Mediumistic writing

‘You need to know all of this.
I cannot yet tell you why, however, one day you will know.’
Father recorded these words so full of meaning, the last time that he wrote with my hand.
I had not understood them then, I had even laughed about it a bit to myself.
This laughter had hurt father, now I have to accept that and I feel his sadness.
But he continued to write, Angelica was now also next to him to comfort him.
Now I see that there was also a third person with them.
He has a beautiful, distinct figure, his light falls over my earthly being.
This light belongs to a master.
He greets Angelica and father, he just watches, he does not write himself.
This is an image from the past but I am experiencing it as if it is now happening.
I kneel down from pure respect for this master and his divine light.
This master – it occurs to me – was a brother of Angelica during his life on earth.
Now I experience a sacred moment.
The past has dissolved and now the master is really standing in front of me.
He has approached quietly.
I remain kneeling and do not dare to look up.
He addresses Angelica, who has meanwhile also joined us.
I can listen to their conversation, but I don’t.
My respect for this master in the spirit is too great.
But then father lets me feel that I should listen.
And I hear the master saying to Angelica:
‘My sister, come here when you are ready.
My contact on earth is ready to receive.’
I am still kneeling, the master has directed his gaze upon me, it warms me.
His words concern me, I feel, I will soon find out what they mean.
The master and Angelica have gone.
I feel intensely happy as a result of this meeting, I am not alone in this immense universe, it wants to tell me.
Of what significance is my life to this master?
And why did he already rest his gaze upon me in the past?
‘Do you now know?’ it now occurs to me.
‘Can you now feel it, my son?
Is it clear to you why I told you then that you only have to know it?’
Yes, it was now clear to me.
Then I had laughed at father’s mysterious words, however, now I understand their meaning.
I suddenly know.
Father was talking to me then, even if I was ruled by my doubts.
He managed to cement his words in me despite everything.
They gradually prepared me then for eternal life and the tasks which were destined for me.
The presence of the master at that time also pointed to this.
Was I now faced with a task since he had now appeared again?
I would get to know this very soon!
Father lets me feel that we will now go to another place, in order to gain new experiences.
Soon afterwards he takes me into another earthly house.
I have never been there before, I realize.
Spiritual power lives in this house, I feel.
Angelica is also here.
A figure approaches them.
At the same time my gaze falls upon a person who is sitting at his writing table and is busy recording something on a typewriter.
I feel drawn to this earthly being.
What I now experience is wonderful and it brings tears to my eyes.
Because by seeing this man, a feeling has awakened in me which had lain dormant there as a longing, as a longing which had never been fulfilled.
‘I know you, friend of the earth and master in the spirit’, I say to him.
‘I am here in your house.
On earth I read your books.
They gave me spiritual treasures and taught me not to kill.
I wanted to visit you, but it remained a longing, because the war intervened.
I see your master and now know that it was he who touched me in Rotterdam and appeared to me a moment ago.
You are in a trance, I notice, and a being from our side is busy recording a book through you.
So you now live here in our world, while you belong to the earth.
But your master is watching over you.
Your master lets me feel that I will soon be able to write through you.
I bow to your master and to you, who are making it possible to bring his wisdom to earth.
The master who is writing through you, is stopping, I see, and you are going back into your body.
Angelica now comes forward and greets me.
I may tell you about my passing over, she says, I may record my experiences through you.
It will be a book, which will one day be published on earth.
What a wonderful task!
I now have to tune into you.
You have to submit completely, your master wants that.
The great moment is there.
You will not go into a complete trance, that contact belongs to your master.
Angelica is standing next to him and both are tuned into you.
I will now start to feel your emotional life.
It is becoming quiet inside me, my respect for you is growing.
Then I descend into your life.
I am standing up straight inside you, who are in halftrance.
I may now write a few words, then I have to go back again.
But one day, when I have experienced what I have to experience, I will be able to come back.
I may then tell you all about my life and about my father’s life and Angelica’s.
All this has become possible since she is the sister of your master and her life and my father’s have a deep level.
I am now living in you and control your feelings and thoughts.
That happens as though of its own accord, because you give yourself completely, I cannot trace any disturbances.
You are completely empty, without a single thought, and are tuned into me.
You sit down at the typewriter and I feel the moment approaching when I may begin.
I start to think, and see, my thoughts are immediately recorded.
Your hands type out what I was thinking.
However, your master does not approve of this text and you tear up the paper.
The second one is also torn up.
I have to think more strongly, or you will start to dominate me, which brings disturbances.
Your master explains to me how I should do it and absorbs me in his thoughts and feelings.
I go over into you again and concentrate strongly on my own life.
Now it comes through clearly, what I had wanted to tell you a moment ago:
‘The task was given to me to tell about my earthly life and it is a great mercy to me.’
I wait a moment, you wait as well.
Then I continue:
‘Now I am learning how sensitive you are.
I can follow this.
You react immediately, a child could tell things through you.
It is now happening as though of its own accord.
Your master is here and he brought me to you.
Soon I will be allowed to tell you about my life on earth.
I was killed at the Grebbe Line a short time ago.
You can imagine what I experienced there.
But I did not kill, otherwise I would not have been here either.
My dear father is with me and others, who are very dear to you and me.
During my life on earth, shortly before I passed over, I read your books.
What did you give me through them?
I will perhaps be able to make it clear to you later, when we are ready and I may begin to tell my life story.
How happy I am that this is being given to me.
I thank God for this mercy.
And I thank father, and Angelica and your master, I thank them all for the help which I was given in my earthly life and this life.
I may only stay here for a moment in order to write down a few details through you.
Now I have to go, I don’t really want to and I would like to stay.
But I feel that I have to stop.
How can I thank God!
I greet you and thank you for the love which you give me, now that I am connected to you.
I am leaving, friend of the earth, master in the spirit.
I hope to be able to come back to you soon.
Thank you.’
This is how it went the first time that I wrote through an earthly medium.
How was I to deal with this?!
I saw that you started reading what was written.
Then you started to see me, I trembled, now that I was being seen clairvoyantly.
A new miracle to me.
Your emotional life touched mine, I trembled, I thought I would faint and could no longer think.
We were now so very close together.
You saw inside me, felt all the things I had experienced and you sent your love to me.
This intense contact lasted some time.
Then you suddenly disconnected yourself from me, so unexpectedly, so suddenly, that I felt paralysed for a moment.
This return from your emotional life to your task happened in a flash.
It affected me, it hurt me.
I felt disappointed.
I was actually being pushed aside, at least it felt like that to me.
But now your master approached me and I could experience a master speaking directly to me.
‘The intense reaction’, your master explained what had happened, ‘has to be present in him, or thousands of powers would play with his life on earth.
This is necessary for our mediums.
No one from this side can now touch him or influence him.
You can try it.’
I attempted it, I tuned in to you and tried to reach you.
However, a thick, impenetrable wall closed off your whole being to me.
You remained behind this wall and could not be reached.
So this is what your protection is like while you are united with this side.
I bowed my head deeply.
All the things I got to see were wonderful.
I looked at father and at Angelica.
They also showed their respect for what was happening here.
This instrument, it now occurred to me, is the highest instrument for this side.
In the West he is the only one who is working for the masters.
There are several instruments on earth, but he represents the highest masters of this side.
Angelica lets me feel all of this and you, chosen instrument, have to accept this, because I am speaking the sacred truth.
I can tell you all of this, because I know that the simplicity is within you and nothing can touch you which could destroy your personality.
Vanity cannot reach you, you are too aware for that, it is an awareness which you already possessed on this side and as a result of which you know life on earth and life on this side.
The other master descends into your body again.
All of us stand and watch how one page after another is filled with words.
The material is deep, but it happens as though of its own accord.
Now your soul has left your body, it has made room for the master and it is resting in the spheres, so that you will not feel tired when you return.
It is your master who takes care of this.
Page after page is written, the pile next to the typewriter grows.
But suddenly there is an disturbance.
I look around me, as do father and Angelica.
I look through the walls.
A visitor is approaching.
While the man is climbing the stairs, the master releases your body, so that you can go back to it.
Your master concentrates on you and calms you.
When the doorbell rings, you are ready to open the door.
The patient enters.
You start to treat him, while the master, who is recording a book through you, waits.
The patient has no sooner closed the door behind him, than you hurry to your writing desk, sit down at the typewriter and sink into a trance.
The master resumes his work and continues to write about the Divine laws, about the planet earth, about the thousands of problems, which you already know, because this consciousness has entered you through your master.
I have great admiration for your master who has prepared you for your sacred task.
What comes through is deep and pure and natural.
It does not contain a single one of your own thoughts.
You cannot know either, even though you have the awareness, you simply do not know what will come and what the master will say.
You do not experience the deepest state of trance, that belongs to your master.
Now the fourth of the seven degrees of trance is being used.
Soon your typewriter is rattling, at this rate the book will soon be finished.
You are to be envied, chosen instrument!
And everyone along with me has to have respect for your gift as a medium and your sacred will to serve the masters of the side beyond, in the interest of thousands of people, who want to be convinced of eternal life.
I see the many possibilities, through which the side beyond can reach you.
I feel the love of your master for you.
Angelica follows you on this side and she sends you all her love.
Your consciousness is deep, your love strong and your faith in God unshakeable.
And you possess this as a person on earth.
As a person on earth.
I want to master that sacred, invaluable possession here and I will do everything to be worthy of it.
I see where your master is, because his light shines over your whole house.
‘Master’, I say to him, while I am kneeling, ‘may I thank you for what I got from you.
I can still not understand everything, I have been given so much to deal with, so many lessons to reflect on.
It will bring me further spiritually and preserve me from destruction.
May I thank you?’
After some time my father lets me feel that we have to be on our way.
Angelica and your master, you and your house, all dissolve in front of me.
We are already floating in the universe again.
While we are on our way my thoughts race back to you and suddenly I feel that you are following me.
By thinking about you, a power flows in me.
I feel strong and I have more understanding.
You let me feel that you did not want to push me away a moment ago.
When you had to start experiencing your own life again, however, you had to shut me out.
So I may not be disappointed, but I have to understand the lesson which lies in it.
You are only tuned in to the masters, you do not let yourself be disturbed by anything or anyone.
Your task goes before everything and when it calls you, you make yourself completely available.
It is this submission which I want to master, it will help me to gain spiritual depth.
You speak to me in the language of the spirit, we are united in feeling while moving through the universe.
I can see you before me and I experience another miracle.
You are somewhere in the universe, while a master is in your body and is recording a book.
However, you are also in me, that is to say, half of you is.
I therefore experience that you are able to divide yourself.
Isn’t it wonderful?
This shows that you are a master, father says.
Will the earth recognize you as such?
Many people will not be able to understand you and the wisdom which you bring.
You will be scorned and mocked, but it will not affect you.
No libel or criticism will be able to break you.
You are ready to accept anything which comes your way.
You have the will to serve within you and you follow your master in this realization.
You dedicate yourself completely to the work which you share, you would even give your life for it, if this was required.
Oh, a glimpse of your life teaches me such a lot, I want to master everything which lives in you, even if this costs me blood, sweat and tears.
I sent all my gratitude and love to you.
You then broke this contact with a heartfelt ‘goodbye’.
You disappeared from my aura and I was alone with father again.