And when Jozef has developed enough as a medium, Master Alcar can begin with his most important task: writing the spiritual-scientific books.
In this way, Alcar, as an astral-spiritual being, is capable of 'living' again on earth and writing books which are not influenced by the earthly thinking of Jozef Rulof.
For Jozef is not conscious of what is being written during the writing.
When he awakens from the trance afterwards and reads what has been written it is also a revelation for him how those words were put on paper.
Because of the deep grade of trance Alcar disengages every influence from Jozef, so that wisdom from the world after death can come to earth in a hundred percent pure state.
This highest grade of mediumship is very rare.
However, this ‘letting go of the body’ is more difficult for the medium than the natural falling asleep.
After all, the human personality is completely fused with the nervous system.
Day in day out our thoughts pass through our nervous system and we make our bodies move by our will.
By means of this our bodies are completely attuned to our own will, to our own life of feeling, to our own thoughts.
In this way we develop a conscious but also an unconscious control over our bodies.
Jozef has to let go of that control and that fusion of soul and body, all those nerve tissues must be freed from his human personality, so that Alcar can take over this nervous system.
To make this possible Alcar already began with building up this mediumship during the first years of Jozef’s life.
Alcar had to prevent the personality of the medium from fusing too much with his body.
Alcar already sometimes released Jozef from his body as a child, and he gave him the ability of ‘disembodying’ as a spirit.
By means of this Alcar can later give the adult Jozef the ability of disembodying regularly and developing spiritually.
During the trance he lets Jozef disembody from his material body so that Jozef can see and act as a spiritual personality in the astral life, the life of the spirit.
Jozef considers this gift of leaving the body the best aspect of his mediumship.
In ‘A View into the Hereafter’ Alcar explains to Jozef why this is so important:
We will guide the people onto this beautiful path, so that they may develop and see the light in the Hereafter when they die on earth.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Man lives in matter, because of it and along with it, which causes him to forget the spiritual aspect, the beautiful part that must help man’s soul to grow.
And you’ll be surprised to hear that the soul is kept from growing because man refuses to accept the reality of a life after death.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Alcar lets Jozef experience everything in the spirit first and then what he experienced is recorded in writing.
In this way Jozef can also ‘represent’ the books, because he has experienced everything himself.
And when Alcar and Alcar’s leaders start to build up their university of spiritual-scientific knowledge in 14 titles, Jozef can grow along with the depth of each new book.
This also explains why the next book goes even deeper into the spiritual laws which are the basis of their and our earthly life, because in this way it keeps pace with what Jozef can deal with.