There is no death; there is only life

One day I received a visit from a patient, who asked me whether I could make a diagnosis.
The diagnosis that I was able to make through my leader Alcar, was: “Nothing can be done about it, but you can alleviate her pain.”
While I was thinking how I should tell her this, she interrupted me and said:
“I know what you will tell me.”
I looked at her and thought: Does she know about her situation then?
“The doctors”, she said, “have given up on me, I do not need to tell you any more.”
It was overwhelming; it was not seen often in people to admit to their illnesses with so much courage and to accept this fate.
This required strength and personality.
Then she asked me: “But you can alleviate my pain, can’t you?”
I wondered whether she could be clairvoyant or clairaudient, since she had taken over my thoughts and diagnosis so accurately.
She was certainly sensitive and extremely delicate.
I replied: “I cannot take you back to your previous situation, but it will most certainly alleviate your pain.”
I treated the woman, however, after two months I had to treat her at home, since it became too tiring for her to come to me.
Her illness became worse before my eyes.
I told her that my first book would be published and she was the first one to order it.
However, how surprised I was when my leader said at the same moment: “She will no longer read it!”
His words were short but sweet.
No longer able to read, I thought, then she will soon pass over, because my book would be published in two months.
This was a very remarkable message; it concerned the death of my patient, with whom I had become such good friends.
However, I did not doubt for a moment what my leader had told me, but, of course, I did not talk to her about it.
Jeanne, as she was called, was convinced of a life after death and we often had wonderful conversations about it.
She told me many things about her life, but she kept returning to life after death; this had her deepest interest.
I got to know her as a powerful personality.
She had great opinions, because she had learned in life to master the good powers.
When she told me about her life, she was like a little girl and yet she was already past the age of fifty.
Inside she bore a great wealth, she was simple and full of love for everyone who came to her, soft in feeling and ready to help others.
“You never know”, she said, “how you will need them one day and I have always taken that into account.”
One morning she told me: “When I have arrived in the Hereafter, then I will come and visit you from that world.
You will see me, won’t you?
Or do you not think so?”
I said nothing but smiled and thought: “Where does a person, a sick person, get such thoughts from?
“Yes, do not laugh, I will return to earth”, she continued.
“Would you like that, Jozef?
Imagine that, how beautiful, how wonderful it is to experience that.
But”, she continued, “if it is allowed, because you cannot do what you yourself want there.
I have read and know a lot about it; and I know the difficulties connected to it.
How many do not say that they will come back, but you do not see or hear them.
Others come and appear before family members and say that they are happy and they are alive.
Yes, life there must be wonderful.
People should go into it more deeply, but most people are afraid of it.
It is wonderful to be there, to know that you are alive and still know everything about your earthly life, don’t you think?”
“Yes”, I said, “it is wonderful and it makes you happy.”
“You must have led a good life”, Jeanne continued, “otherwise, it is not possible.
What is your opinion about it?”
“I think the same about it”, was my reply, but meanwhile I was thinking of other things.
Because they were beautiful words, which I heard and many people could take it as an example.
I knew people who did not have an illness worth mentioning, but were already afraid that they would die.
Jeanne talked about death as if it was a true friend; within her lay a great strength, this was the conviction of the other life.
I continued: “It is like that there as you yourself say.
You have to carry the power to return to earth within you.
Not everyone who arrives there can connect with the human being on earth just like that.
That is a great difficulty and we have to learn this.
Those are laws, Jeanne, spiritual possession, love which people have to feel for all the life that God created.
This is why so many people cannot return; they did not know themselves.
They will be in the sphere of the earth, but do not have or know the powers in order to reach the earthly being.
They wander around in our neighbourhood and wait with suffering for the moment in order to be connected.
To live in that means struggle, suffering and sorrow, which is a terrible situation.
They thought that life in the spirit would be like this life, but that is not true.
It depends on the aura, which people possess and that is the power of love, personality, or whatever you wish to call it.
There are people living on the Other Side who do not even know that they have died on earth.
You will sense how far removed these beings are from the truth.
They first have to be able to see that they have discarded the earthly body and that is very difficult.
Oh, if only people knew how natural life on the Other Side is, how real, how human; they would then start to live differently and would want to get to know themselves.
However, they live in an earthly way and no one who lives in an earthly way can connect from that life with a person on earth.
Yet, they are helped by higher spirits for just that purpose.
It is they who guide them to the earth in order to connect them with their family members.
But spiritual possession is needed in order to be able to connect under their own power.”
“Do you not find it sad, Jozef, if you do not even know that you have died on earth?
It seems awful to me.”
“It is awful, Jeanne, it is spiritual poverty.
They are people who have forgotten themselves and have never thought of a life after death.”
“Then I am a fortunate person, Jozef, because I already know a lot about it and I am not even afraid of death.”
Jeanne had sunk into deep meditation and continued in thought.
“Why”, I heard her say, why and what for do people not want to be convinced?
When they hear talk of death, they already tremble from fear and yet it can be so beautiful.”
“What do you mean by beautiful, Jeanne?”
“I was thinking about this world.
It could be so beautiful here if people knew, yes, knew that they would live on and wanted to attune themselves to that other life.
Then there would not be so much misery; there would be happiness for everyone, a great and wonderful happi­ness, they would not kill their fellow beings, and would love every­thing that lives.
This is how I imagine the earth and I was thinking about that.”
Jeanne was a fighter for the good.
It was my thoughts that she expressed and I wanted to give my whole inner being for that purpose.
Yes, then the earth would be beautiful and everyone would be a child of God.
“Oh”, Jeanne continued, “I do not know where I will arrive, whether I possess light or darkness, but I know one thing, I have never been bad.
I have not hurt anyone, at least not consciously.
If people talked about me or they made me angry, I would leave and did not pay any attention to it.
Then you remain yourself, you see, and they cannot understand you, because then you have power over them.
I learned that from my mother.
She was brave, wise and sensitive.
People who cannot do that still have to learn it.
However, learning that is not so easy, it takes half a life and then they still cannot do it.
They get angry about nothing and in the life beyond we may not get angry, because only peace reigns there.
If it were not like that there, then it would not be worth living.
No, Jozef, I have not been bad, at least not wilfully.
However, a person sins without realising it, is that true or not?
And sometimes one commits very great sins, which we have to make good.
God will know where my place is.
Everyone sees light and receives his place as he has lived.
They point out their own place in the Hereafter.
I feel it like that, it must be like that.
Mustn’t it, Jozef?”
“It is, Jeanne.”
I wondered where she got all that wisdom.
“God knows”, I continued, “all people.
Not one can hide.
No hermitages and buildings are thick enough, but God sees through them.
He knows all His children.”
“I think it is lovely to be able to talk to you about these things; it never bores me and you can never say enough about it.
Then you notice for the first time that you are alive and you feel your blood flowing again.
‘Seeing life’, my mother said, ‘and not to be afraid if things do not work out as we want them.’
Yes, mother was sensible.
Oh”, she continued, “I am not afraid of death, even if I had to begin that unknown journey tomorrow, the sooner the better!
It is not so pleasant on this earth either!
You work day and night and you never have rest, you are always in the middle of misery.
There has been little sun in my life.
For years, I grieved about the things that I had really wanted to experience, and which were not laid away for me after all.
God’s will be done.
Nothing can be done about it anyway.
Then I kept thinking about my mother’s words: ‘Accept, child, and take it the way it is, it could be a thousand times worse.’
I also learned that and mother spoke the truth.
If you look at others, then you would not wish to swap your own misery.
What they possess is more struggle, suffering and misery than you yourself possess.
You must be able to carry your cross; others cannot help you with it.
Can they, Jozef?”
“You are brave, Jeanne”, I said, “very brave.”
“People keep looking at other people”, she continued, “but if they know what those other people possess, then they will not want to swap with them.
Then they are usually immediately cured.
Most people flaunt all their misery, which I have never done.
Everyone has to know, wherever they go, they tell about their sorrow.
Yet, no one can help them.
They have to try to deal with it themselves and that is just as well, because then one person would rely on the other.
In this way, lives pass by without people having lived.
When you know everything about another person, only then do you feel how happy you are and you bear everything again and that bearing has become lighter without you realising it.
Then complaining is finished for a while.
Then the sun shines again and it shines so preciously little in the life of the human being.
There are times when you think that you have worked it out, but then it comes back to you and everything comes charging repeatedly at you and you start to worry again.
‘We are here to learn’, mother said, ‘and what you learn here, you no longer need to learn from Our Lord.’
Do you think she is sensible, Jozef?”
“Very sensible, Jeanne”, I answered her.
“In my life”, Jeanne continued, “I have always been like that.
I do not know what others did, because I never had many female or male friends.
When the sun shone, I made the most of it.
Soon enough dark clouds came, which obscured the light.
For my mother it is better here up above than on earth, because she was a good person.”
“Your mother was a sage, Jeanne.”
“Yes, she was; she helped many people, rich and poor.
She was not learned, but she possessed wisdom of life.
I do not know how she knew all of that, but she always knew what to do and you soon received an answer to each question.
I believe that I inherited a great deal from her, at least if that is possible.
In some things, I am exactly like her, because I see qualities in my character that she also had.
To her dying, was not death.
She said: ‘Only then do you begin to live.’”
“It is a great possession if people can think like that”, I said, “because then life is not so difficult.
That is the great trust and we have to possess that, then everything takes care of itself.”
“When my mother passed away, Jozef, I was the only one who could control myself.
My brothers and sisters had lost their heads and it was as if they were broken.
I understood everything as a law and said to them: ‘We will see her again, after all.’
However, they were not so religious as I was and had no faith.
To them it was a great loss, however, to me it was a short separation.
Yes”, Jeanne continued with her thoughts, “it is a great journey, which you will make, far, very far from the earth and yet it is so close.
Nevertheless, you have to feel that, clearly feel, otherwise it does not mean anything to you.
For all of us that time will come one day and then it is packing your suitcases.”
I had to laugh at her, but she continued: “You need little for it.
It is the cheapest journey, which you can ever make, and yet it is the greatest.
Oh, I lie thinking about it a lot, then strange things enter my head and I often dream about it.
Some people, I imagine, go through valleys and over mountains and see very beautiful nature scenes on that journey, very different than you see in your own country.
They can enjoy it if they are not nervous, because most of them will have lost themselves and are afraid of what awaits them.
I sometimes saw many travellers before me, I followed them one by one.
Amongst them, I saw people who really did not want to travel.
They resisted, but they were pushed in the train and went towards the unknown.
Then I saw others who were very sad, that sadness was because they left so many friends and loved ones behind.
Especially those who had many children did not want to go, because those children remained behind alone.
I saw people who behaved like wild animals; they really did not want to go on a journey.
It also came so unexpectedly, you see.
They preferred to remain at home with their glass of wine and all the other things.
They were so well-off in this world and I could imagine that.
Who wants to go to unknown territories when you are so well-off at home?
However, I also saw people who immediately packed their suitcases and went on a journey.
For example, my own mother.
She greeted all of us and the journey started.
I just hope that I may leave as she did.
She left in silence and that was wonderful, oh, so beautiful.
It was precisely as though she was carried into the train.
She also longed for it, I know that there were many people who accompanied her on her journey.
I did not see those invisible beings, but I could feel them.
Then I saw people who had gone on a journey without them being able to say anything more.
They were already long on their way before the family members heard about it, who of course, were shocked.
Yes, they were sad, very, very sad.”
Suddenly Jeanne said: “Do you think that I am talking a great deal, Jozef?”
“Not at all, Jeanne.”
Then she continued: “But do not forget either that there is no one here with whom I can talk about all these things.
They are afraid of it and if you lie here so alone, then a lot of thoughts go through your head.
I have seen people going on a journey, who came to dark tunnels, which I could already see from afar.
Then I thought, oh, how difficult it will be for you, because I did not see another way, they had to go through it.
Do you think what I am talking about is strange, Jozef?”
“No, Jeanne, I think it is wonderful.”
“But now the most curious thing of all.
I usually dreamt that I saw the people before me and I always remembered what I had dreamt.
Yes, I knew many people who had to go on a journey.
Sometimes I heard about it a few days later and I thought about whether that could be connected to my dream.
That is not possible, is it?
What do you think about it?”
“I will tell you what I think about it.
In the first place, that is possible.
They are imposed dreams.
Dreams that are given to you by intelligent beings, therefore spirits.
I, for my part, can feel and see that it has to be the case.
That you saw many people going on a journey means that they wanted to pass that onto you, therefore tell you, beforehand, as a result of which you experienced that they would pass away.
Those dreams are remarkable, you should have recorded them.”
“Amongst the people whom I saw passing away were various family members and I am deeply shocked by it.
If I have to go on a journey, then I just hope that there are many mountains around me, because I love mountains.
I will climb on top and see from there the whole area.
That is wonderful!
As a child I already climbed on everything and then mother had to get me down again, because I carried out neck-breaking feats.
If I had climbed on top of something, I told mother what I thought I could see.
Yes, they were nice moments with mother together.
No, Jozef, I will not be afraid when I have to go on my journey.”
“Where did you get all that wisdom from, Jeanne, from books?”
“Not everything, but I feel a great deal for nature and I already told you that I have learned a lot from mother.
I will tell you something one day, then you will immediately know why I am no longer afraid of death.
That’s what you mean, isn’t it, Jozef?”
“Yes”, I said, “I mean that.”
“As a child I used to see a great deal, but when I became a bit older I did not see very much more.
What I want to tell you about happened not so long ago.
Then I was really afraid, because it happened so unexpectedly.
They think here that I am crazy, or that they are hallucinations, but I know what I saw.
I do not deal in hallucinations, because I am far too sober.
A human being, who does not believe in it anyway and cannot even see anything, thinks that you are imagining something.
But listen.
A friend of mine died some time ago.
It was very sudden and I was deeply shocked by it, because a few days before she passed over I had spoken to her.
She was called Greetje and was a great artist.
You will know her if I mention her name.
She had an accident.
I was terribly upset by this sudden passing over and wept for days on end.
I could not work out why that was.
I was so convinced of a life after death; yet, I could not become released from that sadness.
I had talked to her several times about spiritualism, because she possessed a gift; she often saw very clearly, even if she wanted nothing to do with it, also because life occupied her too much.
That sadness lasted some time.
Sometimes it was a bit easier for me, but then suddenly that suffering arose again intensely.
I prayed a lot for Greetje, but that did not help me either.
Can you not see her?” Jeanne interrupted herself, “I often have the feeling that she is here.”
“No, I cannot see her, but I can see someone else, whom I will tell you about later.”
She continued: “One night I saw Greetje and I got a great shock.
It was exactly four o’clock in the morning when I became wide-awake.
I thought to myself, what is that, how can I be so wide-awake?
It was something unusual, which I clearly felt.
When I was lying thinking like that, I saw her standing in front of me.
She was standing there, Jozef”, and she pointed out the place to me where she had seen the apparition.
“Right in front of my bed!
Dreadful, I thought and called for help.
My sister, who slept next door, rushed to answer my call for help and asked what was the matter with me.
‘What is wrong with you’, she said, ‘you look so pale?’
My whole body trembled.
When I had become a bit calmer, I told her what I had seen.
Do you know what she thought about it?
‘Oh, child’, she said, ‘you are just imagining things, just go to sleep, I will tuck you in.’
However, I would not let myself be tricked out of what I had seen just like that.
I was not dreaming”, I said, “I was wide-awake, I have never been so awake.
She was standing there!
But my sister looked at me as if I myself was Greetje.
However, I did not want to frighten her and said nothing more.
I thought there would not be much chance of sleeping, because I kept thinking about her.
Yet, I must have fallen asleep, because I suddenly wakened again.
I immediately thought about Greetje and what I had seen, and yes, she was standing there in front of my bed for the second time.
I was not frightened at all and was very calm.
She looked at me and smiled.
Oh, how wonderful that was, how happy I was, because I felt a great happiness enter me, which I could not describe.
At the same time, my sadness and fear of death had disappeared.
However, first I rubbed my eyes and thought: Is it you or is it not you?
But it was she!
She laughed once more, but when I called her by her name, she disappeared as she had come.
I did not understand any of it and I lay for a long time thinking about it.
However, I could not find an explanation for it and afterwards I did not see anything again.
Did she get a fright and was it therefore my fault that she disappeared again so suddenly?
Should I not have called her?
Do you know that, Jozef?
Can you give me an explanation for it?
Why, were my thoughts, did she appear, to then disappear again at the same moment?
I found it so strange, because I had so much to ask her.
Should I not have called out her name?”
“Listen”, I said, “I will explain this to you.
What you saw is very interesting.
When a spirit manifests itself, then it does that under its own strength.
Did you think that you saw Greetje as a result of your own capability, therefore as a result of your gift for clairvoyance?”
Jeanne thought for a moment then said: “Yes, because I saw her, didn’t I?”
“Precisely, I want to explain that to you now.
It is precisely the other way round, because Greetje wanted you to see her.
You therefore saw because she wanted it.
Because why can you not see her now?
Do you possess this gift?
Yes, to a small degree, because you have a talent for it.
Yet, now you see nothing and that is precisely the point.
The spiritual world is now invisible to you, because you do not possess the attunement of feeling, which the gift of clairvoyance implies, otherwise you would be able to see her at any moment.
Is that clear to you?”
Jeanne had a think again and said after a short while: “No, I do not understand that, I cannot work it out, because I saw her, didn’t I?”
“Listen then.
At the same moment when you saw Greetje, you were connected with her, you were one in feeling, you therefore felt what Greetje wanted you to feel and because of that she could awaken you so suddenly.
While you were sleeping Greetje connected with you, but when you rubbed your eyes that connection could already have been broken, because you came back to yourself in your inner life.
However, Greetje kept this connection going.
You were therefore one in feeling and she could manifest herself as she wanted to.
She brought you to an elevated attunement and namely that of clairvoyance.
In this situation people can only feel, because since you started to speak and called her name, you went back to your own world of thoughts.
Your concentration was directed at yourself again, the contact was broken and in this way, you could no longer see anything more.
Because why did you no longer see her?
You were clairvoyant at that moment, were you not?
You should be able to see her now as well, but that is not possible.
This is why it is usually the other way round.
You therefore broke the connection with Greetje yourself.
Most people think that they have become clairvoyant, but it is still not their own gift.
It is wonderful and a great happiness to be able to experience such a thing, at least if you like it.
Greetje will have been there a long time, but she could no longer reach you.
This was only possible in that unconscious state.
You had therefore returned to your day-consciousness and could not be reached by Greetje.
And as I already said, while you were sleeping you were one with Greetje in feeling.
However, in my day-consciousness I can see in the way you saw Greetje.
I can therefore see continually and then when my leader wants me to see.
You see, again through connection.
When the spirits have a message to give they have to want that themselves.
I am then open and receive and pass on what they have to say to me.
To open myself properly and clearly is not so easy, but my leader taught me that.
When I see, then I pass into their lives, but Greetje drew you into her life in which she now lives.
Is it now clear to you why she did not come back?”
“Yes, I understand it now, Jozef, how simple it is.”
“I know how I see, Jeanne, and I know all the grades of clairvoyance.
There are seven grades, but the seventh is not reached by clairvoyance on earth.
There is so much to tell about it.”
“How wonderfully you explained that.
I can see, feel and hear that it is the case; there is no other explanation.
And do you see those wonders all the time?”
“All the time, Jeanne, and I can imagine that you are afraid.
I was also afraid when I saw my leader for the first time and he is a very high spirit.”
“Greetje looked lovely, she was shining completely, but it was so unexpected that I saw her.”
“Most people who see something in this way, usually break the connection at the same time, because they try to see it even better.
But seeing that better is going back into their own inner life and therefore they break the contact.
Greetje will have remained with you for a long time to observe how you reacted.
In this way, our loved ones are around us and people know nothing about their existence.
How gladly they would like to tell about that beautiful and wonderful life in which they are, but people cannot be reached.
They are around and in us and yet people do not feel and see them.”
“Greetje had become younger and beautiful, I saw her as someone of thirty years old.
If all people could just see for a moment, they would not feel any fear of death.
Then the earth would change, because they would lead a better life.
You see, and I am therefore no longer afraid.
Did Greetje take that sadness away from me?
Did she know that I was sad and that I kept weeping?
Can you also explain that to me?
I would like to have heard her voice.
Nevertheless, I thanked God that I had been allowed to see her.”
“I will explain that to you.
Was it therefore Greetje?”
“Yes, no one else.”
“She must have already connected with you a long time beforehand, you could say from the time that the accident happened.
When we pass over, we will first think of those whom we deeply love the most.
Love bonds connect us and we will get to know those spiritual powers for the first time in that life.
When Greetje awakened in that life, she will most certainly have felt that you were mourning.
Since she felt it, you drew her back to the earth.”
“Yes, you.”
“How is that possible?”
“You see how deep powers of thought can be, you will later experience it when you also enter that life.
You interrupted her happiness because you were mourning and you were connected to her.
This is a great hindrance for them when they arrive there.
Greetje came back, but saw that you did not see her, but she tried to change your sadness to happiness and namely in a way which is already familiar to you.
When she therefore appeared, all that misery dissolved and you returned to your own attunement.”
“How beautiful that is, Jozef.”
“It is most certainly worthwhile, because these situations have a deeper meaning.
But you will sense that thousands of people who have passed over are drawn back and when they visit their loved ones they experience that they cannot reach them.
That is terrible and then a suffering is born, so intensely deep and powerful, that it can only be dissolved by spiritualism.
This is why spiritualism is sacred and it is a great mercy for the human being to be able to receive this from God.
The human being on earth still knows so little about all these laws.
There was therefore one being that knew that you were mourning and that was Greetje.
She knew it, she felt it, and you were one with her, therefore one in feeling.
If Greetje had not been able to reach you and you had stayed long in that suffering, then life would have become unbearable for you.
Those who continue to mourn go under and that is not the intention of God, especially not if the human being knows of an eternal life after death.”
“It is moving and beautiful, Jozef, to be able to see them.”
“It is, Jeanne.”
“But how blessed you are that you can always see them.”
“I am and I would not want to miss my gifts for anything in the world.”
Suddenly she said: “What do you think of me?”
“What do I think of you?”
“Yes, I mean of my illness.
I will not get better, because I know what is the matter with me.
There is no cure for me.
Do you also know that?”
She looked at me sharply and I felt that she wanted to know the truth, but I looked at something else and pretended that it had not got through to me.
Where does she suddenly get that from, I thought.
Her question was spot on and too drastic for her situation.
I thought through all of this in a flash.
I was not allowed to tell her this yet, even if she knew so much about life after death and she was already prepared to die.
I therefore did not go into it and continued to look in the direction where I saw something.
Then she asked: “Can you see something?”
“Yes”, I said, “I can see an intelligence, a woman.
She has already been here for some time and is waiting to be connected,I already saw her when you started to talk and I believe that you will know her, because she looks like you.
I will describe her.”
I was not yet ready to tell her all the particulars of the being which I saw, when she already called out: “Oh, mother, are you here?
Mother, is it really you?
It cannot be otherwise, that is my mother.”
The apparition showed me something, to which Jeanne said at the same time: “Here, Jozef, look, here it is.”
She showed me a medal that she wore and in it was a portrait of her mother.
“Where is she, Jozef?”
Jeanne eyes began to tear.
“I feel mother, Jozef, she is close to me, is that possible?
Does she not say anything?”
I saw that the spirit who was her mother put her arms around her and kissed her child.
When I saw this, Jeanne suddenly called out: “I can feel her, Jozef, I have the feeling that she has put her arms around me, just like before when she gave me a kiss, I can feel it on my cheek!”
I trembled from emotion.
Jeanne was sensitive in feeling; another grade higher and she would be clairvoyant.
However, this connection was also broken and now a short silence followed.
Jeanne felt the silence of the spirits that had entered her as a result of her mother’s arrival.
She had to deal with all of this first, but after a short pause she said very unexpectedly: “Do you know, Jozef, what kind of feeling I have now that my mother and Greetje have come to me?”
“No”, I said, but I felt what she meant.
“That I will soon be leaving ... dying”, she added.
Amazing, I thought, and she penetrated me again with her gaze.
How precise her words were, yet I resisted her gaze and continued calmly.
“Oh, what can I tell you about it, that has not always to do with death.
Imagine that everyone would pass over if the family members manifested themselves.
That is impossible, isn’t it?
They are often in the sphere of the earth and do work here.”
Meanwhile, I thought: in this case, it is to come and collect you, because it will not take long now.
Jeanne became too sensitive.
She not only spoke the truth, but she felt that truth, because it lay within her.
However, she was still not satisfied and said: “So, do you think that?
I am becoming so sensitive recently.
Sometimes I think that I can see them, but then I am afraid that I am imagining things and I do not want that.”
Alcar indicated to me not to tell her the truth and to leave.
I therefore got ready and said goodbye.
It is remarkable, I thought, now that she will soon leave the earth, she feels the spiritual world.
Yet, I knew all these situations; with many other people, I had been able to see these powers and influences.
When they would soon start their great journey, as Jeanne could express that so well, then they felt in the spirit and their feelings passed into that life.
It was also the case for her.
The feeling that she already possessed as a child and which she had already carried, had now become conscious in her.
However, I found her very brave, I heard few people speak in such a way.
She was not afraid of death; to her death was a trusted friend.
Another morning, immediately when I entered, she asked: “You must tell me, Jozef, if I die will I immediately be released from my material body?”
“Are you starting to talk again?
First good morning and then we will see.”
And I started to treat her first.
After the treatment she came back to the subject and asked: “Now, what do you think, will I be released?
I have read about it, you see.”
She looked at me like a child and smiled.
Indeed a beautiful question, I thought.
Sick people would not often ask this question, because people did not want to hear about dying.
I therefore admired Jeanne, that she could surrender herself so completely.
Then I said: “Yes, you will be released.”
“Do you suddenly know that just like that?”
She looked at me in amazement and waited for an answer.
“I will tell you why I know that: because I can see it and feel it.
Are you satisfied now?”
“No, not yet, I want to know why and what it is due to, you sense what I mean.”
“Listen then.
As I feel you inside, perceive your spiritual attunement and see your aura, I can tell you that you will be released from your material body.”
“Oh, how simple it is, and I thought I would get a long story to hear.
Still I am happy, because I have been lying thinking about it for the past few days, it kept me occupied.
Imagine, I thought, if I was not even to be released from my material body!
Can you tell me more about it?”
“I have told a lot about it in my book.”
I looked at her and wanted to know how she would now react.
Yet, she did not go into it, as a result of which I felt that she was occupied by various problems.
She was full of the great journey that she would make and said: “As long as it does not take too long, I want to go on my journey.”
She had already forgotten her first question and she roared with laughter.
Jeanne was great, very strong in her inner life.
She continued: “I will certainly not go through dark tunnels, oh no, I can already see myself in the beautiful nature!
As long as I do not need to suffer so much, then I will already be grateful.”
You are a darling, I thought, a real sweet darling.
A very great faith and a deep conviction lay within her.
I would do everything to make it as light as possible for her.
Now she suddenly asked: “Is your book not yet published?”
“No, not yet, but it will soon be.”
“Good”, she said, “wonderful, then I will read it.
It is so wonderful and peaceful here.”
Poor Jeanne, she would no longer read it.
It moved me intensely.
“Tell me a bit about your book, Jozef, will you?
Or do you not have so much time this morning?”
I had already prepared myself to be able to talk to her.
These conversations, my leader Alcar told me, give her the strength to be able to bear everything soon; they give her support in the difficult hours, which will come, and also upon her arrival in the spheres.
“Just ask me something”, I said, “what you would like to know.”
She did not need to think for long, she already asked at the same moment: “If I die, will I then soon see mother and Greetje?”
“Yes, you will see them.”
“Wonderful, how happy I will be.
I am really curious what everything there on the Other Side will be like.
Will they be waiting for me?”
All I needed now, I thought, was for her to ask if they would come and collect her.
However, I did not need to tell her much since she herself already continued to talk.
“Will you believe that I already long for it?
What do I have in this world?
I have nothing!
Except always just my sister, with whom you cannot talk about anything.
Then that peace, that awe-inspiring peace, which they write about so much.
Oh, that silence!
Did you also feel that there?
It is almost incredible, but I still feel that it will be so.
It is then you are connected eternally, eternally!
Jozef, imagine that.
You must envy me that I am passing away?”
Jeanne was a sage, how far her thoughts went.
I fell from one amazement to the other.
I myself would prefer to die.
The most beautiful thing which people on earth could give me was death.
But that strength was also in her.
Yet, she had not been in the spheres, was not a medium and did not possess that great connection which I possessed.
However, I felt why she was so sure of everything.
Her journey came nearer and nearer and the more that time approached, the more sensitive she became.
It was very natural, all people should be like that; they should surrender themselves, then death would not be a torment, but a journey to eternity.
“How mother will spoil me, Jozef.”
“What did you say?”
“Spoil”, she repeated.
“That is a word of hers, a word like many people have to express something dear.
I will live by a high mountain in the Hereafter, and then I can climb it when I want to myself.
Is that possible?”
“That is also possible.
The human being builds his own home in the spheres.
On earth, we have already started that; at least, those who want to enrich themselves spiritually.
Others live in darkness and cold and have spiritual poverty.”
“I will come and tell you about it once I am there and I am allowed to return to you.
I will pray for it, Jozef, and I know that I can reach you; that even seems easy to me.
I feel you as real as a brother and because I feel this way about you, I can easily reach you when I have passed over.
It is as if I have known you my whole life and yet it is just a few months.
You are so familiar, so open, Jozef, you give yourself completely, you are like a child and yet a great and adult person.
Oh”, she continued, “if I am allowed to tell you how I arrived there and what my life on the Other Side is like and that of mother and Greetje and many others, then I do not bear thinking about how great the happiness will be to experience this.
Yes, I will pray for it, just pray constantly, and God will hear my prayer.
I will also pray that it will not take so long, because I am starting to long very much for mother and Greetje.”
“It is so wonderful that you can talk about everything so calmly.”
“I am already grateful to God for that and I am also very happy that I have got to know you.”
Jeanne sunk into a deep meditation again and when I fathomed her, I saw and felt that she had come into spiritual contact.
“Did you also see that?” she asked unexpectedly, as if she knew that I was following her.
“Yes, I saw it.”
“What did you see, Jozef?”
“Really, was that eternity?
I saw another country, a very different country than the earth and I saw light, a great and powerful light.
Then I saw people, clothed in beautiful garments, and it was as if they were floating.
You see, I thought, they are not earthly people and I felt that they were spirits.
My God, how beautiful that is.
There is so much you can see in a few seconds.
I felt that I was there and as if I experienced it myself.
Did you also feel that?
How did that happen so suddenly?”
“At that moment you were clairvoyant!”
“Now I understand even better what you meant when you explained that about Greetje.
Now I understand it, I can feel it, deep inside me, it lies there.
My journey, my great journey!”
She calmly expressed herself word for word, but continued to look in front of her in thought.
“I am being warned, I can feel it, no, I know it.
To me they are packing their suitcases.”
Then, as if she became awake, she said: “How I am talking again, I heard myself!
What is that, Jozef?
Come on, explain that to me.”
All that time I had sat listening quietly and attentively, but meanwhile I was in connection with Alcar.
Jeanne spoke in half-trance; she had been absorbed in the spiritual life and yet was still in her earthly body.
Many mediums spoke in this way and I knew this situation.
“Now”, she said, “say something.”
“I have to think first and tune into my leader”, I said, but in reality, I no longer knew how I could keep the truth from her.
“My leader has connected you with the spheres, he showed you because you are so brave.”
She was as happy as a child and said: “That is nice, Jozef!
It was sweet of your leader, to show me a flash of that greatness.
I am very happy, just say that.
How beautiful death is then.
Would people now not have to be happy?
What else could people want?
To be able to leave this valley of tears for good, is that not a mercy?
It is incredible, and yet, I saw that it is the truth.
Many people are afraid, but I want to pass over.
Is it not wonderful for you to be able to speak to people or patients who are not afraid of death?
Who are prepared to die?
No, I am not afraid, isn’t it wonderful, death stood before my bed and smiled at me.
But death was mother and Greetje, my friend, my sister!
Who is now still afraid of death?
Not me and no one would be if they were to experience all of this.
Nevertheless, for many people, death means suffering and sorrow, the loss of their possessions, nothing but misery.
However, since I have known all of this, life has become different and fuller for me and I feel the meaning of life on earth.
Before I experienced all this, I was one of the living dead.
Spiritually I was in an unreal situation, only now am I beginning to live, now that my end is approaching.
I see it like this, I feel it like this, Jozef.”
I looked at her full of admiration and Jeanne continued her deep human conversation.
“Death in the form of Greetje is a darling.
The woman whom I knew for years and is dead stood there in front of my bed and was alive, young and beautiful.
She lived as she had perhaps never lived before.
She was awake; I clearly felt it.
As she can come back, so can I.
She will show me that way and I will learn.
I will find you, Jozef, I will come back to you!”
She looked at me while tears flowed down her cheeks.
“I am so happy, so happy that I was able to see a flash of all that great part which awaits me.
How can I thank God!”
She took both my hands and she squeezed them warmly.
“If you think deeply about your death”, she continued, “nothing remains of all this misery.
Death had become younger and more beautiful; it knew me and took away all that misery.
People think it is cruel and harsh because they do not know death.
However, I know it now and will soon know it completely, but in another beauty.
How great everything is, Jozef, but the most beautiful thing of all is that those who are dead know more than we who live.”
She will soon be there, I thought.
Another few weeks and my book would be published.
She would no longer read it, would she?
When I thought about that, she suddenly asked a question, a question that shocked me deeply, “Is it possible, Jozef, for me to read the proofs?”
“The proofs?” I repeated her question, “what makes you suddenly think of that?”
“I just thought about it.”
How sensitive she had become.
For that matter, they were the thoughts that she had taken over from me.
Jeanne continued: “I thought, if I soon pass over, I can no longer read your book.
Perhaps the printers are at that stage and I can read the proofs.
Are they not yet at that stage?”
I had to try to bury my inner feelings with all my strength.
Jeanne had become a seeing, hearing and feeling medium.
Death, passing over into the spiritual world, was the driving force for these gifts.
Dying took her upwards because she wanted that inwardly, as a result of which she felt and saw the new life.
It was remarkable, but her end was very close.
The printers were almost finished.
Another fortnight and she would be able to read the work.
“No”, I said, “they are not yet at that stage.”
“What a pity”, was all she said.
It was as if she felt her end approaching.
“Can’t you see Greetje or mother?”
“No, at the moment I cannot see anything.”
“How do they come to the earth, Jozef?
Does that happen of its own accord?”
“Through the power of thoughts”, I said.
“Therefore by wanting it, you automatically go to the point which you long for?”
“That is the case,but there are also other situations and laws which we have to learn there upon arrival.”
“Oh, I thought so”, she added, “otherwise, it seemed too simple to me.”
You are surprisingly sharp, I thought.
“But I also know that, Jozef.”
“So, do you also know that?
What do you know?”
“How they move.”
“Oh, where did you get that from?”
“I once experienced that, listen.
If I wanted to go fast, then I willed it and then it happened of its own accord.
In my dream, I floated over valleys and was aware of everything.
Is that because I love mountains so much?
I went as fast as the wind.
Is that possible?
Had I departed from my body?”
“Yes, that is possible.”
“Could it be possible?”
“Everyone departs from their body, consciously and unconsciously.”
“But I was dreaming, wasn’t I, Jozef?”
“You think that, but you were in the spheres, and conscious.
Many people are in the spheres at night.
You very often hear when they awake in the morning that they have spoken to family members who died long ago.
They are able to remember everything and tell of beauty and happiness, but they do not accept it.
Earthly life takes up their time and those spiritual powers are then lost.
Those dreams are mostly disembodiments, but you also have wish dreams.
For example, as you yourself say that you love mountains so much.
Then you can experience spiritually without being disembodied.
Then you are and you remain connected to your material body, but in spirit you make great journeys.”
“Now a very beautiful dream occurs to me, Jozef.
One night I dreamt that mother said to me that I had to go to the doctor and should not wait too long.
When I awoke in the morning, the first thing I thought about was my dream.
Yet, I did not go because I did not believe myself, because I did not feel ill.
I had a pain, but that was not worth going to the doctor about.
But imagine, a few days later I dreamt the same thing again, mother spoke as if she was still on earth and said to me: ‘Child, now go to the doctor, otherwise you will have to have an operation.’
I was deeply shocked and was immediately wide-awake.
That same day I went to the doctor.
What do you think that he said to me?
‘You came exactly on time, otherwise you would have to have an operation.’
What do you think of that?”
“Marvellous, Jeanne.”
“Was this a dream, was it mother, or was it a disembodiment?”
“It was your mother, she gave you that spiritual truth, but not through disembodiment.
She did not want to take the risk that you would forget again in the morning when you awoke.
She worked consciously on you and placed that knowledge in you, carried out a spiritual conversation with you and then let you awaken.
You wakened and knew that it was your mother, you felt fear and the spirit of your mother did all of that.
She let you experience all of this, exactly as Greetje did.
You have already experienced amazing things, Jeanne.”
“Yes, I have.
Mother warned me about even more things.
One morning I wanted to start tidying the front room when, before I opened the door, I heard a voice say: ‘Do not go in.’
I stood stock-still, because I heard from the sound of the voice that it was mother.
However, I did not see her, despite the effort I made, but you can recognize the voice of your mother from thousands.
I thought, why not?
Now I could also enter that room through a small corridor.
I did that and when I entered I saw it immediately.
A heavy painting hung above the door.
It was leaning on the door and if I had entered from the Other Side, the painting would have hit on my head.
Is that not amazing?”
“You were wonderfully protected.”
“Now I also know when those things came back to me.
It was when I started to ail.”
Very good, I thought, suffering and sorrow, illness and other symptoms make people sensitive.
“If I think about it, I have experienced a great deal.
I could therefore hear it, Jozef, because mother could reach me, otherwise I would most certainly have got the painting on my head, wouldn’t I?”
“Yes, you could be reached.
Your mother worked on you and she managed that completely.”
“You seem like a sage, the way you explain everything to me.”
“And you”, I continued, “are an inquisitive person.”
Jeanne laughed and I prepared to leave.
“Are you leaving, Jozef?
Oh, then I will have to wait two days again.”
“Yes, I have to go, there are more people who need me.”
This farewell was difficult; Jeanne also felt it.
She looked at me, but did not say anything, however, I knew what she thought, because I sensed her.
Not another word was said.
Around her lay death, which she awaited.
We both felt it.
When I came to her the next time, I immediately saw that her end was approaching.
On her face lay death, her friend, whom she would soon get to know.
She was spiritually aware of everything and she soon began to ask questions again.
“We talked about dreams recently, didn’t we?
I said, shortly before you left, that I knew when it had come back to me.
Do you remember that?”
I concluded that she lay thinking about all these things day in day out and I asked her: “What do you mean by that?”
“I want to know how that is possible.”
She was very shrewd in her questions, but my leader said not to tire her any longer and to leave soon.
She now knew enough!
“Now, are you not saying anything?”
“You are impatient, Jeanne, I have to think first.”
In truth I was in contact with my leader, however, she did not hear or see any of it.
“That you dreamt a lot is because you are ill, then people become sensitive, but only when they want to get to know the spiritual life.
The more sensitive a person is, the more he sees in the spirit when he starts to tune into the spiritual life.
When people have lost a loved one, only then does spiritualism have value; before it was nonsense.
I experience that often, very often, when people come to me.
You cannot tell enough then about life after death; they want to know all about it.
Only then, do they read spiritualist books and go into it deeper.
Then their hearts are broken and they can be reached.
Therefore the greater the struggle, illness, suffering and sorrow people receive, the more sensitive they become, however awful it is.
Do you feel what I mean?”
“Yes, I understand it.”
“When people can distance themselves from their possessions, only then do they live as God wants them to.
If they do not do that, then they feel the struggle and often go under because of it.”
“Then I can congratulate myself”, said Jeanne, “I am not attached to any possessions.”
When I came to her the next time, the doctor had discussed with her about having her admitted to a hospital.
Now she had finished talking.
How I had grown to love her!
She had become my sister.
I remained with her for a while, and we both felt the silence of the spirits.
She did not say a word, but her eyes asked for strength.
With her hand in mine, I prayed to God that she would soon be allowed to pass over.
Motionless, with a snow-white face, the traces of the approaching death on her lips, she saw into that awe-inspiring universe, from where a ray of light shone upon her.
She had already lost her liveliness; her life on earth was coming to an end.
This was a pure passing over, a spiritual surrender to Him whom people called God.
Into Your hands, I commend my spirit!
This thought occurred to me.
Was it also her thought?
Was she thinking about that?
The great problem had begun to reveal itself.
People, people of the earth, do you know that you live for eternity?
Do you feel we will one day appear before God’s holy throne?
That we will stand naked so that everyone will see what we are like, how we feel?
A child of God would now pass over; she did not need to wait long, her suitcases were already packed.
Jeanne had dozed off and I left silently.
“Farewell, little girl, farewell”, I said in thoughts, “greet my friends in the spheres, you will soon see your mother and Greetje, both in happiness and eternal beauty.”
My task was over.
A few days later, her sister came to visit me.
“Do you wish to pay her another visit, she is asking for you.”
“I would like to”, I said, “I will visit her tomorrow.”
“She has deteriorated terribly, you will no longer recognize her.”
The following day I went to her.
Jeanne was already unconscious and her eyes were broken.
I found it wonderful that I had been able to speak with her so much.
That would be a great support when she would enter life on the Other Side.
That knowledge lay within her; it was peace for spiritual life.
She already lived in the unknown, in the spirit, far removed from the earth, where Greetje and her mother lived.
Where would she be now? I thought.
She perhaps already saw and heard in the spirit.
After all, dying was something amazing if people knew where they were going.
Death lay in her eyes, they had lost their glance, the strength that used to shine from her eyes had sunk into nothing.
As in a flash, I remembered all the conversations.
How wonderful those moments were, how powerful she was and how she dared to talk of the dead!
She had not shed a tear of sorrow or fear.
Jeanne was a great being and I was pleased that I had been able to get to know her.
People could use her as an example, I would not forget her my whole life.
She would float to those heights, those unfathomable heights, which she loved so much.
Death made her body unrecognisable, but gave her an eternal garment and that eternal would become increasingly beautiful.
There she lay now, the talker!
If she heard me, she would laugh about it herself.
For her and for me there was no sadness, no suffering, sorrow or misery.
Jeanne was going to a party, she was having a wonderful journey, yet I had to wait.
How gladly I would have gone with her!
Oh, how greatly I felt the happiness of those who were able to pass over in this way.
I grasped her small hand, which she had given to me such a short time ago so warmly and full of gladness.
This hand was cold, so that she would apparently soon die.
I concentrated on her and felt how deeply she had gone to sleep.
I could no longer find her; she was far removed from me in spirit.
Her sister wept, because for her Jeanne was dying.
What a difference in spiritual possession.
They were from one mother and yet so far removed from each other.
I saw that my leader Alcar was standing next to me.
Now I can no longer talk to her, I thought.
What a pity that I had not gone earlier, but I had not been able to get free.
Other patients needed my help.
I did not blame myself because I had already said farewell to her.
I had been standing in thought like that for a few minutes, when I heard my leader say that I should concentrate on him.
I did what Alcar wanted and now heard: “I will connect you with her.”
At the same moment, I felt myself sinking away.
Where would I go?
I did not know where my leader was taking me.
I did not understand any of it.
Now I felt something remarkable.
I knew that I was holding Jeanne’s hand in mine, that I was standing next to her bed and that her sister was sitting on my right-hand side.
It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
Yet I felt that I was descending, continually descending in feeling and that I came into that world where Jeanne now was.
I approached her in spirit; this was something very unusual, I had not yet experienced such a thing.
Or was I just imagining things?
Were they not hallucinations?
However, I was still aware of everything.
I thought I felt Jeanne and it was as if I was close to her, just like before when I came to visit her.
It was something wonderful, something supernatural.
I learned to know laws which even I had never heard of.
This was something amazing.
On earth, people did not know these laws; of that, I was certain.
Now I heard Alcar saying: “Listen, my boy.
These are not hallucinations, not illusions, nor your own thoughts, but I will connect you with Jeanne, so that, understand me well, even if she is in an unconscious state, you can still talk to her.”
“Talk, you say?” I asked in amazement.
“Talk, Jozef.
This is not possible for the earthly person, but through my help, therefore through our power you will soon talk to Jeanne.
Jeanne is alive, Jeanne continues to live, and because she is alive it is possible to talk to her, even if she is far removed from her earthly consciousness.”
I could not find any words, all of that was too profound for me.
“In a flash”, I heard Alcar say, “I can now connect you, but I wanted you to experience all these transitions and the depth of her sleep.
Her spiritual body already lives in spirit, and because I live on this side and know her attunement, I can connect you with her.
I repeat, this wonder can only be achieved through spiritual influence from our side.
I also want to make it clear to you with this that in fact no unconsciousness exists.
Her unconsciousness means that she is entering the spiritual life.
The vehicle has therefore left the material body; it lives further on this side and is the spiritual body.
Jeanne is now in a situation unknown to her, but I can see where she lives and I know all these laws.
Soon she will see this attunement, when she becomes conscious in this life.”
Oh, how wonderful that is, I thought, too deep for human understanding; a human being cannot grasp this.
“But nevertheless truth and nature”, I heard Alcar say.
“All those laws lie within us, we are them ourselves; they are powers of love which the human being possesses.”
I now felt a great peace entering me.
It was the same peace of the spirit, which I had felt on the Other Side when I was with my leader in the spheres.
Yet, Jeanne was still connected to her material body.
When this cord, it was an illuminated silver cord, as I saw clearly, broke, she would die and be able to leave her material body; this was not possible before then.
Only then would she die for the earth and I now understood the whole meaning of the great problem.
Now I felt a soft longing enter me and when I concentrated on Jeanne I knew that it came from her.
Jeanne had gone to sleep with thoughts of me.
How amazing, how wonderful this event was.
For the earth, for her sisters and brothers, she was already out of reach.
Who ever knew what dying people thought of?
However, I was allowed to experience this.
Wonders in the spirit were made clear to me and I got to know them.
The distance became continually shorter and I felt that Jeanne entered me; we were connected spiritually.
I felt her; I was one in soul and spirit.
I did not know whether she also felt me.
Then a great happiness entered me.
It was like the rising sun, an awakening in spirit, the arising of a dead person, whose life began to awaken again through high spiritual powers that influenced it.
That was Alcar, my spiritual leader.
Jeanne was happy, she also felt me and then the greatest wonder of all happened which I would perhaps ever experience as a result of my gifts.
In this immense silence, I heard Alcar say: “Now watch out, Jozef, I will connect you.
You will be able to speak to her.”
Suddenly, I felt speaking within me and I heard a voice say: “Have you come, Jozef?”
It was the voice of a child and it moved me deeply.
“Yes”, I signalled to her, “it is I, Jeanne.”
It was as if Jeanne was speaking to me from behind a veil; her voice was a soft whisper, which I felt and understood.
Now I heard Alcar say: “It is the same power which worked when you spoke to your material body from a far distance.”
Now I understood it; I had already experienced it.
I felt Jeanne’s voice.
She spoke as the spirits talk to each other, it was the spiritual language, which she now already knew and used.
How amazing this great event was, I thought.
Now I felt that she entered me completely, we were one in soul, one in thoughts.
I saw her before me and the veil, which I could still see a moment ago, was removed.
I saw her in radiant beauty, because her spiritual body was already changing.
Jeanne passed into the spirit and because of her beautiful earthly life, as a result of the love which she bore and felt, the spiritual body took over that wonderful radiance.
The words, which now entered me, almost took my breath away.
Jeanne said: “Now I am going to die, I am busy, Jozef.
Now I am going on a journey, my suitcases are already packed.”
Oh my God, I thought, who would ever be able to believe that I experienced this?
I trembled, but not because she was passing over, but because I heard her say it herself and she was therefore aware of it.
There were no words for this.
“Go”, I said, not knowing what to say, “go, dear Jeanne, may God guide you on your journey.
I will never forget you; we have become brother and sister for eternity.”
Then it became even quieter and in that silence, I felt that Jeanne removed herself from me.
I did not hear or see any more from her.
However, then – it had taken a while – she came back to me and said: “Are you still there?
I felt myself falling asleep again, because I was so tired, but I wakened again.
Do you know what it is?”
The old Jeanne, I thought, how her question moved me.
I felt all of this because my leader placed it in me and I said to her: “My leader Alcar let me feel that we are connected to each other through his power.
Alcar concentrated on something else and you went back to your previous situation.”
Jeanne did not say anything in reply, but a moment later: “Jozef, I saw Greetje and mother, they are coming to collect me.”
I was so surprised at this that I could not say anything more.
Then Jeanne asked: “Why do you not say anything?”
Moved by all of this, I said trembling: “You are a miracle, Jeanne.”
“So, do you think so?
No”, I heard, “I am not that.
There, that great light, that is the wonder.”
Then Jeanne also said: “I was sleeping, Jozef.
Do you know who wakened me?”
“My leader, Jeanne.”
Alcar now let me feel that I would go back to my day-consciousness.
“We may not tire her too much, she needs her strength.”
Then I said: “Safe journey, Jeanne” and felt myself returning in a flash.
I also felt that Jeanne still wanted to speak, but I could no longer be reached.
I awoke next to her body.
Everything was as I had left it in the spirit.
Within a quarter of an hour, I had experienced an eternity.
Now I experienced another wonder.
Jeanne had still wanted to say something, but I had already disappeared.
Yet, her will to speak manifested itself in her material body.
I heard nothing but “hick, hick, hick”, but I alone knew the meaning of it.
Those hiccups, her sister told me, happened several times yesterday, it is a strange, horrible noise.
However, to me it was not horrible, it was Jeanne’s longing to still talk to me and her family members.
What a wonder, how clearly her longings manifested themselves in the already half discarded earthly body.
However, her material body refused; the spirit no longer had the vehicle of the material in its power.
How simple this problem was.
Then I experienced another wonder.
My leader was inexhaustible.
“Look at the clock”, I heard Alcar say.
I did what my leader wanted and saw that the hands were lit up and started to turn.
It was a large electric clock, which had been hung on the wall right in front of me and the hands of which pointed to a quarter to two.
I saw that with my earthly eyes, and then I started to see in a clairvoyant state.
At my question in thought, what this meant, the hands remained still.
“Jeanne will pass over at the hour which I will show you.”
My leader could not have spoken more clearly.
The hands turned again and forwards at a slow speed.
Having reached seven o’clock, they remained still and yet there was movement in them.
They now crawled forward until they had reached a quarter to eight, then everything dissolved for me.
I understood and thanked my leader from the depth of my soul for everything that I had been able to receive and experience.
God, my Father, I prayed in silence, I cannot thank You enough for all of this, but I will make it known to mankind.
This is my thanks, Father!
I looked at Jeanne again, said farewell to her and went outside.
Her sisters were already waiting for me.
“Do not weep”, I told them, “she is a spirit of light.”
I did not want to tell them that I had also spoken to her; they would not be able to deal with it.
“You see that she is going to die”, I continued, “nothing more can be done about it.
She also already knew this for a long time and I thank God that I got to know her, because she is great and is going on her journey full of happiness.
When everything is over, will you come and tell me whether everything went as I am now going to tell you?
In the first place, I advise you to stay here.
Tonight at a quarter to eight, she will pass over.
You have to know this, so warn all the others.”
They promised me and I then also said farewell to them.
I went homewards deep in thought.
Who would believe me if I was soon to make this known?
People laugh at laws which they do not know and which they will only get to know on the Other Side.
What a morning!
How great Alcar was.
Who would have thought of this?
These were psychic laws of immeasurable depth for human understanding, but how simple everything actually was.
My life was rich by being able to experience all of this; the gifts, which I had received from God, were great.
The human being had to accept, even if he could not understand these laws, because they could not be felt, for this purpose people had to pass over into the spiritual life.
Jeanne still longed for me!
That hiccupping was wonderful.
Death was horrible and yet it was love.
My book was published, but Jeanne passed over.
How true everything was.
The spirits could see everything and know about us when they wish to.
When I returned home, Alcar said to me: “This was only possible because Jeanne possessed those spiritual powers.
Those who therefore do not possess this attunement will not be able to experience all of this.
I understood it, a child could understand it when it wanted to, but the human being did not want to.
Being a medium was sacred, because by being a medium I experienced all this beauty.
A fortnight later Jeanne’s sister came to visit me.
I was very curious, but did not doubt for a moment what she would tell me.
“I have come to tell you”, she began, “that Jeanne died at a quarter to eight.”
How pure all of this was passed on, I thought.
“How is it possible that you were able to see into the future?”
“I did not see anything”, I said, “it is the spirits who see, we are just instruments.”
“But you said so.”
“That is true, but I am concerned precisely with that thing which people do not wish to accept.
I repeat, it is the spirits who see everything, those with whom Jeanne now lives.”
“We are now happy that she has passed over.
Because of her death I have started to think differently and have learned a lot during her illness.
Oh, how brave she was; how well she bore it.
The last few days she kept talking about her journey; she saw mountains and talked about her friend Greetje.
I have now started to believe that there is more than we can imagine; I have awakened.
I kept thinking of hallucinations, but I now know better.
The last few days I was continually at her deathbed.
Sometimes she said: ‘Look, there is mother again.
Look then, there is mother!
No, mother, she cannot see you, not at all, but I can!
Oh, that is too much for me, what did I do to earn all of this?
Greetje as well?’
Then I just walked away and thought that she was crazy.
But she was not going crazy.
She told me, when I was alone with her, about beautiful things.
She then called your name a lot and said: ‘You see, Jozef now sees like this all the time.
I know why I can see.
They are coming to collect me, yes, sister, they are coming to collect me, I may go on my journey; Jozef knows.’
She talked non-stop and told what was around her.
I know that she used to be able to do that as well, but now everything was so different.
She spoke like a sage, but she was also the wisest of all of us.
When mother died – I still remember it as if it was yesterday – it was as if it did not concern her.
We blamed her for it greatly.
However, then she said: ‘You will also learn that.
One day you will see, one day you will feel that there is no death.’
Then she told about spiritualism.
My eyes and my sister’s eyes were opened.
One morning she said: ‘Look what mother brought me.’
I did not see anything in particular and asked: ‘What do you mean, Jeanne?’
‘Can you not see that then?’
She talked as a child and my heart sunk when she asked me that.
I said that I did not see anything and thought: You see; now she is going mad.
Soon she said, as if she had picked up my thoughts: ‘Do you think that I am crazy?’
You can imagine how shocked I was.
‘Sit down beside me’, and she took me by my arm and pulled me near to her.
‘You must listen carefully.’
She looked at me and I will never forget that look in my life.
‘I am going to mother.’
Then I started to weep intensely.
‘Now you must not make my last hours so difficult, come on, be strong.’
She was the weakest and yet had to support me, because I felt as if I was broken.
‘Come on’, she said, ‘look at me and listen.
I am going and I am so intensely happy that I may go on my journey.
Jozef also knows and I know that I will no longer read his book.
Now I know what mother and Greetje told me.
Look’, she pointed to the table, ‘there are flowers, spiritual flowers and they are only for me because you cannot see them.
Jozef would be able to see them, but I can no longer see him.
Oh, I love him so much.
You must thank him warmly when I have died and tell him what I think of him and what he has been for me.’
When I promised her that, she also said: ‘Will you no longer be afraid and think that I am going mad?
I am not going mad, child.
I can now see again and Jozef awakened that through his power, otherwise I would not have started to see.
At least mother says that.’
Could it be, is that possible?”
“Yes”, I said, “it is possible, but the gift must be present, Jeanne was very sensitive.”
“Then I also wanted to tell you that we want to read your book, which she could no longer do and had wanted to so much.
Jeanne gave me money to buy the book.
‘To me that would have been a bible’, she said.”
It moved me deeply.
I had not received so much love before.
How great Jeanne was to still think of that.
“I will have the books in a week’s time, come back then, then I will also write something in them in memory of Jeanne.”
We were both deeply moved, I by Jeanne’s love, she because she had now knew her sister for the first time.
“I could tell you so much, but I cannot any more.
However, you knew her better than we did and I will love Jeanne even more.”
Jeanne’s sister left and I sat down and sent many loving thoughts to her.
I had gained a sister.