On the threshold of half-waking consciousness

One afternoon, a nurse came to see André and requested him to make a diagnosis by means of a portrait.
She showed him a photograph of her fifty-year-old sister.
André took the picture in his hands and sensed how he was getting in touch with the sick woman’s aura of life.
While this happened, something strange took place in his inner being, something he didn’t immediately understand.
Shortly afterwards, he felt himself sinking deeper and deeper; his feeling was being withdrawn a very long way from his day-consciousness.
How strange, he thought.
Whatever could this mean?
He completely submitted to these phenomena, but tried at the same time to fathom the significance of this impact that had hit him with such force.
He perceived how the things that belonged to the earth seemed to be enveloped in a dense haze, like they are at twilight. He was only partly aware of his own life, and now he realized that this had to do with the patient.
However, he would have to wait a little while for his master to tell him the why and wherefore; he could not answer this by himself.
I am no longer conscious, he thinks, it’s just as if I had fallen asleep, I am awake.
I can feel and think, and yet this is not normal; in my day-conscious life I feel different.
Is all this supposed to have something to do with the sick woman?
He has already started to ask questions because he is somewhere, and yet he does not understand his surroundings.
I’ve lost all conception of time; I don’t know whether it is day or night, and everything that is part of life on earth remains hidden from me in a dense haze.
For a long time he ponders and waits because his master hasn’t given him any explanation yet.
All the same, to André this is a very strange phenomenon.
Suddenly, a power came over him that assumed control over his life, and he seemed to feel something.
A moment later he heard his master say:
“Do you sense this condition, this illness, André?”
“No, Master Alcar, I can’t figure it out.
This is completely new to me. I’ve never experienced anything like it.
So I don’t know.”
“What do you feel?” he heard Alcar say.
That’s just it, André thought, I don’t know how to explain this strangeness.
“I’m no longer myself”, he replied.
“Quite right, André. Well said, because this woman is indeed mentally ill, and as far as society is concerned, she has gone mad.”
That startled André.
Was this insanity?
But what exactly is insanity?
Was this woman physically or mentally ill?
The emptiness that has come over me, is that insanity?
This dense haze, he wondered, which shut off his feeling and thinking, his day-consciousness, was that the illness this woman was suffering from?
He could ask numerous questions to which he would like to know the answers, so he asked his spiritual leader:
“Can you do something for this patient, and also explain these phenomena to me?”
“Yes, André”, his master tells him, “that can be done.
I will make this condition clear to you.
We can cure this patient.
Tell her sister to leave that photograph with you ’till tomorrow and assure her that you’re able to heal her sister.
After she has gone I will explain the laws and phenomena of this horrible condition.”
André passes on the message and says: “Your sister can be cured, which means that I can help her.
She’s mentally ill.
Are you aware of her condition?”
“Yes, we’ve been told, even though we don’t understand how she got this way.
Yesterday I met some friends, and they advised me to see you.
However, I must tell you that you’re my last hope; otherwise she’ll have to leave tomorrow for Mechelen, a little town in Belgium.
Maybe they can cure her there.
It is also possible, that we’ll never see her again; we’ve given up hope.”
The nurse continued: “Please sir, don’t build up our hopes unless you are absolutely certain.
It has cost us a fortune up to now, and my sister and I have to take care of her.
We’ve already gone through a great amount of grief and misery because of her.
If this turns into a disappointment too, it’ll ruin our lives.
We can take no more.
I don’t understand the powers you possess, I don’t know who you are or what you are capable of.
But I do ask you not to send me home with hope for recovery if you’re not sure.
We’ve never denied her any help, we’ve tried everything, and now the doctors say that nothing more can be done for her.
Besides, we’re no longer able to look after her at home.
I have my own work to do and my other sister can’t stay at home with her forever.
So we’re worried stiff.
I beg you to tell me the holy truth.
No matter how she is, I don’t want any more disappointments.
So I’m asking you whether you could help her?”
With tearful eyes the nurse looks up at André and waits for him to answer.
Her words touch him deeply.
This is extremely serious; André realizes that a double check is urgently required.
He tells her:
“Wait here a moment, nurse, I’ll tell you right away whether I can help her.”
Once again André needs to consult Master Alcar.
He tunes in to his leader; the spiritual answer for these lives must come from the astral world.
The sanctity of all this misery gets through to him. He knows what he’s up against, it makes him more intent than ever to do his very best, and he readies himself so that he can open up for his master to reach him.
Suddenly he feels himself being drawn up into his master’s world.
André now sinks into a condition he has experienced many times before.
His master has merged with him and he now sees and hears from within that world, he can talk with his master and will receive an unfailing diagnosis.
For him, as the instrument, this is the ultimate moment.
He cannot rise any higher.
This is the absolute limit of the gift that enables him to scan illnesses, make diagnoses and relay his astral messages.
He is now one with his master.
Immediately, Master Alcar speaks to his instrument:
“I have drawn you up into my life to free you from all doubts, so that you can make an unerring diagnosis.
Indeed, you already sensed it, this is a very serious situation and that is why I consider it necessary to give you these pieces of proof, so that tomorrow you can give all you have to help.
Once again, André, she can be cured.
We will heal her.
An astral personality has taken possession of her earthly body.
This woman is possessed as they call this condition on earth, without really knowing what it means.
At present, there is an old man living inside her body and her spirit, someone who is unable to free himself from his earthly life.
I will tell you tomorrow how he managed to overpower this woman.
This is all very deep, but you are acquainted with our life and you know that this is possible.
Now return into your body and tell her that her sister will recover.
Do you hear me, André?”
“Yes, Master, I see and hear you.”
“Well then, she will recover!”
André’s master faded away before his eyes and he felt himself descending into his earthly body; then he woke up and passed the message on to his visitor.
Tears of happiness ran down her cheeks when she received this affirmative answer to her question.
“Oh my God”, she said to André, “how can I thank you?
If this proves true, I’ll be able to pray again because my faith will then be restored.
Oh, if this happens and comes true, what an effect this will have on us.
I’ll tell you honestly that I don’t believe in a God of love anymore because we prayed for many years and nothing helped.
Now I’ll go home quickly to tell the good news to my younger sister.”
The visitor leaves.
André begins to reflect and soon he’s in deep meditation.
The illness of her sister caused her to believe that she had lost her God as well as her faith.
They’ve cried themselves empty and now they have nothing left.
This terrible illness has mangled their lives; it has exhausted and broken them physically and spiritually, and nearly wrecked them completely.
However, there are lots more people just like them.
Millions of beings live on this earth and all those people – he knows this to be a fact – still have to awaken.
Many of them have been broken deep within.
They lost their grip on life, and subsequently they lost their God.
Now they call out: There is no God of Love. After all, how could He possibly allow these things to happen?
“If you can help me, then I’ll believe in a God again; then I can pray again, then, there’ll be happiness and the sun will shine again.” That’s what all these people say, and these thoughts are apparent in the nurse too.
It’s because these people know nothing of the astral laws, André ponders, and because they can’t accept life on earth as it’s given to them.
Yet God is Love!
But how am I going to explain this to them, he wonders.
Would it be possible to draw all these people up into a higher consciousness?
Feelings, faith and love for Him who gave all of Himself. André knows that this is what all these people lack, and what they must master if they want to learn the astral laws that determine their own existence; and if they want to hold their own during their stay on earth that has thus far beaten them up and knocked them down.
Their God is now a God of misery, a God who has taken everything away from them, and they have therefore ceased to love Him.
That’s what human beings are like when they are unaware of eternal life and the purpose of their existence on earth.
This woman who nursed the sick ranked amongst them, in this way she showed she was unconscious.
This unconsciousness was noticeable in her personality, since those who have lost their God show no radiance.
These people are lifeless, pitiable, and uninspired; they are poor and awkward. When human beings strive for the truth – and it’s the truth that harbours strength and the belief in God –they are able to move mountains.
What André sees and experiences now is the destitute quality of the human personality.
This poor vision grants him nothing but misery and human wretchedness, worse than any illness, no matter how mercilessly it may undermine the body.
When this kind of person – as he learned from Master Alcar – gives up his life and refuses to remain a link in the mighty chain, when this human child surrenders itself to crying and gnashing of teeth and is weighed down by it, then it feels as if it’s been knocked down for good.
This soul has now been thrown clear of divine harmony.
What can I say to her?
She no longer hears or feels; she has been consciously crushed, tested and found wanting before her God, who, in spite of everything, still is love!
How, André wonders, can I convince her that she’s destroying herself and shutting herself off from the spiritual spheres of light?
He tunes in to his master.
His soul and personality crave for knowledge; they yearn for it and will never be satisfied.
His master is waiting for him and tells his beloved instrument:
“These people have seen lots of sorrow, but now they will find happiness again.
The God of love has sent her to us, André, because God loves all His children.
If she had not been able to receive this help, then the soul as a personality would have become subjected to its astral laws, its own cause and effect.
Usually it wants nothing more to do with these things, because it claims its right to live.
Let us be thankful that we are allowed to do this work, and to restore the belief in our Father in her and in others.
This is now possible!
But think of all those who in spite of everything, go to ruin, and have lost their belief in God.
Why are they destroyed during their lifetime on earth?
These people no longer see a way out; they succumb to their sorrows.
However, I taught you the purpose of life on earth, and showed you that a God of love does indeed exist, although material existence may be terrible for many human beings.
I showed you the life of Lantos (see the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’) to teach you that everything can be brought back to cause and effect, the result of deeds performed in former lives; you have got to learn the corresponding spiritual laws.
I took you with me to unknown regions, to the hells and the heavens; I lectured and taught you to understand life on earth, and to accept it.
No one living on earth can say of himself: “I do not belong here.”
And, by the same token, not a single soul, which God created, can ever be destroyed.
Not a single soul dwells on earth without it being known on this side why he or she is on earth.
I am telling you, no one on earth is aware of his own past that lies buried deep inside of him, including all the illnesses and miseries, which would not happen if he had not caused this himself. However, the soul as a human being must learn to make up for the wrong it once brought about.
These are God’s holy laws, but for the soul as a human being it is the own cause and effect.
If a person lives his life on earth in grief and sorrow, he still has no right to damn his God.
When the human soul as a personality is in harmony with infinity, then nothing will be able to influence it, and it will be safeguarded against physical evil, illness, misery and grief.
Such a person can no longer become influenced.
Anyone who does not possess this spiritual certainty will be open to the astral forces and laws of darkness, and could then become possessed by a being of darkness.
And that is what happened to this woman.
An astral personality has now taken possession of this life.
This being forcibly took control of the earthly human being and that is what caused all these phenomena to appear.
This time it is a woman, André, but men too can be influenced in this way, and this is how the dark astral world indulge on earth.
Usually these people are committed to an institution, as they have completely lost their bearings in our society.
The depth of these spiritual conditions is unfathomable to science, and our help is not accepted yet, although we are the only ones who can make this misery disappear.
In this case it is an old man who wriggled himself into her aura and was then trapped there; he is no longer able to vanish out of her life, even if he wanted to.
Listen carefully to what I am going to tell you, André.
This woman is a person, who lived a quiet earthly life, but she had her longings, she wanted, like others, to have a home of her own and all those other earthly pleasures that mean happiness to many people.
However, that happiness did not come her way.
She longed to possess, but fortunately, this did not include having children, otherwise, it would have been impossible to help her, as this kind of desire would have had a more profound influence on her soul.
Her life was as calm as a millpond; no tempest ever disturbed the peace of her soul.
She lived in a dream, accepted everything, but continued to yearn for that one thing, the happiness that is, after all, in store for everyone.
She leads a quiet life, but had she not borne this quietness within, she would have attuned herself to the passions and the violence of the astral world.
Of course, this is all very simple and understandable, but life on earth is generally not aware of it and acts under astral influence.
However, her quiet, steady personality did not attract that conscious passion, and so she saved herself a great amount of misery and brutal violence.
In spite of her childlike nature, she still fell into the hands of the astral world.
Deep inside her lies the longing for a home and more specifically, to experience the tasks of a housewife.
The conscious evil from the astral world of darkness would have turned her wild and inhuman, and she would have been locked up.
However, she had been kept under the supervision of her sisters and proved to be fit for normal life.
It is the longing for passion that plunges the soul as a human being into the deepest grade of insanity.
She generally remains composed in her condition, although she may suddenly become rebellious and then there is no holding her.
At that moment, her positive character traits and the calmness of her personality smother those rebellious feelings.
A human being, André – you know these laws – protects himself against total destruction.
This woman cannot sink any deeper and will remain in an unconscious condition.
This lies on the border of half-waking consciousness, because the astral person dwells in her day-consciousness and thereby he destroyed her life.
Accordingly, this woman is being lived by another personality.
These are also the grades of life of this illness and the depths of the unfathomable human soul, as you’ve come to know them through trance and human sleep.
I was allowed to show you all these laws, so that you are now able to follow me.
This patient dwells within the third grade of human consciousness, but sometimes she returns to her own day-consciousness when she talks and acts like any other human being.
In this condition she is herself for a short while, but it only means that the astral person has released his hold on her for a brief period or has himself fallen asleep.
If she now activates and animates her desires, it will awaken him; he will once more wriggle himself into her realms of thought and act on his own accord.
At that moment, her personality changes and she talks gibberish, a language not known on earth, but which belongs to the life of the spirit, where this astral personality has to live because he has died on earth.
Do you understand how deep all this is, André?
How far her spirit is removed from daily life, and that she will get better when we eject this spirit, this astral human being, from her aura of life?
As soon as these spiritual disturbances vanish, she will return to her normal way of thinking and feeling, and she will feel completely healthy again.
There is a gaping chasm in her inner life, and it was the astral personality who caused this.
That is her condition and her illness; on earth, we call it madness.
Is all this clear to you?
Tomorrow I will come back to this to clarify all these laws and forces to you.
So, go over to her now, I will be with you to tell you what to do.”
André was alone again and all this misery made him shiver.
Everything his leader had told him was profound.
But what did man on earth know about this?
Hadn’t science made enough progress yet to know these secrets, the powers of the person who had died on earth?
What did people know about life after death?
He, as his master’s instrument, had come to know the life of the spirit.
He had been allowed to experience the hells and the heavens, and a God of love had been revealed to him in the spheres of light.
He could therefore accept these laws too, and he understood that his master would explain new, unknown laws and forces to him. He had just sensed how real these were.
The next morning, he set out early to visit his patient.
Her sister met him at the door and took him over to her.
That night she had been very restless and had hardly slept.
“It’s unbearable”, the nurse said, “this has got to stop.”
André entered the room.
He became aware that his master was at his side, so he knew he could rely on Alcar.
The patient was sitting at the table and gave him a penetrating look; in her eyes lay madness.
It was a power that overwhelmed him.
‘Dying people can look like that’, André thought, ‘it happens when the spirit is about to leave the physical body.’ It was something he had seen and experienced in many instances.
There was a plate with a few sandwiches in front of her; she was busy stuffing her mouth in a most uncouth way.
Her manner of eating was more like the noisy guzzling of a hungry animal.
She didn’t take her eyes off him, and while she was eating, she was asking herself who that person was who had just come in.
Then she bent her head and her look froze, but she continued eating in the same position.
André sat down close beside her so that he could see her face, but she continued to stare straight ahead and all of a sudden she stopped eating.
All of a sudden she said:
“What do you want?
Who are you?
I want food, I must have food, I’m starving.
I want to eat!” she suddenly shouted. “Eat, eat!
I’m hungry, hungry!”
She sent a torrent of words cascading over him about food and wanting to eat.
Her sister wept and her younger sister who was also present ran out of the room.
Totally insane, André thought, she asks for food while she’s busy eating, but she’s not aware of it.
Now he understood this patient, although he couldn’t quite fathom the total depth of it.
A lot of it was already clear to him.
With her mouth still stuffed, she began to scream again.
What a horrible illness this is, it’s a riddle to me, he thought.
His master would have to explain these laws to him.
At this moment, he heard Master Alcar say:
“And yet this riddle is not too deep for us on this side to solve and explain it.
By ‘us’ I mean the human beings who live on this side and have shed their earthly life, and who are now conscious that they continue to live on forever.
You have to act unexpectedly.
Listen: Treat only her head with your radiant energy and try to calm her down, concentrate on your own life in order to draw her up into your life, I will help you with that;
I, from this side, and you from on earth.
We will both focus the power of our feelings upon her realm of thought and force this astral human to leave her.
Pray while you treat her and ask God to help you.
A great deal of power is necessary to evict him from her aura.
Look and watch, André.”
André now saw a man inside of her, and this being sensed what they intended to do to him.
The patient wanted to leave, but immediately André was at her side.
He took her head between his hands and with a soft tone in his voice he said to her:
“You must be very quiet, please keep calm, I’ve come to help you, I mean you no harm.”
The patient sat down and allowed him to continue.
‘Thank God,’ André thought, ‘you won’t get away from me now.’
While he prayed and concentrated, he felt that her will was weakening.
Around him, he saw a very bright light and he felt and recognized this light, which was acting upon her.
This light was his master’s.
After having prayed, he saw how the astral spirit was doing its utmost to prevent his prey from escaping, but he could also see that the being had no chance against their combined forces.
He saw the astral person sinking down into an inexplicable depth, and now he was no longer able to force his own consciousness upon her.
At this moment, the sick person was under their control.
André knew now that she could be cured. That short yet intense impact had already brought about a change in her.
However, the astral spirit came back, and again she tried to free herself.
“Be still now”, André said to her in a soothing tone, “just keep calm, I won’t hurt you.”
She was still being attacked, as the astral spirit had lived in this material body for so many years, and if it were taken away from him, then life on earth as a spirit would be over for him.
Her entire body was shaking and she uttered cries of fear.
André felt that a violent struggle was going on, and he clearly saw the astral spirit who was squeezing himself back into the woman’s aura to dominate her inner life.
‘My God,’ he thought, ‘how awful these beings are.’
Her sisters were looking on with cold sweat on their faces.
The younger one, who was standing close beside him, looked up at him.
In her eyes, he read understanding.
“Do you feel”, André asked her, “that she’s getting better?”
She nodded.
“Then pray, but pray with all your heart, with your entire feeling, and thank God for this power and mercy.”
The younger sister apparently hadn’t lost her faith yet, and she knelt down.
The other sister, the one who had come to see him, submitted completely, and prayers now rose up from her heart.
It gave André a happy feeling, first of all for the sake of this poor woman, but even more for her who had received her God, her faith back, everything that makes a person hold his own on earth.
The poor patient now entrusted herself fully to him, and all these combined forces threw the astral spirit off balance, he couldn’t hold out against this power.
The patient however had fallen asleep under André’s hands.
She was exhausted, but this influence gave her rest.
She opened her eyes when he stopped treating her and gave him a penetrating look.
Something in her eyes had changed, they radiated warmth and consciousness, which hadn’t been present before the treatment.
“You see”, André said, “that I’m not hurting you at all?”
There was still no point in asking her how she felt, she wasn’t aware of her own life yet.
However, he noticed a change and that gave him great satisfaction.
He had treated her for half an hour and he felt dead-tired, as if he had been completely drained dry of all his vital powers.
‘But that doesn’t matter’, he thought, ‘I’ll soon get my strength back, and then I’ll be able to help others again.’
The patient got ready to go back to her own room, and was accompanied by her sister; this time André let her go.
He would come back the next day.
Her sister brought her to her room and soon returned to him and said: "It is amazing, because when she is in this state, then she can no longer be stopped.
She throws her food and drink around, she swears, raves and scolds and remains upset for days.
This didn’t happen today, she kept calm.
Oh, if there’s a cure for her after all, how grateful I would be to God!”
“Above all, you must remain calm and collected now”, André told her, “and one of you must stay with her.
There’s already a change for the better, which is quite amazing.
In any case, she’s not to go to Mechelen tomorrow; for the time being, she stays with you.
She can be healed, keep that in mind and pray; I’ll help you.
I’ll be back tomorrow.”
The younger sister, who had gone to check the patient, returned and said: “She’s asleep, sir, and her sleep is deep.
That’s remarkable too.
Oh, if she were to get better after all!”
André understood her great happiness; to her it was a miracle.
It was a mercy from God that human powers on earth could make these illnesses disappear.
Science is already convinced that these powers lie dormant in man.
That humans possess the gift to return into the earthly human body as astral beings, that is something our learned men cannot and will not accept yet.
If he succeeded in curing her, and he had no more doubt about that, then he would be able to convince them.
What a lot of suffering and misery would then be ended.
He bade them farewell until the next morning.
‘How extraordinary’, he thought, ‘she had been about to leave for an institution, where she would never have got out again.
A monster, a spiritual figure, was keeping her prisoner, maybe even until her death.
How long would she still have to live?
Imagine that she would live to be seventy or eighty.
All those years in such a terrible condition!
How horrible, what a terrible life hers would be.’
He left to visit several other sick people, and when he returned home his leader, Alcar, made contact with him.
“Is there any progress, Alcar?” was the first thing he asked.
“Yes, my boy, she will get better, but she is not free yet.
Rest assured that the astral human being cannot lay his hands on her again, but he is not yet able to free himself either.
I have told my helpers to stay and watch over her.
She has a dense haze of spiritual power all around her being now, so that the astral man cannot take possession of her again, to influence her completely.
That spiritual force will stay until tomorrow, and then will we irradiate her again.
The power of that astral being will then slowly yield and her aura will tear apart, which will weaken his power over her, and in the end it will break down.
Then she will regain control over her body where she was tormented for so many years, and her thinking and feeling will get back to normal again.
She will then understand that she is living on earth, a condition we call day-consciousness.”
“But how is this possible, Alcar? Why did that astral spirit pick or meet her of all people, and why would he want to in the first place?”
“That’s a great and profound problem, but I will try and explain it to you.
People like these are all more or less mediumistic, and they can therefore be reached.
You have already known for quite some time that we, on this side, can link up with individuals on earth.
This spirit belongs to the darkness, but still possesses vital power.
He is not a bad spirit who goes around committing murder and destruction; all he wants, as I told you before, is to live on earth, he does not feel happy in the darkness on this side.
His life is cold and terrible.
There is a longing in all these people; they want to possess in order to warm themselves.
All these beings find those possessions on earth.
It is the physical human being with whom they merge entirely.
Is this clear to you?”
“Yes, Alcar.”
“If you understand this, then it will also be obvious to you that he is not only destroying someone else’s life, he is also bringing his own development to a standstill, and he will have to make up for all this.
He died on earth a long time ago and then entered this life.
He was told to start a different, higher life, but he did not want to.
He preferred to be on earth, and was aware of his powers that allowed him to do so, he went looking for a person on earth. He found that in this woman.
Had there been passion in him and had she been open to these desires, then she too would have belonged to these animal-like beings.
You surely feel that this form of insanity is too deep to be fathomed on earth, and that it is almost impossible to help these beings.
If it is in a person’s character to want to possess and to live it up, then he is beyond help.
We too are powerless in the face of such traits of character.
These people cannot be changed because they do not want to change.
But here, in our case, there is peace. The astral spirit wants to be on earth to live a human life again.
All he longs for is to possess a wife, and as her feelings corresponded with his inner being he was able to make contact.
She is not evil, nor can she be called good.
You know these people.
There are many of them on earth whose emotions cannot be aroused, they are living dead.
They have no depth, no deep longings, they only wish for the things that are part of their daily life; they are content with anything.
What others want does not get through to them.
It is just that they neither know nor have those longings.
They have no turbulence within; they are neither awake nor asleep.
Yet, deep down she yearned for a home of her own with a husband who cared for her and loved her.
However, this did not happen.
So her youth passed by on earth, although the longing remained.
She asked and begged, even kept on yearning, and reached this age.
But she remained alone.
Her spirit is still asleep, yet it is awake and conscious in this sole respect.
Were you able to follow me, André?”
“Yes, Alcar.”
“Splendid, but there is more.
Listen: I see several scenes, amongst others that she is staying with her sisters, and they see that she is changing.
It is there that the astral spirit found her and took possession of her inner life.
He was the one who forced her to go away.
Her begging for a home of her own became very intense, which is not at all strange for people on earth, but it was forced upon her by some other will, some other power.
It was the astral spirit who wanted to possess this, and that is why she wished to go away, far, far away from the city.
She wanted to get away from all those people, but he was the one who urged this upon her.
However, I will first have to explain a few other conditions and feelings to you before I can go into this in greater detail.
So listen carefully to what I am about to say, André: The astral human being found her, and forced his way into her aura.
Once you have become entangled, it is extremely hard to free yourself from this side, unless you possess the appropriate knowledge and powers.
Now it was her own will that prevented him from leaving, even if he himself had wanted to.
However, her feelings and his matched.
She hankered after a man, and since none came her way, this was the spirit’s chance to take possession of her earthly organism.
It was her own will that held him captive.
Once the connection has been established, the process of merging with and taking possession of another condition is initiated.
Her strong will, that attracted him and held him like a magnet, together with his own will and desire to live on earth made them feel completely one.
But his will dominated hers, so that she sank back into an unconscious condition.
Slowly but surely, she went to ruin.
He overruled her will and desires; there is no other way to influence another person.
Only in this way could she be made to merge with him.
This is her will and longing, and these are the forces that drew him to her, but these also gave him the chance to reach her.
It’s obvious what happened next.
The first phenomena that I see and feel are those I have already described.
She suddenly wanted to go and live in the country and have her own home.
After lengthy deliberations, the sisters gave in.
I see her surrounded by stillness, far away from her former residence.
They thought that the move would be beneficial to her health. However, had they known at the time what really ailed her, and had they not allowed her to move, she would not have sunk so deeply, and he could never have merged completely with her.
However, man on earth simply cannot oversee these consequences.
Only we, here in our world, are acquainted with these powers and forces.
A psychologist on earth cannot fathom these forces, he would need to be clairvoyant.
Besides, he would have to accept the fact that life is eternal, and become linked up with the earthly forces which the mediums possess.
Then he would be able to see through all these phenomena and determine them as far as they reach. As I already said, you can check this tomorrow, she got her own little home, and that piece of property became her downfall.
So I repeat: no one saw anything strange in her desire for this property.
But I see many things that made them sense and realize that they were dealing with an abnormal person.
However, this was something her sisters, who went to visit her now and then, could not accept.
In the meantime, her life had changed to such an extent that people began to see a completely different person in her, but it did not stop at that.
She sometimes talked for hours and uttered complete nonsense to anyone who would lend her an ear.
Her eyes began to get a dazed look, while her inner life seemed absent, and everyone who knew her began to consider her abnormal.
Even so, she did not do any bad things, I definitely did not see nor feel anything of the kind.
At last, they consulted a physician, but he was at a loss what to do.
Tomorrow you can ask them what other strange things she did, André, and if anything is unclear to you, I will explain.”
Alcar left and many things had now become clear to André.
The next morning he ran into new problems.
He was taken to her bedroom.
She was sitting on the edge of her bed staring straight ahead.
André stood in the doorway and fathomed her inner being.
A change had come over her.
Her face looked livelier and the frenzy of the previous day had vanished.
Apparently, that one treatment had already worked wonders.
She looked ten years younger.
The old features had disappeared, her eyes were bright, and her mouth had lost that cruel twist.
A few seconds passed.
Suddenly, she saw him and said: “What do you want?
Out of my room, go on, hurry up! Out!”
Her sister shushed her and told her: “Be still now, that’s the doctor who has come to help you.
He did do you a lot of good, didn’t he?
Come on now and sit down quietly.”
She reacted sharply to this and said: “That’s no doctor, you’re lying.”
André sensed the significance of her words.
No, he was no doctor, but how did she know?
How could she be so certain that he wasn’t a doctor?
Again, she said: “Get out of my room!
Quick, hurry up, get out! I want to be alone.”
Yet another problem, he thought.
How did she know that this was her room?
What made her suddenly feel at home?
Where did this idea of wanting to be alone come from?
He asked her sister: “Did she know before I came that this was her room?”
“No, because she was no longer unaware of her surroundings.
We now feel that she’s making progress, although she’s more rebellious than ever.
She used to have spells like that before, and this tells me that she’s herself again.”
André tuned in to his master and received an immediate reply.
“Did I not tell you’, he heard, “that she is mediumistic.
She sees, hears, and feels.
All these beings are more or less mediumistic, otherwise, they would be out of reach, and no spirit could ever influence them or merge with them.
There are thousands of situations where people are influenced from this side.
In this case however, there is progress.
Act as abruptly as you did yesterday.
André came a little closer, but she wanted nothing to do with this.
Nonetheless, he needed to treat her.
All of a sudden she jumped up, went over to a corner of the room, and looked at him threateningly.
“Try to trick her”, he heard Alcar say, “go and sit on her bed.”
André did what his master told him and sat down on her bed.
She reacted immediately and called out: “Get off, you!”
In two jumps, she was beside him, and he did what she wanted.
“Sorry, I beg your pardon, I’m already on my way, I won’t bother you any longer.”
Her sister began to cry, but this too was merely pretence to change her mood.
The patient now looked from her sister to André, and sat down again on the bed.
‘Now I must act’, he thought.
He said to her:
“I’m not going to do anything to you, so be still now.”
The patient remained on the bed and allowed him to treat her.
André felt an enormous power surging up in him.
Again, he had her in his power and he felt that she had calmed down.
Her nerves relaxed and she collapsed, utterly exhausted.
Are you in a trance, André was thinking, or is this sleep?
He immediately heard his master say:
“She is now in half-trance, André.
Her inner life is now coming to our aid, because her spirit is under our control.
Were this not so, believe me, we would not have been able to help her either.”
André then exerted intense influence on her, and thanked God for this blessing.
He sensed that there were many things she was becoming increasingly aware of.
When he had to stop she was asleep, and he went to another room.
He fell into a chair, totally exhausted.
He now wanted to ask her sister a few questions, because a lot had happened to the patient.
“Tell me”, he began, “has it been a long time since you saw her like this?”
“That’s correct. She used to be as she is now, but not as domineering.
She already remembers many things.
She had no recollection at all of her room or of having gone to bed, nor of her daily interests, and activities.”
“How did this illness show itself?
Do you remember?”
“Yes, I remember that very well.
We’ll never forget it.
The three of us were living in a different house.
As you know, my sister and I are in nursing, and she’s our elder sister.
Our father and mother died a long time ago.
She has never been strong, and so we decided that she would do the housekeeping.
Everything went wonderfully well, and for several years, we were quite happy.
Then came a time when she seemed to us to be very nervous and we consulted our family doctor.
He said that she had somewhat overexerted herself, that was all.
He prescribed a tonic for her and didn’t visit again.
She remained overwrought; in fact, she grew worse.
Once more, we consulted our doctor, and again she got some medicine, but that didn’t help either.
After that she went for a complete check-up, but he found nothing wrong.
She said it herself, she wasn’t sick.
She was indeed quite normal in everything she did.
This went on for about two years, until she wanted to move to the country.
We decided to move, but there, in that new house, she was just as restless.
In the meantime, her condition worsened and we were at a complete loss what to do.
We put the blame on the house and moved again.
We only spent a few months in that house, because she made things impossible for us.
We didn’t realize that her illness was very much worse than the phenomena seemed to show, and we went on to yet another house, namely this one, where we’ve been living for several years now.
Yet, she continued to make life impossible for us.
Another medical examination showed nervous exhaustion and over-exertion.
She wanted to go to the country, and when the doctor also advised us to let her go, we decided to put ourselves out and spend the last of our savings, if only she would get better.
But before we did that we called in the opinion of some specialists who were also in favour of sending her to the country.
We sacrificed the money we had saved,; but first tried to discourage her.
I then asked her: ‘Why can’t you find peace and quiet here, why must you go to the country?
We really do need you here very much.’
‘You must stand on your own legs’, she retorted short and snappy, ‘and I want to stand on mine too.
You take care of yourself, just as I do.’
‘But’, we asked, ‘who will take care of you?’
That offended her, and we thought that maybe we had been rude, and left it at that.
Then she got her own little home.
Somewhere near Gouda we found one that would suit her.
We still couldn’t understand why she had left us, because there was nothing in her behaviour that seemed extraordinary to us.
And so she had spent quite some time on her own when the misery started.
We became very worried because she acted so strangely and she wasn’t at all pleased when we came to visit her.
She acted as if we were of no concern to her at all, which we couldn’t understand.
‘Isn’t she satisfied yet?’ my sister asked and it hurt both of us deeply.
But when the time would come for us to leave, she talked nineteen to the dozen and it again made us feel sorry that we had been thinking in that way.
Whenever we were about to go home she was glad, but when we arrived, something came over her that we didn’t understand.
I asked myself what it could be, but I couldn’t figure it out.
A short time afterwards we saw that she had grown much and much older.
I told my sister, ‘This neighbourhood doesn’t do her any good either.’
We stayed away from her for a few months and the next time we came to visit her she seemed to us to have turned into an idiot.
Imagine, she looked just like a witch!
She looked at us in surprise and asked what we wanted.
I was astounded and grieved, and I understood that she had gone completely insane.
When we asked around in the neighbourhood, we found that everyone thought she was mad.
However, later on, we discovered that some days she seemed to be quite normal.
But the strange thing was that she had taken over male characteristics, and that there was nothing feminine left in her.
She was dishevelled and dirty, and the house was a shambles.
All her beautiful things were neglected.
We were told that for days on end she just sat there pondering.
She would stay rooted to the same spot for hours with a faraway look on her face, just staring into empty space.
She said that everything was dark and gloomy, nowhere was there any light.
Then there was that cold all the time!
We had noticed before that she let the fire in the stove burn far too high, but she took no notice when we pointed it out.
She didn’t accept anything we said.
She did exactly what she wanted.
There was always a stifling heat in her room, which we couldn’t bear for more than ten minutes.
At times, she flew into a sudden, terrible rage.
This went on for quite a while, and we took measures and arranged for another medical examination.
As I said before, it appeared that everyone in the neighbourhood thought she was mad.
She asked people whether they had any light, she insisted on light.
She talked more of that gibberish, but we didn’t understand a single word.
It became clear to us that she didn’t even know she was alive.
If you asked an ordinary question you either received an inadequate reply, or a wrong one.
A two year-old child would have given a better answer.
I was sure that she had completely lost her memory. Whenever we paid her a visit, we found food leftovers everywhere, in every corner.
Large hunks of bread lay scattered all over the place.
I could go on like this for hours, but what’s that to you?
I don’t want to remind myself how that poor woman has suffered.
But now, since yesterday, she can think again.
I talked with her all day long, and she gave me clear answers.
However, when I asked her about events that had happened twenty years ago, she wasn’t yet able to recall them.
Yet, I’ve had some curious talks with her.
She asked me unexpectedly: ‘How long have we been living in this house?’
I said: ‘Why do you ask?’
I told her, and I waited to see what she would answer, but she sank into deep thought.
Then she shook her head and left, only to return shortly afterwards to ask again: ‘Wherever have both of you been all this time?
Why did you leave me behind on my own?’
You can imagine how surprised I was to hear her put these questions.
After all, it certainly wasn’t us who had left her behind.
I answered: ‘We didn’t leave you behind, you insisted on being on your own.’
She withdrew into deep thought again, sat down beside me and continued to look at me sweetly, like a child, which moved me intensely.
Then she suddenly said: ‘Father and mother know that I’m not to blame for this.’
Surprised, I looked at her.
Every word she spoke was a miracle to me, because I felt I was talking to my sister of long ago.
I embraced her and we both cried for a long time. It did me a world of good.
She then went away and I remained behind alone.
But after a while she returned and began to ask questions again.
‘Wherever have I been all this time?’ she asked.
‘You mean to say that neither of you left me behind?
Then who made me leave you?
Why did I have to go there all alone?’
Now this put me completely at a loss.
Was she turning into her former self again?
Was she completely oblivious of all her wanderings?
It was she who had wanted to go to the country, although we had tried to dissuade her.
Do you happen to know, sir, what all this means?
Can you give me an explanation?
She told me even more: ‘I’m not as cold anymore, it’s wonderful that summer is coming.’
It’s September now, so winter is on its way!
She went on, ‘Now the days will be getting longer again, and the sun is shining too.
Marvellous, this light!
I’m so glad that I’m here again.
But then why did you send me away?’
Again, that question about sending her away, which I didn’t understand.
‘Dear child.’ I said, ‘it was you who wanted to move away.’
‘Me?’ she asked surprised, ‘that’s not true.
You sent me to the country, both of you, I didn’t want to go.
What does all this mean, please tell me what this means”, her sister asked André.
“Do you know?”
André now tuned in to Alcar and soon made contact.
In this condition, he began to see, and he told her what he saw.
“She was not the one who wanted to go to the country”, he began, “it was a spirit.
This being took possession of her, and she acted according to his wishes; she had to act.
So she was not herself in anything she did.
She is now asking why she was sent to the country, because she is beginning to find her own self back again, whereas previously she was constantly fulfilling the will of another personality.
It is sad, yet this could have taken a much more tragic end.
As she is regaining her full consciousness, she now puts these questions to you.
All her memories are coming back to her, and as you said, she can already recall quite a lot from years ago.
I find it miraculous myself, and I am very pleased that she is getting better and has already got this far.
Talk with her often and stay calm under all circumstances.
Try to make her recall things from the past as much as possible, conjure up things that she knows and has experienced.
Especially things that she dearly loved.
All that will help her to get back into her own life.”
“But can you explain all those strange things to me?”
André tuned in to Alcar again and heard his leader say: “The fact that she wanted so much food and scattered it around was the wish of the astral spirit.
Every spirit that lives in darkness is hungry and longs for the things he used to have on earth.
That coldness also belongs to his inner life, as does his search for light.
To earthly standards, she talked gibberish, but spiritually it is the pure truth, something that is not known on earth.
She was no longer in her own earthly body; he, the astral spirit, dominated every situation.
She neglected everything, as this spirit did not have complete control over her, and so she did her daily work in a half-waking condition, causing disorder, and dirt.
Compare this situation with yourself, André.
You have been granted certain gifts, and these gifts give us the opportunity to use your organism.
However, we bring the message of life everlasting, and we will only merge with you when we want to make use of your gifts.
We take care in every way that nothing will disturb you.
But in this case, an unconscious being took possession of her body, which it neither knew nor understood.
Accordingly, he merged with various aspects in her.
Nevertheless, she was conscious in others, where her powers surpassed his, and her normal self prevailed.
When an astral spirit takes full possession of a human being, the latter will irrevocably come to grief if he does not harbour any higher feelings, which stand for possession in the spirit.
In her, these feelings were alive, and she therefore dwelt between two worlds, namely the life of the spirit on this side, and her own life on earth.
Hundreds of people have been robbed of their earthly life in this way.
We know how to cure these illnesses.
These laws have been revealed to us, though only after we reached the higher spheres ourselves.
A spirit of darkness, in other words the human being who neither possesses light nor has knowledge of all these laws, perishes and causes disharmony in the human body and in the spiritual life.
As I said before, André, her own powers protected her from total ruin.
An astral spirit of a lower attunement could not have taken possession of her; otherwise, she would have had to accept an animal-like way of life.
However, the spirit who lived inside of her did not harbour these traits and longings either.
They merged together due to a longing from her side, and the wish from his side to possess in order to escape his dark and cold life.
When you understand all this, you will feel the depth of this condition, and yet people on earth who have the gifts of clairvoyance and healing can solve this problem.
All we did was to remove him from her aura.
This condition is called insanity or possession.
How did she come to deserve this and why all this misery?
I could fill entire volumes on this theme, and yet I can explain it in a few sentences.
You must realize that we are on earth to learn, and to experience cause and effect.
A certain consequence in her life is caused by a former deed for which she now has to make amends.
All this is profound, because this life, this event has to do with the past where it found its attunement.
Centuries ago – I can see this and explain it to you – she did the very same thing.
She too, destroyed someone else’s life.
However, today she is no longer aware of this, and it is a blow to her.”
“But do others have to suffer because of this?”
“That too, is cause and effect.
They too have to make good.
I tell you and all who want to listen to me that nothing, nothing at all happens without it being a law, and more specifically, one of God’s holy laws.
Nothing can happen, terrible and brutal though it may be, without it being cause and effect and having bearing on this law, the most powerful law we know.
All those cares, all that battle, all that grief, they were not without a purpose.
They have all gained knowledge, and when the healing process begins, they owe that to their great Father.
Just feel how profound everything is, since it all means love, feel how it is God who watches over all His children, but bear in mind that you are making up for something.
Whatever you experience, whatever is done to you, whatever you meet, everything is subject to spiritual laws.
Good or bad, it all has meaning.
If all you encounter is good, then you have advanced far enough for evil to stay well away from you, and you belong to the fortunate ones, to the strong ones, indeed to those who are ready to enter the spheres of light.
But who can say this of himself?
Who is free of sins?
Who knows his past and who is acquainted with his former lives?
And yet, my children, all this is part of it, and the past dissolved because of it.
This woman also experienced what she once inflicted on others.
Those who have gained happiness, and who are doing something for others and are aware of this, are busy acquiring spiritual possession.
Thank God from the depth of your heart, pray often, and try to build a new, strong faith for yourself.
God does not allow a single child to suffer after everything has been made up for.
Only God knows all His children, He knows that they have destroyed others.
It is man himself who locks himself out of a higher life and asks: ‘Why and wherefore all this grief?’ but he does not know himself.
However, one day you will get to know yourself.
Then you will accept everything, whatever it may be, and bow your head deeply.
Then you will beg to be forgiven, and to be allowed to make up for things.
But you will do more, because you will then go down into the spheres of darkness to support and assist your brothers and sisters who live there.
You will be ready and willing to perform the heaviest task that is placed on your shoulders, and no longer will you ask: ‘Why must we suffer so much, we surely have not done anything wrong?’
No, then you will know and feel that God is omnipotent, and that He guides all His children towards the only path that leads upwards, towards the spheres of light, to your and our eternal life.
Now continue your treatment, André, she will soon be better.”
This time André left with a warm-hearted goodbye.
They all were overjoyed.
A major problem had been solved for him thanks to Master Alcar, as only his leader could pass this truth on to him.
‘A beautiful morning,’ André thought, ‘because I was allowed to convince these people too of a life that continues forever.
Now their life will change, and the patient will never again come under such an influence, because now she has been set free forever.’
He was becoming acquainted with spiritual wonders which people on earth know nothing about. If they knew, they would accept eternal life.
But nobody wanted to – science was not as advanced as that.
Next morning he found his patient in an extraordinary condition.
She was already able to think back to her tenth year.
She could recall everything that had happened during that period.
All day long, she had asked questions and her sisters had stayed with her to watch this wonder unfold.
It was as if she had risen from the dead.
A new life now opened up before her.
When André entered, she greeted him in a very friendly way and sat down for her treatment.
She now willingly allowed him to treat her, and it did her good.
“It soothes me”, she told him.
Remarkable how she has changed, André thought.
She was still feeling very tired but that fatigue would also rapidly disappear, as her physical condition was normal.
This time she didn’t fall asleep, but remained fully aware of everything.
He sensed and understood this too.
She would soon be fully recovered, as her material body already had the strength to assimilate his fluid radiance.
The first treatments had put her to sleep.
At that time, her nervous system didn’t offer the slightest resistance.
Now however, her physical strength was returning, because her spiritual organism was in control of the physical body and these were merging together again.
Therefore, the spiritual disorder had been lifted.
She left as soon as the treatment was over, and he discussed her condition with her sisters.
“I could stop at this point”, André said, “but I’ll treat her just once more.
There is no longer any need for her to go to Mechelen, as she is cured.”
“Words”, they told him, “fail us.
You’ve done so much for us, how can we thank you and how can we make it up to you?”
“You don’t need to do anything, there’s nothing to make up for.
Be grateful and thank God, as my leader Alcar told you.
That’s all you need to do.”
When he arrived the next day, she answered the door herself.
André looked at her and she smiled back at him, she was very happy.
Thankfulness shone out to him.
A wonder had happened to her.
Those few treatments had enabled her to think consciously again; around her and in her there was restfulness.
It was unbelievable, but it had to be accepted.
His great leader Alcar had cured her.
He stayed to talk for a while after the treatment, because he wouldn’t be returning here again.
Alcar told him that she had been cured.
She hadn’t the slightest recollection of her illness.
Nor of being living dead, and she was very surprised that she had done such strange things.
“Amazing, it’s amazing”, she kept on saying, “how did I get into such a state?”
Although she wasn’t aware what had happened to her, she thanked him from the depths of her inner being.
She trembled when she was told of all her agonies.
But now she was apparently able to cope with them.
This shock in her life had taught her a lot too, although she wasn’t aware of it herself.
She had become a different personality.
It was difficult for André to say goodbye to her, but other patients were waiting for him.
Something had come into these women’s lives, something they would never forget.
They had received a new faith and an immense strong trust.
They had come to know a God of love, and they bowed their heads before the powers and pure love from the Beyond.
Alcar had won their hearts.
André’s leader would never be forgotten.
Tears ran down their cheeks when he left.
He had become acquainted with them in a time of great sorrow, but now he left them behind in great happiness.
And so he kept on learning, experiencing nothing but depths and spiritual problems, strangely enough, through those who were believed to be dead, yet who continued to live on in full consciousness.