The first sphere completely absorbs me

The walk gave me many new joys.
I saw life in this sphere very differently again.
When I saw all of this for the first time, I looked at it, now, however I could see within it.
For example, when I had met people for the first time, I had only seen their beautiful garments radiating light.
Now, however, I was allowed to see into their souls and I realized what their lives were like and what they thought about.
These souls were now open to me.
I also gave myself completely, they were allowed to know all about me.
This unprecedented happiness gave me the new awareness, which I had received through father.
I saw other souls who were not open like their brothers and sisters.
They were not yet completely ready for life here, I felt.
They had only arrived here a short while ago and therefore still had to start this life.
These souls would get consciousness for this life in another way to me, depending on their situation.
‘So were these people twin souls?’ was the question which occurred to me when I saw a little group talking together.
But I immediately knew that this was not the case.
Those who really walked beside their twin souls, emanated the same light, you could tell that they were twins, like father and Angelica.
I only saw a few of them.
The others walked beside their sisters and brothers and exchanged thoughts.
In whatever situation they were, all of them were connected by one feeling: love!
I longed to be able to walk here with a spiritual being next to me.
But that would have to be a conscious mother, only she could now help me further.
I continued my journey.
The landscape here is the same as a summer’s morning on earth.
I let the sublime silence penetrate me.
Anyone who wants to have an idea about the spheres, must be aware that even this silence is almost too much to deal with.
It is so sacred, so deep ...
No one disturbs us here.
The flowers, they only radiate.
The birds only sing.
The water is crystal clear and not a particle of dust affects that purity.
There were no hard pieces of ground where I could hurt my feet: the ground was as soft as moss.
Tears of gratitude rolled down my cheeks and I was not ashamed of it.
I saw several souls on my journey who thanked God with their tears, because words could not do that.
What possession was revealed to those who had mastered the first sphere.
The atmosphere never changes here.
As nature reveals itself in all its sunshine, it is the astral reality, it suddenly occurs to me now.
From whom did I receive this thought?
I was completely open to it and waited for the explanation.
But it did not come and so I continued my walk.
I looked up as if I expected to see the sun there.
But the feeling which came to me again, told me that the sun belonged to the material universe.
The light which I saw here was the astral light which had been built up by the good deeds of the first souls.
It was maintained and even strengthened by those who followed.
I was also contributing to this light, as I was allowed to witness.
And this applies to everyone who carries out a good deed.
The light here can never be obscured, there can be neither rain nor mist.
Those situations belonged to the spheres underneath.
Since there was no love there, the light could not shine.
This was how it was for the people there; those who did not love, closed themselves off from the light.
The worlds of this side are as people themselves feel!
It is a law, which no soul can escape.
As a result of these thoughts I entered the feeling of love which bound the souls in this heaven.
How great and expansive the feeling was which one person here had for an other.
I now consciously felt the blissful power of this love within me.
God is love; love determines His actions.
Love must also determine our actions.
Love built the spheres of light, hatred built the hells.
Love takes us to the heart of our fellow beings.
Love prepares us for our twin soul.
Love takes us back to God.
It is always and only love which takes us higher up in God’s universe.
Anyone who does not wish to act accordingly will have to accept the hells as his sphere of existence!
How sacred life in the spheres of light is.
There are no disruptions in anything.
My eyes glide along the garments again.
Not one garment is the same, but they all radiate.
I am also clothed in a similar garment.
And it was as if it had already belonged to me for centuries.
Wherever I look, all I can see is beauty.
On earth a person can have beauty, however, here it is a spiritual possession.
The buildings in the first sphere have an amazing architecture.
They are high up and built from snow-white marble.
Each of these buildings has its own meaning.
As a result of this their radiations also differ.
It touches my life as it were, since I am part of this sphere.
One building in particular attracts my attention.
I will walk over to it and try to find out what it means.
However, with the first step which I take I already know.
The thought occurs to me as if of its own accord again, it is father, I feel, who is now helping me from a distance.
In this building the sick people of the earth are studied, as well as cures for their illnesses.
I now also know that father and Angelica are in this temple of knowledge at the moment.
I will not disturb them and just calmly follow my path.
I gradually enter deeper into the life of the first sphere, it is absorbing me completely.
My thoughts and feelings likewise become deeper, thoughts and images come to me as if of their own accord.
If I think about a tree or a flower, then these children of nature immediately begin to tell me about their lives, so that I can follow this in all its stages.
A bird does the same.
A building tells me for what purpose it was built, what it serves as.
The ground on which I walk tells me how it emerged.
In this way I continue to penetrate further into God’s creation.
I sit down on one of the many benches, and I think about the large number of things which have been revealed to me.
Wherever my eye wanders, the spiritual life smiles upon me.
I see masses of people coming and going along the many paths which lead to the buildings.
I tune in to them and realize that they are busy mastering one kind of study or another.
Pure love and the will to serve drive all these souls.
They fill their time with work and prayer, in the need to master a higher emotional degree.
Also the people who are walking round there or have lain down, are busy doing this.
While thinking, they penetrate deeper into creation and as a result of this they gain more feelings, more consciousness.
Birds come to me and perch on my hands and shoulders.
I look at the little creatures and notice that they look a lot like the eastern types on earth.
However, their whole radiation and their behaviour show a greater wisdom.
These little creatures understand the higher consciousness which lives amongst the souls here, and are completely tuned to it.
Like us people, they finally came here after a long stage of development and are now growing towards the highest degree of life, which their sort can achieve.
This happens as of its own accord.
It is nature, which forces this life to carry on, to return to God who created it.
I get up.
There, not far from me, a pond glistens.
I want to go there, to sit down at its banks.
I want to ask this water to tell me how it emerged.
The birds accompany me, fly ahead of me.
God, how wonderful Your creation is, I repeat again and again.
The silver water tells me and I listen with my head bowed and my hands joined.
In this way wisdom reaches us in the spheres, life itself tells us about its origin and its development.
Thinking about all of this, a very different feelings surges in me.
I start to follow it and the feelings take me to a life which is related to mine.
I know this life and feel one with the happiness which radiates from it.
This feeling becomes stronger and I raise my head and look around, believing that someone is approaching me.
Then I am looking into my own child’s face.
‘Liesje!’ I say, ‘Liesje, have you come to visit me?’
She sits down next to me and for me it is like it used to be on earth, when we were sitting on the bench behind our house and were listening to each other’s stories.
Yet it was different.
There I felt like the father of my child.
Here she feels like my sister.
Liesje is conscious of her life here.
She tells me about it and talks with much love about Angelica, who helps her with everything.
We talk about mother in the Land of Twilight land and about the possibilities of helping her.
I tell her everything, which father taught me about the paradise where we now live, and it immediately appears to me how advanced her consciousness already is, because she adds to many of my points.
We follow her life and my life on earth and then Liesje tells me what she will do to become more capable.
She will not go back to the earth anymore, her life has said goodbye to that.
When I think about that, go in to it, that I will soon be living amongst earthly people again, I feel slightly faint at heart.
I will be a child again, experience growing up, I will belong to a woman and probably have children again ...
However, how differently I will experience life then, how much more deeply and more consciously.
And herein lies the meaning of a human life, it creates the opportunity to master Divine laws.
That would be impossible in one life.
A person’s life is already too short to turn one bad quality into a good one.
How many qualities make up our character?
Could I work myself up to a height in art, in science in one simple life?
Could I master a world of feeling in one life?
Could I prepare myself for a heaven in one life?
Millions of laws rule Divine life, I have to know them all consciously, could I manage that in fifty, sixty years?
God wants us to learn about the universe, which He created for us.
God wants us to learn about Himself, His Sacred Being.
He wants us to go back to Him as conscious souls.
And to make this possible, in His omnipotent wisdom, He allows us to experience more than one life.
God is love!
I can perceive that, sitting here in the spheres.
Wherever my eye roams, that love shines towards me everywhere.
I am sitting here hand in hand with a dear sister.
On earth she was my child.
Here in Eternal Life, my sister, because in this conscious world one person is not the child of another, but we are all the same!
I feel that Liesje has come here to say goodbye.
For a long time.
Both of us will devote ourselves to our own tasks.
Our life here wants it like this, the conscious person wants it like this, since he is driven by his inextinguishable desire to penetrate Divine creation more deeply.
Father and Angelica wanted to be present at this farewell.
The four of us experience happy moments, we descend into each other, become one in feeling and enjoy each other’s love.
Then we say goodbye.
Father and Angelica go back to the temple.
And I see Liesje disappearing into eternity, an eternity in which she knows her way.
I continue my walk.
This farewell also has its purpose.
I understand why they came to me and left me on my own.
The contact had to be broken, because otherwise we would not proceed any further.
We now have to stand on our own two feet.
Though I know that they will follow me.
I turn into a path, which takes me away from the buildings and takes me into the silence.
The trees here rise up to a height, which they cannot reach on earth.
They look like cypresses, even if the leaves have a different shape.
And again tree and plant and animal speak to me.
Nature itself is my teacher and it will help me to increase my consciousness.
This walk through God’s gardens is wonderful.
It is only because the earth is calling to me, otherwise I would not want to interrupt this for a very long time.
I sit down again and follow everything which nature reveals to me.
I see before me the degrees of life, which it talks about and I absorb them into my consciousness.
Then a great silence comes over me, I let myself sink away in it.
I observe a beautiful building, which I had not seen there before.
I start to feel that this building is significant to my life.
I now want to pray, because I feel that the higher consciousness will come to me.
It is a majestic building, the beaming towers penetrate up to the heavens, even disappear into it, as it were.
The feeling comes to me to tune myself in to the inside of the building.
While I do this, a soft, melodious voice starts to talk to me.
It can only be directed at me, because I am completely alone in this spot.
‘Enter, child of God.
Love life and you will receive the blessing of Him, Who gave us life.
Turn to His laws and master them.
All of us did that and saw our lives enriched as a result of it.
Do not be afraid to listen to the life.
In this destiny only happiness can be given to you.
We will follow you in everything.
Be assured of our help.
We greet you.
God is love.
Enter this temple and in doing so try to tune in to us, so that the higher consciousness can come to you.
Follow everything and love in the pure, spiritual meaning of the word.
May God give you the strength you need.
Know that all of us are waiting.’
The voice stopped talking.
Immediately afterwards I saw a few shapes radiating light high in the heavens.
‘The masters of this sphere’, it came to me, ‘greet you.
They know that you live in the spheres and follow you.
So just carry on, Theo.’
That could only be father, only he says my name in that way.
And I can now feel him as well, along with Angelica, and I am aware to be carried by their love.
I was afraid a moment ago to carry on, I did not dare to move an inch, frightened by the power of what was happening.
Now this has disappeared.
The masters know that I live here.
They know every soul, which enters here, their enormous consciousness makes this possible.
They look after all life here and watch over it.
This is also wonderful and moving at the same time.
Then my feet take me into a nice place, which looks like a park like the ones which are created on earth.
Trees and flowers stand here together in the most beautiful order, fountains cascade and animal life shows its most beautiful colours.
I bend over the silver mirror of a pond and see myself in it.
I hardly recognize this person.
I am like I was on earth, but younger.
The light from my eyes is soft.
There is a process within me, and something has opened within me.
Then I start to feel that I am doing well, my life is already receiving a spiritual meaning.
I start to see that I will be able to help my Annie later.
I can now see her before me in her own surroundings, there is a bit more light around her already!
She is therefore also busy awakening, I will soon be able to visit her.
Now nature speaks to me again.
In the reflection of the water I can see her life passing by me step by step.
Then darkness suddenly comes.
I can no longer orientate myself, but then a voice speaks inside me.
It explains to me that this is the darkness of before creation.
After a short while I see the light and I can see the very first signs of life created by God.
Then I can see water.
It is like the water in which I see all of this.
The water which I am looking into is thinner, it originated from the other water.
There is inspiration in it and it draws me into the laws.
In this water surface the whole process of creation is then shown: how God created man, animal and plant life.
I follow the complete development of the Divine creation plan, until I come to the material universe, in which the earth lives.
Then I see myself, as I entered the astral world.
My God, how infinitely rich and great Your creation is, how grateful I am to You that I may experience it.
And yet, I can feel it, I only know a small part of all the miracles of it.
How much must I still master?
But I will also get the time for this, the building, which rises up radiantly before me, still has infinitely more to reveal.
I will often come back there.
Then I feel that someone is approaching me.
It has to be someone whom I have not yet met here.
I look up and see into the face of a beautiful creature.
Good heavens, what is waiting for me?
The woman approaches me.
I would like to kneel down.
The blue robe that she is wearing is radiating towards me.
We look deep into each other’s eyes and descend into each other’s souls.
She sees into my life and I see into hers and we both thank God.
We do not say a word, but this meeting does not require words.
Who is she? I think and she asks herself the same question.
I feel her like myself.
She must be a sister of mine.
In thought I ask her to sit down next to me.
She does this.
She is completely open to me, I am allowed to follow her to her deepest soul.
I read in her that she will leave this world in order to go back to the earth again.
She has tuned herself in to the earth completely, as a result of which I can now follow her.
She now shows me her life which she experienced before she entered this side.
I now show her my life.
She will go back to the earth in order to experience motherhood there, but then with a spiritual destiny.
She is already having to prepare herself to be attracted to the earth, this will happen within a hundred years.
I have sacred respect for this life, anyone who meets this soul on earth, will only receive happiness from her.
I feel her as a child which is brimming with happiness.
That love is her possession, she has become love.
She now wants to get her degree in motherhood and since this can only happen on earth, God gives her this mercy.
Her golden shining hair falls in waves around her shoulders, she looks beautiful and wonderful.
I feel a divine happiness when I look at her.
My God, how can I deal with this – how can I thank you – my God, I am faced with my twin soul!
This beautiful being belongs to me, she is like me, she will be mine for all eternity!
‘Soul of my soul’, I say, ‘is this all true?
Do you know that we will belong to each other for eternity and for always?
That God will give us both new lives?
Do you know that we will meet each other again there?
Tell me, do you also have these feelings?’
We look at each other and our glances say what words cannot say.
‘God gave me the grace to see you.
Now you have to go again, I know.
I greet you, see you there!’
I had also wanted to say much much more, but it is no longer possible.
The sacred form has disappeared before my eyes.
I sink away into a state of unconsciousness.
I do not know how long this lasted, but when I opened my eyes, father was in front of me.
And he confirmed everything, which I had experienced.
‘Where is she now, father?’ I wanted to know.
The feelings which he placed in me told me everything and I knew that I could no longer follow her now.
Like her, I also had to prepare myself, so that time would find me ready when the moment came to start my journey to the earth.
Inspired by this meeting with my twin soul, I worked even more earnestly than before on my development.
It took six months according to earthly time and meanwhile I had many discussions with the souls, which I met on my way.
I got to know the life of my sphere and meditated.
Then I went back to my father and met him at his dwelling.
I did not need to tell him anything about my journey, he had followed me in everything.
The moment had arrived, he told me, to go to Annie.
However, he first wanted to teach me how I could move to the earth.
For this purpose he took me within the material universe and taught me how to reach it.
Now I was ready to descend into the Land of Twilight and visit Annie.
In what state would I find her?