The Divine plan

In order to give the appropriate answer to your questions, we will make a short journey across the earth, father tells me.
After that our stay on earth will have come to an end.
It won’t take very long, he lets me feel.
The side beyond can do that.
I experienced it just a moment ago, when I tuned into my house and in less than no time I was there.
First of all we take a short walk through Rotterdam.
I do not look at the destruction, I prefer to follow people’s conversations here and there.
They shout and swear at the Germans who brought this disaster upon them.
Their hatred for them is terrible, there is not one amongst them who can find a word of forgiveness.
There is no one either who puts these people, consumed by anger, right, and teaches them that hatred is just as wrong as murder.
All those people will have to come to the point where they see that.
God does not want His children to kill, He does not want them to hate either.
However much our heart has been hurt, the feeling of love must still not be destroyed.
This is one of God’s laws and it is just as implacable as the others.
Father lets me feel that everyone, with no exceptions, is responsible for this war.
In our many lives we have accumulated evil, and evil still lives amongst people.
The hearts are still insensitive and not everyone wants to love his neighbour.
One person still does not tolerate another, envy is still just as rampant as the craving for power.
Did Christ teach us people that?
He commanded us to love one another, but in the complete, indisputable sense of the word.
Now, father says, the Age of Christ has started, now people will have to start living according to the commandments He gave us.
As a result of this most terrible war of all time, humanity learns that it must turn away from violence, desire for power and gain, from hatred.
That will be the gain which comes to us from the rubble and battle fields.
Up until now humanity has just lived in whatever way it pleased.
It walked next to the laws of God, did not know them and did not live according to them.
People do not know why they are on earth, where they come from and where they are going.
People still have to awaken to this knowledge and this is going to happen now.
Up until now people have been groping around in the dark like a blind man lost in God’s universe.
Now, however, the light of the side beyond, the light of the heavens will shine on their path and make them see.
Only now is that possible, now, that the Age of Christ is beginning.
Here in the spheres, says father, they have received the pleas of people who, amidst the terrible ruins, caused by the violence of those who were supposed to be their brothers, ask God for instruction.
Teach us, oh God, how to get to know Your sacred laws.
What do we know about You, what do we know about our lives?
Nothing, nothing, nothing, what the churches tell us, is all poor and inadequate, oh Lord.
And their attitude to this terrible battle was just as contradictory and clumsy.
They cannot teach us anything anymore, oh Father, we feel, with all their good will they are taking us further from You and life.
God, my Creator, teach us now what You are really like, teach me to know Your intentions, teach me how I must live.
And God answers through the masters of the side beyond, through His angels: ‘Now you will know, My child, you will get to know Me and My whole Creation.
That has only become possible now, up until now you preferred to listen to the voices which called you to evil and darkness.
Only now the moment has come that your spirit opens, prepared to become acquainted with the laws which rule the universe and your life.
Anyone who approaches Me and all My children in love, will get to know Me and My intentions.
So you must love, My child, learn what it means to truly love.
Then My voice will resound inside you and you will hear My heart beating in yours!’
It is the masters of the side beyond, father also teaches me, who under God’s command are now busy bringing their knowledge of the universe and human life to earth.
So that people will know that there is eternal life and that God does not damn, but, on the contrary, he is a Father of Love.
The horrible fear of an eternal hell will then be taken away from them, they will worship God as a loving Father and ceaselessly strive to get to know, understand and love their neighbours.
Then people will do what Christ did: forgive the most evil, hurtful person and sacrifice themselves to serve their neighbours.
The walk through Rotterdam teaches me that not nearly everybody is ready for these elevated views yet.
But, father tells me, the war will also teach them.
It can no longer be stopped now that the Age of Christ has started; people are at the stage that they will surrender hatred and detest violence.
One person will draw the other one upwards, until love is learned and evil has been overcome.
First of all people have to see that they are also to blame for this war.
Also those who now shout and roar and curse their enemies for the destruction which they caused.
However, no one admits blame, none of them whom I see gathered here and hear speaking, will wish to admit that they did wrong, they obstinately push the blame onto the invaders.
But it does not take us far if we pretend that butter wouldn’t melt in our mouth.
If God puts us in His sun, everything will melt anyway.
We stand naked before Him, He sees through us.
Nothing can be hidden from Him, not one characteristic, not one mistake, even one wrong thought, however small.
Anyone who hates tunes in to the hells.
And we do not justify our hatred towards our enemy by exonerating ourselves from blame for the war.
We all carry the blame and hatred is never an excuse.
All those people who now curse their enemies, have to remember that sooner or later they will die and then will have to enter the land of hatred, which is the place their soul is tuned in to.
I still have to get to know that country, but from the feelings which father sends me, I can imagine that it must be terrible there.
Devils live there and they hate with an intensity which is frightening.
They drag the wretch who has to accept this terrible place as his, through the darkness and suck him empty.
It is not God who punishes humanity like that, father clearly lets me feel, it is a person himself who chooses this place of horror.
On the other hand, if they accept the disaster brought upon them by the enemy as an experience which can mean a lesson for them and can make them grow spiritually, if they close their hearts to the hatred and allow themselves to speak words of forgiveness, then they open the spheres of light to themselves, a world of love, peace and understanding: God’s heaven.
All the souls who belong to creation should go there, no feelings of hatred, no hells should remain, they will have to disappear and will disappear.
This is part of the Divine plan.
I feel that millions of laws support this plan, I am still not allowed to realize their depth, their power; but one day I will know them, and every soul in the universe with me.
This is in people’s own hands, however incredible it may sound.
Rotterdam has been destroyed, besause the inhabitants of this city have been destroyed.
And this applies to the whole earth.
If all those millions of people had not forgotten themselves, then this horror would not have overcome them.
Since thoughts of theft and murder still live in people, since there are still so many dark souls, which spread hatred and poison, it is no wonder that the earth trembles under the blow of revenge.
It is the law of cause and effect, which people activate themselves and put into action; even if not nearly everyone accepts this, free as they feel from blame.
These people have forgotten the lives in which they just lived recklessly and accumulated sin after sin.
However, nothing has been forgotten by God and He makes sure that everything which was done wrong is put right.
While people are busy balancing the scales of cause and effect, while he makes his karma dissolve in blood, sweat and tears, God knows that the gain from all his suffering and drudgery will still be for the benefit of humanity!
Only in suffering does a person learn, does he come to reflect, to spiritual growth and does he finally make heaven his own.
So what must God do if humanity begs Him for help in his hour of need?
Must God take away his self-inflicted suffering, which is the only learning school which can lift him out of his darkness to a spiritual sphere?
Must God intervene, can He intervene, now that all of humanity begins to reflect under the cruel blows of the war, that it is necessary to release itself from the hatred and violence under which the earth has shuddered up until now?
The nations must awaken and reach unity.
Whatever upheaval the war means to humanity, its value is, after all, that it will bring about that solidarity, the unity of the masses.
Suffering and war will bring about what words and examples cannot achieve.
They only speak a language which the nations understand and which brings them to other, better insights.
How many nations can testify about themselves that, inexhaustibly and devoting all their powers, they have been busy assuring peace on earth and unifying countries in love and understanding?
Even our nation, although it is many degrees higher than, for example, the German or the Russian nations, cannot profess to have been occupied in this elevated way.
The Dutch people are also guilty of this terrible war.
If we really abhorred it to the depths of our hearts, we would not have had an army.
Anyone who wants to follow the path of peace, does not continue to train people to kill and destroy.
The Dutch people too felt for a war, even chose the violence of weapons above trust in God.
And we got our war, with all its horrors.
Father, through whom all these thoughts reach me, lets me know that the masters of the side beyond will treat these mighty problems for humanity.
The medium, through whom I am now writing, will send the book about it into the world.
I follow our people under my father’s guidance, fathom their thoughts and feelings.
I see beings with beautiful auras, next to demons whose colours are a poisonous green.
I also observe many believers, church followers, and I am horrified.
How they hate!
They curse their enemies with such intensity.
And these are people who want to serve God in order to make a heaven for themselves.
Believers who see their example in Christ, the pure, elevated Son of God, radiating love, and therefore call themselves Christians.
They kill, as if there is no God of Love.
And they hate, in a way even animals could not ...
Yet these ‘Christians’ still dare to go to their church and raise their heads to their Creator in order to look Him in the eye.
They dare to raise their voice in order to praise God and Christ, and they do not even hear themselves how raw and false those sounds are which leave their throats.
How could those voices sound any different, because, while they praise God and sing about love and fraternity, their hearts are consumed by the hatred towards their enemies.
Can they demonstrate their unconsciousness even more clearly than by doing that?
These Christians do not think about what they are doing, they do not live in their faith.
Their minister, their priest preaches about love and the believers listen at their feet.
But are they really ‘listening’?
Or do they perhaps believe that the words which interpret God’s command, to love thy neighbour, are meant for other people?
Whatever the case, God, Christ, the priest, the minister, their talk falls on deaf ears.
How many of these people, who enter the church to pray, to reach unity with Christ’s sacred body, as it is called, how many of these people can say: love lives in me, or at least I am striving to attain it, I really try to have universal love in the sense that God and Christ command, I close my heart to the hatred and I do not curse any of my enemies, whatever they did to me.
How many, I ask you?
But if they cannot say that of themselves, where do they get the nerve from to enter their churches and to deride their Divine Father and His Divine Son with their false singing?
How can any priest, any minister experience one hour of peace in the knowledge that the worshippers in his congregation listen to his message of love, while the blood of their enemies clings to their hands and their hearts are eaten away by hatred?
He knows how they think, every spiritual person knows it, but why does he not deny them entry to the church, why does he not drive them out, the cheats, the hypocrites who spit in the face of the Father of all us?!
At least this would make them think!
Herein lies the mistake which the churches make: their worshippers are crammed full of texts and songs, the ‘Ten Commandments’ have been hammered into them, they can reel them off any time of the day, but it is still never clear to them that they have to obey the commandments ‘to the letter’ and to their most extreme consequences.
They do not believe or have difficulty believing that it is God’s command that His commandments are obeyed and that He cannot possibly tolerate any disobedience.
Christ is your example, the priests preach, but the worshippers decide amongst themselves that you as ‘an ordinary person’ cannot possibly live as Christ anyway ...
It is still not clear to them after all these hundreds of years that they can at least try.
They do not think about everything concerning God and life, they have never learned to think and have never known that this is necessary.
The churches have kept their believers ignorant, have not taught them to think spiritually, but kept them like children, for whom they think and act.
On our journey, I fathom out the believers, and I keep coming across unawareness.
The church goers do not live or believe with a strong, intense consciousness, they have never yet thought deeply about God, His Being, His holy laws, about His intentions for us, about our obligations towards Him, about keeping His commandments, about living an earthly existence, about the hereafter.
They believe they have done their duty to God and their fellow being by going to church faithfully and as a result of this thanking and praising God at fixed times.
Meanwhile it is chaos inside them, they accumulate mistakes, without it getting through to them that they are breaking Divine laws and they are busy tuning in to the dark spheres.
Anyone with hatred in his heart or blood on his hands who enters the land of the side beyond, will have to accept that the heavens are closed to him or her and no prayers, however well meant, can open them.
So relentlessly and sharply do the Divine laws rule here.
However, on earth, the doors of the churches are wide open and you can sing to God without punishment and at the same time hate His children.
Does the unawareness of the churches and their congregations not speak horribly clearly through this?
If the churches had really been created by God, they would have known their task better.
It would then be impossible for them to keep silent, while evil rulers call their worshippers to battle.
They would show the ruler who tries to make out his war is good by saying that he acts under God’s command and in the interest of his subjects, in sacred indignation at such a slander, the opposite.
They would irrevocably forbid their worshippers to take up arms and be inspired by Christ’s fire in their crusade against violence.
They would be able to find the words to make it clear to their confessors that God does not issue a commandment only to reward us if we do not pay any attention to it.
They would make it understood to their worshippers in fiery language that God does not only expect singing or prayers from us, but wants to see deeds.
He wants us to refuse to kill what belongs to His life.
He wants us to love His life, in the only and universal meaning of the word.
The churches should present humanity with all of this and peace and quiet would reign on earth.
What could the rulers of the earth hope to begin if the faithful refused to take up weapons?
Are there not people amongst every nation who believe in God and seek to serve Him?
The rulers could bury their war plans if the faithful of the earth unite, just as evil unites.
Now, however, as a result of the cowardly, stupid, unconscious attitude of the churches and the faithful, God has to accept that His Life is hated and killed by those who call themselves His chosen children.
Because of them, the ungodly criminals, who appoint themselves leaders of the nations, can realize their terrible, demonic goals.
Because of their cooperation, thousands of women and children are burnt alive or blown to pieces in this war.
Not one single believer, not one spiritual leader will be able to deny this!
So is it not about time that these worshippers, these ‘Christians’, started to think about the real and only meaning of God’s commandments?
Is it not time that they cast aside their stupid, terrible dogmas, which still try to justify war and killing in war, despite God’s clear and unambiguous commandment: ‘thou shall not kill!’?
Is it not high time that they started to obey His commandments literally and learn to love everything which lives, completely and immeasurably?
While all these thoughts come to me, father and I float over the earth.
Below us I can see towns and villages, roads and rivers, mountains and oceans.
From time to time we descend among the people and we read their feelings and emotions.
In this way we visit all the nations of the earth and only need a short time to do so.
It must not go too fast or I will not have sufficient opportunity to feel the masses and determine their emotional life.
It is a bitter experience to have to determine that all nations are still open to violence.
All of them think it is necessary to solve their differences or perceived differences with weapons.
However, this stinking tumour must be cut out, otherwise peace will never come to earth.
But at this point father interrupts my thoughts.
The tumour will be removed, he lets me feel.
This will happen during this war, however terrible the operation and however much the patient moans and calls for help.
As a result of this war the masses will learn to bow their heads, they will learn that they must not follow the demons who want to bring them to their destruction.
This journey which takes us all over the earth teaches me a lot.
We are not travelling alone, I see that thousands of souls are making the same journey.
It is a learning experience for them as well, as a result of which they will get to know and understand the nations of the earth and themselves.
Happiness reigns in these souls, I sense, because it is also present within me.
I am floating through the universe, through the Divine universe.
This universe belongs to me.
I have made it mine.
If I had killed on earth, had been open to hatred, I would have risked all this.
I would have been a hero to the people of earth then, a good defender of my country, and as a reward they would have pinned a medal, a ribbon to my chest.
However, God gave me His heaven and earth, His universe.
‘God, but my God, how I love You.
I will do my best, father does not need to insist on this.
I want to work for humanity, oh God, and tell it that You are a father of Love.
People pray to You, sing Your praises, but do not know You, do not even know Your intentions, or know how to act according to them.
You want everyone to love each other, because only in this way can lasting peace reign on earth, only in this way will the hells one day cease to exist.
I am burning with longing, my God, to tell my brothers and sisters, Your children, about Your love.
May my words possess so much inspiration, so much power, that it is heard by thousands.’
It is the Divine plan that we, who are His creatures, sparks from His fire, will one day go back to Him.
This can only happen – this will be clear even to a child – if we follow the path of love.
Now people are faced with the choice of following God or the devils, love or hatred.
There is no other choice.
But, I ask you, can that choice be difficult?
Where does hatred take you, where do your earthly leaders take you, who made a pact with the demons from the lowest layers of the hells?
Listen to their kettle music, listen to the terrible stamping of their boots.
Mother Earth groans beneath them.
‘Soldiers, come forward!’ the governments order.
‘There must be killing and destruction.
God and justice are on our side!’
And they throng there, men and boys, from all places and from all families.
Isn’t it terrible?
Upon one command from their dark rulers they grab their weapons and sow death and destruction amongst their sisters and brothers.
But why?
Do you not feel then that you are misbehaving in a terrible way towards your God, the Creator of all life?
Again and again I want to ask you, now that I am standing in the middle of violence that is making your ground tremble.
How unforgivable it is, what those state leaders put before your eyes.
Are you not yet sick of their mean carry-on?
Does it not appear from their actions that only devils are behind them?
Are they sovereigns of love?
Or are they instigators consumed by hatred and a lust for power, who offer up your goods and your blood for the fulfilment of their own dark longings?
Just see then how they live it up at your expense.
They become great through you, demand everything, your wife, your child, your family, your body and life, they want increasingly more from you, because their greed for power, land, possessions will never end!
Does it not mean anything to you?
Yet they are honoured and adored by masses of people.
They get the chance to continue their cruel, demonic plans, at the expense of everything which you as a person, as a Christian, hold sacred.
You yourself allow it!
They destroy you and your people, because you want that yourself!
Then do not complain if your self-inflicted misery falls back on your own head.
Do not complain, you church goers, now that your houses and churches shake on their weak foundations.
Why did you not resist them with a united front?
Why did you choose to serve those who are devils, and did you kick God and His Sacred Life through your deeds?
I call to you, waken up, open your eyes.
Judge their deeds, descend into their cruel beings and decide whether they are taking you to God and love, or to the devil.
Banish them from your midst, those rulers and tyrants.
Do not let yourself be yoked to their chariots, because they will suck you empty, they will drive on your back through the world and destroy you spiritually and physically.
Which of their aims justify that you murder and destroy?
Do you believe you have to defend your country?
God does not know any countries!
Do you believe you have to defend your wife and child?
But where is your faith in God?
How often did you promise Him in your prayers complete submission to His universal will?
Now is the time to show that submission.
But what do you do?
You prefer to defy His sacred laws.
You kill in order to try and save them for this short earthly life and tune in to the lowest hells as a result!
On earth you get a medal for your ‘heroic deeds’.
Here in Eternal Life people have no respect for you, here they shudder at your inner life.
They do not know pity here, my father lets me feel, and in this way he shows the truth of the spheres.
On earth they honour you as a hero, as a fighter for country and people, for this life, however, you are an unaware person, a demon, who took the life of God.
You did not want it any differently, you ignored God’s prayer of love, so should the people here have pity for you?
Must you, who have the blood of others on your hands, must you have a heaven opened for you?
Your own inner life chooses a dwelling and since hate and bloodlust lived there, that can only be a hell!
The laws speak here sharply and irrevocably.
Father takes me to the dwellings of the rulers of the nations.
I can see their dark hearts and can hear their conversations.
I am disgusted by the stench which comes from their inner lifes.
Are these people, these devils meant to be leading God’s life?
They are meant to be ensuring the safety and peace of the nations, their physical and mental welfare?
They believe that God has entrusted them with His children and is behind their deeds?
The nations should hear the conversations, which these leaders ‘conduct’.
For years they have made the world mad with their talk about how they were going to make their fellow country men happy.
So now the world knows what that happiness consists of.
Now it sees that the only aim of all the deeds of the leaders were just to serve their low instincts.
In the conversations which I am able to listen to, they talk about their nation as if it concerns beasts of burden, they want to suck it empty, they want to sacrifice everything which is sacred to it, as long as their cruel, imperious plans are served by it.
Your wife and children will be protected, while you are prepared to offer your life for the fatherland, they call it out in every possible way, the leaders and little leaders.
Behind the scenes they laugh cynically and sully your wife and children.
Now, now, how brutishly mean the dominion of the demons is.
To which sort of consciousness do they belong?
Can you tell me that now?
The devils live it up inside them.
They adorn themselves with crosses.
However, these crosses are stained with blood, they are dripping with blood to such an extent that God turns away.
Must He help this type of people?
Must He help these Christians, open His heavens to them, who make it possible for these demons to play their dirty game?
These Christians, who took up arms at the first command in order to kill their brothers instead of thinking of God’s commandment and refusing to be a part of murder and destruction, the deed which God and Christ were looking for?
These Christians, who cheated their Creator by killing, trampled His sacred commandments and as a result of this nailed Christ again and again to the cross?
Should He really help them?
With their leaders they will find their places in the lowest hells and will become the pitiful victims there of the demons, who will suck them empty and tear them open, they will have to stay there until every life they took has been made up for.
And only when they have clearly understood that they have to obey God and not the devil, love and not hate, only when they really see what it means to completely devote themselves to Him, only then will they be called real Christians!
God, as a wise Father, does not intervene now.
Unity must come amongst the nations, bonds of love must start to bind them, trust must make weapons superfluous, selflessness must replace enjoyment of power and meanness.
Understanding and respect must come amongst the nations, only then will peace and goodwill reign on earth.
This is God’s will.
It is a harsh and terrible school, which humanity puts upon itself in order to reach that unity.
If God were to intervene now, the nations would not benefit, on the contrary.
Out of the pain and suffering which humanity is now undergoing, a new world will be born which can only carry one name: the Kingdom of God!
There will only be a few people who, standing amongst the roaring violence which makes the earth tremble, will be able to believe in this birth.
And yet everyone of you will have to accept this.
The evolution of humanity has reached that stage.
Evil is in the minority in your world.
The good in spirit are in the majority.
By trial and error, they will now go this way, purified by the suffering and inspired by the sacred will to now build up a world, pure and spiritual.
Yet the sound of violence has not ceased, death and destruction still reign, but soon it will be silent on earth.
Then evil will have finished raging and the voices will make themselves heard, which speak of love and unity.
The Divine plan is like this, and not any other way; the nations will be one and love will unite them.
On you, people of the earth, is the task to master that unity, that love.
The masters of the side beyond will help you in this.
The Age of Christ has started.
Just imagine what this means.
Live according to His high, wonderful example and you will be an apostle, on whom His glances will fall with pleasure.
Wake up, people of the earth, wake up for your God.
He will never deceive you!