It is a great mercy to me that I have been able to tell about my life through an earthly medium, and I am very grateful to God for this.
I could never have believed it possible when I was on earth.
My father, who was waiting for me and helped me when I entered the world of the spirit, and his twin soul are here and will remain here with me until the book has been recorded.
I thank them both from the bottom of my heart for everything which I was able to receive from them during my life on earth and here on the other side of the grave.
I see now for the first time how simple it is to speak through an earthly medium, if this world is ready for this.
On earth I already sought along with my father for the pure, real spiritual contact, however, we were often cheated.
Now is the moment there that I may start to narrate.
The master says that I have to pass on everything with regard to my father and me, because it is worthwhile and is significant.
It is the most beautiful gift which God could give me.
So I bow my head in deep humiliation.
I really hope that the book will reach many people and convince them of the sacred truths which it contains.