Insanity and demonic possession

“We will now continue, André, and return to the other building, where the insane live.
The condition of these psychopaths is completely clear to you, isn’t it?”
“I can imagine what it’s like, Alcar.
Yet I am aware that their overall condition is too much for me to take in.
I believe that I would collapse under the load.
What surprises me, Master Alcar, is that these souls live in both the male and the female organism, and I can’t work that out yet.
I happen to have seen more men than women.
Does that mean anything in particular?”
“You sensed that very accurately, André, although this matter is still far too deep for you to understand.
However, I will give you a rough outline.
While the soul goes through its cycle on earth within successive organisms, the personality will alternately enter the procreative and the childbearing form of organism and will experience earthly life in the respective condition.
Now, the personalities you find here have broken all material and spiritual laws.
Their condition is connected with the reincarnation on earth.
But they have created chaos with regard to reincarnation.
They have led a life of passion, and the depth they reached could not possibly be surpassed.
This kind of life now became subject to the laws of life and death.
Due to the devastating determination of the personality, the boundaries of life and death were overstepped.
If the soul were to descend into the mother’s body in this condition, the personality would destroy the embryo and the growth process would come to a stop.
That is what happened in these cases.
Accordingly, its first consecutive lives cannot lead to development, because the soul keeps on returning to the world of unconsciousness.
That is where it finds peace.
Subsequently, this life will be attracted anew and be born again.
This phase of attraction will reoccur until the personality can accomplish life on earth under normal conditions; however, it has not reached that stage yet.
That life feels itself in all its traits creative, in other words with male characteristics, it must subsequently accept the corresponding organism.
This soul must return – seven times at worst – before it can experience normality.
Which is marked by natural, normal material consciousness.
Does this get through to you, André?”
“I think it’s terribly deep, Alcar.”
“No wonder. You are not far enough yet to grasp the analysis of all these problems and spiritual laws, because they are part of Cosmology.
You will learn about all these laws in due time.
I will be able to outline a few things to you during our next journeys. When completed, we will make a closer study of all these phenomena, which, from man’s point of view, amount to spiritual miracles, even though the personality experiences these as sorrow and grief in its unconscious condition.
This phase can be broken down into seven grades.
Some people happen to be a little further advanced than others, and they dwell somewhere between the third and the fifth level of normal consciousness.
Others experience their own grade of life, but they are all preparing to gain normal material consciousness, which they have temporarily abandoned.
To some, this life is their first return to earth after their total collapse, whereas others have already reached the fourth or fifth stage and will later acquire normal consciousness.
Which is marked by a natural, healthy awareness of life within the material body.”
“Are the parents to blame for the condition of these human wrecks, Alcar?”
“No, not where psychopathic conditions are concerned, as I already told you. All the same, the parents of these children have something to make amends for; otherwise, they would have attracted conscious life instead of this misery.
However, the personality has destroyed the organism, or to be precise, it twisted and deformed it.
All these beings abide in a cosmic chaos and must nevertheless have to awaken again, but this time it will happen inside the mother.
By means of the maternal body these sick people regain normal material life; otherwise, they would never become released from their disharmonious condition.
Due to the personality’s predominance, this growth process obviously cannot get under way during its first stages.
If it did, we would have a psychopath on our hands.
And this procedure would form part of the life cycle of the soul, which has to accept this life, yet it is the personality who experiences all these astral and physical laws.
When a human being has stepped up his life on earth and crossed the border that leads from normality to abnormality, André, then his will power will converge with such force and accuracy, that no tissue can stand up to it and must either give way or become deformed.
During the embryonic phase, the spirit suppresses the organism and thereby causes its growth process and subsequent ripening to follow an unnatural course.
This results in apathetic behaviour.
There is no need for science to search for any physical disorder, because this grade is nothing but by disorder.
This grade represents a world of its own, beyond the bounds of insanity.
A personality in this condition is not susceptible to that kind of illness.
We now face the specific laws that apply to the life of the soul. These laws are classified as pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, material or spiritual, and they are either experienced fully conscious or total unconscious.
You undoubtedly understand, André, where these psychopathic cases are leading us to.
We could make a cosmic analysis of all these symptoms.
We must do so; otherwise, we would never find an answer and we would be unable to determine the first as well as the last stage.
If we wish to turn our attention to cosmology within the next couple of years, then we will have to make quite a few journeys to analyse these laws, because we will need to obtain a clear outline of all these grades which man experiences, either consciously or unconsciously.
I am sure you also sense that we, who dwell on this side, cannot become conscious before we have mastered the spiritual grade.
Only then, can earthly man enter the conscious material grade of life and subsequently gain normality, because all these illnesses will then have been surmounted.”
“How enormous all this is, Alcar.”
“Life on this side is enough to overwhelm you, André, and all those laws are to be mastered by us.
This marks the return to God.
Only then can we claim to know our self. Prior to that, we all are unconscious.”
“Will I be allowed to bestow that great work on mankind during my life on earth?”
“When we get to that stage, André, we will start to formulate it as soon as we can, and I will explain all the laws to you which govern our life.
First of all, I must analyse God’s creation for you and afterwards, that must all be put on paper too.
So, we still have a lot to do.
Look, André, we have returned to the place where we viewed the lives of the religious maniacs.
In this building, we will also encounter people who are insane.
I will observe a few of these people and tell you all about their condition.
I have already linked you up with one of the patients, whom you are about to hear.”
André followed his master.
They were still in the corridor when he heard a series of terrible cries.
It was the sound of a woman wailing.
He sensed that he was hearing this through his leader.
Master Alcar had already connected him with the patient.
Alcar entered and André followed his master.
In this room was a woman.
She was lying in a corner, crying out for help.
It was the outcry of a desolate human being.
‘Good heavens’, André thought, ‘what kind of misery am I in for this time?’
Alcar looked at him and said:
“If you were in your material body, André, you would not even be able to hear her, because the walls would block off her cries.
I set up an astral link between you and her life.
So you heard in the spirit how she suffers within.
You are now experiencing reality.”
“This is remarkable; I heard her as I would have on earth.”
“I attuned to her life, and that is how we got in touch with her in the spirit.
I attuned to quite a few patients, but not all of them are restless at the moment.
I want to explain to you what it means to be really possessed, and this woman’s illness will serve as an example.”
The poor woman cried out with grief.
She lay there, a bundle of misery.
Her hair was cut short and she had a wild look in her eyes.
She was delicate, and still quite young.
“Is she possessed, Alcar?”
“Yes, André.
This woman is insane.
We could nevertheless help her, since the astral being could be removed from her aura.
That would set her free from her misery and she could start a different life, which would be her very own.
There is a lot to be said about her condition, but first I want to link you up with her life so that you will get acquainted with her case.”
André felt how his master connected him with the sick woman.
He descended into this life and began to see.
Inside her, he saw an astral personality.
It was an awful monster, and this creature had her in its power.
The woman had completely dissolved into this being.
André now heard his master say:
“I must intensify your link with her life, since it prevails over her day-consciousness.
Only then will you get through to this woman’s real personality.
At present, she is leading the life of a prisoner within her own organism.”
André descended even deeper into this woman.
He began to sense yet another condition; the female personality was imparting itself to his own consciousness.
It was incredible how deeply this woman has subsided into her self, he thought.
Where was her consciousness?
Where on earth had her day-conscious self gone?
He now merged with her life.
This woman was very sensitive.
He took over her inner life.
Now he understood that all the insane were mediums.
Those who were sensitive could be reached, whereas the insensitive ones were closed off to the astral world.
Had she made wrong use of her mediumship?
It gave him a very peculiar feeling to dwell inside of her, and to sense her life in that condition.
The demon also occupied her organism and now it could no longer free itself.
This animal-like being had become entangled in the aura of the woman; their lives had reached total unity.
It was a terrible sight.
How could this possibly have come about?
Whatever had the woman done to get into this condition?
Did she have a task on earth that was similar to his? Did this spirit happen to be her spiritual guide?
Or had this bestial monster wrecked her life?
Lots of questions came to his mind, now that he was able to observe both beings within one body.
He thought it was horrible and intensely sad.
He was unable to put this problem into words.
He now felt himself being drawn back by his master into the latter’s consciousness.
During his descent, he had not heard her shouting.
Now it suddenly came through to him.
All this misery made him tremble and shiver.
This was inhuman.
“Were you able to follow her life, André?”
“I sensed her, Master, just as I sense myself, because I returned to my own state of sensitivity.
It occurred to me that she might be a medium too.
Is that correct?”
“Whatever gave you that idea, André?
She is very sensitive, but no medium.
It was her sensitivity that brought her into this condition.
However, you did not perceive what your descent into her was meant to reveal, and you were unable to see how she really is.
Do you not know what her shouting means?”
“No, Alcar. Actually, I did not even tune in to it.”
“In that case, André, you must descend into her life again in order to integrate the explanation into your own life; otherwise, you would lack the necessary understanding of her illness.”
So, André once again descended into the patient.
This time he attuned to her inner life.
Hatred and passion, shouting down his own thinking and feeling, came his way.
Here, he learnt what violence was like.
The violence that lived inside this patient.
He already understood what this meant, because he could clearly feel her thoughts and follow them.
The poor woman wanted to free herself from the demon, but she was unable to do so.
She was locked up in her own body like a prisoner, and nobody could help her.
She did not want the monster inside of her, because this body belonged to her.
She was entirely conscious of everything she did, but in her day-consciousness she was insane.
Her shouting was therefore not understood.
She knew that an astral monster was destroying her body, and she wanted to prevent that.
To André, this illness seemed horrific.
The woman, as a personality, was being smothered within her own body, because the demon was lord and master in this physical dwelling.
The woman exerted all her energy to throw the monster out, but she was fighting a superior power and she would soon give way.
It was her fight, her grief and her sorrow that amounted to her fury, and this was heard on earth, because this misery took place in her day-consciousness.
Whenever she reached this state, she had to be locked up.
She then became as fierce and as savage as a wild cat, yet it was the astral personality that put her into this condition.
So she still is aware of herself, André thought, but she is nonetheless insane.
Deep down in her inner self, her thinking is normal, yet way above those depths, where people live their lives and where her day-consciousness resides, she is abnormal.
Only now did her insanity get through to him.
This condition was completely different from the ones he had previously been allowed to become familiar with.
Of all the conditions he had experienced on earth, this one seemed to him to surpass all the others by far.
It was her normal consciousness, which made this woman experience the worst misery one could imagine.
A psychopath was not really aware of himself and his misery.
As far as André understood, a psychopath could not even experience this kind of misery, nor could a religious maniac.
Those souls were too unconscious of this grade and too insensitive to it.
This was now completely clear to him.
It was hardly imaginable how one could cope with this misery, and yet this woman, and maybe thousands along with her, experienced this kind of horror.
The astral spirit was stronger than the woman and maintained control over her.
In no way could she counter that insurmountable power, and yet she kept on fighting this terrible monster.
André now focused on her inner life.
How could her physical body stand up to this fight?
Were human physical powers geared to this?
Of course, he thought, sooner or later she will give way, and her body will be crushed.
It will waste away.
The woman wanted to return to her day-consciousness, but the demon would not let her.
She wanted to think for herself.
Yet she was unable to defeat the monster.
This force weighed her down as though she were buried alive.
She seemed insane to her surroundings, but in her present condition there was nothing the matter with her; she felt perfectly normal.
André sensed that this was an amazing problem.
Buried alive, yet able to think and feel independently.
She was able to think about earthly life; André sensed that there was nothing unnatural about her.
What did they know about this on earth?
There was not a single unconscious thought in her head, and still they declared her insane.
This was the very worst part of her condition: having to undergo her grief and sorrow consciously.
This monster forced her to accept all these horrors.
How could a person ever come to such intense grief?
The woman wanted to free herself again, yet she was not able to.
And to realize, André thought, that she could be cured in a short time.
His heart broke; he had never yet experienced anything like this.
His Master was following him, because now that André thought about that, he received contact with him.
He heard Alcar say:
“I will connect you on an even deeper level, André.
And do not even think that this condition is the worst of all, because the condition she is in is merely the fifth grade of insanity.
Accordingly, we could descend even deeper into this illness before we would reach the very lowest grade and the deepest misery.
You must keep calm now; otherwise, I will have to draw you up, back into your own life.
There is still more for you to experience, André.”
His feelings and those of his master had merged.
When Alcar spoke to him, he did so from within his own life and consciousness.
André saw and felt that the lives they were dealing with were linked up in the same way.
He was experiencing spiritual wisdom, whereas the woman underwent passion and astral violence.
A terrible bestial being was violating her.
His understanding of her was increasing.
Every part of her life became clear to him.
He descended even deeper into her.
Good heavens, I wonder what I am in for now, André thought.
What is this state I am in at present?
Does it spell even more grief, more misery?
What does this monster want of the poor woman?
What he experienced now was too much to cope with.
He felt deeply moved within.
This misery was loathsome.
Good Lord, this is unbelievable; whatever forced Your children to have to undergo these laws?
How could Your children ever go to ruin in this way!
Whatever for?
What is poverty on earth, compared to her sorrow?
He was experiencing a mighty, albeit hideous performance.
The things he saw were so vile, so bestial, that not even an animal would be capable of this, even if it belonged to the lowest species.
The demon wanted total possession of the body, but the woman resisted.
This was her fight for life and death.
That was why she cried out and called for help, yet they still did not understand her.
They thought that it was the state of her mind.
And so it was, even though her condition was quite different.
Her cries for help were looked upon as the ferocious cries of a wild cat.
André understood this poor woman.
This was the condition she was in, and she had to consent to whatever the astral monster did to her.
He also realized that anyone who really wanted this kind of passion would never scream in this way.
On the contrary, he or she would give in completely.
The difference was enormous, but those that took care of her did not understand this.
Her call for help sounded fearful now, and frightful, and no-one in the place could do anything for her.
This was her struggle.
The woman consciously sensed what the inhuman astral beast wanted of her.
She resisted to this with all the powers that were in her.
The demon wanted to abuse her body and use her for his passion.
André saw that if the beast succeeded, the woman would be tortured until she collapsed.
But she felt disgusted with this performance and with the longings of the astral beast.
She wanted no part of it; she wanted to free herself from this astral and material plague.
To her, this meant a life-and-death battle.
Feelings were aroused in her that longed to start a different, a higher kind of life.
But again, the doctors had not the slightest notion what this was about.
The demon kept on hurling her back into this misery, and that was how this inequitable fight came about.
André felt ill after all the things he had seen in that short time and was expected to digest.
At this point, his master drew him back into his own day-consciousness.
But it took quite a while before André was able to speak, and feel himself again.
Alcar asked:
“Have you recovered, André?”
“Yes, Alcar, but how can these things I just experienced be allowed to happen?
Does this misery have to continue?
Can nothing be done about this?
Do the people in her surroundings, the people who take care of her, the doctors, know what all this means?”
“Neither doctors nor scientists are familiar with her condition, André.
To them, she is a hysterical woman, a passionate soul, and so they think they are looking at a mere hysteric.
As far as her surroundings are concerned, she is totally insane. They have not the slightest idea what goes on in the minds of people who are conscious insane.
They do not know these laws and the scholars on earth still have to awaken to them.
She became insane due to her sexual drives, but her condition is completely incomprehensible to them.
Consequently, the learned people cannot do anything for her. Nevertheless, we could have helped and cured her!
Science is still unable to fathom these illnesses, André.
Scientists are going to pieces against life after death.
They are afraid to look beyond the ‘coffin’.
If they did, they would be looking straight into the eternal present.
The conscious astral personality is nonexistent to them; death is the end, and then what?
Do you feel André, how deep her life is?
How real her condition is?
And do you understand that this woman is herself, in spite of her insanity?
That her manner of thinking and feeling is normal in her condition?
She has not lost her own consciousness.
Is that not an awesome wonder?
Scientists should grab hold of this wisdom with both hands, but they do not have the courage.
Even though she seems to lose her mind in her day-consciousness, still her soul and her personality cannot be wiped out.
Neither an astral nor a material human being can cause that to happen.
So, what is all this about?
Let them reply to all these complicated questions and analyse these supernatural problems.
We are ready and will explain these laws.
I allowed you to experience her world; otherwise, you would neither have understood nor felt anything of this life.
But now you are able to follow me in everything.
Otherwise, you would not have accepted it.
You see what her condition is like, and that is all there is to it.
I will now tell you a few things about her life and her grade of life.
Actually, the learned men are not altogether wrong in claiming that this woman’s sexual urges got her into this condition.
According to them, it is her own fault, and that is also correct.
This did indeed cause all her misery, and yet there is much more to consider.
Many additional factors bear relevance to this case, but the scholars have no knowledge of them.
The woman had sexual desires, and that is what caused her to get into this condition; otherwise, she would not have been susceptible to this illness.
One cannot possibly become insane if life is not forced into it by passion.
Passionate love is what leads all these people to ruin.
This kind of love leads the personality towards inhuman conditions.
As soon as sensitive mediumistic feelings emerge, a person becomes prone to attacks from life on this side.
The woman longed to experience this love, André, just like that other woman we helped, but this condition is more intricate.
This woman is more sensitive, and it was her sensitivity that caused her insanity, the very grade she now dwells in.
When the physical world awakened in her, she was overcome by a strong longing for love.
She did not know what was going on inside of her and believed this to be her own desire, yet she was already being followed from this side.
The passion of a demon from this world forced itself into her. Not for a moment did she sense this astral personality, let alone that he would violate her life.
It is impossible to feel these things, André.
She passed into the hands of the astral personality, of evil.
Her sensitivity cleared the path for this connection.
Millions of people on earth, men and women, indulge in their desires and yet nothing of that world ever gets through to any of these people. They are themselves in everything they do.
Has a scholar ever wondered about that?
Yet it is the truth, André, lots of people neither know nor care, because they are too insensitive.
Not one amongst all those millions of people who are just as passionate as this woman feels any astral impact or influence.
They are entirely themselves in their passion, and they merely follow their inclinations.
At the same time, numerous men and women go to ruin at the hands of this world and they become insane.
You must be able to sense this, André.
Those former people must still acquire this sensitivity, and so they are out of reach at the moment.
They are too coarsely material for this astral world and live their own life to the full, which also holds true for the entire grade of life they are part of.
Their attunement is too animal-like to match, and so they cannot be made to leave their senses.”
“Why not, Alcar?”
“Because all those people first have to acquire material consciousness.
These are the grades I just spoke about.
After all, could an animal turn insane?
But these are human beings, you may say.
Nevertheless, these people, these human beings experience an animal-like grade.
Their attunement touches upon the life of an animal; however, an animal could not even survive this kind of sexual condition.
That is why these people cannot be reached, and so they must still awaken to a higher grade, the coarse-material or material one.
They must therefore still acquire that sensitivity.
If man wants to approach spiritual life, if he searches for God and is familiar with the life of Christ – the animal-like grades express neither a need for Christ, nor for God – then the personality will cut all ties with the passionate grades and enter those higher grades.
At the same time, the personality is linked up with the laws of life and death.
Although he still dwells on earth, he now acquires mediumistic sensitivity.
André, you will probably feel how this enables the human creature, male or female, to become released from the material laws; yet now he or she becomes susceptible to the astral laws.
This is the sensitivity, which enables our world to link up with the earth, with life on earth.
As I told you, the human being travels from insanity to the spiritual light, to astral consciousness.
Every being that receives this sensitivity, without yet having gained the slightest notion what spiritual love really is, experiences this.
This life is now liable to be attacked by the dark astral world, and this is followed by insanity.
The other grades, lower than this one, cannot be drawn up.
If you sense this, then it must be clear to you, André, that no-one can evade this.
The lesson and the laws of God have to be experienced.
The grades within the life of the material human being are successively pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, material and spiritual, whereas our conscious life only knows spiritual grades.
The human being has to pass through all these grades of life if he wants to enter the spiritual grade.
But before the spiritual or the material grade is reached, millions of lives give way and then become more or less possessed.
This is the spiritual sensitivity that caused this woman to be attacked, entailing misery and grief for her.
Accordingly, the other grades must still awaken to this frightful form of insanity.
However, all these millions of beings who still live below this grade are also destined to collapse. They will not be spared a single thought.
So, her longings attracted the astral personality.
She experienced lust, underwent it, but to the demon this was not enough; he wanted to experience more.
The woman did not notice this, although she felt it, but she thought, this is all my doing.
Yet she was under influence, because through her, the astral being experienced lustful physical love.
When she gave herself to a man, the procreative being, she wanted more and more.
Was she still herself at the time?
At that point, she should have checked her urge for lust, but it did not get to that.
The woman drank in this love, but she was not aware that somebody else was sharing the experience with her.”
“Can’t one feel that, Alcar?”
Only a higher form of consciousness is able to help us, and that grade of consciousness for life on high still has to awaken in her too.
Namely the feelings that tell you: this is the limit.
I want to remain a human being!
I am not an animal; I am human!
Yet that kind of love was now forced upon her.
Slowly but surely, she was digging her own grave because of the physical love she felt.
She wanted to experience even more and she never thought of asking herself where this would lead to.
Sometimes those feelings were conscious in her, but then she pushed them aside and gave it no further thought.
Those were the moments when her better self spoke up.
Her true self did not want that love, but the demon wanted to make headway and experience more and more.
Her love did not become supernatural, it turned unnatural, animal-like.
She descended back into her former animal-like phase, yet she dwelt in the sensitive material grade to the Beyond, and so she was completely open to the dark spheres.
But her hell is only a nightlight.
The deeper grades of hell are also closed off to her life, because she is not liable to commit a murder.
She merely wants someone to love, and an amorous person is by no means a devil.
Yet this force stepped up her lust, so that she tipped her own balance and subsided.
It was the astral force, which drove her into this misery.
This leads us to a stage in which we suddenly realize that our inner life has been lost or has become disturbed, and then obsession is on the way and insanity has become reality.
By then it is too late.”
“Can’t one feel it coming on, Alcar?”
“No, André, because they think that they are experiencing all this themselves.
Who, under those circumstances, could be aware and would want to feel that he or she has another person dwelling within?
That is impossible, because they still lack the necessary spiritual grade; the one you yourself possess, which enables you to feel and see me.
And yet this feeling puts them in touch with our world; and you were thinking that this monster was her leader.
This feeling responds to our world with such vigilance that it causes the soul, as a personality, to be attacked within the physical body, and this is followed by obsession.”
“What about that man, the ‘pitiful soul’, whom we were allowed to help, Alcar?
Was he not liable to become possessed?
After all, he felt the astral beings too, did he not?”
“Our ‘pitiful soul’ was at the threshold of this grade of insanity and besides, he was more conscious than this woman.
This woman crossed the threshold of this grade and entered this unfamiliar dwelling in the company of the demon.
Once they are inside, the door of this dwelling slams shut.
She is now unable to open this dwelling, because the keyhole is on the outside, which is the side this dwelling has to be re-opened from, and only our world can do that.
This woman experiences insanity, but the ‘pitiful soul’ only experienced how he was being attacked, in other words: he underwent the astral disturbances.
If you sense this, then you will be able to understand all of it and God’s mighty laws will be made known to you.
That enabled the ‘pitiful soul’ to protect himself.
This woman, however, did not possess a protection of her own, because she also lacked the necessary consciousness.
Her whole personality dissolved and she lost her day-conscious self.
Whereas the ‘pitiful soul’ went unharmed; he remained entirely himself.
This woman faded away within the astral personality.
The ‘pitiful soul’ lived a split life, as I already pointed out to you.
Half of him longed for love and was conquered, whereas his other half resisted and prevented his total collapse.
The ‘pitiful soul’ lived on in this condition and experienced all his misery consciously; this woman purposefully descended into the subconscious, where she is aware, but in her day-consciousness she is insane, obsessed.
While the woman united with a man, the monster increased her passion, which she as a personality experienced for her inner life.
She gave herself to the man, yet this monster lived inside of her.
Neither the man nor the woman realized this. They could not have, because they were not open to this wisdom; if they had been, their mediumistic talents would have emerged. These, however, are in our hands.
By now, it will undoubtedly be clear to you why we, as conscious beings, refrain from exerting influence on these grades of feeling; if we did, we would be wilfully contributing to her being sent to a mental home, as our spiritual dominance would overpower her.
This wisdom would turn the woman’s mind, which is comparable to religious mania, where people totally lose themselves in their belief.
The feelings that got through to this woman gave her the opportunity to tell herself: I am going too far, I want too much love.
Am I behaving like a normal human being?
She ought to have checked herself in a purely spiritual way, but she could not.
She was not capable of that and she gave herself over to physical love.
Of course, she knew that she was passionate, but this passion was no longer human; it was animal-like.
She was therefore unable to consciously experience the splitting of her personality, as the ‘pitiful soul’ experienced.
She has not reached that stage and must yet awaken to it.
She did not open up to it.
She had her longings, and this monster made her keep on longing.”
“Did she bear any children while she was in this condition, Alcar?”
“That could be determined, André, but it could not have saved her from insanity either, although she would not have been susceptible to insanity during pregnancy.”
“Where does that take me to, Alcar?”
“To man’s cosmology, André.
This leads us on to laws of a different kind, which have cosmic depth and bear relevance to material and spiritual life.
In addition, these laws affect the child, the life that is attracted.”
“That’s very far-reaching, Alcar.”
“It puts us on the road to infinity, André.
I could give a cosmic answer to all your questions and they lead me to the infinity of God and to all the astral and material laws we people on earth must experience.
These are the problems, which the psychologist, the parapsychologist, the nerve specialist and the psychiatrist are faced with and which put them at a complete loss.
That is why I told you at the start of this journey: try to limit your questions to relevant problems; otherwise, we would be treading a track that cannot be understood.
Besides, I have not brought you up to that level yet.”
“Did I just ask an inappropriate question, Alcar?”
“Not at all, André, on the contrary; I am pleased that you are beginning to ask questions of increasing depth, because your questions will lead us to the sole, true stage of every grade of life.
But you undoubtedly understand that if this woman had given birth to children, this would have put her in a totally different situation from the one she is in now, and must experience.
It means that she would have remained free from insanity during the time when she was one with the child.
Actually, it might have caused her to descend even deeper into a chaos of laws, although she would still have retained consciousness, because the child would have forced normal consciousness upon her.
That shows you the depth of these laws.
During pregnancy, she might also have recovered from this passion, because her pregnancy could also have added to her consciousness.
That enhanced consciousness would then have served to protect her, it would have preserved her day-conscious self.
An expectant mother, André, who has exceeded her own grade of life in a pre-animal-like manner, is liable to be attacked during pregnancy by a demon, but the latter cannot bring about total insanity.”
“Why not, Alcar?”
“Because now the child dominates her life.
So, due to her child, and owing to that life, she now possesses more consciousness.
I told you more about this some time ago.
A mother may be clairvoyant during her pregnancy and possess more feelings.
She is able to spread more love, and thanks to the child, she may turn into a lovely personality.
It may also enhance her passion.
Women with a cool disposition may awaken to pure love while they bear a child.
Some mothers develop a craving for alcohol.
The child enables them to enter normal as well as abnormal feelings, which they must learn to cope with.
Some of them begin to thirst for alcohol and turn to drink, whereas other mothers yearn for other things or favour art.
They become receptive to a variety of things, which come over them as a result of this enhanced feeling.
The intensified consciousness reveals itself to the mother and also imposes itself on her.
The Other Side interprets these emotional expressions as a sign of raised consciousness, which is caused by the child.
Now this raised consciousness makes it impossible for the mother to become possessed and thereby lose her day-consciousness during pregnancy.
The child forces the mother to live and accomplish her task.
Afterwards, she can once again do with her life whatever she wants, because then she is back on her own two feet.
Do you feel, André, how naturally all these laws that govern spirit and matter are experienced?
We have been able to determine all these emotional attunements in our life, and this made us understand that thousands of laws, which we as human beings experience on earth and which we must acquire in our material life, are related to all those problems.
First of all to the mother, because her life and personality are very closely linked up with the child.
As a male, we are subject to different laws, and we must accept the fact that we are walking wide of Divine creation, whereas the mother undergoes the real thing.
Accordingly, a man’s experience of insanity differs from that of a mother, who is forced by her organism to undergo her natural attunement.”
“Is it an established fact, Alcar, that mothers cannot become insane during pregnancy?”
“That can be ascertained from this side, André.
As I just said, the pregnant mother is subject to a totally different law and is not susceptible to astral influence, because the child erects a wall between the mother’s life and that of the astral world.
The mother now experiences the development of the child, which consists of the material and spiritual increase in consciousness of the personality she will give birth to.
This all takes place in her life, she is part of this process and cannot escape it.
That force drives the sensitive mother upwards, beyond the grade of insanity.
The child cannot become insane either.
The mother may exhibit a certain extent of psychopathic behaviour and sink away a bit, but the grade that marks total insanity is banned by the child.
The psychopath still has control over her own organism, and during motherhood she is aware of her pregnancy, and of her own child.
Certain phenomena may emerge, as a result of various influences, but as a rule, normal consciousness prevails.
The child drives the mother to normality and to even higher grades of life, and the mother has to accept that.
After all, the grade of insanity clearly proves that the personality is possessed by a different conscious power.
And that condition was brought about by the unconscious astral world.
In this condition, the woman underwent her own desires.
While this happened, she could have sensed that she was sinking deeper and deeper into this misery.
Yet there is a limit to the diversity and intensity of feeling.
While she experienced this, she subsided. She did not realize that she was being urged on, and so she completely passed into astral hands.
This confronted her with her own limits – I mean physically – and in the end she collapsed, a total wreck.
Then she was drained dry by this monster, since it increased her passion.
If the woman had checked herself and had experienced this as any normal human being would, then she would never have reached that stage.
But she was incapable of that, and as a result, the astral personality completely overpowered her.
If she had not been open to this world, this monster could not have reached her.
She would have experienced love in a normal way and never have collapsed.
Man can experience love on its own strength, as well as a certain degree of desire, and nothing can sever that strength.
The human being has control over his or her own conscious self.
However, the astral world is a fact ...
Now these beings merged, André, and their lives reached total unison.
The dwelling of her soul opened up; closed again behind him, and now they were locked up together in a vault of longings.
Who was to have the upper hand?
Which of the two predominated?
Could the woman ever match this kind of power?
She wants to get away from this monster, as far away as possible, but now she is locked up, a prisoner within her own house.
She was conquered, body and soul.
She is alive, yet at the same time she is dead.”
“How did she come to be insane, Alcar?
I mean: how did it show up?”
“That can also be gathered from her life, and I want to trace down this condition.
She began to realize that she would collapse and therefore wanted to free herself from that urge.
The astral being sensed this, and so his victim was made to do something that got her locked up, and in addition, she was also declared insane.
This meant that her life was about to be roused.
She began to realize that certain phenomena were emerging and that she no longer behaved in a normal way, but by then, it was already too late.
The demon sensed that she was trying to get back to normality, and he knocked her out of her senses.
She lifted her skirts in public.
At that point, she became unfit for society and that is why they locked her up here.
However, this confinement proved fatal to her.
If only we had been able to treat her at the time, her own life would not have been forfeited, and the demon would then have been expelled from her life.
By locking her up, they took away and completely ruined all chances of curing her.
Healing mediums are barred from houses of this kind, because science still ridicules this kind of therapy.
Yet now the demon gained full control over her.
However, the things he had experienced through her while she was out of the institution were also taken away from him.
This worsened her condition.
The demon was still after passion, and he defiled the maternal body.
He molested her life and forced her to abuse herself, but very soon the woman resisted this animal-like behaviour and became rebellious.
When she pulled up her clothes and showed herself fully naked, no-one understood that she could no longer account for this herself.
How would a scholar want to fathom this woman?
This poor woman has already spent several years in this condition.
Sometimes she is quiet, but when the demon wants to indulge in his passion through her, it sets off this battle inside of her and then they lock her up in this cell.
She was not the one who forgot herself.
From time to time she can be heard talking quite naturally and carrying on a normal conversation, but a little later she is no longer herself.
The doctor is not sure about her condition.
As soon as she is back to normal, she wants to leave this place.
On those occasions, she wants to start a different life and even has religious feelings.
Here, these people are thought to go from one stage of insanity to the next.
Which personality has now come to the forefront?
It is her own self, her normal self.
But that is the personality they do not know here.
The learned men did not get far enough yet to be able to recognize her normal inner life. Yet some day they will have to reach that stage if science wants to look behind the veil that is spread over all these lives.
The moment she is overcome by religious feelings, she should immediately be handed over to a medium in order to receive magnetic treatment.
In the meantime, she could be freed from the demon with some help from this side.
That would alter the woman’s condition and then she would be able to return to her own life.
As it is, the doctor thinks that she has lost herself in religious mania, but his feelings are incorrect.
If the doctors were able to analyse what she says, they would understand that her talking is not gibberish at all; it is pure reality, it is life’s holy truth, which links up both worlds and which we now get to know.
She wants to return to the natural state of being to experience normal life, but she is a prisoner inside her own organism.
She knows that the demon wants to vent his passion on her , but she refuses from now on.
Human unification is impossible now, and that is his own fault.
If the demon had shown some self-control, he would have planned his passion.
Others do that and do not let things get out of hand.
They take care that their prey is not imprisoned.
So, we are now about to deal with the conscious astral grade of life.
There are numerous people who experience their lust and who are in the hands of this world without coming to grief.
Only the stupid unconscious personality immediately draws in all he can.
Those who have repeatedly made this experience from this side do not fall for that and they make sure there will be no total collapse.
Those demons actually protect their prey.
They restrict themselves, because otherwise there will be nothing more for them to experience.
We will shortly encounter those who are consciously insane, so that you will also become familiar with them.
Within his own dark existence, this demon, who dwells inside of her, is not a conscious personality; after all, he allowed her to be locked up.
The conscious ones are satisfied with their half of the passion which they receive through the physical person.
Now the material consciousness remains intact.
But, the spirit and physical human being share this passion.
The conscious spirit who is attuned to astral life and who knows about the grades of insanity and will prevent this from happening.
He knows that he imprisons himself if he dominates the entire scope of his victim’s day-consciousness, because then, the latter’s confinement is inevitable.
Their grades of life correspond, and there is no way to determine whether the person is insane.
We therefore know this grade as conscious insanity.
Millions of men and women are subject to this condition and their lives are lived by this world. However, they do not know this themselves, because it does not get through to their day-consciousness.
Yet, when you follow their lives, you can determine their material insanity.
Every single deed leads them to this dark world.
As soon as this woman has gathered enough strength, André, her struggle starts all over again.
This will continue until her death.
Only then will the auras tear apart and both will go their own way.
However, if the beings are attuned to darkness and belong to the same sphere, then this terrible life will continue on this side and all these beings will also be drained dry in their life after death.
Do you feel, André, how distressing her life is?
Consciousness has roused her to begin a different life, and yet they, the doctors, do not accept this in here.
She wants to free herself from this misery, yet she is unable to do so on her own.
She needs our help to accomplish that.
She loathes her own present way of life, but the astral monster wants to experience bestial passion.
She defiles herself whenever he dominates her condition.
The learned men have no idea that this spirit forces her to behave in this way. They think that she is doing this of her own free will.
Actually, it is complete nonsense to think along these lines, no matter how insanity expresses itself.
All these grades are attacked by the dark astral world.
The demons are after physical passion.
Once the woman becomes aware of her confinement, her battle for life really begins, because her present, terrible existence is slowly choking her.
Sometimes they tie her down because they want to prevent her from abusing herself, yet the moment the demon feels that she is free again, it happens anyway.
At the moment, they are taking no notice of her, because there is nothing that could remedy this.
It would destroy her physically and spiritually to constantly anaesthetize her.
When the fight reaches its peak, she is put in a straitjacket until peace has returned to her.
But the illness continues to exist.
So when her horrible cries are heard, it means that all that misery comes over her, yet they believe that she is having another hysterical attack.
She is left a total wreck after this condition, and the demon can do nothing more with her body.
She then has time to recuperate and the demon will also fall asleep.
As soon as he wakes up again, he returns to his dark existence.
So you see, André, that this woman is insane and yet at the same time she is not.
Deep within, she thinks and feels just as a normal human being does, and this applies to all grades of insanity.
Have you been able to follow me in everything?’
“Yes, Alcar.
But how intensely does she experience this misery?
Can you explain that?
Will this make her dissolve completely?”
“I will explain this to you, André.
You know what Gerhard’s life was like on this side.
In the book entitled ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’, he told about his life and how he gained consciousness.
Did you clearly sense his life?
If you did, it should be clear to you that the extreme depths he sank into made him lose his day-conscious self.
Yet there was a power in him that shook him awake; otherwise, Gerhard would have kept on sleeping, never again to awaken.
Nevertheless, his consciousness kept on returning.
The divine core takes care of that, André.
Man cannot be destroyed.
Physically he can be, but never spiritually, because the soul is eternal.
That core repeatedly forces this woman to regain consciousness, so that she may recover.
What Gerard went through in the spheres is now also happening to this woman, and their common experience is therefore one and the same condition.
If the soul were not born of God, then matter and spirit would dissolve; this is impossible, because the soul, being the divine spark, nourishes both organisms, in other words, the spiritual as well as the material body.
This is what preserves all of us, both on earth and in this life, because it enables us to remain conscious.
The Divine spark urges the spirit into action; otherwise, this personality would fall asleep amidst all that misery; it would never again belong to life and be drained dry for all times.
But that is impossible.
This all points to eternity.
This woman will sink as deep as the demon forces her.
Yet now and then she has to awaken and take up her own battle.
This is necessary to preserve her own grade of life.
The Divine spark keeps on urging life to gain consciousness, and the personality has to handle this.
This divine part lies within ourselves.
This small particle can never be affected, André.
It generates the power in all of us, which enables us throughout all these stages of illnesses, to retain the energy to continue life; subsequently, the personality gains in consciousness.
All those lives we experience, either male or female, further our ascent, and there can be no question of total destruction.
The things we fail to achieve in one life can be accomplished in a following one, because one day we will reach our destiny.
This is ‘the Path, the Truth, and the Life’ of which Christ told us about.
There are times, André, in which the woman alternates between insanity and complete normality.
You would think the scholar notices that.
This happens right in front of his nose, but he is unable to fathom the deeper meaning of this.
Her temporary condition of normality ought to have been adequate proof to him of eternal life.
Because something that is physically deformed cannot return to normality within a short time, as in this case.
If we assume that she is mentally ill, then how can this doctor explain that she can return to normality after an hour?
There can be no question of a brain disorder.
This is a purely spiritual case, and all those who are spiritually sick are under astral influence, because this impact, which they feel and experience to have an influence on them, caused their insanity.
Now, if this patient were to suffer from a physical disorder, and if certain organic parts of the brain were afflicted, she would no longer be able to enjoy a single sound moment.
Yet she has many fair moments.
She is peaceful then and talks and thinks like a normal person.
These phenomena point to astral possession, something that cannot be accepted yet.
This is how her years go by, and she has to accept the fact that society must still awaken to her condition, and also to the condition of thousands of others.
Every deed of hers points to the fact that she is astrally possessed.
After all, those thoughts stem from life on the Beyond, even if the scientists believe these phenomena to be expressions of passion.
The woman cries out for help when this passion wants to take possession of her, the passion she detected within herself.
If she really lusted for this passion, then she would willingly give herself over instead of resisting.
Some people submit and are resourceful enough to reach their intended goal, and then they really run wild.
Others call out for help and fight this terrible evil in their lives, even though they are powerless.
All the same, the doctor neither sees nor hears how the good side of this woman, not the hysterical, wants to draw his attention to her condition.
The hysteric wants to experience; the awakening personality wants to free itself.
Physical disorders that give rise to insanity must therefore be ruled out, because insanity is caused by astral possession.
‘Possession’ and ‘insanity’ are now at odds with each other.
The first one belongs to our world, the second to the earth and owes its name to the ignorance of those who think they know something about all these laws.
Only on this side will they discover that they neither know nor have the ability to fathom themselves and their patients, in spite of all their learning.
This conclusion clearly shows that earthly scholarship is meaningless where the laws of the occult are concerned.
‘Possession’ means being dominated by the life after death, and in spite of that, our life is not accepted.
Do you feel how absurd the knowledge of the learned is?
The scientist is unable to listen to his feelings, because everything has to be scientifically proven.
That is necessary too, but they should not stop at that.
Life goes on, and in the meantime, millions of people could have been helped.
In cases of physical disorder, the inner life is ruled out.
Yet it remains completely unimpaired in a person who is possessed.
Do you feel the mighty difference?
All science can say is that these people are hysterics, but that is of no help to them.
The scholars must adapt to the fact of astral possession and must accept that another being also occupies this body.
Then these sick people can be helped and electroshock therapy will gain significance, enabling the demon to be exorcized.
Man is able to think with and without a brain, except when it has been injured, because then disturbances will occur between his inner life and his thinking capacity.
The sick, those who are physically ill, cannot experience this passion, because their inner life is inactive.
Not a single demon will be able to trigger off a sick organism, because an astral being can only make contact through the spirit, in other words: the sick person’s own consciousness.
And without a connection, there is nothing for this world to experience.
Is it really so hard to accept that it is the inner life which provides the link that enables one to influence this woman and all of her kind, in other words: the grade of life she lives in?
The demon chooses this sensitive type, because the insensitive and cold-hearted ones cannot be reached.
After all, those people are impervious to passion.
And that is precisely the feeling that can set up a link with the dark astral world and cause a person to become possessed.
God’s unconscious children are not susceptible enough to this influence.
Life on that level must yet awaken to this sensitivity and to many other grades also.
It has no attunement to art, because feeling amounts to art and stands for love.
We will now turn to this sensitivity which means awakening to love.
If this love is pre-animal-like, animal-like or coarse-material, and if the human being lives its life on its own strength – which means that the personality itself experiences this to the full hundred percent – then no demon can reach that life.
The earthly inner life then experiences itself, and there will be no question of astral influence having any impact.
Do you feel this as well, André?”
“I understand what you said, Alcar, and I think it is tremendous.”
“Accordingly, the earthly being will be entirely him- or herself in this condition.
But when this life has reached a certain inner development and subsequently passes on to a higher grade, then the personality will split in two and this life then opens up to our world.
This life is now suspended between two grades and becomes susceptible, because it has cast off the protection of its own grade.
The material as well as the natural mental balance are thrown out of joint and behold the astral world can now start to indulge.
At this point, insanity will be experienced and the human being will perish in this life. However, in some other life, following this one, he will return to the normal stage after having learnt from this experience; thereupon, the soul as a personality ascends again and this is followed by a new collapse.
The personality cannot be itself before it has reached the spiritual grade, because it will then have mastered all the unconscious, dark grades pertaining to human life and will finally be capable of standing on its own feet.
All human beings go through this experience, André, and this marks their return to God.
Not a single soul can escape this.
Without insanity, life after death would not exist either.
One single life is too short for a personality to master all these grades of life.
This requires thousands of lives.
We undergo all these laws, both as a man and as a woman.
Homosexuality is brought about during the transition from man to woman. I will explain this to you shortly.
Whenever a personality is open to the astral world, André – when it dwells between two grades – then its mediumistic sensitivity emerges, which simply means that it is being released from the former grade of feeling.
In your case, it matches the power of feeling, the feeling that you are able to be a medium.
You have laid your material grade aside and are now eligible for our world.
Others still have to free themselves from their earthly material feelings, they must first overcome that grade, yet must also show that they are able to stand on their own feet.
The enhanced feeling leads them on to this world, to the life of the spirit.
That is how simple everything is!
To the learned men on earth, this is awesome and unfathomable.
To us, insanity denotes spiritual development, but to the scholar it stands for destruction and poverty.
Yet, for society these poor wretches make more progress than a scholar, because the latter does not even know himself and yet professes that he can analyse these people and help them.
By God, it is unbelievable; how can we ever bring them to their senses?
People who seek physical unison are perfectly normal, but those who drop to an animal-like level and are susceptible to the astral world are liable to become possessed.
Allegedly, this woman is a hysteric, yet she can think.
Even though her thoughts are passionate, even though she longs to experience, this does not entitle the scholar to consider her to be insane.
Animal behaviour is not the same as insanity.
These people merely tune in to animal-like behaviour, so that the patient’s thoughts are all a doctor needs to make a clear diagnosis.
At this point, there is no need for further investigation, as the being itself says, ‘this is how I am’.
Nevertheless, the astral animal is in command.
I told you all this to make it clear to you, André, that she still remains herself in her unconscious condition.
Do you now sense the depth of this human spiritual problem?
What do they know about this on earth?
This woman cannot lose her consciousness.
She will remain herself, but she is temporarily being suppressed.
We could have helped her.
The gates of these homes are closed to our world, but that will soon change, and there are already many learned men who take the astral truth to heart.
And then they and we will serve mankind.
However incomprehensible all this may be to the earth, the Beyond sees through this spiritual process.
We, as astral beings who dwell in the light, have gone through all these laws and have mastered them.
We will either dismantle this astral wall or unlock her soul dwelling and thrust the monster out of her life.
The fact that she wants to change her way of life, just as Lien did, makes it possible for her and thousands like her to be helped.
These patients can be cured, but the woman with her pebbles cannot.
Do you understand that, André?”
“Yes, Master, it’s clear to me.”
“Then you also realize that society as a whole will awaken to the insane, to this sensitive grade.
But then these gates will be opened to millions of people, because their collapse is foreseeable, as every life must awaken.
If this is impossible in the present life, then it may happen in the next, but happen it will.
These are the Divine laws which have to be experienced.
Therefore, these unfortunates are ahead of those who live as they please and believe themselves to be strong characters.
On this side, we will convince them of the contrary.
Human beings grow in sensitivity, and this enables our world to get in contact with the earth.
I cannot express it more clearly; this has to be understood.
Now, who can say of himself: ‘I made it.
Spiritually, I am normal’?
Who has set himself free from unconscious and conscious insanity?
Imagine, André, the distance that exists between millions of people and this poor woman.
Yet they believe they hold the whole world in their hands and they look down upon these children of God.
In our life, they will no longer be able to hide themselves.
Here they will stand naked, facing their own grade of life for everyone to see.
It is known to God that they now experience their own self, but they have no notion of this on earth.
Only then will they get to know them­selves. Their inner life becomes genuine, and they learn to bow their heads in the process.
Then man will discard all that is earthly and personal, fully convinced that it is the right thing to do.
We will help him with that, and then the light will shine on all of us.”
“If I have understood you correctly, Alcar, then a psychopath is in a worse condition than someone who is insane?”
“Indeed, André, a psychopath has lost everything and begins to build up a normal life again.
A person who is insane may lose ten or twenty percent of himself, in some cases it may amount to sixty-five percent at the very most, but one cannot possibly lose one’s entire consciousness.
The soul takes care of that.
The personality may split in two, which amounts to half-insanity.
To those who accept these laws, complete loss of material consciousness verges on outrageousness.
But do you understand how far all these illnesses lie apart, and that the woman with her pebbles is in a much worse condition than this poor woman?
Do you also understand that the first grades protect themselves, but that these people are beyond help?
This kind of insanity is not a weakness of personality, because this specific life is too conscious to experience the unconscious.
This, however, is not understood by the learned men.
So the phenomena that have to do with the character, the traits that must still awaken point out to these patients that their personality still has to accept their grade of life.
Those insane have been roused; they have acquired that sensitivity, but then they collapsed.
The other grades cannot collapse yet.”
André looked at this poor woman.
Her body had fallen asleep and yet she was awake.
Was there anyone in her surroundings who could sense that?
“Come, André, we will continue.”
André walked behind his leader, dazed and hardly able to think.
Yet he had to remain himself; otherwise, he would have to return to his body.
He had visited hell.
He had seen and experienced the demons there, and also how they lived, yet he had not encountered any problems that resembled this one.
Here, they could do as they pleased.
The physical human being was held prisoner in his own organism and was drained dry.
André wanted to remain strong and get to know all these laws.
This would make him learn and he would receive a different kind of consciousness.
Only then would he be able to help people on earth, because he would have gained some knowledge of Divine infinity.
His master walked ahead of him and he followed.
How great Alcar was.
He went to great lengths to convince the people on earth of the divine truths.
This pure spirit of love descended unto the sphere of the earth and stood in awe of all these unfortunates, of their suffering and of their passing on, but he was not accepted yet.
If only mankind understood him.
One day that would happen.
Now his master turned a corner and continued on his way.
However, Master Alcar need not have made this detour.
When André thought about that, Alcar turned around and said:
“No, I need not have, but I have adapted to material life, and now I must accept these laws.
Is that clear, André?”
André nodded; he understood all of it.
It always surprised him how his master knew what he was thinking.
He had already experienced this on many occasions and he still thought it was amazing.
He now concentrated on his master and saw where they were going and whom they would meet on the way.
He saw the nurses, both male and female, who worked in this institution, just as he would experience this on earth, but now it happened through his master.
Soon, he would be able to do the same on his own strength.
He was still a long way away from the things Alcar was capable of, but André knew when he would be capable of this himself.
They possessed this sensitivity, this consciousness, in the first blissful sphere.
The people who had been locked up here were sensitive too, but that sensitivity was part of their physical existence.
They indulged in their passion and thereby opposed the Divine laws, which they beat themselves up against.
He understood a lot about astral life and felt capable of shaking others awake to the fact that life goes on forever, but as yet, the people had no wish to wake up, and preferred to remain unconscious.
They found it too difficult.
In this life, one must have the wish to lose oneself, and it would be replaced by enhanced consciousness.
One ought to be willing to sacrifice one’s life on behalf of those spiritual treasures, but those who could not, would remain insensitive.
There was no exception to that.
Life on earth was miraculous!
Those who were busy losing themselves awakened to the things on high.
That is how these laws function.
If one went to ruin on earth, this life would be followed by a next, in which the laws that had caused a downfall had to be experienced anew, until mastering them followed automatically.
It was very clear.
Those who had not yet reached that point would have to start some day, because not a single soul could evade this.
It illustrated the cosmic and divine justice for all the children of God.
André saw new problems ahead, and he realized that the past bore the present, and that one sensed one’s former existence in this life.
The present moment marked a new beginning.
In the past, man had exceeded all these laws, and everything had to be set right in the present.
As a matter of course, the problem would then dissolve and life would go on, with new prospects ahead.
This happened either on earth or on the Beyond, but on it went.
How mighty that was.
The process seems to repeat itself endlessly, until man reaches the conscious spiritual stage.
God governs both the cosmos and man.
When man believes he is about to collapse, God will still be there to catch his life.
Man is protected by one single power, namely God.
In this life, he receives the proof of God’s love. Whenever a person comes to grief, it happens through his own doing.
His master was waiting for him and together they entered another hall where he saw conditions that were new to him.
Around a dozen men, both old and young were gathered here together.
These people were living dead: they were insane.
But which grade of insanity did these poor in spirit belong to?
He looked at his master, but Alcar was regarding them and André felt how Alcar fathomed them one by one to determine their inner life.
This took quite a while.
Did his master find this difficult?
Were those who had descended so far down into this misery worse off then all those other patients?
What was he in for now?
He felt ready, and waited.
He saw astral beings in these people’s proximity.
The bestial monsters came and went and nothing could stop them.
They seemed to belong to this place and work here, but he understood the object of their presence.
Alcar said to him:
“All the patients are quiet, André.
I am going to connect you with them.
Come over here to this person; I will make you one with him.”
André saw a middle-aged man.
He was coarsely built and had a wild look in his eyes, yet there was also something sad and pitiful in his expression which concealed some great sorrow.
At that moment, André felt himself sinking away, and he became one with the patient.
He immediately tuned in to the man’s condition and now sensed his inner life.
It is the same thing again, he thought.
They all longed for physical love.
There is not a single patient who does not cherish these longings.
All these people were sensitive.
If there were no sensitive people, there would be no insanity.
He sensed how a human being had to get through it, and his master had explained this to him too, but it caused many of these sensitive people to collapse, and that would put them on the threshold to becoming possessed.
André gained insight into this life.
This grade of feeling was different again from all those others he had come to know.
It was a horrible sight that he now beheld.
‘Good Lord’, he thought, ‘what is this?’
The sick man harboured an astral spirit.
With the woman, the spirit had been male, whereas here it was a woman.
She was like a frightened animal, an animal that could think and lived on earth as a human being.
It shocked him intensely when he perceived this.
What a life these people had to go through, he thought.
In this condition, the sick man became subject to astral laws, and this also presented a material problem.
This man was male and female at the same time, and in addition, he was insane.
His insanity was a problem of a different kind, and as such, it sufficed to make him go to ruin.
The female feelings stemmed from this awful monster that had once lived on earth as a mother and still possessed those feelings, although they were animal-like.
The man had to fight this if he did not want her to drain him dry and abuse him in a terrible way.
Besides, he also had his own longings which he ought to have battled against, but they had conquered him.
Whatever she wanted and felt, and demanded to experience, was experienced by him too.
Now their feelings had merged, and they had grown together.
What a problem, André thought.
He sensed how his master was now exerting an impact on him so that he began to see the life that the sick man had led on earth.
Alcar showed him a vision of this life.
The man walked the earth and nobody considered him to be abnormal.
He was himself and yet he was not.
Who could ever understand this human riddle?
What a tragedy this was.
It was even more inhuman than that poor woman’s fate.
She had her human passions.
This was so totally different, even more animal-like, more devastating than the things he had experienced up to now.
He did not understand this existence and yet the personality lay open before him.
This problem dominated the man’s life.
Alcar now told him to return.
“Are you unable to deal with this, André?
I warned you beforehand.
But I will explain his condition to you now.
Basically, he has not sunk very deep, but he is not normal either.
We are descending deeper and deeper into these laws and now we are getting to know the various grades of life that link us up with human life.
Not only with the earthly human being, but also and especially with our life.
We are entering upon the grades of life that pertain to homosexuality, which will make us familiar with the laws of God, and which are totally incomprehensible to people on earth, even though they think they do.
I just said that he had not sunk very deeply, basically, since he experiences his own laws, which are attuned to his inner life.
This grade of feeling enables us forthwith to enter his personality which will now make itself known to us.
This is one of the many grades of insanity, where the patient does not habitually utter a lot of gibberish and which is completely open to us.
On earth, thousands of people walk around in this condition and feel themselves to be neither male nor female.
But is their attunement in life known?
Animal-like way of behaving in God’s space?
What is this, André?
What makes these people experience these half-conscious grades of life?
He is one of those who are no longer in control of themselves.
His sensitivity and his birth, his link with the past all brought him to this condition.
So he did things one is not allowed to do, and they locked him up.
Yet his illness harbours his karma and his reincarnation, and thousands of astral and material laws, which he must experience because his life has gained this level of consciousness.
Besides, he will enable us to meet a lot of natural conditions and see astral reality before us.
His own karmic laws cause him to undergo this misery, whether he wants to or not.
It is impossible to evade this, which will soon become clear to you.
At the moment the man is quiet, but beware when he, as well as the woman inside of him, begins to rebel.
Then they do not know what to do with him, nor do they know whether to lock him up with the male or the female patients.
One moment he is male, and the next he turns female.
Is this what they call a split personality?
Because of his frequent wildness and fierceness, they lock him up in here.
He is sensitive too, because all these people dwell in-between two grades of life and can therefore be reached.
If this were all he had to deal with on earth, it would suffice to make his life into a hell, but there are additional factors that break him down.
As a child, his condition was already abnormal.
He belongs to the male sex, but he is female; he feels that he is a female being.
He was at odds with his body at an early age.
Of course, the doctors were powerless and could not do anything for him.
They could not take these traits away from him.
They were able to fathom this anomaly to a certain extent, because they are familiar with the phenomena and with this kind of personality. However, they still do not know the true origin of this illness, because up to now they have been steadfast in their inability to accept eternal life.
At times, he changed over into femininity, and shortly afterwards he would be himself again.
That is how his youthful years went by.
When he was eighteen, he forgot himself and was unable to stand up to the astral influence, which is why he was locked up.
However, he was obviously unfit for prison in his condition and was declared insane.
After a few years, he regained his freedom, as he seemed completely normal.
Deep within, he cherished a great longing for love.
His organism made its demands, and his inner being wanted to receive.
What did he actually want to receive?
He harboured this feeling, which made no sense to him.
He wondered what sex he really belonged to, and then he fought an awful battle, yet, he received no answer to his questions.
Nobody was able to help him.
Not a single psychologist understood what this was about, and no-one could give him any advice.
He simply ought to stop it.
But that did not prove to be so easy, even when he fought it, because the horrible feeling continued to dominate him.
Nonetheless, he wanted to rid himself of his desires.
But now that he refused to accept this condition on earth and could not find what he was searching for, and while the fear of being locked up lived within him, a being from our world descended unto him, and he passed into those hands.
It was this female being, André, but along with her came others.
This woman also attracted astral beings – as you experienced in the case of ‘the pitiful soul’ – that wanted to use the physical human being to indulge.
From that moment on, his physical as well as his spiritual life turned into tremendous chaos, because all those astral beings wanted to use him in order to indulge in their passions, and so they began to dominate this physical human being.
Now insanity emerged.
Soon afterwards, he was locked up again, because he was no longer fit for society.
His condition is therefore similar to that of ‘the pitiful soul’. However, there is a difference, because the latter had more resistance than this man here.
The ‘pitiful soul’ remained conscious, whereas, this man lost himself and was subsequently defeated.
Nor were these astral beings the kind of demons who were conscious of their own condition since they allowed him to be locked up.
And so, their lustful times were over. Even so, they were now unable to remove themselves, and they remained bound up in this personality.
He is homosexual, and this ‘illness’ is not unknown on earth (see article ‘Homosexuality’ on
Obviously, it is a big mystery why he feels that way, and no-one knows how to solve it.
But do you sense the depth of this life, André.
How this man not only has to cope with himself, but also with demons from hell?
In addition, there is his own past to take into account, and that is what gets him into this terrible problem, into a human condition which is considered abnormal, but which we, on this side, have come to recognize as an existing law.
It amounts to a split personality.
At the same time, it marks the release from the previous grade of life, causing the personality to remain suspended between heaven and earth, which is merely one possibility amongst many others that are governed by laws which are not yet known on earth.
His ‘abnormal’ feelings can be traced back to that past.
However, science does not acknowledge the existence of a former life.
As far as the scholars are concerned man has merely one earthly life.
Yet somewhere in the past, this man had a life prior to this one, André, namely as a woman.
In the meantime, this person did not get the opportunity of another life and still feels as a woman, yet now occupies a male earthly body.
This person is therefore in disharmony with natural life and with his creative organism.
This form of homosexuality now puts us on the track of true insanity (see articles ‘Homosexuality’ and ‘Insanity’ on
Homosexuality in itself ranks as a grade of insanity (see articles ‘Homosexuality’ and ‘Insanity’ on and is experienced consciously or unconsciously.
We subsequently enter the abnormal or the normal grade of life, which is accordingly experienced to be either destructive or not, and this leads us on to the true personality.
It follows that the personality does not know what to do with this organism and even now feels itself to be female, despite the fact that this life has had to accept a procreative organism.
Since man must let go of his present grade of life and enter a higher one in order to evolve, the personality immediately faces homosexuality, because life did not undergo the slightest change while it passed on.
Now, when the human being returns to earth, he has to experience his own, previous emotional power and consciousness, because he feels no difference in this life and now clashes with the new organism.
Do you sense this, André?”
“Yes, Alcar, but once again it is enormously deep.”
“You will nevertheless be able to follow me, because our analysis of this person shows him to be a procreative being; the fact is, this law is an inherent part of him.
The answer to this problem is to be found on this side, and that is where we can also find the cause of his insanity, which is what really matters to us.
At the same time, it makes us familiar with the phenomenon known as homosexuality, a condition that is despised on earth, even though it is very natural.
To many on earth, this behaviour is degrading; to our life, however, it marks a human being’s progress towards a higher grade of life, the awakening of inner life.
That is all it is.
Basically, homosexuality has nothing to do with passion.
Although men and women look for members of their own sex, which may indeed lead to passion, the essence of this happening is natural, and every person has to undergo this because it is part of the spiritual awakening of the soul as a personality.
It marks the release from a former, animal-like existence.
Now this man is under influence of the astral world, which in his case results in insanity.
The man is in the hands of evil, because that same attunement is still alive in him.
But there are homosexuals on earth who are able to enter the first sphere and who experience life as something sacred.
I do not need point out to you that these persons have freed themselves from passion and from their own conscious yearnings, which must be classified as abnormal, since a man cannot receive.
After all, one cannot receive unless one possesses a maternal body; yet the man feels that he is a woman and therefore wants to receive.
However, the spiritual grade definitely rejects this and experiences life in pure meditation and in humility towards God’s creation.
This grade cherishes universal love and has abandoned physical love.
Everybody ought to live like that, but the majority has neither reached nor wants to experience that stage.
The astral being that lives on earth encourages this.
He died there and entered this life, and then he returned to earth to run wild.
Astral passion was not enough to the unconscious astral beings.
Physical experience gave them more satisfaction.
Later on, we will descend even further down into the hells, André, and only then will you really get to know the true nature of evil.
You would not have been able to stand up to this on our former journeys, even though you have experienced quite a lot of it.
It was one of these astral beings who took possession of his material garment, and this resulted in the man becoming insane.
This is the condition he is in, André.
At the moment, the man is quiet and so are all these others here, but soon this female being will be attacked, as they want to molest her too, and his peace will be over.
Then there will be such a bestial, gruesome fight, that his hands and feet will need to be tied lest he tear everything to pieces.
In this condition, the man’s strength increases a hundredfold and he becomes untameable.
Not even a dozen men could make him budge; he would break them.
But how can an insane person gain such strength, André?”
“Due to the demons of course, Alcar.”
“Splendid, André, but they do not know that on earth.
Due to all those astral beings, his power increases, which is not hard to understand.
A scholar is not familiar with this condition, which could in fact have enabled him to establish the existence of astral consciousness.
A single person could never possess such strength.
Whenever this insane person appears to become rebellious, actually it is the others who want to prevent their victim from being bound hand and foot.
That astral force can be immense and in the end, the organism cannot stand it anymore and collapses.
Therefore, the demons cannot exceed the natural balance; the ensuing disturbance would make the physical body collapse.
Nevertheless, they can raise a patient’s strength to such an extent that he could tear everything to pieces.
The more demonic the astral force and astral consciousness are, the more the insane person’s physical strength will increase, which also serves to indicate the extent of astral concentration.
But the scientist does not think that far.
He still sees one single individual, yet there may be a dozen of them.
That dozen could connect him with our dark, unconscious world and enable him to cast a glance into life after death.
He would face all these laws and have to accept them.
Evil now helps itself!
Now evil proves its point by showing him that the other side is by no means fiction; it is reality.
Everyone who is insane harbours that reality.
Every thought is a conscious one, even if it emerges from the depths of the subconscious where once again the astral world is lying.
This means that if the scholars keep on focussing their entire attention on the human subconscious, they will run aground and in the end they will become obsessed with it.
Thousands of astral beings are on the prowl for a body.
No wonder the hells are overcrowded.
In the realm of rebirth, thousands of souls are also waiting for an organism, which demonstrates how severely the laws of God have been exceeded.
In a little while, André, when we begin our study of the cosmos, you will learn to see how all this came about and will understand why other planets are oblivious of such disharmony.
All this takes place between heaven and earth, and this condition was brought to life by man, because he forgot himself.
Not a single person can escape from this chaos.
First, all the violations of these laws have to be compensated for, and only then, will the soul be able to continue.
By the time we start to study the cosmos, you will have gained cosmic consciousness.
I will then ask you even deeper questions, and the answers will be given to you.
We will follow the enfoldment of Creation right down to the All.
We call this the cosmology for life on earth of every human being, including the insane, those half-roused grades of consciousness we see before us now.
As you can see, André, a condition such as this man is in now makes it impossible for us to fathom these human powers.
The invisible battle breaks out because of the female soul that dwells inside of him.
This presents the male spirit with an earthly, animal-like attraction.
From one grade of life they experience both the male and female organism, due to the homosexuality.
Do you feel how bestial this becomes, now that the human soul as an earthly person is linked up with that world (see articles ‘Homosexuality’ and ‘Insanity’ on
So, we need hardly wonder that there are many in that life that want to take possession of his body.
They now want to take this organism away from her.
The ‘pitiful soul’ experienced the same!
But the latter kept his ground.
Since you helped to cure him, you can now grasp the actual facts, André.
That is why I wanted you to help him; after all, we do not get anything for nothing.
We can remove those demons from his aura, as this man can also still be cured but from the outside.
In his case, because he is being attacked, and because we are dealing with a split personality.
Here, this is the conscious splitting of personality, André, but we are also familiar with the unconscious form, which lies in the hands of the soul.
In other words: the soul as a material personality is split because the former grade has not yet been mastered, nor has the next higher one been reached.
This life can nevertheless remain its true self, even though the personality will be neither male nor female.
He will not be conscious in either of both grades and will seem living dead. In spite of that, he possesses a perfect body.
So, he is not a psychopath.
Can you still follow me, André?”
“I am doing my best, Alcar, and I believe I have grasped all of it.”
“That would make me very happy.
So I will put you to the test, because the more you understand of all these laws, the happier you make me.
Never forget this.
If I can achieve within one year, what others need ten years to master, then this means spiritual consciousness to you, and the possession of an enormous personality, something only very few people on earth possess.
Now here is my question, André:
why, in your opinion, is the splitting of personality in one case conscious, and in another case unconscious?
I am talking about the human being who, in an unconscious condition, possesses male as well as female feelings and yet remains him- or herself.
This is a conscious grade of life, André.
This person can remain him- or herself, but is nevertheless totally abnormal, because the personality neither possesses any conscious feelings, nor does it know physical desires.
I am outlining this condition to you, but can you give me an explanation for it?”
André thought it over and he sensed what his master meant.
He saw this person before him, male as well as female, yet without being under any influence or insane.
That is what his master meant.
What gave that person such a feeling of consciousness, and how could he or she hold out?
Suddenly, the answer came to him.
At that moment, he experienced this condition and he replied:
“The soul as a human being, Master Alcar, has overcome both material grades, but now experiences reincarnation as a karmic law.
After having lived its former life in a maternal body, the male body now confuses the personality, yet its life is in natural balance.”
“Extraordinarily clear, André my compliments.
Keep it up!”
“Did you help me to think this through?”
“No, definitely not.
This is your own spiritual possession.
All I did was to free you from your material bond for a short while.
You still lack a quarter of life’s consciousness, André, because you still dwell on earth.
All the same, your answer is correct.
A personality of this kind is required to act normally, in spite of its abnormal condition.
Some people consciously go to such extremes that they are able to give themselves entirely as man or woman, although they still feel the yearning that leads them to abnormality.
These people experience merely half of their actual life.
A personality must reach the full hundred percent, André, before it can experience pure love, physical and spiritual, in a fully natural way.
All prior experiences merely amount to physical submission, which nonetheless causes children to be born.
If I were to analyse the material and the spiritual grades of love, human love would appear to have little substance.
All this is intrinsically linked up with cosmology, and this insight will enable man to sense what love really is and what renders him capable of love.
All this is miraculous, because it leads us on to all the grades of human qualities, which we will analyse spiritually-scientifically.
We will get to the core of all things.
Any man, dwelling in this grade, who lives life to the full, does not create consciously; he creates through passion.
He is on the way to free himself from his former emotional stage in order to acquire higher feelings.
Yet the man we were discussing a moment ago and to whom my question referred, experiences this on a mere fifty percent basis, which reduces him to someone who is living dead.
However, anyone on the hundred percent level experiences life himself.
That person wants to create or give birth!
That marks the conscious mother or conscious father on earth; they are beneficial to each other and cherish a mutual, natural physical love.
They further the evolutionary process and so they serve God.
The other grades, in other words the unconscious ones are to be found in institutions where insanity is experienced.
The grade we are following now does not represent the deepest form of insanity.
There are even deeper grades.
Then the personality completely dissolves and irrevocably ebbs away into the subconscious for the rest of its earthly life.
After its arrival on this side, the personality and the spirit it harbours split up again and each one proceeds to the attunement it has on this side.
What is this man’s present attunement on earth, André?
Does anyone know this personality?
Can this person be recognized?
They talk about homosexuality and try to analyse these people, yet their attempt only means they are delving into their own consciousness, because this kind of life is entirely unknown to them.
These things will remain a mystery to mankind, yet the solution exists on this side, so that we can now follow these conditions.
Why does this poor man feel like this?
Did he ask for it?
Could God grant everything to some while others are left to be living dead?
Would He bestow consciousness on some and unconsciousness on others?
This would be unjust and therefore it is impossible!
After all, God is a Father of Love.
No need for many words, since you already know all about this.
The human being experiences each of both organisms.
This life enters the male or the female body and must reach full natural consciousness in both organisms, but that is not always possible.
It cannot be done in one life; an earthly life is too short for that.
And then these phenomena emerge.
Man must therefore keep on mastering both kinds of organisms and all these spiritual laws, because they are part of the evolutionary process. It is the ascent in the spirit and the return to God.
This awakens the personality, and this is the part that receives everything and lives in both organisms.
The soul as a personality masters these laws in space, and that requires a lot of exertion and study.
Every person must get to know the Divine laws, and only then is he or she capable of mastering all this.
The child prodigy possesses the feeling to create art.
The genius in arithmetic has the same where figures are concerned, while other people possess a comparable quality that makes them excel in other material issues.
This is a person’s very own possession.
These human beings have acquired this feeling during former lives.
We see this reoccur in creation with regard to the human inner life of the male and the female, because the soul must integrate the experience of the childbearing body as well as the procreative one.
God created many opportunities for the human being to embody.
Man was to experience all those grades of life in order to overcome them both materially and spiritually.
This would enable him to evolve from a lower to a higher grade.
This entails falling and getting up again, collapsing.
At this point, the grades of insanity break forth and all the coinciding laws of life which have to be conquered by the spirit take effect.
The personality integrates this grade and incorporates it as a human being.
Accordingly, André, God could not possibly give one child more than another.
These are laws of life.
Everyone is endowed with opportunities to awaken; every single human being possesses these.
God laid those possibilities in our hands.
This teaches us what creation really is.
This must now be mastered, and that goes for everyone.
It is God’s intention that we evolve; He therefore gave man His whole Self.
We are gods.
God is righteous in this matter too.
It is unthinkable that God would favour one child and let another starve or become insane.
Homosexuals and those who are insane have created their own conditions; however, they will free themselves from their condition, but that will happen in a next life.
In that life, the spirit will come to know itself. This aspect connects us to reincarnation and to the life of this patient as well as others.
Look, André, there you see a quite different condition, but actually it is the same grade in which all these people live.
Merely their characters differ, since no two people are alike.
Their grades of life therefore have the same attunement, although some will have sunk deeper into this misery than lots of others, because of the laws that govern reincarnation.
When love enters and appeals to the heart, we immediately encounter other grades of life, which the personality must master.
This is where the scholar loses track, because he has no knowledge of these laws.
This old man has been here for years, and he is unable to free himself from the astral world.
They can do nothing to help him.
He has subsided into the depths of his subconscious, but he is fortunate that he has not yet reached mediumistic sensitivity during his present life.
Otherwise, the astral world would make use of his day-consciousness, run completely wild and his body would be rapidly destroyed.
After all, the personality would be unable to offer resistance or to strengthen the organism.
The astral being does not take this into account, so that the body would be spent within a short time.
The man hovers between the sixth and seventh grade of insanity and he owes his old age to his unconsciousness; otherwise, he would already be on this side.
This case leads us back again to Cosmology, where we are shown that the time of his earthly end has been determined.
He cannot pass on a moment too soon or too late.
Those laws are an intrinsic part of his life; he has mastered them.
Do you feel what this means?
The human being masters death, life and death are put into his own hands, and those laws determine the moment of his birth and death.
His inner life is not conscious, because he dwells in between these two grades, and so obviously is also his ability to love.
That is why he has been able to experience his insanity in peace.
All the same, this man went down deeper than the one we have just followed.
Do you feel how remarkable these laws are?
Man holds those laws in his own hands.
His grade of consciousness can be determined from the way he experiences these laws.
Now and again, the man is attacked, and attempts are made by the Beyond to rouse him, yet his personality cannot be reached at present.
His condition is entirely psychopathic, yet there is a difference. The organism he possesses is normal, yet his thinking is not, because he has been conquered by other beings.
These astral beings use him to eat and drink, and they feel as if they are back on earth.
The demons he harbours prefer old age, contrary to those who want to experience youthfulness.
They are the kind of beings who have come to know the dark astral laws and who destroy earthly consciousness due to their predominance.
Now the characteristic traits of all these patients come to light, and these enable us to recognize the core of their insanity and the grade in which they dwell.
Whenever a human being is fully conscious within his own specific grade of life, then the astral world can live through him, and these beings then automatically merge with the earthly individual.
Men and women subsequently undergo these laws according to the extent in which their own characteristic traits are attuned to passion.
However, they all go through an identical experience, namely the awakening to true motherhood.
Those who abide by normality can participate in God’s creation, André; those who do not yet possess that urge and the power of feeling which true consciousness provides us with, slip back into all those grades of unconsciousness that rank them amongst the pathological insane.
All these men and women, no matter which grade they belong to, are on the way to motherhood, which the personality has to accept.
Anyone who still lacks that consciousness is susceptible to the numerous laws of evil.
He does not sense that God has bestowed His life upon us, and so he then passes through the valley of sorrows.
The path that takes him through this valley makes the spirit experience all these grades of unconsciousness.
However, once he has become aware of creation, the soul as a personality will react differently and will attain normality.
Only motherhood can grant us consciousness, because then we have consciously taken part in the plan of creation.
But before we reach that stage, we will have undergone various downfalls and repeatedly found ourselves confined within these homes.
Not until we collapsed, were we liable to have our existence abused, because we were not yet fit for normality.
Nevertheless, we gained from this experience, and everyone must go through this process of evolution.
What I am talking about now has to do with the cycle of the soul.
At some point during his evolutionary process, the soul as a human being reaches the grade of animal-like consciousness.
He passes through that animal-like and pre-animal-like grade, so that the personality may awaken.
The human being has then reached a level that serves as a starting point for further progress and going higher
This life is unaware of its inherent maternal or paternal love; it is still unconscious.
Every form of life within space has passed through this stage.
Not even an angel from the spheres of light could evade this: it marks the awakening to God.
And God is Mother.
During those countless lives, the soul as a human being will master divine motherhood.
The personality must then try to extricate itself from those pre-animal-like stages, and this is where the male and the female body fulfil their purpose.
We must pass through thousands of lives before the material grade of motherhood is reached, and only then we enter the spiritual grade.
During the first stages, we cherish feelings of love, but that kind of love is animal-like.
We submit to our urge and experience passion.
But it is maternal love that connects us with God.
By means of maternal love God made a connection with Himself, so that we, human beings, obtained a divine link.
It is love that empowers us to think and to realize what it means to be granted to be a mother.
Motherhood enables us to enter life in all its authenticity, and while we make our way to get there, we will experience various phenomena, including homosexuality.
At that stage, we are not ready yet for this higher grade, or for conscious motherhood; for those who possess maternal love stand firmly on the ground.
Nothing can throw that person off balance, because her life has mastered all the grades of consciousness.
God guides His children towards ‘Universal’ truth.
This makes for motherhood, since a mother’s act of creation is akin to God’s creation within the infinite.
The word itself makes it clear to us: creation is action and stands for consciousness.
Man must therefore acquire normality, and that is fulfilled through motherhood.
As male human beings we are accessories to creation, but as a mother, we experience all these unconscious grades and sink away in them if our consciousness has not reached perfection.
So, when a mother receives a life, André, and experiences the birth of her child, it means that this personality, as a mother, is about to master a different grade, and a higher one at that.
She has no say in this.
The soul that has been attracted arranges everything, but the grade of the mother is the decisive factor.
However, it is a different matter when birth is brought on by the karmic laws.
In that case, the personality chooses to be born of a mother with whom a link exists from former lifetimes, regardless of the mother’s present grade of life.
However, to the mother’s feelings it is most important that she draws her own grade of life herself, because now the personality is truly mother.
The mother renders her services, and this cosmic service opens the way for her to go higher.
This birth makes it possible for one life to cause the spiritual awakening of another.
Mother and child experience this as one single happening, one condition, and one law: namely reincarnation on earth.
Every grade of life possesses this feeling, which determines the attunement of that life and becomes a personality.
Do you understand what I mean, now that we are dealing with motherhood?
Do you feel what it means to be able to experience life as a mother?
A normal being creates and longs to be allowed to possess that child; the other kind of consciousness is not capable of that.
This is where we get to know the unconscious type, who must yet awaken to motherhood.
But before she reaches that stage, a woman must first experience her downfall, and we recognize this grade amongst these sick people.
It is a clear case of falling down and getting up again on the way upward, but the divine goal, which this leads to is not yet understood on earth.
An animal feels love and can experience motherhood.
But animals are not human.
Now the personality as a human being needs to follow and experience the normal, human way of life if it wants to awaken to its own grades of life.
The highest grade of life on earth is the spiritual grade.
All forms of life that exist below this grade are still spiritually unconscious, and they successively represent the pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material and material grades.
All these grades of life are necessary; otherwise, man would collapse during higher grades, never to awaken again.
Yet God knew that the personality would experience one step after the other, and He bestowed all these possibilities upon His life.
During this learning experience we went to ruin, until we finally reached the ultimate and then entered the spheres of light.
To the earthly human being this means the normal consciousness as a mother.
I could go into this in greater detail, André, but that would overwhelm you.
We will delve into these laws at a later stage, and then I will explain them to you right from the beginning.
However, I hope that you have understood that motherhood is the very essence of the Universe, because motherhood enables the personality to enter life as it really is, where it begins to feel one with God since it experiences creation in that capacity.
None of these patients ever reached that far; these people still have to achieve that height.
Some are a little further than others are, but they all look back on a life they messed up.
This is irrelevant from a divine point of view, because they have their next life ahead of them.
Thousands of organisms offer the chance to experience a sequence of lives which must be lived if the personality will one day hold its ground, so that it may receive conscious motherhood.
A lifetime serves to deal with the weaknesses that must be overcome, and in that way the personality grows in strength.
All these people, André, must therefore still awaken to their grade of life and motherhood.
In their grade of life they are behind.
Their grade of life is below average, compared to the rest of mankind; however, they are on the verge of motherhood, where they will hold their ground.
So, they are getting ready to take part in creation and to serve the Divine evolutionary plan as man and woman, but at the moment they are not yet able to.
This is the material insanity.
An insane person is therefore in the process of awakening.
A man cannot partake of the female experience. But in a subsequent life as a woman, this human being will experience passionate love, which will, in time, aim at a normal, conscious act of receiving.
Then this life will represent its true grade of life, which it neither understands nor feels at this moment, because it still has a threshold to cross.
A personality must go through seven material grades before it can reach spiritual attunement.
As soon as we discern which of these grades a human being has reached, we are able to determine his or her grade of insanity.
Then we know what this soul has yet to go through, and we understand the nature of the astral connection.
We also perceive whether someone will completely go to ruin.
So whether this is possible or not?
A learned man on earth would lose track amidst all these laws and grades.
Actually, he is quite capable of solving this big mystery, yet he would first have to acknowledge our existence and our consciousness in order to see behind the veil.
This can only be brought about with the help of the consciousness, which we have acquired, because on earth all thinking is purely material.
Yet matter and life are one.
These two also exist on this side, although matter has by then developed to a half-spiritual stage.
This is why each one of us, as a soul and a spirit, possesses a densified body; otherwise, God would not have granted us the possibility to exist.
Yet, our thinking and feeling has not undergone the slightest change since our earthly death.
It is all very natural, André: all these people once received and experienced a maternal body.
Man must experience both sexes, and this is how homo­sexuality came about.
If homosexuality did not exist, the soul could not possibly experience both the maternal and the paternal body.
But then we would have to accept the fact that creation went wrong, and that must be ruled out.
Thousands of problems would make the plan of creation fall to pieces and would break the male and make the female, because, the soul as a woman would receive and experience everything, whereas the man would get no further in his evolution.
As a man, we would live on earth without making any progress, because only the mother would reach the enhanced stage due to her link with God.
While she is pregnant, the mother is linked up with God’s creation.
Homosexuality is therefore a natural, normal phenomenon.
There is no point in despising all those people, because every one of us has gone through this phase.
Not a single human being can say, ‘Count me out, I never had those feelings’.
That is rubbish.
These people live in-between the male and female organism, and they are neither the one nor the other.
But they feel the physical passion that craves to be experienced, and this is the abnormal part of it, which the personality has to rid itself of.
Once this life attains motherhood, its homosexuality immediately dissolves.
Prior to its present life, André, this soul dwelt in a maternal body, and this time it received a male organism.
This also encompasses certain grades, since the mother now wants to experience the mother, while the man wants to experience the man, because that grade belongs to the half-waking life of feeling, which amounts to half-material homosexuality.
Every thought and every passion, including love, can be divided into seven independent grades which are experienced as transitional phases before the true grade pertaining to homosexuality becomes manifest.
The personality has to go through all those stages, as the cosmic development of this life would otherwise come to a standstill.
In order to reach the ultimate, the soul spends millions of centuries living millions of lives on earth.
Only then is that life entitled to say, ‘I have completed my cycle on earth’!
Do not ridicule or curse homosexuals, because you are one of them.
Do not look down on a human being who is insane, because you were once insane yourself, or you will be, one day.
You have those grades ahead of you yet; not a single person can avoid them.
Thank God that one earthly day you will be able to say, ‘I made it; I have lived through all my grades. From now on, I will make my way in full awareness.’
God is just; God makes no distinction between ranks or varying social status.
God created a maternal body for the soul, and this principle applies to Divine life in its entirety, not just to a small section.
The soul is destined to embody both sexes.
The creative being takes on motherhood, since God also is both Father and Mother.
However, the personality acquires these powers of feeling.
On this side, André, earthly manhood and womanhood no longer exist.
We have discarded physical conjunction, and are preparing ourselves for the fourth cosmic grade, a planetary system destined for us human beings, where we will receive physical bodies of a higher level.
It must therefore be clear to you, André, why these people feel this way.
We do not get anything for nothing; we need to get to know the laws of God.
Mankind is millions of years old, and yet we are still stuck here on earth.
Evil and unconsciousness must be overcome.
It is of no concern where people may be, or how they behave and what they are like.
No matter how far they may have climbed up the social ladder, to God we are all one.
The things some people own are yet to be received by others, because that is the purpose behind God’s creation.
All these insane keep on fighting inner battles and are attacked by the dark astral world.
That world wants to see the light, it wants to eat and drink, wants warmth, because that is what they lack in the hells.
This is the obvious reason why that life returns to earth, where it makes use of the possibility to experience physicality anew.
Many of the people here can be helped, because we can free them from the astral personality.
It is all very sad what you are witnessing here in their midst, and at the same time it is very natural: they are experiencing the divine laws.
As long as a person has not experienced maternal love, the soul will return to earth and to material life.”
Suddenly, André heard a horrible scream, and he looked in the direction where it had come from.
He saw a big man, who seemed to be warding something off on all sides.
He was the one who was shouting at the top of his voice.
‘What’s going on?’ André thought.
“Go away”, the man shouted and ran towards a corner of the room.
The other patients became restless.
All of a sudden, there was an end to the silence.
Immediately, several nurses, male and female, rushed over to calm the man down, but that turned out to be rather difficult.
He cut loose and knocked down everyone who approached him.
“Is this man possessed, Alcar?
I mean, is he now being attacked?”
“He is indeed possessed, André and now he is being attacked by the dark world.
We will follow him.
For the moment, I have nothing more to tell you about these patients, but I will revert to them when I begin to explain the genesis of creation to you.”
Seven male nurses rushed at this man, who had become possessed.
André kept his concentration fixed on the patient and waited to see what would happen.
The moment he felt merged with the insane man, an enormous power, inherent in that life, flowed in his direction.
It was a dull power, yet it was consciously focused and could hardly be kept in check.
However, the man would have to calm down again; otherwise, the other patients would start too.
He kicked around like a wild animal and eyed his attackers.
The male nurses did not dare approach him and planned to trick him.
André saw a nurse waving a cloth to avert his attention.
The man reacted immediately, and like a little child, he watched what she was doing.
He seemed pitiful at that moment.
Suddenly, the patient uttered a terrifying roar that shook the walls and made the human heart shiver and shudder.
“Why is he going on like that, Alcar?”
“It is not him, André, it is the demons.
Hell has been prepared, and now the battle has started between this man and the astral beings.
The demons feel that they are being attacked and know very well what will follow.
The depths of this life of the soul have walled in its inhabitant and made him its prisoner.
There are lots of demons that want to abuse him, but he has begun to resist.
They brought him into this condition without him noticing, until this awakened his consciousness, and that gave rise to this human reaction.
If the Beyond were not inhabited, André, and if no-one on earth were attuned or susceptible to it, then nobody could ever become possessed.
This man would then have accomplished his life unconsciously, in peace and quiet, with a bit of longing for love.
Nothing more would have happened.
But now the astral world wants to indulge. Yet he is fighting it because he wants to protect his own body.
That is the tragic aspect of insanity.
The child in him is alive, whereas the adult personality has fallen asleep.
And now the child in him has been roused, so that the adult in him wakes up to protect his physical organism.
This time it is the demons that cause him trouble and bring on this new misery. However, he only experiences this to a certain degree, because he still lacks full consciousness.
But his personality will soon change.
These male nurses are not up against a sick person; they are facing the astral world.
Yet they do not realize that.
Look, they are approaching him, and they are getting ready to pounce upon him.”
The human being roared with such frenzy that it made him foam at the mouth.
‘How horrible’, André thought.
The man bashed around, but the male nurses were not afraid of him.
It turned into a life-and-death battle.
He sent a couple of them flying, but the others struck him down.
They carried him away and locked him up.
Still astonished by what he has seen, André said to himself, ‘This is frightful.’
He then heard one of the male nurses’ say:
“Strange, he’s been quiet for months, and now he suddenly goes off his rocker again.”
They went to fetch the doctor.
‘Poor man’ André thought.
This patient dwelt in a dark haze, which the astral world had enveloped him in.
This aura was devilish; André had come to know it in hell.
He tuned in to his master and asked:
“Does he feel the beatings that rained down on him, Alcar?”
“Not yet, André, but he will feel them later on.
Due to his half-waking day-consciousness, he is not aware of them at present, since the soul is life and this life amounts to the personality which has, however, fallen asleep.
Actually, his condition is similar to being under anaesthetics, albeit spiritually.
That is why the beatings, which were dealt to him while he was in a state of day-consciousness, do not get through to him, but maybe he will feel the pains a little later, after the demons have left him in peace.
If it does not come to that, the wounds will heal in the meantime without him having known about it or felt anything.
Yet the sicker his body is, the harder it becomes for the astral world to reach him.”
“What kind of laws determines this, Alcar?”
“But is that not perfectly natural, André?
The more strength the body possesses, the more intense passion becomes, and the deeper the demons descend into the personality in order to indulge in their passion.
However, when the body is sick, the nervous system will not react to stimuli that would otherwise set off passion, and as you know, the nervous system will in turn react to a person’s inner life because they are linked up with each other.
So it is either the one or the other. Subject to these laws, the normal, healthy body also plays a certain role, enabling the astral world to experience physical conjunction.
Whenever the body is ill, physical unity becomes impossible.
A physical organ that refuses to function will hold back all deeper forms of insanity, since a personality must possess a healthy body before it is liable to be attacked.
In other words, the stronger the organism is, the greater the clarity with which the phenomena will appear and the deeper insanity will root.
Sick bodies cannot experience the deepest grades of insanity, André, because a sick body is useless to those demons.
Customary forms of insanity automatically attune themselves to a person’s physical constitution when it is in a state of health and vigour, and only then will spirits merge with physical man.
This man enables them to indulge.
He possesses a fine body, enabling the astral world to give full rein to their passions.
The demons fight over the blood in his veins, his heartbeat and his breath of life.
This makes them regain a grip on earthly life and they enjoy its warmth.
You do not imagine that this insane person got into this condition by himself, do you?
As soon as the body has recovered, the demons will keep on attacking him, because they want to indulge in their passions.
Once again, this will start up a struggle for life, similar to what we were able to diagnose in that woman a little while ago.
These are the laws that apply to him, to her, and to thousands of other patients, but they are brought about by the astral world.
They all push each other aside.
They all want to get the feel of physical blood, because this makes them feel that they have regained physical life.
That is what the dark astral beings long for, these men and women who discarded earthly life and yet returned to earth.
It sets off a battle between human and animal-like nature within one body.
In their hells, these demons feel poor, cold and miserable.
Behold how beautiful his body is, but this is how it is defiled.
God gave man a Temple for the soul, one for each grade of life, but the personality must still awaken to this fact.
Man does not realize what he has been granted.
His blood is flowing and his heartbeat is speeding up.
The demons are boosting his organism, and this will make him groan with pain.
Yet they are now unable to reach him, because the pains will predominate and withdraw the personality into the day-conscious self.
So it will be clear to you that only a healthy body can give them something to experience, and that all these laws must coincide; otherwise, possession becomes impossible.”
“Will this not cause material disorders?”
“Are you referring to something like brain damage, André?”
“That is exactly what I mean, Alcar.”
“They did not beat him up that badly.
But whenever these disorders do happen, possession then turns into the physical illness, which would change everything.
That would confront us with a totally different condition.”
“But did you not say that we are able to think even if we had no brain?”
“That is possible, André, except when the brain has been forcibly removed.
What could this man do if his brain had been crushed?
I explained this to you before.
It is possible to think without using that organ, provided that the brain was absent prior to birth, so that all other vital organs can adapt from the start.
If this organic unity is forcibly disrupted, then physical disorders will emerge which the personality cannot restore, because these circumstances prohibit the life of feeling from adapting to those organs.
The direct link between the inner life and the nervous system will not be established and these will therefore remain disconnected.”
“Is it possible, Alcar, to pass insanity on to others?”
“You mean from the father or the mother to the child?”
“Yes, Alcar, that is what I mean.”
“No, that is impossible, it is not hereditary.
If that were true, then a person would possess neither a personality of his own, nor a will of his own.
Heredity does apply to the physical body, but not to the spirit.
Nevertheless, research on earth is still running in the wrong direction, and this genetic influence is accepted as a fact.
According to science, insanity can be traced back to our ancestors, but what about our notion of autonomy?
The scholars do not look to see this process in its true colours; this is another thing they must still awaken to.
This phenomenon places these learned men with their backs to the wall, merely because they cannot acknowledge eternal life and cannot understand that the soul is an autonomous personality on this side.
If insanity could be inherited, André, it would mean that punishment imposed on the ancestors would pass on to the child.
But that is impossible.
The child is not susceptible to mental illnesses of its parents, nor can it be rendered unconscious.
After all, insanity amounts to unconsciousness.
The learned men conduct their research along physical lines, yet these illnesses need to be analysed spiritually; only then can a correct diagnosis be made.
On the other hand, a child may live under the influence of the mother, but that only lasts a short time because the inner life will soon have its day-conscious self in hand.
Sometimes the mother and the child experience astral – in other words spiritual – phenomena during this nine-month union, but these also dissolve because the child possesses its own personality and also a will of its own.
In this case, influence is indeed exerted, but being under influence is definitely not the same as insanity.
These people here have become possessed.
Astral influence cannot reach these depths.
Parents are therefore unable to draw insanity, on the other hand, they can draw an unconscious grade of feeling, which has to do with one or both of the parents and therefore belongs to those lives.
This is strictly in the hands of the soul, not of the parents.
Parents who see their child drifting towards insanity are involved in this grade of feeling, and this spells grief and suffering for them, yet now the insane person only experiences his own grade of life.
Even if that entire family suffered from insanity, everyone would nevertheless merely experience his or her own grade of life and the attunement in which the new life has to be fulfilled.
A father and a mother, both insane, could provide the necessary proof.
I guarantee to the learned men that the mother would nonetheless give birth to a healthy child, contrary to what they believe.
It is, however, known to us that insanity may disturb the link with the soul during pregnancy, so that there is no certainty what will happen.
In spite of this, they still claim that they could prove their theory.
But even if these parents give life to a child that has to undergo insanity, the personality will nevertheless experience its own laws.
Alternatively, those laws will not tie down the personality, and it will therefore possess consciousness.
Within the scope of the cosmic laws, no-one can create misery for someone else.
That is impossible.
One can very well exert a certain influence, as I mentioned before, but that subsequently dissolves of its own accord.
All these possibilities are still unknown on earth, although the path the scientists are on will make them become aware of these phenomena.
The real cause is to be found in the life of the soul that has been attracted, in other words: in the child.
It is the personality’s own grade of life in which material life then continues.”
“Does it have a certain meaning, when unconscious parents attract higher consciousness and vice versa?”
“In that case there is no question of insanity, André.
Those laws apply to conscious life, to normality, where they only concern good and evil.”
“I have witnessed, Alcar, how evil people, animal-like beings in fact, gave life to children who were on a much higher level than these parents.
That is possible, is it not?”
“Of course it is, but not where insanity is concerned.
Those laws, as I said before, all have to do with the day-conscious self, to which they are attuned.
This leads us to the law of cause and effect as it applies to man, because this is what generally attracts those souls.
In these cases, either the child has something to make amends for towards the parents, or vice versa.
The grades of insanity represent a world of its own and possess their own depths.”
“Is it possible that a mother who is insane influences her child during pregnancy, Alcar?
Does that ever happen?”
“No, André, that is impossible.
A mentally retarded child has to accept a psychopathic grade as it grows up, but that is not the same as insanity.
One is not liable to become possessed before his or her consciousness has fully matured after completing adolescence, when the personality begins to yearn for love.
However, the vivacious kind of consciousness is aware of its own life and cannot be attacked.
I repeat: the adult stage is susceptible, and you are confusing this with a condition of psychopathy.
Insanity means being possessed, namely by something outside of you, and that ‘something’ is the astral personality.
The mother can nonetheless influence her child, but those powers and thoughts dissolve.
A person who is insane experiences half-consciousness and is ill.
A psychopath experiences normality, yet has distorted his own body (see article ‘Psychopathy’ on
Not because he is possessed; this is due to nothing else than the domination.”
“So the scientist is mainly on the lookout for physical disorders?”
“The scientist is about to discover inner life, André.
We are facing the soul as the Divine spark and the soul as a personality.
The gap between these two differing attitudes is as deep as an abyss, and it can only be bridged when the soul is understood to be an astral personality.
Science does not have enough grip on this matter.
The nervous system does not provide them with enough means to fathom real life.
Yet scientists will have to find the means if they want to penetrate human life.
It does not occur to them to think of a second personality.
In other words: the astral monster that takes possession of man.
Therefore, they are primarily on the lookout for physical disorders, which they try to eliminate in the assumption that this will restore harmony between body and spirit.
Of course, doctors frequently find these kind of disorders, but in those cases, possession must be ruled out; the patient is then suffering from a physical illness.
Do you understand this, André?”
“Yes, Alcar.
Does a person turn into a religious fanatic because he is possessed by a religious maniac dwelling on the Beyond, or is this always due to his own spiritual poverty?”
“That is indeed possible.
But then it is possession again.
The religious maniac who dwells on earth is unconscious and a weakling in the spirit, characteristic of a certain grade of psychopathy.
The astral religious maniac lays hands on this physical being and now the earthly person becomes more or less possessed.
But there is more to this than just religious mania.
Even now the astral creature wants to indulge, although the religious aspect continues to dominate.
This means that the material individual is open to both grades.
Even in this condition, passion makes itself heard, and this world will not turn a deaf ear to that.
The learned doctors now discern two different grades, yet still believe that they are dealing with a single personality.”
“So they know about these grades, Alcar?”
“No, the various grades of insanity can only be determined by this world, since a learned person is unable to distinguish between the grades of life of a human being.
He sees the earthly personality, yet he is unable to fathom it.
He does not know that all these phenomena point to grades of insanity, and so he goes on searching in the wrong direction.
But the religious maniac may be possessed by one of those fanatics from this world, and then we witness the varying grades that exist side-by-side within one condition, which a single person has to experience.
I do not need to tell you that this person goes through hell on earth.”
“You pointed out, Master, that only adults are open to insanity, but at what point does this susceptibility start?”
“I just told you that young life is not open to insanity, which is very natural, as the physical organism must still mature.
Meanwhile, the powers behind this process dominate the spirit.
Not before the soul as an adult personality begins to make its demands, and opens up to love and is almost overwhelmed by it, does the astral being move in.”
“But sometimes young boys and girls seem to go insane and need to be sent to an institution.”
“That kind of insanity has to do with a certain grade of psychopathy, and this can never point to astral possession, because the personality is not yet open to the strong passion of an adult; it is not mature enough.
You do not expect a girl of seventeen to be able to experience the same as a mother of thirty or forty, do you?
The conscious experience and feeling of love goes hand in hand with the overruling will power, which is attuned to the animal-like experience.
Youthful consciousness cannot reach these depths of love.
The entire personality must still awaken to it, and this means that a demon would not know what to do with these children.
Their personality cannot be made to descend to these depths of passion.
However, these children may give way due to their own weakness, but that is caused by weakness of the personality and has nothing to do with astral possession.
Even if these children prove to be unmanageable and have to be institutionalized, they are not open to the grades of insanity, because their personalities have not yet attained full development.
In other words, they must still awaken to astral love and animal-like consciousness.
The personality acquires that consciousness after thirty years, which is the time it takes to reach the adult stage, when all physical organs have gained their natural strength.
By now, the personality is able to gain a state of physical balance.
None of those children, even if they are in their twenties, are fit for the dark spheres.
In relation to astral life they are still children.
Of course, a certain amount of influence is exerted upon them, but that is all.
However, psychopathy of any grade would reveal itself immediately after birth.”
“I understand what you said, Alcar, it is entirely clear to me.
But how can an earthly person know that he or she has not become possessed?”
‘Everyone is capable of determining that, André.
When someone is free of passion and has been able to accept God and Christ as he should: when he knows about eternal life and the laws of life and death and lives life according to the example Christ set us and which He died for, then it can be established what level his own personality has reached.
These people live a normal life and serve Divine life in all its manifestations.
They no longer steal and cheat, because those who steal live in a state of conscious insanity and at the same time they are open to unconscious insanity.
Any act of iniquity may lead you back to your former and therefore, unconscious grade of life.
The normal kind of life automatically leads you on to Golgotha, but that journey cannot be experienced via the Church, because the Church proclaims a God that damns.
That is insane too.
Yet those who always lead a natural life and wish to experience this, who possess true love and have no wish to experience physical conjunction on an animal-like level, those people incorporate conscious feeling and thinking, and are entitled to say: ‘We are free from such foulness and defects’.
They want to experience their earthly happiness in a natural way.
These souls genuinely love each other as man and wife and serve God’s creation.
They loathe any form of bestialization and they live for their children, because they know that these ‘children’ once lived on earth and have now started a new life.
Then the Beyond speaks to them, André, and they know that death does not exist.
But all those who still accept that God damns and who do not understand the love of Christ for Divine life in its entirety, those people are still open to one of the unconscious grades and are not yet their true self.
Their hearts and eyes express their lack of consciousness, their lips betray their passion, and the words they utter give voice to coarseness and vileness.
Here, more than anywhere else, the conscious form of insanity shows its destructive side. It does more harm than the pathological form, because it has a devastating impact on the personality.
Those who are still liable to commit murder and spiritual rape, André, are open to insanity too.
This will probably not be accepted on earth, but one day man will have to come to terms with his growing consciousness, and he must then give proof of his determination.
I will answer this question in greater detail when we enter the first sphere on this side.
Anyone living below this sphere is still open to the grades of insanity, because all those millions of people are still unconscious and have not yet built up their own protection.
Those lives may nevertheless collapse.
Can you sense, André, what that means?
The dark spheres harbour millions of creatures and all those grades now dwell on earth.
One day, man will identify with his true grade of life, wanting to go higher, yet he will collapse, because he has not yet mastered that grade.
All the same, something inside of him has roused the urge to ascend.
His inability to protect himself will result in insanity if he harbours passion, and who, amongst earthlings, can say: ‘I am free of passion?
I am free of all that is unconscious?
I am in harmony with infinity’?
Those who are attuned to the first light sphere can say: ‘I am.’
Millions of other lives on earth still have to prove that.”
André thought everything over and finally asked:
“Why is insanity deeper in a woman than in a man, Alcar?
Did you not say so?”
“Well, you are definitely not afraid to ask, André. Keep at it.
I am beginning to notice how you have been following every word I said.
A mother is closer to God’s creation, André.
The mother undergoes a deeper experience of love, since she devotes her own life to love.
A mother receives; she sacrifices herself, whereas a man is not capable of that.
A mother experiences love spiritually and physically.
A man can do the same, yet he will not remain linked up with his urge and feelings of love, whereas the mother and her child are temporarily suspended between life and death and live in that condition.
After performing the procreative act, my son, the man has fulfilled his contribution to the ensuing birth. But the mother now has the entire experience ahead of her.
When the act is accomplished at full strength, the divine laws that rule spirit and soul are experienced. The personality enacts and represents these laws of life.
The maternal organs serve to pass this cosmic driving force on to the life of the soul.
So, if the mother experiences creation during conjunction, either through love or through passion, she will experience her grade of life in space. A man is incapable of this, because to him, conjunction merely has a physical impact.
Therefore, a mother experiences the grade of life at full strength because she receives, and her organism is linked up with God and God’s creation.
If the mother possesses passion, then a demon can now run wild and undergo all these grades if he is also able to open himself.
At first, many in the hells on this side do not know what to do with a maternal body, but they soon learn and then drain it completely dry.
Since a mother comes free from the earth, and because her body attracts a personality from the realm between life and death, she will have a deeper and all-powerful experience of love, which cannot be shared by the male, who has to fulfil his task as procreator.
The astral personality experiences the grades of love through the maternal body, not the male one, because the latter senses its expressions of feeling in a different way.
This is why insanity in a woman is deeper.
The demon can now experience space and gain power over all the organs.
He is able to obtain entry in a natural way: birth and procreation at the same time, which is impossible to the procreative being, because the man walks wide of creation.
The soul as a mother becomes an integral part of the plan of creation and now submits her entire being.
This is why a mother experiences insanity more deeply than a man.
A mother enables the demons to undergo both organisms.
The role of the man is being the instrument, but a mother has a spatial link and represents love.”
“If I have understood you correctly, Alcar, then a psychopath experiences his own world, although he will, nevertheless, soon face insanity.”
“Splendid, André. That’s how it is.
If a psychopath can experience full consciousness and exceeds the limits of his own grade of life, then his inner life is liable to become possessed again until he reaches the spiritual grade.”
“Then that is clear to me too, Alcar.
Does the ethnic race (see article ‘There are no races’ on which one belongs to have any bearing on insanity?”
“Yes, certainly, although the condition of being possessed remains the same.
However, it is a fact that the highest forms of civilization experiences the grades of insanity on a much deeper level than the lower forms. That is what you mean, is it not?”
“Yes, Alcar.”
“Well now, in those lower stages – these are also grades of life, the grades for the organism – insanity as it is known to western emotional life cannot be experienced.
But this is still beyond your understanding.
By the way, what brought this question to your mind, André?”
“I do not know, Alcar. I suddenly happened to think of it.”
“Well, then I will tell you.
That thought, or that question rather, was mine.
I cannot go into those depths with you because you are not that far yet.
You must first get to know the grades of the human body before I can expound these laws to you.
But that is within our range too.
Insanity may also affect people who populate the jungles, although it rarely does.
This depends on the person’s inner development.
After all, those people must still awaken to this society.
The lower a grade of consciousness is, the more difficult it becomes for this grade to experience insanity; now psychopathy come to the fore.
A jungle dweller does not commit as much evil as a person who belongs to the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, because that primitive personality must still awaken to the mature kind of love, as it exists in your own stage of development.
The highest consciousness is reached by the life of the soul in the West and by several eastern peoples and even coloured races (see article ‘There are no races’ on that have also attained the highest level that can be experienced on Mother Earth.
I put that question into your mind, because I wanted to point out to you that I cannot discuss the very deepest grades with you, not even in cosmic depth; because you would not understand a word of it and you would therefore be unable to ask me any questions.
We will deal with that later on.
After I have explained creation, we will be ready to analyse those grades also, André, because they are part of your own consciousness.”
“I thought so, Alcar. It was too deep for me, and yet I felt that I had to ask that question.
Are there any more questions you put into my mind?”
“Just carry on, in case there is anything else you want to know.”
“My next question, which in fact you already answered, is: when does insanity dissolve for man?
You said a short while ago that this happens in the first sphere.
Can all these phenomena, which a scientist attributes to the patient, be traced back to the same personality?
What I really mean is: does he consider those phenomena to be characteristic of the insane person himself?”
“I already gave you an approximate answer to that question, André.
A scientist’s research covers both the physical and the spiritual aspects.
Of course, he does not allow for any astral personalities.
All those strange phenomena that rank as insanity are ascribed to the patient.
It is him and nobody else.
I am sure you sense how he cannot possibly accept a split personality to have been caused by the astral world, because to the learned profession the Beyond does not exist as an autonomous existence of the soul.
Science assumes that split personalities do exist, but believes that this is caused by the physical personality, as in the case of our ‘pitiful soul’, where half his inner-being wanted to do good while the other half was after evil.
Not a single neurologist or psychologist would be willing to accept this astral splitting, because they would be flouting the laws of science, and it would sap the foundations of their entire studies.
They are bound to follow the track which science sets.
They can only accept what has been established and do away with all other matters, which are precisely the things that belong to our world.
If a scientist were to speak of our world, he would be an occultist, not a learned man.”
“Can we cure homosexuals (see article ‘Homosexuality’ on, Alcar?”
“No, that is impossible.
If you had thought this over for a moment, you would have been able to answer that question yourself, André.
This condition leads us to those who are weak in the spirit.”
“Weak in the spirit, you say?
So those who lack a personality are weaklings?”
“That is indeed the case.
In the eyes of Mother Nature, and according to her laws, a homosexual possesses a weak personality (see article ‘Homosexuality’ on
However, this does not apply to society, because these people are frequently to be found amongst the intellectuals, the material enhanced consciousness.
But that is not the point; that bears no significance to a homosexual.
This personality is too weak to stand up to the laws that govern his organism, and the same applies to the personality and its reincarnation.
Actually, this is not a weakness; it is a grade of life that is half-conscious.
The spirit is in discord with the organism and that is weakness, but this weakness relates to the laws of the body.
If you sense this, then it will be clear to you that those people cannot be helped, because we cannot offer these lives enhanced consciousness and a feeling for normality.
Besides, it would put us at variance with the divine laws, because then these people would not acquire these laws of their own accord. It would be a pure case of one person receiving the consciousness that another person had acquired for himself.
But that cannot be done; that is impossible.
As I told you before, we must master all those grades in space for the sake of God, because this will make us experience our return to Him.
The help of others would make people omit certain parts.
Do you understand, André, that this cannot be?
We have had to master all those laws during this life span, and nobody can evade that.
You are therefore unable to change him. If that were possible, you could also help a psychopath.
But that cannot be achieved either.”
“It is miraculously natural, Master, how everything displays the workings of the material and the astral laws.
It is absolutely flawless. Spiritually, these laws make people stop in their tracks.
Yet you say that religious maniacs are the unhappiest amongst the grades of insanity you are familiar with.
But what about the grades of these sick people here who have become possessed? Are they not worse off?”
“No, André.
The religious maniacs sought God and they lost themselves in His Omnipresence.
Their prayers made them head for disaster.
They do not really possess life; they are living dead.
They also do not speak a word of truth; all their thoughts are insignificant and they live their lives outside of creation.
I could go on like this to explain the great misery in which these people live, but I believe this to be sufficient.
They are unconscious to such an extent that we on the Beyond consider them to be unborn, and yet these souls also belong to life.
A person who has become possessed, André, at least experiences creation, even if this experience means nothing but lust.
Man is utter life.
His personality is busy mastering God’s normal, natural laws.
I sometimes refer to them too as being living dead, but this manner of being living dead has quite a different meaning.
Those who are possessed are truly alive.
That is self-evident.
The religious maniac, André, is busy digging himself in, into God, mind you!
It spells appalling poverty for the life of the soul; this is so awful, so empty, so vacant, so meaningless that we cannot find words to describe them, because those lives have really come to a standstill.
Something that is not alive is dead, and these people have died due to their faith.
Just imagine: they worship the Highest on high in the entire Universe, their God, and because of their God they are heading for empty nothingness.
We encounter them, experiencing the saddest existence which a human being on earth can bring upon himself.
God never wanted this!”
“I presume that you are referring to the unconscious religious maniacs, the priests and other members of the clergy who speak about a God who damns, the conscious religious maniacs, not to mention the women who are nuns.”
“Excellent, André, you have sensed that very well.
It goes without saying that the Catholic clergy will now mount the barricades.
However, they will have to accept their religious mania after this life, because those people are also living dead, and their lives are meaningless to our world.
This was not what Christ had in mind, nor did God.”
“Which of the grades of insanity in this life is deepest of all, Alcar?”
“You will get to know them shortly, André.
The human being who has descended down to the lowest hell of all, at the same time embodies the deepest grade of insanity on earth, and that is the attunement we find there.”
“In other words, we human beings depart from sickness and evolve to normality, and from unconscious to conscious insanity?”
“You sensed that correctly too. That is how it is.”
“I had intended to ask you whether insanity exists without the intervention of the astral world, but you have already answered that question.”
“And was my answer clear to you?”
“Yes, Alcar, because then we would be talking about exerting influence, or weakness of personality, and so it follows that this is impossible.”
Alcar smiled and said:
“You sensed my words correctly, André, but grades of psychopathy and astral possession are two different worlds in which people live as man and wife.
At present, you are focusing your mind upon three grades, but the words you just spoke have already answered the question.
So this is impossible, because then we would be dealing with weakness of the personality, and that would introduce us to the field of a neurologist.
In those cases, medicine sometimes offers relief and then our help is not needed.”
“I understand, Master.
You said just now that this man could have lived his insanity in peace if the demons had stayed away.
So is that not a form of insanity without the intervention of astral influence, Alcar?”
“Again, your question is very well put and deliberated, André.
Do you not sense the answer?
Like will to like.
The silence of the spirit is attracted by silence and a storm can only gather storm.
You must follow the personality, its characteristics.
This man never got to know the stormy side of his personality.
The savage, impressive and flashing personality must yet be roused in him.
This man lacks those traits, he is enveloped in his own silence, yet has come to ruin through love.
But that does not always have to be the case.
Although I told you and explained how love is always the cause, a personality may nevertheless go through a stage in which love cannot be experienced.
That is the moment when the personality becomes released and attunes to that other grade of life.
This life now begins to search and explore, and this searching and exploring will prevail.
The human being is caught up in this stage and lives on.
This is how he spends the rest of his life.
This personality will nevertheless be attacked, André, but why?”
André thought it over and sensed what his master meant.
“I think I feel what it is, Alcar, because you said that this person dwells between two grades of life.
So this is a case of mediumistic sensitivity, is it not?”
“Indeed, André.
And what will the astral personality be able to experience?”
“Light, warmth, eating and drinking.”
“Nothing else?”
“But surely that is impossible, is it not, Alcar?”
“You know the answer, yet you lack an overall view of this life.
The astral world makes this man indulge in masturbation.
You know what that means.
That is all there is for this astral personality to experience. However, the light of the earth and food and drinks are now its main object, something that woman had to accept too.
Is this clear to you?”
“I thank you kindly for everything, Alcar.
Is it not a fact, Alcar, that the more we human beings give ourselves over to love, the deeper we sink into insanity?”
“That is obvious, André.
That flaming passion carries us along through all the grades and this inevitably leads to our physical and spiritual downfall.
That kind of love cannot weather the storm, and it is destructive because of the passion one experiences.”
“How can someone who is mentally ill overcome his own insanity, Alcar?
Is the personality not subject to the same laws in his next life?”
“When the soul has left the world of unconsciousness and is born on earth, as Lantos told you, it then returns to the stage in which it is a mere spark.
That spark possesses nothing at all.
No feeling, no thought and the life can start now.
Then the awakening comes, which the period of growth and blossoming must bring about. He reaches maturity, and only then will the human being be confronted with his former life, his own past.
That is clear to you, is it not?”
“Yes, Alcar.”
“Well now, André, do you know what else awakens at that point?”
André thought it over for a while and said: “Is it the personality?”
“That is a question and not a reply.
You should be able to answer that.
I will tell you, because we will soon have to move on.
A person’s own caution, his ability to protect himself is roused, André.
The personality has not forgotten the suffering and was never able to rid itself of all the misery.
The memory of all that misery must also awaken again.
This will contribute to its own safeguard and to the awareness of its present life.
The personality now watches over itself and over the conscious phase it lives in.
We do not relapse into the selfsame condition over and over again, because misery of that kind cuts deep wounds into the human life of the soul.
Nonetheless, that new life will see us break down again.
So the soul as a personality is prepared and watches over every step it takes in its life on earth.
This time, life recoils from love.
Why, when we want to analyse the characters cosmically, are there so many timid people on earth?
There are people who, during their entire life, are unable to open up to others.
Do you believe, André, that this has no meaning either?
Not a single thought can come about without creation being involved, nor can it be thought up independently of all the laws in space, because every thought touches upon a law and constitutes a law in itself, since the personality represents these laws.
It implies that all this has been experienced at some time or other and that it carries spiritual weight for the personality, no matter what we are or how we behave.
Every thought stems from our inner life. It is attuned to it and is related to it; otherwise, that thought would still belong to nothingness.
Yet that is impossible, because we exist and have created this thought. Everything we create as human beings has the chance to be, and it incorporates a world of its own.
Here too, we find the seven grades that every single thought is classified in.
Every thought is destined to represent a world of its own, and that thought is part of our personality.
It is a definite fact and a law that the personality will live heedfully and be careful in its next life, because its life went to ruin during its former existence.
This time, that life will, at all costs, wants to prevent this from happening.
This explains the foundation, which this life is now based on; this was acquired through grief and sorrow.
The memory of that misery has now become conscious and it acts as a safeguard for this life.”
“It’s wonderful, Alcar.
Can the grade of insanity also be determined from this side?”
“Every personality represents a sphere of its own, André.
It will point to either the heavens or to the hells.
The spheres of light are inhabited by conscious spiritual beings, whereas, the hells are populated by unconscious children of God, whose lives are open to insanity.
You will soon get to know these grades.
I have already explained the hells to you; we visited them many times, so that you can picture all the grades and attunements that belong to the state of being possessed.
There is no need for me to add anything.”
“Alcar, are you able to determine what a person will be after his present life?
I mean: male or female?”
“That is possible, André, but I will explain those laws later on.
You will learn about these laws when we study the origin of the universe.
At the moment, that still is not possible; you would not understand anything at all.”
“How could we convince the scientific world, Alcar?”
“That’s impossible, André.
If a scientist cannot accept eternal life, then he is one of those who are unconscious, and an unconscious person cannot be reached.
I will not even take the trouble, because in the end, these people will fall afoul of themselves and of their studies.
Even if he were prepared to listen, I could only explain these laws as I have done now.
We have already furnished him with proof through the healings that have been achieved.
That is all we need do.
To give him everything would lead us up a blind alley, and it would make him, as well as us, dissolve in Space.
In other words: he is not open to us to start with; he could not be, because he would first have to become an occultist.
Yet people of that kind do exist, and in the meantime, those few will meet our needs, because the Age of Christ, which has already started, will arouse them.
That age will get through to every human being, to each life.”
“Can you also tell me, Alcar, how far insanity reaches into the past?”
“I could, André, but that is yet another answer you will not receive until we are on one of our next journeys; it will turn up when we study the origin of the universe.”
“But were you able to detect those laws in this life, Alcar?”
“Yes, André, we have all experienced them.”
“It is incredible Alcar, yet I feel it.
I suppose that this happened a long while ago?”
“You are saying words to my very thoughts.”
Ah, here we go again, André thought. How much of all this actually belonged to him?
Did not these questions all spring from his master’s mind?
Alcar wanted him to ask questions, which he did, but afterwards he found that none of it had been his own doing.
Yet it did give him vital wisdom.
He understood, however, that he still had a great deal to learn.
All the same, the questions came to him without effort, and in those moments he truly descended into those people and saw their lives before him.
This was another great and holy wonder.
Whenever that happened, he merged with his master.
Once again, he felt a question emerging from within.
It ran as follows:
“Why are all these people not under protection, Alcar, like the woman in the other ward?”
“Is that not clear to you, André?
Did you not notice how impossible that is with these beings?
These patients, whom I will describe as being grievously ill, cannot be helped yet, at least not from this world.
A spirit of light would not even try, because he would be unable to achieve anything.
We only offer help when we can accomplish something; otherwise our efforts would be useless.
Is that clear to you?”
“Yes, Alcar.
I feel now, that this question was mine.
Are my feelings correct?”
“Completely, but what gave you this feeling?”
“I feel much lighter now.
I could simply glide off and away.”
“That is it, André.
Your own question is close by and is weighed down by your personality.
Your own feelings and thoughts stem from your own surroundings.
My question builds up a vision.
My question and the ensuing answer will life link you up with the authentic law, André.
At that moment, a feeling of enhancement will enter your life, and that will tell you whether you have received the question and the answer to it.”
“How mightily beautiful the unity on this side is, Alcar.”
“We cannot thank God enough for that, my son.
But we are grateful and happy that we are allowed to carry out this task together.
Are there anymore questions you want to ask?”
André looked at his master.
Alcar smiled again and said:
“Now you must ask questions under your own power.”
At that moment, André saw the question in front of him and he experienced it, and then he asked:
“If somebody completely dissolves in his studies, Master, does that mean he is becoming insane?”
“That is spiritual weakness, André.
The complete dissolution of a personality denotes its collapse in that grade of his studies.
I already explained these laws to you on earth.
The boy, who became a science graduate and also obtained a doctorate, yet broke down, and whose mother came to see you, exemplifies this.
He collapsed because he did not possess the appropriate consciousness, André.
Does this answer your question?”
“I understand, Alcar.
Does that also cover certain grades which are to be experienced?”
“Every illness possesses its specific grades, André.
That can be determined by the accompanying phenomena.
When day-consciousness is cast aside, the personality undergoes the illness unconsciously.
The spiritually weak are also liable to dissolve right down into the subconscious and are then beyond help.
The first stages are marked by nervous disorders, which interfere with the personality and must nevertheless be coped with.”
“I have heard you talk about the beneficial impact of electric shocks.
How is the healing effect achieved?
Can it be used to cure the insane?
I mean, can it drive out the astral world?”
“That is possible André, but these instruments are not perfect yet.
In this treatment, the organism is subjected to an electrical current.
That current boosts the systems and the astral being cannot stand up to the consequences of that impact.
The heat and the shock, which the patient experiences result in the removal of the astral being.
There are learned men on earth who have obtained good results with this treatment, but it is not flawless yet.”
“Will that instrument be brought to perfection in the future?”
“Yes, they will certainly reach that goal.”
“Will mediums then become superfluous?”
“On the contrary, both worlds will need to cooperate all the more.
Our vital fluid enables us to intercept the shock and help the patients.
This power increases the patient’s resistance, and this resistance helps him or her to capacity; otherwise it would be useless.
This will change in the future, when patients like these will also be cured, meaning that they will be closed off to the dark astral world.”
“How would a diagnosis of sudden loss of memory read, Alcar?
Does it have anything to do with insanity or astral influencing?”
“These phenomena usually occur through shock, but they can also be caused by astral influence.
In many cases, day-consciousness is completely and suddenly switched off at that point.
Following this, the personality sinks away into the subconscious.
These people can be cured if their condition was brought on through astral influence.
However, if it is due to spiritual weakness or a physical disorder, we are also powerless.
Do you understand that?”
“Yes, Alcar, I understand it all now.
I have no more questions to ask.”