Valley of Sorrows -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘Valley of Sorrows’.
Based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Theses sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘Valley of Sorrows’.


The inhabitant of the lowest dark sphere has a pre-animal-like life of feeling, because an animal on earth feels more natural than this dark spirit, which has consciously murdered thousands of people during his earthly lives:
An animal does not do that.
Yes, an animal eats.
But the human being murders consciously.
An animal does it only because the animal must eat in the jungle.
But not the human being.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
In order to make it clear to André (Jozef Rulof) what a pre-animal-like life of feeling is, during an out-of-body experience his spiritual leader Alcar shows him an inhabitant of the Valley of Sorrows:
Look, a human being lying there in front of you.’
André looked at the spot that Alcar was pointing at.
He only saw a grey mass that merged with its surroundings.
‘Come, we’ll sit down here.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
André has first seen all the dark spheres that lie above the Valley of Sorrows before Alcar could descend with him to this deep darkness and could let him feel slightly in what state these inhabitants find themselves.
In order to sense that state but still remain himself, André must concentrate intensely:
André felt a stillness growing within.
There was something here which he couldn’t describe in words.
It deprived him of the courage to pursue all this misery any further.
He lacked the strength to continue.
He felt dizzy, he was sad, utterly sad about everything he had been allowed to see.
Alcar looked at him and said: ‘Are you unable to go on, my son?
Shall we go back?
If it’s too much for you we will return to earth.
You know I always help you, don’t you?’
‘What is it, Alcar, that came over me?’
‘It’s only the influence from this sphere which my son senses.
Exert all your strength, André, you won’t be returning here soon.
Try to ask God for strength, you must want it, otherwise my powers will not be able to reach you, and then I can’t help you.
You will have to wait a long time, because your spiritual powers will have to be developed first.
If you can endure all this, it will mean wisdom in the spirit to you.
I will support you, my boy.
Know that you will have to convince many people on earth.’
André silently prayed to the Father for strength; after a while he felt refreshed, and with fresh courage he put himself out to follow his beloved leader.
‘Do you feel a little better, my son?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I received fresh strength to be able to follow you.’
‘You’re the only one, because many who were taken along had to return.
But I already told you that you’re unable to bear the sorrow of lots of people.
Connection means intuitive feeling, but feeling life doesn’t mean one has to perish.
It proves that your concentration is only at half its strength.
But you will learn all about this yet.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
André wants to know what a human being on earth has done in order to lower himself to such a darkness:
After all, this was so very much beyond his understanding.
He saw nothing but sorrow, sorrow and grief.
How could a person ever commit so much evil.
It would send him mad if he didn’t get an answer to this.
Now he knew why it had taken hold of him.
His mind reeled.
Could a person wreck himself to that extent?
These were the problems he was faced with.
What kind of evil could a person ever perform on earth to have found attunement to this condition?
Was a murder not the worst thing which people on earth could do to a human being?
Were people punished so terribly for that?
Was this the attunement to the deed?
Sad it was.
He was hardly able to think.
Where hadn’t he been already?
Now he stood before a human being who lay there, smitten like a heap of dirt, unaware of his own life.
Where was the end here?
He looked at his leader, who regarded him full of love and said:
‘Be strong, André.
You’re up in arms.
Soon it will all become clear to you.
God knows all his children, no child of God is ever punished.’
‘What’s that you said?
No child of God is ever punished?’
‘Does that sound so incredible?
Man punishes himself, he wants it that way.
Is everything clear to you?
I will try to link up and tell you what I perceive.
Maybe that will make everything clear to you.
Listen carefully.’
Alcar concentrated and André felt terribly anxious.
What would his leader see?
Oh, how curious he was.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Alcar sees an earthly life full of hatred and thirst for power:
‘The one lying there before us, I see him on earth as a small child.
He is young and handsome, surrounded by lots of riches.
I’m in the Orient.
In a beautiful country place, that’s where he lives.
Many others are around him.
They’re dressed in beautiful garments.
Now I see another person; it’s his father.
Decorated with the colours of his country he sets off for battle.
He holds his child in his arms.
It takes a while before he can leave.
He doesn’t return.
Now I see him, young and handsome, dressed in a beautiful garment.
Again a different image.
He’s on horseback now and he too sets off for battle.
He is an Arab.
Many accompany him to war.
He too will perish.
I see him back on the battlefield.
Various images, all presenting the same condition in which he commits one murder after the other and destroys others.
He emerges victorious.
His terrible hatred drives him into this condition.
Murder after murder occurs.
It’s still not enough.
I see him killing hundreds in a despicable manner.
Hate and dominate, that’s his life.
Now I see a camp.
The image is blurred now.
This being, André, cannot be roused.
It will take hundreds of years before he awakens.’
‘Do you see anything more, Alcar?’
‘I will try to link up.
Again I see a camp.
And I see him too.
From a distance he looks on how his warriors murder the unfortunate ones who live in that camp.
It is all his will.
All is quiet now.
They’re setting fire to the camp.
Hundreds are burnt like living torches, not one can escape.
These are the wounded.
Their end is terrible.
He doesn’t only murder, but many of the wounded are slaughtered on his orders.
He’s a beast, André.
This human being has passed beyond the animal-like attunement.
Have no pity on him, but feel love.
I only saw images.
What will his entire life on earth have been like?
Here he lies and isn’t aware what he accomplished within a short earthly life.
Isn’t it horrible?
He was a hero, a master of evil.
But just think how many there are who destroy humanity in silence, who plunge mankind into doom and destruction inside their quiet rooms.
I see some more beings over there.’
‘Do you see anything about them too?’
‘I’ll try, my boy.’
André saw how his leader concentrated anew.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Not only warlords lie down here, but also academics who served evil:
‘This being is a man too, a scholar on earth.
I see a small village, surrounded by mountains, hidden from the view of the world.
It’s lonely, as if it were dreaming.
It’s misty.
Now I’m entering a laboratory.
I see him there again, accompanied by a second person.
I hear a terrible bang, everything is flying apart.
The little village has disappeared from the face of the earth, along with hundreds of people, including children and old people.
They were inventors.
They had accomplished a great deal.
Masters of evil, my son.
They were destroyed by evil.
His talent was abused to finish off mankind.
No, that’s not why God gave man those powers.
They must serve to support man.
But how is everything abused!’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Another inhabitant was a mistress in evil:
‘There’s another being lying over there, Alcar.’
André saw how his leader concentrated again.
It was quiet.
What would Alcar see now?
Poor people, who ruined their Divine gift.
How great it was to receive something so beautiful, and how few understood such a gift.
Alcar spoke to him: ‘A woman, André?’
He shivered.
A woman?
Could a woman forget herself to that extent?
God gave a woman the most beautiful and sacred gift which a human being could receive on earth.
Could this be true?
Surely it wasn’t possible for a mother to be capable of so much evil?
‘Listen, my son.
She once lived in a palace, crowned and honoured.
I see her consort too, but he lives in a different condition.
They arrived on this side a long time ago.
Her life on earth was a life intent on destroying people.
Everything around her is death and destruction.
Thrown into dungeons, as a prey for wild animals, just to satisfy herself.
Hundreds obeyed her and complied with her fancies.
She had people tortured to death to get her fill from their torments.
The sight of blood flowing made her experience her animal-like life.
She had turned into an animal.
Her passions were mightier than the ocean storms.
Her human intellect covered up her passions.
Her sensual life, her delight in destruction brought her into this condition.
A mistress of evil.
She passed on too, just as the many she had ordered to be killed.
The image I see is horrible.
Her crocodiles were fed by sacrificing hundreds of lives.
This is heartrending, André.
She killed a lot of women who equalled her in her beauty.
Her power made man serve as food for the animals.
Could anyone surpass the things she contrived?
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The state of feeling of these inhabitants is lower than that of predators:
Look at the earth, these terrible beings are still at large.
Later, on our other journeys, I will show you all these things.
Even now a single human being destroys thousands of others.
Haven’t they fallen deeper than animals?
An animal satisfies itself and then goes its way, man possesses a thinking capacity and goes on destroying.
A human being never gets his fill.’
André now understood the extent to which man could forget himself.
Everywhere he looked he saw human beings who had brought nothing but sorrow and grief onto others.
This truly was a valley of sorrows.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
They have descended to the pre-animal-like grade of feeling:
The soul life in this hell lies down there and is unconscious of all the other life of God, since this human being has exceeded all the existing laws.
Those people have attunement to the pre-animal-like grade of life.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
There are no people living here who had few possessions on earth:
‘You said, Alcar, that those who were poor on earth do not dwell here.
Why is that?’
‘Didn’t I tell you that they don’t possess those forces and powers on earth?
Their poverty on earth is their fortune on this side.
So they aren’t able to fall that deeply.
They may forget themselves spiritually, commit a murder, and some of them are even here, and yet it’s impossible for them, even if they wanted to, to send thousands to war.
They aren’t scholars, genii or rulers of the earth.’
‘What would they do, Alcar, if they did possess that power?’
‘They would act according to their feeling.
Yet there are many poor persons who would exclaim, my spiritual feeling gives me more wealth than those who abound in property.
These beings exist on earth and we know them.
And all those conditions make up the cycle of the soul, because man has attunement to the cosmos, which I’ll tell you about later when we have reached the higher areas.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936

Hitler and peers

Master Zelanus explains how during the great wars the human being with pre-animal-like feelings lives it up on earth:
The astral being with the millions of others who represent this world with him, lived it up.
No evil can be imagined, or committed.
They tortured the life of God and destroyed it and did this consciously!
They are the hyenas of mankind, they live here together and are closed off to higher worlds.
This is their own world, their sphere and their spiritual attunement.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
In the Valley of Sorrows, they experience their pre-animal-like grade of feeling:
They overcame thousands of people on Earth, tortured and tormented these lives until death occurred, but received this world after their earthly death, this stinking pool of misery, in which they belong since they attuned themselves to it.
They brought suffering and sorrow, hell and devil upon the masses, but created a darkness for themselves as a result of this, a cave in this world, as you probably do not know on Earth.
They would experience their own life here!
It was not possible to escape this, their sphere held them imprisoned!
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
During World War II, they could live it up on earth:
People with this dreadful attunement also now live on Earth.
They mean a horror, unhappiness for thousands of people.
They brought this war for masses into your midst, you have therefore got to know them.
Many of you had to experience their tortures and succumbed as a result of them.
This bottom-most hell will also attract them, those who thought they could violate the life of God.
But in our life they see themselves placed before these laws, however, on Earth they do not know them and just live wildly.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
Due to their bestiality they create their own hereafter:
In the dull hells the own sort live together, on Earth that is not possible. All these kinds of people spread through each other across the Earth, your society formed itself in this way.
After their earthly life the divine laws nevertheless dominated them, God knows where they are to be found in the lowest hells.
And that human being wanted this spiritual closure himself.
He also closed himself off to the higher life and conscious.
It is only by means of willpower and by serving God’s life that other and higher worlds can be reached by them.
However, the soul life in the deepest hells does consider that and will therefore return to the Earth to make good there, what it destroyed in many lives.
It is up to us which life we want to follow, which laws we want to master.
If we seek evil in the life on Earth, then we must accept the hells after the material end.
The human being himself therefore creates an own hell or heaven and this is the spiritual attunement after death!
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
During the world wars they could be recognized by their pre-animal-like behaviour:
You can still recognise the people who carry a hell in themselves on Earth.
They bring a great deal of suffering upon others, they can decide upon thousands of lives on Earth, their task and the material possession on Earth gives them this possibility.
They mastered that social state.
If these people had just experienced another life, they would have entered a higher world and they would probably belong to the Spheres of Light.
As a result of evil they will nevertheless perish.
All your sadists, who now think they may torture and destroy mankind, will enter here after their death and will then be part of this world of hell.
The evil of that world will then suck them empty, in this way they will receive what they did to others on Earth.
Those are the laws of our life and those laws call them here to the spiritual halt.
God wants us to love his life, but how do we experience their life?
We must even make good every wrong thought.
But these inhuman beings are merciless!
Every second such demons arrive here from the Earth and now belong to this world.
On Earth you can recognise them, I just told you, they murder, rob and create pleasure in seeing you burnt alive. They enjoy your hanging, they poison your life drink and are the rapists of your life existence.
They administer scars by means of their cigarette end, which they extinguish on your naked body, they hit wounds and kick hearts, they suck your child empty and discard it like a wreck. Their actions were demonic, satanic during the hours which mankind has had to experience.
They violated children and old people, they have respect for nothing and no one, these sadists of the twentieth century, who will inhabit the lowest hells on this side.
I do not need to tell you how they behaved during these years of war, it is known to you.
I am concerned with showing you which attunement these souls represent for our life and then you will get to know all these grades of life and astral worlds.
The stench of their rotting life is demonic here, its form is bad and horrific, but God did not want this, these people did it to themselves!
The ruler of evil lives in this lowest hell, this mentality is to be found in the own life attunement.
The deepest darkness on this side awaits them and no one or nothing can change anything about that.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
For Hitler it can take a hundred thousand years before he can leave the Valley of Sorrows in order to reach consciousness again on earth:
He must also come to the consciousness again, for returning to the earth.
That can also take a hundred thousand years.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The same applies to Napoleon:
He cannot come back and get consciousness any earlier than in a hundred thousand years’ time, because he also did something in this world.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950


The spiritual body is formed according to the life of feeling of the soul.
Every destructive feeling and every wrong thought has an influence on the formation of the spiritual body.
Dark and unnatural thoughts deform the natural human shape of the spiritual body.
When all the feelings and thoughts have become unnatural and distructive in the extreme grade of the pre-animal-like consciousness, the spiritual body is also deformed to an extreme extent into a pile of slime that looks like a jellyfish:
So the divine soul is the driving force for the organism.
Yes, that is good.
Isn’t that true?
The divine core in us absolutely gives you a new life.
And we would also have known harmony, justice in all those millions of lives if we had not looked at that darkness.
But the divine core ...
But you have read in ‘A View into the Hereafter’: people live there in the darkness like jellyfish on the beach.
That is terrible, isn’t it?
You can, we can make ourselves into jellyfish, madam.
And then there will be absolutely nothing left of our consciousness, because we deform everything.
Every wrong thought is already the deformation of the divine harmonic spirit for the human being.
Do you understand this?
Every wrong thought is the deformation of the divine harmonic spiritual human being.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
The pre-animal-like life of feeling has become completely slimy:
Like jellyfish the human being lies there in the darkness on the beach; there is no beach, but they lie there like jellyfish, gone slimy.
Can we not make ourselves slimy, fester, on earth, in this society?
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
A rotting corpse is nothing in comparison:
The stench in which they live is agonising for them.
It is the stench which radiates from their own inner lifes.
I cannot find any words which could describe this terrible smell.
It is worse than the disgusting smell of a rotting corpse.
Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life, 1942
Mass murdering brought them to this state:
We followed the human being who exceeded all the laws.
Those people lie in this world like jellyfish on a beach and no longer possess any life, or death.
They murdered the masses.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
But however deep these people have descended, there is still something that will take them back to normal reality.
That ‘something’ is their divine core, their soul:
But that divine core in us takes the human being from that jellyfish existence back to reality.
Otherwise the human being will remain a jellyfish.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
The soul forces this jellyfish existence into working:
So that divine core, that has been proved, crawls through granite, madam.
A seed on the ground, a blade of grass, a blade comes up like that through those hard stones, or next to those stones and penetrates that and goes through that, irrevocably, I saw grass growing through asphalt.
And that had to happen, that poor little seed, it had ...
The human being says: ‘How can it be?’
But that blade of grass made asphalt, concrete tear?
That has been proved.
That unconscious divine cell in us is so powerful.
It is still unconscious, unconsciously divine, but it forces that jellyfish existence into quickening.
And then the human being wakens again as a life of feeling; he has to continue, whether he wants to or not.
Damnation is therefore laid aside again.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952


The inhabitants of the Valley of Sorrows can only free themselves from their dark state by reincarnating on earth and serving the other life instead of destroying it.
All those rulers, those wreckers must proceed and that is why there is reincarnation on earth; they could not otherwise advance.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
This applies to Napoleon and all his peers:
He is still lying there like a jellyfish on the beach.
He must first come to life again, and that is reincarnation.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The more their feeling has descended to the pre-animal-like, the longer it will take before they can reincarnate again:
There is one being who killed millions of people.
Just imagine his struggle, his misery and sorrow in the future.
He will have to sleep for thousands of years; it is not until then that he will also be born.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
They can only make amends for their dreadful deeds during countless new earthly lives:
We, my brother André, were able to experience these laws for the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
If the soul has exceeded the Divine laws, which is possible, by experiencing murder after murder, she lies down in the astral world like a jelly fish on the present beach and can wait, but must now return to the Earth in order to make amends for those disharmonic deeds.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944