André meets Gerhard

“Come on, André, we will move swiftlyon now.
My helpers are already on their way. I have just received their messages and that means that Gerhard will be arriving soon.
When we get there, I will leave for my own sphere but will be back later to fetch you.”
André followed his master.
He was grateful for everything that had been explained to him and he felt a holy awe for all those astral and material laws.
They had already left the third sphere.
He was preparing himself to meet Gerhard, whom he had known on earth, and who had been allowed to give an account, through him, of his life on this side (see the book ‘Those who came back from the Dead’).
What would he be like after all these years?
His heart beat with joy and he asked himself whether he might also see his own little daughter now. (his daughter Gommel; see the book: A View into the Hereafter)
When he thought of that, his master said:
“No, André, that is not possible this time.
But the next time you disembody you will be able to see her again.
You know that she is happy and will be starting on a task.
Tell this to her mother on earth; one day she too will be connected with her child again.”
They soon reached their destination and Alcar said to him:
“We are now on the border of the second and the first sphere André.
Gerhard is approaching you now and you cannot miss each other, an emissary of God will lead you to him.
Life will put this great happiness in both your hands.
Keep your attention on this happiness because this is the power that brings you together, and it is God’s will that you experience this; otherwise, you would never partake of such heavenly bliss.
I am going now, André, until later.”
André was on his own now.
All around him, he saw flowers and the beauty of the spheres.
He thought of his life on earth, and how his life would be when he entered here for good.
There was deep silence and he let this incredible peace take its effect on him.
He was standing on the same spot, deep in thought, and felt unable to leave.
Oh, he thought, how mighty God is.
What’s in store for a human being when he dies on earth!
He felt compelled to thank God for all this sanctity.
He knelt down and prayed from the depths of his heart for this blessing.
He prayed long and intensely to his great Father and he did this also for those on earth who loved Him.
Here man could find rest, here man showed reverence for his Divine Father!
Oh, this silence, he thought, these divine surroundings.
The flowers spread their scent and the birds sang to him.
Such happiness, how mighty this life was!
And this was only the first sphere.
He would stake his own life for all this.
If only the people on earth could accept that.
If they were willing to take themselves in hand, then their lives would awaken and they would enter these mighty spheres.
However, the flowers of the spheres close their petals when someone is in disharmony with infinity.
André had now merged with these laws.
He suddenly felt an inner drive welling up.
It was a power that forced him to walk on and that led him to a sloping path that wound its way through the landscape.
André descended.
He heard the enchanting singing of the birds in the spheres.
He knew that they too had lived on earth, those laws had already been explained to him a long while ago.
There was gladness, joy and happiness in everything.
To the right of him he saw a beautiful little bird, as white as snow.
The little animal accompanied him on his walk.
It kept on flying ahead and then waited for him.
Would this be an emissary of God?, he thought.
Was this the messenger of the spheres whom Alcar had mentioned?
Certainly, the birds were the messengers, man’s spiritual heralds, since this intelligent power lay deeply embedded in their life, and they too were inspired.
All  the forms of God’s life were open to the holy laws, which they could acquire.
But these birds had already progressed that far!
Look at that, the little bird flew up and swooped down again.
It hopped from branch to branch.
As soon as he walked on, the little bird flew with him and settled down again ahead of him.
He clearly felt that this little animal was his envoy, sent by God.
That young life harboured the powers and the inspiration of the conscious being with higher attunement.
Could his master accomplish this from afar?
Were higher spirits able to perform such feats?
It was a wonder how the little bird accompanied him and made him feel that he should follow.
Was this little bird his guide and envoy?
It was a miracle!
He hardly dared to think, and stillness came over him.
He tuned in completely to the little animal.
There it went again, hopping from branch to branch; it then glided along and settled down for a moment.
Whenever the path branched off, the little bird would return.
With tears of happiness running down his cheeks, André thought, how sweet this was.
Dear God, how exalting this was!
To be allowed to experience this as a human being!
As man and woman, together, hand in hand, with hearts opened up to all this sanctity!
This was really too much for a single human being to absorb.
What was life on earth in comparison to this sacredness!
He could attune to this life and give everything of himself to that holiness.
This was love!
This pure love flowed into his receptive inner life.
How would Gerhard be feeling?
How could he find him here?
Alcar had told him that he would be connected with Gerhard.
They would meet each other in these surroundings, in this happiness.
There was no doubt about it; this was Gerhard’s attunement.
He continued to follow the little bird.
He looked left and right; Gerhard was nowhere to be seen.
Here he was in the spheres of light, an earthling on his way to meet another being!
It was a miracle to him.
He had already experienced so many things.
This touched him deeply.
It was unbelievable and totally new to him.
His spiritual guide flew above his head and alighted a bit further down.
Now he felt a remarkable power entering him.
Would Gerhard be close by?
The little bird flew ahead of him and suddenly disappeared out of sight.
Had the dear little creature accomplished his assigned task?
He felt that something was about to happen, and he knew that he was no longer alone.
Close by, another being was present.
The Space was now being filled; he could feel that clearly.
A moment ago, he had felt different.
Yet, he kept on walking until he arrived at an open area where he suddenly stopped.
There was Gerhard, standing some ten paces away from him.
“Gerhard”, André cried out and ran towards his friend.
But he stopped; a few yards still separated them.
He felt that he could go no further.
“André!” The sound met him, and two radiant eyes looked at him.
These eyes asked him: ‘See who I am and descend into my life, André.’
He felt how he descended into and became linked with the life of Gerhard’s inner being.
Now several scenes unfolded before his eyes.
He saw himself and Gerhard at the cemetery, and even heard the crack of the latter’s whip.
Following this, he returned into Gerhard’s life on this side.
André now experienced the present moment, in which they stood facing each other.
He keenly felt this encounter and understood that he should open himself to Gerhard; otherwise, they would not be able to reach each other.
This was a contact of the spheres, the merging of two souls.
An encounter in the spheres was so very different from an earthly one.
Yet, it did not appear strange to him since he had experienced this before.
When Alcar had taken him to see his child, André had sunk into these same depths; only then had he been prepared to meet that life of the soul.
He could have been Gerhard’s friend a hundred times over, he would still have to open himself up to him; otherwise, the spiritual laws would call a halt to him and to Gerhard!
Earthly friendships were worth something on this side too, but here a human being must bow his head before the other life and accept that life in pure spiritual love.
This was the wonder, which Gerhard and André had just experienced.
They stood there facing each other.
Their lives now blended into one condition.
This was how a mother would meet her child, André thought, and they too would have to bow before one another, just as he experienced their present encounter.
Only a spiritual connection could bring about this oneness.
A world of wisdom went through him, now that this came over him.
He now knew how far Gerhard had advanced on his spiritual path, just as Gerhard knew about him.
They were entirely open to each other and they both experienced the laws of God, André did not need to hide anything from Gerhard.
There now stood Gerhard.
André had known him on earth.
In him lay this pure love.
André sent him his holy respects and Gerhard caught his love.
Tears of happiness ran down both their cheeks.
With one leap André was at his side and shook both his hands.
“Gerhard, my dear Gerhard!”
André could say no more.
Gerhard was already wearing a spiritual garment so that André knew his spiritual attunement.
At the same time, this garment represented his spiritual consciousness of this world.
Gerhard was already in touch with the second sphere, yet he could not get across the border.
He still had to acquire the necessary powers.
“You have made tremendous progress, Gerhard; you have changed considerably in such a short time.”
Side by side, they walked on; no more words were spoken.
André sensed that this encounter moved Gerhard deeply, and he felt the same.
Then Gerhard spoke:
“I have been waiting for this for a long time, André!
I knew we would meet for quite some time.
Ask me as much as you want, André, I will reply to all your questions.”
André concentrated and knew that this event also belonged to the spheres.
He was thankful when he felt this and Gerhard fully understood him.
The first thing he asked was:
“Do you still work in the sphere of the earth, Gerhard?”
“Yes, André, but I will soon have finished the work there, and then I will be descending into the darkness again to help others.”
“You are brave, Gerhard, how calm you have become.”
This human being who walked beside him was totally aware of the situation in which he lived.
André felt how Gerhard had become tall and strong, and that he knew what he wanted to accomplish.
Gerhard had now become a powerful personality.
André went on and asked:
“Were you able to reach your family on earth?”
“No, not yet, nor will I be able to rouse them during their lifetime.
They are rooted in their dogmas and they have an improper way of attuning to this life.
Nevertheless, I was able to reach a few others.”
“Do you know who brought me to you, Gerhard?”
“I know, André.
I was linked up with others in the same way.
We can achieve this by focussing our powers of concentration.
It must have been Master Alcar who made this come true.”
“Were you glad that you were allowed to tell the story of your life on earth?”
“Oh, I am so grateful, André.
Wherever I am, I keep on receiving loving thoughts.
I know that people on earth read ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’, and then I feel the nearness of these people.
Some talk to me and then I answer them, and there are many amongst them who can hear me clearly.
Do you know, André, what this means?
I catch all those loving thoughts, and that makes me feel very happy.
I really took myself in hand and this is the result, which to me is a great reward!
Still I have no peace, because I want to go on, further and higher. I want to assume the consciousness inherent in the third sphere, and subsequently that of the fourth sphere.
I know how I must act.
I will give the best I can to achieve this and I will not spare myself.”
Gerhard was overflowing with holy inspiration and André listened attentively.
“Oh”, he went on, “if only the people on earth could accept this.
If only they knew how real our life is.
They would have more understanding for each other and be more loving, because that above all would make life worth living.
How stupid we are on earth.
What would my life have been like, André, if I had been allowed to have known all this then and there?
Look at me, see how I live now and how conscious I have become.
I want to reach those higher spheres and I do not care what I have to sacrifice to get there.
I want to acquire that mighty possession.
My master, who is still active in the realm of the earth, will help me.
From time to time I am in connection with him, and his life of feeling and mine have become one.
How remarkable this life is, André.
How I admired you from this side!
I will never forget what I was allowed to do for Master Alcar; it made a different person out of me.”
Gerhard looks at him and asks: “Do you feel, André, what I want?”
André understood and felt what he wanted.
Gerhard had passed on into conscious inspiration.
Deep within he had become total inspiration.
“Yes, Gerhard, I empathize with you, I know what you want.
I know these feelings, they have become conscious in me too.
I would not be able to live in any other way.
Life on earth and on this side now lies open to you.
How wondrous, Gerhard, I feel such a difference in your inner being, compared to when you were on earth.
I thought I would be rushing at you!
But this meeting took such a different course, and so we have truly come to know each other.
Is this the kind of situation you generally experience, Gerhard?”
“Yes, André.
When another life wishes to approach us on this side, we must open ourselves to it; otherwise, no contact will be made, and you pass right through each other without even feeling that someone has drawn near to you.
Alternatively, the life of that person calls a halt to you, and you come to a standstill.
Now we must bow our heads; otherwise, there will definitely be no connection.
You cannot move an inch.
There must be nothing left in you to disturb or to estrange you from the other person’s inner life.
I have learnt that here.
If there is something within you that clashes with that other life, some wrong you have done to that person, then at that moment you must ask forgiveness and bow your head for his or her soul as a personality, because that life has reached a higher level and is more conscious than your own.
Those who are not capable of that do not qualify for such holiness.
This is not the place for those who hate.
They fall back into the dark spheres, which are faraway from here.
But if there is something that needs to be solved, then you would like to call out to the other, ‘Please stay, bow your head. I want to give you all of myself.’
If they cannot bow down, they will dissolve before your eyes and then you know where they are heading for.
The darkness will swallow them!
They are the ones who close themselves off to this happiness, this love, because they refuse to cherish feelings of love towards us.
These are the laws of God that we must master, to benefit our life on this side as well as on earth.
People who lacked understanding for each other on earth must come to accept each other in this life; otherwise, they will inevitably split up until they finally bow their head.
There is nothing we can hide here.
I had to consent, André, to your descending into my life, because you know more about this life than I do.
You come from a sphere, which I will not reach for the next fifty years or more.
But as I told you, I will do my utmost to reach that sphere.”
“But that is not yet my possession either, Gerhard!”
“That’s beside the point, André.
You are already linked up with this world on earth; you received that blessing.
I want to acquire that happiness on this side.
I have witnessed this kind of encounter more than once.
I saw a father with his son and a mother with her child, and this taught me something.
The father was banned from the immediate surroundings of his child because he was unable to love.
He did not allow his child to descend into him and enter his inner being.
The mother experienced that same situation.
Neither of them wanted to bow their head. However, one day they will have to; otherwise, they might not see each other for centuries.
In our world nothing can be concealed, André.
You saw into me and at that moment I was able to merge with your life.
It is a remarkable experience to descend into a human being.
You feel entirely one with that human being, and only then do you begin to feel that pure love.
This marks your reunion in the spheres of light; in darkness such a thing is impossible.
I have seen mothers and children facing each other for hours on end, because they were unable to link up.
In those moments you relive everything that happened during your life on earth and every thought can now be followed.
If one has caused grief and sorrow to the other, then amends must be made by bowing one’s head and by serving each other.
Then comes the time to forgive each other, because God wants us to follow the laws of His life.
You learn to adapt to such situations, and nature also helps us to reach that balance, because everything that is alive here makes an impact on our own life.
This will rouse us.
Flowers send us their perfume, and birds sing their song for us.
They understand what we want to say, because we become one from feeling to feeling.
The descent into another personality grants us a feeling of love for that life and we empathize with him or her.
Now there is nothing for either of us to hide, because the laws of God will open us up.
We make amends, and only then can we set off on a different, higher course of life.
Once that unity has been obtained, then sisters and brothers carry on together, and either return to earth or descend into the darkness to help the unfortunates.
God asks us to stand in awe of every form of divine life, and to bow our heads before the life that we partake of.
Those who cannot bow down, automatically fall back to a lower sphere.
Our life, André, leads us towards spiritual harmony; otherwise, we could not live here.
But I do not need to tell you that, you have known that for years.
A higher spirit can draw us up into his life, but we must submit.
If we do, then we will receive all his wisdom and vital strength and it will cause us to awaken.
But do you sense, André, what that means?
Men and women face each other, and only now do they get to know each other.
Now it can be determined who has meant well, and who has consciously broken all that was beautiful.
We bow our head before a higher spirit, because we were allowed to receive his consciousness.
This is sanctifying!
On earth people do not feel that yet, but this life is different.
How grateful I was that I was allowed to work for Master Alcar.
He spoke to me and drew me in his life.
A bliss never to be forgotten.
Anyone, who just laughs at all this, André, will be cured of that on this side.
If the first word is not understood, then we will not be able to receive the second, because then we are faced with our own consciousness.
We still have to go through that stage of development.
I was allowed to tell you that on earth, but what a lot of bowing I had to do!
That is why I am going down into the darkness again, because I want to rise up in the spirit.
When I have reached the third sphere, then I am going to qualify for a study.
But that will take some time yet.
When I have finally reached that goal, I will return to material life and experience a new birth; that is possible too.
So, André, I know what I am going to do during my first years on this side.
When you pass on, I will come and fetch you, together with many others, because you were allowed to do so much for thousands of people.
You will receive your happiness, because your life is in harmony with this world.
Now I know what love is, André.
On earth I did not understand this, and I had no notion of all this sanctity.
Over there I made a mess of things, and that had to be put right again.
Now I was fit to be a true father, which I certainly was not on earth!
I had not understood life, nor had I seen through myself in any way.
How stupid we are on earth.
I am able to make these comparisons now, because today I live my life consciously.
I am very sure where I made mistakes.
My teacher and master made me aware of this and of my earthly life.
In this life we have learnt to serve, and this awakens everyone to the things on high.
When I dwelt in the land of twilight, André, I was insane.
Now I feel that I am conscious, because the desire was roused in me to serve.
I too have become familiar with those laws, and I know the regions that you and your master visited.
This is a great blessing for you, André; millions would love to take over your task, because in this life we are conscious of the things you accomplished.
I want to get that far too, and I will give myself completely to achieve it.
I demolished my own pedestal a long time ago.
When you are in the dark areas, the urge to serve is inevitable.
The misery down there is indescribable.”
“Were you already made familiar with the laws of reincarnation, Gerhard?”
“My master has told me quite a bit, André, but I want to know all about it.
I am now beginning to understand how deep and mighty human life is, of which we still have no understanding on earth.
My life on earth came to an end. I can go back there, but then it will be a divine gift.
I want to make that blessing my own.
Oh, André, I understand you so well.
Before you returned to earth you dwelt in this sphere.
I can tell from your life-aura, and it fills me with awe.
In a few years time you will already be a master over there, and you will be able to tell thousands of people about our life.
The masters will take care of you and your relatives, because you are a sensitive instrument in their hands.
Now we are spirits and we have met each other here, however, you will be returning into your body.
Is that not a wonder?”
Full of awe André had listened to him.
What a change had taken place in that time!
Gerhard followed him in his thoughts and said:
“Even so, you are five hundred years ahead of me, André.
Actually you are a couple of lives ahead.
My master will soon explain all these laws to me.
I am preparing myself to receive the cosmic laws, because this wisdom is part of it.
Here we receive the wisdom of life according to the level of our own consciousness.
I now feel, André, that your master is about to arrive.
Is there anything else you want to ask me?”
“I would rather be silent, Gerhard.
Are we not one from feeling to feeling? Have our feelings not merged?”
“That’s how I feel too.
However, I say, put everything you have in your magnificent work and do not lose a moment of time, because you may regret that on this side.
To the people on earth I would like to say the same, but I suppose you will do that.
This trip will very likely also be described by your master and then those people who are sensitive in the spirit, will be roused.”
“I will devote my life to this, Gerhard.
I know what awaits me.
I will not lose a minute.”
“Do you know, André, what touched me deepest of all the things I have experienced on this side?
My own eyes have seen what happened in those days.
Together with my master, I am going to trace the history of mankind so that I shall get to know my everlasting life of feeling and myself.
I will do this to prepare myself for a task; otherwise, my life would also come to a standstill.
It will teach me a lot, but that is not spiritual possession yet.
Spiritual development, as you know yourself, can only be gained by serving others.”
André took both Gerhard’s hands in his and said:
“Thank you for everything, Gerhard. You have given me so much!
I will not forget you on earth.”
André looked in Gerhard’s radiant eyes and now sensed that his master was approaching.
Gerhard felt it too and they both saw a spirit of light coming towards them.
They both knelt down before Master Alcar and heard him say:
“My brothers, stand up and look at me.
Tell me if you are happy.”
André looked up in the eyes of Master Alcar, but could not speak a word.
Alcar asked Gerhard:
“And you, my brother?”
Gerhard’s tears of joy and happiness and his sacred awe for this blessing spoke volumes.
He bowed deep before André’s master.
Master Alcar drew Gerhard up in his life and informed him that he would receive new work to which he could devote his own life.
Then Gerhard bade André farewell.
Master Alcar watched him until he was out of sight and said to André:
“I do not need to worry about him, André.
The holy inspiration of God has come over him.
He will attain cosmic consciousness!
He knows what he wants and there is no stopping him.
That is how it should be; otherwise, we will accomplish nothing.
Has my emissary done his duty, André?”
André was deeply touched and could not say a word.
After a short while he asked:
“Can you accomplish this from within your own sphere?”
“I can, André.
Shall I call the little animal back?”
“Oh yes, Alcar, I would love to see that happen.”
“Then watch.
I am thinking of the bird now, and drawing it towards me.
I can make that happen by concentrating.
The little bird will now act as I want it to, provided that I approach that life in pure love; otherwise, it is impossible.”
André saw that the little animal was not present yet, but a moment later he heard a bird singing and indeed the little bird flew towards his master and alighted on his outstretched hand.
“Now I am one with this little animal, André.
You and Gerhard could do that too, because those who have reached the first sphere have gained this oneness.
However, the love for divine life must be inherent in me; otherwise, I would be in disharmony, and unreachable for this blessing.
But you have been familiar with all these laws for a long time now.
Nevertheless, this never ceases to be a wonder, even to us.
If I wanted to send a last greeting to Gerhard through this little animal, it would convey my good thoughts to him, because he is one with this life too.”
Alcar looked at the little bird and said:
“Go, my little bird, my beloved life, go back to where you came from.”
The bird did not hesitate for a second and disappeared.
André thanked his master for this beautiful moment.
“And now, back to earth André.
We do not have a moment to lose, because it is time for you to wake up in your material body.”
It did not take them long to reach the earth, and André entered his room.
There lay his body.
He would soon be living on earth again.
“I will come and fetch you again soon, André, and then you will disembody anew.
More work is waiting for us.
I will warn you beforehand.
Remain calm and I will help you in everything.
You have been granted a lot of wisdom on this trip, but your next disembodiments will even surpass this trip, because then I will connect you with the Universe, and there you will learn how creation came about.
However, in the meantime, we will first write all this down, which we will start on very soon.
God bless you, my boy!”
André knelt down before his master and thanked him for everything.
He then received Alcar’s blessing.
A moment later, he descended into his organism.
This voyage had also come to an end.