Weakness of the spirit

“Ask me as much as you wish, André.
I told you before, that the things I say must get through to you, and that you must let me know whenever you have difficulties in understanding my words.
You must take care that your questions refer to the actual problem we will be dealing with, because that is the purpose of your present disembodiment.
Whenever we change over into another condition, you will intuitively sense how to formulate your questions.
I will reply to them with all the powers I possess.
At the start of your education, it was rather hard for you to ask questions, but now you are ready.
By this time, you have come to know how these worlds came about.
Your concentration has grown and your inner life has been roused.
Now you know where the physical being goes to when death sets in.
You have become conscious, André; you have been allowed to master all these laws; you are now able to concentrate and focus your own will power on a certain item and subsequently experience a specific condition deep within.
You have received that blessing, which you are grateful for, since it is your desire to serve.
This fills me with great happiness, as I want to give mankind all the spiritual possessions, which our life on this side can offer.
And my wish is cherished by millions of other souls too, namely the fathers and mothers of those who remained behind on earth.
They are all watching us, because they know what we are working at.
What you are about to experience now, concerns the physical human being and has to do with spiritual as well as practical human problems.
We will therefore remain in the sphere of the earth for the time being; afterwards, we will visit the places that are known to life on this side as the hells, because that is where I intend to explain man’s attunements to you.
In the dark spheres, we will compare these spheres with physical human existence and determine what is good and what is evil.
All these problems are spiritually deep, André, and I advise you to remain linked up with me at full strength, so that we will experience total oneness from soul to soul.
Our spiritual unity and my ability to explain these laws to you depend on it.
I now want to connect you with a place I visited years ago.
When I returned to earth after my awakening in this life, I visited many mental institutions together with my master, in order to learn about the astral laws and all the misery.
That took me fifty years and I found out that all those illnesses were caused by the astral world.
The physical human being is destroyed by unconscious astral personalities.
It will become clear to you on this trip that there is still so much for the people on earth, including their scholars, to learn about these matters.
Due to the dark astral world, thousands of people have gone to ruin and became possessed.
Others were beaten into unconsciousness for the rest of their life, because some dark astral being led these people into the realm that lies between life and death, where they were overcome by insanity.
In this condition, these people are like the living dead, imprisoned within their own organism.
That organism now amounts to their own grave, where they continue to live until they come to a physical end.
At that point, these ties are severed and the physical as well as the astral personality heads for its own spiritual attunement.
Death causes the life auras to be torn apart.
If you are able to grasp all this, you will understand that none of these psychic problems can be fathomed on earth, since the learned men can neither accept conscious astral life yet, nor, are they willing to believe that life goes on.
Can you imagine, my son, how my heart trembled with compassion when I saw all this misery?
I decided to do something for all these poor people.
I asked God to grant me that mercy.
And my plea was fulfilled.
We are now conveying this wisdom to the people on earth, which mankind can convince itself of.
We have been busy for years and have related our life in five books, which caused many people to live differently.
We were also allowed to open the eyes of scholars and these people now sense that this is the truth.
However, I made no mention in those books of the symptoms of these illnesses; but at this stage that has become possible.
We are now going to deal with mental illnesses.
I studied this field, and my master helped me. He explained the pertaining laws, both on this side and on earth.
I descended into those attunements of life, those abnormal worlds, and sometimes I would lock myself up inside those lives for a considerable period. In this way, I came to know their day-consciousness and the unconsciousness in their feeling and thinking.
The extent of misery, sorrow and agony, I then experienced is not known to the average man and woman on earth, nor would they be able to understand it.
I encountered people who were possessed, and others who suffered from material and spiritual insanity.
From this world, I could observe all the grades involved, and master them too.
I began to understand why and to what purpose this had all come about, and I bowed my head.
I realized that I was powerless, and that I had to accept the fact.
I will now explain to you what I experienced then, André, and together, we will track it down and analyse it.
The Beyond wants mankind to know this.
I want to make it clear to you whom we can help, and who, on the other hand, find us powerless.
These illnesses are known on earth, yet science is unable to fathom their cause.
It can all be determined on this side, André; you will experience what these patients feel, and you will then be able to perceive how the unconscious astral world influences these people.
You will see how astral beings have taken possession of them.
From that moment on, these earthly persons are possessed, and they manifest a certain grade of insanity.
This merging is achieved within the human organism, the home that will, however, merely accommodate the soul that belongs there, and that will not accept any external influence.
The astral personality causes disharmony inside the organism, and the owner of this earthly body is crushed within his own body, since the day-conscious self is now overruled.
The human organism merely has room for a naturally attuned, reasonable human being; in other words, the way God created this being in that stage.
This is what its physical strength is geared to, not to this double spiritual impact, which results in the destruction of this strength, due to the demonic influence of the Beyond.
The astral darkness uses the organism to indulge, but it brings about the ruin of the material human being.
Whenever the soul is attacked by forces of a different kind, spiritual and physical disturbances will occur.
The nervous system cannot stand up to those opposing forces and will sooner or later collapse; yet the inner life, as a personality, has now become possessed.
God created this marvellous earthly body for the soul, and the spirit, which is the personification of the soul as a human being, activates the organism with which it is connected via thousands of links.
The body is a temple for the soul, where it must dwell during its physical existence.
The domination of an astral personality weakens the body, causing the earthly person to experience physical and spiritual disturbances.
This leads men as well as women to their ruin.
You can probably sense, André, what will happen next.
The person now suffers from a nervous disorder, but if this process continues, the astral personality will be able to dominate completely within this body, possession will then occur.
It is imperative for the people on earth to understand how significant these illnesses and the astral laws are.
Above all, they need to know that death does not exist and that the soul does not lose its own personality when it passes on to the Beyond.
Only then will these problems dissolve and can these illnesses be treated effectively on earth.
At present, a doctor must accept his impotence, and that is entirely unnecessary.
After all, something can be done to counter all these grades of insanity. As soon as a person’s inner life can be fathomed, the laws will become evident and a scholar will recognize the dominating astral influence.
He can then provide active help because a link has been established.
This enables the human being to get to know himself, and for thousands of these people it marks their healing.
Society is to blame for all this.
Murder and spiritual destruction create disharmony.
People who departed from the earth in this kind of attunement will return and indulge.
If scholars could cast a glance into the astral world, they would be able to put a natural human stop to these demonical goings-on.
That is still impossible at present.
Their lives would have to harbour the powers to prevent many various grades of insanity and save numerous people from spiritual and physical downfall, which is caused by all the misery on earth.
None of this is either understood or sensed.
Look over there, André. That is the building we will enter.
I no longer need to explain to you how we do that; you have become acquainted with those astral laws.
You also know that we will remain invisible to everyone, because I want to explain this to you from within my own attunement.”
André sensed where he was.
It was a mental home.
He and his master entered without having been bidden.
A cold shiver went through him.
Misery and fear were the things he encountered here.
Was this really the building his master had been in?
Alcar led him through several halls and corridors. André followed and partook of life in the physical world.
His inner thoughts received an answer from his master:
“I lived here for several years, André, and learned about all these awful truths.
I know what you are thinking.”
In one of the halls, his master stopped and said:
“We will stay here for the time being, since I have a lot to explain to you.
So tune in to my life, André.”
André saw some younger and elder women together.
He guessed he was in a women’s ward, because he did not see any men.
There were a few nurses amongst these women, including a male nurse.
So all these patients must be living dead, as Alcar had expressed it.
“Are these people possessed, Alcar?”
“No, a person who is possessed experiences a different and deeper grade of insanity.
Yet none of these people are free from astral influences.
However, they still remain within their organisms, and sometimes even in their day-consciousness, and that will prevent them from being crushed within their physical organism.
This is where the feeble-minded live, those who range among the grades of psychopathy, roughly speaking, and we can cure quite a few of them.
They fell into this apathetic condition because of some great shock, which resulted in their loss of day-conscious self.
You know that I can follow their lives and look into their past.
These personalities are like an open book to me.
I will give you an image that will explain why they met with disaster.
I am primarily doing this to point out to you – as you already experienced a short while ago – that many of them can recover, and in the second place to make it clear to mankind how to distinguish the psychopathic grades from insanity.
And finally, I will show you that this disharmony is brought about by astral beings.
Now watch this patient.
I will enable you to look into her life.”
André saw a middle-aged woman sitting at a large table.
She had a crumpled-up piece of paper lying in front of her, and she was reading it.
It was terrible to have to see her in this condition.
She was talking to herself, as he could clearly hear from within the astral world where he now dwelt.
“And yet he’ll come”, André heard her say, “He’s coming, yes, he’s coming.
I’ll tell him as soon as he arrives.”
She looked around her and then gazed outside.
“When he comes”, she repeated time and again.
She looked in his direction with blurred eyes.
André saw the woman before him clearly.
Life on the other side was real, and this connection came about by means of his Master.
Alcar had connected him with this woman; otherwise, André would not have been able to see her.
Again he heard her speak:
“Oh, when he comes!
I will tell him.
Yes, we will sing.
He and I will sing together.”
This woman is uttering total nonsense, he thought.
But then, she is insane.
Now she pressed the paper to her breast, jumped up suddenly and ran through the hall.
She stopped in front of every window to look outside.
Yet her vacant eyes saw nothing.
“He is coming”, she called out again.
“I will get flowers and give him a treat.”
The other patients went on as if nothing special was happening.
It was none of their business and they were not aware of her condition.
But André saw that the nurse was watching over this life.
He sensed it, and from where he stood, he took over her feelings and thoughts.
“I will sing”, he heard the poor woman say, but these words were immediately followed by woeful, anxious crying.
The crying of a soul life is a sad sound.
The sorrow it expresses is too deep for earthly man to fathom.
To the physical ear, this sounded more like off-key singing, but to the Beyond it was weeping, and it therefore touched him deeply.
Tears welled up in his eyes.
‘Poor woman,’ he thought, ‘what brought all this misery upon you?
Who did this to you?
This is terrible.’
Once again the woman ran through the room and now she danced with joy.
“He’s coming”, she kept on calling out, while she pressed the crumpled-up piece of paper to her breast and caressed it.
That scrap of paper was her greatest treasure, which she would never want to part with.
The nurse went up to her and talked to her lovingly.
“Come”, André heard her say, “come and sit here quietly.”
There was madness in the woman’s eyes when she looked at the nurse, who meant well.
“Go away, you whore, get out of my sight.” She spat the words at the nurse.
Why on earth does she talk in that way, André wondered, this is impossible.
“Go away”, she shouted, quickening her pace and running through the hall.
Now André heard her say:
“He no longer thinks of you anyway, and I will tell him.”
The nurse was unable to do anything for her and she looked at her male colleague.
He went over to the patient, and she immediately became quiet.
‘I wonder whether he has a certain power over her’, André thought.
She quietly let him guide her back to the table, where she put the piece of paper in front of her and again began to read it out loud.
André looked at his leader, who was lost in thought.
After a brief moment Alcar asked:
“Is her condition clear to you, André?
Are you able to feel why she got into these circumstances?
Why she has to experience this and what her mental condition is like?
Do you know why the male nurse has a calming influence on her, whereas his female colleague cannot do anything for her?
Is it clear to you why she presses that paper to her breast, caresses it, sings and wants to buy flowers and keeps on waiting?
Because that is what she is doing, André: she is waiting.
And whom do you think she is waiting for?
Can you perceive something in particular?”
“I only see all these sick people, Alcar, but their condition is completely beyond my grasp.
I cannot see their inner life.
I do not understand.
On earth, when I am in my body, everything is so different.
Actually, I feel even more conscious in my material body. Why is that, Alcar?”
“Do you not know?
On earth, I always draw you up into all those problems, but now you are experiencing these laws on your own strength.
You are still within my life, but I have not yet linked you up with this patient.
So, I want you to clearly tune in to her life, lest you experience nothing.
At the moment, your attunement is wrong; otherwise, you would understand.
You see her material life, her illness.
I see her total condition and so I descend to greater depths of her life.
I will now explain the phenomena to you, and I will shortly link you up with her life just as we do on earth when our feelings merge with that of the patients.
Now listen, André.
All this misery is caused by her child.
He was a sailor.
I will also connect you with him, since that man is present here.
However, there is nothing he can do for his mother. All the same, this woman can be helped, which I will discuss later on.
The son lost his life in a storm and entered the Beyond.
Many others, along with him, lost their lives in the waves, but his mother thought he would return home.”
André already felt what his leader saw, and suddenly he understood her condition.
Alcar continued: “He did not return, since he was killed, yet his mother kept on waiting.
At last she received a message that her son had perished.
She carries fragments of this document close to her heart as a precious memento, even though this is not the original document.
Now she lays hands on everything that resembles that paper.
She sings because she always used to sing with her son.
She was very close with him. The bond they had was very rare and loving, but too powerful for her, now that her child did not return.
He was all she had on earth.
However, there is another story behind this one.
Her son was engaged to be married, but the girl was unfaithful, and that is what she wanted to tell him.
Do you now understand the purpose of her flowers and why she believes the nurse to be a whore?
Here, they know what put her into this situation, but what they do not know is that this woman can be cured.
This male nurse would be able to help her.
He possesses the healing power that can bring about these wonders, but he is not aware of it.
Do you also understand why she quietens down so quickly?
When he touched her, his fluid passed into her.
Yet he did not consciously convey that power onto her.
His mere attunement to her life was enough to make that feeling of peace come over her.
Intense powers of concentration would be required to cure her.
Her condition is similar to that of Jetje and Joop.
This soul was also thrown off balance by a certain shock.
Jetje’s grade of consciousness, as well as Joop’s, are a little different from hers, yet these lives are all affected by the same laws and actually possess the same attunement.
This personality shows a weakness in the spirit, and she is attuned to Jetje.
But Jetje possesses a little more spiritual consciousness than this patient has, so that Jetje is able to stand on her own two feet.
This woman ought to be given an insight into the astral laws; she must get to know about death. Only then can she be helped.
But we must draw her up into a state of day-consciousness to achieve that.
If we were allowed to enter this place and could give her the same treatment that we offer all our other patients, then we could free her from this misery too.
Of course, the possibility to lead her back to her material consciousness must be present; otherwise, we would be just as unable to reach her.
But the vital fluid of this male nurse is enough to give her peace, and she absorbs this into her aura.
Just as Joop subsided deep within, and she is going through the same condition, in which she has lost fifteen percent of her day-conscious self.
Joop was in a similar situation, yet he possessed the material consciousness that consists of the human traits that have to cope with grief and sorrow.
The doctors see this male nurse as an excellent employee who knows how to handle patients, but our world realizes that he possesses the same attunement as these patients do; otherwise he would not be able to achieve anything either.
On this side, we know these laws and problems, André, and yet we are powerless, because we lack the earthly link with these patients.
So it would take a lot of mediums, who could all act under the supervision of the doctors, if that were necessary.
Our mediums and the scholars could work hand in hand and would accomplish nothing but goodness.
Since science is opposed to these powers, the Beyond can, as a rule, do nothing for all these patients, even though an occasional patient has sometimes been healed by our world.
You have come to know these laws, and many have received appropriate evidence from me.
A medium links us up with these patients and we can lead them back into a life where the day-conscious self prevails.
This fluid can work wonders.
On this side, the consciously adapted force must provide us with the opportunity to fulfil our task.
We, the conscious astral beings, descend into the patients and build a wall around their organisms, so that they will be closed off to the astral world.
This woman went to ruin due to her own inner life, because the love she felt.
Others are attacked in that condition and then become astrally possessed by the astral world, which Mientje and Lien experienced.
Those two young women experienced their own grade, since spiritual grades also exist here, which we can become familiar with, namely grades of insanity.
And in accordance with the extent in which they still lack consciousness, they become possessed, and we recognize certain phenomena.
These phenomena enable us to determine the grade of insanity, and at the same time it shows us their conscious thinking and feeling, in other words: the patient’s personality.
So, I am now explaining the significance of the link that connects you with me when our individual feelings have become merged on earth.
I am pointing out to you that we on this side need earthly help, because our life is too ethereal for the material life, so that we move right through all physical beings and consequently cannot get in touch with them.
As it is, her son cannot do anything for her.
First of all, his mother is locked up here, and second, he possesses no earthly link.
He sees his mother, he can descend into her, but he is unable to grant her the necessary consciousness.
Since the scholars scoff at these laws, which are entirely beyond their comprehension, we have to accept that our loved ones become possessed by passionate astral characters, namely people who once lived on earth.
So we see parents standing beside their children, and mothers beside fathers, forced to accept that they stand empty-handed.
They see their loved ones in the hands of these demons, whom they are battling with for their lives.
However, evil usually wins this fight, because no material help is present.
If we were able to enter these institutions together with our instruments, the doctors would get satisfaction from their difficult work.
Would it be so horrifying to allow our mediums to lay on hands?
Do our mediums act wrongfully?
Does poison emanate from their hands?
Did Christ not lay on hands to heal the sick?
We do not imagine ourselves to be equal to Christ, yet we have received those powers from God’s Holy Child and now we are able to help our sisters and brothers in the flesh, and our fathers and mothers.
Science keeps us at a distance and refuses to acknowledge this.
This trip, André, will enable me to show you this over and over again, and I will do so, because psychiatrists and psychologists ought to know about this.
This woman drifted off into her misery because of weakness of personality and due too her excessive feeling of love.
Grief and sorrow made her lose her day-conscious self and now she lives here, hidden within the walls of this awful house, this mental home.
Is that what God intended?
Of course, it is her own fault, because her love is too intense.
She ought to have realized that death does not exist.
As soon as people on earth are taught that death and damnation are fiction, as God is totally unable to damn people, and when several other problems that belong to our world are explained, then all these grievous conditions will dissolve, because by that time the material human being will have attained spiritual development and will stand steadfast during life on earth.
At present, thousands become submerged in this horror and receive no help.
We will soon have the opportunity to analyse all these earthly, social problems.
I will not do so until after we have crossed the borders of insanity – hear me, André – because that is where our journey will take us to.
We will leave insanity behind and head for the light, the light of the spheres, and for the consciousness that prevails in the spheres.
That is what you will become acquainted with, and by then we will have analysed all the unconscious grades.
Only then will people on earth know what insanity really is, what all these grades mean and whether a person is free from these influences.
This mother should therefore have been able to deal with her grief and still hold her ground.
However, she pined away in her sorrow and had to be put in a home.
The Church and society are guilty of all these awful conditions.
This mother’s faith was too weak; otherwise, she would have been able to submit to her Father in heaven.
All the same, her material consciousness now allows her to be helped.
It is this love she bears within, which makes it possible for us to draw her back into her day-conscious self.
That love will have a physical influence and the physical side of the matter is within my reach because you enable me to become linked up with her.
Within the institution, they think she talks gibberish and acts abnormally, just because she calls the nurse a whore and because a crumpled-up scrap of newspaper is a holy token to her.
Nevertheless, her condition shows us the way into her true self, into the part of her life that is sacred to her, namely her child, and so all this no longer appears so horrible and strange.
Yet this problem needs to be traced down to its depths.
That is possible from this side, since we see right through all these lives.
This mother, André, is still capable of formulating her thoughts, but it is the nervous system that now refuses to function.
The spirit is now doomed to slavery, as a result of the refusal of this system.
She is now living dead, maimed by the shock, because she is spiritually unconscious.
Do you feel what that means?
If we could impart our knowledge to her, believe me, André, in a short while this life would be totally transformed and return to normality.
But once again we are at cross-purposes with the Church and with science, because the former does not believe in these facts, does not know these laws, and prefers to damn.
The latter, the scientist, shrugs his shoulders and says: ‘The soul only dwells on earth once.
You never lived anywhere else before you were born.
This is where your life starts.
There is no life after death.’
The Church listens to all this with a smile:
‘Well said, my friend, keep going, because in that way you will be helping me.’
Science replies, ‘I will certainly help you, yet not in the way you think.
After all, I have scholars at my disposition who use their brains for the benefit of mankind.
Those who follow your Church are not allowed to think for themselves; you claim that to be your own privilege.
You ought to pay attention to my scientists and stop talking about eternal damnation.’
These are the two unconscious powers that are trying to prevent the spiritual becoming conscious of mankind.
They undoubtedly have the right to destroy all that quackery, but the millions along with me who dwell on this side are definitely no charlatans.
We have become conscious of the laws of God and we make ourselves available to pass this knowledge on to the people on earth.
Must this constantly be denied?
Should the Church and science continue to go hand in hand in their disregard of the Divine laws?
That is why all these institutions are jam-packed.
It is ignorance, my son, that causes thousands to put an end to their life, and it is also the reason why there are so many mental patients on earth.
One needs to learn these things as a child; a child has the right to know the Divine laws. It certainly will not harm him; on the contrary, it will increase his consciousness.
At present, thousands are rushing towards their own ruin because of their self-love.
Now millions perish due to their own ignorance and that of science.
Was that ever intended?
Did God want this to happen?
Is that what Christ came down to earth for?
We will show mankind reality.
That is all we can do.
But soon, when the Age of Christ begins, these unconscious beings will stop proclaiming their so-called truths, because they will no longer get a chance to do so.
Parents are allowed to express love, but the love this woman exhibits is not love, it is passion.
True love can yield everything and is conscious.
Her kind of love destroys her own self as well as others.
Parents must realize that life continues forever and that physical death is followed by a next life.
This creates the power that enables life on earth to cushion the blows it may receive.
God does not deal out any blows; all the misery we encounter is merely meant for us to evolve.
Every soul passes on in time, at the appointed moment, and then it enters life after death.
Without exception, every single soul will have to become acquainted with that fact and accept it; otherwise, society will remain unconscious, and then the Church will be shown up to have reached a deadlock.
At the moment, society believes that all these patients talk gibberish, André, but our world hears them speak vital truth.
And you will convey that vital truth to mankind via our books.
This is the task the Highest Master amongst all of us, for whom I bowed my head on Golgotha, laid on my shoulders.
Only then did I consider myself ready to carry out this work.
That was the spot where Divine life drew me into its unprecedented magnitude and mightiness; and where Christ rendered His holy life.
Can you feel this, André?”
“Yes, Alcar, I understand.”
“Well then, this woman can be cured.
I am able to link up with her life since I can fathom her depth due to the higher consciousness that dwells within me.
I have been able to master these laws, along with millions of others who are ready to serve inside these institutions, yet we are not accepted because our mediums are turned down on earth.
They scrupulously watch over these patients, and in doing so, they hide their own weakness.
I establish my link through your agency, just as others do, and this woman can hereby be drawn up into our life.
I will let you discern the reason why this woman can be helped, and only then will you be allowed to put your questions to me.”
André followed his master.
He now felt how he was being drawn up into Alcar’s life, something he had experienced several times before on his previous journeys, and he had come to know its inherent sacredness.
Now another life, another consciousness imparted itself to his, and he began to see within that life.
He heard Alcar say: “I am going to link you up with this patient, André.”
“I am ready, Alcar, and I will follow you in everything”, he conveyed to his master, as their feelings had now merged.
“I will need your entire concentration to accomplish this, André; it is exactly the same as those instances on earth, when I connected you with our patients.
So you will now be experiencing those same laws, apart from the fact that you are not subjected to all the material and physical laws this time, so that you will be able to experience this merging in an astral sense.
This will enable you to become acquainted with these spiritual and material laws.”
André felt himself sinking away.
‘How remarkable this feeling is’, he thought.
‘I have lost all feeling of selfness.
Where am I?
Where do I exist at the moment?’
Deep within, he immediately heard:
“At the moment, you are in-between various laws, between the material and the astral laws.
We will now descend to a different stage, to this patient’s grade of consciousness.
You experienced this on earth too, but here you no longer sense your own organism, and you are under the impression that you are dissolving into nothingness.
Yet you now find yourself between nothingness and existence, true life, and this is where we encounter the attunement of this woman whom I am going to link you up with.
So we are going over to this patient.
You will now lose your own consciousness, you will discard that consciousness for a little while, yet I will enable you to remain conscious; otherwise you would not be able to make any diagnosis.
It is from within my consciousness that you will see and feel.
On earth, you were allowed to experience Joop, Mientje, and Lien, and then Jetje, so that you would become familiar with their condition.
As to this woman, we will likewise descend into that life in order to sense reality; otherwise, no spiritual explanation could be given.
In this way, you will experience the astral facts, and this will not fail to happen.”
Now André understood his master.
All this is most remarkable, he thought; earthly man lives within these astral laws.
At this point, his life, his thinking and feeling, his personality passed into this mother’s grief and sorrow. He now experienced her life.
Meanwhile, he retained his consciousness, because his master knew these laws and linked him up with them.
He fully submitted, and he heard Alcar say: “I am sure you understand, André, that this is necessary, because otherwise you would totally miss the things I want you to experience. So, my powers of concentration will allow you to remain yourself.”
What André felt and experienced now was all sorrow and grief.
Even so, he was very much aware of his own life, and if the need arose, he would be able to return to it in a flash.
Now that he was inside this mother, he sensed how she might be healed and how far removed she was from her day-conscious self.
She lacked the ability to consciously feel and think, yet this would furnish her with the necessary power to hold her ground.
His master was right: the remarkable thing about her life was, that it now demanded consciousness.
Furthermore, André began to feel that this soul, as a mother, was totally unaware of life after death.
This spiritual poverty had now landed her in this misery.
Very little would be needed to provide her with those powers she lacked.
Only then would she overcome this grief and immediately find herself linked up in a very different way, namely with eternity.
He now sensed a complete oneness with her, just as he had felt with Joop, Mientje and Lien while he had been in his earthly body.
He was grateful for the work he had been allowed to do at the time, because now he felt prepared, and he also understood why his master had wanted him to help them.
On earth, it had been wonderful to study this.
Today he experienced those laws and saw that earthly life was an immense training school.
This woman’s illness now lived in his own life, and he felt how simple it was for his master to make a clear diagnosis of illnesses that presented unfathomable problems to the learned men on earth.
If André wanted to, he could shake off this illness, whereas this woman was not able to yet; she needed help to manage that.
While he was thinking these thoughts, he heard Alcar say:
“You are capable of that, you and I, and so are thousands of astral masters, together with their mediums.
If only science would allow this to happen, if only doctors would accept us.
Now is this not akin to damning people?
We, as well as these poor in spirit, are damned by science, yet God never wanted that.
That is not what Christ died for on the cross.
This woman cannot heal herself on her own strength, and the medicine she was given does not help her, it merely paralyses her.
You can cure her, André, because your feelings predominate and because your personality has reached that level.
So where is the limit to what we two are capable of?
If this woman had possessed a little more spiritual love, she would not have become subjected to this condition, yet her unconscious self is also to blame for this.
Society and the Church want mankind to remain ignorant and they do not want them to think for themselves.
Must this downgrading situation continue?
This woman was guilty of love that was too materialistic.
That is the cause of her collapse, but we will steer clear of her way of love and raise her life onto a new foundation.
Only then will she find the way back to her true self.
And what does that lead to?
Do you sense the answer, my son, my brother?”
“No, Alcar, I have no idea.”
“You could have known, André.
You should whet your brains.
One day I will question you, provided that you really want to gain cosmic consciousness.
You must then be able to answer all these spiritual and material questions; however, they may possess cosmic depth.
You replied ‘no’ a moment ago, but think it over.”
It startled André. He was in for another lesson in life.
And yet no matter how he pondered and how he wanted to get to the bottom of this problem, he simply could not.
He did not sense the answer.
Master Alcar was following his thoughts and said: “In the depth of this life where we are now, André, you have received your full spiritual marks.
Full marks for nothing?
However, this also means that you are not erecting castles in the air for yourself, and I greatly respect that.
You have no wish to be more than you are, yet we have to proceed and descend even deeper into these laws.
After all, I want to grant you the possession of our life.
I will now tell you the answer.
Listen, André.
After this mother discards her present consciousness, she will receive a different one, namely that of her child.
What will follow on from this?
Spiritual knowledge.
The riches of our life.
It dissolves grief and sorrow, and all earthly misery.
Only then will the material personality be itself.
Do you feel what this means?
Do you understand what it means when mankind will have reached this stage?
And do you feel what these institutions can be turned into on earth?
Homes of happiness, temples of awakening, where we can lecture those who thirst and want to know more about their future existence.
We will lecture the rich and the poor, the learned and the illiterate.
That is what the masters want.
The Beyond wants to convey this wealth to earth, wants to raise mankind to a higher consciousness, and then life on earth will be worth living.
As soon as this mother discards her self-love, she will immediately enter the realm of true and direct consciousness and will be able to hold her ground in life.
And what do we see happening then, André?
Her son will meet her halfway on this road.
They will encounter each other on this cosmic path.
She will set herself free from the earth, he will set himself free from the spheres, and then, between life and death, they will attain spiritual unity.
Do you understand that both worlds can become linked up with one other?
That this mother gains control over her own spiritual and universal happiness?
What is more, we can then eliminate all dogmatic notions and explain eternal life to the masses.
Do you feel how patients and scientists will then follow the same track and will sense the Omnipresence of God?
Do you know, André, what Christ died for?
It was for this life here on earth and life on the Beyond, for happiness and pure spiritual love.
He sacrificed His holy life for man’s spiritual consciousness.
And they turned that sacred property into an oppressing chaos, in which these patients watch how their own conscious self withers away with fear.
Their daily trembling and quivering makes them sink down deeper and deeper into this misery, looking for their day-conscious self yet unable to find it.
Christ has said, ‘Verily, you are deaf and dumb and yet you wish to speak of My Father?’
Moreover: ‘You are not worthy of doing justice, you are like blind people underway.’
I ask you, André, will not those blind people come to grief?
Who watches over the life of God?
Is the Church ready to accept this?
What does society want?
We must all bow down before reality.
Is that what Christ, the Central Figure in the Universe, died for?
We must follow in His footsteps and act according to the laws in our life, which are material and spiritual.
The Age of Christ, which is approaching, will call them all to a halt in the name of cosmic Christianity.
Only then will they be able to accept us.
The Beyond is ready.
The masters from within our life sent us to the earth to act on behalf of these sick people, because this is urgently needed.
We want to devote our life to this unconscious attitude and thus serve the life of Christ, because it is God’s will.
In God’s gardens of life, every child on earth has the right to live, albeit consciously.
Every human being possesses his or her own attunement in life.
However, these people’s attunement in life is felt as a curse.
And the Church and society are to blame for that.
The Church damns the life of God and has closed off spiritual paradise to this life in its entirety, because it mentions eternal damnation.
It makes these people feel locked in and this can no longer be endorsed.
How can this life awaken when it is reminded of such things every day, every hour?
Can this be called spiritual development?
We want to bestow our consciousness on mankind, because we have been roused by the life Christ lived.
This is essential for these patients; it is the only way they can be healed of their unconscious self.
We offer to help the world to achieve this.
We lay our spiritual hands on these wounds that they may be healed.
I need your vital powers, the fluid of life, to do that and to be able to draw these patients upward.
We are not trying to set up illusionary figures, nor are we busy erecting castles in the air; we represent the naked truth, the eternal now.
And that is what we can now give to these patients and to those who think they are able to mean something to them.
We are not fulfilling fantasies; we are merely taking the course that Golgotha pointed out to us.
And everyone will undergo this spiritual evolution, because of the Divine spark begs to live consciously.
What this personality is now being handed out will lead to the downfall of this life.
We cause these people to receive healing auras.
We practise the laying on of hands, just as the Apostles did in the name of Christ.
We are not after hocus pocus.
We serve consciously.
Only then will the ultimate phase be within reach of everyone, of all these sick people, and they will subsequently enter the conscious stage that correlates with the earth.
This is when life can be experienced consciously.
This is the conscious power of the astral selfhood, which will become the link between soul and matter, followed by the ascent to a higher stage.
This ultimate goal, André, lies buried within this life; it has fallen asleep, and it was furthermore attacked in this condition.
In addition, the spiritual poison of the Church must be taken into account, and it seems impossible for us to alter that situation.
Action can nevertheless be undertaken, because the organs are alive and the nervous system wants to be released from these spiritual torments.
However, only a medium on earth can grant us the necessary power, as this medium enables us to make physical contact.
This patient receives that help from you and me.
Medicine does not offer relief; it merely numbs all the vital systems and that is far from beneficial to day-consciousness, because at the moment, the spirit does not react.
This is like elixir to these patients, and half-material and spiritual consciousness to those who are willing to bow their head.
What is the Church up to, what are scientists up to?
Are we not all children of one Father?
Would God be able to discriminate between one child and another?
Let us serve this life. Grant us the power, the strength and the blessing to allow us at all times to help where help is necessary. That is the prayer we pray on this side, but we are not heard.
Mankind still refuses to listen.
Are we not allowed to transplant this inner life into good, fertile soil?
This would bring about spiritual awakening for all these people, who are now imprisoned in their own unconscious stage.
Their spiritual attunements must still become conscious to them and this is possible with these powers.
‘Oh, people of the earth’, we beg on this side, ‘give us those means and let us serve.
Do not allow all this life to suffocate.’
Would we ever destroy these lives?
Would that change the beauty of life?
We are not sorcerers; we follow Christ.
We love their life, André, as a child of God that has reached the spheres of light is capable of loving.
My heart aches, my son, to have to accept that we face the abyss of matter-of-fact thinking, and that we must look on and see that the light of God does not get through to all these lives.
Our heart trembles with grief to have to accept that the earthly scholar considers himself capable of fathoming these depths, now that we see these lives go to ruin due to the obstinate refusal of the Church and of society.
And I am not the only one who is ready to do good; so are millions along with me.
With this spiritual knowledge, we will lead thousands of these unhappy ones back to genuine existence, and that will bring sunshine back into their lives.
These forces will strengthen the will power of all these patients, because God knows that we call on them out of pure love.
We will receive Christ’s blessing for this.
At the same time, it will acquaint man with the God of all life.
Our magnetic treatment, André, stimulates the functions of the physical organs.
This makes the spirit as an earthly personality enter the day-conscious life.
The spiritual stage of all these patients has gone to sleep.
The aura of life now drives the physical organism onward.
Did you not learn this when we treated Louis (see the book ‘A View into the Hereafter’)?
When you handled that retarded child, we drew it up into its day-conscious self and it turned into a normal child.
These wonders came about during those eight months in which we built it up.
The life of Christ blessed man’s vital magnetism; after all, He wants us to rouse the life of our common Father.
Must the Church continue to stop us from doing this?
The aura of life of the human being is now supplemented by the spiritual consciousness within the life of those of us who have received a task.
Our life harbours the power of the first Apostles.
They preceded us in these gardens of the Father of All, and we follow them.
Of course, not every retarded child can be made to rise; here, you will also learn about the grades of life, and we are just as powerless in the face of these personalities’ own cause and effect.
We bow our heads to this.
However, many of these illnesses can be treated.
In numerous cases, mental retardation is merely ignorance, and due to this unconscious feeling and thinking, thousands of people head for their physical ruin.
Then they are locked up.
This is where the poor in spirit dwell, yet how lively their inner life is.
Do you feel, André, that we can draw up many of them from their misery?
That we, as well as thousands of others, are able to perform this task and that we are not trying to undermine anything?
There is a feeling inside of us to want to serve, and we will dedicate our own consciousness to achieve that.
Now you may put your questions to me, but first you will return to your own feeling and thinking.”
André felt himself returning to normal, and the patient’s inner life dissolved before his eyes.
He was now able to distinguish her material life from her spiritual one, so that he felt prepared to ask his master various questions.
“If this power were steadily applied to her from this side, even if it took years, would that not bring about a change in her, Alcar?”
“I will show you in a short while, André, that this is out of the question.
If you had sensed me clearly, you would certainly not have put that question to me, André, because it is impossible.
Years have no meaning to this world, certainly not where her condition is concerned.
What she needs is experience and that is what she lacks, because she is unable to think at full strength.
She must awaken to life, and not be imprisoned by it, because this clashes with the laws of God.
At present, this patient is a prisoner in her own inner world and in her body, which we can nonetheless draw her out of.
There is a small amount of thinking capacity and power of feeling, which she now receives from us, but this can only be achieved via the material fluid.
Our aura of life is far too ethereal and cannot be absorbed at present.
At the moment, she has absolutely no experiences.
Grief and sorrow lead mankind to all the stages that exist in the universe.
Consciousness only benefits from experience.
That is what she lacks, and all those along with her, who do not yet possess materially conscious feeling and thinking.
Your aura of life is charged with physicality and possesses gravity, whereas mine is astrally ethereal.
If you sense this, then it must be clear to you that this physical quality enables us to bridge the gap that separates the sick from our world.
My powers of seeing and the knowledge of the laws enable us to attain this unity.
We cannot accomplish this from our side on our own strength; you will just have to accept that.
Our own link dissolves, yet your powers turn our oneness on earth into a lasting one.
Our link with the earth is severed by ‘death’.
The unity we now experience empowers us to establish a constructive foundation and then material harmony returns to these lives.
This patient draws your aura into her body and the nervous system takes care of further treatment.
If we can do that on a daily basis, it will provide the patient with an elixir that invigorates matter and spirit.
We bow in submission to all the other laws that cannot be experienced.
These laws also decree our impotence.
Therefore, we would never start to build up a person when we see that even hundreds of years would not suffice to reach that grade of life, because we would be breaking these patients down instead of benefiting them.
This also means that no spirit could ever help a truly unconscious person; in those cases however, we can resort to other means.
At this point, we are confronted with the fathers and mothers in our lives who abandoned the earthly realm.
We will get to those laws in a short while, and I will be able to explain them to you.
Many sacrifice themselves when they experience those laws, which mark the deepest unconscious grades of insanity that we are familiar with, and they then descend into those lives to protect them from total ruin.
This patient, André, yearns to live, but no longer knows what life really means.
This state of being living dead is frighteningly unnatural, even more so because we see that she can nevertheless be helped.
If scientists would be willing to look for the astral light in this darkness, we could travel hand in hand towards blissfulness and follow the teachings of Christ, who laid His holy hands on the sick to heal them.
These signs are understood and felt, they are meaningful and a bliss to those who receive them.
It is the living word which is applied as a power and can bestow nothing but blessings.
Life then enters a state of higher consciousness.
Scholars who can accept this will follow the Beyond, and only then will they be in our hands.
The rest of them are deaf, dumb, and blind, and yet they insist on following the track that has been set up in disregard of God’s will.
Our cons­ciousness does not lead to hell; it leads to heaven.
These patients can only attain a condition of independence through co-operation, and that is within reach.”
“You mentioned a moment ago, Alcar, that her material love would heal her.
Can you explain that to me?”
“We will soon encounter those grades of life too, André; I mean the spiritual grades; in other words the people whose love is spiritual because they suffer from religious mania.
These grades are beyond reach, because their unconscious self has dissolved within that love.
A person who loves materially, who experiences normal love, in other words, without any passion, are closer to our life than those who have lost themselves in their faith and are no longer able to experience a single clear moment.
Material love leads us, healers, to the core of this life, which is mother earth, the normal stage of the soul.
Do you feel this, André?”
“Yes, I understand, Alcar.
But what happens when passion is involved?”
“That leads us directly to the grades of insanity.
Due to his or her passion, a person will become possessed from within this side, because passion represents the dark spheres.
The beings that dwell there represent the seven psychopathic grades as well as direct passion and insanity, and that makes it possible for an astral being to take possession of that material life.
This patient’s emotional life has nothing to do with passion, although I did utter that word.
Her true inner life is dominated by self-love.
In turn, self-love is attuned to passion. So in the end, she has brought this chaos upon herself.
This kind of passion is therefore due to ignorance; it is not a conscious yearning kind of passion.
On this side, we use the terms conscious and unconscious passion, which all these patients more or less dwell in, because they do not yet know themselves.
Conscious passion immediately leads them into the open arms of the inhabitants of hell who want to use these lives to indulge.
The unconscious form gets them into this condition, and now all these people are living dead.
As the word indicates, unconsciousness can only belong to a person’s own personality, and now we face this weak personality who can now be drawn up, because her physical love nevertheless wants to experience normality.”
“Actually, it is all very clear, Alcar.”
“The grades of life of man lead us to the astral concept, and to the conscious grades in our life. These grades of life harbour all those pathological conscious stages as well as unconscious abnormal ones, in which people dwell who still have to acquire normality.
Those who are consciously pathologic are the weak in spirit; the unconscious abnormal persons are the ones who have become possessed during their life on earth, and when they arrive on this side, they populate the hells, because they lost control of themselves during their earthly life.
We will enter the hells in a short while, and then I will explain all these laws and human attunements to you.
Only then will it become possible to descend to that depth.
Those grades are represented by millions of souls; that is how these infernal spheres came into existence, and there we will find ourselves in the presence of the consciously passionate self.
Now look at this, André.”
André saw an astral personality around the mother.
‘How come I did not notice this spirit before?’ he thought.
It was a young man, tall and strong.
He had seated himself right beside his mother.
He was totally unaware of all the things that were happening here.
He was an unconscious personality.
He possessed neither the power nor the light that would have enabled him to perceive it, and yet he grieved for his mother and dwelt in her surroundings.
“Can he not be convinced, Alcar?”
“No, André.
They have tried to explain his situation to him, but he keeps on following his own path and remains near to her.
He belongs to the darkness and so he cannot help her.
Yet it is his mother who attracts him.
Her obsessive longing keeps him imprisoned, but he is not aware of that.
Her grief and sorrow, focussed on his life, bringing them together, and there is nothing that can change that.
If she could be helped, his life would also attain a higher grade of consciousness and then he could awaken, together with her.
Yet at the moment, no power on this side could destroy that bond, because her life is unconscious although it has a predominant influence on this situation, because her longing reaches out to him.
At present, her son is in her power, although that is not what she wants.
Try to put yourself in her situation, and in his too.
The things I just told you could have led them both to a higher consciousness.
We would not just be helping one person but two, because his life would also be stirred to wakefulness and he could subsequently begin to live the spiritual kind of life.
But how can we reach them at the moment?
The thoughts she conveys would give a boost to his vital consciousness. At present, however, that has to be ruled out entirely.
When he woke up on this side, he returned to earth to visit his mother.
She was calling out for him and he felt obliged to respond to her call, because their material love linked them up.
His feelings were in tune with hers and that is how they had become united; yet this was the condition he then found her in.
The mother continued to call for her child, but he did not understand that voice. After a while, brothers who dwell on this side informed him about his mother’s condition.
However, he was advised to start working on his own life, but the desire to do so had yet to awaken in him.
He stayed here, because he felt kindled by her love.
Do you understand, André, what should now urgently be undertaken?
Do you feel how horrible these conditions are for them as well as for us?
They are both unconscious and the one suffers because of the other.
He now lives on the strength of his mother and is grossly selfish.
He clearly feels his mother’s love, as well as a part of her physical existence, which links him up again with the earth.
He became connected with her life, since she is his mother.
He must accept these laws because he is a spirit, but that also means that he cannot free himself of his own darkness.
This also proves that she can rapidly return into her own life and consciousness, provided that we can severe her bond with him.
Now her son, in turn, keeps her tied to his existence and we see how the one is influenced by the other, so that they remain each other’s prisoner.
You can see how the things that Mientje experienced are now becoming conscious in this woman’s life, because the same law applies, with the only difference that Mientje’s life was being lived by a woman who had committed suicide.
This patient’s son is now satiating himself on his mother’s aura of life, the radiance she emanates towards him due to the intense love she feels for her child.
That love is cherishing and supporting, yet, it is, above all, poisoned by their ignorance of the astral laws.
This caused her downfall; otherwise she would have been able to hold her ground in life.
When this soul is set free from her life, she will return to the stage of consciousness it possessed before she received the message of her son’s death.
Now it is the son who turns his mother into a spiritual prison.
Do you feel this misery?
These are the astral laws of which nothing is understood on earth, because they cannot accept the existence of conscious life after death.
But we live within this reality.
So whatever could a scholar do for her?
We sever this link, so that the mother and son are then free to start their own life.
Is it clear to you that medicine has no effect in this case?
She has received electric shock therapy, but that did not help either, because this therapy only works when the roots of the illness are located in the nervous system.
This kind of treatment, which boosts the nervous system, can actually heal lots of people, and it is now being practised on earth.
However, this is not allowed to disturb the physical balance; otherwise, the heart will give out and the patient dies.
These beings have, as it were, grown together, spiritually as well as materially, and the mother has to digest that.
All the same, this is still not a question of total possession. The son dwells close by his mother, otherwise, she would not belong here.
We would then find her amongst the deeper grades of insanity. Those people are kept in another ward and are very closely guarded.
If science allowed us to work here – which is what I am aiming at – and if the gates of these institutions were to be opened to the Beyond, then in a short time these buildings could be closed or used for quite different purposes.
If various masters from this side were permitted to perform their daily tasks in these institutions, just as the doctors do, then all these patients could be cured.
We would change the agony they now experience into happiness.
The doctors would be allowed to supervise our instruments.
We on this side would agree to all their terms, because we only ask to be allowed to serve.
Lots of people are fit for these tasks.
Thousands of people can be opened up to this kind of work, because every person possesses his own vital powers, which we extract from the material medium.
At the moment, we are powerless.
The doctors continue to search and are as powerless as we are.
Only a few, the mentally weak, can be helped; thousands of others remain locked up.
A few doctors who are convinced of eternal life are sympathetic to our way of healing and would gladly co-operate, but the laws on earth set up social restrictions.
They are still ridiculed by their learned colleagues, but in the Age of Christ that will change, because all of mankind will awaken and then our help and wisdom will be understood.
The conscious doctors are already thinking about astral influences.
These scholars now descend into the depth of the soul and will experience that life continues without end.
They feel and understand that the Church bears considerable blame for these illnesses, because it obstructs the awakening of mankind.
They also know that this causes destruction.
Those scholars would like to accept our help, but this is not yet possible.
It will happen soon and then the Beyond can start with this beautiful constructive work, which will make life on earth all the more worthwhile to experience.
I am sure you understand, André, that this mother can only return to her natural life if she receives this help.
I am not in the least exaggerating; this is the sacred truth.
I would destroy my life if I told an untruth, and that is not my intention.
This help can be offered and it lies within our reach.
I have proven this to you in your life on earth.
That cannot be meddled with.
We on this side experience these laws; they belong to us.
Only then will there be happiness, on this side as well as on earth, and then this woman and her child will be set free.
At the moment, they are both living dead.
She put an end to her own life because of her ignorance and her sorrow.
As soon as the healing power awakens her, she too will have learned and will possess a steadier stand in life.”
“Does her condition resemble that of the young man, Alcar?”
“This woman is a totally different personality.
The patient you mean felt passion, yet he still possessed the inner power to be able to hold his ground.
Do you feel the mighty difference between these two lives?
The personality feels passion and yet the young man is steadfast.
But you know that this woman does not possess passion; she only feels love for her child.
Now both conditions belong to the same grade and have the same attunement.
The young man wants to experience love, whereas, the mother feels love.
As a man, the one is after the feeling to possess, and this woman pines away because of this love.
This sinking away into the unconscious and the love of the young man can be fathomed, and so we see that both represent the same grade of life.
This mother could live a more peaceful life, because, as I have just mentioned, she does not feel any passion.
The man on the other hand, feels consciously and thereby creates his own chaos.
Yet, to our life both have the same attunement.
However, this mother’s attunement spreads more peace.
This will grant her an earlier release from darkness than him, whom we have helped.”
“But surely this human being shows worse traits, Alcar?”
“This human being has longings, and longings do not necessarily have to be bad, as long as our inner life focuses on the plan of creation.
The soul wants to create; it wants to possess a home of its own and have children, because that gives a person on earth the mightiest joy of all, and God wanted it that way.
We are the ones who have brought disharmony into our existence through our past.
That longing, André, for earthly possessions, a wife and children, is very natural.
This is not passion.
But our patient is mediumistic. He possesses spiritual sensitivity, which the mother does not; otherwise, her son would undoubtedly be able to reach her with greater intensity. That is impossible at the moment.
You have to be able to sense these attunements to life, if you want to analyse them, but you then need to know all these grades of consciousness.
Some subside due to ignorance, lack of knowledge, spiritual and personal weakness; others collapse because of astral influence, and those traits also correspond spiritually..
Science or the scholar follows these personalities and already observes how the seeming impenetrability of this life can be determined.
Nevertheless, we will go further, because we will descend into these lives and draw the unconscious child back into the day-conscious self, as this is all that is required.
When this being enters our life, he will be released from that influence, but this mother will keep on living within her own weakness and ignorance.
In addition, the young man is anxious to know; otherwise, we could not even have helped him.
The mother lags behind in this aspect.
And this shortcoming is alive within her.
The young man possesses this spiritual vitality.
Which she lacks.
The man possesses his faith; this mother possesses nothing but the love for her child.
Do you feel how the astral laws and the grades of life spiritually check human consciousness?
All this can be followed from this side.
Some lose themselves of their own accord, others through foreign influence, and the latter can be helped more rapidly on our side.
If the young man were on the lookout for pure passion and wanted to experience that, he would be immediately drawn into the hells and could no longer be reached.
Therefore, his illness was entirely a matter of receiving, whereas this mother’s was intentional.
Her personal weakness now leads her into the bleakness of death, whereas that of the son will lead him to the basic forces in creation, because he wants to be part of what the God of all life created.
He is therefore slightly raised above his mother, although he became possessed and felt for physical passion, the abnormal experience for the unity of man and woman.
But those who consciously take part in God’s plan of creation prepare neither hell nor unconsciousness for themselves. Instead, they create living vitality, the foundation for man to hold his ground during all those millions of grades of life, which we are forced to experience and master.
This will enable us to enter a higher grade.
It should therefore be clear to you by now, André, that we can help her by doing something for the man.
We drew him up to the conscious stage and released him from that influence.
However, we cannot change the mother; she will retain her weak personality.
She must earn herself this higher stage.
That has to be her goal in life.
On the surface, she seems to possess more feeling than the man does, yet that is not true, because he is ahead of her.
This patient is mentally ill and yet she is normal, just like Jetje.
Jetje acquired more resistance due to her pure faith; otherwise, Jetje would also have been locked up here and could not have been helped.
Do you feel how clear these grades of life are to us, now that we are allowed to descend into these lives?
Do you feel too, André, what a blessing it is for you to be able to experience all this from within your material life?
This is the most powerful wisdom in life you could ever receive via our world.
I am introducing you to all these unconscious and conscious grades, so that you will be able to recognize every earthly person.
That will become your own form of cosmology. It is a science, which I give directly to you; it reaches back to the beginning of creation.
In other words, I am introducing you to the astral laws.
You can master these laws during this voyage.
The deeper grades by far of this condition, those of the psychopaths, are out of our reach and we have to accept that we are powerless, because the personality still has to awaken to this support.
But this woman, and thousands of others along with her can be helped.
Come, we will move on now and visit some other patients.
Observe this woman, André.”
André looked at the woman his guide pointed out to him.
This being was older.
Alcar asked him:
“What does my son believe the cause of her illness to be?”
André fathomed the woman’s consciousness, but felt nothing.
“I will tell you, André, because you are still materially attuned, namely to your earthly day-conscious self, so that you are not in touch with her life.
This is because you still live on earth.
So, this disturbs you, although you could have known, because you are familiar with these laws.
I advise you to persevere in this matter, because that will make you steadfast in your physical body, and then nothing will be beyond the reach of your feeling.
And I will help you.
This is quite a different sorrow than that of our former patient, as this personality came to grief because she lost all her money.
This woman is mentally weak too and therefore possesses no conscious personality.
This spiritual poverty caused her downfall and now she lives in this condition.
These beings destroy themselves.
This woman did not want to accept the fact that life was treating her this way.
She lost courage and from that moment on she was not able to do anything and so they had to lock her up.
This grade of life, André, cannot be helped.
We, too, are powerless in the face of this life.
Once she was rich, today she is materially and spiritually penniless.
These are the laws of cause and effect, which dominate her life.
Yet she, as a personality, should have accepted this, because earthly riches are meaningless in our life.
You probably feel how far removed she is from the normal state of consciousness.
All this made her lose her consciousness, and now she entirely buries herself in this misery, which she alone wants.
She searches and finds nothing.
She has been given some pebbles and tins to keep her quiet and she now believes she has all the earth’s gold in her lap.
To her this represents earthly possession; for thousands of others, it is the own grade of life that brings these people to grief.
Yet they all lack their day-conscious self, the power to live life on earth as it befalls them.”
André saw how the patient played with these trivial things and grimly held on to them.
It was her life and her possession.
As poor as a church-mouse, André thought.
What an awful life some people lead on earth.
Some of them come to grief because of their possessions, whereas others descend into a horrible world and commit suicide.
To them, life had lost all value.
To her it had become just as worthless; otherwise, she would have begun a new life.
He understood this life, this consciousness.
“Is it clear to you, André?”
“Yes, Alcar.”
“They give her this meaningless junk, but to her they stand for money.
It keeps her quiet, but this is all the material and spiritual property, all the fortune and consciousness she possesses.
She is attuned to the Land of Twilight.
That is where we will find her after a while and there you will see her attunement.
This will be her end on earth, but at the same time it will be her entrance into the astral world.
There is not much to be said about her consciousness, because this life has virtually no meaning.
If she felt love for something or other, one could follow her life.
Now she is living dead and forlorn, because there is no question of any astral or physical influence. This life has come to a total standstill.
Cats and dogs on earth experience more than this human being does, who has learned nothing as a mother.
So what can we give her?”
‘What a situation’, André thought.
‘How much grief had he already encountered?
Where will this end?’
His master responded:
“Where do you suppose, André, that you would be able to find an end to all these illnesses?
Are you unable to answer that?
Do you feel lost within this infinite, Divine Space?
It is impossible for you to know the answer; after all, you have to possess cosmic consciousness to be able to reply to that question.
I will tell you, but I am sure you feel that all these patients are confronting you with the astral facts, with the trueness of our life. These are the Divine astral laws, which have to be experienced materially by human life on earth.
This is the training school on earth which will result in a higher level of consciousness.
The end of these illnesses will not be in sight before Mother Earth, and all her children have reached a higher, namely a spiritual grade of existence.
But then there will no longer be a hell in our life, and then all evil, in this hell as well as on the earth, will have dissolved within the good and conscious life.
But we, Mother Earth and the people on it, are not that far yet; this will still take millions of centuries.
However, the soul as a personality experiences these laws and will go on experiencing them until the weakness has dissolved and the phase of conscious serving has been reached.
All these patients, André, live beneath the first sphere; those who live above the dark and unconscious spheres have overcome all these laws and grades.
Those people have been allowed to acquire the spiritual grade and have conquered all material weakness.
They have therefore become conscious personalities.
This woman, however, must still integrate these laws.
Now look over there, André, where you will see a quite different condition.”
André perceived a woman of about sixty.
An elderly mother, small in stature, who seemed to him to have a vacant expression in her eyes.
Alcar asked: “Do you sense her, André?”
André probed her inner life, but did not understand her.
Her material consciousness obstructed him.
In a way he did sense her, and yet in other way he did not, and he gave up immediately.
“No”, he answered, “I do not feel her, and yet I see her inner life, Alcar.”
“Then you did feel correctly, my boy.
Go just a little further in feeling and you will know her condition.
She too broke down through love and lost her child.
God called her child to Him.
She sits there, completely numb and lifeless, thinking of her grief.
Her sorrow is terrible.
No-one is able to help her and yet she is still aware of her own life, but she has lost herself within that grief.
Now and then she goes berserk, because she is attacked from this side, since that sensitivity is inherent in her too.
If she were not so sensitive, they would not have had to lock her up here and she would have died of grief, but now she is no longer fit for society.
We are able to help her, although we cannot give her a personality, and she will therefore retain this spiritual poverty.”
This living problem was sitting there, an apparent wreck.
How dreadful, André thought, to have to lose your mind on earth.
His master followed him in his thoughts and said: “Her mind?
You think she lost her mind, André?
What have I constantly been teaching you?
You really think she had lost her mind?”
“But after all, she is no longer able to think, is she?”
“Believe me, André, you experienced it yourself, but in this case you did not sense things correctly. It is her spirit that feels and thinks; and as far as the earth is concerned, it is the personality, but to our world this is the inner life.
For goodness sake, boy, what has her mind got in common with her inner life?
Can her mind make her lose her feelings?
Is her spirit not the inner life and does the physical body not merely serve to harbour and protect her spirit, the means to dwell on earth?
The material body and the mind have nothing to do with this illness.
Her inner life is normal and natural, but, at the same time, it is unconscious.
How pathetically weak it is.
Her brain is functioning quite normally.
I see no organic disturbances in her.
All that is and will remain sick is her inner life, which is still unaware of the astral laws, and exists in disharmony with material life and with God.
She lacks experience in life.
Her life too has broken down due to her own weakness and to the spiritual poverty of her personality.
I will now explain some other laws to you, André, unbelievable truths, which we, from within our life on this side, have been able to determine on earth.
Over here, we know that a human being can think without a brain.
Do you hear?
Man does not need his brains to think.”
“You really mean that?”
“Yes, André, I speak the truth, it is possible.
But then the inner life shifts onto other organs.
The inner life then expresses itself in deeds.
During the First World War, many of us served on earth.
They helped the doctors from this side in their difficult task of caring for the wounded.
Among them was a scientist, who had already become very interested in the brain while he was on earth.
When he arrived on this side, he awakened and realized that his life would continue forever, as the spirit is a second body that lives inside the material body, and he understood the studies he had conducted on earth.
‘Good heavens’, he called out and sighed deeply, ‘if I only had been allowed to know this on earth.
I could have shown them that there is more to the earthly body than one imagines.’
So, what did he do next?
After he had accepted his eternal life, and had acquired spiritual consciousness, he hurried back to earth to help his colleagues in the flesh and assist them with the maimed and mutilated.
He merely focused his concentration on his earthly colleagues when they performed operations on the skull.
Now, what did those doctors and he experience?
On one occasion, when they lifted the crown of a soldier’s skull, they found he had no brains.
His cranial cavity merely contained a desiccated mass instead of brains.
From his birth onwards, this person had lived without this vital organ.
‘This is a miracle’, they cried out on earth.
My spiritual brother exerted his influence on them, and wanted to explain this phenomenon to them.
During his short earthly life, he had dedicated himself entirely to solving the question whether man needs a brain in order to think.
And here was the answer.
Do not suppose, André, that this is mere fiction.
On earth people are now that far that this is known in the field of science.
The academics therefore know about this, but cannot accept it yet.
They do not possess the courage to accept it, because it would refute all their theories.
It would force them to accept the spiritual continuity of life as an established fact and they would have to publicize this in scientific circles.
But they have not reached that stage yet.
There are still no doctors who will devote their whole personality to this cause.
Some scholars did get that far without the need of earthly knowledge, but these few cannot bridge the gap of unbelief.
Not until they reach this side will they all realize this truth.
However, by that time they will no longer be able to help their world; by then, their influence on earth will belong to the past.
Slowly but surely, science is making headway.
The conscious acceptance that a person’s inner life is soul too, and that the soul is spirit on this side, marks his awakening to life on the Beyond.
Man has to experience and accept our laws, he must become acquainted with life after death, and only then will he really come alive.
At present, he is living dead, unaware of his cosmic powers and consequently also of God’s ‘Omnipresence’.
This must be fulfilled before science can perceive what lies beyond material life.
They will be able to respond in full to those who live behind the veil, a possibility that is not yet given credit, but when it comes true, there will be tasks for millions of lives.
This means that science will wield power on earth, and mankind will know happiness in life.
This is God’s holy will.
This is what should fill our life, and what we ought to battle for.”
“How do things function under these circumstances, Alcar?”
“I will try to explain this enigma to you.
Listen. Several people exist on earth, who, without knowing this, possess no brain beneath the crown of their skull.
Their skull is empty and yet they can think and are very quick-witted.
Some time ago, I told you about our vital centre, also called the solar plexus.
Now this centre is directly linked up with the nervous system.
Whatever we earthly human beings think and feel is processed by the nervous system and these impressions are made to reach their destination, namely the brain.
However, when this organ is absent, a link will be established between the nerve centres and the person’s inner life.
The nervous system reacts with such infallibility that it merges with the inner life, which is followed by the materialization of these feelings.
Whatever the soul as a personality wants to convey is vocalized into Space via his or her speech organs.
If the personality chooses to be silent, it obviously severs that link and no more words are spoken.
These organs have then fulfilled their task.
The brain, as has been determined on this side, registers the physical and spiritual pressure of the personality and adjusts the power of thought, which the spirit has built up.
In this case, the nervous system takes over.
So we see that the function of the brain consists of serving the central point.
The brain itself would not be able to convey this power of feeling whenever it is expressed in words, because the speech organs and the nervous system have to perform this.
This shows us that the speech organs are vital, but that we can do without the brain.
The vibrating organs, which produce speech, are now forced to operate by the will power and the personality of the person in question.
The nervous system is therefore the most important organ in this process, as the nerves are directly attuned to the inner life.
If the nervous system is in disorder, the brain no longer fulfils its normal function, even though it is fundamentally normal, but in that case the nerves refuse to function, due to some illness or disturbance.
A brain disorder will cause a different condition.
However, as long as the nervous system is attuned to the brain, it represents the all-embracing impact and regulates the spoken word.
The nerves register the exerted pressure, which is acquired through concentration, and this leads to the spoken word.
I am now talking about the physical disturbances that frequently occur.
Under normal circumstances, when the brain is instrumental in producing speech, these disturbances show up immediately.
This is different when the skull is empty, because then these disturbances can no longer be traced.
Of course, a person without a brain does present an abnormal phenomenon, but that abnormality does not interfere with actual speech, because spirit and nervous system take complete charge of that.
Of course, it is impossible to express our feelings without speech organs.
However, the inner life dominates over all the physical systems, André, and it forms an unity with the central nervous system.”
“Would it then be possible to provide scientists with this evidence, Alcar?”
“Would you be willing to undertake this?”
“Without a second thought. I would let them take my brain away.”
“As yet, the kind of surgeon that could unfailingly perform that kind of operation is still to be born.
If the lancet is not applied correctly, then the speech canal becomes paralysed and the various nerve centres become disconnected, which must be prevented; otherwise disturbances will obviously occur because those centres are unable to react.
If the surgeon could receive our data, so that the vital organs, in other words the nerve-centres, would not get disturbed, then we could bestow this proof onto the world.
You would be able to think and speak, yet they still would not accept that; after all, they have already received this proof.
The man with the empty skull has had to adapt to his nervous system from birth, and this gradually developed along with his physical growth.
This growth process has not shown any disturbances, and so we see that the spirit consciously dominates all physical systems.
Those systems therefore must be in harmony and they begin to vibrate through the inner life, the human will power.
Science has received these pieces of evidence, yet nothing has been achieved; otherwise, you would have heard more about it.
This wonder has been stowed away behind a wall of scientific secrecy. Actually, it has been buried alive.
Now, other learned men must first come forward to continue this study.
We already know that these men will some day be born and the scientist whom I was talking about just now will return to material life and will soon bestow those pieces of proof to all mankind.
It is God’s will that mankind shall accept that death does not exist, and that the spirit remains a conscious personality, even after death.
This is the greatest of all wonders to mankind, because only then will science face unprecedented possibilities, which will make many situations dissolve that cause the human being of today to perish.
The spiritual body is boundless, but that vastness is not yet felt on earth.
The spirit does not need many nerve centres to express itself.
That system reacts to every thought, either conscious or unconscious, that is conceived.
It reacts in a marvellously natural and rapid way when the will power is focused.
And all this is brought about through human concentration.
That system, André, is fed from within the vital life or solar plexus, and it is attuned to it.
It is the All on a human scale, in a physical condition.”
“What you have told me just now, Alcar, is a revelation to me.
I feel that this is true, but as yet I am unable to follow this case in its entirety.”
“That is for later, André.
Think all these problems over when you are back in your earthly body, and meditate.
I assure you that these will no longer present a problem to you; suddenly you will change over into these laws and they will become yours.
However, you must continue to focus on this truth and seriously reflect on it.
Do you see that old mother over there, opposite to you?”
André looked at the woman.
She sat there, staring ahead of her, and seemed like the others, living dead.
“Do you feel the peace in her?
She too is a mental patient.
She has been locked up here for many years.
The poor soul has spent her life in this house and has not known earthly happiness.
I see that she will soon leave this earthly life.
Once again, the cause of her misery lies with a child.
She experienced a dreadful shock and collapsed.
The moment this condition came over her, she turned susceptible to the astral world, as I will show you now.
So all her agony caused her nervous system to break down, which made her lose her spiritual balance.
Weeks may go by in which she is peaceful, but suddenly a power gets into her and she becomes rebellious.
On earth, they were unable to help her. Yet we could have cured this life in a very short time.
She possesses the power and the attunement, which we can resuscitate.
There is a spiritual meaning behind this rebellious mood of hers.
I will link you up with her, André, and then you can feel and see whether her life is also being lived for her.”
André felt himself sinking away and clearly noticed that he was being connected with her inner life.
‘What is this?’ he thought.
He saw a human being inside her aura of life, and this being kept hold of her in its concentration.
This mother had reached astral union with this spirit.
Had this woman become possessed?
Now that he concentrated on it, the problem could be shown to him.
André experienced the true loveliness of the Beyond.
This old mother was still being protected.
What he now observed was a token of true love.
This spirit sacrificed its own sphere and had descended into her material life.
He wanted to prevent the astral world from attacking her.
“Is this her guardian spirit, Alcar?”
“Yes, André.
Here you see man and wife together.
Bonds of love cannot be torn apart, but the mother is not aware of this.
All the same, her husband, with whom she was linked up on earth, dwells within her life.
From time to time she is attacked and becomes rebellious, as you saw happen with our ‘poor soul’ and with Lien.
However, her husband does not allow this and helps her.
When her husband arrived on this side, he went back to earth and found her in this condition.
What could he do for her?
He wanted to ease her grief, but her life was already ruined.
To leave her in this state was impossible to him.
He is therefore ahead of her and possesses more will power.
Because of her mediumistic sensitivity, she descended into this unconscious stage and subsequently became mentally ill.
He is now putting up a life-and-death battle against the dark powers and receives assistance from this side.
This is a struggle for her organism, but he watches over her life.
His task will soon be over, and then he can convince her on this side of her material situation.
At the moment she is peaceful, because he does not leave her for a single moment.
Now this is true love, André, because he sacrifices himself completely; otherwise, the mother would have to experience total insanity.
This is what he had to fight against.
In the past years she had to undergo many of the astral laws.
This peace is now his spiritual possession.
He kept her in this condition; otherwise, her suffering would have been unbelievable.
He was able to give her this support, but others may be powerless.
You will get to know all these laws.
In this case, it is her husband, but with other patients there are sisters and brothers from the spheres who devote themselves to them.
They shut themselves inside the human organism for ten or twenty years according to earthly reckoning. They experience the most frightful misery, but by doing so they meanwhile build their own happiness in the spheres, because with every deed they perform for the sake of Divine life, they create a heaven of their own.
Do you understand, André, what it means?
To have to live inside an organism as a prisoner for years on end?
To constantly have to be on guard to protect this life?
To have to accept what this life feels and desires?
The astral spirit lives intimately linked up with the material personality and they are one in everything, just as you experienced with Jan and Lien.
You thought that you might choke after only a short while, and they experience those feelings too, yet they accomplish their task.
Is this kind of love, not a blessing?
All these sisters and brothers follow Christ and bestow all the possessions they have acquired onto those whose lives have been messed up.
That is what the Beyond is like.
To that end, conscious beings leave their own spheres and enter these horrific places.
You can see this often enough on this side, but does it get through to mankind what it means to make such a sacrifice?
We will devote our lives to anyone, provided he can be reached; otherwise, we would be just as ineffective.
Others have to accept that their loved ones are swallowed up by the dark worlds, and that leaves them powerless.
During his life on earth, this man was an artist, a musician.
He passed over and entered the spheres of light.
Here on this side he could also make music, and his students were joyfully awaiting his arrival.
When he was told that his wife had come to grief, he descended in order to help her.
It shows that this man harboured love.
Soon, the misery of this woman will come to an end.
He will then have accomplished his task and he can continue on his way.
Some may experience this on earth, whenever karmic laws prevail, whereas others follow the same path as this man here.
As soon as the mother is released from her life on earth, he will be able to go wherever he wants, because she will enter a different sphere.
That is what serving is all about, André.
God knows what this man is doing.
His service consists of consciously wanting to share with her all the misery that destroyed her life, yet at the same time it provides him with the wisdom of life.
We will meet him again in the spheres of light, because that is what he is attuned to and where he will simultaneously enter spiritual bliss.
On this side, we hold this in holy respect.
When I observed this, I begged God to give me an instrument, so that I could donate my own experience to the world, because I have helped my loved ones too in this way.
I also wanted to serve and become proficient in this work.
Here, in these mental homes, I regained my senses and came to know God as a Father of love.
You do not believe that God ever intended this misery, do you?
I felt a higher world awakening within me.
As a result of this serving, I reached sphere after sphere and therefore achieved my cosmic consciousness.
I do not need to tell you that this will acquaint you with the astral laws; it is the training school for life on this side.
I truly learned to love in these surrounding.
All this sacrificial love made me see my Father in heaven as He really is.
After all, people themselves have wanted this destruction.
God does not punish.
God does not sanction all this misery, but mankind has lost control of itself, and these unconscious millions still have to awaken.
To the material and spiritual human being, this means experiencing the higher grades of life.
Many on that long road collapse and then become mentally ill or insane.
This is the true background of all that misery that sends people to their downfall.
But what do people know about this on earth?
Does man really know himself and does he know why he dwells on earth?
Does he want to get to know himself?
Then he must accept all these laws, lest he comes to a standstill.
By spreading love, he will enter a higher level of consciousness.
Some day, everyone faces his own personality and has to show his colours.
The consciousness from a higher sphere spiritually holds him in check and he then has to automatically bow his head to God.
Man must renounce himself, André, and clearly feel what is good and what is wrong.
Only then will the spheres of light open up to man, and he can then prepare himself for an even higher world, where love blesses our life.
For the sake of this man who voluntarily locked himself up inside this material body, I wish to make all this known to the people on earth.
He is trying to watch over her life just as God watches over all His children.
His nights are sleepless, because he must be constantly paying attention.
He has to keep his concentration focused, otherwise, she may be taken by surprise.
We could have helped her too, André.
By raising her up in her day-conscious self and closing her life off to the astral world we could have cured her.
We could not have mitigated her sorrow, yet her balance would have been restored.
Life would have consoled her.
This woman is attuned to the life of Jetje, Mientje and that of the ‘poor soul’.
These lives differ in nothing, yet some possess more consciousness than others.
Nevertheless, they are all attacked or else they experience their own weakness.
All the same, every one of them can be helped.
Thousands that dwell in this grade of life are locked up, and they could all have been cured.
Therefore, the sensitive feelings and longings in Mientje stand for one condition.
This woman descended into her grief, but she forgot that she was now open to our world.
To top it all, she lost her husband shortly afterwards.
All that grief she endured brought her into this institution.
Nevertheless, her personality protected her from total ruin; otherwise, she would have had to accept a deep grade of insanity.
Her openness to the astral world gave her husband the opportunity to do something for her; otherwise, he would have been powerless.
She is being attacked, but they cannot penetrate the home of her soul.
There is an enormous power blocking the demons from entering.
Love is on guard and it is invincible.
His wife is not open to bestiality, so that her inner life is ready to accept this help.
These are the astral laws, André, which we must accept and which either call us to a halt or, contrarily, attract us and then our serving can begin.
Do you feel how obvious and natural all these illnesses are?
If this woman eventually wants to enter the first sphere, she will have to acquire genuine love.
Only then will she be able to go further.”
“I see, Alcar, how all these people are ruining themselves because of their love, and that others, who also feel love within and are actually worse than many here, still retain their day-conscious self.
Can you explain that to me?”
“A very clear and natural question, André.
I sense that you are learning to think along our life’s lines.
Listen: there are people on earth who think they possess a personality; they too give love.
Millions of mothers have children of their own and experience earthly life, and yet they are insensitive.
What kind of laws are these?
Is it some kind of Divine injustice?
We became familiar with these grades of feeling on this side.
All these people, men and women, still have to show what they can mean to this world.
If they were to enter here, they would break down, because they are not ready for the spiritual, luminous spheres.
Those people collapse and experience their psychopathic condition here.
You will get to know them in a short while.
We will meet all those grades when we leave the earth.
That means that many mothers are too coarsely material to experience the conscious­ness of the higher grades of feeling.
Accordingly, man passes through insanity on his way to the conscious, spiritual stage.
This is what every human being, every soul has in store, because it is an integral part of the return to God.
We as human beings must master all these grades of life, which are the hells and heavens of this side.
On earth, we find all those attunements as character traits and so we get to know the personality.
But, there are also mothers who love their children and have already reached that height.
They have proven that they have triumphed over earthly misery and they bowed their heads to their suffering.
Those mothers live, as God wants them to live; they accept.
After all, it does not help in the least to oppose it.
We must pass through all these grades.
We must make use of earthly life to acquire those material grades of consciousness.
Afterwards, we will enter life after death and will have completed our cycle on earth.
Do you understand all this?”
“Yes, it is clear to me, Alcar.
So those other mothers who lead a worse life than many a woman in here and still seem normal to society, will eventually have to show what they are capable of, will they not?”
“That is it, and no-one can evade that lot.
Many mothers love materially and yet they will not succumb.
However, when spiritual love makes itself known and is felt, the personality on earth generally breaks down, and then the astral forces will advance.
Only then is our world able to reach them.
The others do not possess the appropriate feelings.
If you can feel this, André, then you understand that all those beings still have to awaken to pure spiritual love.
That is why insanity is a sign of spiritual weakness.
But material weakness is something entirely different.
Spiritual weakness occurs whenever a personality wants to free itself from material love.
So, those who love materially cannot break down, because they are in harmony with that life.
Yet when a person ascends, he will experience spiritual love and then this life must face these laws and prove what it has acquired.
The state of unconsciousness causes a breakdown in these lives, but this is followed by recovery.
However, by that time it has turned into something one has acquired of one’s own accord, earned through grief and sorrow.
Material love has nothing to do with spiritual, astral love.
Our love is not bound by earthly laws; it has totally conquered physicality.
The enormous gap between the two has to be bridged by the personality itself.
Material man may mourn over lost love, but so does an animal.
As a rule, an animal will not die of grief, and some people do not even have the slightest understanding of spiritual love.
So how could these mothers ever perish?
That would be impossible.
But as soon as they let go of their own situation, these people reach the spiritual state of existence, and they will experience the struggle for life or death, which means letting go of matter.
Then they face a breakdown.
The ability to submit everything in life does not always stem from a person’s spiritual personality.
Do you feel that?
Lots of people part with their property because they do not even realize what they possess.
Some mothers sacrifice their own children and do away with them as if they were no more than rags.
Do they act in that way because they love them?
Because they grant some other mother the joy of their child?
When those mothers lose their children, it is a blessing to them, because the child and its love are a great burden to them.
It enables them to once again live as they please.
But to our life, these mothers are living dead and must still awaken to motherly love.
Those mothers will not collapse, because they have no love within.
They are not really alive; they are akin to an animal that feels, unaware of divine love.
To the human being, André, those grades of life represent the pre-animal, the animal, the coarse-material and the material grades.
The spiritual grade of life belongs to our world.
All these mental patients, these psychopathic grades, dwell in-between the material and the spiritual attunement.
You probably feel what that means: this misery must incite them to master the spiritual grade.
And that will happen because they become lost in that misery, and yet they receive help from us.
It all depends which of the grades of animal and material attunements these people are in, and whether they can be helped, because we are powerless in the face of the animal grades.
Those people cannot be drawn up towards the spiritual stage.
The gap is too great.
These grades of life made us familiar with all those conscious and unconscious attunements that prevail on earth and in our life.
Accordingly, millions of people represent one specific grade of life, and they must try to reach the next, higher stage.
But in their attempt to do so, they keep on losing ground and are confronted with the laws of this life, and that is when mental illnesses appear.
The release from these laws means that they are gaining sensitivity.
Now this sensitivity is their own misfortune, because these people do not yet possess the necessary resistance to hold their ground with regard to the spiritual law, which to us, denotes a sphere of light, a heaven.
The material mother must therefore still show what her love is like, but we in the astral world are familiar with her condition and we know that she will eventually break down.
If the soul as a personality has already made that much progress on earth, then a link will be established with the astral world, which obviously incurs attacks on these lives, resulting in these illnesses.
In other words, André, all these people merely follow one road, the road to awakening, but that road passes through insanity and leads on to the conscious stage within our life, and that amounts to a spiritual attunement, a heaven.
From a standpoint within our life, a mother who collapses is not necessarily a weak personality; because she experiences the material laws.
She is therefore busy acquiring those grades of feeling, and she is on the way back to God.
She has made a start.
Others have no intention of starting.
They indulge in their material life and break hearts, abandon their children or if necessary, destroy the young life they bear within.
They are open to murder and destruction and therefore belong to the pre-animal-like or animal-like grades of life of man.
You can recognize all these grades of life by their deeds.
Every act or expression of feeling, André, will lead you to the astral laws which we, as material and spiritual human beings must experience and must master, because we do not receive a single God-given thought for nothing.
I can show and explain all these grades to you in the spheres.
Millions of people represent these laws in our life, and by this, they represent their own attunement in life, either their hell or their heaven.
So do not think, André, that those who can hold their ground on earth have made that much progress.
Those people have yet to prove whether they reached spiritual attunement.
Some face insanity, others have just gone through it and now experience a spiritual grade in this life, although they are still on earth as material human beings.
It is due to their own karmic laws, which decide whether the soul can either return to earth or continue, here on this side.
This, by the way, will lead us to the conscious physical and spiritual personality.
Man lives on earth to learn, but who can assert that he is ready, and will bow his head to God?
The material mother can feel love for her own child but that does not mean that she is a spiritual personality.
A number of character traits claim consciousness in our life, and only on this side will all those traits receive their spiritual grade and attunement, and by then one certain trait, or many, will have been overcome.
In the pre-animal-like and animal-like grade, these people all cherish self-love.
This self-love is their ruin and will make them collapse.
After a while, they will awaken and only then ask their God to be allowed to live their life over again, because they did not bow their heads to the divine laws.
Once again, God grants those souls an earthly life, because God is a Father of love.
Every soul harbours this depth, this true attunement to God; however, it must yet awaken to divine nature.
I feel more respect for all who live in these institutions than for those who neither know nor understand themselves and sense a love for their own false personalities.
Many believe that they stand above and beyond all this misery, but from this side we are able to show them the very opposite.
Some day man will experience true maternal love, which is spiritual, but that is followed by his material downfall.
Do you feel this depth, André?
Do you now understand that millions of people, mothers and fathers, dwell on earth who must still awaken?
I admire these patients because they feel love.
I will devote my life to them if I can, because I acquired my own consciousness through them.
I went through these illnesses too, just as everybody else on this side, and I was led on towards the conscious grade of life in the spirit, which is erected by spiritual love.
All those other mothers know neither grief nor sorrow; they are spiritually dead.
There is no warmth in their life.
The doors of the soul will never open; they remain closed to every spiritual development.
And yet that being wishes to rise above a pathological form of consciousness?
This kind of consciousness is consciously ill, André, but the consciousness of all those millions on earth is consciously insane.
When they leave that grade behind, they enter upon these illnesses and are inept in their own existence.
That is when they need help.
And that help cannot be given to them in the deepest grades, because a single life is too short to reach enhanced awareness, so that they will have to accept their wretched existence.
Can you imagine anything more valuable to a mother than her child?
This possession awakens the human being within his own grade of life.
To experience this over and over again in different ways leads man to the unknown, to the spiritual stage.
The longing approaches slowly but surely and cannot be stopped, because it belongs to enhanced consciousness.
This marks the awakening to this world in material life.
All these people can be cured through powerful spiritual help, and through the support which physicians offer.
But here you find them lying around and nobody can deliver them from this darkness, because medicine does not help.”
“So, if someone acts in keeping with the Divine laws and can submit in everything, does that stand for the spiritual personality’s possession, Alcar?”
“Excellent, André, you understood what I meant.
Of course, those people lack the love they need and are weighed down with grief and sorrow, but they remain themselves.
And to them and to us that betokens spiritual possession, the attunement in the spirit, which they have acquired.
Those people are a source of love, and they are conscious in this life.
They feel love towards everything that lives, and are prepared to serve.
We can therefore determine how much progress a material human being has made on his path of ascent towards this world.
In this life, we can establish the limits of a person’s inner life.
His human radiance reveals the level he will attain on this side.
The same can be observed on earth by following a personality in all his actions, because every deed attunes itself to a certain grade of life, and that grade tells you whether the person is spiritual or material or even animal-like or pre-animal-like.
It simply shows one’s colours to God.
Nobody can evade that.
We will have reached this stage when we get to the first sphere, André.
That is where we begin to feel spiritual love, and where we will acquire it.
That will mark the beginning of our conscious path of life which ascends through the Space, and then we will understand our own life and that of others.
All earthly misery will then have been overcome and our personality will have become spiritual.
Then, we are ready and able to help others.
Equivalent attunements attract each other and can support each other.
Dissimilar attunements are forced to look on helplessly, because we are out of reach.
Consequently, those who tarnish maternal love on earth must yet awaken to possession.
If you sense that, you will understand that all this is in God’s hands and that this was what Christ died for.
Christ wanted people to help each other, yet now that we have abandoned material life, nobody still believes in us, because they do not know what death is.
We are very willing to answer all relevant questions.
We want to work in unison with the learned men on earth, who will become familiar with these laws and illnesses through us.
Is there anything wrong about that?
We bring happiness.
Come on, André, let us continue on our way.
Look at this young woman.
Again it is love that destroyed her.
She loved someone and was cheated.
Now this girl is abnormal and she had to be locked up here.
She too was attacked by the astral world, which immediately rendered her unfit for society.
Although her face is contorted with grief, she can still be called a beauty.
Why did she come to grief?
What had to break her inner life?
It was love.
And she went down, she was declared insane, because she loved and that love broke her personality.
Can God allow this to happen?
God has nothing to do with these amorous problems.
It is the weakness of personality that makes a human being succumb.
But the laws of cause and effect have control over her life.
Those laws forced her to follow that direction; otherwise, she would have received her true love.
I see how she herself once deceived someone, and now she has been cheated and collapsed.
Her situation is a mystery to mankind, yet to our world it merely constitutes the laws that she abides by.
I see those laws and can follow them, because she lives by them and they encompass her.
Nothing keeps me from following her life.
These laws led her to a life that did not accept her.
She gave everything she had; yet her commitment appeared without meaning to this other life.
The remorse, or the feeling that she herself had squandered, broke her up.
She now has feelings of inferiority, which she must get rid of.
Did this woman imagine that no love existed for her on earth?
Thousands of people would like to take her in their arms, and she could very well encounter her love amongst them.
As it is, there is just that one person and all these patients merely wish to possess the one they love.
Is that what universal love is about?
Does this love seem deep?
Can a human being be great if that person loves himself or merely one other life?
Sooner or later, this kind of foundation is bound to collapse.
And that is the reason why she collapsed.
You see, my son, how simple everything actually is, provided you can fathom the true grade of life of the soul.
Our life enables us to see right through human lives.
This girl of thirty talks a lot of gibberish.
She is thirty years old, and it is her age that made her succumb.
Do you feel why, André?”
“That is clear to me, Alcar.
If she had been younger, she probably would not have even understood her love; at her stage, this love is slightly more mature.”
“Excellent, André; these feelings of love are more conscious.
So, as she entered the conscious aspect of love, this conscious grade attracted her life and she succumbed.
What would a child of seventeen want to experience when it comes to these laws?
Her advanced age is the cause of her present downfall.
She must show her colours, and renounce her own desires, because God did not create the universe for merely one person.
This universe harbours her happiness too, but the laws that apply to her called a halt to her great happiness.
Could she accept that?
Others die because of it; they hang themselves.
Others drown or gas themselves, just because their love remains unanswered.
That shows their weakness of personality, André, that is all it is.
These souls still have to acquire genuine love.
Since they possess the necessary sensitivity for our life – that mediumistic sensitivity which every dog and cat possesses, the laws of which will be explained to you later on, André – these patients subsequently collapse.
They suddenly begin to talk gibberish, yet also tell the truth, because they dwell in-between life and death.
An astral personality approaches them and those who can be reached fall back to the lowest grades of insanity.
Do you feel her condition too, André?”
“Yes, Alcar.
What did you mean by the inner life like cats and dogs?”
“Every being experiences its own attunement.
Every form of Divine life is sensitive.
But sensitivity in itself is classified in grades of its own.
These grades, André, are the means which enabled us to establish our own link.
Lantos will shortly explain all these laws to you, and he will write an extensive study on all the mediumistic grades that served the Beyond to get in spiritual touch with the earth.
I have already assigned him that task.
He is preparing himself for that.
In a few years, you will pass this mighty work onto mankind, and you will therefore receive it all through his mediation.
These grades of the inner life acquaint us with the illnesses of the mind.
This young woman should have understood her life.”
“What should she have done in her case, Alcar?”
“She ought to have taken her life into her own hands.
She need not have broken down if she had not possessed self-love.”
“So then this is self-love, Master?”
“Are you suggesting that this is genuine love, André?
Can a person really love if it merely focuses on one person?”
“But are we then expected to love a dozen people, Alcar?”
“You do not sense the meaning of my words, André, nor is my explanation clear enough.
Look, she loves, namely one single person.
But who can tell whether he is her twin-soul?
And what if he were, if this is her twin-soul who cheats on her? It still is not spiritual love, because spiritual love does not deceive.
God does not allow us to give a certain person everything and nothing to another.
That clashes with the laws of God and Christ.
On this side we extend love universally and that kind of love cannot be given to merely one person.
This kind of love serves.
But do not misinterpret my words, because I am not referring to material love, I mean spiritual love.
It is not my intention to accord people the liberty of experiencing a dozen love affairs before they can really love, even though they sometimes need this to be able to awaken to spiritual love.
But this patient only feels love for a specific person and that person deceived her.
What I want to demonstrate to you is that she should have quietly surrendered and accepted this grief, this sorrow.
She should have understood that this was not love; instead, it was deceit.
What was this woman searching for?
Maybe for love!
However, deceit was what she received.
Yet what caused her personality to break down?
She was ashamed, and she developed an inferiority complex because she had dedicated her whole being to this love.
So now we must deal with the purity of the spirit and the authenticity of this life.
This girl loved someone, but she was not prepared for this love.
Then she was abandoned and behold, she pined away; she dropped to such depths that she began to utter nonsense and they had to lock her up here.
But this is only temporary, because she will get the better of herself and only then will she begin to live.
She is still young enough to experience maternal love.
Others are unable to free themselves from these unconscious thoughts, these desires and inferiority complexes before the end of their earthly life and they take them along when they die.
Therefore, these patients are even stronger than those who put an end to their own life are.
And now you ask me whether she has to experience this kind of love more than once, and whether she needs to possess more than just one man in order to attain true love?
You also asked whether this is self-love.
The answer is that she should have accepted this grief, this sorrow, and this lesson in life.
That is all that is needed.
Then she will have to wait and see what God will grant her and what her own laws have in store for her.
Obviously, her love is to be supplemented by the force that creates, namely by a procreator.
He will either come to her or not.
However, those laws are an integral part of her life and they devise her life for her.
If her badness prevails, she will look for this love, but her soul life, André, must wait and can do nothing.
What did Mientje’s life teach you?
She is waiting.
She is now a great personality where love is concerned; otherwise, Mientje would also go to ruin.
It made this woman here break down; she ought to have accepted her lesson.
Mientje also learned her lesson in life about love, but now she recoils from giving herself over again.
Millions of men and women have had to accept their training school.
Yet millions searched anew; they keep on searching until they believe they have found the right one, with whom they can be happy.
But who says they have a right to do so?
Who can prove to us that all these people should not experience their own laws?
This means that in a next life they will nevertheless come face to face with the love which they have now abandoned, since their characters were incompatible and they gave way.
The law that applies to our life now tells us: accept and wait.
At present, their paths are being guided, and behold, sooner or later that person will meet the very one who belongs to his or her life and with whom a link is now established.
What did this woman do?
She grieved over the deceit; she pined away because of that one person and broke her personality in two.
But was that the intention?
She should not begin to search; she ought to wait.
And if she does start to search, I assure you that she will nonetheless be unable to find the love of her life, because she herself must yet awaken to that enormous love.
A person will not receive that great love before his or her own kind and grade of life can be experienced, because at this stage, the Land of Hatred and the first sphere intermingle.
And the love they experience is akin to a cat-and-dog relationship.
It is a love that has nothing to give, because neither of the two have the slightest notion of true love.
Accordingly, this woman is merely weak, André, and her weakness resulted in her spiritual downfall.
It broke up her life.
I ask you: Is this love?
It is narrow-mindedness.
She does not want to possess love, but the body.
And that is the own destruction for our life.
This love raps her on the knuckles; this love breaks down and destroys because it is only sensed materially.
This love leads us into human passion.
Actually, she has nothing at all; she knows no love because she sees only one person and he belongs to her.
But God says that we must love His life in its entirety.
I assure you once again that if she dwelt amongst other people and were able to extend love to others, so that the people around her would see the light of her life, which would give them warmth, then she would, within a month, be showered by the love of a man, because she would spread a radiance of love.
They would fight over this woman.
Now she has locked herself up.
It is by giving love that we humans receive.
Millions of people have had to experience this and were able to take it in.
Books are written about love of this kind, André, and films are produced on earth on this subject.
This love caused Creation to be.
Yet the love that exists here is pathetic and narrow-minded. Its intention is honest and it is genuinely experienced; yet it lacks that one specific quality, the essential feeling which spiritual love possesses.
That is warmth, but that warmth marks the great personality who can give and can love.
Something that glows, André, something that loves and can truly love stands out as a wonder that no person on earth wants to lose.
Murders are committed to obtain it.
And would they ward that off?
Would they not accept this love?
That is unthinkable.
She merely loves herself.
She put up this unconscious little self for her own sake, but now she complains that she has been cheated.
I am not saying that the man was right, within her own condition we recognize her faults as well as his; they are both still unconscious.
Lots of astral laws are attuned to this, as we will see, now that we are about to deal with the laws that apply specifically to men and women, and prevail over the day-conscious self and therefore also over love.
These tell us: this is the limit.
Is it clear to you, André, why she collapsed?”
“I truly thank you for all your words, Master Alcar, and I bow my head in reverence for all I have learned from you this day.”
“Thank you, André. You already express yourself as a truly matured person, even though you are, at present, still a child to our side, as far as your task in life and I are concerned.
As a child, you can understand these laws and follow them, and as a child, you must serve me; otherwise, our lives will be at odds.
That, however, is impossible, because we want to serve and dedicate all we possess to these people.
Yet this is her problem in life, and these are the facts that could have enabled her to hold her ground.
Yet, as I just said, she will return to her day-conscious self, but do you see the reason why, André?”
André felt that his master was exerting his influence on him and he began to see into the inner life of this girl.
He saw a radiant figure standing next to the young woman.
When he perceived this, Alcar said:
“It is her grandmother, André.”
André understood.
“This is her condition.
She will stay here for a certain time, but she possesses the strength to release herself from this misery and she is being supported in this by her grandmother’s mentality, which at present is possible.
She cannot be reached by the astral demons, but she is open to them and so she feels that horrible power as a mental impact which throws her off balance.
The reason for this grandmother to be with her grandchild could fill a whole book which I will not go into at present, because that is not our momentary goal.
However, just accept that she loves this girl and therefore protects her until she can stand on her own two feet.
Her condition is somewhat below that of Joop.
Joop did not possess this sensitivity; otherwise, he too would have ruined himself.
But he could not have done so, because he represented a different grade in life.
Do you know which one, André?”
André thought for a while and sensed the problem.
Yet he could not give an answer.
Alcar answered:
“Look, André. Here you are, standing before me just as Mother Jet did a while ago and just as that scholar stood before you.
You know the answer, and yet you do not.
If ever it was proven to you that it is not you, in your life on earth, then this is the moment, because you feel it and yet you do not.
But on earth I immediately draw you up into my own consciousness and only then do you begin to see and feel the problem.
I could do that now too, but I want you to think for yourself; otherwise, we will not make any progress.
Do you want me to tell you?”
“No, Alcar, that will not be necessary. I already know the answer.”
“Oh, you do?
Are you quite sure of that?”
“I know it and I could give you the answer.”
“And what is the answer, André?”
“That Joop protected himself, because he was pursuing his studies.
Love goes deeper, Alcar.”
“Excellent, André, that is how it is.
But do you want to know what you contributed yourself and how much I conveyed to you?”
André bowed his head.
He accepted this enormous lesson in life.
His eyes filled with tears.
He looked at his master, and his feelings conveyed his gratitude towards him for this lesson.
Alcar said to his beloved instrument: “If you can always act in this way, André, if you can feel from within your own personality, then I hereby assure you, that you will possess cosmic consciousness within four years.
And then we will write a book entitled: ‘André’s Cosmology’.
Of course, your earthly name will be displayed on the front cover, but you as a personality are the one who can fully give himself.
You are capable of bowing your head, that is why you will merit all my possessions, and God and Christ award you a full-fledged A.
Because these are the flowers which Christ loves most of all.
During our conversation, I imbued you with my knowledge.
You know that I am capable of that.
So I helped you to think and you sensed me.
Joop faced an entirely different problem.
What happened to Joop was of no significance to the astral world, because his studies represented an ordinary material situation to this world.
But if Joop had felt love, it would have broken him.
Love touches the life of God.
Although these are earthly grades of love which people experience, this kind of love also has to do with Golgotha.
Whenever a person begins to feel love and wages a battle to the bitter end for the sake of love, then that battle touches the soul.
As the soul is akin to God and therefore can be also spirit and light, that love will lead you and us away from the earth and we will land somewhere between life and death.
This means that we are no longer on solid ground and will collapse.
If Joop had waged a battle for love, André, he would have collapsed like these men and women and he would also have been locked up.
One more question, André.
But let me tell you that I will not be helping you to think this time.
So, you will not get the conscious feeling from me to enable you to answer the question.
The question is:
Who is ahead, Joop or this girl?
Joop goes around amongst other people, feeling great and healthy, whereas this sick girl is locked up here and is in fact a psychopath.”
André did not need much time to think this over and replied:
“The girl is ahead, Alcar”
“But why, André?
Do you want us to analyse your feeling and thinking?”
“Because she experiences more than Joop.
Joop is far behind. This girl has made a lot more progress concerning love and the laws that prevail in this life than Joop.”
“It is wonderful, André, to hear you talk like this.
You will see how far you will get in the realm between life and death.
I will let you experience the ultimate.
Keep going, for you will manage.
This girl is further than Joop, even though Joop is making his way on earth and has come to himself again.
I just explained these laws to you.
Now listen to what I am about to tell you: when we followed Joop on earth and I went to the son for his father’s sake, who thought the lad was going insane, I told you that Joop was, to the contrary, quite free from insanity.
I even pointed out to you that Joop had already experienced these laws and so he is not burdened by these problems.
But now we say that this girl is further than Joop?
Is that possible, André?”
“You are definitely presenting me with spiritual problems, Alcar.”
“Certainly, that is what I am doing, André, because the answer is within your reach.
Think it over for a moment.
I will not allow you much time, because we must go on.
We still have quite a few other grades to visit.”
André thought it over.
After a short moment his master said: “I will give you a hint, André.
You must look at this situation from a cosmic point of view.”
‘Cosmic, cosmic,’ André pondered.
Suddenly, a shock went through him and he told his master:
“I know the answer, Alcar, I have got it.”
Alcar sensed André’s happiness and answered in his place:
“Do you know, my boy, what it means to be allowed to feel the happiness inside of you that results from this wisdom?
Can you also imagine what it will feel like to sense all the grades in space, material as well as spiritual, within?
And does this also make you feel what it means to be allowed to become a child of Christ?
And God’s child too?
That is what we must acquire and that will acquaint us with the grades of insanity as well as millions of other grades and make us understand them.
And now for Joop.”
“Joop did not make any headway because he has only one goal, Alcar.
What I want to say is, Joop actually does not experience anything at all.
As to her traits, this girl is much further than Joop is or could ever feel.
I see this child in a broader perspective and when I follow her life, I feel warmth coming over me.
Joop does not possess that warmth, because he locks himself in and merely deals with his own existence.
He has no desire for a girlfriend.
These powers of feelings which are felt to be love, tell Joop, tell this child and me, that there nothing can beat love, and that every personality will collapse if no love is present or felt.
Therefore, what I see is that Joop still has to acquire the kind of warmth she possesses and that she is far ahead of Joop.”
“I am very pleased, André.
Master Cesarino (a mentor of the seventh sphere of light on the Beyond, see the book: A View into the Hereafter) will instruct me to grant you everything, as you are doing your best.
It is splendid, because Joop is poverty-stricken compared to her.
She went to ruin because of love, whereas Joop collapsed due to a little earthly problem, since he refused to bow his head.
At the moment, we are not only facing the laws, but also the cosmic grade of life of the personality.
And you felt that grade of life cosmically.
That is why I told you to look at this cosmically, and so you did indeed feel and see it cosmically.
Joop still has to acquire her grade of consciousness.
This child harbours more traits that possess consciousness than Joop, and yet Joop seems to be ahead of her.
So you see that people should not blindly judge a person, because it is the astral laws that decide.
Our life tells us: show yourself in all your nakedness, and let God shine upon you.
This life penetrates us, André, because the laws of our life tell us: this is where you have to stop.
In earthly life, some seem to be further than others, but when we analyse their traits one by one, then sometimes hell surpasses a sphere of light.
This means that the sins people believe they commit do not rank as sins in the eyes of God.
Another person’s deed may seem charitable, but when you take a closer look, you find that pure self-love and calculation motivated this deed.
Would you call that Love?
In this way, we on this side are able to analyse every personality, because life itself determines its own attunement in life.
At the moment, this happens automatically, provided you are on the Other Side.
I want to bestow that knowledge on to you.
Within a short while, spanning a few years of your material life, you will be able to recognize every kind of personality on earth, André, because I will introduce you to these laws.
It is part of your mediumship.
We will now leave this ward and enter the next one where we will find phenomena of a different kind.
These people are weak in spirit; their breakdown was caused by love. Next door to them, we will meet up with religious fanatics.
Come on, André, follow me.”
André cast another glance at all these people and he saw that many were being helped.
He also saw how some were beyond all help and now he understood the reason why.
Back on earth, he would not be able to do anything for those people either.
These people were after passion.
“You are right, André, that is how it is.
I am following your thoughts, and you see that I can help you to think, but you have already known this for quite some time.
Nevertheless, it is always worth experiencing how others can follow your thoughts and assist you in your thinking.
Everybody can be helped, but the possibility to offer help must be present, which means that people have to open up to it.
In fact, the inner life should attract that help; otherwise, we are powerless.
A person from the Land of Hatred cannot possibly enter the first sphere.
Evolution does not allow us to omit a single step.
This bridge must be built brick by brick and accomplished; otherwise, it will collapse.
Take a look at this, my son.”
Around a dozen people were gathered in this ward.
They were all acting in a strange way and seemed unnatural.
Where was his master taking him?
He felt the silence of life and sacred peace, but also the chill of death.
What was this place he was in at that moment?
He saw young people and old ones too, but the elderly predominated, and men and women were even gathered together here.
The women outnumbered the men.
What was the meaning of this scene?
The fact that there are also men in this ward is attributable to one of the doctors, who is young in years.
This scientist owns wings; he is taking spiritual tests.
You do not always find the men together with women, because it is against the regulations of this house, but he is doing some research.
We will soon watch them taking place.
Now, what do you think of these mothers, these girls who have remained pure?
I will tell you, a few of them think along these lines, so they never got to know about love, and now they believe their material life has remained pure.
Then why do they find themselves in this condition?
In order to explain all these grades, André, I would have to fill a dozen books on these sick people. Yet I would be forced to accept that this would raise no more than a corner of the veil; that shows how terribly deep this study is and how numerous the psychopaths are that dwell on earth.
Some break down due to some small trait or other in their character; others succumb through love and are overcome by an inferiority complex.
Thousands of others possess their own methods of defence and nevertheless gave way to these or other problems.
Yet these people went weak in the mind because of their God of love.
That is terrible.
These are the unhappiest of all.
They rank amongst the most inhuman of all the thousands of grades we are familiar with in our life.
None of the insane can sink as deep as such folk; none deserve more pity than these religious maniacs who walk around here with their bible, reading it day and night without understanding anything of its holiness.
Who is to blame for all this?
Who cast all these lives into this inhuman misery?
The Church did.
The Church is solely to blame for this madness.
I would like to say ‘Amen’ to that, but the ‘Amen’ of the Church makes me choke.
The Church utters this word and in doing so, it plays around with this Divine holy fire, holiest of all.
The Church allowed these lives to suffocate in a cesspool of unconsciousness, of dirt and sludge.
The Church dug the grave for these people to live in.
My God, can you forgive the Church for their ways?
What is there to add to this?
Whole volumes could be written about these religious maniacs, André, and yet these words suffice.
The Church is to blame, because the Church talks about damnation.
God never damns!
Never did God ever damn a single soul.
Let us begin: first of all, André, these people all got into this condition because they possess no love.
Not a spark of that holy fire kindles within their withered lives.
They never got to know it.
Why are these patients the unhappiest amongst all the grades of insanity?
They experience nothing.
They possess nothing.
Accordingly, their poverty of feeling brought them to ruin.
These people do not dwell on earth: they are afloat, somewhere between life and death.
They acquired physical love and went in search for spiritual light.
If they had not yet acquired any physical feelings, they would not be here.
Because that feeling led them towards passion and they now possess that passion, but merely towards their faith.
Now they are looking for their heaven and praying to find it, but they experience nothing.
In the meantime, they lost themselves and they had to be locked up.
All nations, spread out over the entire planet, have religious maniacs of their own.
Some lose themselves in Allah, become insane, others go the same way by adoring various gods, and worshipping Christ got these people lost.
Christ moved them with such ardour that they lost themselves and got to the stage where they uttered mere gibberish.
Then they did something that caused them to be locked up for their own protection.
Some danced around naked, while others claimed to be God and a number of them even pretended that they were prophets, and they went on like maniacs.
Is that not horrific?
The Church is responsible for these ill-fated lives, for their human ruin.
It is said that spiritualists go crazy when they carry on with their sessions.
Therefore churchgoers are forbidden to take part, but I tell you that you will find more Christian-churchly insane amongst those who are locked up than crazy spiritists.
Thousands of these people submitted to God in this mistaken manner and subsided.
In their feelings they had left the earth and its material laws and then they faced insanity.
Due to their prayers and their yearning for all this holiness, the day-conscious self of these personalities collapsed.
If the Church had been able to grant these people the honest truth, believe me, all these victims would never have lost contact with the solid ground under their feet.
Yet now the Church shrouds itself in a veil of secrecy and prefers to go on damning people instead of showing the people the true light.
But the Church is not that far yet.
All the same, this life is bedazzled, due to the things the Church deals out to man.
The horrible tales about damnation made these people sacrifice all they possessed, lest they burn forever.
However, they did not know how far they had strayed from the earth, and one-day they were unable to figure out whether they were still alive or whether they belonged amongst the dead.
At that moment, the little earthly spark was extinguished and they lived on in darkness, and that is where we find them here.
Not one of these people can be helped, André.
The church insanity lives in them.
The Church drew these lives into damnation, but they naturally had no wish to comply.
Then they wanted to know everything about the Church and the faith and they succumbed.
If these people had been taken care of in time and had been told that God does not damn, that God is a Father of love and that they should first concern themselves with their earthly life and live in accordance with their own nature, then the Church could have performed wonders.
But the Church is not that far yet, and akin to these poor in spirit, it is a living dead.
I call out to the Church to bring this to memory and point out its own faults.
It is the Church that ought to take care of the faithful, but these lives are broken by damnation.
The Church and its cursed damnation murdered the spirits of thousands of these people.
One day the Church will choke in this inhuman prattle, which only Satan enjoys.
Some are a little more sensitive than others, André, and you undoubtedly sense that the former are therefore within reach of the unconscious astral world, and as a result, they immediately become possessed.
All these religious maniacs read their manuscripts.
They no longer know what they are doing and they show each other their naked body.
So this proves that passion lies embedded in these lives.
If they had no passion, they would not even have been able to enter this grade, which marks the unconscious self.
Accordingly, these are all unconscious people, but that is by no means the worst part of it.
Their lives have gone to pieces because of their fear of damnation, in which their characters completely dissolved.
The women cohabit; in their fantasy, the one thinks she is a man and the other believes she is a woman.
Those character traits now lead us on to homosexuality, to those of the mother and of the procreator.
One of them gives all, the other receives, but they remain women, in other words: mothers.
So, other character traits emerge in this stage of religious mania and then the personality shows itself in its true light.
From an earthly point of view, this marks the subconscious which everybody anxiously hides, yet it constitutes man’s deepest, holiest possession and cannot be hidden from our world.
This is where these people dwell, André.
From time to time they indulge a little in their passion, but then these nurses put to stop to that; otherwise, they would violate each other.
Now this grade is just one step away from genuine insanity.
However, these patients are barred from entering that grade, because religion dominates their existence.
If we could have told these people about eternal life and about a God who does not damn, they would never have reached this stage.
They would have received knowledge instead of physical and spiritual agony.
That is not what our holy spiritualism brings forth.
On the contrary, we lead people to true knowledge.
Undoubtedly, some of them will succumb, because those people aim for things that are beyond their reach.
Christians of that kind are possessed by fear and they fall apart because of their poverty.
Spiritualists break down because they pretend to be more than they really are, which these Christians cannot experience because their fear of being burned in all eternity continues to predominate. They will never be able to free themselves from that fear.
A spiritualist dwells somewhere in space, whereas these Christians exist within the material poverty of their own self.
If the Church had been able to open up these lives, André, then God would have bestowed His blessing upon the Church.
As it is, the spoken word is a curse to the Church, and it means misery to these people.
These personalities too have yet to master material consciousness.
If they had already acquired that, then no form of religion could possibly have caused them to go insane.
So, this is the level of their own attunement.
We will meet them all again in the Land of Twilight, because that is where these people dwell.
That is their attunement on this side.
They do no harm; they are neither bad nor good.
At present they are unable to master the laws of life.
Their lives are at a standstill, which also applies to those who think they can marry their Christ.
People who possess a maternal body, and they who are able to procreate, all experience conscious insanity.
These beings here are sick people and belong to the unconscious ones.
They suffer from unconscious insanity, which is caused by religion.
Can you sense this, André?”
“Yes, Alcar.”
“Well then, all those priests and all those nuns are on the outside of real life.
Those people live somewhere beyond creation, and on the Beyond, they will be made to realize that they are living dead.
God wants us to experience His creation.
He wants us to participate in this essential law as human beings.
But what do these people do?
They close themselves off to accomplish a divine task that is assigned to man.
Those lives are akin to these here: living dead.
They experience nothing.
They pursue their religion and believe that they serve by doing so.
Yet, God has more respect for a genuine mother than for all these people who are blind in the spirit and have sold their lives.
Actually, that kind of consciousness and the consciousness of these patients are one and the same condition.
One lives consciously in this form of insanity, whereas, these patients are no longer aware of anything and are mentally ill.
I can show you that we are familiar with the conscious and the unconscious form of insanity.
Both forms are found on earth.
You meet them everywhere, and in all ranks of society.
When we get to the spiritual grade, I will be able to show you that mankind in its entirety actually exists within a certain grade of insanity. Therefore, it must accept this unconsciousness in this world, just as these people who no longer know themselves.
Because those who are consciously insane do not know themselves either.
They also link themselves up with something supernatural.
We see through those lives and see their actual grade in life.
The Church carries the blame for this terrible situation, because the Church does not know God and yet still it wants to represent this supernatural phenomenon as an authorized institution.
Consequently, the Church aims too high and in time it will collapse, because the masters will return to earth and speak about the God of all life.
We are the founders of this knowledge, André, and many others along with us, because we represent Christ, but in a way that differs from that of the Church.
We died on Golgotha, and to that end we have broken down our own self and came to know spirituality.
We can analyse these laws because God gave us that power.
Christ wants it that way, because we are His apostles in the true meaning of the word, and we represent Divine law.
We have seen how the Church is guilty of all this misery, because these people were given a false notion of His holiness and His justice.
This abuse will soon dissolve, my son.
I personally, as well as other masters, will address the word to our flock and our spiritual flame will open them up, materially and spiritually.
The time will come, and it will come soon.
Within a short time, we will lay its foundations on earth to prevent the Church from flinging more lives into this darkness.
That will call a spiritual and divine halt to the Church.
Since these lives no longer possess anything, André, and since they succumbed because of their faith – although this faith ought to have given them the power to experience life on earth in a normal way – therefore these people are the unhappiest of all, because they came to grief due to their own weakness.
Yet the word of truth could have prevented this.
The knowledge of this side and the true word of Christ have been defiled by many and therefore obtained a different meaning.
Now it is being preached from the pulpit that God is guilty of homicide.
Is that possible?
What can we do to counteract that?
Is there anything worse than that?
And yet the Church even tops this and approves that God’s life is wrecked, because people ought to be tied by their hands and their feet; otherwise, they will not learn a thing.
Now this leads the masses into darkness.
The weak in spirit and the sensitive collapse.
The rough and ready do not care what the Church says.
They must still awaken to it. But these children dug themselves in and now they are living dead because of their misconception of the All-embracing.
This is abominable.
And the doctor carries out his tests, André.
Do you sense which?”
“No, Alcar, I do not know.”
“Then I will tell you.
These men are here to provoke reactions in these religious maniacs.
The men present here are more or less insane too. However, women experience a deeper grade, which men cannot even imagine.
This is due to the natural attunement of each of the two organisms.
A mother is closer to nature than a man and that is where we once again encounter these feelings.
Within the scope of her emotional expressions, a mother can descend to greater depths than a man would ever be able to, because the female organism forces this experience onto the personality.
This doctor expects the physical reactions to suppress religious mania.
The scholar is quite right in his presumptions.
Obviously, a few of the patients will react, but at the same time he may well open a door to the dark astral world, and I do not need tell you what will happen then.
Reactions differ from one patient to another because their inner life also differs.
This method does nothing more than sound them out to make their lives react.
If the feeling for their physicality can be roused in them, then André, these lives may quite possibly return to normality in a single night, but on the other hand an even deeper grade of insanity must also be taken into account.
The doctor bears the entire responsibility for these tests.
He thinks that they have nothing to lose.
But you see how they react.
Not a single woman is opening up.
So, they cannot be drawn up into the realm of love.
This scholar is following a natural course and he has a genuine empathy for human life.
And this is just what all these patients need.
One must try and reach them via a different form of consciousness.
Nothing can beat love, because love is universal.
Now, these people cannot be reached through chastity, which sometimes degenerates into bestiality, because they no longer have the slightest understanding of their own organism.
They do not want to possess physical feelings, because that is repulsive to them.
These people would like to cleanse themselves day and night, because they have the feeling that they have already been contaminated by their surroundings.
These methods cannot be applied to older people, the aged whose organisms are beginning to dwindle, because then the body refuses to react.
Of course, this all changes when the astral world begins to speak.
If possession comes, then their lives will be lived for them, yet their natural reaction is unconscious.
That means that they do not experience this themselves.
They are being lived but that does not get through to the personality.
I am telling you once more that this doctor is performing a test, hoping to rouse this life to wakefulness.
This man is at least doing something; the others merely look and shake their heads.
Insanity also possesses seven grades of depth.
Every insane person dwells within or beneath one of these grades.
As soon as a person experiences the deepest grade, he or she is beyond help.
So, some of them may be susceptible to this test, whereas others show no reaction.
They have become dissolved within their holiness and have renounced all physicality, and in the end, insanity overcame them.
But was that intended to happen?”
“So, are these women chaste, Alcar?”
“You mean, did they maintain their physical virginity?”
“That is what I meant, Alcar.”
“Even if they did, André, in their subconscious they are capable of anything.
Their day-consciousness is now insane; their subconscious is open to bestiality.
If the doctor is able to surmount the patient’s day-consciousness, he will be confronted with the patient’s condition of total possession.
Yet that is not as terrible as this stage of insanity, because the possessed still experience something, whereas these patients are living dead where their material and spiritual life is concerned.
They have descended into the bleakness of death and they still believe they are alive, supposedly for the sake of Him, who gave them life to see and to feel.
God sees these poor in spirit and ponders: ‘How are you shaping your life?
Is that what I wanted?
How did you receive your life?
Did the wind give it to you?
Did you come to earth to live aside from creation?
Who provided you with an organism for life on earth?
In order to foul it up?
Try it out and enjoy yourself.
It will teach you something, but do not reach too high.’
The unreason of nuns and priests puts them onto a path that leads to a dead end, cosmically speaking.
Yet these people that dwell here walked themselves to death before they even set off.
They have no life left in them; they know nothing about life.
Earthly human beings must first try, in a normal sense, to love themselves, and subsequently love Divine life.
Man need never worry or be afraid that he will not experience the right thing, because after all, one cannot evade the laws that apply to matter and spirit.
Now what do all these people do?
They disfigure themselves.
They deceive themselves and venture on things that are worlds away, so that they plunge right back into that nothingness like stone bricks.
If they had been taught that the soul as a human being has the duty to receive life and take part in creation, then they would never have experienced this sinking away.
As it is, the worst has occurred.
It would surpass daily life by far to want to change this.
It is a slippery path that cannot be trodden.
Just suppose, André, that this doctor were successful; he would still face chaos, because society would never accept it.
Some have a sense for love, yet others cannot let go of their sanctity and they hold on to their religious mania.
The man’s feelings go unrecognized, the life of the mother has taken her chastity too far, and she is totally unconscious.
This life has accepted every inch of its sanctity, and subsequently lost itself.
A few reached three quarters at the most, but the majority lost their material balance.
Yet they feel themselves to be pure, they extend love and would sacrifice their own life for their God, but they forget themselves within seconds and sink down to the animal-like instinct.
This is where the subconscious goes into action and flourishes; so, in actual fact there is no question of purity.
Anyone claiming that these women are pure is deceiving himself, because the inner life still experiences the physical world, even if they never really act accordingly.
In their former lives, André, these people were generally priests or nuns.
They have now returned to earth to search for the truth.
They are not suited for either the one or the other, which we also will see later on in the homosexual, since that kind of human being is just as much at a loss what to do with his organism.
However, it is the love for whatever they want to possess, which they all accept, yet where they also lost themselves.
The power and the might of madness smothers all the traits of those lives.
Not a single trait remains conscious, which is mostly the case in other mental patients, even if they become subject to total insanity after an astral impact.
That is why I told you that they are the unhappiest ones amongst all these pathological grades.
These people search for God, and come to grief because of it.
Others look for passion, transcend the stage of daily humdrum and animal-likeness, and in time will enter the higher grades of life.
So, which grade has sunk to deeper depths?
These have.
These lives went to ruin due to God, and the Church is to blame for that, because its damnation chokes each and every life.”
“Can none of them be helped, Alcar?”
“Not a single one, André.
I told you, did I not, not one of their traits is perceptible yet.
So how would we be able to get in touch with their main traits?
If someone does not feel any love, that person is living dead and cannot be reached.
Well then, all these people have discarded everything a sound personality would consider to be normal.
There is nothing left in them that possesses any life; they are entirely engrossed in their desires and are eaten up by them.
These lives are soulless, altogether empty.
Their total dissolution strives towards the ultimate within one condition, which to them stands for religion.
Those who want to experience this let go of their organism and now disappear into an empty void.
These people possess that nothingness and yet they believe to be experiencing everything.
Go against this and you will experience that you are trying to dig in desert sands.
It is a hopeless task.
We could write a book about this situation.
However, I consider this sufficient and I presume you have understood everything I told you.
If I were to make a cosmic analysis of this personality, there would be no end to my talking.
Because only then will we learn the ‘whys’ and the ‘what fors’ of this life. However, that is far too deep and we have no need of it at the moment.
A single word will suffice to explain this to you, namely that they are all weak in the spirit.
Their overall condition now leads us to reincarnation – which I have already spoken about – because they now experience their own past and they are busy freeing themselves from the Church and from this insanity.
This should bring these human beings back to normality, while others are also enabled through reincarnation to make their manners of wrongdoing dissolve, and then they will experience their day-conscious material and spiritual self.
That is the reason for man to be on earth.
The Divine laws have to be experienced; otherwise, we will never reach the spiritual grade in life, which is the first sphere on this side.
We gradually awaken to this, André, during the journey through all these grades of insanity.
On this trip, that will become clear to you.”