A soul awakens

On the way I felt like showing once again that I had learned to tune in.
I raced through the universe and tuned in to the towns where we had lived.
As quick as the thought itself I flew to those towns, observed them and went back to father just as quickly, who had walked out of the first sphere.
He had followed me and therefore knew where I was.
A feeling came to me, which told me that I would soon follow that same path on my own with Annie.
Father proved to me that I had felt that correctly with the question:
‘You will be able to convince Annie of this life on your own, won’t you, Theo?
Or do you still need me for it?
You can get through to her most effectively, if you are alone with her in this universe.’
I was pleased with father’s suggestion.
It would give me the chance to serve and to prove that I had learned one or two things here.
I could already see myself floating through the universe with her, as I had experienced with father, but now with my own powers.
‘If you are on your way, Theo, and you think that you need help, you must think of us, of Angelica and me.
We will follow you where you go and help you.
Our unity has become complete, no one can disturb us.
The thoughts will come to you as you have already experienced that here many times.’
‘Then I will not be afraid, father.
I will do my best.’
We had soon reached the Land of Twilight.
Again we walked amongst all those poor people who wandered around in this misty land as the living dead.
And yet they were so close to the light and the heat.
If only they wanted to become aware of their situation, just take a good grip of their lives, help would be here for all of them.
‘Is Annie already convinced about her life, father?’
‘Not really, my son, but she wants to listen and that is a lot.
When we met her for the first time, she was living in a spiritual state of shock.
She has now awakened from it.
The sister who is taking care of her, has already spoken about us.
But she does not yet accept that.
When she sees us, however, she will have to give in.
She will not get away from us anymore then.
Nothing may have changed about her little world, but you will take the first step for this purpose when you help to convince her of her earthly life.
You know, only when she is released from it, can she begin this life.’
‘Father, tell me, what are all the things I should tell her?’
‘You will feel that the moment that you talk to her.
You will just remain tuned in to us, Theo.’
‘And her mother, who will help her?’
‘Others will take care of her.
When Annie is ready, she can do something for her mother.
They will then take each other to the first sphere.’
‘Should I stay with Annie, father, to help her further?’
‘No, that is not necessary, Theo.
If you have got her to the stage that she can begin on her own life, you will build on your own situation.
There is enough help available for her in the sphere.’
‘Father, you also did everything for me and Liesje, didn’t you?’
‘That possibility was present in your life.
If you could not have been reached for that complete help, I would have had to release you.
Your whole development would have taken a different direction then.
Others would then have helped you and I would have carried on in my own situation.’
‘Why is that, father?’
‘You have to ask, my son, who takes care of these laws.
But that is very natural.
There is a law here which says that one person may not be lived through another.
If Annie had not been ready yet, you would not even have been able to make her aware of her earthly life.
Others would have done that for you.
It is therefore a mercy, which she has earned herself.’
On this side one person cannot live at the expense of another, even if the other person wanted to make himself available for this.
This is completely impossible.
Anyone who does not want it, just has to keep waiting and sit down and see the centuries passing.
After all, there are many like that here – you were able to follow them – who proved inaccessible to help from higher spheres.
They would prefer to wait for Christ, they say, because they have been told that He will come to them in Eternal Life.
They live in His paradise, they say, in His forecourt, and wait until He comes to fetch them to take them to His heaven.
And the years pass and Christ does not come, cannot come, because how would these poor souls, whose love is just as arid as the ground they walk on, how would they be ready to enter a heaven?
You now know the first sphere, Theo, and there are also six spheres above it.
And even a master from the seventh sphere has not seen Christ.
Even he is not ready to enter the sphere of Christ.
He still has to cover many degrees if he wants to make it that far.
A person who enters the cold Land of Twilight as his destination from the earth, believes that Christ will be waiting for him!
That terrible misconception was given to them by the churches.
Numerous souls have been destroyed for centuries as a result of this.
But, thank God, one day they start to doubt and only then can they be reached by spiritual help.
Look, Theo, we are approaching the place where Annie lives.
She is alone.’
I could see her as well now.
She was walking around a bit, deep in thought, her head bent towards the ground.
You could tell that there was a change in her.
Father told me to wait.
He would talk to her first, I had to follow him in everything, then I would be able to listen to their conversation.
This was made possible by gifted hearing, a degree, which everyone in the spheres possessed.
‘Good day, my Annie’, I heard father say.
Annie got a fright, she had not heard father approaching.
She looked at him for a long time, trying to find out who he was.
She apparently saw something familiar in his face.
‘Do you not know me?’ father then asked.
Annie thought deeply.
She did not remove her gaze from his face.
Father worked on her, placed feelings in her.xax
Then he said:
‘I am Theo’s father, Annie.
I have already been in this world for a long time.’
‘But ... but that is not possible, is it?’
Father waited a moment, then he slowly said with much emphasis:
‘Believe me, my child.
I am speaking the sacred truth.
Will you accept that I am Theo’s father?’
Anxiously, I looked at Annie and a sigh of relief escaped me when she finally answered:
‘Yes, father, I believe you.’
‘My child, will you also accept then that you died on earth and are now in eternal life?’
‘That’s what they say here as well, father, but I cannot believe that, I am alive, after all.
I am not dead, father, I am alive.
And where is Theo?
Why does he not come home?
Have I been ill?
Why does Theo not come?
And where is Liesje?’
Father calmly lets her finish talking.
It gives her peace to be able to ask questions.
Then he says, pointing at me:
‘Just look there, Annie.’
She gets another terrible shock.
It is too much for her to meet someone else, it makes her afraid.
She is ready to faint, but father holds on to her with his will, so that she remains conscious.
Then I approach.
I know what to do.
I look into her eyes and continue to look at her.
Then something happens, which I had not in the least expected.
She does not give any sign of recognition.
She continues to look at me as a stranger and then says:
‘I do not know that man, father.
He is a stranger.
It is not Theo.’
She does not say a word to me.
However, father lets me feel that everything is fine.
Annie meanwhile keeps glancing at me, she is trying to fathom me out.
I now feel that she cannot fathom me out, the higher consciousness cannot be felt by the lower.
‘My Theo’, Annie begins to talk again, ‘is much older.
This man looks a bit like him, but it is not him.’
Father does not go into this any further.
He tells her that she must see me as her master who will help her in everything and wants to convince her of her life.
She will not make any progress here on her own, he makes her understand, she must therefore go with me to the earth, where everything which she does not understand now will become clear.
Again Annie reacts by saying:
‘But that is all nonsense, isn’t it?
I am alive, after all.’
Then father speaks very seriously to her and points out to her that she must give in to our help if she wants to leave this horrible, cold land.
This helps.
She says:
‘I want to, believe me.
But where is mother?’
‘She will have to stay here a while.
We will help her later.’
Annie takes a step towards me and hereby accepts my help.
Father says goodbye to us.
Now my task of convincing my wife, Annie, of her eternal life, begins.
I notice that she is looking for me.
However, my appearance is not familiar to her.
On earth I already had bald patches, I had started to go grey, and here I am like a young man of thirty with blond curly hair.
But there is something about me, which she thinks she recognizes and that reminds her of Theo.
This brings her closer to me.
The happiness which thrills me is great.
I would like to kneel down to thank God for this mercy.
But I now have to act.
‘Will you follow me?’ I ask her.
‘Where are you taking me?’ she immediately wants to know.
‘We are going to the earth, I must show you various scenes there, which are familiar to you.
Then we will go back to the spheres.’
We walk on next to each other.
No one says a word.
Then I feel that I must try and draw her upwards, as father did to me.
I tell her that she can ask me questions if she wants to know anything.
She nods, but does not say anything.
I then tune in to the material universe and ask her to give me her hand in order to get a good contact.
Then I draw her and myself upwards.
This takes place calmly, the Land of Twilight fades, we are already living in the material universe.
Everything is so great.
I am able to pass on what I received to others so soon.
God is good!
I want to thank him, call out:
‘My God, my Father, how wonderful You have made life!
How good You are to people.
What a huge amount of love You have given me!’
But I feel that I must not pray now.
I must think of Annie instead, father lets me know, his thoughts come to me from afar, which also makes me very, very, happy in another way, I have to follow her in her thoughts and feelings.
I do this.
She does not talk and there is an emptiness in her.
She does not ask where she is and has no interest in all those shining stars around us.
She is thinking, but her thoughts do not concern anything, they just flap about wildly.
Yet it is necessary for her development that she learns to think deeply and clearly at this point.
I descend into her, touch her soul life and draw her up to the stars and planets.
A moment afterwards she looks around her, in surprise, she looks everywhere.
She does not understand any of it, she is walking and yet she cannot see any ground.
I want her to ask a question and concentrate on this.
‘But this is not walking, is it?’ she asks me.
‘This is floating, my child, floating through the universe.’
Could she float?
No, she does not believe that.
‘In the universe, you say?’
‘Yes, my child.’
I feel a longing to call her this, it connects her to me.
I know that I am getting these feelings from father and if I tune in to him, I can see father and Angelica before me.
I can even talk to them, as a result of which it is confirmed to me again that in eternal life there is no distance.
‘So where is the ground now on which we always walk?’ Annie wants to know.
‘We are now going to the earth, my child, and we will be able to walk there again.’
‘Where have we come from now?’
‘You were ill and are now in the process of getting better.
You are now in the afterlife.
You died on earth.’
I feel an urge to say this last thing.
She reacts immediately.
‘Do I really have to believe that?
Are they not just kidding me?’
‘No, my child, those people there were telling the truth.’
I must not go in to this point any further now, father lets me feel.
She cannot cope with any more.
I may just continue step by step.
Only when she asks questions, can I give her a bit more.
‘Only when you feel that she knows enough, may you continue’, father explains.
But Annie has already gone back to her own little life, she has nothing more to ask.
Without her realizing it, I increase our progress.
I can see the earth yonder.
I am already looking forward to being able to take her into our house.
How will she react?
I tune in to Amersfoort.
We are there soon.
We are walking amongst the people.
Annie sees them and wants to talk to them, ask them whether it is true that she has died.
However, she walks straight through them ...
‘When you enter your house in a moment, try to remain calm’, I warn her.
She nods and we then go into the house.
Annie sees that there are strange people living in her rooms.
Then she looks at me and says:
‘We did not live here anymore, I have to be in Arnhem.’
I take her there and we enter our house.
We soon realize that other people are living in it and that our things have disappeared.
I tune in to the past and see that my own mother had been here with Annie’s father.
They divided and sold everything.
Meanwhile Annie’s sorrow is great.
Tears roll down her cheeks.
I understand what she is feeling.
‘Where is my furniture, can you tell me that?’
‘It has been sold, my child.
Your father sold them.
After all, you no longer need them, do you?’
I do not mention my mother, it would only unbalance her.
‘Come on’, I urge, ‘you have no need to be here anyway.’
She willingly lets herself be led away, weeping for her lost possessions.
I let her weep, I cannot change anything anyway.
It does show how attached she is to those things.
Heaven and earth mean nothing to her, she barely glances at stars and planets.
However, she weeps hot tears for her furniture, which was sold.
This is her world ...
I take her to Rotterdam.
Her tears do not stop coming.
I leave it like this.
In the Grebbe Line I saw people weeping other sorts of tears, there amidst that madness, that cruelty, that fear.
If I even think about that horror for a moment, I could also weep, but then my tears would weigh a thousand kilos ...
My God, if this is all it is!
How poor and unhappy my wife is.
She is standing in the midst of God’s wonderful creation; His miracles await her, she is already experiencing them and yet she can still weep tears for her furniture ...
On earth she was attached to it and so she cannot behave any differently here.
On this side people receive the world which they feel in their soul ...
How will she weep when she experiences that she has also lost her own life as well?!
We walk amongst the people in Rotterdam.
The bombing has created an open field.
I wander around a bit.
Annie reacts by saying:
‘You do not know the way, why are you wandering around here?’
‘Then lead the way’, I say and thereby draw her back into my own life.
Now she starts to act and her sorrow recedes.
She rushes to the place where she once stayed.
She now sees into the past, where I am taking her.
Now that she is inside, I let her go.
Then she is suddenly standing in reality and she sees herself with her child and her mother covered in rubble.
She lets out a fearful scream.
She falls to her knees, digs with her fingers amongst the stones, wants to get the bodies out from under the rubble and begs me to help her.
‘Look, they are still alive, they are still alive’, she calls out.
And she is right, they did indeed carry on living for a moment, but then their souls left their bodies.
However, she cannot see this.
Annie has fainted.
I know about this swooning, it is just one degree under her consciousness.
I work on her and draw her back to her own life.
A moment later she opens her eyes and asks:
‘Where am I?
Where am I?
Have we died after all?’
‘You must accept this’, I say.
‘You died here in Rotterdam.
You met your end in this place.’
Annie weeps and these tears are real and natural.
They gain weight as a result of her sorrow for people.
I let her calm down.
Now she can think again and she suddenly jumps up and calls out:
‘And my husband?
Where is my husband?
Do you know where my husband is?’
What can I say to her?
She still does not know me.
‘I will take you to him.
Follow me.’
We leave Rotterdam and go straight to the Grebbe Line.
There I connect her to my life.
I show her the moment that I am walking round between the horrors, like the living dead.
She sees me and rushes over to me:
‘Theo ... Theo ... Theo ...’
She wants to cling to me, as I am walking there.
Theo cannot see her.
Annie bursts into tears.
Here in the Grebbe Line a woman weeps for her husband, whom she believes is lost, but he is standing next to her in full consciousness ...
I connect her to the next scene.
New sorrows await her, however, she must get through it in order to touch life.
She sees me aiming my rifle, she hears my father’s voice, then the terrible whistling of a grenade resounds and when Annie sees how it takes Theo’s life, she swoons.
I lay her down, sit down next to her and wait until she has come round.
According to earthly time, it took three days and three nights before Annie opened her eyes.
In that time I had the chance to meditate.
Being together with Annie also gave me a lot to think about.
Annie is lying next to me, sleeping.
Evening falls, the night makes way for the day.
The birds are singing and chattering in the branches.
They remind me of my feathered friends in the spheres.
Tears run down my cheeks, God, my God, how great and good You are.
Now I can thank Him, now there is time for it.
And my soul finds the words so easily to tell Him how pleased I am that I am alive and that I may work in His universe.
Then I tune in to what is happening on earth.
And the horror comes back in leaps ...
There are still a great number of boys here, Dutch and German, who continue the fight in the astral world.
They still tear into each other and they murder each other spiritually.
When one remains lying, the winner turns to another one.
And when they are exhausted, they collapse like Annie and gain new strength from sleeping.
For how much longer will they continue to fight and make this a ghost-place?
Now I know what ghosts are to the earth.
Masses of ghosts live here.
Their existence is terrible!
It must have been about eleven o’clock in the morning, when something caught my attention, which is certainly also terrible.
My eyes wander to the numbers of crosses of the burial ground, which was made here.
The heavy steps of soldiers’ boots break the silence.
My God, how can it be!
What I see is devilish, dirty, hypocritical.
First they destroyed us and now they come and lay wreathes.
The mentality of these people is disgusting.
And there are also Dutch people amongst them!
See their radiation, their fancy uniforms do not stop it.
I have seen them in the darkest hells, their mentality lives there.
Thirst for blood lives in them, a human life does not mean anything to them.
They destroy it and then come and bring flowers.
Now I can also hear them speak about love and comradeship!
What they do is disgusting; what do they know about love and comradeship?!
Here on this side they will be faced with the world created by themselves, there they will have to live in their own stench, until they start to realize what true love, what true comradeship is!
Dutch men also come with their satanic greeting.
They do not know any better, they are the living dead.
Annie is sleeping and does not see any of what is happening around her.
It is actually a pity, it would have been an enormous lesson to her.
She is now sleeping in her unconscious life and is dreaming about her furniture.
She has even forgotten her child now.
Is it not clear what is still dominating her world?
Finally Annie opens her eyes.
They are looking for me.
She is deep in thought.
Then she says:
‘My husband was killed, master, where is he now?’
I reply: ‘In the spheres, my child.’
She has another think.
She is now radiating a very different light.
A process has started in her!
‘Can I see him?’
‘Certainly, Annie.’
‘Do you know me?’ she asks, surprised that I know her name.
‘Is that through my father-in-law?’
‘That is right’, I say, understanding that it is not yet the time to show myself to her.
Her longing must increase.
She must gain respect for my life.
She has never had respect for me, now she must learn it, father lets me feel from far away.
I continue: ‘I know you through the person who wanted to convince you of your life.
Are you now ready to listen and do you have questions now?’
‘Yes, master.
I want to know everything.
Can you take me to my husband?’
‘That is not yet possible, my child, first you have to be convinced of your life.’
‘Master, ... is my husband further than I am?’
‘Yes, you will have to accept that.’
‘Was he right after all?’
‘Your husband already felt for this life when he was on earth, he already knew then that Eternal Life is the way in which you are experiencing it now.
You should have accepted that from him.’
Annie is listening attentively.
I now tell her in detail about our lives on earth, show her, point out to her how it had to break into smithereens.
In this way she gets an idea about our life and when I then take her back to the Grebbe Line, she sees her shortcomings and she realizes it could only be the Land of Twilight land which received her here.
She now also understands that Theo, who is further than she is, no longer belongs to her and is working on his own life, as she must now begin to work on hers.
She asks me: ‘What do you advise me to do, master?’
‘You must now go back to your own sphere, think a lot and try to help your own mother.’
‘So can I help her?’
‘You can!’
‘Will God not be angry at me, will He want to help me and give me the strength?’
‘God is love, only love, my child.
He will certainly support you.’
She looks at me thoughtfully, she feels a lot of Theo in me.
She then asks me a question, which concerns her religion and I tell her that that question will be answered by the masters who will help her further.
‘I only came to you to tell you about your life on earth.’
Why was it my job, she wants to know.
Do I know all about her life then?
‘Yes’, I say, ‘through your father-in-law, whom I also know.’
‘From the spheres?’
‘Also from the earth.’
We leave the Grebbe Line and the earth.
On the way Annie asks: ‘Can I go back there one day?
I would like to see all of my life then.’
‘That is of course possible.’
One day she will go back there with others, they will then tell her more about both our lives.
Father lets me feel that she will then awaken completely for this life.
‘It would now be possible to show her who you are, but imagine what that would mean to her!
It would be impossible for her to deal with it.’
Father is right, she would get too much, but soon she will know that I was with her during those days and that it was I who told her all about us both.
Annie proves to me that something is opening in her in a beautiful way, when she says:
‘How lovely everything actually is, when you know that you will never be destroyed.
That everyone gets the chance to go back to God, the Father of us all!’
‘This is the way it is - The churches on earth do a lot of damage by teaching that God can damn His children.
Now you can accept this, after all, can’t you?’
Annie can accept it, now that she is living in the reality of Eternal Life.
A light has come in to her, and that makes me happy.
I will soon leave her, but one day, I now know, and it will be before I go back to the earth, I will be able to speak to her again.
Father gives me this vision.
And Liesje will tell her that it was me who convinced her of her life and death on earth.
She will then be beside herself with happiness.
It is as if Annie feels that I am thinking about Liesje.
She asks me:
‘Can you take me to my child, master?’
‘You will see your child, but first you have to be ready with yourself.’
Annie pulls a face, and she feels sorrow, but she has learned during our journey that we are faced with iron laws on this side, laws which we evoke ourselves.
Liesje has mastered light, not a hair on her head may be hurt by her mother’s unconscious­ness.
God makes sure of that.
‘Is this because I do not yet know myself, master?’
‘This is the way it is, dear child, first you must conquer yourself.’
‘But if I do my best, master, will I then see Liesje soon?’
‘Of course, my child, soon.
God is love and He will help you.’
And thinking about everything, she says:
‘So my child is also further than I am?’
I tell her that Liesje lives in the sphere above hers and explain to her how she can also master this heaven.
And Annie now accepts everything I say, the images on earth have convinced her.
The laws of God have also spoken their language for her.
Now she will also consciously take hold of her life and start to serve others.
She now already knows that weeping will not help her further here, but that here only charity speaks, with the whole personality behind it.
‘You must learn to’, I tell her, ‘give everything of yourself for another person.
On earth we can mean something to another by our earthly possessions, but possessions like these do not have anything to do with the soul.
Here on this side only the deed counts, which is paid for with the soul, the whole personality.’
We now enter the Land of Twilight again, which Annie will now begin to release herself from.
The sisters take over from me there.
Through Divine love we were both able to experience a wonderful journey.
One which convinced Annie of her death on earth and her eternal life, and taught me about my own strengths and gave me numerous new impressions of God’s inexhaustible miracles.
At the border of the first sphere, my father, my master, is waiting for me.
We embrace each other lovingly.
Then he considers my journey and points out my mistakes to me.
Then I am also allowed to ask questions.
And I ask him:
‘What should I do now, father?’
‘You must tune in to the earth now, because the moment has arrived for you to be allowed to tell about your life.’
I understand that I have to prepare myself very seriously for this event.
Angelica welcomes us to their spiritual dwelling.
I thank both of them for everything they have given me, but they do not accept my thanks.
Then I go into nature and speak to God for a long time and tell Him how grateful I am.
When I want to start meditating, my father lets me feel that I must go back to him when I am ready.
Months passed according to earthly time, before I felt ready for my task.
I followed all of my life, as well as the life in which I was working as Jack.
I was also absorbed in the lives of father and Angelica.
I went even further back, to the place where God divided and set me to, a spark of His fire, the task of experiencing His sacred laws and becoming conscious of them.
Then I went back to Angelica and father.
I felt ready.
We descended to the earth and entered the house of the medium, through which I am now writing.
And now I have reached the end of my task.
It only remains for me to say what I will do next.
I will transfer completely to the life of Jack.
That life will become completely conscious in me.
Theo has been absorbed in that life and is now a part of it.
I love him, he has become my brother.
This is hard for the earth to understand, but to anyone who reads about my life, it will be clear that I am speaking like this.
Soon I will meet my new master, because father and Angelica will now continue in their own lives.
I have to master the laws, which master Alcar has made known to the world through this gifted medium.
It will prepare me for my task on earth, where I will soon contribute new knowledge to psychiatry.
There I will meet my twin soul and I want to master that wonderful love with her.
The feeling for this is in me and also in her.
God gives us people this mercy and yet there are still people on earth who speak about a God, who can damn His children for eternity ...
Before me I can see the universe, Divine love created it and keeps it going.
I have tried, reader, to give you an idea about it in simple language.
If I have been able to convince you that your life is eternal, if I have been able to open your eyes to the immense possibilities which God has laid in the hands of His children, if I have got you so far that you devote yourself more than ever to mastering love, I will be very, very happy.
And you, dear instrument of master Alcar, I thank you for all your love.
I only needed a short time to pass this on to you.
I learned to work from you.
Being one with you has also given me a lot of wisdom.
All of your life is for serving the masters, I will tune my own life to this.
Now the moment has also come to say goodbye to you.
Father and Angelica greet you.
They thank you for your will to serve.
I have to tell you, for them you are the perfect instrument, which the Side Beyond can play.
This spiritual music, which reaches people as wisdom, will make their souls shiver and open them.
My friend, may God give you and your master the strength needed to continue your beautiful work.
I ask His blessing for you and will leave, deep in meditation.
I will say goodbye to the earth for a long time.
One day we will see each other again in Eternal Life.
May God’s holy blessing be upon your work!
The end