Twin souls

I understand what you are thinking about, Theo.
Here everything happens at the appointed time.
Only when our consciousness has reached that height, will we be connected to the soul which belongs to us.
Then we will be completely ready for him or her, we will be ready to experience the miracle of the twin love.
You already feel it, then there can be no question of non-acceptance.
All of our emotions, our thoughts and feelings are directed towards receiving the soul life, which is as we ourselves are.
We have grown so greatly in love that it has become universal.
Yet, the love for this soul exceeds even that, it is different and can only be felt by that one being in the universe, which God created like ourselves.
I can love a woman on earth, our characters can correspond, our lives can be like heaven there, and yet that does not have to mean that this woman is my twin soul.
Twin love far exceeds it, it has cosmic significance, even if it can already be felt on earth.
We can have blessed bonds with many souls; yet only one being in the universe really belongs with us.
And it was God Himself Who appointed this soul to us.’
‘When did that happen, father?’
‘That was long ago, my son.
When God gave Himself to us, He gave us the first life, the planets started to condense and the evolution plan started, we were absorbed in that happiness.
The soul life now, which experienced the very first degree of life with me, absorbed my soul, that is the soul which belongs to me cosmically.’
‘But you cannot possible remember that anymore, can you, father?’
‘The knowledge of this has no significance either, but the feeling within us says so, with a certainty as if God Himself was telling us!
In the very first stage of the Creation we were born at the same time and we felt as one.
Then we began our spiritual evolution together.
We will belong to each other into eternity.
God gave us this inexpressible mercy.’
‘Will we become aware of this again, father?’
‘Yes, only on this side do we go back to this consciousness, although, as I already said, it is also possible on earth.
A few people there have mastered that consciousness.’
‘Why do we only get to know about this great happiness here?’
‘That is very clear, Theo.
On earth we do not even know ourselves.
How would we know anything about these laws?
On earth, as a rule, people only love themselves and this type of love, you feel, has nothing to do with the wonderful twin love.
People live their own lives there and do not go into the soul lives which cross their paths.
They do not want to bow to these and therefore do not love them either.
There are only a few people who truly possess love.
These few usually possess sisterly and brotherly love, even if they believe that they possess twin love.
Their feeling of love is great and if they marry, a wonderful harmony is revealed.
Now just imagine, Theo, that one of them passes over to this world.
The other one, who remains behind, has a great longing for the person who passed over.
He would not want to have a connection ever again with another soul life.
There is only the longing in him for the woman, whom he now knows to be on the side beyond.
There is depth, a pure depth in his love, which makes his love grow and increases his consciousness.
Yet he cannot establish whether they are both twin souls.
Only on this side do they then experience that their feelings did not touch on twin love, but sisterly and brotherly love.
On earth that could not be determined by them, because there that depth cannot be felt or fathomed.
Just imagine, the sisterly and brotherly love experienced by only one or two people on earth, is universal, however, twin love is cosmic.
And who on earth is able to feel in a cosmically-deep way.
No, Theo, only, very, very few people on earth live consciously in the twin soul situation.’
‘But can twin souls not meet each other on earth without knowing that they belong to each other?’
‘Of course, that is the case, Theo.
We, souls, saw each other in different lives, even if that does not have to be as man and woman.
You can meet your soul life on earth as a child, as an old woman, as your father or your sister.
Nevertheless, both souls are cosmically destined for each other.
You wish to ask whether that is possible?
The twin souls have to learn the laws of God, they have to learn to love universally.
For this purpose they had to come into contact with the life of God.
They went their own way.
In their lives they both did good and evil, both in their own ways and for themselves.
The laws of cause and effect therefore brought them here, then there.
When they met each other again at some point, they did not recognize each other, because they lived in their own laws.
Only when everything has been put right, can we see each other consciously again on earth.
However, I already told you, this usually takes place on the side beyond, because we on earth do not want to possess this heightened consciousness.’
‘What are you saying, father?
We don’t want to possess it?’
‘Yes, my son, it is true.
Who on earth wants to bow to all the life of God?
Who wants to love all this life?
Who is completely occupied there with devoting himself to this life?
Who is so complete in his love that nothing, no harsh word, no deed disturbs him in his love?
Who no longer hates there and always knows how to speak words of forgiveness under all circumstances?
Who wants to live like that, serve and give like that, and master a higher, spiritual consciousness in this way?
People know that they should live like that in order to fulfil God’s will.
But how many people, I ask you, want that?
Yet we should be like that, if we want to be ready for our twin soul.
How can we be ready for him or her, if we do not even possess love for our neighbour?
I already told you, above universal love is twin love, because it is cosmic.
I would never be ready for twin love, if I did not love universally.
God demands a lot, demands everything of us, before He allows us to proceed consciously to our twin soul state.
If we are ready then we will experience the greatest thing which God can give us.
Completely one in thoughts and feelings, we will then be ready to learn about His universe, because His wonders there are so numerous, so indescribably deep, that we would not be able to deal with them alone.
For this purpose, God, in His eternal wisdom, placed a being next to us who can help us with it, connected by one feeling, one thought, one love.
For the twin souls God created the universe, for two people, who represent His universe, as man and wife, as father and mother, because He is also both father and mother.’
It was a long time before I asked my next question.
I let father’s words sink in.
I could not even grasp the depth of his words, and it would still require much reflection before I would achieve this.
So twin love is cosmically deep, Father and Angelica lived in this and millions along with them on this side.
I myself, I knew, was not yet ready for it, only a few people on earth, father said, lived in this consciousness.
Of course, father was right.
I thought about the people whom I had known on earth, and about those whom I had fathomed out during the journey which I made with father.
How many people lived in complete harmony with their husband or their wife?
Yet that should at least be the case if you ever wanted to progress to twin love.
How far removed from it were the men who sought their happiness with many women and vice versa?
Father proved that he was following my thoughts by responding to this one.
‘He who tunes in to this, proves that he does not understand twin love, is not ready to receive it.
He has to free himself from those longings completely.
They might have love in them, but that love is not conscious, it is split.
They only try to experience physical unity, in this spiritual life these souls therefore do not possess love.
Once our emotional life has been touched, when the necessary consciousness is within us, then the longing can only go out to one soul, and not to three.
Anyone who therefore looks for more than one woman, reaches unity with them, has to accept that he is not yet ready for twin love.
It could be the case that he reaches a greater feeling with one of them and achieves a stage of love.
If personal desires emerge during their unity, they close themselves off to the love again.
Their union could have been blessed, because the twin love also comes through motherhood, through unity, to cosmic union.
They would have experienced a feeling that is far ahead of earthly feeling, that even exceeds universal love and touches on twin love.
They would have come that far through maternal love.
Do you understand the deep meaning of this, Theo?
Listen then.
The mother is the most sacred being in the cosmos.
She is connected to God in her state.
If both the beings who now experience unity, tune in to the mother, they will rise far above the material life.
They will then be truly one and their union will be cosmic.
But as I already said, there must then be no passion in them, their longing may not be for the body rather than the soul, because in this case their union will only be physical and without any spiritual meaning.’
‘I believe, father, that unity for many people who start to feel spiritual is a deep problem.’
‘We know that to be true, Theo, but people also have to become aware of this.
So many do not understand anything about unity, because they do not understand themselves.
Numerous church-going souls put a stop to unity themselves.
Accept this: If we really love each other, it is a blessed deed.
Only if we just love the body and our soul falls back into passion, everything is earthly and mortal.
Then our deed is devoid of any spiritual meaning!
However, anyone who starts to feel the universe, has respect and love for the soul life which he connects himself to, will also force the other life to devote itself to reaching the experience which is truly pure and spiritual and opens the subconscious life.
When a soul is then attracted it is even possible to be connected cosmically, after which the love in both these people reaches a higher stage.’
‘What does this mean, father?’
‘That means, my son, that our spirit is opened by a connection like that and this then takes place through the soul life which we attract.
The mother in the very first place, since she receives the new life within her, carries it and brings it to growth.
However, we achieve that since we love mother and child in the way that God wants us to.
Unfortunately, it is all too often the case that the creative being lets itself be drawn away from this state of happiness as a result of earthly cares, his loving attention for mother and the baby within her decreases and at last ceases completely, so that the mother remains alone with all those wonderful feelings which besiege her and which she wants to talk about, because she cannot deal with them alone.
The mother then feels alone, poor and earthly ...
We therefore have to support her always, follow and love her, serve and support her.
If we have this respect, this pure, spiritual love and if it is felt and understood by the mother, then we will possess a state of divine happiness on earth – a happiness which elevates us, expands and deepens us – a happiness which is blessed by God.
So we received all of that through the pure unity and attraction of the new life.
If we want to live in this state, then we must devote ourselves entirely to it.
If we have the will, God will awaken His holy laws in us and change our whole life.
Then the mother will be a saint to us, of course, only if she also strives towards this state of happiness and consciousness.
Every wrong deed, every snarl or sign of harshness, every misunderstanding beats holes in the relationship, as a result of which the happiness ebbs away.
Nothing will then remain of the sacred contact which bound man and wife.
On the other hand, by using every second which God gives us, to grow closer to the person next to us, we will work on the union of a spiritual bond, which ensures us of the highest happiness for life, which is only felt and equalled by those who are twin souls here.
First we have to be able to serve and love the life next to us with spiritual power, only then will we be ready to receive the soul which is ours.’
‘Father, can you tell me if I already have that feeling?’
‘You are not yet ready, my son.
There are still various longings in your life which you wish to follow.
You cannot have them within you, when you are faced with twin love.
The work on earth is still calling out to you.
You love that in the first place.
Of course, your activity will bring you spiritual gain.
Just accept that it will keep you completely from being open to twin love.
We see that on earth as well.
Many people are kept from their work by their love.
And yet there are so many possibilities in this particular state.’
‘Can you tell me something about it, father?’
‘Of course that is possible, my son, if you wish to follow me.
It concerns this.
Just take the situation in which I was able to live and work next to Angelica on earth.
How would we act then?
Can you suppose that I could neglect Angelica by devoting myself entirely to my work?
No, of course not.
I would never lose myself in my work, because I would be busy creating through the emotional life of Angelica.
I would work from and through her.
She would inspire me, I would continually see her in and during my work.
She would be in my work, would know about it, follow me, propel me, support me.
Since she would inspire my work, this would in turn manage to inspire and increase and deepen our love.
We would therefore never separate, wherever my work would take me.
We would then both work and meanwhile build on expanding our happiness.
As we became more capable spiritually, our emotional lives would be elevated and our consciousness would grow.’
‘No one on earth actually lives like that, do they?’
‘That is the reason, Theo, why earthly people do not know twin love, or the love which this degree of feeling touches upon.
This is why they do not know what we have here and have mastered.
There they actually separate again and again, since they let every hour, even every second, pass in which they could be building up their love, their happiness.
They do not love the woman, but their work.
The mother waits, she feels neglected, empty, alone, and it is only still possible for her to feel love if her feelings for him are great and overpowering.
So the situation on earth is usually that people lose their contact as a result of their work, start to live in their own worlds and destroy their bond as a result.
On the other hand, we actually gain contact through the work which we carry out, our love gains depth through it.
We therefore live exactly the other way round than on earth.
There are people who believe that either their work or their wife has to be neglected and that you cannot give both the same amount of attention at the same time.
They are completely wrong.
It is like this: one inspires me for the other.
I put the love which I have for the woman beside me, into my work.
By working hard I prove my love for her.
I am love when I work, I am empty and poor when I am lazy.
My passion for work determines my inner wealth or poverty.
In short, Theo, our life creates, as a result of creation my love for her who drives and inspires me, grows.
As a result of the work we come together instead of moving away from each other.
Once that harmony has been obtained, then conflict is no longer possible.
Each conflict would mean a distancing, in the end our happiness would disappear as a result of it.
We must therefore be careful to prevent disharmony.
There are people on earth who have the unity which I spoke about.
They truly love, they prove in their lives that they have understood the fundamental laws for spiritual love and spiritual unity.’
‘So if I understand that correctly, father, then a person in the life here will only receive, experience and have the love, which he has longed for and striven for?’
‘This is the way it is, my son, you will indeed not be able to receive anything else.’
‘That is what Angelica kept presenting us with on earth, father.’
‘That also only became clear to me, Theo, when I entered here.
My happiness is boundless, now that I know that she is mine.’
‘Can I not free myself from my feelings, father?’
This question was inspired by the thought of the happiness, which came towards me from father’s words.
To be ready for his soul, for his twin soul.
To experience God’s heavens, carried by love and understanding ...
Was I still far away from this happiness?
‘No, my son, you cannot free yourself of the feelings which still keep you from that sacred state just like that.
First you must try to serve and by serving you will awaken.
If you think that you can achieve it instantly, I must disappoint you.
You do not yet possess the powers of feeling which prepare you for your twin soul, but if you really want to help the life of God, your life will awaken and that great happiness will await you.’
I thought about these words for a long time and understood how sharp God’s laws also were for this situation.
Nothing is just given to us in life, we have to earn everything by our own efforts.
No one in the universe can escape this!
As I continued to think, my thoughts came back to mother.
‘When mother arrives here, father, how will you react then?’
‘I no longer have any connection with mother.
On earth I had to make things up to her and that happened.
Afterwards our lives separated.
Now I am continuing and she will go her own way.
If she wants to see me here, I will help her, or I will go away.
If she can accept me in this life, I will be a brother to her and she will be a sister to me.
However, I can tell you that when her earthly life ends she will go back to the earth again, because she has things to make up for there.’
‘When she comes here after that, she will no longer know you, will she?’
‘That has no significance in this life, Theo.
When her previous lives are shown to her on this side, she will know me.
She will then have entered the conscious life and there we love all of God’s life.
We will then change over to universal love, as I already told you.’
‘The state therefore in which paternal and maternal love has disappeared.’
‘Exactly, my son.
It is also what Angelica meant when she told us on earth about love.’
‘I long, father, to possess this love and yet I have to accept that I do not have those feelings.’
‘Your feelings do not yet touch this world, Theo.
All people, with very few exceptions, who say they love, still feel earthly.
I already told you about it a moment ago.
They are still far removed from this true happiness.
Our love far exceeds that of the earth, it gives us paradise, because we are completely one.
On earth your feelings and your love may be great, but this does not mean that they possess any spiritual meaning.
I keep coming back to this point, because you have to feel the distinction clearly.
On earth love affects the human body and only when it touches the soul, it is spiritual and pure.
However, few people reach that point, after all, our consciousness has to be great, otherwise the human being loses itself in the spirit, where thoughts and feelings are so different.
A person on earth must devote so much of himself and work on himself in order to master that degree of love.
However, it is possible to achieve this.
As a result of our love we feel the pure Divine sphere of thought.
By imagining ourselves in it we expand and deepen our feelings.
On earth, however, as a result of every rash action, every harsh word, people break away that firm ground again.
Their lack of depth and love will then pay the price.
However, our feelings touch the creation.’
‘The creation, father?
What do you mean by this?’
‘It means, Theo, that, in my case, I come into the universe through Angelica.
By descending into her life, I can see into all the degrees of the creation which we have both experienced.
Our love therefore takes us into God’s life, we love this.
In this way our love never comes to a standstill.
After all, when descending into the being which belongs to us, we keep coming across new laws and miracles.
The more our consciousness grows as a result of this, the deeper we can descend into the almost unfathomable states, which lie in a person as a Divine spark.
So by penetrating the soul life next to us we go deeper into God and His creation, and we live in the central system of Him Who created us.
What you now have to deal with is deep, my son.
Just imagine, by fathoming the life next to us, we are connected to all the physical and spiritual degrees, which life has.
It takes us so far if we truly love a person, that it can give us love!
Is it any wonder then that respect comes to us for the life next to us and that we can no longer utter a harsh word?
Is it any wonder that we never become exhausted in our love and we deeply bow to Divine creation?’
‘Can that be reached by everyone in this sphere, father?’
‘Not every life is ready for it, Theo.
We usually first move to this love in the second sphere.’
‘Why are those others not ready for it, father?’
‘Because the souls want to give themselves to other things, just like you.
They are tuned into the earth and anyone who has those feelings, can therefore not live in the other one.
These souls feel like people on earth; so material, but on spiritual attunement.
They can no longer do wrong, lies and cheating are not possible for them, because their life is spiritually conscious.
It forms a spiritual degree of the cosmic degrees which the universe knows.
However, they are still not released from the earth and go back there, which can happen both astrally and physically.
Only when those feelings have disappeared do they move on to the other, higher emotional life.
Only then can they also prepare themselves for twin love.’
‘Can that really not be achieved on earth, father?’
‘As I already told you, if you make every effort to master it.’
And yet again I asked him: ‘If I want it really badly ...?’
‘Then it is possible, but then your soul, your wife on earth must also want it badly, or you will not make it.
I already told you about that, but it is not quite getting through to you.
There must be a serious intention and there must be spiritual tendency.
However, a bad thought will already disturb this good intention and it will break off the spiritual contact.
In your life on earth you already experienced it, could you achieve anything there, if the other person did not want it?
You must not be misunderstood in anything.
You both have to be able to love everything about each other.
I already told you, through your work you will make it.
Other powers and strengths may not disturb your inner life through their influence in any way, or these disturbances will call a halt to you again and you will have to start from the beginning again.
It will then only be a question of earthly feelings and thoughts, of earthly love.
However, the twin love is separate from the earth and all earthly influences.
It penetrates the universe and comes into connection with the cosmic laws.
This love becomes so deep and powerful that it does not let itself be disrupted or brought down by anything.
There must therefore be a balance within us, otherwise we can never achieve spiritual heights.
Our love also has to do with the degrees of the emotional life.’
‘What are they, father?’
‘You will learn about them in our life.
You will discover thousands of material worlds there, in which we gained our experience, the first three degrees of the universe, the planetary systems that is on which we lived.
In all those worlds we still did not possess love, but we have to be able to go back there in feeling, otherwise we will not be capable of sensing the other life.
In brief, we accept each action which is carried out by the being next to us in love, because everything that life does is good!’
‘That is not possible on earth, is it, father?’
‘You already have a disturbance there, Theo.
We have to accept the person next to us in everything she does.
She acts according to her degree of feeling.
We have to elevate her.
We may never punish a wrong deed by returning it with harshness.’
‘To master that would take a lifetime, father.’
‘You are right, Theo, that is the case.
However, anyone who seriously wants it can master it.
Worldly wisdom is also needed for it.
We get that by thinking.
Learning to think is the task of every person who wants to achieve spiritual heights.
I already said it, as a result of the person next to us, we go straight to God and His holy Creation.
We must therefore follow her in her thoughts, feelings and actions.
In this way we descend into her soul and get to know her.
By thinking we therefore grow in consciousness, and also in love.
In this way and in this way alone can we move on to twin love and consciously live in it.
You see, Theo, earthly feelings and thoughts must be released completely by us.
The souls on this side which are still tuned into the earth are faced with the task of discarding these feelings.
To that end they descend into the hells and bring help.
Others do the same thing on earth.
Yet others are born again on earth and there manage to discard their material feelings and learn to experience life in a spiritual way.’
‘They experience things and live like you on earth, you mean?’
‘Something like that, Theo.’
‘I believe that I understand you.
When you experienced your last life on earth, you already had good feelings.
And Angelica helped you further to master spiritual consciousness.’
‘This is one example of it, Theo.
Once released from the earth, I could enter the higher consciousness.
Our happiness is then so intensely great, my son, that we long to let everyone share in this.
It is the reason why I keep repeating the same thing again: people of the earth, release yourself from earthly feelings and thoughts, and work hard on yourself in order to master a higher and spiritual consciousness.
God gives you the opportunity to do this, so use it.
Divine happiness awaits you.
Anyone who learns to tune in spiritually and follows the degrees of life’s emotions, will experience more and more that depth, love and understanding come to him.
God wants us to love His life.
But how do I learn to love?
I already said, anyone who follows my words, and is prepared to devote himself entirely, will one day be at the stage that he can say: I love everything which lives.
Our feelings have to be released from the material for this purpose.
There can never be a question of spiritual unity between a man and a woman if our thoughts and feelings only go out to the material body and we see the person next to us as our earthly possession.
Anyone who walks the astral path, on the other hand, searches for the emotional life, the soul.
Then there will be almost no more disturbances, because we take care of these through our great love.
Our love then goes into the universe, which means that it wants to follow the Divine life, as Christ once taught us.
Anyone who sees the Divine spark in the life next to us – I already said – does not have any misconceptions.
And respect ensures that no deed is done which could disrupt the other life.
Our love takes us to God.
We want to do everything in order to get to know and to understand His life.
Because we understand that this is the only possibility in order to be able to waken spiritually and to master the true love.’
Everything father said was wonderful.
What a lot there was to say about love.
How mightily it was experienced on this side.
What person on earth loved like that?
‘Yes, Theo, yet that is the case.
Certainly there are people on earth who touch on this love.
Some more than others.
There are also degrees in love, that is, worlds in feelings and thoughts.’
‘How little I feel of it, father.’
‘Did I not already tell you that you have different feelings?’
‘What feelings actually live in you?
Will you tell me?’
‘You are still not tuned in to them, my son, otherwise you would have known.
People on earth say: I love.
Depending on how his thoughts and feelings are, he loves a person, people.
What does he love in those people?
Does he love them completely?
Does he also love their mistakes?
Does he love them physically or spiritually?
Look, Theo, the answers to these questions show the degree, the depth of his love, shows whether there is really a question of love.
What is our love like?
What do we feel?
With our spiritual consciousness, we feel within the person that we love, the life, the universe, creation, God.
It is the soul which we feel.
We know that we are completely connected to it.
All our qualities touch those of the other person, there is nothing which interrupts.
We have mastered that degree of feeling and thinking.
In those degrees of our emotional life the universe in which we lived also speaks.
If these degrees are in our consciousness and they are felt by the other life, then we touch each other’s consciousness and afterwards we can move on to deep, cosmic unity.
Through our love we then also go back to the very first stage of creation.
We were also as one there.
God connected our lives at that time.
Our love is therefore connected to it.
The deeper we can now feel and think, the deeper we can penetrate those initial stages.
We then feel taken care of by God.
We feel absorbed into His emotional world and get to know Him as a father and mother.
Once we have reached this stage in feeling, we are called cosmically deep.
We are then truly twin souls and ready to enter the Divine plan more and more deeply.
We work our way up by to the fourth sphere by serving and experiencing.
Because our love drives and inspires us to release ourselves from the direct earthly emotional world – and the first three spheres also belong here – and to accept the direct spiritual life.
In the fourth and following spheres we prepare for the mental areas, which you already heard about from Angelica on the way.
They belong to the cosmic stage on a material planet.
There we souls are born again as man and woman and experience the creation as material people, but with cosmic love and depth in us.
The happiness, which we then experience is awe-inspiring and indescribable.
That is where our love takes us.
You ask me what we feel.
Do you have some sort of understanding of it now?
A fire of love burns in us.
Happiness guides us in every step we take, because next to us, in us lives our soul, lives the being that was added to us in the beginning and will be with us for all eternity.
One in heart and mind, serving God and humanity, we experience the heavens, travel through God’s universe and master His sacred laws.
God himself draws us there and we follow His life, His love and His happiness!’
With his face raised and with his eyes shining, father looked into the universe.
He was silent for a while, he was staring, continually overwhelmed by a happiness, the depth of which I could only sense.
I had no words for it.
Was this my father?
I now understood the distance between him and me.
I still had to master a lot, if I wanted to be able to talk like he did.
A person on earth and myself likewise could determine which depth his love had and whether it was earthly or spiritually attuned.
‘That is the way it is’, father went into my unspoken thought.
‘One day they will all – with no exceptions – achieve this spiritual depth in love.
Every animal longs for love.
Are people any different?
The endeavour to give love, to possess love lies within everyone.
However, people still lose themselves, their bad qualities take them away from the good path.
They still do not know true love, they know it as little as they know how to achieve it.
But one day humanity will be so far that it has pure spiritual love.
True feelings will then bind man and wife, parents and children, friends and strangers.
They will then possess spiritual consciousness, as a result of which they will learn to think and feel more deeply.
Happiness and warmth will live in their hearts; and sacred respect and reverence will determine their attitude.’
‘It is all wonderful, father.
God grant that this may happen soon.’
‘That is the way it is, Theo, but everything in its own good time.
In God’s laws people cannot miss out any stages.
Humanity will therefore have to master many things, too many to mention, discard much anger and many misconceptions before it works its way up to a higher, completely spiritual stage.
So now it is just a few people on earth who are blessed with loving in a true spiritual way.
Despite all their happiness, they have a difficult time, they will have to have incredible strength in order to remain themselves, amidst a world which does not understand the depth and naturalness of this love.
There is another aspect in which it will not be easy for them.
We in our astral life have no more disturbances, but on earth amidst material life that is different.
The material keeps taking us away from our spiritual thoughts and feelings.
That is very natural.
Just by eating, I move towards a physical process, which affects the soul.
Only when I have built up a strong concentration, so that food no longer means anything to me, can I be continually tuned in spiritually.
If the person next to me cannot do that, then I will miss the necessary feeling in her and the natural intuition, so that we have to abandon our total connection.
If you understand this clearly, then you will feel that the material life has to be conquered completely.
You must realize that there are very few who can do that and they usually have spiritual gifts, which connect them to the universe.
To possess this love, this consciousness on earth may therefore be considered a miracle.
However, anyone who does possess this, is earthly and materially, spiritually and cosmically aware, they know a love which is universal.
These people, Theo, receive the greatest gift, which God has to give to His children.
Their love is mighty.
It is possible for everyone to master this and, as I said, everyone achieves this in the measure in which he seriously begins to discard his material longings and feelings.’
It must be very difficult, I thought, to be released from those earthly feelings.
Yet, I also felt that they were a hindrance from coming higher.
How could you ever truly ascend spiritually if your thoughts and feelings kept taking you back to earth?
In the first sphere you were faced with those facts, which is why you had to try to release yourself in every way from all material feelings.
‘Not one soul escapes this, Theo’, father continued, taking over my thoughts.
‘We have to be separate from the earth, or the higher degrees of consciousness will remain unobtainable to us.
The second sphere would call a halt to us.’
‘Are there still souls here in the first sphere, father, who have to be urged to start on this process?’
‘Such people also live here.
Not all the millions of souls here are ready to start this.
You will meet them, Theo.
Many people have been thinking and meditating for a long time already and do not make it, anyway.’
‘Yet these souls belong to the first sphere, don’t they?’
‘Of course.
They led good and decent lives on earth and were destined for one of our spiritual degrees.
They have to accept that they still do not possess any consciousness for the higher degrees in our life.
Their inner self is still not that far that they want to learn about the universe.
In order to prepare yourself for that, everything is demanded of you.
These souls lack the inspiration required, they walk and think, but do not come to the direct serving, as a result of which we can enter a higher attunement.
You can compare them to those people on earth who, as part of society, do not have any ambitions to work their way up.’
‘When they do reach that stage, what will they do then?’
‘Sooner or later these people will awaken.
Then they usually go back to earth, because it is ready for them.’
‘What does that mean, father?’
‘By that I mean that, through material life on earth, God gave us numerous possibilities of reaching awakening.
In the life on this side that is not so easy.
However, on earth the material life has been designed for this and it gives us thousands of opportunities to serve the life of God.
Here this can only happen through our own powers, through our wisdom, the knowledge of our life.
How could we help unaware people if we did not possess any knowledge ourselves!
In order to be able to take care of souls in this world and to help them further, we have to master the laws.
This can only take place here in the dark spheres.
By helping the life there, which wishes to start a higher life, it is possible for us ourselves to reach a higher state.
However, how many more opportunities does the earth offer for this?!
Let me give an example.
If a mother wants to achieve consciousness in motherhood, therefore in mother love, she has to go back to the earth.
It gives her the opportunity to do this.
You will be able to meet thousands of mothers here on your walk who want to experience that in order to master the higher love as a result.
You cherish the wish to do something for science.
By going back to the earth you will get the chance to do it.
You can work and serve there and master the higher emotional life.
Oh, so much can be achieved in life on earth.
For many, life passes them by in a state of unconsciousness.
However, others gain a profuse amount of feeling and spiritual knowledge and when they enter here they can admire the cathedral which they built up stone by stone with their deeds on earth.’
‘I am burning with desire to go back to the earth, do you believe me, father?’
‘Ask God if you may enter His holy meditation.
While working here, prepare yourself as well as possible for your task on earth.
Many years will also pass before you can be given those laws.
And that is clear, after all, you first have to learn about the laws in this life.
You will have to know about the origin of creation, you will have to be able to feel and understand all the cosmic degrees, because otherwise your consciousness on earth will not be able to touch up our life.’
‘And will I still have all that knowledge when I go back to earth?’
‘It will become clear to you there that none of this world of emotions gained has been lost.
But our world will have receded for you, it will have become invisible to you, however, your feelings will remain.’
‘That is a great pity, isn’t is, father?’
‘What is a pity, Theo, when you are conscious?
If you are spiritually conscious, you can see and feel our world, after all, can’t you?
No more is needed.
When you are born on earth, the knowledge from this world disappears completely, because earthly life needs all your strength.
However, your feelings make it possible to get help from this side if you have to carry out a great work there.’
‘Didn’t you also experience that, father?’
‘Yes, of course, in my penultimate life on earth.
I then went back there from this world and was able to meet Angelica again.’
‘In your last life you went back to earth to make it up to mother.’
‘Not only for that, but also to release myself completely from the earth and therefore to be able to enter eternal life, free and without ties.
A certain law wanted me to experience that life.
Angelica had to accept that and wait.
When I was finished on earth, I could die.
This explains why I died so young.’
‘Is dying connected to this, father?’
‘Yes, indeed, my son.
If I have to carry out an extensive task, which takes a whole life, then I will be given plenty of years.
Then I will not die before I have been able to complete my work.’
‘In whose hands does this lie?
Is it God’s?’
‘A person himself has those laws in his own hands.
They come to us when we are ready spiritually.
One day everyone will achieve that.
After all, God’s will is that we become conscious in His life, that we master His life, isn’t it?
Well, we and the laws act according to the feelings which live in us.
Those souls experience this, who are ready for this in their last life and have something to do for the earth in that life.’
‘Did you once have an important task for the earth?’
‘Yes, that life was also experienced, it was four lives ago.’
‘How do you know, father, where does all this wisdom comes from?’
‘I was able to master it in a number of lives amongst all the nations of the earth.
In all those lives I did something for humanity and as a result of it that heightened destiny came to me.
In addition, my lives were shown to me on this side.’
‘Then you must be very old, father?’
‘You are as well, Theo.
Anyone who lives in this sphere, or on earth, has completed a cosmic path.’
‘What does that mean, father?’
‘That we have lived millions of times.’
‘People on earth do not know anything about that, do they, father?’
‘Not all people yet, no.
However, you yourself, Theo, did you not read about it on earth?’
Yes, I had to admit to father.
I had not thought about that at all.
‘This is also easy to explain, Theo.
Those thoughts and feelings of yours are still not your possession.
You used to read a lot about them, but that does not mean that the laws belong to you.
By reading alone, you do not awaken here, this can only happen through life.
All of us here made that long journey and went from planet to planet, as I already told you.
In this way we mastered the laws and no one can take that knowledge away from us anymore.
It will therefore be necessary for you to make the same long journey.
Only then will you be ready for your task on earth.
It is a wonderful mercy when the masters send you back to earth in order to do something useful for humanity.
I experienced that in three consecutive lives, made up for things and brought spiritual wisdom and beauty to earth.’
‘Do you know those lives exactly, father?’
‘Yes, my son, I know them.’
‘Did Angelica know about them?’
‘She was my inspiration for the earth in two lives.’
‘Do you know all about that?
Where are you leading me?!’
‘That must become conscious in you, Theo.
In this sphere our lives can be seen by us, I already told you.
That is possible with the help of the masters.
Of course, it only happens if it is necessary, for example, in order to achieve a higher degree of consciousness.’
‘And did Angelica inspire you during those lives on earth?’
‘Yes, my son, I was allowed to experience that Divine mercy then.
Of course, it could also have been other beings, that is the masters, depending on the task which I had to complete on earth.
But since my life was then connected to my twin soul, of course it was she who maintained contact.
From her I got the inspiration and a contact like that is the most beautiful and wonderful thing, which can be achieved and received.
When you get a complete overview of your life as Jack, you will be able to follow it.
You lived in our midst then, the three of us had already achieved sisterly and brotherly love.
After a certain time Angelica passed over and shortly afterwards she was connected to me and I received the inspiration from her, which gave me the opportunity to complete my work.’
‘Had Angelica meanwhile completed her studies on earth?’
‘No, not on earth, however, here on this side, she managed it.
Then she came back to the earth and passed on her knowledge from this world to those scholars who were open to it.
In this way it was possible for her to give the world her knowledge of the healing powers of nature.
Various serums, which science now knows about on earth, came about through her inspiration.’
‘It is all equally wonderful, father.
It also seems so logical.
I find it more logical that a soul, who has obtained a great knowledge, when arriving in this world, immediately seeks contact with the earth in order to give it its knowledge and to help suffering humanity, than that it forgets its knowledge which it took an effort to obtain and forgets the earth, when it is in its heaven, and behaves as if there are no more sick people.
How great God is, father, that He creates the opportunity for this.
How much richer and more beautiful the heaven is to be than people imagine!’
After some thought, I continued: ‘Will you tell me a bit more about the meaning of your last life on earth, father?
The lives before were really more important, weren’t they, because, as you said, you brought wisdom and beauty during those lives.’
‘Of course, it was of great significance, Theo, but in that case especially of importance to myself.
However, in that life – I already told you – I released myself completely from earthly feelings.
There on earth I got no less than consciousness of spirit!
As well as that I was making things up to mother, as you know.
In addition, I met a soul in our house in Amsterdam, which also gave meaning to my last life.’
‘Who was that, father?’ I asked, very surprised.
‘Everything in our life has a reason, Theo.
I had to be born in Amsterdam.
There I would experience a normal earthly life.
Was that not the case here?
As a result of this it was possible to learn about the astral laws.
And that through the man who is now still shackled to his own life.’
‘Surely ... you don’t mean the man who committed suicide?’
‘I mean him, Theo.
In one of my lives he was my father.
In that life he was destroyed.’
‘How far do spiritual laws go, father?’
‘To eternity, my son.’
‘And did you make it up to him then?’
‘I am completely released from him.
Soon, when he reaches awakening, I will help him from this world.
Angelica will help me again to do this.’
‘Why did Angelica not mention him at all then?’
‘We would not have understood anything about it, anyway.’
‘Is his life so complicated?’
‘Like your own, and mine and that of every soul.
Our lives are universal, they are cosmically deep, because we are involved with thousands of lives.
Everything which is done in them has to be put right.’
‘So if you had been compelled to experience another life, father, you would probably never have gone back there.’
‘Now you are starting to feel my life.
That is the way it is.
For example, if I had been a scholar again, then the laws would have taken me somewhere else.
Then I could never have owned the treasures which now came into my possession.
Then I would not have been able to do anything for him either.’
‘So is that why we held the seances?’
‘Exactly, and also for other reasons.
In the first place, in order to awaken his life and to get contact with him, then because of mother and finally because of you and myself.
However, mainly for that soul, because he has to come back to life.’
‘Will that be long yet, father?’
‘Years yet, but then we will be ready.
Look at his situation like this: he lives in the conscious and unconscious, he keeps touching upon reality and then forgets it again.’
‘All the things he said then, father, were just nonsense, weren’t they, father?’
‘Not everything.
He was involved with the people whom he talked about, or he would not have been able to talk about them.’
‘So will you soon help him again from this world?’
‘Yes, Theo.
That is not possible on earth.’
‘What do people on earth know about all of this, father?
Nothing, really.’
‘That is the way it is.
All of humanity still does not know why they got life from God.
Why do we come to the earth, why do we meet this or that person there?
However, one day, people will see their lives once again and they will feel grateful for the great mercy which God kept giving them.
We receive our lives in order to gain experience, in order to fight our bad qualities and to make up for wrong-doings.
And the last three lives, which are given to us are to make us find a spiritual balance.
We recover then from all the great things experienced and master the higher consciousness.
Can you feel the order of this?’
‘I understand you, father, but I want to think about these great things for a bit longer.
Can you now therefore call yourself a spiritually conscious person, father?’
‘Yes, my son, I was able to master this.
I started with it in previous lives, and I could move towards it in my last life on earth.’
‘If I understand all of this correctly, father, you have already been to this side several times in order to go back to the earth from here.’
‘That happened.
I got this mercy from God.
Angelica was able to experience it and millions along with us.’
‘But is life on earth so easy to receive?’
‘If we are occupied with our consciousness, if we want to serve and we long to be active on earth, then we awaken a law and it even takes precedence over all other laws.’
‘Is that through God, father?’
‘Through the cosmic laws of good and evil, Theo.’
‘Where is this leading me this time, father?’
‘I will explain it to you.
The law which we awaken, sends us back to the earth, and in order to keep the balance between good and evil.
This law is so important and it is therefore fulfilled before all other laws, because, you can sense, little or nothing would become of the earth if higher degrees of consciousness did not live there.
Do you sense what this means?’
‘If I understand it correctly, is it the case that if I want good and another person wants evil, I go before him and receive life there?’
‘You are touching upon the reality of it, but not completely.
Souls destined for darkness do not have a say, they have to go back.
Their destiny demands that, how would they be able to go higher, further, if life on earth was denied them?
What would happen if these dark souls were to rule the world?’
‘So God makes sure there is balance?’
‘Yes, through Him we move onto the laws of life and death.
We then receive a task on earth and soon we are drawn there.’
‘I did not read anything about that on earth, did I, father?’
‘No, the earth does not have this wisdom yet.
It would not be understood there, because it concerns cosmic laws.
Soon, however, this wisdom will come to earth, it will be brought by the masters themselves.’
‘For the new age, therefore, which is coming now?’
‘For that reason, my son, and everyone of us in the spheres of light is prepared to devote themselves completely to this.’
‘I also want to work, father, help the masters in their task.
But then I will surely have to learn a lot, won’t I?’
‘Of course, my son, however, you will achieve it.
Just start, you will then be ready later when you receive the laws for your task.
However, you first have to do some work for Angelica and her master.’
‘Me, father?’ I asked, still not understanding it.
‘You know already, just think about it.
You will be allowed to tell about your life through an earthly medium.
You get that mercy through Angelica.
She is connected to the master of the medium, the master, whose task it is to bring spiritual awareness to earth.
In a previous life she was a sister of his.
You already experienced it, after all, we were already in contact with this medium on earth, weren’t we?
You received this mercy when you made yourself available and opened yourself to Angelica and me.
You will then have to tell all about your life.
Many people will awaken as a result of it, which is the masters’ intention.
Your life touches on several laws, there is a lot in them which is significant to those who are searching.
When you are ready for your sphere, that means, when the first sphere has absorbed you, when you know and have consciously accepted your own situation, when Annie has been brought to awakening, then you may begin this task.
You will be helped in it by Angelica and I.
Therefore do not worry.
For that matter, you have already experienced its simplicity.’
‘I am lost for words, father.
It is the greatest gift, which God can give me.
I promise that I will do my best.’
‘If you think that you have any more questions, then get ready and ask them.
That is still possible now.’
‘Do you have to leave then?’
‘If you want, we can carry on talking for months and deal with questions, but then I will carry on.’
‘Will you not help me anymore then, father?’
‘Of course, but at our destination.
You will experience that.’
I thought about everything which father had said.
The images flew past me quickly.
They came to me as of their own accord, without any disruption.
This had to be significant and I concentrated on the image which now appeared before my eyes.
‘I can see Liesje, father, what do I have to do for her?’
‘You do not have to do anything for her, Theo.
Liesje is conscious.
She does not need your help.
She receives this help from others, who are also involved with her.’
‘Will this soul go back to earth, father?
Was her life not suddenly interrupted?’
‘She has experienced her life.
She received what she had to receive.’
‘Did she go back to earth to be killed?’
‘Have you forgotten your own life?
For what purpose did you go back to the earth?’
‘How can it be, father, it is true.
And Liesje?’
‘She experienced the material degrees of consciousness for the mother.
There she mastered that mortal development for the life of the soul.
This was why she went back to the earth.’
‘Is that the feeling of having a maternal body there?’
‘She wanted to consciously experience birth and death.
And that happened and it made her more mature.
You did not know your own child on earth, but it is like that there, no one knows himself, how could he expect to know another person?’
‘Will Liesje also go back again to earth, father?’
‘No, she will continue on this side.’
‘Why do I already feel completely free from her and do I no longer see her as my child?’
‘Since she and you are mastering another consciousness and now live in it, both your souls change and the earthly bond disappears.’
I understood father completely.
I did indeed have those feelings.
New images came to me.
I tuned in to our conversation again and worked out whether I had understood everything.
I had to understand everything, or there would be gaps.
‘Is Liesje also free from her mother, father?’
‘She still has a connection with her mother for some time.
She will help her.
Once she has finished this task, she can start a new one in order to try and master the higher consciousness.’
‘It is clear to me, father.
Can you explain the following: how can a person on earth try to obtain this consciousness in spirit?’
‘This can happen in different ways, Theo.
Your thoughts are: how do we release ourselves on earth from the material life and how do we already gain a spiritual possession there, so that the spheres of light open up to us?’
‘That is what I mean, father.’
‘In order to enter life here and to be released from the material life it is necessary that we follow the teachings of Christ.
Understand me well, we do not need to become saints there, it is enough if we follow in a just and natural way what He offered us during His time on earth.’
‘Father’, I now said, putting the thoughts which flashed through me into words, ‘if I have understood it properly, we are actually preparing ourselves for twin love on earth.’
‘We must try to gain in love on earth, Theo.
This is why earthly life has a cosmic meaning.
We got life from God, only by learning to love.
By mastering love, we also master His holy laws.
It is therefore good to already strive on earth for the giving and possessing of love, then it is no longer necessary to learn it on this side.
If Annie had possessed more feeling for the life of God, then she, like you and your child, would have entered here and we could all have greeted her in her happiness.
We would then have been connected completely, could have experienced happiness together for a while here and could then have begun with our own tasks for the higher consciousness.
Now, however, as a result of her lack of love, she finds herself in the cold, dismal Land of Twilight.
I already told you, if we follow the commandments of Christ on earth, we are right on the path to the spheres of light.
We have to reflect upon His love there.
He truly loved and also showed that at every opportunity.
He was behind His love with all his personality.
What person on earth can say that?
Which of His followers, whose love already stops if they are faced with someone who doesn’t believe what he does?
Lies and cheating, hatred, resentment and hypocrisy, lead us away from love.
Christ does not ask us to show our love in a church building - He demands us to give love amidst all of life.
Again and again we have to ponder on the meaning of our love.
In the very first place, that must take place in our marriage.
Through marriage, we are connected to the universe after all, and we feel, the mother especially, God’s heart beating.
What person has ever seen marriage and motherhood in this light?
And yet, by doing this, our hearts open with reverence, respect and love.
Marriage is sacred and anyone who sullies it, sullies himself and creation, sullies God!
However, anyone who prepares himself for marriage, strives to make it higher and more sacred, will experience that his love also increases.
This is what God wants and what Christ wants!
Both parties must be willing in the marriage, or it will not work out.
Everything must be right, no misunderstanding or roughness must occur, or there will be tears which can no longer be mended.
Anyone who prepares himself for marriage, is also preparing himself for brotherly and sisterly love and finally for twin love.
Because who can truly say: I love humanity, if he cannot even live in peace with the person next to him?
Anyone who wants to grow in love, starts by making themselves useful.
Only by serving, by devoting ourselves completely, did the spheres of light and the Divine All become inhabited.
Only by serving could the life of the soul return to God.
In the heavens on our side every soul is aiming to serve, everyone works and serves incessantly.
If this was also the case on earth, do you not believe that it would become a heaven there?
And the harder we work, the more we give of ourselves, the more happiness we ourselves receive.
This is the great law in the spheres: everything, which we do for other people, comes back to us.
We can do nothing for other people, and everything for ourselves.
Think, Theo, about what I mean, understand me well!
Is it clear to you, Theo, that you must obtain love by acting and thinking like this?
Did Christ not teach it like this?
But how many people understood Him or acted on His words literally?
If you truly want to learn to love, tune in to all of this and when all of what I have said has penetrated your emotional life, when the time comes, if you may experience marriage again on earth, you will possess sacred happiness.
You will know then how to build up a marriage, how to deal with happiness.
So love the woman who is next to you, serve her and take her higher, if that soul gives you the most wonderful thing that it can give you.
God will reward you for it.’
‘Do you know then, whether I will also procreate there again?’
‘I put that question in you, my son.
While thinking, I wanted you to ask me that question.
This depth cannot be in you without possessing cosmic consciousness.
However, the question has to do with your life.
The answer is: now that you are conscious in the first sphere as a creative conscious being, you will also continue as a creator.’
‘Is the soul that I will meet there like me, does she feel the same, father?’
‘You will meet the person, who will be of significance to you there, however, as a mother she will be of significance too for your life here.
This soul is involved with you, even if you are entering a life which is meant to bring about spiritual balance.
Try to realize the full meaning of my words by thinking about them.’
‘Father, is it so certain then that I will marry there?’
‘Now that you have this love, Theo, you will have the longing to marry there.
Everyone who has mastered this consciousness searches for a partner for themselves in that life, the person which gives meaning to their existence.
You then create your own world, but it is completely tuned in to our world.
The longing to grow in love drives you to this creation.
It is obeying the law, which God Himself made and it is: you will experience all the degrees of human life in order to be able to enter twin love as a result of it.’
‘So if I have understood properly, father, is the possession of that love necessary in order to be able to bear the higher wisdom in the future?’
‘If you had understood me properly, you would have known that we need to possess it in order to be able to bear happiness later in the higher spheres.
As early on as in the second and third sphere this happiness can no longer be dealt with, for this we need the support of our twin soul.
I already talked about it.
If we then move on to cosmic wisdom afterwards and feel and think as God intended and wanted it, how do we wish to deal with the miracles and the happiness, without someone next to us who experiences the same thing and feels like we do?
Once we are cosmically aware, we know that God is both father and mother.
But how could we wish to be cosmically aware and want to learn about and understand God as father and mother, if we have not experienced fatherhood and motherhood ourselves?
For this purpose God therefore created our twin soul next to us and for this purpose it is necessary for us to master the feeling, the consciousness for that all-enveloping love by experiencing all the degrees for human life.
On earth it is still possible for men and women to shut themselves off to God’s life by not marrying.
Do you feel the depth of this, Theo?
I repeat, they close themselves off to God’s life, place themselves next to His laws.
If you have followed me properly, you will know why.
This is not possible on this side, we have to have experienced marriage, or we can never enter the higher degrees of consciousness.
Neither would we be ready for twin love.
Think about your own life, Theo.
Thousands along with you will therefore go back in order to build themselves a spiritual world of existence on earth.
God gave each one of us a twin soul.
It is this soul which helps us to bear the happiness in this world.
Without that help, this happiness could not be dealt with.
The cosmic powers would destroy us.
If you feel all of this properly, it must also be clear to you, Theo, that life on earth is the correct school of learning in order to master these higher states.
Anyone on earth who fails, cannot succeed in a heaven.
Anyone who has not yet awakened in the physical love, has to accept that the heightened spiritual consciousness is completely unobtainable to him.
I repeat, you cannot miss out a single step in your development.
Anyone who is not capable of giving love, realizes that he is standing still.
The man or woman who abhors children has to accept that awakening in motherhood and fatherhood still has to be experienced.
Anyone who fails in marriage, has to see that he does not have the feelings for twin love, even, that universal love is still lacking in him!
And in this way each person is faced with his own situation, in this way the very deepest laws are experienced in the most simple lives.
Social conditions or tasks have no significance, each life which we experience, is useful, is necessary, because it always represents the Divine laws.
Anyone on earth who refuses to work on himself, will not be able to receive the higher consciousness on this side either.
These laws apply to everyone, everyone also has to follow the same path, which God and Christ showed us, the path which will take us back with our twin soul to our Creator!’
At this point father was silent and I was also silent.
Many thoughts occurred to me, I had to deal with them all, if I did not want chaos to emerge in me.
How great God’s creation was, how great His laws were!
To be able to tell people about this!
Soon I would be able to do that, soon I would also be able to go back to the earth.
What a happy stage my life had reached.
Life is a blessing, if it is experienced in the correct sense, it went through me!
And how great, how indescribably wonderful, it would be to later travel through and get to know about God’s universe together with my twin soul.
And this divine happiness awaited everyone, if he only had learned to tune in to the degrees of the material and spiritual life.
It should now be clear to me how to obtain this, father had expanded upon it sufficiently.
I lay down, wanted to think back on father’s words.
While I was doing this, I started to feel the colossal significance of a person’s life.
Months passed according to earthly time.
But then I had also experienced father’s words, I had absorbed their wisdom in my soul.
I had my eyes closed while doing this, because looking round would evoke more new questions within me.
Nothing was allowed to disrupt my meditation now.
When I got up afterwards, I felt light and empty.
I was ready to ask father more questions.
But when I looked around, I discovered that I was completely alone.
I did not think about this for long, but decided to go for a walk.
And it became a walk which revealed many new miracles to me.