Conscious insanity

“The place we are now heading for lies in the field of waking consciousness.
So we will be visiting people who are consciously abnormal.
Come, André, there are a few things I can explain to you on the way.”
They had soon left the building behind.
All the things André had experienced were intensely sad.
He asked his master:
“What am I expected to do when I’m back on earth again, Alcar?”
“Nothing, André, there is nothing we can do yet for all these ailing human beings.
People do not want any dealings yet with occult wisdom; you will be sent away, and so will others.
I will nevertheless finish my task.
I will bestow all this on mankind.
The masters in the highest spheres have instructed me to convey our knowledge to the earth.
I consider our work to be the basic foundation for the future.
Those who come after us will be working together with scholars, because by then the astral laws will be known.
If I wanted to treat all these people thoroughly, we would not be able to do anything else, André.
We would have to dedicate ourselves entirely to them; that is just not possible at the moment because we have other work to do.
You are a forerunner for other mediums; with the intention that they can continue our work after your earthly life.
Our spiritual treasures will some day become meaningful to mankind.
You can rest assured that this will come true.
Many doctors will take up these studies and bow their heads before the divine laws.
Only then can something be done for all those who are poor in spirit.
Human development will continue.
All the same, I would like to call out to all scholars to listen to the Beyond from now on.
If they could put their acquired wisdom aside for a moment, they would be open to the spiritual word, and the Beyond could start to exert their wholesome influence.
We will not take anything away from them!
On the contrary, we come to grant them cosmic depth.
The Beyond speaks the truth; you have been able to witness that with your own eyes, André.
It would be useless for me to tell an untruth, because the laws speak for themselves.
We are only trying to convince them of all these laws; we will leave them to make their own diagnoses.
Only then will the scholars be able to act consciously and make progress; they will also keep an eye on the future happiness of all these poor in the spirit.
We go on living forever!
On this side, the soul is a conscious personality.
The reason why we are not perceptible to people on earth is because they lack the spiritual gifts, and because our bodies are half material, half spiritual.
Yet not a single thought of ours was lost since we died on earth.
We are now as we were before.
Some people who are spiritual unconscious return to earth after their ‘death’ to give vent to indulge in material life.
An astral personality can then influence the physical human being in all his thoughts and deeds.
Due to our spiritually conscious world, inventions were made and many technical marvels were produced which should have been used to benefit mankind.
However, you know how they act on earth.
We want to raise earthly consciousness to our level, André, because then feeling and thinking will be transformed into cosmic perception.
These are the treasures of the spirit which will then be received and happiness will settle in each feeling child of God, because that is what Christ intends!
The investigations, which scholars are conducting at present merely amount to rummaging around in matter.
If the scholars accept our consciousness, the soul will reveal itself to them in all its depth, and in this condition, they will be able to serve the life of God too.
Only then will they look into their own past.
Not only will they know themselves and all their patients, but a light will also shine on the deep past that only then will address their higher, better self.
As soon as they open their doors to our instruments, the mediums will provide them with proof via our world, because the astral masters will be standing beside them.
At the moment, the learned men are powerless.
The physical home is full of depth to the soul, André, you have been able to gather that, and it has been clearly proven by us.
We restore all these patients to full consciousness without questionable ways and means, because we are open to this life.
This is the world where astral demons dwell, but that is not accepted yet on earth.
Look, André, that is the place where we will enter.”
“What kind of a building is that, Alcar?”
“A prison, my son.”
“What do you intend doing there?”
“I want to demonstrate to you in there, how the astral world functions. This will take us directly to the world of the consciously insane.
We are facing now the astral influence, the conscious insanity.
Come on, we can enter this place too; there is nothing to stop us.
I already visited these buildings during my trip on earth, because I wanted to become familiar with all the grades of insanity.
We will go from cell to cell, because this place is full of human beings who have been locked up.
Some of them have something to tell us.
You find thieves and murderers here, André, and this man standing in front of you is a thief.
They have locked him up for a number of years.
Afterwards, he will be released and can start a new life.
This man does the stealing himself, whereas others steal due to the influence of the astral world.
With some purpose or other in mind, astral unconscious personalities want a physical being to steal.
Can you sense why?”
André thought for a moment and understood his master.
“Just as they wanted that ‘pitiful soul’ to steal, Alcar?”
“Right, André, just as in his case.
The astral personality then runs wild.
These beings will stop at nothing.
They owe the chance to run wild to the fact that these people are open to evil.
This man can be reached, but he does the stealing himself, and so he consciously experiences his own grade of life.
But when he abandons this grade he will face a breakdown and be open to astral influence.
Do you sense this, André?”
“Yes Alcar.
I understand what you mean.”
“This situation is therefore identical to pathological insanity. However, in this case the personality is conscious and acts of its own accord.
The more a person goes astray, the stronger the astral influence on him will become.
It is obvious that many will subsequently fall into those hands.
So this opens up unprecedented possibilities to the spirit, as well as to the material human being.
These possibilities give them free rein to indulge in their passions.
The earthly personality is conscious and the astral being takes good care not to violate any material laws.
If it did, this would result in astral domination and the material personality would collapse.
That would lead to confinement in a mental home.
However, if the earthly being possesses the appropriate resistance, both parties will share the experience on even terms and insanity can be ruled out.
Yet, any thoughts that focus on passion lead them straight to this world and into the arms of a demon.
These laws apply to both men and women.
So every wrong deed a person commits, André, is committed in a state of conscious insanity.
Lying and cheating, hatred and passion, it all leads a personality into the dark spheres, and all those people will have to accept their own attunement to those hells that represent this conscious insanity in our lives.
You will now witness one of these cases.
Look at the man in this cell, André.”
André was shocked.
Indeed, there was a demon around this man too.
This person was also driven to steal, murder, and to violate life on earth.
This man’s inner life was open to darkness.
This life showed itself to André in full clarity.
“Do you now feel, André, what those who are consciously insane go through?
This one went down even deeper than the man in the next cell did.
This being shows worse traits and the astral being can get a better grip on him.
He is also locked up for stealing.
Material possessions gave him, along with the astral creature, the chance to let himself go.
Stealing is therefore only a means.
Spiritually however, he ought to check himself.
If he cannot, he will stay in the hands of evil and will therefore remain possessed.
Yet, the man is not aware of this.
He does not know that he has a demon living inside of him.
Sooner or later, people of this grade are seized, and the next step leads to prison.
This condition is likewise subdivided into grades, and its mentality overlies the place where the geniuses in evil dwell.
The astral personality, who has taken possession of a human being of that grade, makes sure that the latter is not imprisoned.
There are thieves who are never caught.
Now the astral being is well aware of his victim’s disintegration and so it sees to the material human being’s protection.
Others however are still unconscious and they are soon caught.
The deeper the level on which evil is experienced, the more inventive both the astral world and earthly consciousness become.
This type of personality is not susceptible to the unconscious, pathological insanity.
It is conscious of all its thoughts and deeds.
Nevertheless, this person is under astral influence, which labels him as consciously insane.
Consequently, he attracts the things he longs for.
One cannot bypass this line of thought.
Nothing equals human concentration in power; it transforms desire into reality, but in the end it all degenerates and reverts to passion.
Evil has its infallible ways.
Astral beings, men as well as women, emerge out of the deepest depths of hell and return to the earth to let themselves go.
They do not need to search for a human being; earthly man draws them on of his own accord.
His powers of concentration create a channel for the astral monster that enables it to reach his life.
This link with the world of evil will remain intact as long as earthly man wants it, and in the meantime, these conscious and unconscious grades are able to maintain their existence.
The material human being will attract demons as long as he looks for evil, gives vent to his passion, keeps on defiling himself as well as others, resorts to bestiality and steals whatever he can lay hands on. That is the way the astral world finds material satisfaction.
Those dark beings want to have their fun!
This is conscious insanity, André.
Those who look for the good in life are not open to this influence.
Those who want to give themselves up to passion will be urged to do so from this side, but eventually they will have to accept their breakdown or their imprisonment.
Some of these people turn over a new leaf.
Others persist in their behaviour for the rest of their life and come to grief.
The aura of this man harbours the astral thief and his astral passion.
The demon loves to be able to experience the warmth of the earthly person in this way.
No higher feelings will reach that man, because no spirit of light wants to experience his destruction.
A father who has come to know the spheres of light would never influence his child in this way.
That kind of personality has conquered itself.
This is the kind of life that lives on earth, and millions of souls live in this grade.
All those people must still awaken to higher consciousness.
Nevertheless, man must shed his passion; otherwise, the spheres of light will remain closed.
This man is a thief, André.
He is not fit for society.
Yet there are others who steal and defile more than he ever could, and still they are free to go where they please.
They will not be able to escape their punishment on this side.
On earth, however, they still have that chance.
There are only very few people on earth who are spiritually conscious.
I learnt and understood that on this side; it would not be possible on earth.
As a human being, you therefore waver between normal and abnormal consciousness.
I will shortly introduce you to abnormal and normal spiritual consciousness; on earth one experiences the material grades of this condition.”
Alcar and André entered another cell.
André saw a man, about fifty years old, sitting quietly in his corner.
André followed his thoughts and sensed what he was thinking.
No, you could not call this thinking; these were passionate desires.
This man longed to be able to experience and possess; these were the things that made him happy during his earthly life.
There was an astral personality living in him too.
This fifty-year-old man had forgotten himself, but now he underwent his punishment, due to the astral world.
A monster led him to the hells that existed in the life after death, since he was open to it.
André saw why he was imprisoned.
The man had homosexual tendencies.
He had abused a child.
André thought this was terrible.
“Why do these people molest a child, Alcar?
Surely there are adults enough on earth?”
“Those traits relate to childlike consciousness.
This means that this personality is not conscious to mature passion.
This teaches us that passion also possess grades.
Illness possesses grades too, and longings lead us also to grades of a condition.
The fact that the man assaults a child and completely submits to his desire, renders him unfit for the adult stage of passion.
However, once the adult stage of consciousness awakens to passion, the personality will be open to that specific form of passion only.
These desires lie embedded in the inner life of the man, because desires stem from the personality.
This man must therefore still be roused to the passions that are part of animal-like consciousness, and he may then sink even deeper than he already did.
Do you understand this, André?”
“Yes, Alcar. It is terrible, and yet again this is quite natural.”
“In addition, these people will take to any human life.
If a father is capable of assaulting his own child, then where is the limit to what these characters will do?
When astral beings are set on their urge to experience, then each and every life, young as well as old, is in danger.
They will stop at nothing.
Young and old will be abused by them.
All that counts to them is satisfying their lust.
The animal-like desires of these consciously insane individuals lead them through all the stages that exist on man’s behalf.
They will take any woman, any child.”
“Why don’t they turn to prostitutes, Alcar?
After all, that’s exactly what these women are after!”
“That kind of mentality, André, does not give them enough satisfaction.
It is the childlike, frightened, unsuspecting consciousness that stirs their passion.
The innocent child rouses a reaction in them.
The diabolical extent of their urge to satisfy their passion makes them want to experience pure youth, not a consciousness that is rotting away.
A prostitute cannot spark off their appetite.
They satisfy themselves on the young; they raid and ravage that life and afterwards they rape it.
A child sends them off into the thrill of passion.
A conscious human body, on the other hand, would keep them wide-awake, and that is not what they are looking for.
Both the spirit and material man want to drowse off.
Both will perish in the process, but it does not bother them.
Now and forever, it is the astral personality that urges the material being on towards this downfall, because all this passion was brought about by this world.
If the astral world had never been born, man could not have forgotten himself in such a way.
Those in search of wrongdoing are now able to receive and experience as much.
This astral beast consciously wanted to feast on the material human being.
This experience takes place consciously and at full power.
That is what evil amounts to in man.
Human beings must learn to master their passion; only then will all these horrible problems dissolve.
See here, André.
This is a murderer.
He robbed his fellow man of his life.
You see demons inside and around him.
His hand was guided by an astral personality.
The Beyond used a material human being to commit a murder.
Physical hatred enables astral hatred to link up.
If man could free himself from hatred, life on earth would have a totally different quality and become worthwhile.
At present, life has gone foul.
Nowhere do you find peace.
Human life is violated all around, which is mostly due to this world that always remains invisible.
This invisible enemy of mankind is roused by man himself.
Man longs to sink deeper down into the mud and sludge, and yet he wants to ascend.
Man’s will power has dozed off and has yet to awaken.
He punishes himself by doing this, because everything, no matter what, must be put right.
It is a law that he who violates the property and the life of another person will draw darkness unto himself.
Thousands of centuries will pass before life has regained harmony with Christ and the astral laws of God, and yet sooner or later this will be fulfilled.
God does not punish, because God is a Father of love; man punishes himself by violating the life of feeling, which is the holiest aspect of life.
Man continues to live in this condition until he has freed himself from passion.
To accomplish that, he either returns to earth or continues his life in the dark spheres where he will be drained completely dry.
However, one day he will awaken and then the being will begin a different, higher kind of life.
The personality will have learnt its lesson, and remorse then pervades that life.
Now the demons will no longer be able to get at him, although the astral world will go on doing its best to draw him back into this misery.
He paid dearly for this lesson; it amounts to a learning experience for this life and the next.
Others look up their enemies and start all over again.
Yet one day they too will have to bow their heads to the astral laws of God, from which not a single soul can escape.
It takes a personality hundreds of lives before it can free itself from all these forms of passion and from conscious insanity.
We know only too well how difficult it is, and how we had to even the score before we could enter the spheres of light.
And what does a personality learn within one life?
Near to nothing!
Nevertheless, if man shows serious determination, he can free himself from these worlds of evil within a single lifetime, and he will receive help from higher conscious beings on this side as well as on earth.
We also know that the higher a human being rises, the more demanding his spiritual development becomes, so that he will be required to invest everything he bears within.
Here, one being lives at the other’s expense, and they all go to ruin.
The hells are full of it, and that is not what was intended.
The things that lie in store for them in this life are indescribable.
Here, thieves and murderers are gathered together; they are all in the hands of evil, and they are in a state of conscious insanity.
A rare few want to free themselves from passion and are engaged in this struggle.
They battle against their own wretched self.
Within every cell, we recognize the lost child of God.
The conscious as well as the half-conscious child.
Lives that still must awaken!
Thieves and murderers, homosexuals (see article ‘Homosexuality’ on and child molesters.
We find all grades of passion here and all these grades are known to us, because we have become familiar with the hells in our life.
These hells are represented by these beings and came into existence through them.
We are familiar with vileness and with nobility, and we also know that vileness still prevails in man.
Do you have any more questions on this matter, André?
If not, we will proceed to the women’s section, because we will visit them too.”
“Do these people also go through seven grades, Master?”
“Within the scope of evil, André, these grades represent seven transitions, which, in the end, lead to the deepest form of misery.
Each grade stands for a hell in our life, which we must endure before we can enter the first sphere.
Only then will we be free from all evil.
Every thought they feel and experience leads us to unconsciousness.
In this condition, man is spiritually ill, and now the pathological form of insanity emerges.”
“Did these people, and all those who seek evil, free themselves from the pathological form of insanity, Alcar?”
“That is mainly the case.
However, many of them will have to accept unconscious insanity shortly after they have broken away from this grade of life.
Then they face a breakdown, and in that condition, the astral beings consciously take possession of them.
Therefore, conscious insanity is followed by the unconscious form until the first sphere is reached.
Only then can man say of himself: ‘I’ve made it, I have shed all evil and all the forms of physical passion that exist on earth’.
This study is terribly deep, André. Yet I want to explain all this to you later on, and then we will establish the human laws that govern those who flourish in virtue, as well as those who are steeped in vice.
One wrong thought is enough to lead the personality into the unconscious astral world; all the same, this is a divine law and that law must be overcome.
I will revert to this when we study the universe.
The analysis of the universe will bring us closer to God, who created all these forms of life.”
“If I have understood you correctly, Master, then we think and feel according to the varying grades of consciousness which we reach by the way we live.
So is this all subject to a divine structure?”
“It is, André, and this is an integral part of Cosmology.
We will shortly begin to analyse those laws, and that will be the crowning glory of our work.
The thing wise men were incapable of is within our reach and exists right before our eyes.
We are able to see into it.
What they were unable to do, and yet tried, was to analyse the creation that caused man to be.
We, the beings on this side, can look back and perceive man’s very first thought.
It contains the actual living present moment in which we exist.
In reality, there is no darkness, because the process of evolution and a certain influence have put light and life into our own hands.
That is the essence of a personality.
Every thought represents a personality of its own.
This trait, and others too, attune us to a certain sphere, and that sphere is part of our life.
These are the hells and heavens in our life, in which people live who have completed their earthly lives.
This marks the end of their material cycle.
Every word possesses seven spiritual and material, pre-animal-like and animal-like grades of life.
So, what happens, André, when we begin to speak and to act?
What happens when our life is experienced downward, demonically, and we come face to face with all those laws?
The spiritual sciences have shaped and inspired the material ones, but that is not yet accepted on earth.
We will nevertheless prove our point to mankind, because in our astral lives, we recognize the essence of all these grades and we see that God is love.
This law holds sway over everything and everybody, every animal and every human being!
Love enables us to fathom these grades, and then we begin to deal with our own little self.
However, André, we are now going over to the women’s section.”
André thought everything over, and he understood his master’s words.
How terrifically deep material life was.
He was looking forward to studying all those laws, and it would fill him with gratitude.
Look, André these poor women have forgotten themselves.
They are all mothers, and some of them have hardly outgrown childhood; these are girls of twenty and even younger, who have violated life.
They trampled on the laws of God, and of society too, which caused these women to be locked up.
However, they have all reached physical maturity, and they stole and murdered.
I do not want to trace their lives; I just want to show you how far these women are still removed from true maternal love.
These women are not mothers.
They are human monsters, female hyenas.
There are some amongst them who have been wrongfully locked up, but they have had to accept that, because they are under suspicion.
Woe unto the one who imprisoned these women, thinking he could abuse these lives, just because evidence was piling up against them.
As a result, some of these women here have been wrongfully punished; fortunately, they form a small minority.
It is the mother, who can descend deepest of all into evil.
A mother is capable of doing things a man never would, because it is her body that attracts primal consciousness.
This is why women can be terribly cruel and may experience passion in a way that would make a man shiver and shake, but which science on earth is nevertheless still unable to fathom.
We however, in this life, know both the body of a mother and her soul, which temporarily experiences this state of primal consciousness.
We know of the passion in the mother, and the grades of motherhood, because we ourselves embodied them and thereby attracted those laws.
Now we see through the mother and know all her thoughts, although these are still hidden to her.
The passion a mother may undergo is awe-inspiring, because the experience of that passion can also re-awaken the animal-like instinct.
When a mother works evil, she will do so in full.
She will not allow anything to come in between.
This life must now accept its organic state of being, and she experiences the laws that, unbeknown to her, rule her own grade of life.
This life and all its phenomena possess such depth, that you would have to delve into the field of cosmology to picture it clearly.
When a mother submits to evil, then be on your guard, because the depth of her feelings is beyond fathoming.
The maternal body can rouse all its instincts, which is something the mother does not understand at all during her material life.
We must still learn to recognize this in ourselves, both as a man and as a woman, yet motherhood dominates in all grades of life.
One day these mothers break down and perish in their material life.
Amongst them are mothers who cherished the newly born lives, as well as mothers who murdered their children.
Each one of them is under astral influence.
The maternal body is a powerful possession for a spirit, because this provides it with a means to link up with all the grades of passion.
This enables the astral monster to experience all that lewdness.
The things a man does not possess are to be found in the mother, because her body connects both worlds.
After all, it is motherhood that allows the soul to return to earth and receive a new body.
This sacred possession then becomes bestialized. They all go to ruin due to their passions, and they are consciously insane.
These mothers experience themselves, as they are open to all this misery.
There’s no need for them to say, ‘I did not want this’, because if that is what they say, they will stay out of reach.
Not one amongst these women possesses a single consciously spiritual thought.
They must still awaken to a higher life.
Some kill themselves, whereas others molest the life inside of them.
They do not flinch from physical or spiritual murder.
They indulge in their passion and are encouraged to do so by an astral spirit, who thereby steps up their insanity.
They all attract the things they want to possess deep within.
Attraction is triggered off by the slightest compelling thought.
If man chooses to lead an animal-like life, he can rest assured that the astral animal will come upon him.
God gave life to man, and put it in his own hands; he could wield it as he pleased.
However, it is our responsibility to remain in harmony with the divine laws.
We must learn to master all those laws into our life.
These children, however, were looking for evil.
They opened their material and their spiritual dwellings to animal-like life.
Now they experience satanic sorrow and are caught in the devil’s dreadful claws.
Once earthly life has made contact with the astral world, it will not readily free itself again.
These mothers have been locked up, while others are released, walk around freely and remain part of society.
Nobody will stop them.
A person who is consciously insane can go wherever he wants to, yet he is more dangerous than someone who belongs to the pathological grades.
These mothers attracted a soul and then hurled this young life back into Space.
Some give birth to a child and experience this mighty event, but it still will not rouse them.
Later on, after this life, the personality may get that far, but then this life may find itself in a different condition, possibly in the male body.
Who will then be able to recognize himself?
This depth cannot be fathomed on earth?
The outer phenomena may be obvious.
Those who are willing to see and hear will awaken, because the cosmic laws speak a language of their own, and they represent the laws of God.
Why am I explaining all these grades to you, André?
For you to know how human beings awaken.
Some day they will break with this way of life and follow the path towards a higher form of existence.
Everyone gets to that stage.
However, we, who have gone through all this, can bring the material consciousness to arm itself.
Man can at all times take warning from the grief of others, and this experience does not lead them into darkness, it makes them head for the light.
Men and women go to ruin, they let themselves go and belong to all possible grades of insanity.
They are in charge of their own protection insofar as they are able to understand themselves. However, millions must still cross the threshold to their development, and people of that sort are to be found in society.
Both rich and poor, learned and illiterate.
Kings and emperors, princes and princesses, they all let themselves go and destroy their better self.
God never intended this.
We are familiar with the curse on their lives.
The darkness is full of this, and its radiance creates a density with every second in which a deed is committed in a passion.
All these women, André, violated their better self.
God cannot sanction that, because all this splendour is His.
When man rises up in arms, he breaks the material and spiritual laws, and this will irrevocably cause the personality to collapse.
Now the personality will have to prove what it wants.
If it is after evil and wants to experience passion, then the astral world is ready and will come upon him.
Not a single spirit can stop this, not even God, because God gave man a will of his own.
And yet this is not understood.
Nobody knows the laws that govern conscious insanity which racks us during our life on earth.
In that condition, the last remainder of self-respect must be brought to the surface.
When that has also been used up, nothing more can be done.
Then all the obstacles, which previously brought us to a spiritual halt will have vanished.
When a mother descends into this form of insanity, she will drag everything along that comes her way.
She is entirely void of pity.
She saturates herself on life, and urged on by the demon that has taken possession of her, she experiences all the extravagances of passion and then breaks down, totally exhausted in mind and body.
But thanks to reincarnation she will, in a next life, again have command of a material body that will help her on her way to evolution.
Some steal and rob under the influence of the dark astral world, whereas others murder, but the masses are looking for bodily passion.
All those people attune to evil and experience the low passionate grades that caused the hells to be.
These must be overcome, and then the grades of insanity will also dissolve.
This section is occupied by people who will soon awaken, as they do not belong amongst the really unfortunate ones.
Those who have been able to conceal themselves up to now are the most dangerous ones of all, and what is more, their own kind even pays tribute to them.
They are bedecked with marks of distinction and are laden down by the precious metal, which other unconscious ones pinned to their chests.
That is the world Christ descended into, to jolt all these children into wakefulness.
We now follow His example, and we dedicate our life to this cause, so that this misery will also come to an end, because the God of life watches over all His children!
What more must I tell you about them, André?
These consciously insane attune themselves to the pathological form of insanity.
If they go down a few more grades, they will then be admitted to that other institution, which we just visited.
The more sensitive a person is, the more intense his experience of passion will be.
And so these lives go by, until they enter the realm of the spirit.
They remain unconscious on this side, and here they continue their animal-like existence.
Others enter the world of the unconscious.
There the soul waits until it can be born anew.
In this earthly life the soul was faced with femininity, the maternal body.
Will she again be granted to receive a maternal body?
At this point, other laws become effective, which the soul must comply with.
When life in the maternal body has been fulfilled, it may descend into the male body and experiences the characteristics for homosexuality.”
“I wanted to ask you this a moment ago, Alcar: how can a woman feel attracted to a woman, and a man to a man?”
“The personality André, that lived in the maternal body and now possesses a procreative organism, still wants to receive.
After all, the only thing a mother can do is to receive.
Well then, the soul as a personality has not changed in any way.
What does this life want?
The average man wants to experience creation and he goes in search of this natural experience, but this life is not open to that.
Similarly, a woman may search for someone of her own kind and grade of life who feels as she does and attunes to her.
Exactly the same holds true for the man.
But they all experience a disgusting condition, which they must rid themselves of.
And yet this happening is very natural, and so are the feelings within those lives.
There is nothing unnatural about them, because that is the way they feel.
Nothing can be changed about that.
But during its subsequent lives, the personality will return to natural normality and only then can it serve God’s creation.
This is how evolution works!
It enables man to awaken and to go higher.
God is always ready to hand out a new body.
But a mother’s conscious act of creation also causes the soul to enter the male body.
In other words, a mother’s act of creation may lead her to a male organism.
“This should make the purpose of being on earth clear to you.
We now face reincarnation and must accept this rebirth; otherwise, our material and spiritual development would come to a standstill.
I have often told you: we can hardly achieve anything within one life.
It is too brief to experience the infinity of God.
That requires millions of lives.
Come, we must go on.”
André was lost in deep thought.
How magnificent life was, and what did all those people make of it?
Yet, life could go on.
He had now become familiar with these grades.
His master had given him enormous wisdom.
But is there anybody on earth, who truly loves?
Who can say, ‘I stake my life to reach a spiritual grade?’
Hardly anyone, because all those millions of people have no idea what spiritual grades stand for.
Who is conscious in all these millions of laws?
Who can say, ‘I have reached the goal?’
And he can go on asking, because he will never reach the ultimate question.
God used to be incomprehensible to him, but now he had come to know God.
Man became rich, and his riches led him to his own ruin.
Those who lived in poverty were the ones who were rich in the spirit.
Man was still ignorant of his cosmic significance.
People loved temporary, earthly things, but it made them pull themselves to pieces, they lost their everlasting significance and spiritually and materially, they went to ruin.
How mighty Love was, but did it get through to people?
This was deep, mighty and real.
Life after death triumphs anyway and in the end Christ will be awaiting the life of God.
Alcar kept on going.
Where would his master be taking him to now?
Would he be experiencing other people who were insane?
Did this Space harbour other, even more terrible grades, which he still knew nothing about?
He wanted to get to know them too and would open up to it.
His master glided on without stopping.
On earth, in one’s earthly body, it was impossible to glide, but in this life, the possibilities were boundless.
All those possibilities were present in man, but these had to be developed.
It was man’s will power, which brought this about.
If that great power was lacking in a personality, then that human being would have to awaken to it, which could only be done by wanting to serve others.
He now understood the own will power.
These laws had made him familiar with human will power.
Man could do as he pleased.
How strange, he pondered, that so many people on earth refused to feel this and yet they experienced the same laws for body and soul.
Very little could be achieved within a single century, but in thousands of centuries mankind would achieve what life itself wanted, namely to return to God.
Alcar had reached that stage.
André would do his best, because after his earthly life he wanted to possess light.
Alcar looked at him and said:
“Everything will become clear to you through meditation, André.”
“Yes, Alcar, I understand that.
I am now scanning my own life.
I know now, what is in store for me and what I want.”
“Right, my boy, it is the only way to make progress.
This is where we will enter.
Come, follow me.”
“Where are we now, Alcar?”
“In the precincts of a ruler.
He has reached the highest grade of possession and mightiness, but it will soon break him down.”
They made their way through lots of corridors and finally entered a large hall.
André could observe everything clearly.
Ahead of him, he saw a person sitting, surrounded by others.
“He is the one, André, over there, who has reached that height.
He rules over millions of people.
I intend to make it clear to you that he too is consciously insane, because this man is out for evil, yet he would never admit that.
He is about to destroy his own people.
At the moment, he believes that he is doing his best, but it is all based on tactics.
Look around him and observe that he too is linked up with the astral world.
The demons from hell make use of him to let themselves go.
It is not a matter of physical passion, this time it is spiritual.
Through him, Satan wants to strike home at a nation of millions.
And that large nation does not see it, does not feel it.
He is highly esteemed and worshipped.
But we see that only his own sort worships him; the rest of the masses curse him.
None of the thoughts he transmits will remain unanswered.
His actions will be prompted by these devils, and yet he will think that everything is his very own doing.
However, there is a curse on his life and his consciousness.”
André began to perceive, and was terribly shocked.
He saw hundreds of astral beings.
All because of a single man?
Were they all servants of evil, or were there some amongst them who searched for goodness?
Which of it was good, and what belonged to the animal-like doings, to the consciousness that would stop at nothing?
By God, he thought, the more power a human possesses, the deeper he falls.
This man lived in an atmosphere of vice, passion and violence.
His condition was devilish.
We know who he is, André.
We also know his intentions.
His past is an open book to our world, but mankind is yet to experience what he is like.
To mankind, his possessions seem enormous and his will inscrutable, but to the Beyond he is as poor as a church mouse, since he is consciously insane.
He talks about the great things he wants to accomplish; yet he acts according to his own feeling and thinking.
Together with his advisers he rules over millions of people and forces them to do whatever he wants.
He believes his deeds to be beneficial, but they are destructive, and he is without scruple.
These people are not sent to earth to rule; their arrival is related to a certain law, and has a deeper, cosmic significance.
Due to his past, several traits have emerged. Although it is not in keeping with God’s will that he puts these powers to use, he nevertheless acts, as he thinks fit.
He wants to serve the good cause, but he represents evil.
As yet, he is still conscious of his good intentions, but he does not know his own self, and that will cause his downfall.
All those millions of lives are in the hands of a madman.
Circumstances of this kind can still occur, because there is no harmony on earth.
As long as evil holds its ground on earth, people of that kind can let themselves go.
A single person experiences these laws individually; this ruler, and other ones too, draw millions along with them into material and spiritual misery.
He already allows thousands of people to be destroyed.
He is conscious in an animal-like way, like all those who follow him.
All of them are consciously insane; those who do not accept the markings of his leadership will irrevocably be struck down.
Is that his contribution to the good cause?
Will mankind be roused by him, or by others of his kind?
This self-confident grade is the most dangerous of all the pathological grades of insanity, because these people are considered to be conscious, but they are devils.
This is the deepest and most dangerous grade, but we find them in all levels of society; all those lives in that grade experience their downfall.
The earth is full of these sick people who possess no love.
They destroy, yet think they are constructive.
They force others to pour forth dreadful misery over their fellow men.
Entire society is in the hands of the insane; they are consciously bestialized inhuman beings that do not hesitate to break the hearts of people.
That power was put into their hands by the masses; but what have they accomplished for those millions of people?
The good ones will fight until their last breath against all this rottenness, but they cannot achieve anything yet, because all mankind still has to awaken to this higher consciousness.
However, mother earth will continue, and mankind will come to see to whom it gave its full trust.
Others serve under him, and as we descend, we also experience the other grades of conscious insanity.
Accordingly, the highest rank is represented by the rulers of evil; they are followed by their helpers, and eventually we enter the lowest ranks of society.
By then, we have encountered millions of people.
All those lives have become materially possessed and spiritually impoverished.
They have neither faith in God nor love for their fellowman.
They have only one goal in mind.
They think for the people and the people are expected to consent that they are led to hell.
The rulers have that power in their hands, but that is not God’s intention.”
“Then why did they get that power, Alcar?”
“That should be clear to you, André.
Since the majority of the masses are consciously insane, they give their vote to these creatures and due to their unconsciousness they fall into their hands.
Only later do they understand that they were gravely mistaken.
This mentality encompasses seven grades of insanity and sickness.
People who are wrecks, both spiritually and materially, and others who seem to be in perfect health, yet who spiritually exceedss the material destruction by far.
However, they do not feel this, because their lives are not open to goodness.
All those people are deaf and blind.
Therefore this kind of people experience evil at its worst, and in the realm of Space they represent abnormal life, a consciousness that renders the personality akin to that of a devil.
Undoubtedly, there are rulers who are able to serve their own people; however, not one of them possesses a spiritual attunement.
Not one amongst all these people represents Golgotha and follows Christ and His holy gospel, because they all ridicule God’s holy Self.
They promise their followers the moon, but they never live up to it, because they do not know themselves.
Not a single person rises above mediocrity.
On earth, they behave like pigs, and they violate the highest treasure in man, namely love!
Animals could not live the way these humans do, because everything their hands produce spells destruction!
People of this kind rule over millions of souls, over God’s children, and proclaim that paradise is approaching.
Now this madman says that God Himself speaks to him.
This stupid talk makes us sick, and we know that they are possessed by devils.
It is all a lot of drivel and their whole dark surroundings stink of this pest.
Yet, their followers think it is holy.
They can sound so smooth, these representatives of the pest.
Their horrible way of singing is murderous and the words that come over their lips are ghastly.
This sort of people deal out distinctions and strangle the masses.
Does mankind not feel that they will be drained dry by these consciously insane persons?
Can these nations continue to condone that their children are consciously being slaughtered?
Is that the object of life on earth?
God never wanted this.
Yet – see for yourself – how these bestial monsters are honoured.
Everything that goes through their hands will rot away.
Those who enter this aura spread a pestilential stench, which is what their own kind intends.
However, it will cause the conscious child of God to die or to be misshapen for its whole life; that is how appallingly wretched that live aura is.
In the meantime, the earth does its rounds and watches how these mad people go about their business.
Shame on you; stop this!
They do not hear us; their narrow-minded consciousness knows only one goal: finish off those who refuse to obey!
‘Oh man, wake up.
Do not throw in your lot with this being, because he will murder you.
First he caresses your heart and then consciously descends into your life in order to destroy it.
Your wife and child will be consciously burned at the stake.
Is that necessary?
Are these the people that rule over you?
Must the possessions of the earth be sold and squandered?
Look, André, how disgusting his life’s aura is.
See how his hands are shaking with lechery.
And he believes he has himself in hand?
Is his condition not disastrous to all people?
Yet, he received the power and the strength from God to do good and bless human life.
However, one murder after the other is committed.
Who knows him and the others?
Everything is mean and horribly fatal for this existence, because millions will go down with him.
God will never condone this, and on this side, they will come to know themselves.
Do you understand what man longs for and what millions of people yearn for?
Do you feel, André, how simple everything really is, now that we see the human grades before us?
Society is divided into grades of life, which our world can assess because we have to accept a clear separation within our life.
These are the hells and the heavens on this side.
We will shortly leave the earth, and then you will get to know this attunement.
However, it is clear that the deeper we descend in society, the less evil we find, as this is the worst that man on earth can reach, and it can only take place in the higher ranks of society.
Nevertheless, all those who dedicate themselves to violence and consciously destroy the child of God are consciously insane.
When rulers pour out grief and misery over their own people, then these lives damn themselves, and they will find their own attunement on this side.
They cannot possibly escape that.
All those people must still awaken to normality.
I can explain these laws to you in the dark and in the spheres of light, as well as on the border between normality and abnormality.
Whoever seeks God and acts in a spirit of love will receive His blessing!
That grade is attuned to the spheres of light.
These grades can be analysed and could fill many books, but that will happen later on.
Only then will it be possible to understand these human grades.
However, what we are concerned about now are the consciously insane.
Their sphere is darker than earthly night could ever be.
These are the hells that represent their astral darkness.
Every conscious wrongdoing leads them to the demons of hell.”
“When a person who is unconsciously insane wakes up on this side, Alcar, what is his condition like?
Does that illness dissolve by itself?”
“Yes, André, their life attunement will cause them to awaken.
When the personality enters this life, when it reaches its destination in an unconscious condition, they will awaken as a matter of course.
The guardian angel will go to fetch this life, although there are many for whom that is impossible.
You know these laws, which also apply to the consciously insane.”
“Can these lives be fetched too, Alcar?”
“No André, their dark world attracts them.
These people need no help to get there because their life and their consciousness is now dominated by the darkness they belong to.
Those laws and powers cannot be surmounted.
If this life is attuned to the dark spheres, it immediately enters that attunement, where it will awaken and will have to accept hell and the devil.
They will all be drained dry, because the darkness is full of these human hyenas that plan to destroy the life of God.
When the soul as a personality enters, it is asleep, but the power of attraction, which its own kind exerted on it, is enormous.
For many, the sleep after death lasts for years.
Whereas others soon gain consciousness and then become part of their own hell.
That is when life on this side really begins.
However, millions of souls pass on to the world of the unconscious and return to earth to start a new life.”