A life like in hell

While a certain woman was entering André’s home, he heard these words being spoken: “It can come to this when life becomes hell.
Look! They call this woman ‘Lien the Terrible’.”
André didn’t know what to make of it, but when he concentrated, he understood who was speaking to him.
These unexpected words came from the astral world and were relayed by his master; he received them clairaudiently.
He repeated them word for word and thought: ‘These kind of things don’t happen to me every day.’
So her name was Lien.
And this Lien had barely seated herself when she said:
“I am Lien van T.
You may happen to know my family.
Someone who has read your books sent me here.
Can you do something for me?
As you can see I have had one too many, to tell you the truth I’m stone-drunk.
You can throw me out or call me names if you like, but I can’t help being like this.
I’ve come here in this condition so that you can see for yourself what I’m like in this state.
At least that’s what I was advised to do.
Can you make any sense of that?”
André couldn’t.
Lien slouched in the chair and looked as if she was about to fall asleep.
He let her doze and fathomed her inner being.
How old could this Lien be, he thought.
Let’s see.
Maybe fifty?
She’s still good-looking; she must have been a beauty when she was young.
She still has exquisite features, but her organism is waning.
She has worn away her beautiful body.
Now she’s like a wreck crushed by the breakers of life.
‘Pooh, what a pitiful creature!’ André thinks.
‘I must take pity on her, a great deal of pity; otherwise, I won’t know what to do.
What on earth can I do for this life?’
From under her pitch-black eyelashes Lien casts André a quick glance and waits for an answer.
However, he can’t give her an answer yet.
He feels himself placed in the most dreadful situation he has ever experienced.
Where, for goodness sake, is his master?
Is Master Alcar busy fathoming this life too?
From what he has received, he can determine that she is known to the Beyond.
Her Spanish eyes are closed again and she dozes on.
Is she going to fall asleep?
Lien snuggles down a little deeper into the comfortable chair and seems to have landed in a different world.
She breathes peacefully.
There is a sense of peace in the house.
André believes that his task is finished for the day, as he has treated all his patients.
Suddenly, he’s confronted with this condition.
But how amazing life is.
Would he have been able to imagine this, this morning?
He’s tempted to smile, but the situation is far too serious.
What a problem she presents.
His master was right; for this being dwelt in a physical hell and there was an air of mystery around her entire appearance.
What was he supposed to do with her?
Should he treat this woman?
Change her drunkenness into something that’s in tune with the spheres of light?
No, let her do that by herself.
He had never treated alcoholics before, because these people couldn’t be helped anyway.
And to top it all this was a woman.
Had she come to grief?
Why was she on the bottle?
She must have had quite a few, he thought, more than she can handle.
He raised question after question.
Then he got contact with his Master and André heard him say:
“So this is the unknown Lien.”
“So I see”, André answered.
And just as he was going to ask Lien whether she might have come to the wrong address, his master added:
“We must help her, André.
She must be helped.
I am very serious, because I am familiar with this life.
There is a being living on this side who has this ardent wish.
She begs you to help her.
This guardian spirit is willing to do everything for her, and has already done a lot for her in the past years, but now she needs earthly help.
And you are that help.
We will show you the past of this soul.
It is a mighty problem in which she lives, and under which she suffers. She drinks, and yet she doesn’t do this herself, for she does not want to, André.
Do you sense the condition she is in?”
“What am I to do, Alcar?”
“You must treat her now.
Meanwhile, I will connect you with her past.”
André woke Lien up and said: “Come on, child, lie down quietly over here.”
Lien, feeling his kindness, stumbles over to the couch, lies down and dozes off again.
Suddenly, she’s awake again and says:
You call me a child?
I’m forty-seven!
Me a child?”
The big child lies down and André treats her head.
He feels that Lien can’t think at the moment, it is as if all the nerves in her head are paralysed.
Master Alcar connects him with her life.
André descends into her inner being, understands what is going to happen and why all this is necessary.
Lien mumbles something and falls off to sleep.
André has made contact with Alcar and hears him say: “Lien drinks, André, she is a dipsomaniac, but she is not doing the drinking herself, it is an astral person who drinks through her.
So she is actually possessed.
This is quite a different situation from the one Mientje was in, and yet in both cases exactly the same laws apply.
They merely manifest themselves differently.
Lien experiences how she is being attacked, and then the astral personality – a demon of course – starts to drink through her.
How she got into all this misery will become clear to you in a moment.”
André now begins to observe clairvoyantly.
Lien’s past is shown to him.
‘My God’, he thinks, ‘what is this I’m watching?
I must be crazy, what on earth’s going on?’
Alcar tells him:
“Do not doubt, watch quietly, otherwise, you will break off our contact.
I have connected you with reality.
I will now continue.”
This is incredible, André thinks.
He can hardly believe his eyes; it’s almost too much for a human being to grasp.
The vision could have possessed a supernatural splendour if the situation weren’t so tragic.
He sees a mother in front of him, and she’s pregnant.
André is forced to take in this picture.
Now Alcar shows him that it’s Lien who lives inside this mother.
How is André supposed to cope with all this?
Again, he sees the mother.
She looks different from Lien, but Lien lives inside her body as an embryo.
The present Lien and the child inside the mother have the same personality.
Lien is connected with this mother, who belongs to the aristocracy.
And so it’s a picture out of Lien’s past.
However, Lien is a member of the aristocracy in her present life too.
André sees that the mother is Spanish.
It’s strange; even now, Lien has those Spanish features.
The vision also shows him that this child inside the mother is in its seventh month.
The next vision shows him that this mother drank her child to death, and he suddenly understands why his master is showing him this picture from the past.
What a tragedy, he realizes.
This being, Lien, was killed in a former life by an excess of alcohol.
‘My God’, he thinks, ‘is this possible?
But of course, it’s possible. Why shouldn’t it be?’
He feels that a heavy load is now put on his shoulders.
‘What am I in for now’, he wonders, ‘what am I to do?’
When the treatment is finished, Lien asks: “Can you do something for me?
I believe that I’ve been sleeping, because I don’t feel as groggy as before.
Is that so?”
‘She’s asking two questions at once’, André thinks, ‘that’s quite a bit for a woman who’s drunk.’
He knows now that he must work with her and he says so.
“I can help you, but you must do as I tell you, otherwise, you can’t be helped.”
“I’ll do anything you say”, Lien mumbles, and André knows what she means.
All the same, this will have enormous consequences.
She’ll find it immensely difficult to comply with everything she’ll be required to do for her own good.
She really wants to stop drinking and she’ll profit from that and so will André.
Lien has sat herself down again and she’s almost falling asleep, she can’t keep her eyes open.
André identifies with her.
‘Lien’s a beautiful woman’, he thinks, ‘wait a minute, where have I seen this beauty before?
I know this face, but at that time it had much more beauty.’
He had seen her in years gone by – he’s sure of that – but where?
He can’t remember and it continues to haunt him.
Then suddenly he receives a picture and he sees Lien again.
It’s unbelievable!
He gets a flashback to many years ago.
He sees Lien beside the driver of a racing car.
André remembers the place where this happened.
The man races his car across the square and then drives around a bit in circles.
Nothing out of the ordinary, but what does catch the eye is the beauty of the woman beside him.
Other people notice it too.
And this beauty was Lien.
Lien is twenty years older now, and yet André hasn’t forgotten that moment.
It was Lien all right; it must have been her.
‘What on earth has happened to you?’ André thinks.
‘Did you do away with your youth?
Was it the life you led, the wealth in which you lived, that wore you down?’
It’s heartrending.
He compares both beings.
Yet even now Lien looks attractive, though her voice is broken and her face bears the signs of immense happiness as well as deep sorrow.
Lien is quiet and feels at home.
She feels relaxed, yet drowsy.
It is as if she has sensed that André has been treating her and looked into her life.
As though she heard his thoughts, she asks him:
“Do you know me now?”
“Yes, I know you.
I know you from many years ago.
I’ll tell you how it happened.”
Lien confirms, yes, that’s how it was.
However, she doesn’t understand that André was able to recall this.
She doesn’t feel that certain deeply felt impressions are never lost.
André still remembers this as if it had just happened.
When he saw that racing car and followed the man behind the wheel with the beautiful woman beside him, he thought, ‘Are these people really happy?
Is that happiness?
Just look at the car that man owns!
Look how well-dressed they are!
And that man is fortunate enough to be linked with such a heavenly child.
The blessings some people receive!
They’re rolling in money, that man seems to throw it away.
Everything life could offer was theirs.
Compare that to the terrible circumstances, which millions of people were living in.
Did these enviable persons appreciate their good fortune?’
That’s what he had asked himself at the time.
That former beauty is now sitting here opposite him, as drunk as a skunk.
How terrible!
She begs him to help her; she wants to rid herself of this agony.
Andre, still deep in thought, ‘Did her wealth plunge her into this misery?
Was it the man who ruined her life?
Did he drain her completely and then get rid of her, and cast her aside?
What a lot of sorrow and grief Lien must have gone through.
Or did she want this misery?
Was she looking for it?
How could she let herself go in that way?
There she is, the Baroness.
The nobility needs his help.
Mountains and valleys don’t meet, but people do.
That’s how things are.
The joy and happiness that belonged to Lien’s past suddenly dried up.
Yet, how unaffected she is, how childlike still.’
André senses her inner life.
She was never bad, and she would never be; he realized that now.
Lien meditates and André continues.
But she too traces her own life back.
She thinks she is the one who got into drinking, but it’s someone else.
André can see the demon’s radiation.
His master has connected him with this being.
However, Lien’s mother exerts a positive influence on her.
This demon has merged with her, and that’s why Lien now lives in this condition.
Lien is living in these laws and she can’t get out of their reach, although she wants to.
She has returned to the same condition she used to be in.
She died that time, but deep down nothing has changed.
At that time too she was of noble birth and would have been rich.
The God of all life must have told her then:
“What I give to you, my child, cannot be destroyed by your mother.
You will receive it again.”
And look.
Lien is born again as a Lady.
However, what a tragedy it is and how improbable, André thinks, but he can see and experience the reality of it.
Lien remains seated, waiting quietly.
She senses that André is busy with her, and she has time enough to wait.
It’s a small child that is now sitting in that chair.
This personality is a mere shadow compared to her true being.
And that true being lives in Lien’s subconscious, something completely unknown to her.
Her past has now been revealed to him.
Something else is coming up now, since he feels he is being connected with a vision again.
A person begins to manifest itself around Lien.
André recognizes her immediately; it’s the Spanish mother from Lien’s former life.
This mother is now her guardian angel.
He sees that three centuries lie between this and her past life.
André sees and feels that her former mother has undergone terrible suffering during those three centuries, and has experienced a lot.
She is now a beautiful spiritual appearance, because her life radiates light.
Therefore, she has already reached the spheres of light.
At this point Lien interrupts him and asks:
“Please tell me what I have to do.”
“Have a bit more patience.
I can see details from your situation.”
“Splendid. May I know about it, right now?”
“We’ll see, I don’t know yet.
But you must still have a little patience.”
André is ready now and will soon become connected again with this apparition.
“Listen, Lien, for I have something to tell you.
If you want me to help you, then you must try to offer resistance.
This means that you must definitely refuse to drink.
This isn’t as easy as it sounds, but I’ll help you.
It’s not you who drinks.
It is an astral personality who is using you to drink!”
“Oh, that’s awful.
How do I get rid of it?”
“You’ll need my help.
I am one with you now and will support you in this condition.
You must put all of your will power and strength into this; otherwise, we will not get good results.
Will you do that?”
“Of course I will, but will it help?”
“We’ll have to wait and see.
Whenever we help you, you will feel an increase in resistance.
Don’t forget; if you’re unable to do this, you’ll become insane.
You wouldn’t be able to stand up to it.
You would collapse after a little while.
What then?
Do you want your life to be destroyed?”
“No, of course not!”
Lien reacts like a scolded child.
She pouts a little but bows her head.
André hears his master tell him that he should scare her.
“Do you understand what lies ahead of you?
If you continue in this way, the mental home will get you.
You ought to be ashamed.
How many drinks do you have when you get going?”
Bottles they are, sir, bottles full, entire litres!
Early in the morning before nine o’clock!
It fills me with loathing.”
“It’s frightening and unbelievable, but you’re driving yourself insane in this way.
Actually, you’re no longer able to think normally.
What will become of you?”
“My life’s ruined as it is.”
“Rubbish! You haven’t even started yet!”
“Do you know how old I am?”
“You told me a moment ago.
But just imagine that you’ll live to be eighty.
Then how would you spend all those coming years?
In a mental home?
Backward and possessed?
Is that the kind of life you want?
I’ll tell you something: you are going to fight this thing!
I can’t do it all on my own. I need your help.
If you’re willing, I’ll do anything for you, but I would stop for good as soon as I felt that you’re not cooperating, and then you would have to do it all on your own.”
Lien bows to it.
She feels groggy and falls asleep.
André lets her sleep and sees Alcar.
He hears Alcar say:
“Do you know what is in store for you, André?
Do you feel what it means to help Lien?
And do you know how this has to be done?”
“Yes, I know, I’ve seen it already, Alcar.
I’ll do everything I can to help her.’
“Excellent, my boy.
If you seriously want to help, then we can free her from this condition.
You will therefore remain linked up with Lien during this time, but we will support you from this side.
We will draw her up into a different level of consciousness.
This can be done.”
The gin has put Lien to sleep.
She sits there as if she’s at the home of a good friend, but she’ll have to wake up shortly.
André knows that her mother is watching over her on the Beyond.
Lien is her child, although the mother of Lien’s present life is still alive.
However, her physical mother cannot do anything for her.
That personality stands there empty-handed and hasn’t the slightest notion of Lien’s situation.
‘Poor Lien’, André thinks, ‘you’re not yourself.’
She could have burnt away her insides with all that jenever.
How did her body ever stand up to this!
He follows her and merges with her; he absorbs the forces that cause Lien to drink.
As soon as she begins to feel the urge to drink it’s already too late, and Lien is no longer capable of resisting.
The feeling hits her like a tornado and forces her to drink.
André observes how Lien has lost all her strength and will power.
She’s dominated then.
Someone else uses her to indulge.
What a world!
André knows that Lien is completely unaware of all these problems, and for the time being, she shouldn’t know about them either.
All she must do is offer resistance, which they will do together.
Heaven and earth will become one.
There is no beginning and no end.
Centuries have no meaning.
What does one life count for?
What does one single earthly life stand for?
How many mothers have we all had?
Was I once a mother too?
Where have we lived before?
‘Here’s the proof’, André thinks, ‘but will people be able to accept it?
Reality exists within as well as around Lien.
That’s what causes her to be alive, and it will rouse her too.
But to keep on drinking bottles of jenever just because others want her to, that’s going too far!’
André looks up into the eyes of the astral mother.
A wave of love engulfs him.
He understands: bonds of love can never be broken.
She will beseech God to help her.
André concentrates on his master and submits entirely.
Now he observes how this mother awoke in the astral world.
She passed over together with her child.
Where did this young life go to?
What did the mother experience?
Master Alcar tells him that he will soon receive this knowledge.
Lien now wakes up and asks:
“Are you going to help me?”
André tells her:
“Have you forgotten that I’ve already helped you?
If nothing could be done about your situation, I wouldn’t even have started.
You must now begin to offer resistance, Lien.
If you do, you’ll rid yourself of this misery.
But if you take things too easy, believe me, I’ll have to stop immediately.”
“And if I collapse?”
“Then we’ll have to start all over again.
Do the best you can, though!”
In the meantime, Master Alcar has shown André that Lien must learn more about these laws.
He understands the vision and explains to her:
“Now listen carefully, Lien.
You must read my books, because the more you know about these laws, the quicker you’ll be freed from your terrible problem.
Your will to resist will grow stronger, and you’lllearn how these forces affect your life.”
Lien takes along three books and promises to read them.
She says goodbye to André and stumbles down the staircase.
The jenever still has a grip on her, but Lien keeps herself in check and will soon return.
When she’s gone his master tells him:
“I connected you with her life, André.
When you begin to feel the astral forces, it means that Lien is being attacked and you must help her.
You are one with her in feeling, and that will remain so until she is free of this misery.
In the meantime, I will do everything to try to draw her up into a higher world of feeling, in order to close her life off to astral influences.
So wait and see.”
Lien lives in the country, and André feels that she is thinking of him.
He sees that she is reading.
Lien is alive to him now, she’s no longer outside of him, their lives have become one.
An Astral Master has linked him up to her life of feeling.
‘It’s remarkable’, he thinks, ‘I can sense Lien.
She is out there, and yet she’s also here, inside of me, and that’s how she will sense me.’
When Alcar connected him with Lien, he felt how he passed over into her.
About ten percent of his mental power, his personality, remained with Lien.
Alcar told him:
“It means the conscious splitting of personality, but in this case it is due to my will.
This is how an Oriental experiences his occult laws.
I am doing this because you are my contact.
It enabled me to get closer to her life.
This leads us along the path of the psychic trance.
It is the achieving unity of two lives.
As soon as the demon intends to attack her, you will feel it.
That is when our work really starts, and this game, this battle for life or death, will begin.”
A week later Lien has to prove her will and her strength, because she’s under attack again.
André takes on whatever Lien experiences.
It starts in the morning.
André jumps out of bed, he’s almost choking with thirst.
Lien doesn’t enter his mind.
He must quench this thirst.
André is in the kitchen where he’s about to help himself to a cup of water, but at that moment, he hears his master saying:
“Do you know, André, why you feel this burning, this terrible thirst?”
André stands glued to the ground, unable to move.
Alcar watches over him like a mother.
It is now clear to him why he’s so thirsty.
This thirst is not normal.
When his leader asks why he is thirsty, the answer comes to him by itself.
“Is it Lien?” he sends back to his master.
“Lien it is, André.
Now you must help her.
There is a fight for life or death going on inside her.
Her astral mother is with her.
You must keep on thinking of her now.
It is terrible, but you must focus your concentration on her life until this attack has been beaten off.
Then Lien will come to see you.”
André experiences one miracle after the other.
His thirst lessens, now that he knows what caused it.
He goes back to bed and lies down, but he increases his concentration.
He descends further down into Lien’s life and intensifies his connection with her.
He is one with her in feeling and he keeps the brutal violence in check.
He senses how Lien is also putting up a fight.
She’s doing her best.
It feels as if he’s fighting for his own life. He sees the poor woman before him.
The demon wants to exert his will upon her; she will nevertheless resist the urge to drink.
His head feels as if it might burst any moment; it’s what Lien is going through.
The monster had intended to attack her during her sleep.
A terrible fire rages inside of him.
This is the passion and violence of the world of darkness.
Will Lien give in?
All morning André feels Lien’s fierce struggle, but by midday, the attack from the Beyond subsides.
Her earthly consciousness has triumphed.
Lien has been very brave, but all on her own; however, under her own powers alone, she would have given way again.
André feels glad that he can help her.
André feel that the demon doesn’t understand why he can’t reach Lien.
It used to work all by itself, and now takes an enormous amount of energy, yet the being has still not reached his objective.
Poor Lien still has some fierce battling with this demonic passion ahead of her!
But her will power has increased.
The next day she shows up at André’s house.
She believes a treatment will do her good.
“Were you able to follow me?” she asks.
“It’s horrible.
Can you explain this to me?
Why am I attacked all the time?
How am I to protect myself against this?”
André then receives the particulars of the attacks.
His Master says:
“She was attacked while she was sleeping.
Since she was under influence, the astral being was able to get in touch with her.
Lien was obviously receptive to drinking; otherwise, she would have been out of reach.
Once contact has been established, the other personality dominates and Lien actually becomes an instrument, enabling the astral world to run wild.
She evidently possesses this kind of sensitivity.
Other women also drink, but they are not bothered by dark powers, because they lack this mediumistic sensitivity.
Lien is extremely sensitive and can therefore be influenced.
If Lien were a trance-medium – I am sure you already sense, André – then the astral world would bypass her day-consciousness of herself and be able to drink their fill, but to Lien this would mean total insanity.
And she cannot experience that grade now.
She is too conscious again for this.
At the moment, she suffers from temporary attacks which force her to drink.
At this stage, the astral being drinks, but it drives Lien to her ruin.
In all these years, Lien was unable to win out over herself.
She lacked the necessary strength.
Now that she has help and has made up her own mind, we can help her.
Since you are connected with her, she is able to hold her own ground.
But this monster will return again and try to regain control over her.”
After André had given her this message. Lien understood what was happening to her.
She said: “I’m glad that I have won this round.”
“Don’t cry out too loud, we haven’t reached our goal yet.”
Lien wants to read the other books, because now she wants to know all of it.
She leaves with the promise to fight on and stop drinking.
Master Alcar then connects him with her astral mother who wants to tell him all about her own life.
André sits down and listens:
“I forgot myself during my life on earth.
My wealth became my undoing.
You are now looking into my life and can more or less imagine my agonies, but the most terrible grief of all didn’t begin until after my physical death.
Your master already told you.
When my unborn baby was seven months old, I broke down.
We were both to leave this life on earth behind, but I was to blame.
At the moment of death our lives separated, something I only understood later on.
I didn’t commit suicide.
My death had a different meaning.
After all, I didn’t want to die; otherwise, I would have experienced even more grief than I met up with now.
You undoubtedly understand me, as these laws have spoken to your life.
There was a passion inside of me, an urge to drink.
Had I understood my own life, I would have offered the kind of resistance that can make worlds unite, which is not of this earth. However, I wasn’t familiar with those laws.
Only after my death did I learn about them.
My inner life was being influenced too.
This drinking habit prevailed in our family.
Several of my character traits were therefore attuned to the dark, astral world.
This brought me within their reach.
I was being influenced in spite of my own feeling and thinking, about fifteen percent at the most.
My own dominant personality wanted to do the drinking itself, and enjoy and experience the pleasures of the world.
By doing so I paralysed my inner life, trampled on the most sublime gift that God bestows on a mother, and thereby created misery, spiritual and material desperation and a disastrous situation for myself and the young life inside of me.
I lived in a continuous embrace by the devil and his kind, because that’s what my life was tuned in to.
Wise lessons did not help, and I didn’t pay them any attention.
My youthful blood was boiling.
At the same time, I kept going downhill.
The end on earth was approaching.
It came quite unexpectedly and it consciously knocked down my child and me.
It tore our oneness apart.
It broke my heart as well as that of my child.
Physical decay, spiritual collapse, madness, and depravity marked my physical life, in the midst of those who ran wild and took pleasure in being able to do so.
This was our life on earth; my inner being wasn’t open to a higher life.
However, the temporal had to make way for the eternal, the life after death.
I had exceeded God’s laws and the laws of my own grade.
I could not escape punishment for the depraved kind of life I had led.
I collapsed under my burden.
Burning fire consumed my inner being and hastened the destruction of my organism and that of my child.
I was standing face to face with death, but I didn’t want to recognize it.
I gave in more and more to my thirst, and forgot everything.
My last days before passing over were horrible.
I threw myself into violence, into physical destruction with such vehemence that all hell and its demons seemed to have been let loose upon my life.
This spelt continuous torment for my own soul as a personality and for that of the young life that lived under my heart.
It was frightening.
I wanted to free myself from it by drinking, but I didn’t succeed.
I will never forget these hours.
Then I felt myself being overcome by deep sleep.
Had I been poisoned?
An incredible fear entered my life.
All of a sudden, I turned blind.
Was this God?
I wanted to accept, but no longer did I get the chance.
My physical eyes remained closed.
However, I woke up again in a dark sphere.
I wanted to make a light, but that was impossible.
No matter how I hunted around, everything in my surroundings seemed to have dissolved.
I had the illusion that I was in my own home.
Then I called for my servants, but none of them seemed to listen to me.
I was overcome by a terrible fear.
What had happened that night?
Where was I?
Moving around through my room, I realized that my walk seemed to take no end.
I shouted for help, but they left me calling.
After I had become used to the darkness around me, I saw that I dwelt in totally different surroundings.
This was not my room!
I cried with fear and sadness and felt myself sinking away into an unknown world.
Where was I?
At last, my cries for help caused someone to appear.
It surprised me and I looked at the apparition before me, but couldn’t utter a word.
Something told me that there had been a frightful accident.
I immediately asked:
‘Where am I?
Where are my servants?
Why is there no light?’
I didn’t think of my child; to me it seemed obvious that this young life was still inside of me.
The apparition answered:
‘You have died on earth.’
‘What did you say?’
‘You have passed from the temporal to eternal life.’
I touched myself all over and then felt that my child no longer lived inside of me.
At that moment, I fainted, but later regained consciousness.
When I opened my eyes, I looked into those of the apparition.
I felt a tranquillity entering me, and a strength that enabled me to ask questions.
‘Please tell me, what happened?’
‘As I already told you, you have died on earth.’
I shivered and trembled, but didn’t want to faint again.
I had to know everything about myself.
The apparition went on:
‘You have left that life behind.’
‘And where is my child?’
‘Your child has also left life on earth behind.’
‘Can I see my child?’
‘That’s not possible.
Later, you must first get to know yourself.’
‘Did my child come with me to this world?’
‘Your child lives somewhere else.’
‘And what kind of a world is this?’
‘You’re in a world of darkness, as you see.
Your world lies just beyond the land of hatred, which is known as a hell in this life.’
‘Am I living in a hell?’
‘Something similar, my child.’
‘Is there no fire burning?’
‘The only fire that’s alive in this world is that of passion and violence.’
‘Please, don’t let me wait, tell me everything.’
‘Your child will return to earth.
You, however, have finished your cycle on earth and can’t return there.
Therefore, your child will be born anew.
When your personality is ready for it, it will be possible to connect you with your child.’
‘Where does my child live now?’
‘In a world that is attuned to the reincarnation of the life of the soul.
From here, your child will be attracted to the earth where it will receive a new body.
After dying on earth, your child entered that world.
At that moment, your lives went separate ways.
Do you want to know everything about yourself and your child?’
‘I would like to, very much so.’
‘Then follow me and I will convince you of your own life.’
That’s how I learned about the hells in this life.
My guardian angel showed me all these worlds, and so I came to understand myself.
I had to accept that my child would return to earth and was now out of my reach.
I bowed my head before God and asked Him for forgiveness.
Feelings emerged in me and rose up to The One who created me.
I asked the God of all life whether I might awaken, whereupon my wretched life changed.
I began to understand why I had lived on earth, and what had caused it.
Our journey lasted for two centuries and during that time my consciousness became transformed.
I learned about the laws of this life, and wanted to attune to them.
I was confronted with the misery I had created myself, and wanted to make this misery disappear, so that I would later be able to do something for my child.
Then I asked:
‘Was my child a boy or a girl?’
‘The soul who lived in you would have received a female body, and nothing has happened to change that.’
We returned to earth, and so, from the astral world, I was able to see my earthly life as I had experienced it.
I thought, what an awful mess I made of it.
I had ruined my life as well as hers, and yet I was still alive.
When I had got that far, my female guide asked me:
‘Do you want to prepare yourself entirely for your child?
You surely feel that you have influenced her personality.
Your child will soon be open to this world.
Creatures from the dark astral spheres will launch attacks on her and will destroy her, just as you yourself experienced.’
‘There’s nothing I want more, but what can I do to prepare myself for my child?
And where will I see my child again?’
‘Come with me, dear child, and I will take you back to earth.’
On earth, we followed people who were about to destroy themselves, just as I had.
I learned about insanity and the many grades it encompasses, but it became especially clear to me how the astral creatures influence an earthly personality.
I understood what my guide wanted from me.
I observed how life on earth was being lived and that a great number of people perished due to the dark, unconscious astral world.
Had I too gone to ruin in this way?
My guide showed me that this was the case and it made me bow my head.
I wanted to protect my child against this future threat.
I now understood that I had to master those laws and gather the necessary strength, only then would I be able to do something for my child.
My astral helper answered:
‘Shut yourself in one of them, and get acquainted with this connection – the oneness of two souls as personalities – because this is your training.
When you think you need me, call me.
Think intensely of me and I will come to you.
I will be following you from my own sphere.
As much as I would like to help you in this, I am not able to.
You must get to know this knowledge under your own strength and master it by yourself or you will never reach the higher consciousness.
Shut yourself in the woman standing here before you, and try to protect her from total ruin.
Learn what you can achieve and what you cannot.
This personality will tell you herself.
This being is under the influence of an astral monster and must sooner or later accept her end on earth, just as you once experienced this.
Then you will know your own life, and the subsequent wisdom will be spiritual gain for you and your child.
I am going now.
God bless your life.
I came to you because I love you and in due time you will get to know me.’
I had the feeling as if I had lost a mother, and much later I discovered that my feelings had been correct.
I, too, was being protected by my own mother.
I shut myself in a woman and via her earthly life I got to know the laws that are in effect between life and death.
She drank and gave herself away.
She was a plaything for this dark world.
Her physical and spiritual life was raped by many on this side.
I felt that I was unable to protect her.
I tried very hard, but I had to accept the fact that this earthly personality couldn’t be reached.
Something was needed to draw her up into a different life and that something was not within my scope.
There were desires in her to celebrate and experience things, and she fully gave herself over to all those desires.
But a dark astral being lived within her life that underwent this infernal situation along with her, until she collapsed.
Had I – as I learned at a very early stage – been allowed to receive the help of the material fluid of the healing medium, I could have erected a spiritual wall around her.
Her mentality prevented me from protecting her with my own fluid.
I remained rarefied to her, and I had to accept that her will to awaken still belonged to her unconscious life.
In her day-conscious life of the self, she gave herself over and longed to be drained dry.
I was therefore powerless.
All the same, with the help of an earthly instrument I could have raised her up to that other, higher life because the accordant feelings lived within her, but they were continuously suppressed by that dark, astral personality.
When this woman got the urge to drink, I experienced the following.
A demon wanted to take possession of her organism.
I lived within her, and now experienced the merging of these two characters and personalities.
These beings lived in one attunement, but she was the means by which the astral personality lived.
I went down with her and landed in a cesspool of misery, but I continued to follow her. I wanted to know how I could protect myself.
This was how I had learned about the laws of insanity.
This woman senses neither the demon’s life nor mine.
She doesn’t know that two personalities live inside of her.
One to protect her, the other to ruin her.
She is surrounded by numerous dark powers, but thinks she experiences this life herself.
The demon finds his pleasure through her; she is only the means to that end.
Nonetheless, they both lead their own existence and accordingly possess a mentality that belongs to the darkness.
A short time later she has been sucked dry, and she’s a complete wreck.
She is of no use to the demon now.
The organism must first be able to recover.
After a while this loathsome process begins anew, and repeats itself until this life gives way in the world of matter and must enter our life.
She had put her whole heart and soul into this passion, and didn’t possess enough will power to free herself from this wretchedness.
Her way of living led the personality into darkness when she died, into a hell on this side.
I followed her when she arrived here, and I experienced the awakening of this child.
She now began to understand the kind of life she had led.
The desire to start a different kind of life began to grow in her.
I returned to the earth where I continued my work.
I stayed in the sphere of the earth for a century and was allowed to help quite a few people.
This enabled me to learn, and I acquired a different consciousness.
Finally, after having fought a terrible battle, I entered the first sphere, where my mother was waiting for me.
I don’t need to tell you that several times I called for her help, because I thought I would collapse under the weight of my experience.
This learning experience brought me to the point where we went on to serve the life of God together, to serve, and where I prepared myself to help this child, which has now come to you.
I was brought to her by my mother, who in turn received help from her own master and who showed me where this soul would begin her new life on earth.
I got to know her and followed my child until her inner life awakened.
During her childhood years, I saw my own influence upon her.
Her awakening pulled her back into this period.
When she reached adulthood the trouble began.
I did whatever I could, but she was open to liquor, and was already under attack.
She isn’t bad.
She gave in to those stimuli and the urge, but went no further.
Of course, this stimulated her passion, but her inner being remained untouched.
I kept watch over this until I was to receive spiritual help.
She went through this ordeal, experienced her own kind of life and enjoyed it, but in doing so she destroyed herself.
And now you will help me?”
“I promise”, André conveyed to her.
“I thank you.
Then we will free her from astral influences.
With God’s help, this is possible, because she doesn’t want to drink.
She wants to be freed from this frightful power.
I am going over to her now, my brother.
You will see us return.
God bless your work!”
A few days later Lien came to see André again, accompanied by her present, physical mother.
This mother – he sensed this immediately – could do nothing for her child.
She merely thought about herself.
All she worried about was how to prevent getting old.
She had no notion of Lien’s condition.
She and the whole family were only concerned that Lien was placed under legal restraint.
It was up to her how she managed her life.
Lien was no more to them then a scabby dog.
Fortunately, their talk meant nothing to Lien, and she understood that their earthly nobility had no significance.
Her mother came along to be treated by André, but he refused.
The old woman stood there, amazed.
She didn’t understand, and asked:
“Why don’t you want to help me?”
“Aren’t you in good health?”
“Yes, but I want to remain in good condition.”
Alcar didn’t want André’s powers abused in this way.
‘Too much health from Our Dear Lord isn’t good either’, André thought.
There were magnetizers who jumped at the chance to cheat an old woman, or accepted this simple-hearted personality, and who willingly let themselves be walked over because of their money, but squandered their powers this way.
People who were healthy, yet afraid of dying were pursuing the shadow of death.
He saw that now.
He would like to write a book about these parasites, if they could be helped in this way. But as it was, these empty personalities couldn’t be reached.
He scanned the old woman and sensed her inner life, but when he underwent her emptiness and cold, he shook this dismal feeling off.
To be that old and still in perfect health is a great blessing from God.
To be rich and happy, have food and drink, indeed to have everything!
Is that what she’s after?
And to top it all, now she also wants the astral powers to continue this puny life?
Shame on her! Get outside and gaze at the stars; maybe they will grant you this blessing.
But not me!
The old woman’s honour has been injured and she feels embittered.
André knows that she will go to those who will comply.
He sees these beings, and this woman, Lien’s physical mother too, who believes herself to be so very superior to her child.
André’s thinks, ‘I’d prefer Lien any time.
Lien moves around in this space like a radiant beauty and yet her mother thinks she possesses this quality.
But it’s the other way around, it’s Lien who has this quality.
It’s that child-like, pure simplicity that makes her personality keep on shining and that preserved her light.
This mother’s feelings have dried out.
But what a difference, André thinks.
The divine mother on the Beyond and this withered shadow of the astral reality.
Spiritual nobility transcends everything.
This is material and spiritual poverty.
If that’s what Lien’s entire family is like, then Lien is a saint compared to them.’
They depart, these two beings of different attunements, but Lien will return.
There’s an angel floating above Lien’s head who touches Lien’s life.
That wonderful personality emanates eternal knowledge, the purity of the spirit, the accepted child of God that has returned to “omni-understanding”.
In view of her earthly life this being ought to be “forever damned”, but the God of all life loves every one of His children.
Including her!
This makes this mother experience true life, and now she can offer all her love.
She has conquered the fear of death.
She managed by herself to bring her messed-up life to prosperity again and this will presently enable Lien to live consciously and to finish her task.
Which soul will she feel attracted to?
Who is closest to Lien’s life and her child-like personality?
In the recent past, mankind has clearly shown that it no longer wishes to be dominated by the aristocracy.
The liberation from this oppression should however take place harmoniously, so that the word that was proclaimed at Golgotha is not violated.
André now feels and hears this by his master.
Ten days later Lien is attacked again.
It came over her during the night, this astral poison.
Again, she faced a horrible fight, a battle between good and evil, between light and darkness.
André split himself and strengthened Lien’s will power to resist.
Lien can no longer fall asleep and fills herself with coffee to reduce the burning feeling inside of her.
The fight is ferocious.
By nine o’clock, she has put in all she has.
She resists to the utmost, yet the demon still has control over her.
Lien takes a little jenever.
A few drinks only.
She takes her time over it.
She thinks that she’s now doing the drinking herself.
She wants to take it easy and walks around the room, taking a sip now and then.
Lien, oh Lien, what are you doing?
André can follow her in everything she does; he lives within Lien.
He tries to force her to act differently, but Lien has opened the doors of the house of her soul, and of her personality. She even calls out to the outside in a loud voice: “Come on in!
I’m expecting you; whoever you are, come in!”
And this is her downfall, but it will also teach her something; later on, she will profit from this.
The few drinks have a disastrous effect.
Suddenly, the astral monster pounces upon her life and her personality, and Lien goes off into a complete trance.
Now something happens that has never occurred before.
Lien no longer knows what she is doing, but through her the demon empties two bottles of jenever, until Lien’s nervous system gives way and her tired-out, damaged body collapses, and lies there, half dead.
When she regains consciousness, she stamps on the floor with rage.
She could kill herself.
She stands there trembling on her legs; her mind is confused and her heart pounds in her throat.
“You damned scoundrel”, she mutters, but the demon doesn’t hear her; he’s sleeping off his hangover too.
The spirit can also get befuddled, but at present, Lien doesn’t know that.
However, she will get to know those laws yet.
She’s capable of bashing everything to pieces.
She knows and she feels that she deserves a good beating and she’s ready to hand it out herself.
But it doesn’t get that far.
A certain power has come over her that seems to tell her: don’t make it worse than it already is; don’t do anything stupid, Lien dear!
That’s Lien all right!
Lien the boozer, the ...?
She lies in bed and ponders.
She’s compelled to think of André of course.
Think, think, and yet she can’t think.
An emotional power has taken command of her inner feelings, her total self.
This life of hers is enough to make a person choke, she knows that too.
She’s aware of this disharmony by now.
Lien is waging a war of life or death.
André truly sees and feels this; his master is still keeping him linked up with her life.
Poor Lien!
I wish I could give you a bit of my own life and consciousness.
Believe me, poor child, I’ll do all I can for you.
Do you think I’m angry and I’ll kick you out?
How can you think such a thing?
Nonetheless, I’d like to give you a good thrashing.”
Lien bites her fingers in anger; she loathes herself.
In her fear, she doesn’t notice at first that she’s injuring the tender flesh.
Then: Ouch, confound it, but why care, really?
Yet, she recoils at her Saint Francis-like deed.
It is as if she’s being touched again to let her know that she must not harm the tender tissues of her body.
Yet her personality is asking for a severe dressing down.
She wants to flog herself until her blood flows, but her will power is already broken.
She thinks she’s capable of nothing at all.
‘I’m one big piece of poison.
What in heaven’s name am I still doing in this world?’
André’s books are lying about in a corner of the room.
Lien closes her eyes.
What she sees and feels is horrible.
Her life is now being tortured spiritually.
Thoughts come to her from these books.
Each book has its own face, and she sees André in every one of them.
Tears run down her cheeks and she lets them flow freely, because it does her good.
She fathoms the depth of this feeling!
Can tears make a person really feel that relaxed?
Or, what was it that touched her life again?
Nonetheless, it makes her feel happy to have had this good cry.
Never before in her life has she cried like this.
‘It would be a holy feeling’, she tells herself, ‘if I weren’t such a poor soul.’
She feels relieved, and strengthened.
She no longer feels drowsy.
She has an inner pain.
It also brings along a burning sensation, and fear, and above all, remorse.
‘What will André say’, she thinks.
‘Will he send me away now?’
But still she goes to see him the next day and wants to ask him to forgive her, but her astral mother is there before her and asks André:
“Please don’t send her away.
She has put in everything she had.
She succumbed, but we have gained ground all the same, her own will has grown stronger.
Her will gave way again, but after that, we will have reached our goal.
But I want you to talk to her seriously.”
Lien enters the room like a scolded puppy.
She doesn’t dare to look André in the eye, and yet she must.
She drops into a chair and feels ashamed of herself.
After recovering herself she asks:
“Are you very angry with me, André?”
“I ought to give you a good thrashing.”
“Please do so, I deserve it.”
André smiles, Lien sees this.
“You’re not going to send me away?”
“Do I have to send you away on top of it?
Lien, you’re hurting me.
Are we supposed to accept the fact that you’re giving up?”
“Please believe me, André, I did everything I could, but suddenly it got so horrible that I no longer knew what I was doing.
It never got as far as that before.
Now I’ve lost my mind.
I don’t know where this is going to end!”
“Oh, you’re such a poor soul.
You promised me you would do everything, and what did you do?
You got drunk!”
André feels that Lien is sorry and feels remorse and that he must not stretch things too far now. After all, she gave it all she could.
He must believe her and accept her as she is.
When he tells her that she must try harder again the next time, Lien understands that he will continue to help her and the tears begin to run down her cheeks.
“Thank God, André, that you’re not sending me away!
I am so thankful to you and I promise to do my utmost.
Will you help me again, André?”
The wall, which Master Alcar had erected around Lien, now becomes more solid.
Lien puts her power into it, since her will has grown much stronger.
One more attack, André thinks, and she’ll be out of the demon’s reach.
But that will be some fight!
It will be a case of all or nothing at all.
But we must obtain that certainty.
He tells Lien how the demon surprised her in her sleep.
Lien will remember this, thanks to the books that made her more aware of these matters.
She’s getting to know all these laws and feels more acutely now than she used to.
Even in her sleep, she must possess that resistance.
Lien tells André what she really feels when the urge to drink takes hold of her.
“It’s a dreadful condition”, she says.
“I wake up, because I can barely breathe.
My lips swell up and an inner fire burns me up.
In former days, I used to run straight to the bottle and drink it all at once.
First a few drinks and then straight from the bottle, until I was out cold.
However, in the long run one bottle proved to be too little.
But now the strange thing, André.
This spree doesn’t last very long; soon I’m my normal self again.
How is that possible?”
André tunes in to Master Alcar and receives this reply:
“When you drink, Lien, you are actually possessed, and it is that personality who is using you to quench his own thirst.
Therefore, it is obvious that you cannot experience the full impact of the jenever.
It also tells you that your stomach digests all this through the powers of someone else, otherwise, you would have contracted one illness after the other.
If you do this under your own strength, your organism will soon collapse.”
“My master says:
This is why people of that kind are usually very strong physically; the driving power of the demon feeds the organism.”
Lien understands.
“How many bottles did you drink, Lien?”
“Two, André.”
“That’s right”, André thinks, and he says:
“How can you stand it, child, you’re burning out your stomach.”
“There were times when I would empty four bottles before noon, but that got me stoned.
It’s surprising how much a person can stand, André.”
“You must now watch out for insanity, Lien.
If you don’t stop now, that’s where you’ll pass into, and you’ll be a wreck for the rest of your life.
Do you know what it means to be locked up due to someone else?”
“It’s surprising that I am not that far yet, André.
I’m sure I will get a severe scolding when I get to the Beyond.”
That makes André laugh.
Lien certainly gets down to brass tacks.
“Do I have to go to hell?” she asks.
“They’ll find me a hopeless case.
I’ll never get into the kind of heaven you write about.
Where will I land, André, when I die here?
Of course God will doom me!”
André looks at her.
Only a few people, he thinks, speak as Lien does.
She is astonishingly honest and just like a child.
He sees her radiance of life, and he’s able to determine its spiritual attunement. He tells her:
“Do you really think, Lien, that God has nothing else to do?”
“But according to my belief I’m a damned soul.”
“What is a belief?
Are you really that bad?
Did you ever kill someone?
Do you hate?
Did you perish through passion?
Are you able to cheat another person?”
“No, of course not.
I have never done anyone any harm, on the contrary, I always do my best to help others.”
“Well then, Lien, that’s it.
I am not saying that you can enter a heaven stone-drunk.
That’s impossible, of course, but you don’t belong in a hell.
You will arrive in the land of twilight.”
“Is that my attunement?”
“Since you haven’t got complete control over yourself, you are at odds with a sphere of light; from which you exclude yourself.
But God does not punish!
God cannot punish.
You impose this on yourself.
It’s up to you what you do with your body, but you’re in disharmony with the laws of the higher life.
God is not angry with you.
God has nothing to forgive you.
That is religious drivel, huge nonsense.”
“Will I enter the sphere where Gerhard the coachman arrived?”
(The life of Gerhard is described in the book:’Those who came back from the Dead’.)
“That’s your attunement. But when you get there, you will go straight on.
After all, you already know how to make further progress.
If you seriously take yourself in hand, you will receive a higher consciousness.
However, it’s much better for you to do that down here.
You’re punishing yourself by drinking, although you are under some influence and it’s another person who is drinking through you and thereby actually excludes you from entering a happy sphere.
Do you sense, Lien, that you’re the one to perish, even though it’s someone else who takes to the bottle through you?”
“The other one really ought to bear the blame, shouldn’t he?”
“So he should, but you’re within reach.
Even if that’s not what you want, your life is still open to all that misery.
Many people are inspired to do wrong by the other side, by the dark elements.
Nevertheless, it’s their consciousness that enables this to happen.
What I want to make clear to you through Master Alcar, is this: when we become attuned to a sphere of light, we are no longer within reach of the dark elements.
Therefore, we cannot enter a higher sphere before we possess that attunement within; otherwise, the laws of that sphere would stop us.
You are not bad, Lien, you will enter that first sphere faster than thousands of others who believe they already live like saints.
I know you and see the light you radiate, which tells me what you are really like.
People see others through their own coloured spectacles, usually looking down from a high pedestal.
Don’t you know them?
Aren’t there any in your own surroundings who look upon you as if you were a scruffy dog?
Do these people think they are ahead of you?
Because of their social status, and because they belong to some well-known family?
God, however, has nothing to do with nobility, says Master Alcar.
They will have to shed their pride and their hearts will melt.
One day they will lose all that prestige and what will they have left?
Their naked little self!
They will receive the evidence after this life.
Don’t you worry, you won’t land in hell.
Even though you’re the black sheep of your large family, the others will still have to acquire what you already are and possess as character traits.
Your heart is open to everyone.
They keep theirs closed and knock down what has been built up through grief and sorrow.
Let them hang on to their pedestals, Lien, on the Beyond they’ll have to tear them down again.
You’re already doing that here and that’s how it’s meant to be.
By doing this you will see your personality awakening.
I have no intention of sending you away, but now you must listen to me.
If I see that you are honestly determined, I will commit my life for you.
But if you cannot put up a fight and think you know better, I will let go of you and then you’ll be all on your own, until you come back to me with your head bent down.
You will then bow down before the laws of God, and that will get you one sphere higher.
God doesn’t doom anyone, because God is a Father of love.
Let go of your church.
It will only get you from the frying pan into the fire.
The church damns you because you belong to the darkness, but God says, ‘Come here, My child!’
The church hasn’t the slightest notion of all these laws and truths; it must still awaken to their existence.
At the moment there are more people leaving than joining them.
The God of all life presented you with a body, and you can do with it as you please.
But when you consider the higher values in life, it becomes obvious that you’re at odds with those higher laws, and that you close yourself off from a higher level of consciousness”
“What a lot of strength you can give a human being, André.”
“If you feel this and really want this, you can move mountains, dear child.”
“I’ll do that; I promise.
Will you always help me and call me that?
It makes me feel very close to you.”
“I do that all the time when my master wants me to act the father role.
That’s when you think that I’m doing the talking, and yet when I must pass this wisdom on, Lien, that ‘child’ comes to the fore and I feel that I’m a thousand years old.
Yet you could have been my mother; a very young mother at that.
But when that wisdom has left me, I immediately return into my own condition.
I usually speak under inspiration and feel drawn up into Alcar’s life.
We have various means of getting in touch.
Sometimes I can talk about things that are far beyond my own consciousness and yet I am conscious.
Then my master speaks through me from feeling to feeling, and I simply let myself go.
This happens as a matter of course, but I had to live through all the hells and heavens before I had advanced that far, and only then did I become ‘inspiration’.
By now I no longer need to wait for inspiration, Alcar says, I myself have become inspiration!
And do you know, Lien, that is the power you must learn to acquire for yourself.
Only then can you offer resistance.
You must not allow yourself to become somebody else’s plaything. You are too good for that, and the human body is too precious for that.
Do what you want, but experience this yourself, do it of your own will and desire, then you won’t commit as much evil as others would do through you.”
“What a pathetic creature I still am, André.”
“Don’t say such a thing.
Because you used to drink?
You have experienced the most beautiful thing on earth.
Your children are growing up and blossoming, and it was you who gave them a body.”
That startles Lien.
André has touched upon something that needs to be thought over.
A little later, she asks:
“What about my own children, André?
Will they become like me?”
“Have you got any photos of them with you?”
“Here they are.”
André scans their inner being.
Alcar shows him that her children cannot be influenced.
Those souls have nothing to do with Lien’s cause and effect.
It makes Lien happy.
The very thought made her break out in a cold sweat.
“Thank God that they don’t belong to that attunement.”
“If that’s what you’re thinking, Lien dear, then your thinking is wrong.”
“Will they land in hell then, André?”
“Not necessarily, for the time being that cannot be determined.
Let me explain this to you.
At present, they are still growing.
This means that they are not yet aware.
Everything that still lacks consciousness, that is still to receive its natural consciousness, cannot possess a fully developed aura.
Do you feel that, Lien?”
“No, I don’t understand.”
“When you were seventeen years old, did you think of drinking?”
“No, not at that time; that came over me later on, much later.”
“Right, this means that when you became an adult, your personality had also matured to consciousness, and only then could the Beyond influence you in such matters.
You don’t often hear of fifteen-year-olds drinking whole bottles of jenever.
However, when you became conscious and you had reached the adult stage, you were open to those powers.
And you drank that first drink yourself, not knowing that from then on you were lost.
You slowly descended into this present condition.
Your children experience the same natural law.
I see now that they won’t get into the drinking habit, but that does not mean, dear Lien, that they won’t fail due to other traits.
Do you understand this now?”
“I understand, André, it’s as natural as can be.
It’s very simple, and they must decide themselves what they intend doing later on.
I will do what I can, but they must live their own lives.
So I’m not responsible for that?”
“At least not for those deeds that became conscious through other character traits.”
“How deep you are. Where are you heading, André?”
“Towards cosmology, Lien.
Because the cosmic laws are the all-embracing laws that determine our life. That is what my master tells me.”
“Are you speaking through your master now?”
“That’s what you’re experiencing now.”
“And where is your master?”
“Here, nowhere, everywhere.”
“And yet you’re in touch with him?”
“Forever, Lien.
This link has now gained cosmic depth.”
“Whatever does that mean, André?”
“That he can always reach me.
This link is not restricted to a certain distance.
For us distances do not exist. I am and remain one with my master.
“And what is the ultimate fulfilment of a law, André?”
“It means that you can still influence your children.
But let me put you at ease, Lien.
Your influence has already dissolved.
So, don’t worry.
When your children were seven years old those powers dissolved.
Don’t forget that all this is your own cause and effect.
This matter concerns you, not them.
However, when you get to the ultimate fulfilment of a deed, then the urge to drink, which arose in you, still has an influence on them, namely to their disadvantage.
It means – my master tells me this – that a family also has to set their mistakes right.
That also indicates that you cannot attract other souls.
So the soul, which you attract as a mother, belongs to your own life or to that of your husband.
Therefore, sins go from man to man and from woman to woman, and may be family possessions.
The final frontier will be crossed by the family members when amends have been made for all the family sins.
Alcar says that the following example will make you understand what he means.
If my father has enriched himself by stealing a great deal of money, and he uses it to buy respect and happiness, then one day that debt will have to be paid off by a child or grandchild, or even further down the line.
This means that the possessions, which were accumulated through theft, will be forfeited.
Amendments will have to be made for the cause of the wrong.
So if you receive money from your parents, which they did not acquire by honest means, you already commit a sin by accepting their possessions.
Cosmology tells you that you must check whether sins are attached to it, and if so then you must refuse to accept it.
That is the final frontier for our life on earth, but especially for that on the Beyond.”
“That’s very far-reaching, André.
Nobody knows a thing about that yet, do they?”
“No, they don’t, all the more reason for mankind to learn about this.
Alcar once showed me a similar situation.
A rich man left all his possessions to his son.
That son was very religious and distributed his wealth amongst the people.
The man thought, ‘This will earn me a heaven.
Every gift will be a shingle on my heavenly roof.’
Then his end came and he found out that he had not gained himself a heaven after all.”
“Then where did he live, André?”
“Below the first sphere.
He was neither good nor bad.
When he explained that he had given everything away to the poor and accordingly must have earned himself a heaven, he was shown the laws of his own life and those of his father’s.
Then he cast down his eyes.
He realized that his life had been at a standstill.
In the end this man had done nothing more than return all his father’s stolen goods to those he had stolen it from.
He couldn’t have known that he wasn’t the one who gave anything away; it was his father.
The influence you are under makes you drink, and he was made to give away.
But what he gave away wasn’t his at all; it did not belong to him.
Do you know, Lien, what this means in the end?
Whenever you do something, or give away something you have earned with blood, sweat, and tears, then your giving is real, and you’ll pick the flowers from the garden of Gethsemane.
These are the only flowers Christ accepts.
The others that are brought to Golgotha, says Alcar, are a fake, they are artificial flowers.
This rich young man now had to start to develop his own life, but his father supported him in this.
In a short time, they both found happiness, because the father had been able to make up for his sins through his son.
Then and there, the son understood that he had indeed laid shingles on spiritual dwellings, but in a completely different manner.
And so this means, Lien, that if you want to do good, don’t do it with someone else’s possessions, because it would be worthless anyway.
This is enough for today.
Now get to work, so be off with you.”
Lien departed. She would do her very best again.
A few days later she returned for more books.
She asked immediately:
“When I’m with company, André, and they offer me a drink, must I then refuse?”
André winks at her.
Lien catches on and says:
“No, seriously, André.”
“So am I, Lien.
It is quite all right to take one or two drinks, but woe is you if you take a third one.
Understood, Lien?”
She understands, and she won’t do it.
André uses the opportunity to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.
We don’t want to make a saint out of you, Lien, but do not fool around with these laws, because there’s no doubt about it that you’ll end up in a mental home.
If you can’t stay away from the bottle, you had better kill yourself.
Experience what it’s like when your body rots away, it would at least teach you something.
At the moment, you’re just ruining yourself without learning a thing!
You know now what awaits you.
Now you’re a plaything for others, who live themselves out through your body.
Otherwise: you yourself take action!”
“I understand, André.
May I come back soon again to talk with you?”
“If you do your best, at any time.”
Lien left again, taking André’s latest books with her.
She would begin reading the books all over again.
She wanted to really get to know all the laws.
Lien changed; her face got a healthier colour and a sense of peace entered her personality.
The spiritual nourishment strengthened her inner life and her body.
However, a short time later she faces another breakdown.
She wakes up in the morning with a terrible thirst.
She is still herself, but by now she knows that she will be attacked.
But what does Lien do?
She puts a shot of liquor in front of her, and taunts the astral world.
Just let that hell-dweller try to reach her, if he can!
Oh, Lien!
She doesn’t realize how cunning a child of Satan can be.
Less than ten minutes later she downs three shots of jenever and isn’t even aware of what she’s doing!
In his sly way, the demon has once more caught her by surprise.
For a short moment, Lien’s mind was a blank, and the monster made use of that.
But instantly she is herself again, she sees the bottle on the table and the empty glass.
So she did drink again.
She smashed the glass to pieces and ran outside.
She must talk to André about this.
She deserves a beating.
“Well’, André says, “so here you are.
Did you think you could defy a demon?”
“You already know, André?”
“Your mother on the Beyond already told me.
I thought that you had no more liquor in the house?”
Lien is ashamed, and she doesn’t dare look at him.
“Dear girl, if you’re unable to do what I told you, then it’s up to you, and I will leave you to yourself.
You have made some progress, otherwise, we would have had to start all over again, and that’s not so easy.
Don’t ever bungle things up like that again.
You’d better go now, for the time being I’m not talking to you!”
Lien leaves.
André dislikes being so hard on her, but Alcar ordered him to treat her that way.
She needs to be told off.
André senses that Lien would have preferred a good beating.
Reluctantly, she shuffles down the stairs.
She thinks: ‘Perhaps André will call me back’, but he hasn’t the slightest intention to do so, and he hears her drive off.
‘What a marvellous fight this is’, André muses.
He wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world.
This will acquaint him with the astral laws.
Lien wrote him a short note, asking him to forgive her.
She wondered whether he might allow her to return soon, and underlined these words.
André wrote back:
“I received your note, dear child.
Are you peaceful again?
Don’t ever forget that I want to be a brother to you who will always help you.
If you feel that, Lien, you will ascend and enter the spheres of light.
What used to be darkness to you now shines forth at you, as if God were calling you unto Him.
All the laws of life and death will be revealed to you, but this requires you to bow your head.
Oh, Lien!
What would you think, you big child, if, when the time comes for you to leave this life, someone over there would be waiting for you who wants to show and explain the spheres to you?
You set off on your cosmic walk, it seems endless to you, and then at last you see the great light in the distance, harbouring the figure of someone who truly loves you ... isn’t that something you could dedicate your life to?
And then, Lien, when the stars of the firmament are laid into your little hands, so that you can admire them one by one ...?
Don’t you feel how awesome this happiness is, that will be presented to you after this battle is over?
Don’t play with fire again, because it will cause you to lose yourself!”
André feels that his master has drawn him up, and he continues:
“Will you become like a little child and listen?
Only then do you show your beauty; and I see a wreath of flowers around your head, braided by your dear guardian angel.
You ought to see her, Lien, sense how incredible her love is.
And it is all yours!
Can you not feel the divine blessing of this great wonder?
You thought you walked this world abandoned and forlorn, but you are truly loved by all those who dwell behind the veil of death, with a love only angels can extend.
Do not feel any shame, Lien, but diligently take yourself in hand.
Present her, who loves you, with flowers from the heart.
Show her that you possess a will.
Let your heart beat for her and you will receive the omnipresence of her life.
You will be allowed to see her by day and by night if you yourself wish to be opened.
She will be at your side and protect you, because that is what she gladly wants to do.
Those who feel eternal life in themselves, dear Lien, feel safe.
I am not at all angry with you.”
Everything goes well with Lien.
She’s beginning to think that a dull bore, as she is now, can’t possibly be any fun for a demon either.
But once more, her thoughts are amiss.
She is being attacked again!
It always happens at night.
André has been warned.
He has tuned in to her life and his powers of concentration are strong.
Master Alcar and her spiritual mother are with her.
Lien lies in front of her bed, begging God for help.
She has been engaged in a struggle of life or death since three o’clock that morning.
She runs against the walls, throws herself on the floor and writhes and squirms about.
That’s how intense the pain is!
Her insides are on fire and this fire wants to be quenched with jenever.
She gets into bed and out again.
She takes cold showers and beats herself up, but nothing helps.
She throws things about, they’re sent flying around the room.
Her sight hazes over, her eyes are blood-shot.
Will she go crazy after all?
She must pray, and keep on praying.
She shouts for André, for his master and for her mother.
Then she gives out.
She still has some jenever in the house and at her wit’s end, she pours herself a drink.
She’ll down this one to put out that fire inside of her, and those infernal desires will stop.
She wants to drink up, consciously this time; she knows what she’s doing.
She brings the glass to her lips, and suddenly it flies out of her hand.
It frightens Lien so badly that she almost faints.
She runs from the house and takes a stroll through nature.
She returns an hour later.
She has calmed down.
The demon has left her and cannot reach her anymore.
She feels it.
She’s as light as a feather, and she seems to be floating!
How terribly heavy she had felt these past years!
What happens now?
Does this mean something?
She remains calm.
She feels she still has to be careful.
She transmits her thoughts to André saying: “All is well with me, I believe I have won.”
It’s as if she hears André’s answer.
“Yes”, she says, “I’ll be careful.
The bottle’s gone.
I feel it now, I wasn’t free from the darkness yet.
But I’m lighter now.
That heaviness I felt must have been the demon’s.
The monster has left!
And along with him the misery, the heaviness and the phenomena which ruled my life.”
André senses that Lien has started to analyse; and Master Alcar endorses his feelings.
A week later the demon tries once more, but Lien is herself and stays that way.
She feels wonderful; she is rejuvenated.
She is like a seventeen-year-old, and her thinking is much keener.
Her head is clear and her features have lost their tautness.
She feels infinitely better.
Now she dares to face André.
“Here I am again, André.
Do you know?
Do you know everything?”
“I know Lien, you have won!”
Lien goes into raptures and André can now help her.
Master Alcar now wants to close her off to the astral world.
When that is done, she is allowed to ask questions.
Her first question is:
“Who knocked the glass out of my hands, André?”
“Master Alcar did.
He suddenly overruled your willpower, and there the glass was, on the ground.
That’s all it takes.”
“It scared the living daylights out of me.
I believe it finally got through to me.”
“That’s right, Lien, you still needed a little jolt.”
“Why do I suddenly feel so light?
I don’t seem to have any weight, it’s just as if I’m floating.”
“The darkness was weighing you down and that load has dropped off.”
“Then my feelings were correct.”
“They were, Lien, and very accurate too.”
“It seems to me as if this drinking habit of mine happened years ago.
Does that feeling make sense to you?”
“That’s simple too.
You have come back to your own life.
That drinking wasn’t part of you; it belonged to someone else.
These feelings ought to convince you of reality.
That demon took all those powers and desires along with him, and thereby let you return to your own existence.”
“That is splendid, André, and I accept it immediately.”
Now Lien is allowed to know the truth.
André tells her that she was killed by her astral mother through heavy drinking, and explains the laws that concern the mother.
It makes Lien shudder, but she understands.
After André had told her everything, she asks:
“Will my mother stay with me all the time?”
“You will never again be alone, but you must take this life into your own hands.
She is your guardian angel, and will remain so.”
“I’m so happy, André, and you are the one who gave me all this.
And of course, I am not forgetting your books!
How I have changed.
I will be grateful to God and continue to do my very best.
Where is my mother at the moment?”
“Here in these surroundings, and she lives very close to you.”
“Did my dear little mother help you to write that beautiful letter?
I carry it with me, always.”
“Master Alcar attached his own inner life to it, Lien.
He wanted to let you feel and show you what you could gain through this struggle.”
“You will never let go of me, will you, André?”
“If you don’t do any foolish things yourself or start thinking that you know better –which is quite possible, because some people do – then you will always be welcome.
But now you must stand on your own feet.”
“I have become acquainted with a lady, André, and she too would like you to treat her.
I have her photo here.”
André waits for an answer.
Master Alcar fathoms this personality and says that she cannot be helped.
It startles Lien.
“That’s a big disappointment.
I have talked a lot with her, and now you can’t help her?
Why not?
I don’t understand.”
“There’s nothing we can do, Lien.
You must not think that Master Alcar is Our Dear Lord.
This lady cannot be reached.
She has no faith and cannot open herself to these powers anyway.
Your condition is very different.
That’s a law, the law of cause and effect.
The drinking was done through you, but this lady does the drinking herself.
Do you feel the big difference?
Besides, she is in search of that kind of life.
You found some pleasure in your life, but you remained yourself.
This person needs thrills and excitement.
If you cannot pray, you shut yourself off from the astral world.
From this condition at least.
And there is nothing we can do about that.
You can’t change a person who doesn’t want to.
That’s impossible, and we won’t even consider taking this on.
Your condition was an illness.
But hers is not, because it’s her character traits we’re up against, which we would keep on bumping into.
You were being lived, whereas she lives this herself!
Is that clear to you?”
“It’s still a disappointment, André.”
“Maybe so, Lien, but not to me. I do feel, though, where the shoe pinches.
Don’t consider me to be a supernatural creature, because I’m not.
You’ve heaped too much praise on me, and that’s wrong.
When people ask you whether I can help them, you must tell that you don’t know but that they should get in touch with me themselves.
Then they will hear whether it is possible.
If not, then don’t imagine Master Alcar lifting a finger.
Certainly, wonders have happened, but these miracles were possible.
Even Christ couldn’t help all the people; so then what are we expected to do?
Christ said, ‘Let the blind heal the blind.’
Christ also said, ‘It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter heaven.’
That’s what Christ said, and the same applies to this woman.
She’s rich too, but she first has to shed all those passions and desires.
The Beyond only acts when there’s a purpose behind it.
At any rate, that is how I have come to know Master Alcar.”
“Isn’t that a disappointment to many people?”
“That may be, Lien, but there is nothing I can do about it.
Healers who believe that there’s no limit to what they can do, will sooner or later have to accept the contrary, and then they face the laws.
You hear this very often.
I know a man, for instance, who can cure everything by turning the most meaningless things into a miracle.
You run into these things every day.
A woman hurts herself and gets a pain in her back.
She sends for this man.
And what do you think he says?
‘Oh, dear lady, what a wonder!
How is this possible?’
The woman looks at him, wondering what kind of wonder she is.
But the healer says:
‘If you hadn’t come to see me today, you would have been completely paralysed within two days.’
‘What did you say?’ the lady asks.
‘Oh, what a wonder this is, the way you are being protected, dear lady.
When did you get the idea to phone me?’
‘She answers, ‘This morning.’
‘Quite suddenly, I suppose?’
‘I don’t know, I merely wanted to know whether I had damaged something inside of me.’
He keeps on lamenting and praises himself and her and wants her to realize how wonderful this is.
However, the lady comes to see me because she wants to know immediately.
Alcar says that he will not help her, as there is nothing wrong with her.
She’s stunned and says:
‘I thought so!
What a show-off he is!’
She did not want to see that prophet ever again.
I will have nothing to do with anything like that, Lien.
Although people may think I’m nothing either, because I don’t help them, I couldn’t care less.
Most of them are merchants in religion, Lien.
They peddle the Beyond, and God too.
I’m telling you this to show you that not everyone can be helped, but that many healers think they can cure everyone.
All those people lack a spiritual link, and sooner or later they find themselves facing a coffin.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“One day they come to visit their patient, and have to accept the fact that the patient has died.”
“Oh, that’s what you mean?
But surely those leaders can warn them, can’t they?”
“They neither hear nor see any leaders.
They think that they possess gifts, Lien, just like that show-off who makes himself ‘famous’ that way.”
Lien thinks this over for a moment and then asks:
“Where is my mother now, André?”
“She is here, Lien, close by.”
“Would it be possible for me to see her?”
“I don’t think so, although it’s possible.
Later perhaps.
You possess the necessary powers, and you’re sensitive to it.
They could have made a medium out of you.”
“Out of me?”
“Remember how they were able to reach you?
Well, if evil can reach you, then you’re also open to goodness.
But in order to experience that goodness, Lien, you must be able to understand and absorb all these laws, and it is not so easy.
I do not think that your mother will open you up to this, because Master Alcar has closed the doors of the home of your soul to the world of darkness.
They had to close you off to that world, and a medium must be completely open.”
“You’re so good at explaining everything clearly to me, André.”
Lien reflects again for a moment and asks:
“Can she forgive me for everything, André?”
“Didn’t I tell you that she has been waiting for centuries for this connection?
Now the great moment of spiritual awakening has come.
You have now experienced the laws of your own life.
I get this experience through my master.
It are the laws of insanity, says Alcar.”
“Will people accept reincarnation?”
“If they don’t, Lien, they will never get to know this truth, and their earthly life will remain a great mystery to them.
Eventually, I will learn all these laws.
Alcar will explain them to me on the Beyond where I will be allowed to experience them.
How else could I have acquired this wisdom?
I have never read about the Other Side, and nor did I ever go to school, Lien.
Life on earth and that on the Beyond has been explained to me by Alcar.
And all this is the proof.
What has he made out of me?
Did I sit here all these weeks telling you a lot of nonsense?
Did my ‘nonsense’ make a worse person out of you?
Do you believe, Lien, that you could have been cured all by yourself, and free yourself from that influence?
Then why didn’t you do so?
Because that was impossible!
Only a master from the Beyond can do that!
It was Reincarnation that cured you.
If people can’t accept this and shrug their shoulders at it, then that’s their business.
This wisdom is three centuries ahead of mankind, says Master Alcar, and yet, it’s here!
It will give those whose minds are open to it a different, namely a spiritual consciousness.
Anyone who believes that these are my own thoughts will learn, once he is on the Beyond, that not a single thought from me could ever have influenced this wisdom.
I am nothing and will never be anything, but nobody can ever take this away from me again!”
“I suppose I’ll have to go now because your doorbell is ringing, André.”
Lien departs, but will soon return.
Shortly after her departure, flowers were delivered for Master Alcar, with a message requesting André to put them beside his master’s portrait.
A short note came with it that said:
“From a grateful soul to her master.”
Three weeks later Lien returned.
She had a couple of questions she wanted to ask.
After André had answered them, she added:
“Is my mother here?
What does she say, André?
Have I done my best?
Is she satisfied with me?”
André tuned himself in to her astral mother and heard the following words addressed to Lien: “My dear child.
Do you understand now how I have suffered?
Can you believe that I am your mother?
Give this some thought and you will feel how mighty God is.
In His hands, we are safe.
On this side, I am your sister.
Can you feel the all-embracing and everlasting quality of God and of His laws, which He laid into our hands?
On this side, we live in and by them, and we were allowed to master them.
Only then did I understand how deeply He, as a Father of love, loves His children.
This is the reality in which we live.
What you have received was glorifying, dear child.
And is my master’s message not meant for you to awaken too?
Continue, sweet soul of mine, and of The One who has created us.
I am always by your side.
Now go in peace, your path is lit up by the Beyond.
Know, that when you enter the spheres, a sister will be waiting for you.
Dear soul, that will be the time for me to explain the reality of our life to you, and together we will return to that place where we will conclude and forget all the horrors.
Then there will be lasting peace in your heart, as well as the happiness that exists in The One, who is the Creator of all life.
Enrich your life.
Carry on in this love and know that the heavens are open to you.
You were not bad!
But I was! And even so, I received my own heaven in the spheres of light
I now dwell in surroundings of unbelievable beauty.
By serving Divine life, I received my great happiness.
And my Father in heaven laid His hands on my head, saying:
‘Very good, child of Mine, in My kingdom there is room for everyone.’
I wish you well, dear soul.
During the time, I shared your life; I came to know you completely.
How close our link was!
I will always send you my love and grant you what I was allowed to acquire.
This will be your protection for the time you have yet to spend on earth.
Our cause and effect has now been solved!
God bless your path by day and by night, always.
He will protect you.
Be at ease now, and do not forget me.
At this moment, I lay my hands on your head and I enter your heart.
In this sacred silence, you will feel my presence.
The feelings that come over you, are those of joy and happiness, it is my consciousness, which I received because I wanted to serve.
In the very depths of our inner being lie the powers and strength of God, because we are part of His life.
Have confidence my dear child.
Dear soul, I am leaving now.
Know that you will never be alone. I am watching over your life and will continue to do so.
God bless you!”
Lien heard it all and wasn’t able to utter a word.
There was nothing left for her to ask.
She went away, deeply moved and intensely happy.
André is happy too.
Lien now stands on her own feet.
She can claim a victory over herself!
To many who know Lien and who have dealings with her, she is a woman who has gone to waste, but to the Other Side, she is a dear child and a sweet soul!
Lien is the little child of another mother who is no longer on earth.
The laws of cause and effect, André muses, dominated her life, but she was drawn her up to a higher level of consciousness by a personality invisible to the earth.
A mighty happening!
It’s all so incredibly beautiful, and so simple!
Death does not exist!
Once again, André faces new wonders.
His master will explain new human problems to him.
He bows down deeply before this holiness.
The God of all life caused pure clarity to come into Lien’s life, into his and into that of many others.
Even if matters may often seem quite different, God remains a Father of Love for all times!