Astral influence

When Mientje entered André’s room, he promptly took in her condition and told her that she could be helped.
His master enabled him to perceive the situation, but André understood that he would have to wait a little while to get the details.
Mientje immediately asked:
“Can you help me?”
André answered affirmatively.
However, he felt that Mientje doubted his words, so he asked her:
“You don’t believe me?”
“Well sir, what can I say”, Mientje began, “I’ve been disappointed often enough.”
“But you haven’t been treated with magnetism yet?”
“No, I haven’t. After all, doctors also know a thing or two, don’t they?”
“Certainly, but then why didn’t you follow their advice?”
“They can’t help me.
I feel so terribly let down.”
André fathoms her and proceeds with the treatment, although she doesn’t understand this kind of therapy.
He senses her curiosity, but continues.
Master Alcar tells him:
“I will show you a few scenes while you are busy treating her; it will tune you in to her life.”
André first senses her condition, then merges completely with the patient.
Mientje is extremely upset and completely overstrained; he reads madness in her eyes.
He perceives that Mientje’s life is in a terrible state. She has become possessed, which is something this big child doesn’t understand at all.
André watches her work at home. Mientje earns her living with needlework.
She doesn’t know what it is to be ill, she’s always in perfect health.
But one day – his master lets him see this – she doesn’t feel well and loses her energy.
Mientje is no longer sure of herself and feels overworked, but she doesn’t know why.
She loses her appetite, drops her work and doesn’t lift a finger.
However, could this happen so suddenly?
She lies on her bed day and night; she’ll get filthy if this situation doesn’t change.
Besides, she feels that she’s not alone.
As soon as she wants to go to bed, she feels cold shivers running down her whole body and that frightens her.
‘What’s the matter with me’, Mientje wonders.
‘How did I suddenly get so ill?
And what sort of illness is this?’
She doesn’t even have the strength to call a doctor.
Others have to do that for her.
When the doctor arrives he can’t find anything wrong with her, and he gives her a tonic.
André observes how Mientje now absorbs the healing magnetism.
It gradually relaxes her.
His master continues and links him up again with Mientje’s life.
Mientje has always been able to work – as André can see – but at the moment she can’t.
This big child of forty racks her brains to get at the cause of her condition, but she finds no answer.
She feels as a wreck.
She has been drained dry.
She is overcome with desperation.
She gets the feeling that she should move somewhere else; she wants to get away from these strange, inhuman and demoralizing surroundings.
This is where misfortune struck home at her, but she can’t come to a decision.
Not a single day, not even an hour goes by without her wanting to get away, to leave this place directly, but she can’t bring herself to act.
Something deep within refuses, and that feeling is also new to her.
Her struggle is horrible.
The medicine had no effect and her agitation increases.
In the end she gets frightened and calls for help.
But no one comes to Mientje’s aid, and now she thinks she’s going mad.
This fear – André feels – steadily increases, and in the end becomes so intense that it forces her to come to a decision.
Mientje is going to move.
These few scenes give André some idea of her condition.
Master Alcar tells him:
“I’ll show you the next stage when she’s gone.”
André finishes the treatment and he arranges for Mientje to come back again.
She asks:
“Do you really believe that I’ll get better?”
“You will!”
“And do you know why I’ve become so ill?”
“I’ll tell you about that too, later on.”
Mientje leaves and André gets in touch with his master.
His master shows him other scenes, so that André will get to know more about Mientje’s condition.
He sees her in her new surroundings.
For the first few days she feels somewhat different, but very soon Mientje senses that things are even worse now.
She suffers from splitting headaches, she feels frightfully stressed and it’s just as if she’ll explode.
‘What kind of sickness is this,’ she wonders.
Not a single doctor seems to know, the medical profession can’t find anything wrong, and meanwhile her condition steadily deteriorates.
Mientje is desperate; André sees and hears this through his master.
She feels lost and forsaken.
Is there anyone who can help her?
She prays day and night, but nothing seems to help.
Now she’s forced to spend all her life-savings on her illness.
An awful problem preys on her mind.
The fear of becoming insane grows.
She’s no longer able to think; her inner life lies in tatters.
‘What causes this’, she wonders.
‘What am I to do?’
Then an acquaintance gives her André’s address.
The first treatment has done her good.
However, the longing grows, stronger than ever before, to return to her old home, where she thinks she may find peace again.
“Under no circumstance”, Master Alcar tells him, “is she allowed to do so.
When she returns, André, you must tell her, because she will ask you that.”
Up to this point André has been able to follow everything, but he still has to learn the cause of her illness.
His master continues:
“Mientje is in the hands of a woman who committed suicide, André.
The house she was living in brought her under the astral influence of a woman who took her own life, and who has now merged with Mientje’s inner being.
This woman was deceived and she therefore abandoned her physical existence.
When Mientje moved into that house, this woman was able to contact her since Mientje is very sensitive.
In order for you to understand this condition, you must first disembody and then you can convince yourself of the true situation.
Afterwards you are allowed to ask me questions.”
That same night, Master Alcar frees his instrument from its organism, and André enters the astral world.
In the Beyond, he sees his master, who immediately tells him:
“This will only be a short trip, my boy, we will soon return.
Later on, we will spend more time in this world, and then I will explain the various grades of insanity to you, as you must also become acquainted with these laws.
You know how I can find Mientje.
Her aura leads us onto her path, and that is how we link up with her life.
Come on, André, follow me.”
Disembodying always proved to be a revelation to André.
To him this condition was an experience that surpassed everything.
Again he was to receive new knowledge.
Afterwards he was allowed to ask questions.
Actually, he found that asking questions was the best part.
There was nothing left for him to understand, that showed how deep his master descended into the astral laws with him. His master wanted to convince mankind of eternal life through him, and also of the thousands of laws between life and death that call a spiritual halt to God’s children.
He knew that his master would go even farther, and he thought with gratitude, of the things he had already become acquainted with and of which he now knew everything.
Spiritually, this had greatly enriched him.
He was fervently grateful to God for all this wisdom, and in return, he would gladly sacrifice his life.
Disembodiment remained something supernatural to him.
It was a mighty gift that had been bestowed on him.
A great miracle, that’s what it is, he thought.
Every time I see my master beside me I could cry with happiness, but I must control myself.
He wanted to be strong, so that his master could descend deeper and deeper into the laws of God, which would enable him to pass them on to mankind on earth.
Only then would his master consider him a worthy student.
André also understood that Alcar wouldn’t go a step beyond his instrument’s ability to take things in, as he would otherwise give way during his life on earth.
Alcar built up his strength and powers, and never went too far.
His master watched over him like a father.
He was a spirit of love.
And yet Alcar could also be strict.
André had to learn, and above all, he must bow his head in all circumstances.
If he would keep on doing that at all times, then everything would go smoothly and he would continue to learn whilst he dwelt between life and death.
Even now he was gliding across the earth, accompanied by a spirit of light.
He went through houses and walked the streets.
Would people understand this?
Could they accept this?
Lots of people could feel it, they didn’t need to believe.
This truth was alive in their inner being, their inner feeling had developed that far.
These people – André knew – had acquired this level of consciousness.
They realized that life couldn’t have gained much significance after one existence on earth.
Man was able to receive spiritual gifts.
To the soul nothing was impossible.
These people loved his master and accepted everything; they submitted to the Beyond without restriction.
And if their lives want to be opened up, Master Alcar told him, these will see the light on this side.
Unfailingly Alcar traced Mientje’s aura of life.
It led them to the house where she had previously lived.
Alcar told him:
“We are now getting to the spot where Mientje was astrally caught off guard.
A certain power had consciously adapted itself to suck her empty.
Do you know, André, that you’re ready to move yourself about in this life on your own strength, and yet your consciousness will change, because I am going deeper all the time.
You will get to know all the laws of our life and your consciousness will become cosmic in depth.
There will come a time, André, that I will be the one to ask you questions.”
“Do you mean that, Alcar?”
“Did you ever hear me make fun of these matters?
Did you ever hear me tell you an untruth?
The laws of my Father are sacred to me, André.
I assure you that I am speaking the holy truth.
I will raise your level of development high enough for you to enter the heavens upon your arrival here.
Yet on your own strength, André, and surrounded by the many who received eternal light, thanks to you.
And that is God’s will!”
André understood his master, but still it surprised him.
Happiness had entered his life, because he had been able to make many other people happy.
Those who were conscious would want to enrich themselves spiritually, and these were the people whom he wanted to give all his knowledge and wisdom to, just as he had received this from his master and as he himself had been made to experience it in his physical life.
How very beautiful life on earth would then be!
Moreover, if people understood him and would accept him, they would feel themselves drawn up into the spheres of light. They could build their own heaven where, after their life on earth, they would be happy together with those who were part of their lives.
How mighty these powers and forces were, which he dwelt amongst.
He glided across the earth beside his master and experienced the divine laws, the spiritual going in into God’s eternity.
It enveloped him; he saw and felt the reality of life after death.
Alcar shook him out of his meditation and he heard his master say: “Look, André, this is the spot where I wanted to be.
This is where Mientje came to grief.
I will convince you of all these laws.
They exist right here, these laws of man and God, but man did not understand them.
You will now be able to observe the workings of these laws.
I could have explained all this while you were in your own organism, and merged you with these phenomena by means of clairaudience, but I thought it would be better to link you up with this, to let you identify with it, so that you would thoroughly acquaint yourself with this misery.
At the same time, I wanted you to experience this in preparation for the various grades of insanity which we will presently follow.
This will awaken you and put you on a higher level of consciousness!
On this spot, André, her inner life made the decision.
Some other personality dominated Mientje’s life.
This means that Mientje could be reached, otherwise, she would never have been weakened by astral influence.
Then Mientje would not have known this misery. However, the laws of her own consciousness linked her up with this condition, with forces that belong to the life after death.
And these forces, André, are conscious, although Mientje was never able to perceive them.
Look, my son, and convince yourself of the truth.”
André feels how his master draws him up into his own life.
This power now enables him to see.
This consciousness provides him with the mighty gift of seeing and feeling in this astral world where he now dwells, the things that Mientje has experienced and why she became a victim.
His master tells him:
“You must now absorb everything you see, André, you can ask me questions later.”
Something is building up in André’s surroundings.
He follows the process.
It’s a power as the aura, in which Mientje lives.
It’s spiritual power with an impact, vital and conscious energy; it’s the aura of life.
He already feels connected with Mientje’s past and understands fully that there’s no other way of presenting things as clearly to him than by being one with a human condition: Mientje’s past, the misery she went through, which was caused by an astral personality.
He now sees and feels that Mientje is still quite cheerful.
She works, eats, drinks and prepares her own meals.
Everything is going well.
She hasn’t any cares yet, this big child is happy.
But suddenly, although it actually came on very gradually, she begins to feel oppressed, deeply sad, and unhappy.
A wretched sadness takes hold of her unsuspecting personality.
It causes Mientje to lose her healthy disposition; her face loses colour too.
He sees Mientje, and feels with her.
Is there something in her personality that might lead to her downfall?
André believes that he senses something of the kind, but that event is yet to be revealed to him.
So he doesn’t know yet.
Mientje can’t know either, because she doesn’t know herself, and is not aware that the thoughts she transmits may find a receiver.
What do people really know about all these laws, André ponders.
He sees that Mientje is materially conscious, attuned to the earth, and that’s exactly why she’s susceptible to this influence.
André has to admit that this is the case, now that he is beginning to see into her life.
André sees that some other person – it’s a woman – lives close to Mientje.
Is this the being that committed suicide? he wonders, but his master will still have to explain this to him.
He can see the astral being.
Now his master connects him with the end of this woman’s life on earth.
André sees how she gasses herself.
What’s going on in the mind of this human being?
Whatever her life may have been like, he thinks, this ending is horrible.
Astral misery has entered this life; she has hurled herself into this hell.
He sees her in this condition; Alcar even lets him look into her physical life.
This man who deserted her, who maltreated her, he’s standing right before him, and he can follow all his deeds and thoughts.
Has that man really got all this on his conscience?
Can someone who has received so much from another person, murder that being by breaking its heart?
Is a human being capable of destroying the being that made him experience love?
He’s forced to accept the existence of this cruel behaviour.
The man goes away, and she has no wish to go on living; she puts an end to her existence.
Poor child!
André now dwells within this personality.
Master Alcar enables him to follow her thoughts.
Experiencing another person is a miracle.
He can read her life like an open book.
This woman totally committed herself to that other life; she had nothing more to give.
Then she was rejected.
It was just as if her heart were being torn from her body.
She felt cheated.
She was treated inhumanely.
How unfortunate her deed was, because God still could have given her so much more love.
‘How stupid a human being really is’, André thinks to himself.
Aren’t there millions of souls on earth?
Must a person love only one soul?
He is faced with vast problems that require a cosmic answer, which he must get from his master.
He sees several roads that could have led her to another kind of life.
After all, there were still people left with whom she could have started a new life.
André understands his master.
He is grateful for everything he has received; for this explanation.
He feels that the loss of this material love should not have caused this woman to put an end to her existence.
Many men would have been devoted to her.
However, she first had to experience what it’s like to be rejected, because once she cheated someone too.
This made him experience numerous laws.
These were human problems, which the earthly personality had to work out for himself.
Now the scenes dissolve before his eyes, which means that his master is closing off these lives to him.
Immediately afterwards he experiences other scenes.
His leader now connects him up with Mientje again.
André sees that various people have lived in this house.
But they all moved away again, because they could find no rest in this home.
There’s something dismal about the place, but they can’t make out what it is.
However, from an astral point of view these people were out of reach.
André sees that none of them were put under astral influence.
And then Mientje arrives.
She inspects the rooms.
She walks through the house and can’t make up her mind.
However, Mientje is sensitive to this astral personality.
This woman who killed herself doesn’t see Mientje, but she senses her presence and a feeling of warmth comes over her.
She sounds out Mientje’s radiant aura of life and finds a connection.
André observes that Mientje is already caught up in that woman’s aura.
Mientje now senses something.
She begins to feel agitated.
She doesn’t know what it means.
She talks to herself:
‘Why am I loitering around like this?
I have to decide.
These rooms are splendid, and this is where I want to live.’
Yet, she still hesitates.
She bites her lips and wants to force a decision.
Now André sees how the astral person wriggles herself into Mientje’s aura and merges with the emotional life of the unconscious Mientje.
This is where Mientje’s misery begins.
She decides to take the rooms.
But André sees that she’ll then be living together with a spiritually unfortunate being that has assaulted her.
This woman who killed herself is really having a bad time.
André knows how she’s suffering.
He has described this in his preceding book, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.
This woman is going through the same horrors; she can’t move away from that spot either.
She’s a prisoner, because she put an end to her life.
For Mientje the misery has already begun, and, it’s very clear to André that she will never be alone again.
In a short time, she’ll discover the terror of these powers, and she’ll prostrate herself and moan.
He can see all these problems, the laws of life and death.
This is astral wisdom.
He notices that spiritual contact has already been made.
From the very first moment, Mientje has become subject to astral influence.
The first phenomena have made themselves known to her, as she can’t keep warm in this house.
She’s now experiencing the same feelings that all the inhabitants before her went through, which is why they all moved away.
Mientje just about freezes in this house.
She doesn’t understand it at all.
André takes over his master’s thoughts.
This is what he must remain focussed on.
Each phenomenon draws on the next one; the scenes merge into a flowing succession.
It’s pathetic what is now shown to him.
He’s right in the middle of the astral poison that leads people to their destruction.
Mientje feels stone cold.
Icy shivers run down her entire body.
She wonders whether she may have caught a cold.
That could be possible.
However, the medicine she takes doesn’t help at all.
She isn’t sick enough to stay in bed.
She keeps on working, but she can feel her strength diminishing.
What’s the matter with her?
Mientje has been in her new home for two weeks now, and meanwhile, the astral personality has established contact with her.
Mientje eats enough for two, never has she eaten as much before.
Then I can’t be sick, she assures herself.
But now she begins to feel agitated and overworked.
It must be all this commotion, she thinks.
It’ll go away by itself.
However, she’s in for the very opposite; it will get much worse.
All the phenomena, André sees, are caused by the astral personality.
The human organism has only got enough room for one soul, and now, yet another being has entered Mientje’s body, the physical dwelling for her soul, who wants to eat and drink and feel just as much at home on earth as Mientje.
Once again, this being receives light.
The sun shines again for her, and she experiences exactly the same as Mientje.
By now, she has merged completely, but for Mientje, this oneness will prove disastrous.
André can see that if the impact on Mientje had been even stronger, she would be on the brink of insanity by now.
But as it is, she’s only partly susceptible.
Only a few character traits connect her with the astral personality, nevertheless, these enable the suicide to reach her.
Mientje feels love, just as the other woman does, and she has longings.
This longing will prove to be her downfall.
André senses that it is the human longings over and over again that provide the astral world with the opportunity to make contact with life on earth.
However, this spiritual contact breaks down the physical organism.
Not a single body can stand up to it, because an earthly being is incapable of protecting itself; it’s not familiar with these laws.
Had Mientje known all this, then this astral personality would never have had the chance to take possession of her inner life.
She would have closed herself off; and Mientje would have been out of reach.
By now, it has come to a point where Mientje is in for a lot of trouble.
All this fills André with awe.
His observations are spiritual knowledge to him.
Mientje’s condition deteriorates.
It doesn’t stop at the cold she feels; her whole consciousness has already become influenced.
She now feels that she’s no longer alone, and that upsets her even more.
She doesn’t go to bed, because she’s afraid to fall asleep.
She paces back and forth in the night, and during the day she lies on her bed.
She’s no longer able to think normally.
She has never known herself to be like this and she asks herself what can be the matter with her.
Mientje is growing listless.
Her acquaintances alert a doctor.
He prescribes some medicine, but it doesn’t help.
Her condition gets worse every day, and she has no resistance.
The astral being completely drains her.
This woman demands half of everything, but a human being can’t live on halved portions.
André sees how simple it all is.
This breakdown cannot be halted.
Oh, he thinks, if only the laws of the Beyond were known on earth, then these people could be helped.
Along with countless others.
Mientje is going to ruin.
It has already made her into a wreck.
Mientje has her work, but she doesn’t do a thing.
She’s overstrained, but what caused it?
Can’t the doctors find anything?
They simply don’t know.
They have to admit that they’re faced with a strange and incomprehensible condition.
But this is what Mientje must live in.
This is an astral illness and has nothing to do with the physical body.
What does a scholar know of astral laws?
Nothing at all!
And, André thinks, since no one on earth knows of the existence of astral personalities, doctors are powerless, and the patient has to be taken to an institution.
It’s high time that all these laws are accepted, and that the learned men open their minds to these realities.
André could have wept with happiness that his master lets him experience this wisdom.
Maybe this will presently awaken a few learned men.
All this was brought on by merely moving to another house.
It’s appalling!
Mientje ran into this astral danger because she doesn’t know herself.
Many people lived here before who couldn’t be reached.
But Mientje’s life of feeling opens her up to this terrible event.
Some day the astral personality will have to make up for this.
Mientje prays day and night, but it doesn’t help her at all.
So she thinks, but she’s mistaken, as André can see.
A friend rushes to her aid and gives her André’s address.
But Mientje knows nothing about such things like magnetizing treatments, and she’s very rebellious.
“If a doctor can’t help me, how do you expect one of those what-do-you-call-them to manage?”
However, her friend, she’s called Mother Jet, will not take no for an answer.
She will first go and see him herself, she tells Mientje.
“I don’t even know whether he will treat you.
But if he says that you can be helped, then you will get better.”
Mientje consents.
André can even see Mother Jet now.
He’s astounded by all he can see, but all this is only possible through his master.
Mother Jet knows André very well, as he’s treating her own child.
But the astral personality hears how Mother Jet tries to persuade Mientje, and it resists.
Mientje becomes seriously ill.
Now a battle of life and death sets in.
The astral being is like a vampire now, André sees, a real hellcat whom he really shouldn’t pity.
There is even more.
Mientje has lived here for some time now and wants to move.
This is something the astral personality wants to prevent.
The fight has a twofold purpose.
Mientje must not be allowed to get help.
The astral being feels that she will then be thrown out of Mientje’s life.
There’s the removal on top of that.
If Mientje were to move away, the astral person would have to return to her own miserable existence.
Thousands of problems charge down on André, and he’s completely at a loss.
He looks up at his master and asks:
“Of course, I know how this will end, but couldn’t it have been prevented, Alcar?
Was there nobody on earth who could have warned Mientje beforehand?
Couldn’t she have been reached some other way?”
“No, André.
The same power is alive in Mientje that is present in the woman, and a short while ago I explained the laws to you that apply to her.
Those who love, make demands.
It is the longing in these people that becomes their downfall.
And if there is something in them in tune with the unconscious astral world, then a connection such as this one is established.”
“Isn’t she open to insanity?”
“Insanity is next to this, André.
Mientje is sinking deeper and deeper and she would eventually lose all her resistance if no help had been forthcoming.
Yet, she is not open to the deepest level of insanity, because she possesses too much consciousness.
You will get to know these laws yet; I will presently explain them to you.
A contact was made, because Mientje and this woman have one characteristic in common which drives them into each other’s arms.
This love is attuned to life on earth.
That’s how they achieve this unity.
You can clearly observe that Mientje still dominates in everything, and that she has also remained herself.
So this is only astral impact – astral influence – but if this went on for years, Mientje’s earthly consciousness would give way and then the astral personality would step forward.
Mientje is not a bad person, otherwise, we would not be able to help her.
Therefore, this is her own protection.
She has a vivid desire for love, and she too would have liked to be a mother.
But take a look at Mientje’s past, and you will see that Mientje is experiencing her own cause and effect.
In her former life, she did not want any children.
Now she faces her spiritual laws that put her to a spiritual stop to this kind of happening which she cannot escape from.
Is that not strange?
Yet would Mientje be able to find this joy outside of marriage?
However, she would not go that far, she is not that bad.
Who would understand her, were she to ask for the sanctity of motherhood?
Mientje is not passionate; she is a sweet and pure child.
This union, experiencing one situation in togetherness, brought her under the influence of that astral figure.
So, André, Mientje has become subject to the laws of life of which she herself has not the slightest notion.
This is what I want to make known to science.
This will serve to help thousands.
When the spiritual know-how has reached the scholars, then they can prevent many problems or make them work out for the best, because they will be able to intervene.
Motherhood is no longer within Mientje’s reach.
She is too old now.
She must accept life the way it is, and nothing can be changed about that.
She has to undergo these laws, André.”
“So is this other woman experiencing a lower grade of consciousness, Alcar?”
“Is that not obvious?
After all, she is violating someone else’s life.
That is another thing this being will have to make up for.
In this way she only makes her situation worse, but is it not understandable?
To her Mientje represents the reality of life.
This means that due to Mientje she can return to life on earth as you have been able to observe, in order to enjoy it together with her.
It is dark and cold in her own world, and that cold was felt by Mientje, as well as by all the previous inhabitants.
It means reaching unity with the astral personality.
That cold springs from its inner life.
It is her condition of spiritual poverty, which is felt by the consciousness of the human being on earth.
She receives light through Mientje because inwardly they are one.
Therefore, she demands her share, but this means that Mientje loses her strength as well as her day-conscious self.
If you are able to feel this, then it will be clear to you that this being is splitting up Mientje’s life.
And that splitting causes a deficiency in the nourishment and vitality of the physical organs.
It is obvious that this results in an impairment, which will show up later.
That is all, really.
However, we will be taking a closer look at these laws later on, and then you will experience how they apply to earthly man, seen from our consciousness.
Mientje got protection.
She moved to a different house, but she was unable to disengage herself from this aura and power there too, and she even wanted to go back.
Thoughts had crept into her mind, suggesting that she had aggravated her illness herself.
But it is the astral personality who is keeping her prisoner.
I will now sever this contact, otherwise, Mientje would remain under this influence and this impact for the rest of her life.
She would only be able to free herself from these powers after she had conquered her own longing for love.
But is that possible?
Will we ever be able to free ourselves from this sanctity?
At the moment, this spells grief and astral trouble for Mientje, because she is embittered.
Her life seems pointless, as she wanted to be a mother.
After this life, though, she will become a mother!
Because God is love, and the laws governing motherhood will force it onto her.
However, this requires her to return to earth, which is possible.
God wants her to first of all regain harmony with her past.
Only then will she be capable of experiencing motherhood, otherwise, she would once again give way in her physical life.”
“Does this longing for love hit many people in such a disastrous way, Master?”
“No, my son.
If we possess the sensitivity to respond to it, then we are face to face with creation and all God’s wonders, which we must acquire in time.
It is love that assures us of this connection.
Love, André, enables us to reach the universe of our life, and the universe leads us to the laws which determine our life, on earth as well as on this side.
Now if we do not get to know our own self and therefore are not in harmony with these laws which we created ourselves, then we also face the astral forces, which will sooner or later attack us.
So it must be clear to you that Mientje is not ready yet to receive this love.”
“And what about other people, Master?”
“Do you really believe, André, that anyone could ever escape these laws?
I will show you the grades of life that apply to motherhood, so that you will gain a better understanding of these laws.
People can go through insanity just by experiencing love.
There is not a single person on earth who has not been just as insane as all those who are experiencing this now.
These are the grades of life for man, and those grades are material and spiritual, they are cosmic in depth and divinely conscious.
In order to gain the spiritual grade, in other words the consciousness of love, we need at least hundreds of lives.
Only then will we finally be able to hold our own when we experience these material and spiritual laws on earth.
Had Mientje advanced that far, then the astral being would not have been able to take possession of her life.
Yet, the present circumstances made it possible.
As far as other people are concerned, this includes both men and women, they either have not made enough progress yet, or they have already mastered this stage of consciousness during the many previous lives they have lived.
Not a single person can get away from this!”
“Does this mean, Master Alcar, that all those psychopaths and insane people aren’t that far yet?”
“Well sensed, André, in those cases astral laws are also at work of which man on earth is absolutely ignorant, but which now dominate material consciousness.
So those who are still unconscious are busy acquiring earthly consciousness.
That is the learning process everybody must go through, yet science knows nothing about this, and it is therefore powerless in the face of it.”
“Is this woman that bad, Alcar?”
“Certainly not.
Anyone longing for love cannot be bad.
Animals want to experience love too, but we must learn to understand the laws of love as human beings on earth.
By dominating this woman is up in arms against love.
She ought to have accepted this life of hers, right up to its natural end.
Now what does she do?
She latches herself onto Mientje’s life and destroys her day-consciousness.
This suffices to attune herself to the hells of darkness.
She is not bad, but she is not in harmony either, which she needs to be to enter a sphere of light.
She was cheated; someone wrecked her life, and of course, that man will have to make up for that.
But she went to ruin, because of her desires.
And now she wants to see light.
She is hungry and thirsty and throws herself onto Mientje.
Through her she experiences her material existence anew.
She absorbs whatever Mientje experiences.
The two personalities are one.
She can do as she pleases, but now she is rebellious, in discord with the divine laws.
She destroys.
She steals what belongs to Mientje.
This is not serving; it is demolishing someone else’s personality.
One thing now results in another.
Had she been able to accept, then after a while she would have died a natural death, and could have advanced either on this side or on earth in a new life.
Now she lies here calling for someone to help.
Nobody is able to help her.
Yet, she wants to live.
She ought to have accepted her own sorrows, but her love resulted in her downfall.
Had this woman been able to look behind her own veil, believe me, she would have saved herself this ordeal.
However, she gave way to her grief.
She loved, but was deceived, André.
Is this love?
Her husband deserted her, and then she committed suicide.
True love serves and does not sever bonds; that kind of love does not fail!
Her consciousness has yet to awaken to our life and to these laws.
Only then will she begin to act differently, namely for the good cause.
God did not want this; man brings it on himself.
She severed her connection with the earth.
Nobody can do anything for her now.
You know the life history of my brother Lantos, don’t you?
(‘Cycle of the soul’)
Well then, André, she too must now undergo the laws that govern her life, only then will she be able to go on.
She must first offer proof of what she wants and the kind of love she asks for, because the other life will lead her straight back into this situation.
If she were to give way again, she would once more have to face her laws of life, and she can only pass on to a higher level of existence after she has mastered them.”
André understands his master.
He knows now, that this person isn’t ready yet for a higher form of love.
Nor is Mientje by the way, and that’s why she could be attacked by some other personality.
But Mientje can wait; she’ll remain herself anyway.
She has made much more progress than this spirit.
Nonetheless, it was her own life that brought her into this situation.
At present, Mientje’s life is like a huge riddle, difficult to solve.
However, Master Alcar will release her from that riddle.
Many people come to grief through love, because it dominates all other human feelings.
Master Alcar now withdraws from André.
He watches as his master descends into the life of this woman.
Yet he remains connected with Alcar and can follow everything that happens.
He senses what his master is doing.
Alcar is drawing her back into her horrible existence, which must be done if Mientje is to be cured.
This woman doesn’t yet realize what is about to happen, but she’ll soon find out.
Now the earthly light grows dim before her eyes and he hears her call out: “Why do I have to go back into that awful darkness?
Take pity on me!
Is somebody there?
Can you hear me?
Why am I growing so cold again?
Where is the woman who gave me back the light of the earth, who eased my agonies?”
The woman’s lamentations get through to André.
He’s able to follow the whole process and it’s an agony to him.
In order to save Mientje from total ruin – he sees that now – this being has to go back to her inhuman existence.
She has to await her earthly end in that condition, and only then can she go where she wants to.
Oh, how is it possible, André thinks, this is terrible.
When his master returns to him, André hasn’t the courage to ask him anything.
He almost faints with pity.
Alcar says:
“Is it not terrible that I have to take all that consolation away from her?
However, does she have the right to destroy another human being?
Who pushed her into this situation?
These, André, are the laws of life and death.
God would not permit her to wreck Mientje’s life.
But woe would have befallen Mientje, had she been attuned to it.
Then we too would have been powerless.
By leading her back to her own world, in other words to her spiritual attunement, the contact with Mientje is broken.
If I had not been capable of that, then in the end Mientje would have gone to ruin, because they would have remained connected.
Now Mientje will feel that a load has been taken off her shoulders and she will be in a brighter mood.
Her blood pressure will change, her ravenous hunger and her thirst will disappear and her inner being will expand, because she can live her own life again.
She will be living by herself again in her physical body, where there is no room for two souls.
Thousands of people fell into the hands of an astral personality in this way, and they had to be locked up.
Of course medicine does not help, and science must yet awaken to these human laws.”
“Is this how human beings dissolve under astral influence, Master?”
“That is right, André.”
“Is this situation comparable to that of a religious maniac, Alcar?”
“Only when you feel that the religious mania is brought on through astral influence, and that this condition can be attained through one’s own will.
That means that a spiritually attuned person can completely dissolve in religion.
The earthly type of religious mania, in other words the material type, cannot be cured, the astral one can.”
“What does that mean, Master?”
“It means that the astral being who has completely lost himself in religion exerts an influence on the earthly person, something Mientje experienced and thousands of others along with her.
That personality also worms itself into the material consciousness, and now undergoes the church-like form of this mania.
These lives can be separated from each other; the materially conscious ones cannot, as they cannot be reached.
The fact is, that the latter condition is caused through weakness of the spirit.
Do you feel this, André?”
“Yes, Alcar, it’s clear to me.
Will Mientje’s feelings of wanting to return to this house, now disappear?”
“From this moment on that urge will lessen.
Mientje’s contact has now been severed.
She will quietly recover from this.
When she returns you can ask her and she will have to endorse that.”
“It’s a pity for Mientje that the crown of motherhood could not be bestowed on her, Master.”
“As I told you before, ‘pity’ does not exist on this side.
Mientje, as you have observed, will have to complete her life in this condition.
She will not now receive the gift for which purpose she received the body, because her karmic laws and the laws of cause and effect now dominate her life.
This condition should convince us of the divine laws, which tell us that we, as humans, hold the key to our happiness and our misfortunes in our own hands.
One day Mientje will ask God to grant her this mighty gift.
One day, she will experience this pure form of love, and it will awaken her in the spirit.
She will open up to a new life.
And she will thoroughly enjoy that life, which will enrich her inner being.
Faith and love must prevail on a spiritual level; otherwise, we sever the connection with Him, who is our common Father.
Anyone in opposition to God must accept that the laws that exist between life and death will call out a spiritual halt to him.
But on earth they do not have the slightest notion of these matters.”
“And Mientje will recover completely?”
“What we will do is pull her back into her normal physical life.
Then she will be able to make something out of her life, and maybe even receive love, which she should then be grateful for.”
“And there’s no chance of another relapse, Alcar?”
“Mientje will never forget that very first moment.
That moment just about knocked the bottom out of her existence, and that has now increased her ability to consciously feel and fathom things.
She has learned a great deal.
Every relapse, which is counterbalanced spiritually means becoming conscious for the personality.
For her too, because she has had to accept the abnormality of her illness.
When grief and sorrow lead us on towards the spiritual height of our existence, it means that we are entering the higher self, André, and everyone will experience this, because we are all part of God’s life.
It is truly human to err around on earth within the scope of the laws we made ourselves.
However, one day we must break down our pedestals.
If we want to go ‘in’, we immediately face life on this side, and this will be a sphere in a heaven or a hell.”
“I wish, Master Alcar, that you would write more books on these matters, because people ought to know all about it.”
“The time is coming, André, but I will let my students carry that out.
The Beyond will then explain these laws, enabling the earthly being to attain harmony, within himself and subsequently with the laws of God.”
“When will I experience the laws that of insanity, Alcar?”
“I will inform you when we are at that stage.”
Accompanied by his master, André returned to his organism and said farewell to him.
This brief trip had come to an end.
Within a very short time, he had gained a great deal of wisdom.
Two days later Mientje came to see him.
He noticed a change in her; her eyes had a quiet look and she no longer seemed overstrained.
Mientje had slept again – so he felt – and her breathing wasn’t as irregular anymore.
She was regaining her normal consciousness.
She lay down and fell asleep during the treatment.
When André had finished, she awoke with a start.
She told him:
“There’s such a sense of tranquillity inside of me.
What a deep sleep that was, it feels as if I had slept for hours.
How long did this treatment last?”
“A quarter of an hour, Mientje.”
“It’s unbelievable, I feel completely rested.
I’ll get better, won’t I?”
“Don’t you feel that yourself, Mientje?”
“I hardly dare believe it.
Yet I already feel different.
I’m sleeping better and can eat again.
I’m still too nervous for my work, though, I’m not yet able to do things.
My hands are too shaky.
When I pick up a needle, I put the thing right down again because I get a feeling as if the whole world is weighing me down.
Can you imagine that?
There are all sorts of unpleasant things that were unknown to me in former days.
I was quite different then.
Will I ever be as I was before?
I don’t even dare to imagine myself getting better one day.”
“You will.”
“Can you tell me what made me ill?”
“Have a little patience, Mientje, I’ll explain it to you later.”
After a few months, Mientje is ready.
Her nervous system was a wreck, but with Master Alcar’s help André gradually built up her organism so that she felt normal again.
He asked Mientje:
“Do you now believe that you’ll get better?”
“I feel fine”, Mientje said, “but do you think I’m able to accept it?”
“You must, Mientje, you must be brave enough to experience that certainty.”
“But do you know how sick I’ve been?”
“I know all these laws, Mientje. The cause of your illness has been clearly explained to me by my master.”
“Then may I know everything now?”
“Yes, you may.
Can you still remember the feeling that came over you when you walked into those rooms for the first time?”
“I’ll never forget it.
I should have paid attention to those feelings.
But why do you ask?”
“You were in the hands of a woman who had committed suicide.”
This doesn’t startle Mientje, and she answers: “I don’t doubt it for a moment, and now it all becomes clear to me.
I was never alone over there.
Now I understand why all those other people wanted to move away so soon.
But surely that shouldn’t be allowed, should it?”
“What shouldn’t be allowed, Mientje?”
“That woman should have left me in peace.
Good heavens, if only I had known!”
“Known what?”
“Known what?
“That I ought to have told her to her face that she wasn’t allowed to tease me.”
“That woman wasn’t teasing you, Mientje.”
“Then what did she do?
Don’t you call that teasing?
She nearly killed me.
What did that woman really want from me?”
André tells her of all the laws between life and death, which he had been allowed to experience with his master’s help.
Mientje remarked:
“So that’s what it was?
Now I understand why all that medicine didn’t help.
And yet, what a poor soul she is!
I feel sorry for her.
I should thank the heavens that I’m better.”
Mientje now wants to read André’s books.
She longs to know more about all these laws, which she herself has just experienced.
She tells André: “How can you stand all this?
It’s not my line, I wouldn’t be able to bear it!”
Mientje leaves and she’s intensely grateful to him.
She doesn’t know what she can do to thank him.
But she’ll never forget him.
She has regained her sense of humour and is able to work again.
She feels completely normal.
And André thanked God for all the knowledge he received.
Mientje will awaken to love, only then will she experience the sacrosanct.
André thought it all over.
For days, he experienced the laws that had held Mientje in their grip, and it gave him a different, broader consciousness.
How simple everything was at heart.
Doctors weren’t able to sound out and penetrate the minds of these patients, and yet, if they could only accept a life after death they too would have to face these incredible truths, and behind the veil they would see the laws of karma, and of cause and effect, on the human being.
What a blessing that would mean to mankind!
He thought of the psychiatrist who had come to visit him some time ago.
He too had felt helpless towards his patients and André had been able to convince him of these sacred laws and powers.
However, these rare individuals were ridiculed by their colleagues.
The unconscious earthly learned child still had to awaken.
When will the Beyond and earthly consciousness finally walk hand in hand?
He felt enabled by his master to lecture to all these gentlemen.
Why, his mind called out to them, doesn’t anything in your life ever change?
Does death still prevail for you?
Feel it out and you’ll discover the everlasting power and might of God, who is Love, is infinite and cosmically conscious.
Why would He give His light of life to these puny beings?
The deity in people must awaken!
And then?
Hear the wondrous singing of angels, of people from earth who passed on.
They’re alive!
However, André didn’t have much time to think.
He soon faced other spiritual problems with which his master united him, and of which André would get to know the laws.