Jeanne comes back

A few months later, I saw Jeanne and recognized her immediately.
She had become younger and radiated with happiness.
While reading a book, I heard Alcar say: “Look, my boy, who has come!”
I concentrated in spirit and Jeanne was standing next to me.
At the same time, I was in connection with her.
“Dear Jeanne, are you here?”
Jeanne replied: “Yes, Jozef, it is me and I have already been here, but I was not allowed to disturb you.”
It was a sacred moment for me and I heard her say: “I am alive and I am happy.
Can you see me, Jozef?”
“Yes”, I said, “I can see you.”
“What do you think of me?”
“You have become younger and you look wonderful, I am happy that you have come.”
“Oh”, I heard her say, “I kept thinking about you, Jozef.
I have now come to thank you for everything.
How good you were for me, how much spiritual power you gave me.
Through you, I awakened and I entered this life consciously.
I am with mother and Greetje, Jozef.
They came to collect me.
I do not always see Greetje, she is working hard on herself, but when I want to see her it is possible.”
Jeanne laid her beautiful hands on my head, which I clearly felt, and said: “Can you feel me?”
“Yes, I can feel you, Jeanne.”
“It is wonderful to come back to the earth and to be seen and felt.
Now I am in the life, Jozef, which we talked so much about.”
It was still for a moment and I felt what she was thinking about.
She thought of the time that had passed.
Then she said: “I did not read your book and yet I was the first who ordered it.”
Amazing, I thought and asked: “Do you still remember that?”
“Yes, I know; nothing becomes lost.
Everything, which you told me about this life, is the sacred truth, Jozef.
Does it not make you happy?
It is incredible how natural this life is.
You know so much about our life.
If only people could accept it, because it is a great treasure to enter here with that inner truth.
You are far ahead of the others who know nothing about it.
That entering is the most amazing thing of all.
You feel that as if you still live on earth, it is so natural.
Those who know nothing about an eternal life after death have to also be convinced of it first, and you feel that the finer nuances of the process of dying are lost, because it is wonderful when you can experience it consciously.
We talked a lot about that life and how grateful I am to you that you had the patience to listen to me.
I will never forget that you spent time on me.
God knows that I am grateful, because you cannot prove that with words.”
“Is everything as I told you, Jeanne?”
“Everything, Jozef, but it is greater, you will not be able to describe it.
But the most amazing thing is how you know and feel everything, Jozef.”
“Who brought you here, or did you come under your own strength, Jeanne?”
Nevertheless, I can find the way alone.
It happens as we have spoken about it.
You spoke of laws, which I still know all about.
Now, I have got to know those laws.
If you do not possess those powers, you first have to learn them, otherwise it is dark on earth for us and you cannot see the people.
You can only reach those with whom you were connected in love.
You will feel what I mean.
Can you see mother?
She is here.”
I tuned in spiritually and saw a beautiful scene, mother and child together.
They were connected for eternity.
“Yes, Jeanne”, I said, “I can see her.”
“Mother is a darling”, she continued, “she helped me.”
Then, after a short pause: “The way to the earth lies in me, Jozef.
We see through all material and now I know in which way Greetje showed herself to me.
How simple everything is, but how deep and incredible when you live in the material body.
Oh, if only I could have imagined this, then I would already have been able to speak to mother and Greetje a lot on earth.
But you must feel it; only then do you pass into this life.
I can see from your aura that you have been here a lot, Jozef.
That knowledge lies around you and is visible to every spirit who possesses love.
It is all so amazing.
Here you are able to do everything, Jozef, if you are something yourself.
Therefore, inside you have to possess these powers.
It is nothing else but the power of love and the ability to feel love for everything that lives.
What a beautiful task you have!
Do you know that I may come back later in order to tell you even more about this life, Jozef?
The master next to me says so.
What a great happiness that is!
Don’t you think it is marvellous?”
“It is incredible, Jeanne.”
“Yet it is the case, you will hear about it.
Now I cannot stay long, because I am going with mother to my sisters and brothers.
Isn’t that wonderful?
She knows how they can be found, and I am also learning it, but mother says that I cannot reach them.
They will not be able to see or feel us.
Isn’t that terrible?”
“Can you see me clearly, Jeanne?”
“Very clearly, Jozef, like on earth, but very different.
You are sitting in a light; I can see you in a haze and that haze is your aura and I can see different colours in it.
It is amazing and everyone has that, a light or dark haze.
I can see that you are looking at me, Jozef; and I can look into your eyes as on earth.
How wonderful it is.
You speak, feel, hear and see me and yet I am invisible to those who do not possess these gifts.
I feel exactly as when I lived on earth and have not changed in any way.
I have already experienced many wonders; one is even more beautiful than the other.
Everything is impressive!
Can you feel me, Jozef?
I am squeezing both your hands.”
I felt her and a wonderful feeling flowed through me.
“Now I have to go”, I heard her say, “but I can almost not leave you.
I am talking again, Jozef.
Oh, how happy I am.
You can imagine our happiness, because you know this life.
Mother sends her regards.”
“Give her my best wishes as well, Jeanne.”
“She can hear it and is very grateful.
She has received those thoughts sent out, as I did in the last few days before I passed over.
I am leaving now, Jozef, but I will return.”
Jeanne and her mother dissolved for me, the connection was broken.
I could no longer read and put down the book.
How amazing everything was.
Death was not death, but it is life.
Jeanne’s prayer to be able to return had been answered; she was alive.
After she had left, Alcar said to me: “When she comes back later, she will tell of her life on this side and others will also come, which you will record in a book.
Now wait patiently, she is a spirit of love and she is happy.”
Jeanne passed over almost four years ago.
When I had started the first chapter of this book, I saw Jeanne.
She would tell of her life and fill the second chapter.
When that of priest X was finished, I was connected to Jeanne.
Jeanne’s words flowed into me; we were one in soul, one in spirit.
“I am back here again, Jozef”, she started to tell.
“You did a lot in that time, I can see it.
What I will tell is not much, but it is worth telling mankind.
Now I can see your leader, about whom you told me so much.”
I saw that Alcar had connected with her.
It was a beautiful moment for me.
Then Jeanne said: “You may first ask me a few questions, Jozef.”
I smiled and Jeanne felt what went on inside me.
I heard her say: “Yes, Jozef, now the tables are turned, I now know a lot about this life.”
I asked her: “How do you know so accurately what I am thinking about?”
“I picked up your thoughts; that is very simple, because, after all, I am one with you.”
“Is it difficult to concentrate on yourself, Jeanne?”
“No, I can easily reach you.”
After a short moment she said: “Can you feel the silence, Jozef ?
That wonderful peace, which we talked about?
Oh, it is so peaceful here, but you must bear and possess that inside.
It is the power of love.”
“Have you seen mountains and valleys, Jeanne?”
“Yes, Jozef, I will tell you about it.
I received from God what I longed for.”
I asked her whether she knew everything that had happened to her, to which she replied:
“The last few days before I passed over, I experienced amazing things.
When I was lying there like that and heard my sister weeping, I wanted to speak to her, but I had no power any more over my material body and vocal cords.
That was a terrible moment for me.
I felt so powerless, because I was already living outside my material body and was on the border between two worlds, between the earthly and spiritual life.
That weeping of my sister made me sad.
Oh, let people control themselves at a deathbed, because it is so difficult for those who pass over.
Many people can feel that and it is therefore a horror.
You would want to help those who remain behind, but you cannot.
Yet you feel them in our presence, they pull you back, but going back is no longer possible.
Can you feel the meaning of all of this, Jozef?
It is an awe-inspiring battle, a disquiet, which is not necessary, after all.
If only people knew what dying meant.
For it is entering eternal life, where there is light and happiness, where family members await you.
If only people could bridge this gulf, but I can see an unfathomable depth, which, yet, cannot be gauged.
People will only reach that stage through spiritualism.
That is the bridge and the connection with our world.
When I felt that I could no longer reach my sister and sadness overcame me, I suddenly saw mother and Greetje, which made me so happy, that made my sadness disappear.
How gladly I would have told my sister that they were alive and everything is true, but she would not be able to believe it, would she?
Greetje and mother spoke to me; I understood each word and they told me that I would soon be with them.
That put me at ease and I waited patiently.
Then I fell asleep.
I do not know how long I slept.
Then I felt a powerful influence, a very strong current, as a result of which I became aware.
You know from whom those powers were and that I felt you entering me.
I cannot describe that great event; people can only feel this.
Yet, it is the same state as the one in which we now find ourselves, because we are now also one.
What you experienced at my deathbed, Jozef, was a sacred event.
Now I know why that had to happen.
It is in order to convince mankind.
You cannot imagine how beautiful it is to be in connection from this side with people.
Wait a moment, Jozef, I have to concentrate and the master says that I may not go astray.
At the moment, when you approached, the connection had already been achieved.
I felt aware and felt myself becoming lighter.
It was a very remarkable feeling.
I thought like every other person and yet I knew that I would die on earth.
You see how I was aware of everything, because nothing has changed, has it?
Because of this, I knew that my spiritual body would soon leave her material vehicle.
I cannot describe my feelings, which I felt at that moment, when I really saw that there is no death.
I felt a great happiness enter me and how grateful I was for everything.
My whole life passed before me.
Then, I saw that a silver thread held me to my material body and that that thread would first have to break; only then would I be dead on earth.
Then I saw a great white light, and with that light, I saw you.
Yet, it still took some time before you were with me.
I felt you coming closer and closer to me, but I was not afraid, because I felt that mother and Greetje were with me.
You were not able to see them, because you were connected to me.
When you had come close, I called to you, I felt you entering me and I passed into you in feeling.
Oh, how happy I was when I felt you.
We spoke together and it will be a wonder for people, but it was also a wonder to me.
You wished me a safe journey, I heard you and saw you.
Then you had to leave; I wanted to say something else, but you were already gone and I felt myself sinking away.
Shortly before I was to die, I heard mother say: ‘Jeantje, you will soon be with us, Greetje is also here, so keep calm.’
Then I knew of nothing more and I died unconsciously.
A short time therefore lay between my sleeping and passing over in which I was not conscious, but mother told me everything later, because I wanted to know.
After the fluid cord was broken, I was brought to my own attunement in the spheres.
I was released, released from my earthly body and I awakened in life after death.
Dying will take place as people feel inwardly.
For one person passing over is more beautiful than for another.
One person goes to the light and the other to the darkness.
Those who know nothing, have the most difficult time, but everyone, when they enter here, do not understand the wonder that they are alive, after all.
They handle and feel themselves and think that they are faced with a mystery.
Everything appears incredible; they cannot accept it.
If it is already so difficult here, how will it be on earth?
But here they are freed from all earthly cares and live in happiness and love.”
At that moment, a patient came to me, whom I had to treat.
When I had sat down at the typewriter again, I heard Jeanne say: “You have to help a person, don’t you?
Yes, I saw it and in this way, you helped me.
Your aura mixes with theirs and your power makes the body work well again.
How simple that really is.
On earth, you cannot see that, it is too thin, that is only possible in the spirit, or you have to be clairvoyant in the highest grade, which you already told me about on earth.
From this side you can see everything in the material, at least if you possess light, otherwise you stand in the darkness and how can you see light if darkness reigns?
My first impressions in the spirit were wonderful.
I lie on a high hill and saw into a deep valley.
Small paths ran around this hill, in order to be able to go up.
A great happiness went through me.
I lay there alone; I did not see anyone; only in the distance, people were walking in the beautiful nature.
It was a beautiful sight.
Then I started to think.
How did I come to be on this high hill, have I already died or am I dreaming?
No, I was not dreaming, I had died, I knew it very certainly, because I felt different on earth.
I sang with joy and called: ‘Jozef, I have been released, I have awakened!’
These were my first thoughts and I immediately thought of our conversation.
But where were mother and Greetje?
I found that strange, where were the people whom I loved so deeply?
Suddenly I thought I saw a form through the green and the flowers that were around me.
It was still far away from me, but it was walking in my direction.
Then I thought to myself again.
How can it be, I am on a hill, which I love so much, who could have thought that.
I did not doubt it for a moment that I had not died, because I felt it, I saw and heard it from the nature.
Here around me it was too quiet for the earth.
On earth, people did not know that silence.
Here everything sung a beautiful and wonderful song and it made me happy.
Thank God, I thought, I am in the silence.
Oh, Jozef, how grateful I was to you.
Then I felt the need to thank God for everything.
Again, I saw that apparition, yet it disappeared before my eyes.
Did I know her?
She wore a beautiful garment, and I saw different colours.
There was something in that apparition which seemed familiar to me.
I knew that shape, but where had I seen her before?
Could it have been on earth?
Here I had not met any other beings.
I saw her again and then there was no more doubt possible.
I called very loudly: ‘Mother, mother, is it you?’
Immediately after that, I lay in her arms!
I will not describe those first moments to you; I could not do it.
Meeting again in life after death is too great a happiness.
When you know that you have died on earth and yet live eternally, surrounded by flowers, birds and family members, everything is so sacred and overwhelming that there are no words to describe it.
Then the second surprise came: Greetje, dressed in a beautiful garment, stood before me in order to embrace me.
My dear friend, my sister, she was alive, had become younger and beautiful.
You see, everything happens prepared, because I had to awaken in silence.
Then, when they had told me a lot, I fell asleep again, because it had overwhelmed me.
However, it did not take long before I awakened again in an indescribable happiness.
I would stay there, always and for eternity.
I had slept for six days according to earthly time.
That was not long, because many people take months.
After my awakening, I was aware of everything and asked mother thousands of questions, which were all answered.
Mother is now an even greater sage than on earth.
‘Little sage’, she said to me, ‘are you starting to ask questions again?’
That moved me deeply, because it reminded me of my childhood years on earth.
We wept together from happiness.
Who would not weep after receiving so much love and truth?
Everyone who enters here and is connected with their loved ones is deeply moved.
You must see them, there is nothing more beautiful imaginable.
I had arrived in a sphere, which bordered on my own attunement.
It is a purifying sphere, a place where people prepare themselves.
We walked in the nature and my earthly life passed by me again.
Oh, if only people could just accept this, I thought.
I am alive and everyone is alive, but on earth, people think that we are dead.
How great this wonder is.
Around us were flowers, trees and birds of an exalted beauty.
Everything that nature on earth can produce can be found in our life, but I tell you, everything is more beautiful than on earth.
I saw many buildings and temples.
In the building where I awakened, thousands of people arrive from the earth and they will all go further in order to enter their own sphere of existence.
One person is here longer than another is, because everything happens according to your inner attunement, how you feel and what you possess in love.
Here they know how to appreciate a person and carry them.
Here the human being is a child of God.
You know what this means.
People know us better than on earth, because here you cannot hide anything; they see into your life, you even see into their lives, and you pass into each other.
Here your good deeds are rewarded, people understand and feel how you mean it; here you are open up as far as the depth of your soul.
The human being is like that, even nature; everything is like that.
Houses and buildings are not closed, that would be earthly and here people do not know earthly conditions.
We are pleased that we no longer have anything to do with the earth and have completed the cycle on earth.
How I longed to pass over and I am not sorry about it, and I am happy that I did not need to grow old.
To be able to die young is in itself a great mercy.
Together with mother, I went back to the earth, because I would meet you.
I floated towards the earth.
People cannot imagine that, but one day they will also experience it.
You know that we spoke to each other and that I came back to the spheres.
I stayed there for a month, and then I went to my own attunement in the spirit, that is the second sphere, where Greetje and mother also are.
Mother came to the same place as I; therefore, we could also understand each other so well on earth.
People, who feel one on earth, will see each other again on this side.
Their attunement keeps them connected.
Those who possess another attunement live in different spheres and do not see each other.
On earth, they did not want to connect and here they cannot, even if they wanted it so much.
Then it is too late and no longer possible, their paths separate until one wants to tune to the other and wants to receive in love.
They therefore have to first discard their earthly life.
Those who possess the spiritual connection and bear that love are the happy ones on this side.
The beautiful connection, which I possessed with mother and Greetje, ensured that I would soon see her again in this life.
I already told you that we walked a lot.
We also walked in the nature in my new surroundings and I started conversations with other beings, which are my sisters and brothers.
In this way, I got to know my own sphere and felt the possession entering me.
When we had finished talking, I started to think about working, because that had to come one day.
Otherwise, you stand still in your development.
I withdrew for a while in order to come to myself and to think about what I would do.
I felt and saw the many faults which I still had and in this way I came to myself, and I got to know myself as I had never known myself before.
As a result of the silence and peace, which was around me, I came to be in this exalted mood.
I wanted to go higher, but I felt that this was not so simple.
You have to experience the life and with only walking around you do not come any further, so that I wanted to gain skills in something.
In that spiritual peace, I learned to understand how Our Lord meant it.
Learned or not learned, here people follow just one path, which all of us have to walk.
We do not know learning here.
Anyone who possesses much love and feels is wise, because he sees, and seeing is knowing and means spiritual wisdom.
Because of the beauty of the spheres, meditation and exalted music I reached that stage and I decided to give myself for others.
Working for others means doing something for yourself.
Our life is like that; as a result of this, you make progress.
Now I will tell you what I did. When I had come to myself, I asked mother what I should do.
She advised me to first follow a school.
‘At that school’, she said, ‘you will be told about this life and all transitions in the spirit and space.
You will get to know the attunement of the soul there and then the pupils will go on a journey with skilled guides, in order to see the truth of everything which they have learned.’
I therefore wanted to do that.
Deep, very deep inside me I felt that power, because you cannot do anything here upon the advice of others if you do not feel it yourself.
You have to lay down all the love that is in you.
It is knowing for certain, here there is no doubt.
Doubt is going under, is being the living dead.
Yet I was alive, I knew and felt what I wanted to do.
I therefore followed that school, Jozef, and after a few months I did a small, but deep exam.
On earth, people will not learn anything special in that short time, not really on this side either, but they were theoretical lessons and the guides would show and explain the practice of what we had learned.
We bore those powers inwardly, but we had to convince ourselves of the truth.
Do you feel what I mean?
With hundreds of people at the same time, we went on a journey, all divided into groups.
I had said farewell to mother and Greetje, because it would be a long journey.
I was able to experience my first journey in life after death, about which you told me so much on earth, Jozef.
Mother and all the other spirits also followed that path.
‘Go’, said mother, ‘because when you come back, you can start your beloved work.’
First, we learned all the transitions and spheres which lie under our own sphere.
We visited unknown countries where people lived who were not as happy as we were, and we got to know sad circumstances.
In this way, we went from sphere to sphere and we understood everything.
That is your possession, which we talked about a moment ago.
You can feel it, you carry it, and you only have to see.
There is nothing but life, Jozef, in the universe.
Every spirit who has seen it, will tell you that.
If the people of the earth could see what lives around them, they would become afraid and would do no more wrong and especially not speak wrongly of those who have passed over.
We had been to the edge of the darkness, but we did not descend into the hell.
We learned how we had to concentrate in space, learned to float and got to know various other spiritual powers and master them.
I saw the sun, moon and stars from this side, which was an unforgettable sight.
Those who do not bear any inner light see into an awe-inspiring darkness and of course do not see any of all of this.
I saw people of the earth coming and going, those who carry out work there, either collecting dying people or protecting their family members.
There is work for every spirit and everything serves in order to help the human being on earth.
Millions of spirits work in the sphere of the earth.
The earth seen from here is terrible.
That is because of the evil which lives on that planet and which you cannot form an idea of.
You first have to see and experience that, but it is extremely sad.
The guides followed a set plan and taught us what was necessary.
We had to conquer our spiritual path step by step, master it, which means: progressing step by step, like the eternal development is.
In the sphere of the earth, we saw nothing but sadness.
They have already been wandering for thousands of years and it will still be a long time before they are on the right path.
There we also learned to know the aim of the earthly existence.
We stayed there for some time; however, then our guides went back with us to the spheres of light in order to experience the Christmas celebrations.
It was precisely about that time, but it is celebrated earlier here than on earth and then so very differently.
Here people do not eat and drink.
Here it is a feast of meditation.
Christmas in the spheres is in order to get to know the life of God’s perfect Child.
Thousands and thousands of spirits take part in this holy feast, from high to low, they come together from different spheres.
Christ was born and died on earth.
I know now how everything was, but it is different than people, young and old, are taught on earth.
I cannot speak of it, even a higher spirit does not and they do not do it because all of them feel a great respect for this sacred event.
Everyone is under the impression of that great and sacred thing with which we are connected.
The Christmas tree as people on earth know it, is a pillar of light in our sphere and depicts Christ’s holy suffering, life and death.
You get an image of Christ’s holy life, you feel the religion of the great event here on earth, as pure as crystal.
Our Christmas celebrations are therefore a feast of prayer and meditation; you come to yourself.
God’s sacred Child enters us, everyone who takes part in the feast, feels it.
I saw garments, which glittered and many beings radiated light, as I had never seen before.
They were high spirits and leaders from other spheres.
I cannot describe the music that I heard there.
It is really amazing and you had also told me about it.
Everything is truth, Jozef; everything is love.
Love means happiness and light in the spirit.
Everyone knelt down when the feast was over in order to thank God for everything.
In silence, we went back to our own sphere.
Mother and Greetje awaited me there.
I had been on a journey for almost a full year.
They had also experienced all of this.
Our guides left again with many others.
I remained with mother for a long time and then I got a longing to be alone.
I withdrew and thought about everything that I had experienced, which took a good while.
When I wanted to see mother, I called her in my thoughts and she came to me when it was possible.
Now I mastered all those powers for the first time and it penetrated to deep within my soul.
I meditated for a long time and felt that I was being absorbed into other situations, now known to me.
I had become conscious and knew what I wanted to do.
Now I could give myself to others and I decided to be a mother for children who have died young on earth.
This was also mother’s path and I wanted to follow her.
Greetje did other work, but she is working hard on herself, even if she had a more difficult time than I had when passing over.
Her death was a terrible event, a ripping apart of the material and spiritual body.
Finally the time came and three children were appointed to me.
Two older ones, they were both young boys, soon passed into other hands and in this way, I could give myself completely to a sweet little girl of seven years old.
The child of seven to fourteen years old arrives from the earth in the first or second sphere.
Her father still lived on earth, however, her mother on this side, was in a different situation.
We walked in the nature and I taught her what I should have learned myself.
I told her about this life, visited the earth with her and showed her how she had been born and died there.
A child also learns all spiritual laws, but they have to have reached a certain age.
Young and old, all have to learn.
The children feel and know struggle because their feeling is earthly and they also have to adjust to this life.
They have not committed great sins and yet they will have to be purified, since they have had connection with the earth.
However, their development also takes place faster than on earth.
Freed from all those earthly tortures, they can concentrate on themselves and they also learn this completely; it is wonderful to see.
This work is really nice; I do it with love and try to lead her in the spirit.
My foster child knows that her father still lives on earth and that, when it is time, she will be connected with her mother.
Here mother and child are together when they possess one attunement.
However, mothers and fathers also live in the dark areas and will not come up for the present.
Many years go by, the child lives on, but one day the time will come that mother and child will be connected.
I have seen heart-rending scenes.
Children who asked after their father and mother, and when people know that mother and father have lived a terrible life on earth, then I do not need to tell you how sad all of this is.
However, I also saw other situations, happy, very happy ones.
I will describe such a happy case in which the mother was connected to her child.
My little girl was at that stage and so was the mother, so that they could be connected with each other.
The time for it was decided and we would go to look for her mother with a guide.
The mother had died shortly after the child had left the earth.
She did not come into the same sphere as her child, but lived under those of her little darling.
Yet, a mother who knows how she will be able to reach her child does everything and will soon come that far.
However, when she lives in the darkness, hundreds of years often pass before they are that far.
This mother had reached the first sphere and the child lived in the second.
She was brought to a state of connection and we descended to her, therefore we went towards each other.
That seeing each other again is a great happiness for the mother and the child.
Those who are mothers can approach this feeling the closest.
They feel that great power and know the sacredness of this connection.
Mother love is the most powerful love, which we know here, until this love will also pass into sphere love, the universal love and when this happens, the mother feels for her child and the father for his son, the sisterly and brotherly love.
This seeing each other again was wonderful.
At a far distance I saw the mother approaching, a sister in the spirit accompanied her.
They still did not see each other, but we came closer and closer.
Suddenly, the child saw the mother, she dashed over to her and the lovely little girl lay in mother’s arms.
I experienced a reunion in life after death and I thought about my own entry and already felt this great and sacred happiness.
We continued to walk in nature and when the time of departure had come, we joined them and asked the mother many questions.
How she thanked me that I had taken such good care of her child, she would make up for everything again later.
She will then follow my path and give her love, her pure mother love, to other little ones.
In this way, people learn and one person gives himself to another and that is serving love.
In this way, we progress step by step and will reach the Summerland, which is in the fourth sphere.
There we will feel a higher love and there we will be freed from all earthly thoughts, in order to pass into the spiritual life for the first time.
You already described what it is like there, so that I do not need to speak about it.
We returned to our sphere, then, after a long time, while my sweet child had passed into her mother’s hands, I started to become competent in other situations.
I made a new journey and namely together with mother and Greetje.
In this way I will keep on going, giving myself for others.
Furthermore, I hope to receive a task here on earth to protect others.
However, that will still last a long time, because I still have to master a great deal.
Yet, I am on a path, which climbs upwards to places still unknown to me.
When I will have returned to the spheres, I will receive other work.
Mother is still with me and will continue to remain with me.
Now I have almost reached the end of my short story.
Everyone will be very happy when we convince a few people of our life.
Dear Jozef, I would like to tell you a lot, but I have to stop.
I am only describing flashed, trivial things; I could already fill a large book about my life, but others are waiting.
I can see a brother standing next to me who wants to speak to you and I will therefore stop.
He will emphasize everything with his own life and he has more to tell than I have.
His life is different, because every life is in a different attunement and everyone had other earthly qualities to discard.”
It stopped for a moment and I was connected with another intelligence.
Then Jeanne continued: “I was able to experience a lot in the few years that I have lived on this side.
What is life then like, Jozef, for those who have reached the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh sphere?
What do I know about eternity?
Oh, it is still so little, and yet, I said just a moment ago, I could carry on talking.
However, all these millions of beings who live in the higher spheres, those shining forms, they want to help mankind, because everything, which you will and can receive, happens through their powers and guidance.
I will pray a lot for you and I hope that God may give you the strength to give a great deal to the people.
I repeat, Jozef, they are only flashes.
Now I will say farewell to you, but when it is possible for me, I will come back to you from time to time.
Work; work in the spirit.
You do our work and there are many whom you can help.
I wish you luck and much light.
Farewell, Jozef.
I thank the master for his great help.
Your Jeanne.”
Jeanne had gone.
She is alive and will remain alive.
One day we will be with her and remain with her for eternity, with those who have gone before us.
Jeanne went back to her mother and Greetje, and I had received wisdom in the spirit again from a human being whom I had known on earth.
Anyone who ‘feels’ eternal life
Feels safe.