Psychopathy - article

The role of past lives in the origin of mental disability which can occur in people with a multiple handicap.

Terminology then

In the first half of the past century, in the diagnostics of psychiatric disorders, the division psychopathy and psychosis was used.
All the illnesses with a psychiatric disfunctioning fell under the collective name psychopathy, apart from the disorder that people called psychosis.
The category psychopathy was very wide.
For instance, a woman was called psychopathic who, as a result of the sorrow at the death of her son during the war, had lost her normal thinking and talked to her son’s coat as if it was him.
In addition, disorders with physical features were also counted, such as for instance Down’s syndrome which was called ‘mongolism’ at that time.
During the contact evenings that were held from 1949 to 1952, when Jozef received questions about so-called ‘mongols’, he referred to the term psychopathy without saying anything else about Down’s syndrome.
A specific explanation about this syndrome has not been included either, anywhere else in his books.
This points to the general use of the term psychopathy at that time.


After Jozef’s time, the psychiatric diagnostics largely abandoned the concept of psychopathy and people started to make a distinction between various other diagnostic categories, such as personality disorders and mentally handicapped.
As a result of greater attention to the social impact, people arrived at the concept of ‘antisocial personality disorder’.
In the media and popular speech, people talk of psychopaths.
As a result, nowadays the words ‘psychopaths’, ‘psychopathy’ and ‘psychopathic’ are very emotionally charged.
For instance, they are used for the description of a serial killer who insensitively abuses and murders his victims.
However, in the books by Jozef Rulof these words usually refer to people with a multiple handicap, namely people who, as well as a physical handicap, also have a mental handicap.
According to the score for an IQ test, people also make a distinction between a slight, moderate, severe and deep grade of mental handicap.

Causes of multiple handicap

In the books by Jozef Rulof, the masters of the University of Christ explain the causes of the multiple handicap whereby severe congenital physical abnormalities are accompanied by a mental handicap.
The physical disorders can occur during pregnancy as a result of various causes, for instance due to a fall by the mother.
In addition, the masters determined that the congenital physical abnormalities can also occur as a result of the influence of the child itself.
It is then not about the childlike consciousness but about the influence of the personality of the soul that reincarnates.
The article ‘our reincarnations’ gives an overview of the articles which explain what the masters understand by the reincarnation of a soul and its personality.
Briefly summarised, our soul experiences many subsequent lives on earth, whereby it keeps on inspiring a fertilised egg to further growth.
However, that growth can already be accompanied in the mother’s womb by physical abnormalities as a result of a disorder in the driving force of the soul.
That disorder then comes from the personality of the soul and is caused by its disharmonic behaviour in past lives.

From disharmony to harmony

The masters followed that behaviour in past lives in order to see how the personality reached that disharmony.
They saw that the personality had acted disharmoniously towards other people.
It then concerned severe disharmonious actions.
The masters researched what this triggered in the soul.
As the article ‘harmony’ explains, the soul is harmonious by nature.
When its personality acts disharmoniously because it still does not feel this inner harmony, this takes the soul further away from its harmony.
The disharmonic action disturbs the inner peace of the soul, the consciousness of that destructive deed does not fit with its harmony.
This brings a disorder in the life of feeling of the soul, because as a result it does not experience any love towards the other life.
When the soul then wants to reincarnate, it is hindered by this disorder.
When reincarnating, the soul connects itself to the merging of a sperm cell and an egg cell.
This merging is essentially a harmonious loving act.
The article ‘our first lives as a cell’ explains that the first merging and cell division is already an expression of the giving inspiration.
The cells divide themselves in order to produce a child.
A soul with the previously mentioned disorder in the life of feeling will need a longer time in order to be able to reincarnate, in order to be able to attune itself to the harmonious event which we have called fertilisation.
The article ‘world of the unconscious’ explains the state in which the soul can need many centuries in order to attune itself to a new incarnation.
Other souls which have remained in harmony and do not have that disorder will precede it and be able to reincarnate sooner.
It is only once the disharmonious disorder has sunk far enough away in the life of feeling that the soul will be able to reach the contact with an egg cell and a sperm cell again.


The first time that a fertilised egg cell becomes available for the soul with the previously mentioned disorder, that soul will not succeed in driving that egg cell to growth.
The disharmony in the life of feeling of the soul then puts too much pressure on the fragile cell, which is not resistant to that in this rarefied stage.
This leads to an elimination of the embryo.
The second time too, the embryo will not be able to reach development, because for this purpose the driving effect of the soul would have to happen without overpressure.
However, by experiencing the fertilisation and the brief growth of the embryo, the soul will still already make progress.
The natural growth of the cell has a harmonising influence on the life of feeling of the soul, which can come to rest more as a result.
Every new attempt will give more harmonising, as a result of which the small body will keep on being able to grow longer before the pressure becomes too great and leads to a miscarriage.

Distortion of the body

After many attempts, the disharmonious pressure from the life of feeling of the soul is low enough so that the embryo is no longer broken off.
However, the pressure which is still present will then lead to a distortion of the body.
In this case, the tissues can already build themselves up and the little body can already develop completely, but the pressure still causes disorders in the formation of the tissues.
The soul can then already reach the birth, but the distortion of the tissues disturbs the build-up of the mental capacities.
On earth, as well as the physical abnormalities, people will also determine a deep grade of mental disability.
This multiple handicap cannot be cured, because the tissues are irrevocably deformed.
As a result of the deformation, no normal consciousness can be built up, in this body the soul cannot reach normal thinking.


Yet it is of the highest importance for the soul to be able to live out this life.
By experiencing the physical organs, the life of feeling of the soul reaches further peace and harmonising.
The human body is then deformed, but it still has enough natural working within it to bring the soul to more naturalness in feeling.
If the soul can live out this life, it can start the following incarnation with a calmer life of feeling.
In this way, it builds on the recovery of its mental capacities.
Every lifetime, it will come further in this.
On earth people will then speak of a severe, moderate and after many lifetimes finally a slight grade of mental handicap.
It is therefore very important that people with a multiple handicap can also be born.
And that parents along with society as a whole can ensure that these fellow beings can experience their complete lifetime in the best conditions.
Ultimately, the soul reaches an incarnation whereby the body no longer shows a single physical disorder, and its personality enjoys the normal social consciousness again.
Then the soul can begin with recovering from the karma that was brought about as a result of the disharmonious actions.
When that karma is over, the soul ends its earthly reincarnation cycle, and it passes on into the Hereafter.

First sphere of light

In the hereafter, the soul will experience how the spiritual body then looks which was formed by its life of feeling and personality.
If its life of feeling still wants to destroy the other life, its spiritual body will be deformed, because these feelings deform the astral tissues such as they also deformed the physical tissues at that time during the growth process.
However, in the hereafter too, the soul will be driving in order to reach a higher grade of feeling which corresponds to its harmony.
As a result of that driving force, everyone reaches the first sphere of light, in which the spiritual body is harmoniously radiating because we as a personality have reached the universal love there.
Then every form of psychopathy and mental disability belongs definitively to the past, because people now know how they remain in harmony with themselves and all others.
In addition, it is then obvious that those earthly words do not give any ‘explanation at soul level’, because for the soul no psychopathy or mental handicap exists.
The soul only experiences an evolution, it drives itself back to harmony and will ultimately master a higher grade of love, to then go towards the higher cosmic grades of life along with its twin soul.