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Textos primarios de los libros de Jozef Rulof correspondientes al artículo ‘Creador de luz’.
Según los libros de Jozef Rulof.
Estas fuentes presuponen la lectura previa del artículo ‘Creador de luz’.

Las primeras almas

Cada alma despierta como personalidad por medio de incontables experiencias:
“The soul learned from the Moon.
Every action gave her life wisdom.
She mastered this wisdom and as a result of this experience her personality awakened.
Archivo, 1945
Junto con el maestro Alcar y Jozef Rulof (André-Dectar), el maestro Zelanus sigue la transición de los primeros seres humanos que habían completado su última vida terrenal:
What we now have to follow is how the soul as human being for this prehistoric stage will enter the astral world.
Soon we will experience that for the human being in the present stage and will get to know yet other laws, because that human being possesses more consciousness.
Not only organically, but also spiritually.
We now get to see and to experience many worlds.
In the first place for the seven grades of life and then for the astral world, for the soul and as the spiritual personality.
But is the soul as human being a spiritual personality, André-Dectar?”
“Yes, Master, but pre-animal.”
“That is correct and I thank you for your answer.
We therefore get to experience various grades of life for the astral world.
This is the end for the soul as human being, for the earth at least.
Thousands of laws of life now charge at our life.
And for every law of life, even if that is disharmonic, we have the spatial analysis.
I ask you to go with me, because I must now attune myself to this dying.
So follow that dying human being there and we will soon enter the unconscious-human, animal-astral world.”
There are various people lying in this jungle who are dying and we now reach unity with these lives.
All the grades of life experience this same law, but now the highest grade of life is so far that the life as human being takes leave of the earth.
I do not need to explain to you that this is wonderful for us, because by means of this we experience a spiritual becoming conscious.
Soon, those feelings come to me and I get them from Master Alcar, we will experience these same laws for the present stage and then there will be something else to be experienced.
We are following the dying human being.
We reach unity and we will die along with this human child, the man.
But there are a number of people dying over there.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
En su viaje cósmico, el alma se despide ahora de la vida material en la tierra como último planeta del tercer grado de vida cósmico.
Ya llegó a conocer la desgracia en la tierra:
“So we now see that the human being already lives here in misery and this was not wanted by the All-Mother anyway.
But that hardly matters, the life goes further, the soul takes leave of the Earth and we now experience that age after age leaves the material life and enters the astral world.
What does that tell us, André-Dectar?”
“That the soul as human being has conquered the material universe, the material Third Cosmic Grade of Life.”
“I truly thank you for this answer, my brother, because I feel that you can also sense the spiritual universe and see it before you.
That now means that the soul as human being did indeed conquer the material universe as macro cosmos, but that she has still not achieved anything for her spiritual life and must now begin with that anyway.
And that is also clear and very natural.
But the soul as human being covered and conquered her cosmic path from the Moon.
As a result of the ages of Mother Earth and the seven physical grades of life, she came that far!
We have to see and to experience that wonder and can accept it, because we are now also capable of following the life.
Now connect yourself again with this human being and we will experience this natural transition, we will experience that the soul releases itself from the organism and will now enter the spiritually unconscious astral world.”
We are one with this human being, dear reader, and will experience the releasing of the soul as the inner life.
The soul as spirit is still one with the organism.
But the death is approaching, the releasing comes and look, the last breathing is gone, the fluid cord breaks, the moment of death has come.
What will happen now?
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Ahora el alma puede vivir su mundo astral porque está libre de las reencarnaciones materiales y ya no le hace falta volver al mundo de lo inconsciente:
If she is free, then she goes further and now therefore remains conscious, so that she can now experience her astral world.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Las primeras almas llegaron dormidas a su más allá:
When the soul dies, so the body, and she is released from the organism, she sleeps.
Death is sleep.
We got to know those laws; it is the sinking back to the inner life of the personality.
There is nothing else to be experienced, but soon, now in this astral world, she must awaken and it is only now that her spiritual life will begin.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

Un mundo sin luz

Las primeras almas despertaron en un mundo tenebroso:
What does the soul now feel, now that she lies down and sleeps?
She cannot return to the Earth.
Must she awaken?
Yes, this sleep is temporary, the laws for releasing let go of her, she enters her conscious astral world and this means that she is awake and possesses nothing else but feeling.
She still has to master spiritual consciousness, and we will soon also follow that existence and awakening.
Here there is darkness.
There is no light, because the soul does not possess any light, she still has to master that feeling.
And look, my brothers, look there, she is awakening.
The human being in his astral world is awakening!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
El alma estaba con su cuerpo espiritual encima de una sustancia espiritual densificada:
See, she is getting up.
Truly, she possesses possibilities of walking and she is standing on condensed substance.
We now see that the spiritual world has also condensed.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Esa sustancia espiritual se había formado a partir del aura vital que irradiaban en la tierra:
The human being now therefore stands on spiritualized material, that is now the life aura of the astral world.
Just look, we can take that aura in our hands and it is like the Earth is, but now spiritual, therefore astrally condensed, in attunement with the human being, the soul as the spiritual personality.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

Sin ayuda

Los seres humanos prehistóricos despertaban en soledad si lo comparamos con el ser humano actual a quien pueden ir a recoger a sus seres queridos:
There is still not a question of conscious collecting here.
You know that the human being is collected by his loved ones, also for the present stage again, but for this life there is still no conscious astral world to be experienced.
Is that injustice now?
We know that the human being beyond the grave is alive and has to represent a conscious or unconscious world, but that conscious world is still not there.
The human being is still unconscious and the Spheres of Light still have to be born.
What do we see now, André-Dectar?”
“We are now in the astral world, my Master.”
“Indeed, we are in another world, and namely the world for the soul as spirit.
The first human being who has completed the cycle of the earth goes further and will master that world.
If we return in thoughts to the Moon, then we will see how harmonically all these worlds originated.
Soon we will analyze these laws, but then we will stand before both the hells and the heavens.
Now the soul is sleeping, but she will awaken and then begin her spiritual life.
The books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, my brothers, ‘The Origin of the Universe’ likewise, represent this analysis, but we must now also analyze these worlds, and namely for the University of Christ.
However, this is the first human being who has left the Earth spiritually and now goes further in order to elevate the spiritual world for his life and to make it visible.
This human being is awakening, must wake up and it is only then that he will ask where he is.
What concerns us now is to establish that each age has experienced an own end, that each age has given the soul the conquest of the material and over the laws of life which the Earth gave her life to experience.
However, this human being is alone, he still does not know himself and his twin soul is not there.
Can you sense this disharmony?
Then it must be clear to you that we also still have to experience those laws and ask for an analysis, because the human being is not capable of carrying these worlds alone.
But what is this life now as human being, for the universe, my brothers?
We are standing before the soul as spirit.
How did that spiritual human being develop and where is the life taking this animal personality?
We know all those worlds, we saw that the soul gave shape to herself, from the Moon, by means of the spatial laws of life.
She experienced life after life, she came that far by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
That gave her expansion.
The human spirit is now still pre-animal conscious, but we know the spiritual consciousness, so that we can accept that she will also create those worlds.
And that will become the conquering of the spiritual Universe for the human being, they are her spiritual worlds as Spheres of Light.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Esas primeras almas se ven ahora ante la tarea de comenzar con su vida espiritual:
The human being now lives beyond the world for reincarnation and feels free from the material laws of life.
There is still no happiness to be experienced, because he lives in darkness.
This human being does not possess a luminous feeling and yet that is Divine light in the human being, because he possesses attunement to the All-Source, the All-Life and the All-Light!
You can accept that he now stands before a difficult task.
And that likewise he must begin with that, or he will not come any further.
We are now leaving the first lives, this human being, but we will soon follow him in order to establish how he began with his higher life.
By means of this we will establish justly that the human being will have everything in his hands, if he wants to begin with that higher and spiritual life.
But his spiritual life is this shape, his world this universe, the light of which has still not awakened as love and therefore still has to be born.
People leave the material life every second, souls are attracted every second, the laws of life are experienced and this world, as the astral spiritual world, is filled.
Now more and more people of the Earth are reaching the end of the material cycle, so that soon millions of people will live here – millions of souls and children of God – in darkness.
The highest grade of life has freed itself from the material, the other grades of life will return in order to reach that height for the human organism, but now the soul stands before the spiritual laws of life, the awakening of the personality, and before which other character traits, master André?”
“The soul stands before the giving birth and creating of the spiritual personality, before the love, the harmony, the being one with God.”
“That is the answer, my brothers, and the child of God now has to accept those laws and convert them into luminous happiness.
We sense that this is not so simple.
That still, despite everything, so this darkness, it is clear that the life light will soon awaken in the human being, because we experience the Spheres of Light and have assured ourselves of that attunement.
Come now, we will return to the material Earth in order to follow and finish the ages for the soul, it is only then that we will go further.”
We are standing on Earth again and we feel her soil, her heartbeat coming to us.
The soul has begun with the ages for Mother Earth, with her own material awakening, by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
The astral world was already there from the beginning of creation, but now the human being lives there in his animal grade of life, unconscious of all these laws.
This human being does not know any God, any Christ and must go further anyway, alone and under his own power?
Those words come to our life and we have to consider them.
Yes, truly, we send back, this human being does not know any God, any Christ, any love, any happiness, there is nothing on Earth which can bring him to the spiritual awakening, under his own power he must go further and higher, back to God.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
El maestro Alcar pregunta a André (Jozef) si no es injusto que las primeras almas no recibieran ayuda:
When we analyze these feelings, Master Alcar says to André and now asks:
“Is this not injustice, Master André-Dectar, now that we know that the human being in the present stage knows God, at least the God from the Bible?
Christ came to Earth, the human being mastered something, possesses a great deal, which these children of God did not know.”
“I can answer you, my Master.
Truly, I also thought about these possibilities for the present stage.
But I see other laws and they are Divine and mean that the Divine attunement lives in the human being and that that attunement gives the human being everything.”
“It is true, and all of that is, Master Zelanus?”
“The Divine attunement, my Master, by means of which the All-Mother began with the own revelation, takes the human being back to the conscious Divine All.
And that means that the human being, despite his great deal of knowledge, must experience his inner life for the inner Divine attunement anyway.
So the Divine inspiration lives in the human being, the Divine drive, the awakening and the experiencing of the Divine laws of life.
Even if the present stage has received everything from God, to which arts and sciences belong, religions and faith, the human being stands before himself and has to master those laws of life.
By means of fatherhood and motherhood, and now for the inner life.
When the human being begins with the good, the harmonic love, he awakens of his own accord.
There is therefore no question of injustice, my Master.
I think that this human being has an easier time of it than the human being for the present stage.”
“Is that the truth, André-Dectar?”
“Yes, Master, because the human being will not experience any religious mania here.
What the human being felt for these ages is his struggle in the life on Earth, his food and drink, and not anything else.
But what does the present stage stand before?
The present stage possesses everything, but what is all of that?
The human being of my era possesses material light, but what is that?
What is possession in the material, social existence?
Nothing and everything, but the human being divided himself precisely because of that, my Master, so that I cannot see any injustice.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
En todas las eras, el alma está delante de la misma tarea de abrirse a sí misma a la vida espiritual:
“That is also the truth, my brothers.
Of course, the ages for the soul experience a separate consciousness.
However, there is no question of injustice, because fatherhood and motherhood, also reincarnation, are the laws by means of which the human being awakens and has received everything from God.
The human being who will belong to the present stage in millions of years’ time, does not possess anything different than the human being from this age.
And then we can soon establish that material blessings still do not create any spiritual consciousness.
It is the inner life, and that is the astral personality as a spiritual being.
However, that also means, even if the human being from the present stage knows God, even if Christ lived on Earth, the human being must master those laws of life for his spiritual life and they also have to accept that for this age.
But you also have to accept that the human being from this stage came here under his own power.
Yet that own power lives in the human being and that is the Divine attunement, that core wants to awaken and become conscious, nothing can suffocate that core, call any halt to it, the soul as Divine part goes further and must go further, and namely back to the Divine All!
When we later enter the Spheres of Light, so the world for the human being in the present stage, we will see and experience that the human being cannot experience any injustice, because he must master those inner worlds as Spheres of Light.
No, there is no difference to be experienced.
Even if the present stage and age possess human, so material happiness, the human being of this age does not know God, nor Christ, for which purpose we experience these journeys.
The human being of the twentieth century also stands on his own two feet and must spiritualize the worlds for himself, no one can help him, no God, no Christ, because we as human beings must master His laws of life!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

Creer en la muerte

Como ejemplo de un despertar en el siglo XX, un conocido de Jozef Rulof, Gerhard el cochero, pudo contar su experiencia en el libro ‘Aquellos que volvieron de la muerte’.
Cuando despertó en el más allá, pensó haber dormido de maravilla y que se recuperaría de su enfermedad:
Es que no estaba muerto y había dormido gloriosamente, estaba vivo y me sentía descansado.
‘Ahora pronto estaré mejor’, pensé, ‘pero ¿dónde está mi mujer?’.
No veía a nadie a mi alrededor y me extrañó, a fin de cuentas estaba enfermo y tenían que cuidar de mí; no estaba acostumbrado a que me dejara solo.
¿Dónde estaba ella?
Grité, pero no obtuve respuesta.
Me froté los ojos y me di cuenta de que estaba en un entorno extraño, que me era desconocido.
Aquellos que volvieron de la muerte, 1937
Gerhard no creía que había muerto, seguía viviendo las mismas sensaciones que en su lecho de enfermo, como una fuerte sed y una presión en la garganta que le hacía pensar que se iba a asfixiar.
Su líder espiritual en el más allá hizo que Gerhard recordara una conversación que había tenido con Jozef Rulof sobre la pervivencia después de la muerte terrenal.
En ella, Gerhard se había burlado con sarcasmo de Jozef, que “oía hablar a los muertos”.
El líder espiritual le pidió a Gerhard que primero escuchara:
“A escuchar”, replicó, “es lo único que precisa hacer ahora.
Sus pensamientos están sintonizados con su vida terrenal y por ello no puede desprenderse de todos esos suplicios, entiéndame bien, de todo lo que pertenezca a la tierra.
Le pido, por lo tanto, que acepte esto por un momento.
Cuando una persona muere en la tierra, hace la transición a esta vida.
Así que usted vive en la eternidad, pero aún no ha pensado en morir”.
“¿Cómo podría hacer eso”, lo interrumpí, “estoy vivo”.
“Exacto, está vivo y aun así ha muerto.
¿En la tierra nunca ha oído hablar de una pervivencia eterna?”.
Sentí como si me tragara la tierra, porque ahora de repente pensé en ti, Jozef, pero no dije nada.
“Leo en sus pensamientos”, prosiguió, “que le hablaron de una pervivencia eterna, pero que usted se burlaba de eso”.
Un breve silencio; alcé la mirada hacia él y era un alma sondando a otra, de modo que los pensamientos confluían.
¿Cómo hacía este hombre para saber todas estas verdades?
¿Quién era?
Una persona, pero ¡qué clase de persona!
No podía pronunciar una sola palabra, me encogí de miedo, porque me veía a mí mismo en la tierra, me oía hablándote y sentía mi propio sarcasmo.
Me lastimaba, el corazón me latía en la garganta.
Aquellos que volvieron de la muerte, 1937

Luz espiritual

El alma creará su luz espiritual ella misma, porque tiene la sintonización divina y las fuerzas básicas de la Omnialma:
No, aún no había luz, pero el ser humano se convertiría en el creador de la luz, porque —también te lo acabo de aclarar— el ser humano posee la sintonización divina.
En el ser humano reside lo que es la propia vida y luz de Dios, pero ellos aún no habían llegado tan lejos.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939

Sentimientos terrenales

Las primeras almas despiertan en las tinieblas y les entra miedo:
The feeling now, my brothers, is the consciousness of the soul as human being.
She now also thinks as she thought during her material life.
And we can experience and follow those feelings.
She now wonders: where am I?
Where are the others?
Where are they living?
What happened?
There is nothing else to experience yet.
But she is awakening.
She will call for help as a human being.
And we already enter that moment there.
The human being is mad, the human being is desperate, the human being becomes afraid, afraid of life, it is the feeling, it is the questioning, this feeling takes us to conscious feelings.
And that feeling, my brothers, you experience it, takes us to the present stage.
Every human being wonders: where am I?
Where am I living?
When the soul, she begins to ask human questions for the present stage; but this child of God does not know any language, only possesses the feeling for it, and by means of this the soul awakens in this life.
Listen to her shouting.
It is a dreadful noise.
The fear becomes conscious.
The material fear was already there, the fear of the danger, the danger in the material life of possibly being attacked; this fear is spiritual.
It is the fear of having to lose life, fear born as a result of ignorance, but nevertheless felt consciously, by means of which this life shouts, asks for help.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Se preguntaban: ¿dónde vivo?
Now listen to the calling, the screaming for help.
The fear becomes more conscious.
The human but animal consciousness awakens, starts to feel fear.
The soul will realize that something else has come to her life, something which has still not known anything.
The light of life – the material life gave it to her – is not there and will not come back.
And she loved that light?
What is love here?
Did this human child understand love?
No, but there is feeling present and that feeling will awaken for this space.
Listen to them calling, listen to them shouting, the fear is becoming stronger.
It is fear, nothing else, which the astral personality feels and that fear wants to be experienced.
Now something must happen.
And now the feeling of themselves begins.
The thinking awakens.
The human being here wonders: where am I living!
Those are the first human feelings which were felt in the astral world, so the awakening of the inner life, the personality.
Now that those feelings reach consciousness, all kinds of things can happen and we will soon experience that too.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Cuando se encontraban unos con otros, empezaban a pelearse y a aparearse.
Sin embargo, la unión astral no tenía final, porque no llegaba ninguna satisfacción material ni reproducción como en la tierra:
They meet each other, attack each other, want to experience each other, and that is also possible, but there is no end to the division.
And yet, these men and women, you see it happening, experience each other, because they possess all the organs as there are on Earth, but now spiritually.
This sucking each other empty is the being one for the material human being.
The spiritual being also wants to experience that now, because he is human being, is man and woman, and now they suction themselves to each other, experience each other, but there is no question of a division.
That is only to be experienced on Earth, only to be experienced as material being.
Yet, you see it, André, we already experienced and described these feelings for the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’, these people are completely one, man and woman also want to experience each other in this world, because this is the only thing which they know and possess.
But that also comes to an end and they begin to ask questions again.
There is also hunger and thirst – because the human being does not feel anything of spiritual consciousness – those feelings are also still there.
The human being feels that he lives, but does not know himself.
It is now sleeping and being one, from time to time they attack each other, suck each other empty and stumble through this universe.
Millions of souls now live together in here.
The highest grades of life reach the spiritual consciousness and will leave the Earth, but this astral world is now already populated and is the origin of the astral world for the soul as spirit!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
La conciencia y los sentimientos no han cambiado en nada, pero sí las experiencias corporales:
Why do I not feel anything when I am one with my wife?
What happened to me?
They feel and sense each other.
Yes, we are people, but can you not feel anything?
Are there no children coming?
Is the mother not fertilized?
They try again and experience the human giving birth and creating once more, the being one of man and woman, and yet?
What happened to us?
Why are we not experiencing anything?
Yes, human being, you have discarded your material organs, to which the human division belongs.
Now you can no longer experience any unity such as the Earth gave you the organism to be experienced, even if there are organs, there is no longer a question of material division.
And yet, my brothers, you see it, and we have to accept these feelings, that lust is still there!
Because both the consciousness and the life of feeling have not changed in anything!
However, this being one does not give the soul any satisfaction.
That satisfaction, which is the division, belongs to the material organism.
And this being also wants to experience that feeling and it can be experienced; but we will see that soon and will then immediately stand before other laws of life.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

¿Dónde está la luz?

Las primeras almas todavía no habían desarrollado ningún lenguaje:
What is the first feeling as thinking, what is she like now?
Is she asking for something?
What does the human being wish to begin in this world?
Can you hear her thinking?
Can you hear her asking questions?
This life has not yet learned any language, does not possess any possibility of expressing herself, so that we must interpret the life of feeling of the soul as human being.
And now we see that the language as human possession for the present stage means nothing, because everything is feeling and remains feeling!
Later we establish for the present stage that every word, every materialization, so for the present stage, does not possess any viability for the spiritual world because the human life of feeling possesses everything.
The human being can talk and make himself clear by means of that, but for the astral world feeling is essential.
We therefore do not need any language in order to materialize this life, we do that by means of our life of feeling, our consciousness, our being one with all the life of God.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Los sentimientos de las primeras almas preguntaron por la luz:
What does the soul feel, André-Dectar?”
“What I feel, my Master, is the need for light.
This human being as spirit wonders where the light has gone.
But what has happened?
Why does the light from the universe not come back?
Where am I?
Where am I living?
Where are the others from my tribe?
But where am I?
But where am I living?
Is there anything?
I feel this thinking, my Master, the searching for life, everything is clear to me.”
“Indeed, my brothers, that questioning lives in this life and that feeling is conscious.
Here there is darkness.
How will the soul as human being conquer this darkness now?
What will happen to this life?
Which laws of life will she experience now?
She waits and sinks back into her sleep.
You can follow her, but she will awaken again.
And then?
Again the feeling: where is the light?
The inner questioning: where am I?
There is that consciousness!
That questioning is conscious, because there is no end to this darkness.
Look, she is awakening, she feels herself, she begins to think like a human being.
And now further?
Where do you want to go, my child?
What do you want to experience now?
Where is your mother, your father, your sister and your brother?
Where did all those people get to?
She does not know it and that becomes a battle for life and death for the soul as human being.
We will follow her and all those other sparks of God.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Pensaron que habían despertado demasiado pronto:
Where was the light which had shone on them after all?
They waited and believed that it would soon come.
But they waited in vain ... they felt sleepy, these people were hungry and thirsty and they did not understand themselves and their new situation.
They had probably wakened too early, it was still night here, soon the Sun would come up and it would be light.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
Pero incluso la luz de la noche había desaparecido:
Yet the material experiencing comes back.
More and more the soul is starting to feel that something happened by means of which this change came.
The Moon is not there either.
What the Moon has to mean for heaven, the soul does not know that, she knows nothing about the Moon, she has only seen that at night there was a light on the universe.
And that light has also disappeared now.
You feel and see, my brothers, more and more consciousness is coming and more people are starting to leave the Earth, now millions of souls are already living together in the astral world.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Las primeras almas ya estaban siendo más conscientes que las que llegaban al más allá mucho después:
The questioning: where do I live, keeps coming back.
The human being is also aware of the falling asleep again and again, but the spiritually remaining awake, like all the other characteristics, will awaken and get consciousness and it is only then that the soul will begin with her astral life.
And then the thinking and feeling begins, the life gets more consciousness, the questioning becomes more conscious, the soul realizes that the Sun will not rise and that there will just be no end to this darkness, so feelings which require awakening.
One person is already more conscious than the other, because this one entered the astral world earlier, but each moment other grades come to this world from the earth.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

¿Qué había ocurrido?

Las primeras almas se preguntaban qué había ocurrido entonces:
They wonder, you can follow that now, my brothers, what the event from then was.
And that ‘then’ was an illness.
For many people, that ‘then’ was the fight with a wild animal, after which something happened.
What was that?
What was it?
Who can answer this child?
No one, and no God, this being must discover that for himself.
There is no Christ, no Bible, no God, no conscious being present in order to help this being.
What the child for the present stage does possess and has received, this life does not know.
The soul life stands before itself, no master can help this life, show the way, because that is not possible, they are the first people who have completed their cycle of the earth.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
La percepción profunda y repetida de lo que habían vivido en la tierra aportó desarrollo:
This human being, my brothers, will discover himself.
The soul is aware of this life, as a human being this life reaches human thinking and feeling.
The light of the Earth must return and she will search for that light.
And by means of this searching she will move, she will get to experience more space, so that she will come to stand before the awakening.
This life continues to shout for help and those voices, like wild sounds, move through the world, but no one is capable of answering them.
Where are the children?
Yes, that is also something for him to think about.
Where are our children?
And again they fall back in order to think.
They lie there and think, feel, want to experience, experience again and once more what happened a moment ago.
She does not feel that this soul has already been searching for a hundred years.
A moment ago something happened.
A moment ago something happened and then came the pain, the falling down.
Everyone tries to work out these feelings and one person has other feelings than the other, because all of them have experienced the becoming free from the organism differently.
Yet these feelings keep coming back and then they are experienced.
But they cannot work out the dreadful mystery, that mystery must be experienced and, we know the laws, that is also possible!
And now they feel that something has happened, by means of which they got this.
But what is this?
Even if there is not the consciousness of ‘illness’ now for everyone, there are still those who had to accept this life as a result of an illness.
The feeling and thinking of the obtained own feelings are now felt and experienced again, by means of which consciousness, awakening, comes.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

Vuelta a la tierra

Ahora había dos mundos espirituales para el alma.
El primer mundo espiritual que había surgido en el primer planeta en el espacio es el mundo de lo inconsciente, al que también se le puede llamar “el mundo para el renacimiento”.
El segundo mundo espiritual es el más allá consciente, al que también se le puede llamar “el mundo para el alma como ser espiritual”.
Este más allá nació después de la vida material en la tierra.
Las primeras almas que accedían a su mundo espiritual tenebroso en este más allá se encontraban en ese momento fuera de la atmósfera de la tierra:
“What I see, my Master, that is darkness.
Spiritual darkness.
I am one with the astral world, but in addition I feel the world of the unconscious.”
“It is true, and we now see that the soul has therefore come further, that she has left the material life, and yet, even if she still does not possess any light, she has entered a higher stage.
You now see the world of the unconscious, the world for the reincarnation and also the world for the soul as a spiritual being.
These worlds have now divided themselves, because the soul as human being has reached that consciousness.
Can you feel now that she has left the sphere of the earth, the space for the earth’s atmosphere, the breathing centre?
And that is clear, because the planets also experienced that, by means of which higher consciousness came.
This world is deep, like the material universe possesses depth.
The soul has been released from the material world, but spiritually she still possesses that attunement, and we will soon experience that.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Pensar intensamente en la vida terrenal recondujo el alma a la tierra:
This searching and continuing to search for the earthly life and the possession there takes the soul back to the Earth.
By this thinking of something, we have to follow that, the material universe attracts this soul life.
And now the astral being has left his universe and attunement again and now already stays in the sphere of the earth.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
En la tierra las primeras almas percibían a los seres humanos terrenales:
Returned into this sphere, the soul feels the material being.
What is that?
The spirit attacks the material being, like a wild animal.
And now we stand before other and namely spiritual laws, for both the soul and the material being.
What does this mean?
What will happen now?
We know that and also know these laws, but we will follow this life.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

Conexión con el ser humano terrenal

Así surgió el primer ser uno:
What I feel, my brothers, is that the soul has felt that there is no end in this life and that she feels the material being.
Since she feels this, she now reaches unity with the material being.
The soul suctions herself to the material life aura.
At this moment they discover, these souls as people, that there are other people living in their environment.
What kind of people are they?
As a result of this being one from feeling to feeling, the material life of feeling returns.
I am starting to experience that, my Master.
Man and woman now find themselves in the sphere of the earth.
They suction themselves to the material being and, because the organic attunement is one, now experience both the inner and spiritual being one.
I am one with this stage, my Master, and am capable of experiencing all these feelings.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
La personalidad astral impuso su voluntad al ser humano terrenal:
Now that this being one, this descending into the material being can be experienced, the astral personality forces the material personality to eat and to drink, so that that torture dissolves.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
La personalidad astral miró a través de los ojos del ser humano material:
And a moment later, I see that happening, my Master, the astral personality looks through the material eyes, because that personality is completely one with the material systems.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Hizo que se intensificara el sentimiento del ser humano material:
The human being now flows together, the astral personality passes over into the material and the material being does not even feel that, only, more feeling, more reaction has entered the material being.
The human being is more hungry, wants to experience more.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

Pasen la voz

Esto fue una revelación para la personalidad astral:
But the astral personality now looks through the material eyes and now sees for the first time that there is, exists, a material and a spiritual world!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Otros también tenían que saberlo:
And now back to the others, back, in order to show all of this, to let it be experienced.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
“Come along”, it passes from soul to soul, “there is something to be experienced on Earth.
On Earth you can experience everything again, there is no longer any darkness there, you are not hungry, not thirsty there, it is the life which we used to know.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Y la unión humana del hombre y la mujer también forman parte de esa vida material en la tierra:
As a result of this we see, my brothers, that the material being is very ordinary, will just follow, will experience the life, but the astral personality looks through the material eyes and sees Sun and Moon again and undergoes the human being one, but now by means of the material being.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944


Las primeras almas empezaron a proteger los seres humanos materiales con quienes se habían conectado:
The man now protects the man and the woman.
The astral soul does not want to lose her life, and that is also clear, because then she will have to accept her own darkness again, the darkness of the astral world.
And yet it comes that far, because this life will change.
But this goes on for centuries and nothing is capable of tearing apart, dividing these lives; the Divine laws are.
And what do we see now, Master Zelanus?”
“I am one and can explain these wonders to you, my Master.
Only dying can do that, my brothers.
Because the human being dies and his cycle for this life will end or dies for the organism, therefore the reincarnation, that event rips these lives apart, divides the lives, so that the soul as astral being must let go of the material being.
But now, my brothers, she is searching for another person, another being and that is possible, because there are millions of people living on Earth.
Yet that is not so simple.
After all, for every organism there is one soul and that soul has already reached the astral world.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
El sentimiento consciente de proteger a alguien hizo que la personalidad astral despertara:
Once having reached unity again, the life goes further, the soul lives in the mother and the father, together they share the life, until an end comes again.
And that, my Master, goes on for centuries and centuries.
The fear now that people will take the organism away from the soul awakens.
And those feelings awaken the consciousness ‘protection’, so that we will soon experience other character traits, but by means of which the inner life, the astral personality, awakens and now begins with another life.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
La protección del ser humano material resultó en un sentimiento de calor en el interior de la personalidad astral:
Y vuelven a descender en esas vidas, vuelven a vivir el organismo material, el pensamiento y sentimiento, y constatan para ellos mismos que cuando van a proteger a ese ser humano, les entra despertar, calor, sentimiento.
Conferencias 2, 1951

No existe la muerte

Las primeras almas empiezan a investigar la vida:
The astral being awakened, he goes further and keeps reaching other feelings, masters both spiritual and material awakening, by means of which he receives spiritual consciousness.
The human being from the other side learns a great deal and is truly capable of thinking, the material conviction gave him new life, new feeling and thinking, another becoming conscious.
They see the Sun again and experience the Moon, so day consciousness of the material being.
There is nothing else to be experienced.
The astral being examines the life.
She sees the wonderful difference in both lives and starts to understand that there is no death.
And that is the wonderful revelation for the human being.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Al acompañar a muchos seres humanos materiales en su muerte, las primeras almas aprenden que la muerte no existe:
When these people start to understand themselves, see the laws of life and death before them, they reach other thoughts.
Year after year passed, this being one also comes to an end, the life light in the human being awakens.
They experience the dying with the material being, the entering of the astral world and now this life is capable of convincing the other one that there is no death.
Dying is the returning to the astral world or the being reincarnated, they are the Divine laws of life, which now receive viability, there is amazement at so much power and possibilities.
The human being is killed by an animal, the soul enters the astral world, now they can think and consider what they experience on a daily basis.
No, there is no death.
That becomes clear to them.
It is awe-inspiring.
You do not need to be worried that you will die, you will return to the Earth anyway.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Cuando la personalidad astral se ha conectado con un cazador, vive de esa manera cómo un animal mata al ser humano material:
One of the hunters is jumped upon and killed by the wild animal.
His soul is flung from the body and enters the hereafter as an astral personality.
Amazed, not understanding, the astral being who had connected with the hunter, looks on all of this.
Then he hurries to the other people and tells them what he saw.
‘The man was killed’, he says, ‘a wild animal jumped on him.
And I saw that a new body came out of that dead body.
That hunter is therefore dead and he is alive.
And he is just like we are now!
We have therefore also died, yes, that’s it!
We died on Earth and as a result of this everything became different for us.
We are dead and yet we live - just like the hunter!’
No, they cannot believe that.
They must just watch out, the man advises them.
They do this and then they must accept that he was speaking the truth.
There was therefore no death, there was no end to life.
If you died, you came there where they now were and then you lived on - and in what a way!
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941

Percepción espiritual

Gracias a su despertar interior, las primeras almas empiezan ahora a ver al margen del ojo material:
They experience, my brothers, that must be clear to you, thousands of wonders.
There is light and life, enjoyment too, but by means of the material being.
Now that they see that there is no death, are free of the material being, their own inner light awakens, they start to perceive outside of the material eye and now look from their obtained consciousness to the life on Earth.
Actually, they start to feel, the life is better, more beautiful, more spacious than on Earth, because they can go where they want, and the material being is not capable of that.
Since they have experienced death with the material being more than once, you can perceive that, they got to know those other laws.
Now and then they let the material being go and have a walk over the Earth, but now establish that the material being cannot see them.
They violated the material child on Earth for the first time, they now start to feel that it is they who live and that the human being on Earth does not know himself.
It is not possible to make that clear to them.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Las primeras almas reciben calor y una percepción más elevada:
Age after age passes.
The soul as the astral personality begins to awaken.
Another feeling enters that life, it is the asking to be able to know more about the life in which they are and the world to which they belong and that lives in their hands.
Warmth enters this life, recognition, the human asking awakens.
Human character traits get consciousness.
They learn to move themselves.
They get to know characteristics.
Some of them are that far.
They walk next to the material being, make progress, inspire the human being and they now see that their thoughts are picked up.
They experience that they are capable of helping the human being.
They start to see that it is they who live in the material being and it is they who represent the life in the organism.
They get to know other laws on a daily basis.
They master those laws and feel different, feel more conscious.
When they attune themselves, they also learn that, in order to experience the material being one with the material being, their consciousness darkens.
What is that?
By what means does that feeling come?
However, when they help the human being for the good, more light comes, light in their lives and they are capable of seeing the material things better.
Is that something new?
Yes, because these are, they start to feel, character traits, actions for the better in the human being, deeds which take them to a new and higher feeling and thinking.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Las primeras almas aprenden a desplazarse por medio de la concentración:
You see it, my brothers, the astral personality is awakening.
They lay foundation upon foundation all together.
And as a result of this their inner, spiritual-astral life and being awaken.
They are wonders, because the human being now gives that awakening to his Divine attunement.
And all of them have to experience and follow that, or they will not awaken.
The highest conscious beings now begin to think, I just said, and it is they who discuss these laws.
“Look”, they say to each other, “I learned that.
Can you still follow me?
I am going fast, when I think, I fly through the universe.”
If we can do that, my brothers, they now experience the spiritual concentrating on the progress.
They learn to move faster, they fly through their world and universe and keep returning to the material world.
And that is their happiness, their cheerful exploring of their life, by means of which they awaken.
Now that they possess this, you can follow them, they go further.
Other people live it up in the material being, the highest conscious beings reach other laws of life and are convinced that they can experience great wonders.
They start to feel that their life is infinite.
And that means something anyway.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Una decena de las primeras almas llegan a conocer todos los grados de vida materiales en la tierra:
About ten astral people together reach deep thought.
They isolate themselves and go further together.
First they take a walk over the Earth.
They remove themselves from their tribe and now see that there are people living everywhere.
We will follow them, my brothers, so that we will get to know their awakening.
When they meet the human being, they descend into those lives and now feel the other or the own consciousness, the attunement of the organism.
Is that something new now?
Yes, because there are people living everywhere on Earth, but they never knew that.
The life is wonderful.
It is incredible.
They go further, explore the life on Earth and get more and more consciousness.
In this way, you can also see that, they get to know the different grades of life for the organism.
They establish the grades of life.
One by one, they descend into them, sense the human being and then go further.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Debido a que ya no tienen hambre, las primeras almas comprenden la distinción entre sentimientos materiales y astrales:
During this proceeding they experience new wonders.
Now that they follow and explore the life, experience and bring to the revelation, the awakening for their own world, they no longer feel any hunger or thirst.
What do you feel?
Nothing, nothing more of that misery, the astral being feels, when he opens himself to this exploring, he is free from that feeling and he understands that this feeling belongs to the material being.
Those are wonders, they are revelations which they open themselves to.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Durante su exploración ayudan al ser humano material:
These people and others who have reached this height go further and experience Mother Earth.
Age after age passes.
This exploring comes to an end.
But they know now that they are not living alone on Earth.
Where they can inspire the life, they do that, as a result of which they expand their life journey and take themselves to the spiritual awakening.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

Siguiendo al sol

Ahora las primeras almas dirigen la mirada al espacio:
We now see, my brothers, that they look at the universe.
Can that also be experienced?
Look, they free themselves from the Earth and now float in the material cosmos.
They now see the Sun under their own power.
By what means does night come?
They see now, because they remain in the sphere of the earth, that the organism on which they are living darkens.
We now feel that they experience a new and different wonder; we were also able to experience these laws.
How wonderfully the human being frees himself from the Earth now becomes clear to you, but do not forget, they do this under their own power.
No one can help them, but they come further.
They look at the Earth.
The Sun as the life light of the universe disappears, now they look at the other light, the light of the night.
And look now, there are more lights in the universe.
Do you not want to get to know that?
What kind of lights are they?
We can ask them questions of each other, follow and experience them.
We now see, my brothers, that they return to the Earth.
They also want to know what this darkening of the universe means.
We will follow them.
You see it, we are back on Earth again.
They keep on going back, because they do not believe themselves.
And yet, they can go further.
The light in the universe has gone, but it lives yonder.
And now they go from the night to the light, you will experience that.
Won’t you?
I thought it, and look, they are now going over the Earth towards the material light.
They already experienced that during their walk over the Earth, but now from the universe.
And this exploring, my brothers, that becomes their becoming conscious for the space, the universe.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
La realidad espacial es su preceptor:
They wonder what all of this means.
But they see the reality and that tells them how they have to act.
I must tell you honestly, my brothers, the human being is busy awakening.
Isn’t it wonderful and very natural?
Everything is great!
We must follow them, if we want to experience and establish how the first people who completed their material cycle reached that spatial awakening.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Debido a que buscan el bien, alcanzan la luz crepuscular con sintonización espiritual:
Since they experience the light of the universe, they see that the Earth actually makes night, even if they are still located in a twilight at spiritual attunement, the Sun, as the day consciousness for the universe, gives them the possibility of perceiving now, since they are searching for the good.
And that is possible, because they, as you see, follow the Divine laws of life, but of which they do not know any law.
They follow the darkening of the Earth, but now see that the Sun cannot darken itself.
However they establish, now that they experience the life light for the Earth from the universe, that the light in the night in the universe has meaning for their life, but that the human being on Earth does not understand any of it.
Look now, my brothers, we are going back to the universe.
We move, we will perceive the Earth again from the universe.
What do they feel now?
See, the light in their eyes awakens, these souls are different to the astral being who still does not know these laws and possibilities.
They now feel that they live in a wonderful universe and that the Earth is only a part of their world.
As conquerors, they now already feel that they will conquer this universe and that they are capable of connecting themselves to all these sparks of light.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

A la luna

Las primeras almas también exploran la luna, que todavía está en pleno funcionamiento:
Where are we going now?
Do they feel that the Moon there is a body?
Look, they want to go further and we also go with them.
Truly, my brothers, they want to get to know the Moon.
Now they begin with their spatial journey, they return to their own birth.
The concentrating also becomes stronger and more conscious.
We go straight to the Moon.
There is our Mother, her organism becomes larger.
We descend with them to the Moon.
It is wonderful, because this is the first experiencing of the first astral personality.
Now what?
Look at those beings, see these people, they are highly amazed.
Truly, there is also life here.
Now they will see the being born on the Moon.
And that is possible, because Mother Moon is still alive.
See, my brothers, we have left that life and they return there.
There is the fish stage.
Here we follow other grades of life, from the highest grade they also return to the first grade of life.
Is that a great wonder?
There are people living in this universe and there are bodies for that purpose, but those bodies were created for that.
Who now thinks the first about supreme power?
None of them, you can feel it, but this feeling also reaches awakening.
There is a quiet emotion in them.
They think, they experience this wonder.
What is it?
By what means was this created?
What does all of this mean?
Oh, you, happy person, you, happy souls, that you are now already capable of asking these human questions?
Look, my brothers, they feel the material and they weep their first tear of happiness.
The first human tears of happiness, joy, the being one with power and becoming conscious have been born.
We also experienced that happy feeling and understand these lives, these people.
It is wonderful, a revelation of every spark of God, we know this happiness.
But you see it, they feel that they possess an infinite life.
And that is wonderful, incredible, but by what means and by whom was all this created?
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

El primer profesor

Se manifiesta el primer profesor:
There is one amongst them who is now the spokesperson.
By what means does this soul feel more than the others?
That soul becomes their teacher, you will experience that, my brothers, and we already know by what means this life feels more deeply than the others.
We now experience the highest becoming conscious for the astral being, but it is the human being who first experienced the embryonic on the Moon as mother.
Look, he descends to the life, he reaches feeling and thinking and can say: we were here.
I can feel it.
I can feel that we were here, but is that possible?
Now what?
It has already awakened, that other ’now’!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Los primeros investigadores construyen la ciencia espiritual:
You see, they go back from grade to grade.
Soon they will experience the first life in an embryonic state.
Is that a wonder?
They look at the universe and they now see that this organism also receives light from the Sun.
That is also a great wonder.
They experience the universe and themselves.
They can follow the being born of a new life, from the fish stage.
Do they now return to the first grades of life?
Yes, they also want to experience that.
It is a revelation!
You see now, they experience grade after grade.
The light in the universe darkens.
What is that?
They start to experience, my brothers, that they experience the astral from the material life.
That is a wonder, but by means of that they will experience other laws.
And see, they understand the wonder.
They are one with the material space, the universe, and they are capable of experiencing the astral, their own spiritual space.
They now establish this attuning back and forth for their lives.
You see, they already make comparisons, as we also did, but by means of that their personality awakens.
This going to and returning to the material world, the Moon in working, gives them growth.
We were able to follow those laws of life for Sun and universe, they do not experience anything different either.
One revelation piles up on top of the other one.
Happiness enters the soul as human being.
Now what?
They descend deeper and deeper into the Moon life.
We go back to the first cells and you see it, the embryonic life is still present, the Moon has still not completed her own cycle.
The Moon goes further and will materialize her life; they also got to know that.
And now?
What will we experience now?
Look, we have approached the embryonic life.
Now they want to follow the being one of the embryonic existence.
You see now that they make themselves one with those sparks of the Moon and now experience the being one.
What does this mean?
You can feel it, they wonder what this means after all.
But by means of the other, heightened grades of life they see the following stage again and can orientate themselves by means of this.
We also followed that and understand their thinking and feeling.
Now what?
They see that the Sun weakens.
What is that?
Now, how clearly they experience the laws, they return to the higher stages.
By means of this, my dear souls, you will experience more becoming conscious, and see, they are dancing from joy and happiness.
They now already understand that when they go higher, experience other organisms, the Sun also becomes stronger and gains light.
They start to feel, you can follow that, my brothers, that they receive that awakening by means of the light of the universe.
When they experience higher, so more conscious organisms, the light of the universe is also stronger.
Is that something new?
Yes, this life and the light of the universe is one.
They start to feel that, they start to understand it and continue their research.
Now further back.
Now descending even deeper into this life and then they see, they feel that consciously now, the light in the universe darkening.
Isn’t it wonderful, my brothers, what we are able to experience by means of the first astral being.
And that under our own power, without God, without science?
But now spiritual science exists, the life will convince them itself.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

La Omnialma

Los primeros investigadores enfocan las primeras vidas del alma humana:
Because they can experience the organisms, they return irrevocably to the first stage and they will soon reach that stage.
Look there, we are already living in the seven first grades of life.
Now what?
They follow those laws.
We are born with them and we will experience the first death with them.
Look, my brothers, we are now entering those laws, and now?
Yes, now what?
We return to the astral world.
You can see it, they now experience the world for the unconscious, reincarnation.
And from that world, we now return to the material.
Is that a wonder?
But age after age passes.
They go further, they have no longer felt hunger and thirst all that time, because their life is awakening spiritually.
And now we enter the embryonic life, for the very first grade.
Even deeper and we reach the first division for the Moon.
And yes, look, they feel happy, they understand that they are getting to know life by means of this.
Even deeper and we stand before the universe, before the division of the universe.
Do they go further?
Yes, they want to descend more deeply into this life and its origin.
It is wonderful.
We can follow them, that is also the happiness for our life.
And there, my brothers, we see that the universe becomes lit up and we enter the moment that the universe received the golden garment.
These souls experience great wonders of creation.
They now already wonder by what means one life goes further than the other and by what means the human being who goes before them got this feeling.
You can feel it, they are one of feeling and now surrender completely.
And now the first human word is spoken.
Listen, feel this wonder.
They explain the laws to each other.
Back even deeper?
Is that possible?
They now stand before the Divine light of the universe.
Now what?
What they see is light.
And what is that?
That light trembles, shakes, working is coming.
What will happen?
They see that the life light of the universe reaches working.
And they also experience what we continually experienced, my brothers, the cosmic life attracts them.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Y después regresan incluso más atrás:
And now deeper back.
What do they see?
The light in the universe becomes hazy.
Even deeper now.
Even deeper, because they want to know what will happen then.
We already know it.
They reach the first grades of life and then there in no longer any light in the universe.
And they will now experience that moment, my brothers, they return to the moment from before creation.
They return to that moment when the All-Mother began with her life and God originated.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Las primeras almas vuelven a la Omnialma como Omnimadre:
It is the universe which elevates them to the own existence.
By means of this they experience that this light lives.
Now the previous stage comes back, what we experienced from the All-Mother, they experience from the spatial consciousness as light.
The universe darkens and they now continue to follow the transitions, you will experience that.
Isn’t it true, the life of the universe has elevated them to this stage.
We already know what will happen now.
They will also experience that.
Isn’t that a wonder?
There are the hazes already.
The life drives itself onwards.
The life of the universe is changing!
We are returning to the All-Mother and will now experience and follow those first transitions for the origin of creation.
What do they feel?
They weep from happiness and go further and back to the very first event for the All-Mother!
Isn’t wonderful, my brothers?
Now what?
We go further.
And now complete darkness comes.
We return to the moment of before creation.
Look, my brothers, they are flying through the universe and are experiencing grade after grade for the first condensings.
Now we have already reached the first stage.
Now what?
Darkness falls, but they also feel the light for fatherhood in this universe.
What do they feel?
What do they have to say to each other?
Can you hear them?
Precisely, that is the first word.
The first master is speaking.
“From this, in which we now find ourselves, all that life was born.
Why do I feel deeper?
I do not know, but I believe that I can experience it.”
“We were born from this?
From this light, which became darkness, and that darkness light?”
We were able to experience that.
Now the first and other word falls, which only the human being for the present stage knows.
My brothers ... “What is all of this?
Did you, no, do you feel”, is the feeling of the first Master, “by what means you got life?
Is it clear to you”, is the feeling of human being to human being, “by what means we got this?
We are going further now!”
And look, my brothers, now they are following our path.
They are following law after law and the first revelations for the All-Mother, for which we as human beings were able to experience the word.
Yes, they follow what we have to follow for the University of Christ.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Después siguen los grados de vida cósmicos:
No, they return to the material world.
They free themselves from the Moon and visit the following planets.
Didn’t I know it?
They now start to explore the life and follow our path.
We will follow them, but for what we only need one night, you will see it, my brothers, they needed ages for, and that is understandable.
You now see them again on the secondary planets.
Now they go to the Second Cosmic Grade of Life.
From there further and back to the Earth.
They are awakening!
They are getting spatial consciousness.
They now know that they can inspire the child of Mother Earth positively.
As a result of this, they feel, their life will change and they will conquer the astral world and take it to consciousness.
Who created this?
For what purpose do we live?
What are we for all of this, this universe, all this wonderful life?
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Mientras tanto, el ser humano terrenal no ha cambiado en nada:
However, people there know nothing about any of this.
And that is not possible, because that human being does not know himself.
We know more.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Las primeras almas conocen ahora su propia vida astral:
We have our own life.
The life on Earth, yonder, we experienced that.
We are, he knows that now, the life in those organisms.
There is something else for us.
We will give happiness to the life on Earth.
But this space in which we live is our own possession.
We live beyond death, which is not death.
That becoming ill means nothing more here.
All this life belongs to us.
We can go where we want, they cannot!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
La primera alma vuelve a tomar la palabra:
And now we hear, my brothers:
“Could it be that I was born before?
Is my life older?
I do not know by what means I can feel, but it is coming to me?
The life can speak?
Where do those feelings come from?
I do not know.
Perhaps we will also get to know that.”
You see it, my brothers, all of them attach themselves to their master and feel that they are awakening.
They go from soul to soul.
Soon they will be attracted by the Earth.
They go from planet to planet, experience law after law and it is not possible to get lost in this universe, they go infallibly further, as we were able to do!
They experience the materialization of their soul life, reincarnation and go further.
What does the Master already say?
“Did I not tell you that we continually receive a new life again?
You see it, that is also the truth.
By means of those lives we go further and come back to our friends.
This universe is one body.
When we have experienced a body like that, we go further.
Is it not enough to make you weep until your tears run dry?
Come on, we are going back to that first life.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

El nacimiento de su propia luz

Los primeros maestros emprenden su tarea:
We are on Earth again.
They tell the others where they have been.
Go along and we will convince you of that.
You see it, the Masters have now been born.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
The first Masters accepted their followers, my brother.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Las primeras almas sienten como se manifiesta la luz en su interior:
The others, to whom the highest consciousness belongs, withdraw for a moment and have a think about everything.
They now know that light comes into this world and they have light.
They are that light!
They take themselves to this revelation!
The light in the astral being comes forward and is happiness.
Is life!
Is love!
Is harmony!
Is joy and happiness!
Is infinitely beautiful!
Is like the universe!
Is also fatherhood and motherhood!
Is also true!
Is in addition the being one with all the life and then the life talks!
Those character traits are now conscious and have come to their lives!
The highest ones already see a wonderful plan.
Yes, they are talking about it, they are meditating about it and they see that form, that becoming conscious, that inspiration and that light coming to them, by means of which the world in which they live becomes luminous, beautiful, pure and is something else than the life there.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Las primeras almas perciben ahora cómo pueden edificar la primera esfera de luz:
They now know that when they serve, their world becomes one large light.
And they now want to try and reach that.
In this way they will get to know the wonders which were created for their lives.
And, that must now be clear to you, my brothers, they will spiritualize their own world, because they got to know the laws of their universe.
Where are they going now?
We will also get to know that.
They now know that lust takes them to the darkness.
They also know that they must help the material being and that human being does not know himself and knows nothing about their personality.
They feel luminous, floating, their life is certain and nothing can disturb that certainty, if they just want to serve.
Carry on thinking about their own life constantly.
And the more people reach awakening, the lighter their world becomes, by means of which the spiritual spheres will be born and we also have to accept for our own life.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Las primeras almas usan ahora las fuerzas básicas de su alma, el “alumbrar y crear”, para conducir su personalidad a la luz:
Now they see that they can conquer the spiritual grades of life and that light lived in them, and is the Divine attunement.
By means of this they freed themselves from the astral darkness and it is for every being, as a result of which their universe awakened.
This is also spiritual giving birth and creating!
But now for the personality.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Entienden que las esferas de luz viven dentro de ellas mismas:
The Spheres of Light live in the human being!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Pero sacar y densificar esa luz en el mundo astral necesitó millones de eras:
Y por fin, después de millones de años, millones de eras —compréndanlo bien— pudieron constatar y decir: “Hemos alcanzado el primer grado para la luz, para la armonía, la realidad de cómo se ha originado todo esto”.
Y esa es, pues, la primera esfera, es la primera armonía, es justicia, amor, es paternidad y maternidad.
Conferencias 1, 1950
En la primera esfera de luz habían alcanzado la armonía con la realidad:
Ya vivimos en la primera esfera, hemos adquirido armonía con la realidad, con la acción, con el pensamiento.
Conferencias 1, 1950
Las esferas de luz más elevadas surgieron infundiendo más alma a sentimientos, pensamientos y actos luminosos:
Pero ¿cómo es que se ha originado ese mundo?
¿Cómo es que surgieron la primera, la segunda, la tercera, la cuarta, la quinta... incluso la séptima esfera?
Pudieron vivir siete grados.
Cada grado recibía animación, cada pensamiento recibía satisfacción, concienciación, vida, alma, maternidad, paternidad.
Tenían que aupar cada pensamiento, cada sensación —y ustedes poseen millones; adelante, detengan los que emitan en un solo segundo, ustedes piensan en continentes en solo un segundo.
Ahora ese pensamiento recibía más sensibilidad, más amor, más armonía, más justicia, más paternidad y maternidad inmaculados.
Iban a hacer que ese organismo se dilatara, ese organismo fue adquiriendo forma.
Cada tejido era animado por el sonido etéreo, inmaculado, espacial, por lo que se originó el universo, toda esta vida.
Empezaron a ver conscientemente que cada pensamiento se convertía en un mundo, que es un espacio y que tiene que representarlo.
Cada pensamiento recibía más sensibilidad, más maternidad, más paternidad y armonía.
Se podía llevar a cada pensamiento a la primera, a la segunda, a la tercera.
Más fuerza, más animación para la segunda, la tercera, la cuarta, la quinta, la sexta, la séptima esfera.
Más intensidad, más conciencia, más sensibilidad, más claridad... claridad inmaculada.
Pudieron vivir y constatar esas leyes porque la vida empezó a revelarse a las vidas de ellos.
Conferencias 1, 1950
Así creció la luz dentro de ellas y a su alrededor:
—Es decir, por medio de cada buena acción que hizo el ser humano en la tierra y en las esferas cambiaron entonces su vida interior, el entorno y sus propias posesiones.
Empezó a haber luz en él, el ser humano despertó en su interior.
Siguieron trabajando en eso.
Así fue creciendo esta luz, y lo percibían a su alrededor.
El ser humano interior empezó a irradiar luz, empezó a despertar y a sentir amor por todo lo que vive.
Cuantas más buenas acciones hacían, tanto más fuerte se hacía esta luz, y ceñía el entorno con sus rayos.
Los hacía feliz la maravillosa sensación de poder hacer algo por los demás.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
El propio ser humano es el creador de esta luz:
Es el momento en que nacen las esferas de luz, y el ser humano se convirtió en el creador de la luz.
El ser humano el creador de la luz, ¿comprendes lo que significa?
En este ser residía esta fuerza, esta imponente verdad.
El ser humano hacía el bien y buscaba lo que lo calentaba interiormente.
Siglos más tarde, este proceso es hizo realidad, porque ¿qué vemos, después de haber avanzado siglos?
A su alrededor empezó a haber luz.
Las cosas buenas que hacían y generaban en la tierra para la humanidad construyeron otro mundo en el espíritu, y se convirtió en las esferas de luz.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939

La Universidad de Cristo

Surge la primera “Orden”:
Under the leadership of the highest beings, for this consciousness, they go further.
The first ‘Order’ emerges.
There are those who overview the laws, and experience their future now.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Se traen a la tierra los primeros inventos:
By serving the life, you see it, one sphere after another reached consciousness.
The Spheres of Light awaken.
The human being has released itself from the unconscious spheres and has began with another life.
They now know that every organism has to represent an own world.
Millions of souls as human beings enter the astral world and the reincarnation goes further.
The human being now already experiences inventions, fire comes, but those are the gifts of the spiritual personality.
They are insignificant wonders for these lives, but more consciousness comes, other technical wonders will follow.
The astral personality looks through an elemental law and will materialize that power.
They must give light to all their spiritual feelings, my brothers, you see it and we experience those laws for our life, and must attune them to higher thinking and feeling.
And that becomes their pure happiness, their life and love!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Cada alma alcanza la primera esfera de luz al vencer las tinieblas en su interior:
The soul as human being conquers the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, she gets life happiness, because she spiritualizes her universe.
And we know those laws.
How did we conquer the Spheres of Light, Master Zelanus?
How did we release ourselves from the darkness, unconsciousness?
We came that far by serving.
We too, and all the life of God has to accept these laws.
By means of this we know how the soul as human being awakens.
These seven unconscious transitions will be conquered and it is only then that the soul will enter the first sphere.
So we have to follow and experience that these first grades of life, despite everything, still did not know any disturbances.
I mean that this unconsciousness is not capable of exceeding the laws of God, because that is also possible.
You know those laws, Master Zelanus.
And soon, but now for a further stage, we want to follow that destruction, however by means of which we establish that the human being for this age was not able to experience that destruction.
The more consciousness which comes, we have to accept that, the deeper the human being sinks away into his own misery.
And the All-Mother did not want that, that is the possession of the human being!
The human being now has to experience seven transitions as an astral personality, before she has spiritualized the Spheres of Light, I mean, that she can experience the first luminous sphere.
They are seven worlds, as the macro cosmos also had to accept, by means of which the secondary planets emerged and all the other life which, as we saw, is now only one organism.
In this way the soul as human being has to spiritualize seven transitions before she is capable of conquering this darkness, which the Bible says are hells.
We also spoke about ‘hells’, but they are the unconscious worlds, before the soul as human being reached the Spheres of Light.
And she has that in her own hands.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
La Orden quiere traer la felicidad y el conocimiento espiritual a la tierra:
We now see that the human being has enriched himself materially.
Cities were founded, technical wonders came about and all of that gave her consciousness and life happiness, joy of life, human happiness.
On the Other Side, people know what Cosmic happiness means and know how to bring that to Earth.
The human being is getting to know God!
The human being reached the Other Side, the Spheres of Light reached consciousness and the Fourth Cosmic grade came into being.
By serving the life, the human being awakened, the human consciousness for the soul originated and that is her love and happiness for the astral world, but that happiness must be brought to the Earth.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
La Universidad de Cristo condujo al ser humano en la tierra hasta los sentimientos y pensamientos humanos:
The Masters descend from the Seventh Sphere, they return to the Earth, the laws of life of which they have experienced; they now give lectures, millions of souls, as children of God, as twin souls, serve.
They serve the life on Earth and on the Other Side, by means of which the Temples emerge and the spiritual-conscious being can begin with the material and spiritual sciences.
What do the Masters want from our life now, my brothers?
They want us to record for the University of Christ that the human being on Earth would never have been able to enter, would never have been able to reach the human consciousness, if the astral personality had not given its own life for this purpose.
They now want us to see and analyze, pass on to the present stage, that it was the Other Side which brought the human being of Mother Earth to the human thinking and feeling; that would never have been possible under the own power.
Now we see, even if the life on the Other Side is progressing fast, that the material being is helped by the spiritual one.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944