Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life

Jozef Rulof

The ‘Thou shalt not kill’ of Moses is kept in the light of spiritual science and weighed up against ‘legal self-defence’.
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In the foreword of the book ‘Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life’, Jozef Rulof wrote: “The intelligence which it passed onto me was brought to me by my leader Alcar.
He allowed him to tell me about his life, about his death on the battlefield during the fighting in May of 1940 and about his entrance into the spiritual world.
The spiritual writer who was called Theo during his earthly life had perished as a soldier in the trenches of the Grebbe Line during World War II.
In this book, Theo examines the reasons which people advance for waging war.
The commandment ‘Thy shalt not kill’ which Moses received is weighed against the so-called legal self-defence.
Are there situations where you may kill?
Is the example of Christ on Golgotha clear, or are there ‘buts’ which justify killing?
Questions which Theo asked during and after his earthly life, and to which he found an adequate answer in the spiritual life.
Both during his life on earth and in life after death, Theo was helped by his father.
Seeing the profound love between his father and his twin soul gave Theo a strong propulsion to master a higher love.