I get to know the hells

On our journey across the earth we did not miss out one single nation, and yet, when we arrived at our point of departure again in Rotterdam, a mere few days had passed, according to earthly time.
Father told me then that we could now leave the earth.
I had experienced what I had to experience.
Although I wanted to know where Annie lived now and Liesje, my child, it was still difficult for me to release myself from the earth.
The sphere of the earth held on to me, but I had to continue.
Why could I not release myself from the earth and the chaos which reigned there?
This was the reason, my brothers and sisters, I now found it terrible to have to leave the earth, where I knew you were living amongst the most awful problems.
This feeling within me also lives in millions who are in eternal life, because all of us have to do with you.
Thousands of bonds connect us to you, is it any wonder then that it is difficult to leave you behind?
Is it strange that we keep wanting to impress upon you not to do any more stupid things, not to put your eternal life in danger by breaking Divine laws.
Our life here is divine, it is rich, great and natural.
So work on yourself, so that you also will soon be able to enter here.
Do the right thing, do not hate and do not shoot the life of God either, because you will deliver yourself to the demons of hell, they will soon suck you empty and they would destroy you, if they could.
Tune into the good.
By searching for evil, you are digging your own grave.
You yourself are building a wall around you, within which you are imprisoned.
It does not help whether you scream in your need.
No one will hear you or be able to help you.
God gave you life and death: life to enable you to gain experience and grow spiritually, death in order to let you enter eternal life.
Fight unceasingly the bad urges which would want to destine you to the hells, work on your inner life, so that you will soon enter one of the divine spheres on our side!
My longing to do something for humanity was never greater than at present, now that I was about to leave earth.
As Jack, I feel, I would be able to serve humanity and father now tells me that this is possible.
I will probably be back on earth in a hundred years’ time and be born amongst the Germans!
I will get a task amongst that nation and be connected to the core of scholars and artists who will devote themselves to teaching their nation better and more noble thoughts and elevating them spiritually.
I now tell father that I wish to leave the earth and am prepared to follow him wherever he goes.
I ask him whether there will perhaps also the opportunity of taking me to my wife and to Liesje.
We floated away from the earth.
It faded and finally disappeared completely.
The same thing happened to the stars and the planets.
A new world became visible to me.
‘So this is our astral world’, father lets me feel, ‘yet darkness reigns here.
I will bring you to the very lowest hells and I will show you where all those earthly thugs and destroyers now live.
You have to get to know their position.
On our journey you will also see Annie and others who found their death on earth and have not been able to find themselves here yet.’
I understood the situation of this last group, I had also had to get to know myself first, before there was order in my inner life.
And there was still a lot which I would have to get to know about myself, if I wanted to have a picture about myself.
It was pitch black here, but I could still see and perceive things.
I already knew this darkness from the Grebbe Line.
There I saw two types of darkness, one belonged to the earth and was called night there, and the other one, where I now lived, was the astral darkness.
It is here that the devils live.
Father tells me that we are still in the sphere of the earth.
These hell worlds belong to the earth, they give a place to those people who curse God and destroy His Life where they can.
Here they first have to calm down, after which their spiritual construction can begin.
I start to perceive things in this empty world.
I can see strongly and clearly that people live in this darkness and it cannot be any other way, their whole character tells me that they are people whom I saw during the days of the war, busy living out their demonic feelings.
Father confirms this to me.
Now we are standing amidst these people.
The earth is far removed from us, it was a long time before we got here.
I now know that even though the hells are part of the material universe, these worlds are separate and can be distinguished from one another.
The deeper we penetrate life here, the more clearly it can be seen.
So this is where all those villains live now, who wakened hell and the devil and drew them to the earth with their stamping of boots and roaring.
That kettle music sounded great to them, but again they betray their destination with it.
No one in the spheres of light likes music from pots and pans.
The screeching belongs in the hells, along with their boot-stamping
Abiding in their world, I feel poor and miserable.
This is the feeling which lives in these wretches, their inner lifes are so beastly.
They crawl round in their darkness, others are lying there lifeless.
If I look at them, then I can follow their actions exactly, as a result of my concentration they become visible.
If I concentrate my attention on another one, then that other life dissolves.
That is how dark it is here.
When I ask father whether this is actually the very lowest, deepest hell, he answers yes.
I do not see any fire here.
Thank God!
These souls, kneeling and crawling, who broke Divine laws are eaten up by the fire of their own passions.
In the earthly life they sought vice and meanness, here they find misery and filth.
The stench in which they live is agonising for them.
It is the stench which radiates from their own inner lifes.
I cannot find any words which could describe this terrible smell.
It is worse than the disgusting smell of a rotting corpse.
I do not know of a name for this astral violence.
I was tuned to it for just a moment, if that had not been the case I would not have noticed the smell.
And people live in this horror which they cannot escape, as long as the depravity of their inner lifes is not elevated.
This is the lowest hell and the higher we come, the more life changes and the horror decreases.
However, it is dark in all of the hells.
I weep until my tears run dry, now that I see all their misery.
Father lets me feel that I could not understand this life in a hundred years and that this is not the intention either, because we have to continue.
He only wants to show me that the hells do not bind the souls for eternity and do not plague them with flames either.
He wants to give me proof that the clergy on earth is talking nonsense!
Hell is not eternal and there is no fire in it.
God cannot damn His children, His Own Life for eternity, Angelica once said, and now I see that it is true.
Is it not terrible that priests on earth evoke fear and horror in the faithful souls with these untruths, which are nothing but blasphemy?
They want to inform humanity about God and His holy tasks and meanwhile tell the biggest possible nonsense, without a grain of proof and calling upon the infallibility of their church.
God is love, they call out and continue in one breath: but anyone who sins, He condemns to burn in the eternal flames!
What kind of consciousness contradicts itself like that?
Their view of the Divine Being is so small and poor, that more and more lay people turn against them.
Their faith in God and Christ, their feeling tells them, that their Creator is more divine and loving than it would appear from the contradictory views of those churches of the earth.
Those souls refuse to accept any longer the mouldy images of hell which burns the souls for eternity, and a God, who, by allowing that, may not be called anything other than a human being who is capable of hatred.
Humanity is also faced with awakening in this aspect.
The churches have already lost innumerable worshippers as a result of the preaching of these monstrous views which lower and shroud that true Nature of God.
A God who is Love, cannot damn souls.
On the contrary He gives all His children, who break His laws and as a result destine themselves to the spheres of hell, the chance, to own a higher existence.
No one, no soul in the universe, is lost or can be lost.
God does not want that, because all His life must come back to Him.
Does this idea not fit in more with a God of Love than the idea that He could calmly see from His world how a part of His Creations burn in hell for eternity for sins which they committed – of course, through their own will! – rather than give them the chance to recognize their mistakes and, after they have turned their bad qualities into good ones, open a heaven to them?!
Forced by science, the church has already had to give up many of its doctrines as being incorrect; it will also have to revise its views with regard to eternal hell.
Up until now it has been scornful about any views which are contradictory to its own, and it appears firmly against them.
But this will change one day.
Now that the Age of Christ has begun and the consciousness of humanity is open to the knowledge of Divine, pure, natural laws, the Side Beyond can finally speak its words of salvation.
Now humanity has reached the stage that Divine laws can be explained to it.
The Side Beyond has had to wait for this.
Now it will not let itself be held back by any church from bringing knowl­edge with regard to God, life, and the hereafter, to humanity.
The Side Beyond, sneers the church.
Yes, the masters from life after death reply.
God gave us the task of telling His children about the experiences, which we gained in His universe after our material death.
They will shower people with proof, father lets me feel, because now the moment has come for this.
Not one second too soon or too late.
This proof and the pure naturalness of the truth to be revealed will even dumbfound those who think that they are doing God and His children a favour by making out that everything which comes from our side is the work of the devil.
The churches want to hold on to their believers, bind them to themselves, and the more they turn away in large numbers and try to find God’s true Being by other means, the more fanatic their attempts become.
The threats against anyone who doubts what the churches impress upon them to believe, who thinks for himself and leaves the church, are terrible.
They campaign especially strongly against those who are occupied with and believe in occult phenomena.
God threatens you with His eternal punishments, they say, if you value spiritual manifestations.
In this way they try to frighten their believers and to bind them to themselves.
It does them little or no good, the numerous scientific pieces of evidence, which have been given for life after death, have already been able to convince millions of people.
Under the pressure of this evidence and because of the growing number of people falling away from the churches as a result of this, the churches have already partly changed their attitude, for that matter.
They have stopped calling all occult phenomena deception and fantasy, but are now trying to give an explanation for a number of them.
I myself read many of the books on earth in which they recorded their views, and I was constantly aware how confusing their explanations were.
Now the Catholic church has reached the stage where it admits that the soul of a dead person can appear to earthly beings.
However, it rejects the idea that every soul can do that, or at least, not every soul is allowed to do that.
It can only happen with God’s permission.
In this way it retains the freedom to judge the phenomena.
If it suits the church, then it concerns a soul, which makes itself known to the earth with God’s leave and in any different case it is devil’s work!
In none of those books is there any question of an independent investigation and the sacred will of getting to know and research occult phenomena.
And the cause is obvious.
If the scholars of the church did what so many scientists have already done, they would have to abandon or considerably revise the majority of their church teachings, which they have spread through the centuries with fanaticism as being ‘infallible’.
The churches would then have to admit to you that they have given a completely wrong image of God and His sacred laws throughout the centuries; and do you believe that they will admit this with the influence, which they still have on the masses at the moment?
They prefer to ridicule the occult phenomena, to ignore them or to put them in the wrong light.
Without a doubt, father says, much of what is presented as a real occult phenomenon is conscious deception, the charlatans also make their mark in this area, cheats violate the most sacred matters, and it is the right of the churches and their scholars to reveal these scandalous practices.
But certainly just as scandalous as the actions of these cheats is the method of the churches to also ignore, twist or destroy the pure, spiritual phenomena, which are ascribed by science to supernatural intervention!
But the Divine truths, which are revealed through these phenomena, will also reach and convince humanity.
And no church or scholar will be able to oppose this.
Father tells me that I will be surprised when I will meet millions of Catholics and Protestants when taking possession of my heaven, and he says that they have had to experience here in the astral world that they were told lies on earth by the priests and ministers.
It is impossible to describe how terrible their disillusionment was.
And they first have to release all those wrong views given to them before they can start to own a heaven.
Do you think, readers, that all those souls do not long to release their loved ones on earth from the nonsense, which the churches are trying to fool them with?
All of them crave to take away the poison, which is poured into the hearts of their loved ones by spirituality on earth.
All those negative, spooky stories about eternal damnation, an eternal burning, must be banished.
They have brought humanity fear and terror for long enough, made the followers who sought to serve Christ tremble.
I do not want to hurt any priest or minister with my words, you must believe that.
After all, then I would be sullying my heaven and shutting myself off to the spheres of light.
However, my longing to take you to the truth of Divine life, makes me speak so fiercely.
I am inspired by the millions of souls who follow you from this side and love you and try to convince you.
We ask you to release yourselves from all those unconscious teachings, those concepts which are well out-of-date, which take you far away from God and Christ, and instead to be open to the wisdom, which the Side Beyond wants to reveal to you in all kinds of ways, and which is the wisdom, in which the highest angels on this side became conscious.
Father took me to the hells, not to take me into the horrors of life there – although I want to learn about them soon – but to see the light of a sacred truth shining here in the darkness: in God’s universe there is no eternal hell, there is no fire.
Just imagine it, faithful of the earth: There is no eternal damnation.
No soul is lost, everyone goes back to his Creator.
God wants us to get to know His laws, His creation.
It is a long way to Him, but there is no soul who does not make it.
Imagine this, let the awe-inspiring meaning of it work on you and then thank God for His love, because God is love, His wisdom is unending, His laws are unfathomable deep.
The churches make their followers dread the process of dying, which can take them into an eternal hell.
They make you afraid of your Creator and ascribe to Him Who is complete love, the cruelty of all punishments: an eternal torture in a burning hell; just imagine it.
And you have to believe all of that without a grain of evidence; and they appeal to pronouncements which have been twisted beyond recognition in the course of centuries.
What a terrible responsibility your churches have put upon themselves, how do they wish to make up for that with regard to the God of all life?
Does any priest, any minister dare to imagine his situation, when he has to come to terms with the fact that day in day out he has derided and blasphemed in every way the God, whom he thought he was serving, by presenting Him, Who is a source of love, as a God of damnation?
Yet, one day, when he enters here, he will have to accept this terrible reality.
Life itself will convince him there how the Divine universe is actually set up.
Then they will bow their heads and be able to consider themselves fortunate to be able to call out: God is true love and there is no place in His world for damnation!
The situations which father shows me in the hells are terrible, and yet the sorrow from just a moment ago no longer returns to me.
I know that none of these wretches will be lost, our Creator also has a dwelling ready for them in His heavens, when they have had time to reflect.
The place where father now takes me is called the Land of Hatred.
The name already reveals which souls reside here.
They have to learn what it means to love.
For this purpose they have to release themselves from the hatred which keeps them imprisoned here.
There is no fire here either, the land is cold and barren, because where love is lacking, nothing green can grow.
They are not that badly off, the demons here say, they live, have fun, they can even go to earth if they want to enjoy anything there which attracts them.
Passion and violence, they are still not looking for anything else.
I see their lives, like Dante I now experience the hells in life after death.
Like Dante, I could never have imagined that I would ever experience this.
I once read his description, looked at the pictures which Doré drew for them.
And now I experience, that much of what they depicted corresponds to the reality.
Much, but not nearly everything.
The whole reality cannot be described or depicted either, father lets me feel.
Dante visited the hells and heavens along with his guardian angel, our medium did that with my master and now I am doing it with my father.
How grateful I am to God that this has been given to me.
Millions of people inhabit the hells.
All these beings went under as a result of their wrong deeds on earth.
Here hatred lives beside hatred.
Here one thief, one murderer looks for another.
Their auras are demonic.
I want to learn about their lives later.
All degrees of evil are represented here.
I can examine the life of the soul in all its forms here.
God gives me that opportunity, because I made a heaven my own.
Thousands along with me will descend into the hells in order to study and to prepare themselves for a higher consciousness as a result of this.
However, for the moment we will leave these places of horror.
The moment has arrived, father says, to put me in contact with Annie, my wife.
I glance behind me one last time.
I want to work and to serve, it occurs to me, all these wretches have to awaken.
They are also Divine sparks; however they must master love, so that they can enter a heaven.
A person on earth also has to master it.
I want to devote myself entirely to opening the eyes and hearts of humanity to Divine holy laws.
So that one day I will also be able to tell my Divine Father: I helped to make the hells disappear.