“Before I start to explain astral insanity to you, André, I first want us to follow a few psychopaths in their tracks, so that you will also become acquainted with these grades.
It will give you a better understanding of the pathological form of insanity, which is brought on by astral beings.
We will now leave this building and enter a different one.
However, we will return here shortly.
We will take a short walk and in the meantime, I can prepare you for the coming events.
Look, André, that is the building we will be entering.
This is the home of adult psychopaths and of children who already lack consciousness at birth.
When I talk about the stages of these illnesses, I am referring to the fact that every illness, either conscious or unconscious, either astral or material, passes through seven grades before the actual illness fully manifests itself.
I explained to you earlier that there are seven grades of sleep, and the same applies to the state of being in trance.
Spheres and hells, in short everything within God’s Universe encompasses seven grades and attunements that form transitions, of which each must be undergone before one can reach the genuine attunement of that grade of life.
While we are on this subject, you can ask me about these grades whenever you want to know the specific grade, which a patient occupies.
Later, I will have to explain ‘The Origin of the Universe’ to you, and then you will become acquainted with the seven grades of the Universe.
Many books could be filled about psychopaths, and even then we must admit that our account on this subject barely has significance, because this illness leads the soul as a personality ad infinitum.
Ad infinitum, do you hear it?
Of course, this once again has to do with our former lives.
These patients live in their former existence, in other words: their former existence now smothers the day-conscious self of this present life to death!
The scholars on earth are not aware of this phenomenon, nor will they find out about it for quite some time yet, because science cannot accept our conscious life on the Beyond.
If scientists were willing to regard eternal continuity as the necessary condition for our return to God, we could combine our efforts and analyse all these problems, and science would make headway.
As it is, science is powerless and does not have a thing to hold on to; it can do nothing for psychopaths, nor does it really want to fathom them yet.
All the same, this study is worth its while, because it leads us into unknown depths.
The soul is primeval.
This is something which spiritual truth is founded on.
Come, my son, this is where we enter.”
André fathomed some dozen boys who were approaching him and getting in each other’s way, as if they were drunk.
Alcar entered a hall that was inhabited by small-sized people who all looked rather old.
They lived here, poor and insensitive, scattered left and right.
Did all these children and elderly people really have any life left inside of them?
He could not take his eyes off them.
It was sad to see them in this state. And their aura was very meagre.
Nonetheless, these children did radiate light.
But how very weak it was.
He already felt how he was being confronted with enormous problems in this place.
He could not fathom these patients by himself.
He did not know how to distinguish all these grades of life.
He looked at his master and said:
“I feel very quiet, Alcar, there is no longer any life in me.
This is the only thing I sense at the moment.”
“Then you have sensed correctly, André.
It is true that there is no longer any life in them.
But you ask, why not?
What got all these people into this situation?
Before I go on, I want to tell you that not a single one of them can be cured!
From an earthly point of view, these are the retarded types; the soul, as a personality, lives smothered in the organism.
Sometimes this is caused by a physical disturbance, but it is nearly always due to the personality itself!
Do you hear, André?
I said, due to the personality itself.
But how did this happen?
This illness is immeasurably deep and yet, if you are familiar with the astral laws, it is all natural and simple.
When I say ‘natural’, I mean that these patients are unable to live a normal life, and that they are prevented from living naturally.
The personality has this in its own hands; neither father, nor mother are to be blamed for this, and God does not create deformed people either.
However, we do revert to the father and mother when we take reincarnation and the karmic laws into consideration, because these three souls, the parents and the child, have something in common.
Their lives attracted each other and lo and behold, the child created itself.
Listen to this alleged ‘madness’, André!
Science now says, ‘Stop! What is this nonsense you are uttering?’
We say, ‘Wait a bit and let the Beyond explain these patients’ lives to you.
You may shrug your shoulders; nevertheless, think it over. We will enable you to take a closer look at the initial stage of this illness and then you will have a chance to understand its final stage too.”
All these children, young and old, should blame themselves for this misfortune.
God never wanted them to be in this condition.
I am telling you this now to get you more or less prepared, before I explain the laws of the universe to you, which I must do later on.
Even so, when the time comes, you still will not understand me, and you will start asking questions again.
You will nevertheless have an overall view of the matter by then, and I will be able to pursue the matter.
As I said before, what you must know about these patients only serves to prepare you, so that you will also come to understand those who are fully consciously insane.
There is little to tell about something that is living dead and belongs to ‘non-existence’, because the capacity to live is missing.
Yet you see that they are alive, these ‘little ones’, whom you think you should pity.
But that is another thing I took away from you, because material, human ‘pity’ leads us to the destruction of one’s own life and that is not what is intended, nor does God want this to be.
You have experienced this with Joop’s parents. God does not want anyone to destroy himself for the sake of the life of someone who turns away from goodness anyway; even if a mother would want to die for her child, for example.
That feeling is very fine and mighty, but God’s laws force a life to accept its own condition and put everything in God’s hands.
However, man cannot yet bring himself to do this for His Father.
Man prefers to intervene, rather than submit to what he has to experience, to things that may seem supernatural to him, yet they represent God’s laws.
I mean that our feelings of pity must be based on an awareness of reality, otherwise, it will lead to our destruction, and that cannot be permitted to happen!
We must open ourselves to the grief and sorrow of others, but we cannot take it away from them, otherwise, their life would come to a standstill.
In a sense, we, on the Beyond, experience the opposite, meaning that we want to give all we have within, but first we must determine whether this will have a lasting result.
We do not intervene when we realize and clearly see that we would deprive this life of its true awakening by doing so.
We on the Beyond must prevent this.
That is why Christ said, ‘Let the blind cure the blind’, and He did not lift a finger!
Is that callous?
Who would dare to say that Christ, the Son of God, was ever callous?
No-one who possesses feelings and faith and who knows what it means to follow in the footsteps of Christ, would ever say that.
This is our way of acting, thinking, and feeling when we are concerned with all the pathological grades of life of man in his material condition.
What do these beings owe their misfortune to, André?
Do you have any idea, or are you able to fathom the pathology of their psyche, maybe?”
“What I feel, Alcar, is that they are living dead.
I cannot get any deeper.”
“And when I tell you that you must also see this spatial?”
“Spatial, you said?”
“I could also say ‘infinite’.
I referred to that notion before, and it’s appropriate in this case, because that is how endlessly deep their condition is.
So, to find the diagnosis, you will have to find it far from earth, out into empty space, the Void, because that is the condition this sick child lives in.
Even though these people seem aged to us, the child within them dominates their lives.”
André tuned in to these lives.
What he felt brought nothingness to him.
But what was that ‘nothingness’, in which these individual lives were immersed?
He continued to fathom and sense them, he descended into one of them and then lost himself.
An unknown world had attracted him.
In this condition, he heard his master say:
“Hold onto this life, André.
Follow one patient only, even I could not follow them all at once, although I could, in a flash, show you whole worlds that encompass these lives.
What I am after is something you have not yet experienced.
Therefore, you will have to descend into one single condition and see and feel how that life approaches you. That is what our world defines as ‘to achieve unity’, and then that life will tell you how it feels.”
André continued to descend into this life.
This was the life of a lanky youth in which he lived.
The boy looked as if he were twenty years old, but André saw from his aura that he had lived longer than that.
When this came through to him, Alcar said: “Do you see, André, that you are now getting to the actual stage of this life?
You know that I follow you in everything.
So, go on and we will meet each other in this life, just as we do on earth when we make a diagnosis.
To you this means an increase in wisdom, a wisdom that is rare and which only very few people on earth can experience. You will get through to the first moment in the existence of this soul, to the conscious stage in which this life once lived.
This is therefore the normal condition, the life that existed long before the present one, when this personality was not yet in disharmony with the material existence, when this life tore the own possession to pieces, and thereby destroyed himself.”
André got the feeling that he dwelt in the Space.
He thought that this must be the infinity his master had mentioned.
It was here that this life had forgotten itself.
It was here that this personality had made a mess of things.
But what had caused it?
When he attuned himself to that question, and his feeling flowed forth to be allowed to know, he experienced a great wonder.
His own thoughts lit up, the light made this human being visible to him, and he could go on thinking.
What I am now experiencing is a miracle, he thought, and how mighty this is.
However, he knew that his master was following him and was passing his tremendous powers on to him.
This manner of seeing had something to do with divine consciousness; it explored the grade of life in which a human being dwelt.
This automatically took him to the soul life of the patient in whom he had descended.
‘That’s it”, André thought, ‘I’m on the right track.’
At that moment, he felt the significance of this life, of this illness.
How far did I get detached from myself?
To him this child lived, and even so the conscious self of this being was living dead, a psychopath, conscious and at the same time unconscious.
Strange and incomprehensible it was to him and to this human being.
What he saw made him turn to his master.
He asked:
“I do not see you, Master, and yet I can feel you.
Is that how it should be?”
“That is my will, André.”
“Did I feel the things that came to me correctly?”
“Could you put those feelings into words?”
“I’m trying, Master, but I do not know whether I have the necessary strength.”
“Would you like to know, André, how we submit in this life?”
“Gladly, Master Alcar.”
“Are you now also aware, why I restrict myself to the feeling that has entered you, in other words that I do not begin to analyse?”
“I understand you, but I realize that I will collapse.”
“That’s quite correct too, my son, but continue.”
“I feel an enormous power in this life.
It is a power that could link me up with thousands of lives.
When I descend into this feeling I see images, and those scenes show me some of the previous lives of this personality.
During those lives, this human being has broken many of God’s laws.
I am beginning to understand, Master, that a higher influence or power granted these thoughts to me.
Is this the inspiration you meant, which you were thinking about previously?
This is leading me on.
Your feeling tells me that I sensed correctly.
I thank God for this blessing.
You do not speak in words, but your unspoken thoughts reach me anyway.
This life is conscious, but the day-consciousness is not aware of it.
This happened because this life exceeded, violated and shattered many material and spiritual laws and indulged in this.
But now this personality is busy recovering.
Am I able to feel clearly, now that the Divine life addresses my consciousness?
I would like to ask: who conveyed these words to me?
Where do these powers in me come from?
Did the spatial language suddenly awaken in me?
What does God want to tell me?
Is this the life of the spirit?
Is it you?
Right now, I feel infinite.
I am beginning to see and feel that you, my master, are performing this wonder.
You have drawn me up into the present in which I now live.
Would you please convey my fervent feelings of gratitude to the One on High, here and in all other places where Divine life exists?
This is the feeling that now surges up in me.
Consciousness has come to me, Master Alcar.
I thank you!
I see this life before me and now I feel ready to experience this for a short while.
Later on, I will not be able to find the right words to explain it to you, but now I feel that I can.
Is this your power?
Is this your consciousness?
Then I humbly bow down to you, who to me are as pure as a child in God’s Space!
I want to serve.
I will gladly dedicate my life to this cause!”
André submitted and the infinity of the word came unto him.
Master Alcar followed him and let him experience all this.
Afterwards, he said:
“Whoever believes in Him and wants to be guided by Him can never come to grief!
Go on, my André.”
“I look into this life”, André immediately continued.
“I am able to fathom this life.
So this is a psychopath?
What would a scientist do if this life were to speak to his?
Would they accept this on earth?
A psychopath, Master Alcar, is conscious, but the physical organs now lack consciousness, because the personality has contorted the organism.
This is what you want to show me, and what I was allowed to follow.
Are you now drawing me back into my day-conscious self?”
“We will go hand in hand, André, otherwise, this life would shatter you, that is how deep it is.
The power this life has acquired through its experiences is awesome.”
“Alcar, what an adventure this is!
How appalling this situation is.
I could not believe it myself.
Where have I been, for goodness’ sake?”
“Between life and death, André.
I wanted you to feel this life.
I took you along down into the deepest grade for the psychopath, and there we encountered each other again.
I followed you in everything; then the eternal life spoke unto your own personality, and you experienced spiritual inspiration.
Was that not awesome?”
“It’s incredible, Alcar.
I could have gone on talking for hours in that condition.
Will I ever reach it again?”
“Some day you will experience this again, André.
I let you go through this to show you what you can really experience.
We are still a long way away from this height, but it is waiting for you.
If you continue in this way, then you will some day receive this blessing too, and you will be allowed to address mankind.
Only then will you experience the spiritual word.
Were you able to follow this patient in everything he went through?”
“Yes, Alcar.”
“So this personality got into this situation due to his own lack of consciousness.
This disharmonious consciousness now deforms the body.
It is the soul that must once again return to material life in which, as a personality, it exceeded all the laws.
Now what characterizes the initial stage of this life?
It is destructive nature.
The personality dominates and now it is in disharmony with the developing embryo.
While it is still one with the mother in the womb, the spirit deforms the material tissues, and yet in its deepest essence the inner life remains awake and thinks.
Every human being possesses that power, because during its life in the past, which formed the subconscious of the present physical life, the soul life felt and thought normally.
That is a thing of the past now!
That is where I let you feel and see, and every human being possesses this phenomenon.
After having experienced numerous births this patient can one-day re-enter normality.
Do you sense that there is nothing we can do for this life?
Entire volumes could be filled about this condition.
But this is enough for now, the more so as you descended to the deepest grade.
This experience provided the answer to your question: ‘What is a psychopath?’
Once more, André was back in his own consciousness.
Again, he looked at all these patients, but in a different manner than before, because now he understood them.
Girls and boys lived here in the asylum, but they all experienced the same condition: the return to a normal earthly existence.
“The parents are not to blame for this, are they, Alcar?”
“Not always, at least not for the illness itself.
But they have to do with the life of the soul. If they had not so, they would have attracted normality.
These are the laws of cause and effect: man makes amends towards his fellow human being.
No-one can avoid that law.
However, this condition is the first step towards normality.
These psychopaths still have several lives ahead of them before they can gain normal earthly existence.
Only then will their real existence on earth begin.
If this gets through to you, then you are able to follow me in all my explanations, and we will get through to the very last stage.
These are the hells in our life, which all these patients here are attuned to.
The psychopath is no longer aware of anything; he is unable to fully give himself.
The personality lies chained to the body like a prisoner.
This life cannot become possessed.
That is out of the question, because there is no feeling.
This also explains why children cannot become possessed.
The child experiences physical growth and during this process cannot be attacked by the dark world, because the physically adult person in the astral world cannot indulge inside a child’s life.
However, the psychopath lives alongside, which means that this consciousness lives, as it were, in a grave which is both half-waking spiritual and half-waking material.
This day-consciousness of the self is unfathomable.
It could only be analysed if one could enter this depth which you felt and saw before you a while ago.
These people populate the earth in thousands.
Therefore, this patient must now go through all the grades of insanity.
I am sure you can feel what is store for this life.
And yet, nothing can be changed about this.
This life has broken the laws of God that apply to human existence and has now murdered its own organism.
We see the wildness from his previous life reflected in his twisted face.
This life is child-like, but watch every action and every move this life expresses.
It will lead you back to pre-animal-like life and pre-animal-like attunement.
Only then will this life speak to you and enable you to draw your own conclusions, and this life can then be recognized.
A scholar loses himself in this life.
He is not familiar with its depth, and he can only enter this temple by accepting eternal, conscious life.
Then he too will receive the key from God to open these doors of the soul, then he will sense that the Divine laws can also be experienced and analyzed during our earthly existence.
We humans represent all those question marks.
That is what we are ourselves!
If man cannot experience happiness on earth, then he himself is to blame and the cause can be found in the former existence.
The disharmony he then experienced now creates the laws for these personalities, no matter whether they are men or women.
There is no difference at all!
I will not deepen your link with them, André; it would only confuse you.
You cannot manage all this yet.
But soon we will travel together and we will meet up with these as well as many other conditions.
It is only then that you reach the 'cosmology' of yourself.
That will be the crown on your work, your life’s work for the earth and for this existence!”