Preface to the second edition

Dear reader,
This is the second entirely revised edition.
In this edition, you will find the contents of the first print in full, albeit in a slightly more developed manner; moreover, a number of new chapters have been added.
At the same time, my master, Alcar, has thrown more light on the problems involved, since the phenomena and illnesses discussed in this book are not yet understood.
Science has not yet reached the point where it acknowledges the human soul as an astral personality.
However, I was allowed to experience all these problems in the company of my master, and only then did I learn about the real laws of these incomprehensible illnesses and the concurrent phenomena. This became possible due to my gift of disembodiment.
It enabled me to see behind the veil that covers up our life.
This books goes into the grades of life of insanity, the astral possession, both material and spiritual.
It will offer you a clear picture of the occult laws, and it casts a flood of light on all those unfortunate, spiritually perplexed people, and on the conscious and unconscious insanity.
It presents you with the authentic facts about our earthly and our spiritual life.
The facts which I experienced myself are self-evident and will show you that many of those who must physically continue to live between life and death can be helped when efforts are combined.
The masters of the Beyond have instructed me to convince you of these powers and these forces.
The time will certainly come for science and the Beyond to co-operate and travel side-by-side in order to dissolve this occult darkness.
This is what I want to dedicate my life and my powers to as a pioneer.
It is truly worth its while to be allowed to work for these unfortunates in the spirit.
One day the sun must also shine for them, yet this is impossible at present because they all lack a day-conscious self.
Whether this came about according to the laws of their own cause-and-effect or to the laws of heredity is a problem which is analysed and explained by my master.
Yet it is a fact that many of them can be helped.
If this book has touched your inner life and has opened your eyes to these tremendous problems, then pass it on to your loved ones or to those who are ready to accept it; that is what the masters on the Beyond fervently long for.
I hope it has also presented you with a picture of all the beautiful and mighty things that lie in store for you after this life.
J. R.
The Hague, 1945