What people call homosexuality occurs because, after a number of lives as a woman, the soul builds up a male body in a following reincarnation, or the other way round.

The emotional value of words

The books by Jozef Rulof were written between 1933 and 1952.
Many words that were used at that time had a different meaning or emotional value than in the present time.
For instance, then the psychologist still spoke of insanity, and the people who suffered from this were treated in the Netherlands in insane asylums.
In these institutions, ‘homosexuals’ were sometimes also locked up.
At that time, homosexuality was generally labelled as an illness, as a form of insanity or a wrong orientation of sexual desires.
People then wondered how this so-called ‘illness’ could be cured.
However, for Jozef Rulof, insanity and homosexuality were something very different than what people then categorised under those words.
His vision of insanity is explained in the article ‘insanity’.
For Jozef what people called homosexuality was not an illness but a natural occurrence that is experienced by every soul many times in its evolution.
During a contact evening in 1952, he therefore denounced the branding and humiliating effect of the word ‘homosexual’ in the society of that time.

A natural result of reincarnation

According to Jozef, precisely because of the phenomenon of homosexuality people could see the existence and working of reincarnation properly.
In order to explain this, it is important to make a distinction between the human soul and its personality.
The soul is the eternal core which reincarnates many times on earth in order to expand its life of feeling.
The personality is also called the ‘self’ and converts the feeling into thoughts and actions.
The article ‘our reincarnations’ gives an overview of the articles which give more explanation about this.
When a soul reincarnates after a number of female lives and builds up a male body in the new life, it will still feel feminine as a personality.
After all, the life of feeling and the personality are not suddenly adapted to the new body.
The life of feeling is the result of all the experiences from the past lives.
People begin in a new life at the point where they ended in the past life.
As the new life progresses in the male body, the difference between the female life of feeling from the past life and the male body of the new life will become clearer.
The personality still feels female but no longer has a female body that expresses its feeling.
The male body finds it strange, it is not part of who it is.
It does not know either how it can deal with the masculinity of that body, because it is new for its life of feeling.
If it does not know that this difference occurred, it can start to doubt itself.
It still feels like a woman, and sexually it feels attracted to men.
For the outside world, it appears as if a man is searching for another man, as a result of which this behaviour is called homosexuality.
For itself it feels natural, because its sexual preference is towards men.

Temporary adjustments

In the present time, it can employ surgical and hormonal treatments with the intention of having its new body adapted as well as possible to its female feeling.
In earlier times, it could only just dress or disguise itself as a woman.
However, the scope of all these treatments is limited to the present life, because according to Jozef Rulof and his masters, in the following life this soul builds up the male body again, and therefore keeps seeing this personality faced with the same change, until it follows the path of its soul.

The path of the soul

The soul is namely on the way to the other gender.
It is not without reason that it has built up a male body.
It only does that when it has ended its cycle of female lives and begins with a cycle of male lives.
The soul needs the experiencing of both genders, in order to experience all the feelings which are possible with the two different bodies.
In the female body, it can experience feelings that are specifically for that type of body, such as motherhood.
For the male body, that is fatherhood.
The article ‘our basic powers’ explains that ‘motherhood and fatherhood’ interpret the two basic powers which propel all life.
The article ‘our cosmic soul’ gives an overview of the articles which put the path of the soul into cosmic perspective.
Every soul experiences many lives on various planets in the universe in order to expand its life of feeling.
In every grade of its evolution, it will build up female and male bodies, in order to experience and to feel everything that can be learned in that grade.

Explanation at soul level

The article ‘explanation at soul level’ explains the large difference in the books by Jozef Rulof between the earthly thinking and the actual vision of the masters of the University of Christ.
In order to connect to the word level of the reader between 1933 and 1952, a number of passages about homosexuality in the books by Jozef Rulof reflect the earthly thinking that was customary at that time.
The masters first had to describe the cosmic evolution of the soul, before they could explain how they themselves look at the phenomenon of homosexuality.
When they give an explanation at soul level which interprets their own vision, then the word ‘homosexuality’ is eliminated.
At soul level, absolutely no homosexuality exists, because the soul cannot be homosexual.
The soul experiences motherhood and fatherhood in all its grades of evolution, and as a result it expands its life of feeling.