to me.
I felt it, something came into me, which told me that he would not speak or look again.
Within him lay eternal peace and that peace passed into me.
The young heavenly being still watched over him, his child, whom people imagined to be dead.
I saw and felt the being and it had placed its beautiful hands on the head of his father.
A great light shone upon the priest.
He would pass into this light, which was around and in him.
He would awaken and live in the spheres of happiness and love.
I felt the silence of spirit and in this state people could only feel, for the spoken word would disturb the peace.
I prayed inwardly that it would not take long.
How exalted this deathbed was!
The patience of eternity lay in the apparition.
His pure hands radiated that light.
The priest lay in a deep sleep; the healing magnetism had rocked him to sleep.
A few minutes had passed, when I already heard that I had to stop.
It was my leader who gave me this message.
I also heard: “Say goodbye to him, Jozef.”
Is he surrendering then? I thought.
“You will soon know, now leave!”
I looked for the last time at the man who had been a friend and a father to me.
“Farewell, good priest, many people will miss you.”
I remained standing at the door.
Would his eyes still open again?
Will those lips not say anything again, have they nothing more to say?
He lay there like a marble statue.
Even his breathing seemed to have gone to sleep.
I had to leave something beautiful behind, but I would get something even more beautiful in return.
However, I did not know anything about that yet; I would experience all of this later.
There lay a human being, worthy of bearing that name.
How beautiful a human being was then; then he shone, then he was the cosmically awakened.
Look, then the human being was a child of God, as God wanted to see all His children.
How wonderful the world would be if all people were like that!
Now I felt an urge that I had to leave; Alcar sent me out of the room.
Downstairs they asked me again whether it would take long, but I still did not know anything and wished them power, strength and I left.
To be able to experience all of this was a great mercy.
To feel it was spiritual happiness, to be able to see it was even more amazing.
The priest was like a child; he was father, pastor and friend to everyone who needed his help.
He would enter the spheres of light like a child, like a father, he was the driving force and the saving angel.
I saw in him the symbol of happiness and true humanity.
The rays of eternal life fed his day-consciousness, he had lived there.
Sunday and Monday passed in this way, when I did not hear anything more from him.
On Monday evening, I was going to treat a patient as usual.
The man entered exactly on time.
However, during the treatment I experienced the most amazing things, such as I had not yet experienced through my mediumship.
I felt a different, also intense effect.
This effect was not like normal and I thought about what this would mean.
The man I was treating did not feel any of it, it was only intended for me.
I concentrated on my leader and heard Alcar say: “Look around you, Jozef, see who is here.”
Who is here? I thought.
“See who has come”, I heard again.
“See who is standing next to you!”
I tuned in spiritually, saw and was deeply shocked.
Was I seeing properly?
There next to me stood the priest.
He was shining!
My God, I thought, what must I now experience?
Is this possible?
“Have you already died?
Can I see clearly?” I asked.
Then I heard a soft voice that I recognized and which I had received so sweetly, say to me: “Can you see me, Jozef?”
“Yes”, I said, “I can see you; I think it is amazing.”
“Can you hear me, Jozef?”
“I can hear you, yes, I can hear you!
Have you already died?”
Then I heard him clearly say: “No, not yet.”
Oh, what a problem, I thought.
The spirit of priest X was standing in front of me.
This was a rare happening, because those who can manifest themselves directly carry a great inner possession within them.
They have entered eternal life strongly aware.
“Jozef”, he said, “I am floating, I am floating!
Now I am going to die, oh, how wonderful it is here, Jozef.
Will you help me?”
“Of course I will help you.”
I thought I would sink through the ground.
I saw him smiling his special and beautiful smile.
He had not lost this either in that other life.
How amazing everything was, I could not find any words for it.
My thoughts were whirling; I could barely concentrate.
Now I felt Alcar was helping me.
How beautiful he was!
Next to him, I saw a young and beautiful being, whom I knew.
That on top of everything else, I thought, that is his son, and how can it be?
The priest appeared to have already become younger and yet he was still connected to his earthly body.
Father and son were already united.
This moment was unforgettable.
He would like to have shown himself to all his loved ones, but this was not possible.
Here next to me stood the priest with his own child.
Yet, he would still have to go back, but it would not take long and he would be free from the earthly ties and could go where he wanted.
A dying man had departed from his body.
Was it not amazing?
“Alcar”, I heard him say, “Alcar is here, and I saw him.
Wonderful, Jozef.”
He still stood next to me, and he was alive more than ever.
I had not experienced such a wonder before.
I had seen many people pass over, but not one bore the possession that he appeared to have.
Eternal peace radiated from him.
I felt my heart beating intensely.
He had not changed in any way; he had only become younger.
The priest looked at me and said: “The books, Jozef, everything is true!
This was too much for me; I had not yet thought about it.
That people came to tell about it from the Hereafter!
“I cannot talk much yet”, the priest continued, “everything which is written there is true, Jozef.”
Huge tears of happiness flowed over his cheeks; it was his happiness to be able to tell me all of this.
“Now I have to go”, I also heard him say, “but I will come back.”
The spirit apparition of priest X and that of his son dissolved for me and I knew they where were.
Going back to his material body in order to experience his last hours on earth.
How I thanked God to have been able to witness something so beautiful and exalted.
How all of us must thank God that proof of life after death is given to us.
Through Him, I received proof, which I would never have thought of and all of this served to convince mankind of a life after death.
All of this happened while treating my patient and he had heard none of it nor felt or seen it.
Everything took place outside of him, because he was not “connected”.
I thought, could he believe me if I told him what I had just experienced?
The man would have to think and think again, then not say anything anyway, since he could not solve this mystery.
All of this was too deep for him.
I had been connected with three beings, I treated a human being, took away the pains, which he had come with, and spoke to beings in the spirit, one of which lay dying.
What a wonder of the power of nature!
Yet, everything was simple if people knew these powers and saw, heard and felt them, if people wanted to accept.
If people possessed the vision to see, the hearing to hear, in order to be able to pick up their clear but soft voices, then all these problems would no longer be problems and the wonder not a wonder, but they would be the human powers of the spirit, then it would be love which the being possessed.
This problem dissolved for me, and it was a natural event.
Yet, anyone who cannot see or feel laughs at everything.
However, anyone who does not possess this attunement, laughs, but he laughs at his own stupidity.
People on earth, does it not mean anything to you?
Does it not make you happy?
Do you accept that you live eternally?
That we will go further and further, and will follow our paths that you will evolve from one planet to the other!
Do you feel that life on earth is already eternity?
That eternal life lies in us?
Does this proof not show you that those who died on earth live in another state?
It is up to us whether they can give us that proof.
We have to be open, open the doors of the houses of our souls.
Then we will receive, receive much, very many beautiful things.
Our loved ones will come back in order to support us in the final hours.
They give us proof that they are waiting for us.
Therefore, do not laugh at a knowledge that you do not feel or know.
Do not laugh at any other religion and do not curse any other human being, because you are cursing your own eternal attunement.
Live a life in the spirit and the treasures of the spirit will be given to you.
Then the gates of hell will not be unlocked for you, because the spheres of light will await you.
However, the human being curses himself when he thinks only of his material life and lets his inner, that eternal body, die from spiritual hunger.
A spiritual ruin is an entry into the land of eternal peace shrouded in rags.
Thousands of years have already passed and man still laughs at all these wonders.
He still mocks these wonders and academics feel “learned”.
Can you hear the spirits knocking?
They are knocking at your house but you do not want to let them in, and yet they ask you to open your door.
One knocks gently and the other very loudly.
All of them knock, but the human being keeps the door of his spiritual house locked.
No one is let in.
Oh, human being, do not be afraid, they will not destroy anything, they come with nothing but love, they enter softly and bring you spiritual wisdom.
They bring you light, very, very much light and the greetings from your loved ones who departed before you.
However, people say: “I want nothing to do with any of that.”
They barricade their doors and do not want to talk about it.
That knocking starts to bother them, they live in a modern time and do not need that love, since they possess their own love.
But which?
Love for themselves!
Then the door falls closed and the spirit disappears.
And the few people who have opened the door, have soon forgotten it, or they are disappointed, since the love, which the spirit brings, is above their understanding.
They do not want that life, they cannot understand that love, because the cost is too high and much struggle is needed for it.
For spiritual love people have to lose themselves, people have to discard their whole personalities.
However, people remain deaf and harsh; they do not want to feel that love and hear that knocking.
They cannot be convinced.
They see strangers in those spirits and do not want anything to do with them.
However, if they want to see properly and clearly, then their mother or father, sister or brother will be standing there before them.
It is they who come back with a heart full of love in order to warm them also, but people do not want to know such a dead person.
Yet, all of them will come back, again and again, until the doors to eternity will remain open.
Only then, will the spirit rest and everyone will be united.
Then church and spiritualism will be one and death will become life.
Are those who come back to us not loving?
Is all of this not worth thinking about?
It is here that a child knocked, and thank God, it was heard.
People have to sense all of this properly.
Put out your spiritual feelers and feel about in that invisible world; there are thousands that will help you.
By feeling, you start to see and this seeing is the same as knowing.
Only then does a human heartbreak and does the human being bow his head.
Many people turn in time and others are too late.
In their dark life, all of this could be food in order to bring the light.
How true everything is, I thought, just as true as the human being possesses a heart and knows that he is a human being.
However, people do not know the human being as a real living being; and is that not dreadful?
The real living being has to tell the person locked up that he is the living dead.
The human being cannot fathom that depth of a soul.
He cannot accept the invisible life and yet it lives in him, yes, he himself is that great problem.
Yet he curses and continues to curse everything that he does not understand, therefore also himself.
When spirits come back to us, who have learned about eternal life, must we then close our eyes to this?
May we call to them: “Go past our door.”
Can we not let them in for a moment?
They will take us to unknown areas and show us unprecedented beautiful views in a brilliant shimmer.
They will speak of beautiful nature, guide us over seas between dangerous reefs and be able to sail around the storms.
When my patient had left, Alcar said to me that I had to record the proof received.
I told a friend and my wife what I had experienced and that the priest would die that night.
The following morning, when I had got dressed, I saw him.
I walked to the living room and felt that I came under an influence.
When I entered the room, I saw the spirit of priest X beside the statue of Christ.
I got a fright and stood stock-still.
He stood there in front of me in a shining garment and looked at me with that wonderful smile on his face.
I dropped onto the settee and felt that I was connected to him.
My friend stood there, he had died on earth!
He had said farewell to the earthly life.
Now he was a spirit for eternity!
“Now I have died”, I heard him say, “last night.
Oh, it is beautiful here!”
I wept, deeply moved by so much beauty and sacredness, and nodded, but could not say a word; it was too much for me.
“I have died and I am alive”, he said again.
“I am floating, Jozef!
Jozef, I floated towards here”, he repeated.
“No one knows about it; only you.
Do not talk much yet.”
He had spoken with intervals, word for word.
I saw that he raised his eyes.
The priest saw into the unending cosmos; he went towards his eternal rest, to his possession in life after death.
He was already far removed from the earth.
The light, which he emanated, was the love that he had in him.
The more love: the more light and happiness!
“Where are you going now?” I asked after a short while.
“Now I am going to have a nice sleep”, he replied, “I am tired.”
Now I saw that my leader spoke to him, and the priest looked at him and left.
“Farewell, my Jozef”, I also heard him say, “I will come back”, and he dissolved before my eyes.
All of this was indescribably beautiful.
The same evening all the papers were full about his departure.
Everyone who had known him spoke highly of him because of his noble, human feeling.
A great priest, father and friend, had departed; he could not be replaced.
He had sensed his death beforehand; I had never experienced such a deathbed before.
I would not experience such a thing again in a hurry.
Fourteen days passed.
One afternoon when I was sitting quietly in my room, I suddenly saw the priest.
Alcar drew my attention to it and connected me to him.
He walked towards me, smiling.
“Now everything is over”, he said, “I am awake, eternally awake.”
He put his arm around my shoulder and was silent.
He stood there deep in thought and I felt what he was thinking.
A life film now passed by me.
Then I saw the moment of our connection coming and beautiful parts lay in it, too beautiful to ever forget.
Then I saw his death and entry into the spiritual world.
Everything was great, wonderful and deep.
He stood next to me like a sage.
He had received that wisdom in life and now it was his possession.
He showed me many circumstances in the spirit where he had already been.
Separate from the earth he lived in the third sphere.
One more sphere and he would enter the Summerland.
Then he showed me another picture.
It was the picture of the woman who had brought him to me.
“Thank her and pass on my greetings to all the others.
I am alive and am happy.
See you, Jozef, I will come back.”
The time came that I would describe all of this.
When I had received the message from Alcar, I saw the priest together with my leader.
He was pleased to be able to come back to me and to be able to experience all of this from the Other Side.
He sat down next to my desk and when this had happened, he left again.
He did not have much to tell yet.
“Later”, he said, “I have to master a lot first, see everything first!”
He could not give a description of his sphere.
He was not a person of many words and still had to learn the spiritual existence.
However, I knew the third sphere, I had been there with my leader, and I also knew the happiness which those who live there possess.
All of them are spirits of the light and possess love, pure love.
What must I add to this?
The proof speaks for itself.
I call to all friends and family members from this place: “Your beloved priest is alive and is happy.
You will see him again, because he will not forget you.
If this may convince one of you, then he and his son will be happy.
He is waiting for you and thanks you for your love.”
I have passed all of this on in truth, as I was able to experience it.
Anyone who calls himself master on earth
Is the pupil on the Other Side.