Mother Jet and her Jetje

Mother Jet has read André’s books, and because she lives nearby it’s quite normal for her to call on him.
She never stops asking questions about her child who is mentally ill.
The first time she came to see him, she asked whether he could help her daughter. However, Master Alcar told André that for the time being all he could do was to give the girl some spiritual relief.
She can be cured, but it will take time.
Although this seemed terrible to Mother Jet, it consoled her that André would give strength to her child, because up to now Jetje had been forced to stand on her own.
Now she would receive some support, which would make life a bit easier for Jetje.
When André entered Mother Jet’s home on the morning after her first visit, he found her child resting on the couch.
Jetje had been told of his visit beforehand, but she closed herself off to him.
When André walked over to help her, she turned her back on him and began to cry.
Jetje made it quite clear that she didn’t want to be treated.
André talked a bit to put her at ease.
“I won’t do you any harm, my child, all I want is to give you some strength.”
Jetje turned around and looked at André in a penetrating and yet gentle way.
‘Good heavens,’ André thinks, ‘just look.
What eyes this child of thirty years has, they can see behind the veil, and they’re able to probe an earthly human being.’
Jetje suddenly says: “You want to help me?
You really want to help me?
You can’t.
I have to do that by myself!”
‘Touché!’ André thought.
Mother Jet feels embarrassed by her daughter’s attitude.
She tells her that a treatment will do her good.
“André is like a brother to you, you must give yourself up into his hands.”
Again Jetje gives him a penetrating look.
It would have made André uneasy if he had not been able to fathom her gaze.
As it was, he felt capable of taking on and shouldering her personality.
He starts to play along with her, and forces her to lower her eyes.
Suddenly, Jetje says:
“I see heavens and hells in you.”
“Where do you see that, Jetje?”
To the astonishment of her mother and André, she reacts quick-wittedly and tells him:
“Miss Jetje, if you please!”
Jetje then raps André on the knuckles.
He has to say Miss!
Immediately Jetje follows this up with:
“Now you may help me, André.”
All this is a revelation to André.
How sensitive this girl is!
When Jetje retorted ‘Miss Jetje!’, André conveyed to her that he felt hurt because she refused to accept him.
And Jetje reacted immediately and told him: “Now you may help me, André”, as if she was sorry that she had reprimanded him with her words.
André thinks, ‘What a depth this girl has, and how extremely sensitive she is.
Small wonder that the astral world confuses her.
It’s a miracle that this child isn’t incurably insane.
But now her pure consciousness must save her from total ruin.
This girl is a prodigy with a very rare emotional life.’
He feels that he’s about to learn an enormous amount, and that he’ll do anything in his power to help her.
Jetje gives in.
During the treatment she begins to cry, she’s unable to control the tears that roll down her cheeks.
André concentrates on her emotional life, and lo and behold, Jetje quietens down.
Now he sees Master Alcar who tells him:
“Do you feel the depth in her, André?
She’s not insane, my son.
This is a condition of spiritual weakness, a weakness of the personality.
This personality cannot stand the brute violence of the earth.
To tell the truth, this life is too harsh for her, and that is why she breaks down from time to time.
What we can do is give her strength.
We cannot help her to achieve mastery over herself at present; it is not possible yet.
Jetje has to go through this phase.
Quite a few people are in this condition, and now and then they all have to be admitted to a mental home, because they may suddenly lose control over themselves.
They withdraw unto themselves, and are then also liable to be attacked by the astral world.
So this sensitivity is a weakness of the personality, but at the same time it is the feeling that we speak through.
It is the mediumistic sensitivity.
But this sensitivity is of no use to her, because she would break down.
Even this earthly life is still too harsh for her.
Now she is up in arms again.
But do you know why Jetje is up in arms at present, and why she is clairvoyant?
This is due to several spiritual grades, which are lacking during her earthly condition.
This sinking away makes her very sensitive, and at the same time it’s her link with our world.
When she is in this condition, life becomes extremely difficult for her.
It makes her experience many different worlds simultaneously, and she’s forced to digest all of this during her illness.
However, there will not be any need to lock her up if she can remain herself during this stage, but if she is attacked she will become wild and rebellious.
At the moment her menstrual period is disturbing her personality, which is something her inner self has to deal with.
It is this natural working which makes this child rebellious.
You can probably sense what she is going through, and then you will understand that these illnesses are quite complex.
It is her personality that has to cope with all this, which will strengthen her.
In this person’s life, and that goes for many other people too, personal experience will cure her.
But I tell you: Jetje cannot become insane, because the level her inner life has reached is too high for that.
But many others do not possess these powers of the soul yet, and they become possessed by an astral personality.
All you can do is give her some relief, André, and only to a certain extent, because afterwards Jetje must stand on her own feet again.
I want you to help her, because through her you will get to know quite a few laws.
It will be worth your while to follow her.
We will discover that Jetje is not ill, but that this personality must yet awaken to the earthly laws.
Her inner life is pure in the astral sense, like ours.
She prays day and night, and she knows her God of Love.
She is as deep as the space itself, but first she must become duly aware of this, so that her life will gain material and spiritual harmony.
She is able to receive every thought you send forth.
Take care therefore, whenever you convey your own life of feeling to her, to do so in full awareness to avoid confusing her.
Her life is compared to that of a human being from the first sphere.
She is totally free from the earth.
Her inner life could be of service to the spiritual gifts, but as I told you before, she does not possess the necessary strength.
So that is something we will never embark upon.
In spite of the weakness of her personality, these powers lie dormant in her, and the sensitivity is present.
This sensitivity is not yet understood, as science is not familiar with this condition yet, and so it does not possess the corresponding cure.
Life on earth must brace her inner consciousness.
Eating, drinking and everything that belongs to this life strengthens her ability to live.
Everything is absorbed by the personality.
This being experienced priesthood in its former life.
At that time she shut herself off from all material thoughts, but now this compels her to return to earth.
So, like everyone else she must get to know the material laws.
God wants us to experience His laws.
It is clear that millions of souls must therefore return to earth, because all those people do not know genuine life, nor do they have any understanding of God’s laws.
Jetje will not be able to take in all this sanctity; she will not become a mother, as this too would cause her to break down.
There are thousands of problems that all have to do with her physical life and with the aspect of her life that has to do with our spiritual consciousness, and she experiences all these laws because she has reached that attunement.
If you are in tune with me, André, you will understand what I want to say, and what her condition is like.
What I am concerned about, is to let you experience these problems and to explain them to you, so that you will soon be ready to accompany me to the institutions where all these sensitive grades of life are locked up.
Only then will you get a true picture of insanity, and what this really means.
This will enable you to learn and understand the material grades of life of the human being on earth.
This is a school of unprecedented value and beauty, since these lives connect us with Space and all its laws, which were created by God.
So Jetje is a child of the spheres.
She is not fit for life on earth, because she lives beyond this life.
She cannot accomplish any work on earth, but as you see, God has taken care of that too.
She has been given a mother who understands her and gives her all her love.
The necessary means are present, so Jetje is able to experience her condition in peace.
Others lead a much harder life, but Jetje’s life is blessed by the spheres, and she has earned this all by herself.
You must follow her in all her thoughts and deeds, and Mother Jet will keep on asking you questions.
I will answer all of them.
For the time being this is sufficient.
Now do not forget that she can pick up the thoughts you transmit.
This may disturb her, but you must try to purge her of all earthly things, and be sufficiently prepared to take complete care of her.
You can provide her with energy for some time, but after a while that will no longer be necessary, because then Jetje can stand on her own two feet.”
André knows her by now, he understands how sensitive Jetje is, and he will adapt to that.
Shortly afterwards he leaves and the two women are alone again.
That afternoon Mother Jet pays him a quick visit.
She wants to know his opinion on her child.
André sits down to talk with her and Master Alcar lets him feel how he must handle Mother Jet.
She too has an enormous personality and possesses consciousness.
To André she is a great and inexhaustible miracle of love.
“What do you think of my Jetje, André?” is her first question.
“That’s a big problem, Jet.
Oh, don’t be afraid, I only want to tell you that Jetje dwells amongst lots of problems.
Of course it would be impossible to explain them all at once.
But you’re sure to come back to ask me and gradually you’ll get to know her.
First of all I can tell you now that your Jetje will not become insane.”
“Do you mean that, André?
It makes me so happy to hear you say that.”
Mother Jet begins to cry, but André says:
“Is that a reason to cry?”
“Can’t you imagine why?”
“If you’re going to sit here and cry, then I won’t talk to you.
People who are spiritually attuned deal with their tears deep down!”
“Don’t talk like that, André, you’re such a help to me.
Your books have made a really happy person out of me.
Will you now tell me more about it?
I’m so relieved, André, I’ve been so fearful all these years.
I am sure you can imagine that.
All the time I kept on thinking how she would have to go away and be amongst all those poor, sick people.
That’s so terrible.
So Jetje won’t become insane?
Thank God, oh my boy, you’ve taken such a load off my shoulders!
Did Master Alcar tell you this himself?”
“Yes, Jet.
All the same, now and then you still may have to let go of your Jetje for a short while.
You must keep that in mind.
They’re only temporary relapses.
As a matter of fact I can’t really do anything for her.
What I am able to do is give her some relief.
We’ll help her to get by.
But only for a certain time, because by then she’ll have to stand on her own feet.
Jetje will receive the necessary strength.”
“That’s a load off my mind, André, do you realize that?”
“I do, Jet, and you can trust Master Alcar’s word.”
“I’ve completely taken in the contents of your books, André.
And I still can’t get enough of them.
I’ve read them at least a dozen times and I keep on reading them anew, and yet each time they’re different.
What a magnificent task you have.”
“Stop flattering me like that, Mother Jet.”
Laughing with joy, she answers: “How lovely, André. That’s how you must call me.
It’s so good to hear.
I’d love to be a mother to everybody.
Do call me that, André.
In the books I tried to find my child’s spiritual attunement.
I didn’t really believe that my child would become insane, but now I’m certain of it.
I accept it unconditionally.
Whatever a master – who describes all these laws through you – says, also lays down the laws for me.
Surely such a dear little soul couldn’t just go to ruin?
Jetje is very sweet and she’s so very sensitive.”
“I already noticed that this morning, Jet.
Alcar says that she has to make herself familiar with the earthly consciousness.
You can probably sense what this means.
Now that you have read the books everything will be clear to you, so we can talk. I couldn’t have told you anything about these things otherwise.
She was a priestess in her former life, a nun, and she didn’t experience anything.
A few lives prior to that she was a priestess as well, so that she detached herself from the physical laws, which we as humans must experience if we are to awaken to God’s creation.
Nuns and priests experience nothing whatsoever!
That sort of people are the living dead!
They exist outside of true life.
These people don’t live their physical lives like we do, and yet they believe that they are a conscious part of this Space and of the millions of laws from which they have excluded themselves.
Had these people been a mother during one of their lives, then this present sham figure would already have dissolved itself, and they would have automatically passed on into a natural kind of life.
But they ‘marry’ Christ and trample the holiness of motherhood underfoot.
‘Marrying’ Christ is absolute nonsense.
I don’t need to tell you that.
Whoever could marry Christ?
That symbolic act of theirs has no significance at all for the Side Beyond.
Alcar says that they entirely rule themselves out, and that’s not what God gave human beings their organism for.
This is one of Jetje’s main problems.
But there are many others too.
I’ll have to explain them to you now and then, so that you will get to know your child.”
“That’s great, André.
Were you allowed to see that this morning?”
“While I was treating Jetje, Master Alcar connected me with her life and showed me her past.
That past is now visible to you and me, but you have to be able to understand and accept it.
It would fill a whole book, Mother Jet.
There is so much material, my master tells me, that there’s no end to the story if you were to analyse and treat Jetje cosmically, or more appropriately: Jetje’s inner life, her spiritual and earthly personality.
How mighty all this is!
We are able to receive this consciously, whereas science remains unaware of these matters.
It can’t explain her inner life to you.
The doctors only see a patient before them who is mentally weak, but they don’t know what caused it, Jet.
Why is Jetje in this condition?
These are spiritual problems; the laws of the personality in which she now lives and cannot escape from.
She has to go through all this, because it will awaken her.
“Thousands who pledge themselves to Christ miss out on the physical experience of life, as Master Alcar says.
And yet not a single one amidst all those thousands can enter the spheres of light if he or she hasn’t experienced God’s laws.
In former lives she, Jetje that is, has known motherhood, otherwise, she would have had to return to earth once more.”
“How deep and just all this is, André!”
“That’s true, Mother Jet, and I feel that Master Alcar has now drawn me up into his life, because a few seconds ago I still knew very little about this too.
We haven’t discussed these laws yet, although Alcar has told me that he will explain those problems too, but later on.
It’s mighty powerful, and together we will experience more of these revelations, because you’re someone I can talk with.”
“Do you mean that, André?”
“Of course, my dear, but we can only do this when I have the time.
Sometimes you’ll have to turn right back without getting a word out of me.
Also bear in mind that what I give to you today I’ll take away again tomorrow if I catch you walking around crying.”
“I’ll be strong, André, and I’ll do my best.”
“You’re a wonderful mother.”
“Do you really mean that?”
“Do I mean it?
I see very few mothers like you.
Most people are afraid to think, and when I talk to them they can’t fully accept me, and then I’m at a standstill.
But you allow us to hit out at your life.
That’s the greatness of your character, of your entire personality.
Those traits are present in me, too, otherwise, I couldn’t serve as an instrument.
The more Master Alcar tears my life apart, the more I like it.
I will awake and develop by this.
After all, I know that he wouldn’t attack me for no reason at all.
He’s a father and mother to me and a great master.
And yet he’s strict when God’s laws and the task that has been laid on my shoulders are at stake.
Yet all is well, exceedingly well in fact, because I want to be taken apart.
I got to know the life that lies beyond death, Mother Jet, and believe me; I had to pledge my life to acquire this knowledge, although many think that it’s easy to be a medium.
Don’t they say that we get everything for free?
All the same, there are still people I know who are like you.
Many mothers would give their own lives for this task.
They would all like to talk to me day and night, but that’s impossible, because then I wouldn’t be able to do anything else.
But the time will come when I’ll be able to fully concentrate on lecturing, and then the masters of the Beyond will come to earth.
They will walk in our midst and bring the word to the masses.
You will experience things, Jet, that you would hardly credit.
I believe that I will have reached that height within a few years, but times will have changed by then.
The masters will then draw you up into their lives, and the people who experience this mighty happening will think they have become connected with God, that’s how awe-inspiring the things are which the Beyond has to say.
Then I will be open to everyone and can completely give myself to that task.
It’s the highest I can ever reach for my listeners.
You’ll experience spiritual wonders, Mother Jet, and receive the ultimate in wisdom.
Going higher can’t possibly be reached; we’ll be cosmically connected.
Even the Divine All will speak to your life.
Can you accept that?”
“I cherish everything you tell me, André.
I believe what you say, no, I’m sure of it, because you are a privileged human being.”
“You will hear Master Alcar speak through me, Mother Jet, it will make the tears run down your cheeks.
For the mere reason that you know me as a country boy who learned nothing at all, but now I’m able to receive cosmic knowledge, which no man on earth has ever heard of or read about.
Even the famous Far East knows nothing about this, not a single word.
This knowledge is meant for this century, and it will presently be revealed.
When the masters speak, Mother Jet, you feel that the heavens are open to you.
It’s marvellous, because then they will explain God’s laws to you.
You will shortly hear me speak in a trance.
At the moment it’s done through inspiration, and I’ve acquired three grades in that level too, so that the Beyond can reach me at all times.
The heavens, Mother Jet, will receive you and gently rock you to and fro, just as a good mother does with her child.
The heavens, abundantly filled with delights of many kinds, touch man’s heart with their love, which then reveals itself in cosmic wisdom.
Oh, how I wish that moment were here now.
Do you believe me?”
“Yes, André.
I’m well aware of that holy fire in you that wants to give everything to mankind.”
“But now let’s talk about your real reason for being here.
If you’ve understood all this, Jet, then you surely sense that your Jetje dwells between two worlds.
During her hypersensitive phases she is set free from the material laws, and then she steps into the spirit world, where she dwells without belonging there.
To live both here and there in one and the same condition requires formidable strength and spiritual consciousness.
Jetje is strong, well attuned to the spiritual life on high, otherwise, she would have broken down long ago and she would have been declared insane.
As I said before, her inner life is like that of a child, pure and conscious, and by all means attuned to God’s creation, to all forms of life surrounding her.
And that serves as her salvation at the moment, as well as her own protection.
You will also have to accept that at times she may suddenly show far more sensitivity than a few hours before.
Various problems – actually these are also laws, vital matters – cause this sensitivity in her.
When the menstruation starts, the physical aspect will dominate the inner being, something she can’t cope with all at once.
This subsequently causes a disturbance in her day-consciousness.
Then you’ll find her irritable, searching and groping for her otherwise so tranquil personality, and she’ll be unable to find herself.
Those are the moments when you must understand her and take care of her, otherwise, the situation would set you at odds with each other, and that would cause sadness and stress for her.
Your knowledge of all these laws and phenomena will enable you to give your child advice and to offer her strength at all times.
This will prevent her from a sense of either solitude or awkwardness, feelings that should be urgently avoided, which you must always keep in mind, because an inferiority complex would cause her to break down.
At the moment she’s a long way away from the earth.
She’s in-between two worlds again, and that’s the condition in which she replies to you.
She can see through walls now, and she gives you answers that make your head spin.
Isn’t that so?”
“That’s exactly what it’s like, André.
Were you able to determine that this morning?”
“I was, Mother Jet, Master Alcar explained her sensitivity to me.
And Jetje is tremendously sensitive.
A very fine thing happened to me this morning.
You didn’t notice it.
She and I experienced an astral wonder because our souls had merged.
I’ll give you an example to show you how your child really is.
“When I wanted to treat her I called her by her first name, and she gave me a rap on the knuckles.
You must have heard it.
She said:
‘Miss Jetje’.
She stressed the ‘Miss’, and I immediately understood her.
At first glance this seemed trivial, but to Jetje it meant quite a bit.
Her personality lies and lives in this.
It proves to us that her mind functions in a completely normal way, and that she’s by no means insane.
She knows exactly what she’s doing.
But at that moment I let her feel that she had hurt me.
I let her know spiritually, in other words ‘astrally’, in my thoughts, that I’m not impertinent, and that I respect every person.
I let her feel that I like to do away with conventional rules, and that I prefer to reach directly into the other personality to experience that individual itself, so that the other will feel at ease with me and lay himself completely open.
I then follow whatever they’re doing on the Beyond; this is where souls directly descend into each other, it means being entirely one with the Universe, and then the earthly human aspect loses all its meaning and therefore, it’s unable to erect a material wall.
You probably feel what this means, that we’re confronted with reality.
At that moment we became brother and sister.
Jetje sensed me.
She recovered as fast as lightning and fully submitted to me.
She told me that I could treat her.
But do you feel what happened in those few seconds?
I let her know that I didn’t want to avoid any distance between us.
She looked down on me and put me in my place and I accepted that, but I re-entered her life via a short spiritual detour.
I acted as fast as lightning too and laid this one specific feeling into her life that surged up in me, and that touched her deep life.
She absorbed my aura as if it were a thought, and then responded.
I followed this development and made Jetje see herself.
She regained her own personality when I made her feel that her remark had hurt me.
She was drawn up by my thoughts, which were inspired by my master and ran as follows:
‘Are you a child of Christ?
Do you love His life and teachings?
Then how can you treat me in this manner?
Am I not standing before you like a little child?
Am I not your brother?
Fathom me out, descend into my life, and you will respond to my friendship in a different way.
Am I asking you for charity?
I have come to heal you!
I come in His name, and I’m not a swindler!’
Our eyes, Mother Jet, you may have noticed, held each other in their grip.
We fathomed each other, descended deep into each other’s souls, and then Jetje knew me, but I knew her too, even including many of the lives she had been allowed to live.
Her entire life lay open before me, whereas she only felt that part in me that I wanted her to see and feel.
She could neither fathom nor perceive the rest of my life, because my life was too deep for her.
Nevertheless, we were allowed to experience these wonders in those mere seconds, and then Jetje surrendered.
I then treated her, but it overwhelmed her and she began to cry.
This was an entirely natural reaction, which I could accept.
I also fathomed her subsequent behavior, since I wanted to know, and was obliged to find out, whether she intended to fool me.
Every reaction of the spirit can be checked, and Master Alcar is able to verify these, so that I can see and hear and become connected with the life of that other person.
Then I experience spiritual wonders and can see that a certain human has no depth, even though the soul as a human being is beyond measurement.
And that infinity can be analysed by my master, as he is a cosmic conscious person.
But I realized how sensitive this girl was.
So we were speaking spiritually to each other, Mother Jet.
We were one, and connected with each other, something you weren’t able to sense, although you were standing right beside us.
Then Master Alcar explained her condition to me and I began to see her inner being in yet another way.
I’m telling you: Jetje is capable of knowing everything about your life, because she can siphon it from your consciousness.
Especially when this astral sensitivity comes over her and she more or less bids farewell to our world, and then becomes unmanageable to you.
Now you have to face this sensitivity and her overstrained condition, and yet you must still be able to act as a mother.
I will help you with that.
I will educate you spiritually, Mother Jet, and in this way I give you more strength to handle your child, as no other human being can give you.
Only then can you take this life for a stroll in nature.
Then you will feel and understand her and be able to give her proper answers, because now, while her emotional reaction is raised, she’s unfathomably deep to you.
During this period of sensitivity she’s open to the Beyond.
Then Jetje is like a flower of the spheres.
And do you know, Mother Jet, how those flowers from the spheres would act in the presence of us human beings?”
“No, tell me, André.”
“In the spheres, Mother Jet, the flowers have an impact on our inner life and our consciousness.
They sense our love for God’s life.
Woe to those who have negative thoughts and transmit them.
What does a flower do then?
It closes its petals, hangs its head and a feeling of disgust seems to enter your life.
And out you go.
Life throws you right out of paradise.
So can Jetje, and she does.
If you’re not able to merge with her life of feeling, Mother Jet, then you’re powerless in the face of this personality.
But if your own spiritual virtues reach out to her inner life, then your love will enable you to take care of her.
You, Jet, are always willing to bow down to your child and that’s something not all mothers are capable of.
That’s why I feel so much admiration for your life.
I bow down to your great love and would like to call out to you: Always act in this way!
Keep it up, because Jetje is entirely worthy of your love, she’s part of you!
And in the meantime, you’re building your spiritual home.
I assure you that this will give you great satisfaction after your death, because then you’ll enter eternal harmony, due to all the love you have given with the greatness of your character.
So if you don’t take care of Jetje or approach her according to the spiritual laws, then she will close herself off and you would no longer be able to reach her.
If you want to save her from sinking away even farther, Mother Jet, then you must always give her your complete love, even if she sometimes responds to that with harshness.
I tell you once again, you’re not really doing anything for her; everything will be returned to you, because it’s impossible to do things for other people!
This is something many people won’t accept.
But it’s the holy truth and on the Beyond these people will have to acknowledge that.
Only there will they realize that they experienced God’s laws. Doing something for others is a sign of divine awakening; it’s the divine ascent of one’s own personality.
It means that you feel love and give love to everything that’s alive, to all of God’s creation.
If you’re capable of that, then you must always surround her with love, which you must give with all your might, and you’ll have to accept that you must often bow your head.
That’s how you can reach your Jetje; otherwise, you’ll keep on clashing with her hypersensitivity and her mystic life.
I must approach her in the same manner; otherwise she would send me away.
Jetje can do anything during these periods of heightened sensitivity, but in her condition this would lead nowhere.
All this spells misery and disharmony for her; to me these are spiritual gifts and they stand for life’s wisdom.
She carries the same qualities within her that my inner life is brimming over with.
I can hold my own, whereas she breaks down.
It must therefore be clear to you that at certain times she knows exactly what you’re thinking and feeling.
This happens because she temporarily abandons her earthly consciousness, and must accept spatial consciousness, which encompasses life and death.
She has then turned into total feeling!
This immediately makes Jetje feel that she’s clairvoyant, but the more she sees the harder it gets for her.
As she’s not really capable of absorbing all this.
The strange thing is, Jet, that this hypersensitivity of hers is actually an illness.
When Jetje gets ill, she possesses more feeling, and most people can’t understand these feelings.
She and all the other people, who are affected by this illness, gain in consciousness.
Isn’t that remarkable?
And yet it’s the honest truth.
The individual existence and personality of all these people are now placed beyond the earthly domain.
They are fathoming out another world, and yet they still dwell on earth.
They sink away, but where do they get to?
Is a doctor able to fathom these personalities?
Can he simply take a cosmic stroll that would enable him to analyse the life of feeling of these people?
But that’s what he should do to make a correct diagnosis.
We understand quite well that only an exceptional scholar can accomplish this, I mean the kind of person who, apart from his scientific learning, also has a feeling for these laws, because science in general hasn’t yet made that much progress.
At present, most scholars would consider Jetje to be sick in the mind.
But Jetje definitely isn’t mentally ill!
On the contrary, we see how she has been raised above all manner of material thinking, but since she can’t assimilate this wisdom, the learned men get the impression that Jetje is abnormal.
Accordingly, this condition is not a sign that she has lost ground, it means that her consciousness is about to reach a higher level.
To put it to you clearly, she has left her day-conscious self behind.
Are you now able to sense the extraordinary nature of Jetje’s condition?
The outstanding thing for us is that her condition is seen as an illness in matters concerning society, yet she’s infallibly conscious of life after death, and she can see through the walls of your room because at present material obstacles no longer exist for her.
I ask you, Mother Jet, would you call that an illness?
Can science, can a psychiatrist accept that Jetje is not ill?
The concurrent phenomena show us that she is not!
Master Alcar enables us to discover the spiritual background behind this material mystery, since we share this link together.
No doctor could ever tell you what I was allowed to convey to you now, Mother Jet, because their minds aren’t open to these laws.
The learned men keep on running into walls because they dare not accept this answer yet.
But as you can see, only a spiritual explanation can lead to reality, because it shows that a ‘sick’ person like Jetje must experience cosmic effects when she breaks free from the earth and its physical systems.
This phenomenon, which is a great and mighty mystery to the earth, exists between life and death; it knows neither lies nor deceit, it’s pure and simple reality, as this event is linked up with the divine laws of which it’s a natural and spiritual reflection.
Do you sense this, Mother Jet?
Then you will understand that Jetje is highly mediumistic, but she can’t put it to use, because she can’t yet cope with a higher level of consciousness.
And all this happens because she wants to evolve without experiencing creation, which means that she now lags behind in her life.
She has to make up for lost time, and that’s why she’s here on earth today.
Jetje now experiences her own sensitivity, which has reached a level that puts her far ahead of many other people.
But they won’t accept this yet.
This can only be seen and determined on the Beyond; according to common standards in society these phenomena either rank as supernatural or they are seen as a form of insanity.
The former notion is attuned to the sensitivity of the Universe and that of Golgotha, which we have accepted this; the latter notion however is based on rather inept thinking patterns of the matter-of-fact earthly self which still holds on to a dead body.
Do you understand?”
“This is a revelation to me, André.”
“And so Jetje sinks away, but this sinking away affects her personality, her character traits, and that plunges her squarely into life on earth and has to act.
But it’s not so easy to act.
Her personality now breaks free from the earthly laws.
If there are any physical disturbances, she has to experience and cope with them too, and still she must hold her own.
Menstruation is enough to throw her off balance.
It’s not the soul that attracts these phenomena, no, the spirit or the personality has to experience this physical impact and must obviously deal with it; at present she’s not even capable of that.
It makes some women physically ill; Jetje deals with this spiritually.
This impact is too strong for her and it causes repercussions on her inner life.
Now this material and organic drive causes her to sink away, and she enters the world between life and death.
She now feels removed from the earth with all its laws and its entire people.
When she says something while she’s in that world, it bowls you over and sometimes you’re unable to give her an answer because your inner life has an entirely different attunement.
At present, Jetje feels and acts astrally.
This astral behaviour is considered to be an illness, a weakness of the spirit.
So if she had more will power, she would be in conscious possession of certain gifts and could serve as an instrument to the Beyond. But here again she lacks that higher consciousness which she must still acquire.
In other words, Mother Jet, during her sinking away, she dwells on a higher level of consciousness.
The remarkable thing about this case, her condition, is that science calls her mentally ill.
But is this true?
Certain spiritual phenomena show up very clearly.
Her sinking away tells us that she’s linking up with a different world, with life on the Beyond.
This sinking away grants her a broader feeling, a different consciousness, but she doesn’t know what to do with it.
What the earth looks upon as an illness, is understood by the Beyond as feeling and testing out higher values of life, the occult reality of past experiences, of which the masses on earth have no understanding.
Besides, many earthly experiences upset her balance, and this also makes her sink away and behave very clumsily, or she may get terribly overwrought.
It should now be clear to you that this means to Jetje the coming free from the earthly laws and that this has nothing to do with an illness.
How should a doctor treat a patient who shows these ‘symptoms’?
It really isn’t that simple for a scholar, because he knows just as little about all these laws.
Do you understand what I mean, Mother Jet?”
“I see her in a different light now, André.
I ought to have known this years ago.
How little doctors really know about the life of the soul.”
“These people can’t run ahead of science, Jet.
It’s well-known that they have to be able to prove everything scientifically, otherwise, it isn’t science to them, and besides, this is what science bases itself on.
In times to come everything will be different.
That doesn’t alter the fact that many patients meanwhile receive the wrong treatment.
Problems that are linked to a person’s inner life are not recognized.
Spiritual reality is left untouched and a clear analysis can therefore not yet be made.
If that were possible, then thousands of patients could be helped, because then we would experience the true phase, the spiritual core of the phenomenon, as well as the grade of life which the patient finds himself in.
The scientist would then be able to look behind the phenomenon and enter the subconscious of the spirit.
He would then be in touch with life and death, and between life and death there are lots of possibilities for an earthly person to elevate life and bring about physical and spiritual harmony for the mentally disturbed person during the time he dwells on earth.
Do you feel this, dear Jet?
This is where the personality has its gaps and these must be filled in.
Once this is accomplished, there will be no more sinking away.
“You’re a real brick, André.”
“What do you mean, Jet?”
“You certainly gave me an insight.”
“I didn’t say a word.”
“What’s that?
Then who was it that spoke to me like that?
You talked to me without stopping.”
“And yet I’m completely unaware of this, Mother Jet.”
“Heavens, where is this leading to, André?
Were you in a trance?
Then who was speaking to me?
How beautiful that was!
I understood everything.”
“Listen, dear Jet, what Master Alcar says now.”
“I spoke to you and yet you thought it was André speaking to your inner life.
Isn’t that so?”
“Yes, Master”, Mother Jet answered, not quite knowing whether it was still Master Alcar, because André was looking at her with his eyes wide open.
But she did notice a slight change in his face, while his eyes got a hazy look and had a different depth to them.
Again she heard: “You see, Mother Jet, this is the condition in which your child lives.
Is it clear to you now?
I used this example to make it plain to you.
You hear your child speaking, and yet it is not she.
In her present condition Jetje is like a sage.
Is my instrument not something similar?
Now pay close attention, Mother Jet.
I will now withdraw and let André continue.
I have already disappeared, yet our talk goes on.
Now I have withdrawn even more of myself.
Do you feel that, Jet?”
“So this is what’s happening: Jetje sinks away, but to me as a medium this either means that my master withdraws his life, or that I’m being drawn up into the life of my master.
A moment ago, Master Alcar demonstrated how Jetje sinks away.
But now Jetje must experience this life on earth.
Have you any idea of the powers that are needed to be able to experience earthbound consciousness?
And what Jetje must do to hold her own?
This is what Jetje’s world is like; her personality frees itself from the earth, which brings her closer to the Beyond.
And people call that mental illness, Mother Jet?
Jetje isn’t ill.
Jetje is busy awakening to this life; she has come to earth to acquire all these powers.
But the deeper we sink, the sooner we face real insanity.
However, she already acquired that consciousness during former lives.
So there’s no longer any danger of her becoming insane!”
Tears were running down Mother Jet’s cheeks.
She felt overwhelmed with gratitude.
“Enough for today”, was the message from Space for André, and he acted accordingly.
“And now you must go, Mother Jet, otherwise, it’ll prove too much for you.
First, let this get through to you.
It’s not only splendid and instructive for your life as a mother, but in addition this provides you with a foundation in the astral world.
Bye for now, Mother Jet.”
Mother Jet lives alone with her child.
Her husband moved away and left her to take care of Jetje.
Yet she believes that he needs help too.
She feels no hatred towards the man.
Jet feels love towards everything that God created on earth.
‘What a stupid fool that man is to abandon this mother’, André thinks.
‘Does he really believe that he could ever find a better wife elsewhere?’
But André senses that this is beside the point, something quite different is at stake.
This man is looking for a different kind of woman.
Maybe Jet is too good, too religious for his liking.
She’s not the one he wants to possess and love and cherish.
Mother Jet is a revelation, a conscious personality and she’s one hundred percent a mother.
She can do anything.
And someone like that is left behind?
André realizes that this man isn’t worthy of her yet, and that he’s completely ignorant of her life of feeling, because he still has to awaken to her grade of life.
That man can only be happy with his own kind, and Mother Jet stands for a higher grade of spiritual consciousness.
Jet says: ‘If he ever came back, I wouldn’t even be angry at him and I would accept him lovingly.
After all, God brought us together, and you’re not allowed to break that bond.’
The man lives in the same town and once a year he visits them, to leave again soon after.
There are some strange people dwelling on earth!
People search for love.
But when they find a love that is too great for them to handle, they abandon it.
Yet people of this kind claim that the other person has no love.
People don’t know each other; they still have to learn to know one another and get on with their own awakening.
They have to open up to the sacred truths within the other personality, and not lose themselves in their animal-like instincts.
The animal-like instinct has nothing to do with the spiritually conscious reality of the human personality.
André feels that the gap between these two people, who face each other as man and wife, results from the man refusing to show genuine love, and so they dare not expose themselves before God.
Mother Jet is completely open to him and bows down to the laws of God and Christ, her Master, whose feet she would gladly kiss.
But the man can’t accept the necessity to do so and passes it by, forever searching and groping, until he too faces death.
‘Mother Jet, what do you see out there in Space?
Look how he makes mistakes!
Wouldn’t you like to serve him, to help him, so that he too will be granted a place in Gethsemane?’
‘Come ..., ’she calls out to him from afar, ‘don’t you see that my whole life senses love, wants to give love?
Wasn’t I your life and soul when we were together?
You may follow me, and bow your head before Him, who created us and whose laws we must get to know, and have to master.
High above your head the melody of eternity rings out; stars and planets speak to us so that we will understand all that received the seed of life and was born.’
André knows her.
Mother Jet shows too much goodness.
He will share with her what he has, so that she can sustain the heavily burdened, complicated life of her child. This will prevent both these people from breaking down.
When she has learnt all she needs to know about her child, she too will have to stand on her own two feet.
To her and to her child he will reveal pure, genuine life, the mighty wisdom of the Beyond.
And in turn, these problems will increase his knowledge and awaken him to even higher laws.
The next day, Mother Jet returned and asked:
“Yesterday, André, you spoke about the spiritual food that Jetje must digest.
Is it really that difficult?”
“You think it isn’t?
Don’t forget that you see Jetje as a grown-up person, but she’s really a child, even though others may find nothing childlike about her.
I will now try to solve these problems for you, as my master is here.
Did you understand what Master Alcar and I told you yesterday?”
“It’s taken complete hold of me, I carry it around with me wherever I go.
I see it this way, André: Jetje has to experience life just like we do.
To us that’s nothing special, but to her it’s difficult.
Is her experience of life different from ours?
I feel that her balance in life is below standard.
So where does that lead us?
I can’t see my way out.
What do you think?”
“No, that won’t get you anywhere, and if I want to make headway I’ll have to tune in to Master Alcar myself.
We may think nothing of it, but this also brings physical problems upon the personality.
For Jetje this proves to be very difficult.
I’m beginning to see and feel how this problem is experienced, and now the words are getting through to me.
You must imagine your Jetje as someone who is studying.
But a student can’t suddenly become a professor.
Many people aim too high in life and then break down.
This is the way your child experiences these studies, her earthbound, physical existence in her case.
She has to deal with all her thoughts and turn them into deeds, but she lacks the necessary holy will power, because her personality isn’t ready for this yet.
Her grade of life possesses its own consciousness that still has to awaken to this cold and callous world.
She, in her childlike state of consciousness, now faces all these tremendous questions in life, which she must experience and deal with, but she lacks the real vital energy to do so.
As soon as she has managed to acquire this energy she’ll be able to stand on her own two feet.
Many people are unable to do so and they’re helpless.
We find these people who achieve nothing at all in our society amongst the multitude we encounter every day.
Others are well suited to their appointed tasks and make the best of things, to the satisfaction of their superiors.
This is clear, isn’t it? And it proves once more that many grades of people populate the earth.
To the Beyond these levels represent the grades of life of the material human being.
Mother Earth created seven grades of life, consisting of all kinds of people who each represent their own grade of life and form part of society.
What one of them may be capable of and have acquired, may be impossible to someone else.
We now face the grade of consciousness to which Jetje also belongs.
The materially-minded personality sometimes breaks down too, and then he’s no longer himself.
These are the earthly-sensitive, the materially conscious ones who, in the eyes of society, perform miracles, but they break down where the astral world is concerned, because all these people must still open up to the spiritual laws of life.
If these people were assigned a spiritual task, they would give way too, because the spiritual grade of life necessarily represents a totally different world of which the materially-minded person has no notion.
Those people, Mother Jet, must give all their inner acquirements to hold their own in this society.
Some of them feel and experience the gravity of their lives as a terrible burden that has been laid upon their shoulders.
But let’s get back to Jetje.
Jetje doesn’t possess those physical energies, that brutal mentality; she’s searching for the higher kind of life.
And so she doesn’t possess any lower traits that can stabilize her personality and protect it and make it assert itself on earth, because due to her high sensitivity she is, like you, completely helpless and faces a world full of incomprehension and rigid violence.
Her spiritual life is like a delicate flower; she experiences this purity and now sings her childlike song, in which she is herself, and will remain so.
Her naive attitude of mind brims over with happiness.
Sometimes her emotional feelings reach the silence that prevails throughout the universe and within the truth of life. Then suddenly, she once again finds herself placed before terrible problems which she must cope with and solve on her own, if she wants to be able to continue this happy state of life.
Had she been able to experience the spheres of light on this earth, then, Mother Jet, you would have been able to assess her pure personality and even follow her into its depths.
Your own life could have been drawn up into this condition and made to open, because this harmonious state of the spirit pertains to a higher consciousness!
But the consciousness of earthly life isn’t that far, that high yet.
Harshness, rigidity and inhumanity close in on her.
She faces the reality of this rough existence.
Now she must act, and must experience her character traits, although she’s still very far removed from this mentality.
What now?
If she sinks away – and you’ll feel this when it happens – then daily life will make her lose her footing and this will lead her into a disharmonious condition.
Her day-conscious self can neither look upon nor assimilate this sham-reality, which appears incomprehensible and horrid to her, and so she turns rebellious.
Social life oppresses her day-conscious self, as it’s too heavy for her to bear and can’t be absorbed by her spirit which subsequently causes her to collapse.
Did she learn anything from our society?
No, nothing at all!
She experiences her own destruction and she’s unable to build it up again spiritually.
Jetje must learn to cope with the rhythm and the pace of society, this material atmosphere within her everyday life, in order to achieve a spiritual and material awakening.
This will make her personality grow.
If we follow this child in her development, you will notice how this growth process works wonders, wonders, which an adult being must also experience.
Jetje is growing up, but her inner personality lags behind.
Her organism continues to develop; yet the spirit can’t keep up with the working and driving force because Jetje’s inner being focuses on spiritual truths and forces.
So she’s ready for the next world, but she lags behind in this material world.
All this has its origin in her former life.
As a priestess and a nun she experienced nothing of life.
Everyone has to make up for that kind of standstill, because the laws of nature demand that father- and motherhood be experienced!
So it’s impossible for life to bypass God’s creation, even if the contrary is claimed on earth.
The cosmic laws continue to make demands on the human soul, and nobody can escape these laws, because the entire Universe and everything it encompasses is founded on these divine laws.
This means that the soul as a human being must experience and subsequently master the laws of creation and birth if it wants to make any progress in its next life; otherwise, the process of its evolution comes to a standstill.
This means for her becoming conscious of this world, and of her spiritual inner life.
Now don’t think that Jetje has been raised above your level in life and consciousness, that’s impossible.
I will show you that Jetje still has to experience the laws which you have already overcome.
Besides, I already told you that she still has to acquire supernatural consciousness. As a spiritually attuned personality, she could already have held her own ground, but she cannot do so.
Above all I must explain to you, that she isn’t an unconscious person, yet she’s more conscious according to many spiritual laws than you are, because she has a feeling for the laws of life and death.
So we see that Jetje lives between both worlds, where she has to create her own existence.
This is hardest of all.
Every yogi, fakir or initiate from the East could tell you this, Mother Jet.
If you want to obtain a spiritual grade, you will have to face thousands of problems, and each one can determine your life, according to which you must act, and which you must overcome one by one, or you would soon be looked upon as a mentally ill person.
Thousands of these people break down under the strain of their spiritual study.
All these people are attuned to those laws in a natural way and are far ahead of our Western kind of inner life.
They must, nevertheless accept that they are not suited for the occult studies offered by their temples.
Those people want to get to know the laws that prevail between life and death.
Spiritually, they cut their ties with this earth and dwell in astral Space, but physically they’re still on earth.
If they happen to have feeble traits of character, these will cause their personality to crumble, and they either go insane or they become possessed.
At the moment, your Jetje feels no different.
In her own way she also experiences two worlds at the same time.
Whenever she comes in contact with the astral world, then from an earthly point of view she takes ill.
At present, many consider her to be abnormal, a person who lacks consciousness.
Do you sense the spiritual reality of her condition?
If you do, then can you understand that this spells misery for her day-conscious self?
If so, then you will see your child with different eyes, in a manner you have neither known nor were ever able to perceive her before.
Mother Jet, what Jetje possesses and feels today, the things that determine her earthly life, must still be learnt and mastered by all mankind.
Jetje represents the purest love, a natural form of psychology which has cosmic depth, and is at the same time related to the stars and planets that bear meaning to our life on earth, but which our science hasn’t the slightest notion of yet.
On earth they call this weakness of the personality, and yet, to the spiritual world this condition is known as depth!
This depth is something you haven’t got, Mother Jet.
This sensitivity is supernatural and pertains to life after death.
But you name a psychologist who takes life after death and its related laws to heart!
What Jetje needs now is an environment that empathizes with her.
Jetje needs to be taken care of, but our society lacks the necessary sensitivity.
Can you follow all this, Mother Jet?”
“This is fabulous, André, how do you know all this?”
“You seem to forget that at the moment I’m being inspired to speak, that it’s Master Alcar, not a word of it is mine.
All the same, isn’t it a wonder that my inner life is able to pick up pure, cosmic answers to thousands of questions?
It tells you that all the people on this earth can reach this height, and that there is more between heaven and earth than merely clouds and sky.
Still, they tell you that death is the ultimate end!
All this wisdom belongs to the Beyond.
Every second of the day I am connected with that world and am I able to receive the answers.
Is mankind far enough advanced to be willing to bow its head to this vital wisdom?
But now you must leave, Mother Jet, there are others who need my help.”
The next day of treatment found Jetje in a totally different mood.
She was very glad that André had come over, and this time she willingly submitted to his treatment.
Peace had come into her life, and the past days had refreshed her spirit and body, which calmed her down.
Her monthly period was over.
The body no longer dominated the spirit, so that this child had now regained physical and spiritual harmony.
All the same, André thought, it’s remarkable how her personality couldn’t even cope with a natural event such as menstruation.
Millions of women go through this process without any problems; they didn’t give it a second thought.
The pulsation of the blood, this entirely natural process, put Jetje under a tremendous pressure that caused repercussions on her life of feeling.
As André continued to descend into her feelings, the situation became clear to him.
All Jetje needed was a little more power in her personality to cope with this physical world, and she would turn into a sound physical human being, who could live her life without disorders.
He also felt that there wasn’t a single human being who could ever run away from this.
Everyone had to undergo these grades and master them.
Only then could the physical laws be experienced.
He saw and experienced these laws and he felt deep down what his master was showing him.
He thanked his Master Alcar for all the wisdom he was once again receiving and which this vision had conveyed to him.
He learned from it and made himself familiar with this wisdom.
Master Alcar let him know what he meant when he spoke about the physical laws and André saw them appear in his mind’s eye.
What he perceived was a mother with her child.
His master couldn’t have explained it more clearly.
This time motherhood would not be granted to Jetje, and yet she had absorbed the laws that applied to this life, which had been given to her by the mother-body.
Alcar said that he would take him along into the depths of all these cosmic problems.
Later on, after he had reached the appropriate level, all these laws would be explained to him through cosmic attunement, and then he would descend with his master into the deepest depths of maternal love, so that he would get to know this woman, the mother.
André sees that his master has connected him with the Cosmos, the immensity of God as the Mother.
In whose womb the human soul was born.
André faces almost insurmountable problems, deep truths that all relate to life after death.
He feels that it’s the maternal love that dominates all these laws, and which, being the birth-giving power, must represent God and man’s rights of existence.
He understood his master with the same clarity as he now felt and knew Jetje.
What Jetje refused to accept in her former lives has now turned into her own fate.
A secluded life and her consent to priesthood caused Jetje to lag behind.
She ought to have become a mother!
This enabled André to learn the real purpose of life on earth.
Father- and motherhood are divine laws, which the soul as a human being had to experience, as a result of which the personality would awaken.
This explained why Jetje had broken down in her own condition.
She now lived in disharmony; because in several of her lives she had neglected the natural laws of motherhood, and that had slowed down her own evolution process and her return to God and His creations.
In the meantime, Jetje had fallen asleep.
He let her sleep and left.
That afternoon Mother Jet came to see him and asked:
“May I disturb you for a moment, André?
How is Jetje doing?”
“I think she’s at ease.
Now that the bodily impact has come to a halt for another month, her organism has closed itself off and she’s at peace again.
This feeling of nervous exhaustion will repeat itself every month, because it affects her severely and diminishes her strength.
Nonetheless, she has become stronger and is able to offer more resistance.”
“That’s what I wanted to tell you.
I can clearly see how she took things differently this time.
Did Jetje absorb that strength herself, I mean does this stem from the personality itself or does it merely concern the personality in some way or another?
What is it really?”
André had to smile.
He understood Jet, but Jet didn’t understand him.
She asked him: “Why are you laughing?”
“It’s very simple, Mother Jet.
A while ago a scholar came to visit me who wanted to ask me some questions.
He was a professor.
But when this learned man wanted to put his spiritual question into words, he stumbled over them as if he were a chronic stutterer.
That made me laugh too, although I didn’t show it.
There you are, I thought.
Not a single person can look behind the veil on his own strength.
I had to help him to think, and Master Alcar told me off.
He called out to me:
‘Do not let this man sense that you see through him, otherwise, he will not be able to open up again.’
This man was unable to ask a spiritual question.
Neither can you, nor can thousands of others.
But some time ago a child came to see me, a young girl of seventeen, who asked questions that made my head spin. Master Alcar was delighted, because they contained sparkling wisdom.
The professor said later:
‘I’m only a student in this field, and gladly so, because you have not only convinced me, but your books have provided my wife and me with eternal happiness.
I know that you won’t be surprised when I tell you that we now experience the ‘openness’, the pure clarity of God which had always remained closed to both of us, but which we thirsted for deep down.
Now we’re immersed in it!
We have begun to see.
What a revelation!’
That’s true simplicity, Mother Jet, and there are many nowadays who give great pleasure to the Beyond and to me too.
If you can’t visualize the situation, Mother Jet, then there are no questions to be put.
The matter is then kept clear of your own inner life and belongs to another world.
I am now the connecting link for everyone, while all those people have become pupils, even though many of them possess a university degree.
However, your question connects me with the laws of life of your child.
Jetje’s personality absorbs these magnetic forces and relays them to her physical organism.
This machine, however, is very complicated; the entire nervous system is of great significance for the driving of the healing aura of life.
If I were in disharmony with her inner life, Mother Jet, then I would cause your child more harm, than rest and peace, because she must internalize these forces.
But I know that I’m allowed to give her rest.
In addition, my master’s pure inspiration has a healing effect on her tired nerves, which thereby become effectively stimulated.
If my life radiates unrest, then this unruly energy will also be absorbed by Jetje, which she must then experience deep within, physically too.
On the surface the treatment may seem to have done her good, but that energy will slowly impair her healthy, vital constitution and undermine her vital strength, which is very weak.
This means that I’m able to support her – yet I could also contribute to her breakdown – as my conscious thinking and feeling act tangibly and vigorously on all the grades of life between heaven and earth.
I mean that I can be open to thousands of influences, which then go through her, because I am connected to the Universe.
Both highly and lowly attuned personalities live in here.
Pre-animal and spiritual forces which come to us as vital life aura and which I pass onto her life.
In other words, Jetje gets linked up with those laws.
However, her personality has now become creative, and she’s capable of fending off the lower powers so that she can protect herself again.
But if I go on treating her, then I assure you that sooner or later that self-protection will dissolve and will be conquered by me, because by then all the tissues will have become influenced by this magnetism of life that continues to dominate.
This proves that the medium is not only able to perform constructive work; he can also destroy whatever the personality has built up after much battling, grief and sorrow.
Our influence can therefore become dangerous, and every patient must first be thoroughly convinced of the true character of a healer if his or her spiritual downfall is to be avoided.
And that’s what makes Jetje flinch.
She fathomed me like no patient ever did before.
It was grievous and very distressing, but I must accept it.
I’m telling you that nobody can hide from Jetje.
She gives you conclusive information about a person’s character and you can rely on that, because she absorbs that vital truth as vital fluid.
She has substantiated this on various occasions.
You know all about this, she can see through the walls of your room and the next morning she blandly tells you what you were reading, feeling and reflecting on.
Nothing remains hidden from her when she’s in this sensitive condition.
Master Alcar says that my aura will automatically tend to get in touch with her inner life.
And this life drives my powers towards the central nervous system, and in turn, the organism relays this impact to the personality.
This makes Jetje react in a different, more tranquil and steady manner.”
“That’s wonderful, André.
Last night I lay in bed thinking about your books. I had intended to ask you: what will happen if Jetje were to die suddenly?
What will her condition be like then?”
“Master Alcar says that Jetje will be at peace in her own sphere.
There she will be one with divine nature, as he already told you, and she will no longer experience any physical disorders, as she will then belong to the conscious astral world and its spiritual harmony.
When Jetje passes on, she will enter the attunement of her own life.
Your child wants to experience nothing but peace and quiet, kindness and love, and be pure in the eyes of God.
She will then experience genuine sanity, the urge to ascend towards God, and the highest possible harmony which, even though it’s not of this coarse earth, was nevertheless created by man who dwells within the astral world.
In the face of God there is everlasting peace.
Jetje is not mentally retarded, Mother Jet, she’s a hyper-sensitive child brimming with stimuli that are brought to the surface via this physical existence, and which she has to deal with.
This is not what her inner life and her spiritual attunement are looking for.
She wants to build up her spiritual Realm, of which she is a child, wanting to partake of its divine revelations.
Her feelings are very keen; they well up out of her deep, spiritual life that adheres to the laws of natural harmony on the Beyond.
There she will be one with Divine Life, and her sisters and brothers will welcome her there and lavish the love on her, which she is searching for now, but will not find down here.
On the Beyond she will be free of all her physical and earthly disorders, and then you, Mother Jet, her mother, will be facing a spiritually conscious person.
How will you act?
I’m telling you – in the name of my master, don’t forget – that at present Jetje is no further than you are, because she too must now acquire that great, loving strength which you already possess.
There she will have to prove what she would be capable of in your situation.
In other words: there too she will have to prove her spiritual willingness, and then she can begin to serve others, just as you do!
So, physical disorders will be unknown to her there, because she will have left the raw violence of this world behind.”
“I understand, André, and I’m very thankful to you.
I’m so glad that I’ll be with her over there, and that I’ll be able to do something for my child.”
“You’ll be disappointed, Mother Jet!”
“You scare me, André.
What do you mean?”
“When you get there and meet Jetje, believe me, you can do anything you like for her, but please don’t forget that Jetje will then have to stand on her own feet.
Don’t think for a moment that you must constantly watch over her to prevent her from sinking away again.
The laws of the Beyond will force her to take her life in her own hands.
You will both be pupils of a conscious astral personality.
You’ll be able to do things for each other at a later stage, when you’re ready for the astral laws.’
“But we will meet each other, won’t we?”
“Nothing can sever the link between a mother and her child.
You must love each other, there most of all; otherwise, your development will come to a standstill.
But the laws of the beyond must be experienced, Mother Jet.
That’s something no-one cannot get away from.”
“I understand, André.
I must have read your books at least a dozen times, and I may say that I understand some of it.
I have become familiar with hells and heavens, and to me it all sounds very beautiful and just.
It’s as clear as can be. When Jetje reaches her own sphere, she will also feel free of all earthly misery and then she will become spiritually conscious.
I feel that she’ll be further than I am, but in some things – she says so herself – I’m the one who’s ahead.
What always surprises me is, that she knows what I’m doing and what I’m thinking about.
This very morning she said:
‘Well, mother, so you spent a couple of hours reading again?’
Of course that scared me, André.
And then she added: ‘The things you’ve just been reading about, mother, I can see them before me.
These conditions are terrible.’
I then asked her, ‘What are you talking about, child?’
‘What I am talking about?
About those dark spheres, of course.
Weren’t you reading about those hells that André describes?’
And do you know what, André? I especially took care to hide your books.
She wouldn’t even find them if she tore the house apart.
It frightens me to think that she’s able to know all this, and I can see her sinking away again.
Do you think that she will soon suffer another relapse, André?”
“No, not yet, Jet.
This ‘seeing’ is caused by the treatment, as she is now under my influence.
My life-aura pushes her upward.
So how is Jetje tuned in?”
“Oh, stop it, I know what you mean.
Do you know what else she said?
‘You’re really unable to imagine what this means to André, who had to witness all those dark, demonic spheres.
I understand him and you can’t.’
And you should have seen the way she looked!
I said: ‘But really, dear, that’s quite natural, I understand you completely.
André experiences these things in complete consciousness.’
Then she said: ‘I’ll have a talk with him about those books, he will know whether I can understand them.’
What do you think, André?”
“She may ask me questions, but only if she feels at a loss with herself. She is enough unto herself.”
“But I thought she wasn’t supposed to read?”
“She can’t assimilate all that material yet, Mother Jet, it would only destroy her day-conscious self.
It’s my task to pull her out of that world.
Only then will she find peace.”
“And yet she knows it all, André.
She immediately understands all of it and I stand there dumbfounded, unable to give her an answer.
A while ago she said:
‘What are you talking about, mother? We’ve got to do it ourselves!’
I asked her: ‘What do you mean, dear?’
‘What do I mean?
Isn’t that obvious?
People think that Christ died for us and that we can follow in His footsteps.
But that’s not what it’s all about.
We must get to know ourselves, and try to harmonize our lives with His.
God must be awaken inside of us.’
And then she gives you a look that could frighten you, utterly calm and conscious at the same time.
In moments like that she’s far from being ill.
She talks the way I hear you talk, André.
Immediately afterwards she said:
‘You must never get angry with Dad.
We really should help the man because he’s unhappy.
He will have to make amends for leaving us.
After all, he behaved like that because he possesses no love.
Who could ever leave his wife and child and follow Christ at the same time?
The Christ must yet awaken in Dad’s life.’
That bowls you over and makes you think: child, where on earth did you get all that knowledge?
At times like that she’s so much on the alert that I could envy her.
She doesn’t say a word for hours on end, and suddenly she calls me over and begins to talk again.
Whatever she says in those moments always hits home and it’s well-thought over.
She also says things like: ‘I really know what I must do, mother.
I’ve got to keep my thoughts well focussed on myself and then nothing from that other world can bother me.
That’s what André will tell me, you just wait.’
Then I asked her: ‘Who is this André?’
She answers with a question, ‘What’s that, mother?
Aren’t you busy reading his books?’
Imagine, André, at that very moment I was about to start reading.
So she couldn’t have known.
What do you think of that?”
“A parapsychologist would call it telepathy, Mother Jet.”
“And is it really telepathy?”
“Yes, it is.
Alcar tells me now that Jetje will get all she can out of you.
Whenever you’re reading, she knows about it.”
“Why is that?”
“You both experience the same condition, so you’ve got the same attunement.
She’s attuned to the first sphere, and so are you.
At that moment you are one in feeling, and this enables Jetje to read into your life.
She can’t possibly receive this information from the Beyond, because that would cause her to go insane.
As she’s spiritually sensitive, she draws everything from her own surroundings, sometimes, even things that happen far away.
Lots of people possess this sensitivity.
Some time ago, a lady wrote a letter to a friend.
She mentioned this to an acquaintance, but said nothing about the contents of the letter.
This acquaintance wrote to that same friend.
And guess what happened?
Both women wrote exactly the same letter, word for word.
The letters could have been copies.
These two women also possess one attunement and are connected with each other; otherwise, this would not have been possible.
They established this contact through telepathy, and their own grade of life caused this to take effect.
But in Jetje’s case there’s an additional factor.
When she sinks away, she opens up to clairvoyance as well as clairaudience, and then she hears voices coming to her out of Space.
But this spells danger to her, because you’ll find all the grades of life of this earth, all the grades of good and evil.
Now if one of her character traits is attuned to an astral being, then that astral personality can reach her.
You probably know by now that she has already overcome her lower feelings, otherwise, she would have become possessed long ago.
Now that she’s no longer passionate, and her personality has remained pure in this life too, she has managed to close herself off to the terrible violence of the unconscious astral world.
In addition, she received some help, which her guardian spirit took care of.
So this is all very natural, Mother Jet, if you can follow her life.
In the eyes of many spiritualists Jetje is gifted, clairaudient and clairvoyant, which isn’t really the case, because she doesn’t feel and hear all those things when her consciousness of herself is normal, for she too is an average, normal human being in this.
She only experiences this hypersensitivity during her illness.”
“I understand, André, it’s a miracle.”
“It’s not a wonder at all, Jet, these are the laws of life of the soul as a human being.
Jetje is attuned to the hereafter, which enables her to feel and hear.
And since you both have the same attunement, she draws those things from your life that touches her inner being; all the rest passes through her life without her noticing.
A fortnight ago two ladies came to see me.
One of them was very sensitive and told me that she was a medium.
While she was away on holiday the other lady read my book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.
When the former returned home, she thought that some higher influence was casting a spell on her, and she recorded the following:
‘I am Lantos Dumonché.
My life is filled with love, but how hard it has been.
And I want to make all this known to mankind.
Through you, my dear child, I want to tell the story of my life.
Will you submit yourself to me?
Please grant me this blessing.
My search for an instrument seemed endless.
At long last I have found you.’
The lady was aware of the fact that she was writing and truly believed that she was receiving this through spiritual inspiration or during half-trance, because her pen was racing across the paper.
After she had written down the message, she said to her friend: ‘Come and read this.
I received this just a moment ago.’
The friend was startled by this wonder.
‘My dear’, she said in her initial astonishment, ‘what a wonder, how beautiful this is.
All private thoughts have been excluded here.
This is miraculously beautiful, it must have come through from the Beyond.’
But then they began to talk and when the other had recovered from her amazement, she said: ‘But, hasn’t this Lantos already written a book?
Look, here it is.’
Yes, it did seem rather strange to them, but the mediumistic lady was not to be put off and went on writing, filling page after page.
Shortly afterwards they tracked down my address and paid me a visit.
I asked Master Alcar how this was possible and got the following for an answer: ‘Telepathy, André, that’s all it is, nothing else!
This is an example of an entirely telepathic experience.’
But the two ladies didn’t like that at all.
They thought fit to ask whether I believed that spirits could only communicate through me.
I explained their case to them in full detail, and Master Alcar also instructed me tell them that none of his adepts ever get through via other mediums, nor does he himself ever give this a thought, because it would destroy more than it could ever benefit.
After all, this would only cause a lot of disorder.
Nowhere else on earth but here would Lantos pass on any of his thoughts, otherwise, he would be obstructing Master Alcar, whose adept he is.
This lady believed that she was sensitive enough to free herself from the consciousness she had personally acquired.
If they can’t accept this, Master Alcar added, then let them go; sooner or later they will go to pieces.
They will have to accept that all those thoughts emerged from their own feelings.
But not a word of it came from us!
They still couldn’t let go of this ‘gift’ and they parted in a very disappointed frame of mind.
However, a short time later one called the other a fraud.
This nearly put an end to their sister-love and friendship.
I know for a fact that there was a lot of bitching.
That lady had telepathically taken various words over from her friend; however, soon the truth was revealed.
Lantos’ book had influenced her.
Some people have a sensitivity that enables them to read from a closed book.
Yet this is only possible while they’re not aware of it, otherwise, they close themselves off from the higher, spiritual form of telepathy.
In her case she experienced in an unconscious way that they were one in feeling.
A true medium does this consciously, but the results are the same.
Jetje can’t avoid experiencing these telepathic powers, because that’s how she’s connected with you.
However, Jetje doesn’t possess the conscious power to experience this either.
Gifts emerge, but these gifts are in the hands of the Beyond.
What these sensitive beings possess is merely a related feeling, and that’s all!
Now that other lady happens to be more sensitive than Jetje.
But do you understand that if this lady didn’t possess this personality, she too would fall back into that other world and then experience the same as Jetje?
She’s stronger in the spirit; her personality can stand up to this life as well as to the other.
She won’t break down, and this is the kind of strength Jetje still has to acquire.
This example will enable you to see Jetje in yet a different light, and you learn to know, sense and understand her spiritually.
It’s also clear, Master Alcar says, that thousands of people are locked up in mental homes because of this sensitivity.
I will get to know the laws that affect the lives of all those people.
They encompass thousands of problems, because every soul possesses its own world and its own grade of life.
However, we must distinguish between a pathological and a healthy form of insanity, a conscious and an unconscious type.
These are my master’s words and he will show me the pertaining laws.
So what should we do now, Mother Jet?”
“Wait and see, André.”
“Exactly, you’ve said it, there’s nothing more we can do, or we would be taking premature action.
Her spirit must first absorb everything.
Do you now understand, Mother Jet, that children cannot become insane?”
“Now that you mention it, yes, it’s all clear to me.
How simple everything is at heart.
I understand, André.”
“What makes you understand?”
“Because it’s what I feel, André.”
“No Mother Jet, that’s not an answer.
You must be able to explain this to me in terms of the astral laws.”
“That’s not so easy.”
“You see! You feel it, but you can’t give a realistic answer.
So you don’t know after all.
But if you could sense it correctly, and knew the laws of life and death, then you would be able to come up with the proper answer.
You would then live in it, but at the moment you’re just a fraction out of step.
So here’s the answer.
Master Alcar says,
A child is attuned to the process of growing and is out of reach.
Insanity belongs to the adult level of consciousness.
The personality can only be reached after the body has also attained maturity.
Only then can we think in terms of physical and spiritual unity.’
Did you sense this, Jet?”
“Now I understand, André.”
“Well then, my master addresses your life, and your personality and tells you that Jetje has remained like that child.
Even though her body has matured, her inner life hasn’t discarded its childlike traits.
Jetje knows no physical desires.
If those desires had been focussed on passion, you would have had to take your child to a mental home when she was nineteen, because then she herself would have attracted that influence, those people, those astral personalities who would have used her to run wild.
But your child has remained a child.
She’s a chaste girl who has therefore protected herself against total ruin.”
“Oh André, you make me so happy.
Only now do I really begin to know Jetje.”
“And that’s necessary, Jet.
If you want to be able to lend your child a helping hand whenever she needs it, and mean something to her in this life, then you must be able to sense her inner life.
The more you know about life after death, the better it is for her, because this will rouse her, and your own spiritual consciousness will grow.
If Jetje feels that she isn’t really in touch with you anyway, then she’ll withdraw within herself and become unreachable for you.
This withdrawal may also endanger her life, because it will open her up to the astral world.
This inner withdrawal is wrong for her, and it has a wearying effect. It would blot out her own protection.
Deep down she would part with this earth and her own surroundings, and completely let go of you too, because she would feel that you had nothing to give.
Her young life happens to be very demanding, but your strong maternal love will know how to comply with her desires, and with all that lies dormant within her.
Keep your inner being open to her, so she can always come to you with her questions.
Jetje should be grateful that she got you as a mother.
Believe me, Mother Jet, if you hadn’t possessed this consciousness, then you would nonetheless have had to put her in a mental home, and no-one could have done anything.
You gave her this motherly support while she was still inside your womb.
Before she was born she already absorbed your spiritual strength; this proved to be of great help to her during the first years of her life.
If the parents of children like Jetje all knew what you know now, and cherished the pure, truly religious feelings that you possess, then there wouldn’t be as many mental cases in this world.
It’s also true that the parents are to blame for their children’s downfall when it comes to influencing the day-consciousness of the child.
This means that every soul brings its own laws of karma and of cause and effect into this world, the law of cause and effect for life as a human being.
After all, we know that the soul as a personality has to experience its own laws of life, but parents can make things so much easier, because they can achieve what I am giving you and Jetje now.
But the human beings who are spiritually unconscious ‘want no hocus-pocus’.
The maternal consciousness of the masses is still asleep.
When these masses awaken, life on earth will become a paradise.
Until then we’ll have to wait and show our colours, and the masses will have to accept their own unconscious way of feeling and thinking.
And this sets all the people who have not acquired this conscious, motherly feeling at a loss.”
“Why don’t you hold lectures, André, you could make thousands very happy.”
“Master Alcar says: ‘That’s for later’, Mother Jet!
Have you heard enough for today?
Then you’d better go home again.”
Mother Jet leaves.
She knows for certain now, that her child won’t become insane.
This knowledge is a great support to her.
For months things go reasonably well, with variable courses, but suddenly Jetje has a breakdown.
Mother Jet is at her wits’ end.
When André comes to visit Jetje, she refuses to be treated by him.
She immediately tells him:
“What do you want from me?
You can’t help me anyway.
You’re Jozef Rulof, aren’t you?
André, he’s the one who can do it, you’re just an imitation of him.
And you don’t need look at me like that.
It’s the truth.
I don’t need your help.
I’ve got to do this by myself.
Go away, you!”
André thought: ‘So I’m left standing with empty hands.
Jetje is out of reach.
She wants to run away, but her mother won’t let her out of the room.’
Jetje takes no more notice of André, and André acts as if she’s not there, and chats with her mother.
Mother Jet understands: there’s nothing one can do for Jetje at the moment.
André sees his master and hears:
“Let her be, André.
She will fall back into this condition a few times yet, and then she will be able to hold her own.
Do you feel what you are doing for her now?
I will tell you.
What we can achieve means several years of benefit to her.
We are helping to bear her up; otherwise, she would have already collapsed.
You can quietly return home in a little while, and we will treat her from a distance.
Do not worry, she will get better.”
André left and Mother Jet followed him into the hall; she wanted reassurance.
But after he had gone, Mother Jet was told off in no uncertain terms by Jetje who had apparently picked up every word that had been spoken.
It startled Mother Jet badly, because she felt that Jetje had been very tough on her.
“Just imagine, André”, Mother Jet told him when she managed to get out for a moment and drop by at André’s home, “when you left, she really let go at me.
She literally told me:
‘The next time you see André to the door, don’t talk to him.
I hear everything that’s said anyway.
You needn’t think that I’ll stay here, shut up in my own little circle. I’m going to get out of this!
I know exactly what I’m doing.
If I am angry, mother’, this came over lips in a soft and very sweet tone, ‘please forgive me.
I really don’t want to hurt you.
But sometimes I feel like smashing everything to pieces.
Especially when you stand there talking to him.
I can see through walls and I hear everything.
This is how you were standing’”
“She dwells between life and death at the moment, Jet”, André pointed out.
“That’s marvelous, but this is getting neither her nor us anywhere at all.
In future I’ll leave immediately.
But you see now what Jetje’s like.”
“Why would she want to smash everything to pieces, André?”
André tuned in on his master and heard:
“She now dwells between life and death and experiences the splitting of her personality.
Do you feel, Mother Jet, that when she’s in this condition, causing her to fall back again – meaning that she takes leave of her earthly consciousness, of her grade of life down here – that Jetje is then linked up with Space, which also harbours evil?
This is her condition.
Jetje has done away with fifteen percent, at the very most, of her day-conscious self.
She now begins to consciously feel in the astral world and she’ll experience its inherent good as well as its evil, violence.
If she were to consciously convert to crudeness while she’s in this condition, she would then be unable to extricate herself and could very well behave accordingly.
However, this hasn’t happened yet, she’s got herself in hand. But if she were to grow weaker and weaker, then she would sink away until she’d be unable to keep control over herself.
She would then be urged on by those dark influences, insofar as they’re able to reach her.
If there were passion in her – you can guess the rest – then that world of darkness would take over her whole personality, her day-conscious self would be lost and she would be totally possessed.
If Jetje were seen in this condition, she would be reckoned to be insane, but she can’t be, because it’s impossible for her entire personality to be drawn into that crude world.
That’s why this is called splitting of the personality.
It is the partial loss of the day-conscious self.
This makes her insensitive to the earth, but at the same time she is, to a certain extent, tuned in to the astral world.
That’s all there is!
For a little while she may lose herself in that world.
Neither her personality nor her life is adjusted to society during that time, because her life is not conscious anymore.
She acts in a way, which differs, from her normal behaviour, which lasts until she regains her peace.
She will then be able to recover.
She will presently remain in this condition for quite a while and she will have to be confined for a short time.”
“And I needn’t worry in spite of that?”
“Master Alcar tells me: definitely not!
Not now and never again, Mother Jet.
She’ll get over these relapses too.”
“How can I ever thank you for all this wisdom, André.
I can’t find the words to express it.”
“Be grateful to God that we got to know each other, Mother Jet.
We can learn a lot from this too, and that is how it’s meant to be.”
Jetje quietened down and once more everything went well.
But a few months later the trouble began anew.
Again it was the menstruation that taxed her spiritual balance and made her sink away.
Jetje became overwrought to such an extent that she ran into the garden one day and simply pulled a tree out of the earth as if this was child’s play.
That same evening they took her away.
But after a week she had recovered sufficiently for the doctors to tell Mother Jet that she could soon leave the institution.
Mother Jet went over to André and asked:
“What do you think about that, André?
Please ask Master Alcar for his opinion.”
André’s master said that for the time being she ought to be left where she was, as she was about to suffer another relapse.
Mother Jet immediately promised to follow his advice, even though the doctors insisted that Jetje should be taken home again.
The doctor asked her why she didn’t come to fetch her child, and when she replied that she expected another breakdown, they didn’t believe her.
It just wasn’t possible.
But a few days later the doctor had to face the fact that Mother Jet was right.
Mother Jet felt compelled to tell André her feelings. “How true the words are, which you received for me from your master.”
The doctor asked me, ‘How did you know?’
And there I was, not knowing what to say!
But I did give him an honest answer. ‘He who lives between heaven and earth sometimes shows us the right moment, doctor.’
His only reply was, ‘I beg your pardon?’
Hadn’t the doctor understood what I said?
When I told him how this wisdom had come to me, he wasn’t even very surprised, André.
It seems that some doctors are gradually showing a little more interest in these things.
A few days later I met him again, and he laughed and asked me:
‘What’s in store for us now?’
I immediately heard myself say: ‘This will take quite some time yet, doctor, you’ll see.’
At that moment it was just as if you had spoken to my life and prompted me to say these words.
He went his way, but I thought to myself, we will wait and see!”
Jetje remained in this condition for four weeks.
After that, Mother Jet saw her child return to normal.
Again Jetje wanted to go home and her longing grew all the time.
She’s peaceful, and she eats and drinks and she sleeps a lot better.
Her doctor became more cautious and is still keeping her there.
Nevertheless, Jetje’s intense longing to go home is very upsetting for Mother Jet.
But André received a message from his master telling him that she should be left there just a little longer.
Jetje’s longing must increase, must get more and more intense, until she can’t stand it for another hour.
“But why?” Mother Jet asks.
“I know you’ll think I’m weak, André, but I can’t bear the imploring look in her eyes when I leave her.
This afternoon she said:
‘You’re so heartless, mother.
The doctor says that I’m well, and yet you leave me here.
I want to go home.
I can’t stay with all these people any longer.’
The tears were running down her cheeks, André.
It was awful.
What do you think?
What does Master Alcar say to this?”
“That you need a thorough spanking, Mother Jet.
You cry-baby, what’s the use of all these tears?
You’re behaving like a child.
Where is all Mother Jet’s greatness?
It’s gone; suddenly, it has completely vanished.
But I can understand.
Listen carefully to what we’re about to receive; there’s a lot you can learn from it.
Master Alcar tells you this:
‘When your child feels how miserable her surroundings are, she’ll feel other desires emerging within, and that power of feeling, which the personality experiences during its day-consciousness, will strengthen her character traits.’
But the thing is, which traits?”
Mother Jet has no idea.
André opens up to his master and conveys the words that are spoken to him.
“This concerns the character traits that belong to her stronger and better self, and which relate to normal society and the conscious, physical personality.
Her feeling and thinking in this condition, amongst all these sick people, is disappointing and destructive, it’s like a prison to her.
But the more intense her feelings of confinement get, the better it is for her real personality that has to become part of society with its variety of people of all sorts.
It means that she learns through her misery and strengthens her own grade of life, which keeps on increasing her resistance while she’s in this condition.
Not a single soul can evade this process, because all God’s life awakens through grief.
The longing to return home will bring about your child’s cure.
Presently, when she’s back again amongst other people, she’ll be able to offer more resistance and preserve herself from sinking away.
All her character traits are now being influenced and reinforced as a result of the misery she has gone through.
At the moment, this is the best medicine she can get.
It’s good for the personality, and also for the body, even though the personality benefits most.
You will experience this at a later stage.
She now puts a stop to the things that previously brought her down and caused disharmony to her.
She must be able to say: until here and no further, only then will she have mastered herself and be ready for society.
Her present experiences will give her the strength to hold her own.
We will inform you as soon as she has reached an adequate level.”
“How marvellous this is, André, I believe all of it, and I’ll wait a little longer, no matter how painful it may be for her and me.”
A fortnight later Jetje returns home.
She has strengthened her personality and absorbed the forces of life.
Her powers of concentration have increased.
André meets her on the street.
She sees him, and the tears come rolling down her cheeks.
Her lips begin to quiver and she’s unable to speak.
“Was it difficult, Jetje?”
She looks at him but doesn’t utter a word.
André sends out his love and consciousness to her.
Jetje picks up his thoughts and his feelings and smiles.
Full of emotion she says: “Hello, André.”
She takes her mother by the arm and walks on.
A few days later she tells her mother:
“André is very sweet, mother; he’s helping me.
There he stands, and I see how his energies come flowing towards me; he helps me from a distance.
Tell him I think he’s sweet.”
Again, Mother Jet gets scared.
She hurries over to André and asks him: “What do you think of that, André?
Will she stay as sensitive as this?”
“Now don’t you worry.
This is her sensitivity, Master Alcar tells me.
We simply can’t take this sensitivity away from her, nor do we intend to do so.
Yet she feels different.
She’s aware of it, and experiences my powers.
Things she previously wasn’t aware of are now consciously alive within her personality.
These are her spiritual gainings, Mother Jet, which you should be grateful for.”
“Thank God, that’s taken my fear away.”
Jetje is doing well now.
She does her best and bravely works her way through these difficult times.
But she knows that her guardian angel is either with her, or that he dwells in Space from where he provides her with spiritual energies.
She feels that she is a child of the Man who died on Golgotha.
One day she pays André a visit herself because she wants to ask him some questions.
But Master Alcar says that Jetje must wait a little longer.
She can ask him later, it would be too much for her now.
And Jetje can accept that.
She thinks André’s attitude is rather severe, even though it seems quite natural to her, and somehow she had even expected this.
A month later she returns for a talk.
André receives her and starts off with a friendly chat to put her at ease.
“Well, Jetje?
How are things going?
You’re lucky.
The weather is just right for a walk and some pondering.”
“For a walk, that’s true”, she says, “but what was it again I wanted to ask you?”
André says: “You wanted to ask what you should do now.”
“Yes, that’s it.”
“Well, Jetje.
You must now begin to be yourself, you must strengthen the will power you need for your material life, and take an easier look at things.
You must tell yourself, ‘I don’t want my thoughts to play around with me’.
You have to think yourself!”
“Oh I can, but when I’m resting it doesn’t work, thousands of things come to my mind, and that’s awful.”
“Do you understand, my dear, that this is wrong?
When you want to take a rest, then do so, and nothing else!
If you want to think, then again: do so.
But thinking and resting at the same time is far too hard at the moment, they’re two separate worlds, two different conditions.
You must do either the one or the other.
Both at the same time is for later, and then you’ll experience them just as you want to.
Would you like to try this out?
Taking a rest while you think of nothing at all, Jetje, that’s a remarkable achievement, which only few people are capable of.
And if they aren’t, then they’ll lose the peace they were looking for, and that leads to splitting of the personality.”
“Yes, I know that feeling, that’s it!
And that’s what I have to avoid, otherwise, I can’t get any rest.”
“This is the only thing you must overcome, Jetje, because dispositions like resting and thinking are exhausting if you try to do them at the same time.
If you’ve built this up from scratch, nothing will ever cause you to become hypersensitive again.
You will then have mastered the dominant qualities of your personality.
Then you will be in command, and there will be no more question of you sinking away again.”
“I’ll do my best.”
“And when you get up again to do something, Jetje, be sure to finish it.
If you intend to wash the dishes, then do it!
Never leave things lying, and remember that the work you left undone will keep on haunting you, and in the end it will get the better of you.
And then once more you’re up against the splitting of your personality, which will cause you trouble and make you feel miserable again.
Even if you’re dead-tired, finish the job.
Even if it takes you half a day, finish it, Jetje, or you’ll never find peace!
All those tasks will otherwise pile up to such a formidable height that they’ll crush you.
So you will drop back into your previous condition, and then nobody can help you.
You would feel the weight of the whole world on your shoulders.
Isn’t that so?”
“You know it all.
I’m constantly confronted with these kind of things, and it’s those very ordinary matters that make me terribly upset.”
“When something’s finished, Jetje, it can’t bother you anymore!
That’s how you keep the scales of your daily life in balance.
You’re not an untidy person by nature, because it’s not in keeping with your character.
Untidiness doesn’t worry people who lack spiritual depth, but to you it’s demoralizing.
You can take a break from a job you’re busy with, but after a little rest you must first finish the work you interrupted.
Only then will you go on, and then your will takes command of your everyday-life, of the entire housekeeping, of yourself, of your sleeping and resting.
In short, of everything!
The wonderful thing is, Jetje, that it’s the things you have accomplished which will give you support.
If we can look back on something well done, it gives us a feeling of satisfaction.
That satisfaction urges us to even go one better next time.
And what does that tell you?”
“That you keep on doing more and more.”
“Right, Jetje, and where does that take us?”
“That there are no problems left, really.”
“That’s also correct, my dear, even though society has too many for us ever to get to know them all.
Nonetheless, it means that you continue to ascend and make progress in order to strengthen your personality, until there is nothing left that stands in the way of your task in life, and then you have become a strong personality.
Let other people do what they want, but you, Jetje, you just quietly keep going.
Don’t get annoyed with other people, not even when they approach you with a harshness that might scare you.
Remember that all those people still have to learn how to become tender and kind, and that they have no idea yet of your inner being.
Remain strong, keep going consciously and don’t let them knock you down.
It would only mean misery to you and amuse those callous people, because hard-heartedness is the evil in this world.
And evil will close in on us anyway; I don’t need to tell you that, because you’ve dwelt between life and death, just as I have, even though there’s a mighty difference between our individual experiences of this evil.
I depart consciously whereas you remain here, but deep within you feel and live up there, and then you forget the laws of your earthly life.
But I never forget them, otherwise, I would also break down within a few days.”
“I can feel it, André, and I’ll do my best!”
Jetje goes away, but she will return.
Mother Jet is anxious to hear what her daughter had to say and she asks him: “Was she able to tell you herself, André?”
“No, but I was able to help her.
She’s going to take herself in hand.
You must keep an eye on her to see that she finishes the things she’s busy with.
This will lay the foundation for her earthly personality and so she’ll presently be able to stand on her own two feet.”
Jetje keeps on improving.
She goes for walks, and also helps at home.
She assists her mother and behaves like any other human being.
Is Jetje insane?
No-one seems to think so.
Do they know Jetje?
People who aren’t familiar with these things don’t know Jetje, because she’s unbelievably deep and yet very simple.
André on the other hand has come to know her and he’s aware of the fact that Jetje is busy acquiring material consciousness.
And that is something all people must learn, as André’s master has told him.
Even the millions of people who believe that they possess this conscious grade of life will all, without exception, give way before the spiritual grade of life.
The higher a human personality rises, the harder earthly life becomes.
There is no hardship in leading an animal-like life.
Every unconscious person is capable of that!
But to possess spiritual riches is a different matter altogether, it requires the personality to entirely commit itself, and that’s what Jetje has begun to do.
And these are the ones they call mental patients!
In reality these people dwell between life and death.
The inner being is busy deepening its feelings and enriching itself, forever and in the name of Him, who is omnipresent.
They ascend towards Him, eternally focusing on Him, until all mankind enters the Divine All.
This is the ultimate destination of life on earth.
On some days Jetje will do better than on others, and this will continue until she has reached a balance with her physical life.
Jetje won’t excel in social life; her inclinations are too spiritual for that.
It will be very difficult for Mother Jet to offset those fluctuations in her daughter’s behaviour.
This mother’s life is also extremely hard, but she can manage this task.
There are days when nothing can get Mother Jet down, but now and then she loses heart for a while and is overcome by sadness.
Then André must take care of her too and put her back on her two feet, so she can keep going.
One afternoon Jet, completely worn-out, comes to see him.
She’s near breaking point.
Master Alcar tells André:
“Tell her what happened to Annie, the nurse.”
Mother Jet has seated herself, sighing deeply.
André sizes her up.
“Would you like me to tell you a fine story, Jet?”
“Yes, please, André.
You know that I never get enough of them.”
“All right, then listen to this.
There’s a nurse who visits us, whom I treated for a whole year.
She was a wreck when she came.
But she has been working for quite a time now.
Annie loves to chat; she keeps on talking about my books and about the Rosicrucians, and she tells everybody that God means everything to her, that people should have confidence, and must submit completely to Him, otherwise, they’ll never make it.
You must hold your ground and set your mind on good things, but that’s not what people want.
Of course, the physical powers to keep you on your feet must be present, and when you really need help it will come.
She never runs out of words, she’s never too tired to talk and to give people strength.
When she’s here, she talks for hours on end, she can’t stop.
We’ve always heard her out.
But one day she came here, very downcast.
‘What’s the matter?’ I asked.
She replied:
‘Well, how shall I put it, it won’t work.
I can’t go on any longer.’
But Master Alcar showed me that she could, but that she felt rather downcast.
She wanted things to go a bit more easily.
Her patient, who was at death’s door, demanded her attention day and night.
Annie said that she would break down if it lasted much longer.
However, I saw that she had strength enough for four whole months of total commitment if necessary.
What should I do?
What should I tell her?
What do you think, Mother Jet, that my gentle and dear Master Alcar told her?”
“That she should take a break.”
“Now you’re wrong, Jet.
Alcar said that in that case she might as well collapse.
I passed this message on to her and made it sound cruder still:
‘Then just crumple up, Sister Annie.
What’s all that talk worth?
You talk to people till you’re blue in the face, telling them what to do, and then you break down yourself. How can you simply abandon everything and run away and just lounge around? Anyone can do that!’
Away went Annie, in tears, but I knew that she would start to pull herself together again and that she wasn’t afraid to collapse if she had to.
She had understood and as fast as she could she hurried back to her patient who lived for another week before he went on his last journey.
Annie witnessed a wonderful deathbed, and came to see me in a very happy mood.
She was trembling with vitality.
Never before had she been like this.
She said that a supernatural power had entered her life.
Even if she had been required to nurse the patient for another year, she still wouldn’t have broken down.
What did Master Alcar have in mind, Mother Jet?
He wanted Annie to give proof of her love, he wanted her to draw from a source, which represents all, but from which we can only draw after we have used up all our strength, when we’re completely empty and no longer possess anything.
Otherwise, we will never experience the full commitment of our personality.
And that’s what God wants, what Christ wants of us.
Only then will the divine inspiration have an impact on this life and the next; on all our thoughts, all our striving and our prayers.
This is what Annie found out too, because she didn’t break down, and she testified to a true, honest life; she lived to serve!
At this deathbed her eyes had been opened.
Here she gave everything she had, but it didn’t wear her out.
On the contrary, she acted like a spiritually conscious person.
The dying man said to her:
‘You’re right, nurse, our life goes on.
I see my mother here beside me.
I’m sixty-five and even so she says: ‘Child, I have come to fetch you.’”
These were the last words Annie heard him speak.
Then she went to her own room to thank God for this moment.
At that very instant Sister Annie’s consciousness opened up to this life and to Golgotha.
A few hours prior to that, her consciousness was dying, she was living dead.
She will never break down again because this action, this will power drew her up to a higher level where she can now live and can feel that this source is inexhaustible!
So, what should Mother Jet do now?”
“I already know, André, and I thank you sincerely.”
“No, don’t go away yet, wait a moment.
I’ll give you another example.
Another nurse who also comes here, but who is older, and who very often has talks with Anna, my wife, had the same experience.
Sister Neeltje is a smooth talker and busies herself with spiritual work.
She heals and talks with any one who’s willing to listen to her.
She lends support and strength to everyone.
To her, God is the God of all life, the Father of everyone, of everything!
The All-power, a greater power cannot exist.
And that power will never abandon you, never!
You can put all your trust in that, under all circumstances, in sorrow and happiness, in sickness and misery.
God is all!
You should hear her talk, Mother Jet.
She talks like an old preacher and never gives up.
Her tongue doesn’t stop wagging for a single moment, and we always listen to her.
Whenever I have time to spare I sit down beside her and follow her conversation.
‘My master’, she says, ‘wants us to dedicate ourselves completely.
But he also tells us that we must stand on our own feet. God is all!
The God of l-o-v-e.’
It takes a moment.
Neeltje lets the word love flow gently from her mouth, Mother Jet, and in that very moment the sweet sound vibrates through her whole personality.
She utters the word again, and focuses her personality and will power, all her feelings on the word and then it appears.
It seems to rise up out of the depths as if it’s only meant for you when she says it.
God is l-o-v-e and always has been.
He will remain so.
God never abandons us.
He loves His children.
You can always depend on Him, in everything!
And we must open up to Him and submit to His power and His will.
We will then receive help.
Do you hear?
Everybody can partake of these powers.’
Neeltje talks every patient’s head off and it’s true, Mother Jet, she can heal and she’s good at it too.
She’s a true child of Christ.
I look up to her life and personality in holy awe.
And Master Alcar does too; I know that for a fact!
Neeltje is an earthly angel.
Only few people can reach this height on earth.
When Neeltje gets to the Beyond, there will be thousands of souls waiting for her.
I’m telling you, they will lay flowers at her feet, because she’s a child who has the same steadfast belief as those Christians who went down into the lion’s den because of their convictions.
And I pay tribute to her for that!
My master would gladly do the same.
But unexpectedly Neeltje also receives a lesson in life, and apart from her greatness, she’s also made to see her small human self.
She catches a cold and gets an ear-infection.
So what does she do?
She writes and asks me to come to see her.
For ordinary people it’s quite normal to ask for help, but it isn’t for Neeltje.
By this she treads the abnormal for her own life and will power, even for her entire inner life.
She writes: ‘Brother André, would you come and see me?
I am ill.’
But ‘Brother André’ didn’t get permission from his master to go.
Alcar said: ‘Where is that spiritual, that strong Neeltje now?
Where is her trust in God who will support her, and where is her own master?
This is all wrong!
How does Neeltje intend to represent her own life?
Neeltje ignores her spiritual leader and now needs me.
She’s making a lot of mistakes at the moment.
I would break her in two if it would do her any good.
All the same, I believe she’s now able to evolve in order to enter a higher consciousness, but she must put everything she has into it.
She can help herself.
She doesn’t need anybody.
But now she’s cutting out her own guidance.
You’re not to go and see her, André.’
I didn’t go, but it offended Neeltje a great deal and she thought: ‘Is this the André I know?’
She wrote:
‘Dear Sir’.
It made me laugh, Mother Jet, because I was always like a brother to Neeltje.
And suddenly I had become ‘Sir’!
She cut me out, including all the things I had given her to further her development during all those years she had visited us.
She thinks she’s too good for that now and ignores everything.
With a single stroke of the pen she dragged all my feelings for her life and personality through the mud.
But I knew Neeltje.
She wrote:
‘So that’s how things are.
And you profess to write spiritual books and talk about love.
I gained my conviction but this doesn’t tally.
Now I know, it was all mere sweet-talk.
Now that love must be proven, I stand-alone.
What a disappointment.
I know now what kind of a medium you are.’
She wrote much more, but this was the main thing.
I thought it over for a bit, because now Neeltje needed a proper lesson.
Yet I also had to let her feel the greatness of her character, and if I wanted to open her eyes I would have to make it clear to her that she had acted wrongly.
I focussed my attention on my master and asked:
‘Would you tell me how I should reply to this woman?’
It only took a few seconds before I got the answer.
Master Alcar said:
‘Sit down, André, I will give you some inspiration.’
I started the letter with:
‘My dear Neeltje.’
At that moment, I felt the link with Master Alcar and I wrote on: ‘How stupid you are, oh, how utterly stupid.
You’re throwing away all your greatness.
How great you could have been, but what did you make out of it?
I could analyse your huge mistake, but I’m not even going to.
Your writing and your deeds were very poor.
No conscious person would ever do that.
Or did Neeltje doubt my friendship and my love for her life and her gifts?
Without them I would never have put up with your presence, believe me, because my time is precious.
Did my door ever remain closed to you?
Are you, by any chance, able to live my life and be an instrument for the masters?
If so, then I have nothing more to say and you may condemn me as severely as you please.
But I don’t see you as such and you know how my clairvoyance has gained in significance over the years.
I may say that I possess gifts.
Do you place yourself above this link?
If I had come over and helped you, Neeltje, what would you have received?
How would you have acted, and what would have been left over of your own possessions?
Try to figure it out, dear Neeltje, you’re able to do so!
But for the moment I don’t want to see you.
All the best, child of our Father; God bless you!’
That’s more or less what I wrote, Mother Jet.
Neeltje stayed away for three months, and then she couldn’t stand it any longer.
One day there’s a gentle ring at the door.
Anna goes to open; I wasn’t home.
‘Oh, it’s you, Neeltje!’
‘Is he in?
He might throw me out, of course.
I acted so foolishly.
He should have beaten me to death.
I have had to learn my lesson.
Fancy me telling others to have faith, and then calling for help myself when it’s unnecessary.
That’s terrible!
But I deserved this lesson.’
My wife then said that nobody would ever get thrown out of our house and she made some small talk with Neeltje.
When I came home, Anna told me: ‘You’ll never guess who was here this morning.’
I replied ... ‘Neeltje.’
Yes indeed, Neeltje had returned.
Master Alcar said to me:
‘Give her one of those small paintings you received in trance.
She has learnt her lesson and bowed her head.’
Neeltje jumped up in the air for joy.
She would never do such stupid things again.
This had taught her a lot!”
“I’m on my way, André”, Mother Jet said.
“I thank you so much.”
Mother Jet went back to her Jetje and was to finish her great task with love in her heart.
She too was now gaining trust in the Beyond and in the masters.
In the meantime, André got ready to help other people.
A few days later he was to face new problems, which would give him more insight into the astral backgrounds.
Yet another grade of insanity would be revealed to his life, an experience that he would have to devote his entire personality to.