A spiritual dwelling

My father, the owner of this beautiful, spiritual house, with a pure shining garment like a Roman robe around his shoulders, is a master.
Seeing him, I can no longer think of my earthly father, it is not the intention either, I must forget the world.
Father is further than I am, even if he lives with me in this sphere.
Soon, I know, he will go higher with his twin soul, to enter the second sphere.
In his house, resting on a bed of flowers, surrounded by his love and his soul, my first question was:
‘Explain to me, if you please, how you made this house your own?’
In my question I cannot address him as ‘father’ either.
When I was sleeping, I started to feel him differently, even if our feelings for the earthly existence remain.
Father does not yet reply to my question.
I feel why, I still have to reflect upon my relationship with him for a while.
I may no longer see him as my father, as long as I still perceive matters in such an earthly way, I cannot descend into his spiritual possession.
He has a right to it that I see him differently, it is a spiritual law.
It is the respect for what he has mastered, the respect for his possession in eternal life.
I must enter the universal feelings of life, in which paternal and maternal love dissolve.
This is why I have to take a different attitude towards Liesje, on earth she was my child, here she is my sister!
Under the guidance of her guardian angel Angelica, she is growing in consciousness, until she will come to stand alone, a sister of love for me and every life in God’s universe.
Having reached this point in my thoughts, father replies:
‘Our spiritual dwellings, my friend and brother, came into existence through our own thoughts and feelings.’
‘So can I also create a spiritual dwelling for myself?’
‘That is possible, but we create a spiritual dwelling for ourselves when we consider this necessary, if the conditions for this are present in our lives.
That means that we only start with it when we and our twin soul go further upwards in the spirit.
Angelica is my soul, she follows me and is mine for eternity.
We are one in thoughts and feelings.
Now we can build ourselves a dwelling.
But are you tuned to it?
Is there not a longing in you to go back to the earth in order to devote yourself to humanity?
Is it not your will to serve there?
Is the life of Jack not revealed in your inner life?
Are you conscious of all these feelings?
So why would you want to build a dwelling here?
In this way every soul has its own longings.
We, Angelica and I, wish to serve here.
And now our longings create a spiritual dwelling.
The spirit of light, which feels God’s holy Life and is tuned in to the laws, only builds a spiritual dwelling when there is love, maturity, and that consciousness in him.
It will be our place of rest where we can retreat to and lie quietly.
Angelica and I have now experienced this.
We have tried to do everything to make you happy, to give you wisdom in spirit.
We have now sat down for a while resting happily, in complete harmony and joy, thinking back on what was achieved.
Our work is finished, our task is over.
Soon we will continue as well, you have already felt that, and we will enter the second sphere.
This is the gift, the surprise, which I was able to receive from Angelica after we came back, and this is what she meant in her loving message to me which you were able to hear during our journey.
You will also continue.
You have already seen your task, although I will first show and explain to you many things about this sphere.
You will be given many beautiful things.
It will help to prepare you for your task on earth.
Our spiritual dwelling, and all the dwellings here, came about as a result of our love, our work, our serving and praying.
They came about from and through ourselves.
This is a great miracle and you will learn about all these miracles.
When we got the wish to settle down here, our aura thickened and as a result of this our house built itself.
These miracles take place as if by themselves, however, they are caused by our feelings and thoughts.
Everything which you observe in and around our dwelling is owned by Angelica and me.’
Father was silent for a while at this point, as if to give me time to deal with everything.
When he said:
‘My Theo, I gave you a small idea about the origins of a spiritual dwelling.
I also let you feel how we talk if we accept the relationship, which exists between us on this side.
But for the time being will we take on the same relationship which we had during our journey?’
‘Yes’, I replied, ‘yes, please, dear father.’
I understood him.
Although I felt how our relationship should be in this place, it was still not easy for me to see him as anyone else than my earthly father.
He was more familiar to me like that, closer.
Father let me feel that I could not just accept him in this different way immediately, I had still had to grow towards it.
However, in order to achieve that, he advised me to tune myself increasingly sharper to the new relationship.
In this way my earthly feelings in this respect would also dissolve.
‘A spiritual dwelling’, father continued, ‘therefore comes into being through our love.
If the love is not present in us, no power can radiate from us, which creates in this world.
It was my power which closed off the surroundings in which we now live.
Angelica’s power brought about its beauty.
Her love brought colours to it.
We live in the middle of this universe.
Everyone can enter our dwelling.
Our longing to have a place of rest and our aura therefore create a spiritual dwelling.
We then possess a happy central point and it is God who gives us this mercy.
We were able to see the truth of the beautiful proverb: ‘There are many dwellings in the Father’s house’, and millions along with us.’
Still thinking about his words, I summarised everything with the question: ‘If I therefore want to rest, father, can I tune myself in to it and build myself a spiritual dwelling?’
‘Yes, my child, if you have this feeling within you, if you live in love and you have the strength needed, you move to these laws of your own accord.’
‘How wonderful, father, I could not have thought for a moment that this happened like this.
And the buildings which I saw when I entered the sphere?’
‘My son, they came into existence in the same way as our dwelling, but there are spiritual masters who built them.
These masters from the highest spheres maintain the buildings, that is possible through their power and love.’
‘How did the flowers and trees and the water here come into existence, father?’
‘Nature, just like human beings, has received the material, as well as the astral life.
In the way that nature on earth came into being through condensation, it also came into existence in the astral world.
This happened when people called the spheres of light to life through good deeds.
Angelica has shown me that whole process.
Along with her, I went back to the initial stage of all life.
Then I saw how God created everything.’
‘And the birds, father, how did they come here?’
‘People evolved from one degree to another, went from planet to planet and got a spiritual destination.
The birds also followed that same long path.
You feel that this is only a flash, however, you will learn about all of this development, all of this wonderful process.’
‘So have the caves and the hovels in the hells been built by the inhabitants themselves in the same way?’
‘Yes, that is right.
Those caves therefore reflect their own lives.
As a result of passion and violence they built their horrific creations and as a result of this the hells also emerged.
If they want to close themselves off from others, they withdraw, like us, into their buildings.
Anyone who does not know these powers, is informed by the others.
One day, however, the hells and the buildings in it will also disappear.
That will still take millions of years, but then the last people, helped by their brothers and sisters from the light, will leave those dark places in order to populate the heavens, purified.’
‘What will happen now, father, when you continue?’
‘When the feeling comes to us to go higher, then we walk to the second sphere.
Our house will then disappear of its own accord.
If we want to settle in the second sphere, we build it up again.
I already explained to you that we only do that when we consider this necessary.
If we have work to do in the sphere of the earth, or a task to accomplish in the hells and have to spend many years there to serve and to progress in spirit, we do not need a dwelling.
Here in the spheres we can enter where we like, after all; every dwelling is open to us to offer us rest and the opportunity to meditate if we need that.
However, before Angelica and I take possession of our sphere, I will continue with you, Theo.
I have shown you your possessions in this sphere, only then will you go to your own master, as well as to the highest master in this sphere, the mentor who, the names already says it, is in charge here.
Meanwhile we will try to convince Annie of her eternal life.
Only when we are ready, will I enter our new life with Angelica.’
‘You have helped me, father, and Angelica is devoting herself to Liesje.
Now you also want to give your powers to Annie?’
‘My son, to serve is what every soul in the spheres longs for.
And is it not a great fortune to be able to help those whom we were involved with on earth?’
‘Father, Angelica is your twin soul.
Everyone has one.
Annie will therefore also meet her soul one day, the being who belongs to her.’
‘Yes, that mercy has been laid aside for all of us!’
‘However, as long as she can accept this’, I muse, and I see Annie before me, as she ran away from me a moment ago.
As a result of this remark, father got the opportunity to go into the twin love deeply, the eternally rich source of mercy, which God gave us in His omnipotent wisdom.