Normal and abnormal grades of life

“We will now leave the earth, André, and attune ourselves to the dark spheres in our life.
There I can show you all these grades of life.
While we are on the way, you can ask me questions about the things we have been dealing with till now.”
They glided away from the earth.
André had experienced nothing but misery.
Man wanted earthly possessions, and these possessions then led to his own downfall.
“But surely, Alcar, there must be at least some amongst all these rulers who do not belong to those who are consciously insane, in spite of all their possessions and power?”
“There are people who rule on earth, kings and emperors, learned men and geniuses, who each possess love and who use their powers to benefit mankind.
These people have all reached the material and spiritual grade that belongs to normal consciousness.
What would become of humanity if no individuals of this kind existed on earth, André?
This fact ensures mankind of an overall balance; otherwise, evil would have triumphed over goodness long ago. Yet, that will never happen, no matter how abundantly evil may prevail on earth.
The people who have reached that height are millions of years old.
However, they still dwell in the third cosmic grade and are linked up with Mother Earth; if they were not, they would be part of our life by now.
This enables us to fathom life on earth and to determine the spiritual attunement of individuals, of the masses, and of mankind as a whole.
In our life, no spirit would ever be able to hide itself from a being with a higher attunement; that would be impossible.
You know the laws that govern our life, as I explained the nature of the hells to you.
A higher being can fathom the life that exists below its own attunement. It can do so because it once lived in that condition itself.
Slowly man rises higher and higher, until he bids the earth farewell and enters a state of spiritual love.
Rulers on earth attract both good and evil, just as every other person does.
So, those who have complete control over themselves and have conquered evil belong to the conscious, vigilant kind of people that carry their divine spark back to God.
They will ask God to allow them to be born again, and they will return to earth to serve all that is good in man, because that is possible too!
Wherever they go, these people bring happiness, and this serves to maintain stability on Mother Earth; otherwise, this planet would have landed in the hands of evil long ago.
Thanks to Christ however, this awesome calamity was averted; the masses are searching for God!
In due time, André, man will want to serve.
No matter how terrible life on earth may be at present, once you have seen the light of the spheres you long to be allowed to return to earth to thank God for everything you received during that life.
In his life, every human being tries to balance the cosmic scale and to develop a higher level of existence in the spirit, where consciousness is not overcome by insanity.
That life will meet with a lot of sadness, yet all that sadness will make man climb higher and higher, because the gates of heaven are wide open.
When the soul that has manifested itself as an astral personality has sensed the solemn gravity of life, it will ask, even beg to be allowed to serve Divine life, and it will then dedicate everything it has to offer.
This is the kind of love that sacrifices itself, and makes life awaken.
Look, André, we are approaching the dark spheres, and now I will explain to you what you experienced on earth.
You know that there are seven dark spheres, including the Land of Twilight, where Gerhard lived. (see the book ‘Those who came back from the death’)
When life from the lowest spheres, in other words from the hells is reborn on earth, it cannot experience insanity.
This should be clear to you, if you have understood what I said.”
André thought it over, but he did not understand.
He asked his leader:
“Why can’t they become insane, Alcar?”
“So then you did not understand what I explained to you?
Those who have reached a conscious grade cannot become insane, because they experience life to the full.
Consequently, a certain grade of life corresponds to a sphere that matches our consciousness.
However, insanity will not manifest itself until the personality leaves this grade on earth.”
“I understand, Alcar.
It should have been clear to me; I can see all those grades before me now.”
“I did not mention these transitions, André, because I wanted to know whether you understood me.
You also know the sort of life these people led on earth.
I explained all these laws to you during our previous journeys.
So, when man sets himself free from this lowest grade in hell, he will climb higher and higher, he will leave the pre-animal-like grade of life behind and try to acquire the animal-like grade.
But at that moment he dwells in-between two worlds and will be open to the astral world and to insanity.
This upsets the maternal balance.
This is the hell where all those dwell who destroyed themselves during their earthly life dwell.
They sometimes return to earth to start a new life; others, who have accomplished their cycle on earth, continue life on this side.
Some have reached that level; others must yet strive to attain to that height.
There are millions of people on earth who live in this grade of life, where the material and the astral grades now come in contact with each other.
These souls are two of a kind; they equal each other in their feelings of hate and passion and can therefore experience this oneness in material life too.
This is how insanity came about.
Since we already experienced all these laws on our first journeys, André, I do not need go into this matter any deeper; you will be able to follow me in everything by now.
Our next steps will automatically lead us on to the higher grades of life that pertain to the astral human being. However, these grades also exist on earth.
They represent yet other grades of insanity.
If a personality has consciously accepted his hell, and if he is aware of his life and his condition – this applies to this side as well as to the earth – then that human being, dwelling on earth, cannot be reached from our side, because the personality will then have taken life into its own hands.
If this life wants to go higher, that will tip the balance within that grade too, and that person will once again become susceptible to a grade of insanity.
The higher we rise, the more our life on earth increases in consciousness.
It is obvious that we too experienced psychopathy during our earthly lives, because this represents its own particular grade of life, just as all other grades do.
All these grades of life belong to abnormal forms of life, and the people involved must still awaken to normal, conscious life.
There are seven different kinds of hell, and according to earthly standards, each one of them represents a grade of insanity.
This, and our ability to follow these abnormal lives, makes it possible for us to determine these grades on earth.
There is nothing that is not open to us.
We see through these grades and through man, because we once lived in a similar condition.
As I already told you on earth: this marks the return to God.
The personality must master all these worlds in order to reach the existing spheres, in other words: the spheres of light.
Come, André, let us move on.
Over there lies the Land of Hatred, a hell you are also familiar with.
Millions of souls live there too.
All the ranks of society are present.
Every being pursues the fulfilment of its self-love, and this kind of life chooses passion and wants violence, because this level of consciousness must yet awaken to life on high.
So every person has his own spiritual attunement, belonging to this life, which one can derive from his or her deeds on earth.
It will therefore be clear to you that this consciousness is still open to insanity because it experiences passion.
Those who strive towards a life on high and express this in their conscious deeds and can give love and understand material life, are ready to take part in creation and able to bear up to material life.
I could go on explaining until I get to the first sphere, because that is where insanity and all the psychopathic grades cease to exist.”
André carefully considered all these laws and understood his master.
He had experienced these hells during his previous journeys.
These people were either conscious or unconscious of their involvement in evil and they were open to astral violence while they dwelt on earth.
Millions of beings left these hells to return to earth, where they indulged in their desires by entering material human beings, which subsequently caused the latter to become prisoners in their own body.
Those who were open to it were doomed.
The powers of these astral humans were terrible, and yet a person could safeguard himself against them.
But who could be expected to discard his pre-animal-like life in one go?
Nobody could.
André could see through these laws and he already understood what his master would shortly tell him when they approached the Land of Twilight.
It was the sphere in which Gerhard had lived.
That obviously matched the attunement of all those psychopaths on earth.
Those people were either about to accomplish their last grade of life, or, they would sink even deeper into all the misery of the condition they were in because they had to set out for life on high.
However, those who were susceptible to insanity would experience one of its seven grades.
Actually, it was the material being itself who determined the laws of its life, because he was the one who lived it.
By experiencing his passions, and due to his unconsciousness, the earthly personality tuned in to these worlds, and that brought about these terrible conditions.
That is right, André.
I was able to follow your line of thinking.
We are now going to the Land of Twilight, where Gerhard entered when he left the earth.
His life is known to you, but do you also understand the life and spiritual attunement of all those other millions of beings that live there and must free themselves from the dark sides of their personality?
It is not only the personality of a single individual that can be determined in the Land of Twilight, but that of the masses too, and even of mankind as a whole.
We also encounter all those grades of insanity in life on the Beyond.
The woman with her pebbles spends her days here too like a mole, buried below the surface of the earth, because she is as good as dead to this life.
Her personality must still awaken to the conscious life that marks the first sphere.
And so she enters this space, along with all those people who are too weak for earthly life and have given way.
The conscious child of God holds his ground, but these people must yet surmount themselves!
Some take hundreds of years to reach that level; others need only a short time.
It is the same as on earth.
Many a life goes by in which nothing has been learned.
Nevertheless, all those thousands of souls, as material human beings, are bound to strive for a higher level in life; otherwise, their life will come to a standstill.
They must free themselves from passion, from other disharmonious situations, which are still part of their unconscious personality, and they can only achieve this by serving Divine life.
Their experience of all these grades bears hard upon them.
Inner development on this side is therefore the same as on earth. Where as both worlds experience one happening, one condition, marking the release from one’s own grade of life.
On earth, a personality must discard its animal-like and material feelings, which also signifies inner development to this side.
When we go higher, you have already sensed it, the personality feels itself different, and the spheres change.
Accordingly the first sphere is the border between good and evil, normal and abnormal life, and the grades of insanity.
Did you understand me correctly, André?
Do you sense that those who dwell below the first sphere and have the matching attunement can be easily influenced on earth and are also susceptible to many illnesses?
Man on earth asks ‘why’ and ‘what for’, but questions of this kind are akin to his consciousness.
A human being from the first sphere is conscious and submits to God!
Humans do not want trouble, yet the sphere in which he dwells is teeming with it.
He himself must awaken to life on a higher plane of existence.
He still has a lot of knowledge to acquire, and must learn to comply with the laws of God, both on this side and during his life on earth.
The going will be rough, but when he has mastered the laws, he will have surmounted their bondage and experience the joy of the spheres.
In the hells, André, and in this Land of Twilight, man fights for his spiritual existence, because he must reach the first sphere.
Only then will there be peace.
Only then will he have gone through all the grades of insanity, and he can finally be his true self!
Gerhard was allowed to reach this glorious stage in a short time; others may need more time, but they all become confronted with their own personality. (footnote in first edition: See ‘Those who came back from the Dead’)
The deepest hell is separated from this sphere, the Land of Twilight, by six grades, which are experienced as forms of hell on our side, but on earth, they stand for grades of insanity.
What we have witnessed there exists in all these spheres.
Every person represents a world of its own; a sphere to which he is attuned in the life on the Beyond.
Now, can you guess what I have in store for you, André?”
“No, Alcar, I cannot.”
“Can you not feel it?”
“No, it is impossible.”
“Well, then I had better tell you and not leave you dangling. You are about to see Gerhard.
You will meet him on this side.”
“What was that you said, Alcar?
I will be seeing Gerhard?
Oh, how happy I am to hear you say that!
This really is a big surprise, Master.”
“But first we will visit the fourth sphere.
When I am ready, I will take you over to the sphere where Gerhard is and leave you there for a while.
Afterwards, I will come to fetch you again and then we will return to your body.
We will now leave the Land of Twilight, unless you have more questions you would like to ask me.”
“Everything is clear to me, Alcar.
Now I fully understand why people on earth are open to insanity.”
Alcar went on and André thought about his meeting with Gerhard.
How good his master was to him!
He hadn’t for one moment expected a surprise like that.
How would Gerhard be after all these years he had spent in this life?
What would Gerhard have to tell him?
How beautiful would that moment be for both of them!
He would ask him questions and Gerhard would tell him whether he was happy.
Oh, what a blessing this was, André thought to himself.
“Look, André, we are back in the first sphere again.
One of those places you have often visited in my company.
So I do not need to explain this first spiritual condition to you.
Whoever enters here has set himself free from all those earthly troubles that can lead us, human beings, into a state of unconsciousness.
These people are free from all animal-like and passionate traits, and have acquired spiritual consciousness.
The people here harbour warmth and they cherish Divine life in all its forms.
They are conscious and no longer subject to abnormality.
Whoever reaches this grade of life on earth has a strong footing in life, and deep within he is ready to bear the things life on earth metes out for the spirit to cope with.
In this sphere, man is free of all lies and deceit, and he possesses spiritual consciousness.
In this sphere, man can commit no more sin.
All these millions of souls, sense love towards Divine life in all its forms, but this feeling is something that those who live below this sphere cannot yet claim to possess.
All the same, this spiritual consciousness must be gained during material life, because life on earth is the training school for this side.
Those who cannot believe that, will nonetheless have to accept it on this side.
Man had better start while he is still on earth, that is, if he wants to possess happiness in this life and be prepared for this sphere, where consciousness prevails.
In this sphere, one knows what maternal love means.
All those millions of souls have passed on into pure love.
Here, one lives to do good.
In this sphere, man distinguishes the good from the evil he bears within.
No rulers are to be found here, nor learned men who think up inventions that serve to destroy mankind!
People of that sort belong to the dark and must yet awaken.
Those who dwell here are conscious children of God and have come to know their God as a Father of love.
Religious maniacs are merely to be found in the Land of Twilight.
In this first sphere, the personality has overcome his unconsciousness.
This life is therefore marked by consciousness, André, and Divine life, as a human being, must strive towards this consciousness.
Here people truly cherish love for each other.
Accordingly, this is the boundary to all that is wrong and evil in man.
Those who dwell below this level have not reached that stage yet.
This is why these people are open to a lot of earthly misery, and they must accept that.
We are about to be linked up with thousands of laws, but I will not go into that at present.
It would be useless; I would have to explain it all to you again later on.
What I am aiming at is to make you understand the grades of human life on earth and on this side, so that you will be able to distinguish between those who have gained consciousness and those who have not.
However, the first sphere is still attuned to matter.
We know this to be true, because its spiritual grade has been mastered by people who still dwell on earth.
All these people have gained a firm footing for their spiritual existence on the Beyond.
If a person wants to attain the grade of existence in the spirit, then he will have to continue and ascend, because that is only possible after he has reached the fourth sphere.
That is where a person can say: I am spiritually conscious!
There are two additional spheres that serve to get that far.
In the second and third sphere every thought on matter is cast aside.
The first, second and third are therefore conditions that purify the astral human being to enable him to reach spiritual consciousness.
The fourth sphere is the conscious grade of existence in the spirit, which we call Summerland on this side.
You know how difficult it is to reach the fourth sphere, but it is even harder to overcome the deep hells.
All the same, everyone who dwells there must one day take on this struggle.
Anyone entering normal life feels in harmony with nature and with all the manifestations of Divine life.
Those people have acquired the perfect love of the spheres.
Here, a mother loves her child dearly and would be incapable of abortion.
In the fourth sphere we come upon a spiritual order, and there we will receive a task of great significance from the masters.
There is a possibility to obtain this earlier, namely in the first sphere, if the personality has first acquired this grade.
This, André, is where man really begins to know himself and where he comes into contact with his sisters and brothers in this life, to which he is required to dedicate his own life.
This is where people go in seclusion for days, even months, to practise spiritual meditation and achieve complete release from the material world.
And what do people do on earth?
By now, many are treading the same path, but the majority of all those millions are still in search for their self.
Over here, man feels and experiences the link with his kinship.
We see the same thing happen on earth, but here man lives in harmony with the laws of God.
All these millions of souls have reached spiritual and material balance.
The sphere in which they live tells them so.
The birds and the flowers are in harmony with their lives and feel their oneness with man.
Flowers close their petals to a person who has no feeling yet for eternal life, as a sign that he is in conflict with the higher worlds, which God has created for all His children, and to which the personality must still awaken.
Every trait in a person’s character can therefore be determined by this world.
We are familiar with the material human being from our own previous experience, and we know how he thinks and feels.
We are no longer liable to be mistaken in these matters.
So anyone on earth who says: ‘I am spiritually conscious’, will have to prove it in this life, and he will find that the spheres will spiritually call him to a halt.
Come on, André, we are leaving for the fourth sphere.”
André saw the universe around him changing.
This was another phenomenon he had seen occur several times before.
The second sphere now lay spread out below him.
He saw all those people and those buildings and he knew the happiness of the human beings who lived there.
He had visited many of these temples and other buildings with his master.
He could see the Temple of music and of the visual arts in the distance.
How magnificent life was on the Beyond.
The heavens were now taking on a different colour, and he knew already that they were approaching the third sphere.
In the third sphere, he had visited the Temple of the universe, where all the cosmic laws had been explained to him.
Next, he had been connected with the universe.
He still remembered it all.
The higher they went, the more nature and man changed.
In this sphere, all forms of life received their own aura.
He saw man in his wonderful radiance wearing beautiful garments.
Alcar went on, and entered the third sphere.
André felt a heavenly peace coming over him.
Those who dwelt here were filled with happiness.
A little further on, he and his master would be entering Summerland.
At the border to the fourth sphere, Alcar sat down.
André looked down into a deep valley, surrounded by mountains.
Here, nature was of such unbelievable beauty, that no earthly person could ever picture it.
One had to experience this oneself.
Here, man had gained himself a spiritual grade.
Now he understood why his master had ventured up to this point.
From where he was, he could survey every grade in earthly life, and he felt prepared to ask his master various questions.
His first one was:
“If I have been permitted to follow you in all you explained, Alcar, then the first, second, and third sphere mainly serve to reach the spiritual grade of consciousness.”
“Splendid, André.
However, the first sphere is the highest for the material grade a personality can acquire; only then will he enter the spiritual laws for the astral world.
None but those who have acquired the highest level of consciousness may enter these worlds.
Very few people reach this level of spiritual consciousness on earth, because of the difficulties involved.
If you have been able to follow me up till now, then it will be clear to you that the lower grades in the human being will not dissolve until after the personality has set to work on his own development.
Here all darkness is overcome.
Even down to his material thoughts.
In the first sphere, man still thinks in terms of matter, because that sphere is directly attuned to the earth.
The second sphere lies further away from the consciousness of the earth.”
“You just told me that you are able to fathom the spiritual attunement of individuals, of the masses and of mankind as a whole, and that these are also visible on this side.
Then what is the attunement of total mankind like, Alcar?”
“Mankind, as I told you just now, has attunement to the Land of Twilight.
So now you know what all those nations still have to attain.”
“Does that mean that a nation can be made to awaken to this world?”
Or do you mean: can these masses possess a single attunement?”
“Yes, Alcar, that is what I mean.”
“All these attunements are to be found within one nation.
The lowest as well as the highest grades.
Of course, only few people within a nation have attunement to the sphere in which we are now, because it is the highest one on this side that can be reached from earth.
The third sphere connects us with spiritual consciousness.
The human being who frees himself from the material laws and is about to leave that life, must, no matter how pure that life has been, nevertheless undergo purification to obtain this third grade before he can enter the fourth sphere.
The majority of a nation is still attuned to the dark spheres, the hells in our life.
All the same, a balance has been reached between light and darkness.”
“What does that mean, Alcar?”
“It means, André, that thousands of years ago human consciousness did not possess that height.
In that time evil dominated in man.
At that time, the population of the earth had not reached this height, because that mass of people had yet to awaken to the material grades, to start with.
However, life on earth continued.
An increasing amount of people reached a higher grade and from that moment on the aspect of the earth also changed.
This brought on consciousness.
Individuals as well as the masses awakened.
The populace received a different consciousness, but still the hells continued to densify.
From that time onward goodness prevailed, otherwise, evil would yet destroy everything on earth.
Now and then mankind experienced wars, but all those wars brought on evolution.
Those who could not hold their ground as individuals collapsed, due either to weakness or to astral influence.
Nevertheless, the life of feeling of a nation that had given way grew in consciousness and in the end this resulted in spiritual attunement.
Today you can determine the level of this attunement.
After all, can you name one nation on earth that has spiritual consciousness?
Do you know of any nation that can say: ‘not one of my children has pre-animal-like attunement?’
The scales have only recently been brought to balance; previously, evil had the upper hand and goodness was nowhere to be found.
In other words, the nations have evolved.
From this side we can observe what a nation has actually achieved, and this enables us to determine its personality.
At present, it matches the Land of Twilight, not the first sphere.
To be sure, one nation may have gained more headway than another.
But there are peoples that still have attunement to the land of hatred; they must break those bonds, because those masses must also move on.
We liken all those nations to an individual human being, André.
Man possesses his own character traits, and nations are comparable to specific character traits inherent in mankind as a whole.
Those traits will serve either evil or the things on high.
By now, the goodness in man has triumphed over evil for centuries, because most of the nations have broken away from the land of hatred and freed themselves from the animal-like grades.
Thousands of centuries ago, this happened in exactly the reverse order.
So, progress has been made.
Our present ability to follow this development is based on the many lives we ourselves completed on earth.
Accordingly, material and spiritual life becomes disclosed to the consciousness we ourselves acquired.
The massed nations have managed to free themselves from the grades of insanity.
However, thousands of centuries ago, mankind as a whole still dwelt within the lowest animal-like grades of insanity, something we could no longer claim to be true at present.
Nowadays insanity affects individuals, but the progress the masses made has enabled them to overcome animal-like insanity.
Thousand of ages ago, nearly all mankind suffered from this animal-like insanity ; nowadays it experiences material insanity.
That means that the masses have overcome all the grades that connect us with the lowest spheres.
Formerly, the nations were pathologically insane, in other words: they were possessed by the dark astral world.
Today, the conscious insanity is predominant, and that means that the masses have surmounted those pre-animal-like grades.
Ages ago, the unconscious insanity was experienced by certain tribes, whereas now, only few people are afflicted by it. But what is this small number compared to the whole of mankind?
Nothing, André.
It truly marks the awakening of the personality, as an individual and as a collective mass of people, as one great nation!
I could go even further back and explain to you how the very first human beings became insane, but that is for later.
We will get to those laws when I begin to analyse the origin of the universe to you during our following journeys. (footnote in first edition: The Origin of the Universe, published by Foundation The Age of Christ.)
What I am concerned about now is for you to understand that the whole of mankind – in spite of the miserable state the earth is still in – nevertheless continues to evolve!
The pre-animal-like grades that apply to the masses were surmounted millions of centuries ago.
At that time they marked the level of entire mankind, today this has been brought down to some millions.
The remainder of all those billions of people have reached a higher world of existence.”
“This is amazingly interesting, Alcar. Actually, seen from here, it is dead simple.”
“That is true, because we have been able to follow these laws.
The attunement of all mankind reaches no further than the Land of Twilight. After all, we can hardly consider all mankind to be spiritually attuned.
All the same, the great majority of the masses wants peace and tranquillity on earth.
Shortly, when we reach the right moment, my most advanced student on this side will convey a book to you that will present mankind with a picture of life on earth, of the spiritual attunement that has been reached there, and of the attunement on this side.
In this book (see the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side’), all these laws will be explained and mankind will receive an answer to all their questions.
Therefore, the individual who is attuned to the lowest hells or to the Land of Hatred will also have to accept a pathological insanity.
So we see that the masses are sometimes ahead of the individual, although we do find individual human beings who have managed to reach the spheres of light, which will take the majority thousands of centuries to accomplish.
All these grades harbour millions of beings, but mankind as a whole keeps on evolving, since the goal of the highest masters on this side must be reached.”
“How do you mean, Alcar?”
“It means that there are masters dwelling on this side who are working to raise mankind to a higher consciousness.
These masters have presented Mother Earth with art.
Christ came to earth to spread the holy gospel so that mankind would awaken.
The masters on this side take care of the spiritual development, as they too once lived on earth and know exactly what is needed most.
Millions of people on this side serve this cause and we too received our own task, namely, to impart our consciousness to the earth.
Those who want to follow us will surely awaken!
But mankind makes it evident to us how high the consciousness of the masses has risen.
So we see that every nation has had to go through the grades of conscious and unconscious insanity, as this forms part of evolution.
Not a single soul can get away from this.
But even the masses, as separate nations, have now reached a stage where they have overcome the animal-like grades.
That is a gratifying sign, André.
The darkest of hells have long been overcome.
Through Christ, mankind received the Divine light and spiritual awakening.
This is being taken care of on earth.
It is certainly a pity for all those sick people that there is so little we and man on earth can do; the reason for this lies within the masses as a personality, because its level is still too low.
Since the nations are still constantly at each other’s throats and do not yet understand the essence of life on earth, very little can be done on behalf off all those pathological grades, because money and material possession, is being used for wrong purposes.
However, that will soon change, as I repeatedly told you; the Age of Christ has set in.
The time has come for the nations to wake up, and all mankind will finally work its way towards spiritual development.
Isn’t it miraculous, André, that when you learn about all these laws, you first start to know yourself, then the masses, then a nation, and finally mankind.
Then you understand why all those nations still want to make war, and life on earth no longer seems so incomprehensible.
You know by then, that those nations must yet acquire those higher grades, and that they will finally get that far, in spite of everything.
At present, the Divine Cosmos is inhabited by man.
Yet believe me, millions of centuries ago no first sphere existed yet.
At that time, everything you see before you now, and which enables you to experience all these sanctities, still had to be born.
People were not that far yet, but those times go back millions of centuries.
Just think of all the things that have happened in the meantime.
The people on earth were all insane, because at that time the first human beings left the lowest spheres and returned to the material human being to indulge in their passions.
That has not changed; all those laws and grades of life have remained the same.
But do you know what has changed?
The people from that era have meanwhile created other, higher worlds and now dwell in the highest spheres on this side; or else, they went even further than that, because seven cosmic grades have come forth within this Universe.
Not until he has reached the seventh grade – as you know – will man have returned into the All and feel equal to God!
In all those centuries, this wonder took place!
Nothing could stop the soul from resurrecting.
It has reached the Highest on high!
This evolution will be experienced by all nations, but that will obviously take much longer.
Mankind will need millions of centuries to get that far, but we have all eternity at our disposal.
Centuries have no meaning to us.
On the other hand, it’s of tremendous importance to know how we mastered these laws.
We have suffered and struggled, and we want mankind to follow in our footsteps.
We want to warn the people on earth about all the suffering, which will then have become needless.
The sooner the nations realize that life on high can only be reached through love, all the better for us, because it will speed up the development of the earth’s consciousness on its way back to God on High!
Mankind should pattern itself upon our life, and so should the nations, but they’re not that far yet.
That is why we are here, to do everything we can to rouse those masses, because that is the goal which Christ and the masters on our side have set.
Do you feel this, André; life on earth and on this side will take on a very different meaning.
Then the population of the earth will finally understand the purpose of living, which is and will remain a huge riddle for many a nation, because passion still prevails.
However, the laws of insanity, as I explained to you in the sphere of the earth, will show them.
All the grief and terrible sufferings make man bow his head in humility.
When that happens, the personality learns to accept, and this is the training school for all the animal-like and material grades, which the earthly human being goes through.
Those who do not yet want to bow their head will sooner or later come round to it, and that will break down their unconscious personality.
Only then will the life of Christ speak to them and will the personality set out for Golgotha!”
“This is tremendous, Master; it is all clear to me.”
“Then we will descend, André, and you will meet Gerhard.”