Dear reader,
As an introduction to this amazing ‘trilogy’ which was given to us by a ‘Fool’, I would like to start with:
‘After reading this trilogy, do you still say that all ‘fools’ are abnormal?- I do not bear thinking about that.’
* *
Now that it is all over, it appears that the first phenomena became apparent when Erica realised that she was to become a mother.
However, from the moment when the young life awakened in her, the troubles started, I felt the urge to make notes and without these none of us would have found the right path in this wonderful maze and this remarkable trilogy would never have existed either.
The facts now speak for themselves.
Now we have to accept that everything was experienced and calculated beforehand.
Every thought achieved consciousness and its own personality through the fool, and an academic thought that he could set up a faculty up; however, later he had to accept that he knew neither himself nor the phenomenon and the fool.
Then he was faced with a terrible ‘mask’ ...! and also with his own helplessness, his poverty, his unawareness!
Thousands of ‘masks’, both material and spiritual, were revealed to us.
Masks of unprecedented depth and with a universal consciousness.
None of us had thought that all those things could happen.
What is a person?
What are we, if we feel like ‘people’?
How is such a machinery really constructed?
We do not know?
The fool knew!
Through our fool, we learned to understand that we could not think.
He placed us before direct ‘laws’, laws on which university faculties are based.
He analysed our big dictionary!
Our heads were bowed, we received a different and more beautiful life through him.
Everything was wonderful!
A death talked about loving things and gave you bouquets of lilies-of-the-valley, daisies and forget-me-nots.
He did it in such a natural way so that you would just see clearly how good and how human he was to you.
That same death spoke to you as a person, he wore thousands of beautiful, yes even ‘divine’ garments, was different each time and caressed you as if you were his child.
However, something usually happened then and you, as a sensible person, as a normal being ... were in a dizzy, trying to find yourself, so awkwardly you behaved at that moment ...
There were also times when you thought that you could crush ‘him’ under your feet, you experienced that so intensely, you knew that he was crushed to ‘death’ by your personality, but later you heard ‘him’ roaring with laughter somewhere near you and you knew again that you meant nothing as a person as soon as you were faced with ‘masks’.
I saw ‘him’ at the top of a tree laughing at me.
I no longer wish to think about what happened to me then.
In nature I became peaceful again, everyday things made me toe the line, with some willpower I got my self-control back, but the others fell, they experienced those troubles in their own way and, like me, had to accept the ‘masks’!
What can you say about supernatural justices, which are just lying in the street gutters of the town and yet no one notices them!
The fool knew all about it, he could tear off the ‘masks’ and show them to us, he gave them new life and a new, more beautiful garment, he gave them ‘sandals’ to wear, which we normal people have not yet worn, so beautiful that in comparison, even the blue of the sky which is so lovely for our eyes, was like a child’s drawing compared to a master piece.
The fool showed us ‘heavens’ and he showed us normal people the ‘universal’ truth and we were faced with the ‘supernatural mask.’
It was so powerful ... so unearthly and so ‘divine’ in colour and nature, that you thought you were seeing a young ‘God’.
I know that this is difficult to accept, but you will find out for yourself when you get to know the ‘masks’.
Who dares to say about himself: ‘I am a human being?’
Yet this is really simple, isn’t it.
We are human beings!
However, when the ‘mask’ falls, you are faced with yourself as a human being, you have to accept that you are still not a human being!
The fool, René, the son of Karel and Erica Wolff, also taught us that.
It was he who knew about human beings, and not we, the normal in spirit.
If you think you are capable of thinking, and you consider this to be a simple function in life, then, like we learned, you will have to accept that this is not thinking.
If this mask also falls, you will be faced with your own inhumanity, your pathetic and useless nonsense - and you will know that you still have to earn this supernatural or social being.
However, if the laws for our life start to speak, as a result of which we human beings ... have become human ... you will be faced with a new mask again.
What do you do if you understand a bit about science and things in this life interest you?
Then you start to ask questions.
However, I and millions of others have not yet got an answer to those questions.
When our fool was born, yes, even before this life saw the light of day, masks already fell at your feet.
You were right on top of them and yet you did not understand them.
He was to explain them later when everything became valuable to our lives, even if we were going through terrible misery!
When you are a mother, nature speaks to your life, you give birth to a child, it is all natural, do you think that you know then what is really happening?
Did you think that you were a mother, even if those things happen in your life and you are connected as a mother to the ‘Divine Process’, and completely one for a long time?
Millions of mothers think that, no one knows about the great miracle, that is also a ‘mask’!
However, when our fool became conscious, we saw how ‘divine’ this process is, but also ... how misunderstood.
When you are expecting as a mother, and you discover, after counting the days, the hours, as it were, which separate you from the new life, that God has laid a half-conscious being in your arms, then you fall to the ground, and, unless you have enough willpower, you become desperate and you weep until your tears run dry.
However, then you will be faced with a horrifying ‘mask’, one which has you completely in its power, which crushes you and tortures you to death as it were, and which turns life into a terrible problem.
How many have not had to accept that?
How many mothers did not cry their eyes out because they saw their little lives ruined?
Our fool explained both what happened and the ‘mask’, so that they, all those mothers also received a new life and could bow their heads.
Even if they struggled on, the ‘knowledge’ brought incredible happiness, precisely now, at the moment when they had been connected to a horrifying form.
Then what, if your child -stillborn- does not even want to see the light of day?
When the mother is faced with this ‘mask’ and has to accept that she has carried a dead child for days, then not only the ‘death’ fells her, no, she rebels against the God of all life.
Life is no longer worth living, everything is darkness, destruction.
But then come the questions!
And all those questions are ‘masks’!
Harsh reality?
Our fool lifted up that ‘mask’ and a mother got new blood, her human heart started to beat a little more calmly, the human soul or spirit, the personality or human ‘will’ surrendered!
But what are these things?
Do you know them?
No one on this terrible Earth knows them.
The fool showed us how amazingly beautiful this cursed Earth is.
He gave the answer, he received it from a source which is everything and for all life; and that same mother, that deceived soul, finally thanked God for everything that He had given the thinking human being and that He had given her the strength to carry on.
But then there was a bombardment of questions!
Is there a God?
And if there is a God, why is He so harsh and horrible?
How can He approve of all this?
How can He favour one life and destroy another, who is also His child?
Do you get an answer?
Why is one person, who wants good things, terribly ill, and another person, who lives recklessly and destroys everything, does extremely well?
How is that possible?
How can God, who is a ‘Father of Love’ after all, allow that?
Does He not see that some women murder their children, while we are waiting?
They are masks!
The God of all life is the most horrific mask which a human being is faced with.
Millions of questions are waiting to be answered.
Is one academic capable of doing this?
What are you, if you are a divinity student, a theologian?
Do you then know all about God?
Are you then able to support the searching person, the religious person and tell him all about his God so that there are no longer any masks?
No, but our fool has explained those laws to us.
If you think that you are something, have made something of yourself, we learned that you are still nothing!
Man cannot think!
When a person says: ‘I love you’ and he wants to convince you of that love according to the laws of life, then he should say: ‘Yes, there is love, if you are given flowers and beautiful things!’
But try going further than that?
Did you think that you knew yourself?
Did you think that you knew the human being?
Did you really think that you are the way you speak yourself, as your words are mildly materialised?
When that mask also falls, you will be faced with your empty and meaningless personality and you will have to accept your fall.
Did you think that you were sincere, even if you shout it out, even if you want to convince everyone about that and even if you do such good deeds, you are open to the life of God, one day the new mask comes to you and fells you.
Now you have to prove what you can do and who you are, whether you really possess love, if you want to represent justice, the ‘mask’ forces you and then you will usually succumb!
We all had to accept that, the fool taught us to tear off our own mask and through him we got to know the God of Love and Justice!
As a person of this world you cannot think.
We are not people of good will, we lie and cheat each other, even if you are telling the most sacred truth, Divine matters, things which are gifted to you through religion and priests, hypotheses why the Prophets lived and died, you do not know the ‘mask’!
Only after our fool had also crushed this to the ground, did we normal people see that we did not know any justice, that we had deformed the God of all life - even if you have made a divine scholarship for yourself.
Isn’t it terrible?
Yet you will see those ‘masks’, and you will learn to love them and then thank the ‘All-Father’!
No one knows himself!
But our fool taught us about ‘man’.
Do you not believe it?
We could not believe it either, but we had to accept it.
Are you trying to say that you can love?
Are honest and upright?
That is what you thought, but that is not true!
When the masks fall you will be poor and your own love will be meaningless.
Only the ‘mask’ is capable of that!
Now try saying that you feel love for your wife and children?
What is love?
You don’t know!
Why do we live on Earth?
Why are we man and woman?
Why did God create us and where did we experience our first life?
Do you believe in ‘clay and some breath of life’ as a result of which we began human life?
When I reflected upon all those Divine matters, I asked thousands of questions and did not get an answer.
Why must we die and why is life so short?
You do not achieve anything in one short life.
When you are almost finished you have to go!
Then all those troubles, which everyone gets his share of; everything is actually trouble.
Why is one life healthy and does another life have to be blind?
I was faced with thousands of masks, but I did not get an answer.
I felt as fit as a fiddle, but, looking around me, I asked: did God create all this misery?
What did God mean by these inhuman things?
Why does He strike one life with madness and does He give another life talent?
Is that not sad, not contradictory, if you have to accept a God of Love and Justice?
They are ‘masks’!
All of us got an answer from our fool who looked behind the masks and gave them a pure and supernatural garment - and what is more meaningful: a garment acceptable to us, because we recognised ourselves in it.
One of us lost life, this, but that mask also came later back to our life and was happy.
Hans did not know himself, he had to work through many masks until the last one for his material life and then he got to see them for his soul and spirit.
None of us dares to say: ‘It is I myself who is now speaking!’
We learned that we did not yet know ourselves, we still had to bring ‘this self’ to awakening.
Only much later, when a few thousand ‘masks’ had fallen, did we understand a bit about ourselves and we then saw that ‘Death’ came towards us, smiling.
He has removed his ‘Scythe’.
He, himself was wearing ‘Sandals’!
I have never seen such nice sandals.
The garments which he wore, sparkled like stars couldn’t.
And precisely that horrendous mask, the prehistoric animal, which destroys happiness instantly just like that and enjoys provoking, torturing the people, that cold, satanic ‘Death’ wore a golden garment and Heavens radiated from his eyes!
At that moment I was lying in the heather staring into space and it was raining daisies, lilies-of-the-valley and forget-me-nots for my little humanity!
I then heard angels singing, they were Heavenly sounds.
I saw that all those souls can be like spirits and they were like we people, only more beautiful.
They called to me: ‘Good day, Frederik!’
Carry on!
Carry on, then all those thousands of ‘masks’ will fall and you will get to know yourself and you will get to know us and ‘Him’!
Now you are faced with eternity, with the supernatural, the eternity now, the revealed!
Can you hear us, Frederik?
Do you wish to know why God created all those things?
Do you wish to see all those Masks fall, which knock you down, mislead you and mistreat you?
Do you wish to go through life upright and do you wish to know contentment and happiness in everything, even if you are faced with your dead and with your fool child, with your sickness, your deception, your sorrow, your deceived love?
We know that, Frederik!
Did you see our sandals?
Our divine garments, Frederik?
Did you think that you were dreaming?
Just open your eyes, even then you will see us!
Isn’t that strange?
But watch out, Frederik, be careful, remain human!
Continue to stand on your own two feet, use your willpower.
However, you do not know whether God has given you your own will, do you?
The fool will tell you!
Can you see behind this blue?
A new Mask!
This is why we are wearing new garments, we are busy creating them!
Can you see us?
Can you hear the sounds from the Universe?’
That comes to you just like that!
I do not believe in spiritualism, I do not believe in anything, because I cannot accept that God has created all this misery on Earth.
They are Masks to me!
What is happiness on Earth!
If you have everything!
But is that true?
Do you know the person with whom you are connected by marriage?
Will you really go back to God with that person?
Will you soon experience a Heaven with your children?
Can you say from the bottom of your heart: I die for you, I love you so much?
Do you know what you can bring about with your words and deeds?
Who knows?
You need a fool to explain it to you, but then the supernatural worlds speak to your consciousness and something happens, which was usually brought to your life from beyond your own thoughts.
Now you stand there again as a person and do not know where to do look to, it is helplessness!
Socrates once said: ‘Normal people are the Fools of this world and the Fools are the normal people, the Spiritually conscious!!!’
Whether he had to drink his poison for this is not important but we have to accept the truth of his words.
We can now say: Well, Socrates, you were right!
A normal person is unaware, fools are aware.
Now that psychologist falls and lies at your feet.
Or ... he gets to know the next mask and can carry on.
If he cannot bow his head, then he will be at a standstill and he will not come off his own pedestal!
Good day man?
Just stay there, you will not progress, you will have to wait for centuries.
You can no longer be reached as a person.
You are nothing and you want to be something and mean something, but this mask calls you to an eternal halt!
Doesn’t it?
Did you think that you were an academic?
Why were you made a doctor?
What are you if you are called a doctor?
Who are you then?
Better than I or anyone else?
Do you know where the soul comes from?
Does a person have a soul and is a person also spirit?
Are you laughing?
Now, academic, you are faced with your own mask!
I could continue to ask thousands of questions, but we will do that later, as I have asked them for my benefit and for your benefit and after which we were able to see the ‘masks’.
You cannot ask a single question without touching a mask!
Why do so many people find themselves in humiliating circumstances, people who live in the jungle, for example, and why were we given the white, yet so beautiful body from God?
Why do we live in such a beautiful little castle and do all those millions of people have to accept only destruction?
If you consider the plan of creation, you will be faced with gigantic masks!
If you consider the Bible, then your own personality fades and your are faced with the ‘Last Judgement’!
You see yourself lying under ground, just a few little bones, the main part is carried away by insects, but soon, whether you like it or not, will you have to appear before God, the Father of Love, and will your life be judged?
Good grief, that is some mask!
In addition, must you then accept that the world could end at any moment and that you will irrevocably experience your last moments?
What do you make of this mask?
It does not bear thinking about.
I tremble and shake at the idea and who wouldn’t?
Is that possible?
Is it really the case?
Does God wish to call us back one day, after having slept as ‘a heap of bones’ for centuries?
Must we people arise and appear before Him?
Goodness, I cannot work it out!
However, our fool also threw that mask at our feet.
I was the first person who caught it out, Hans and Karel had started to sense it, and Minister Dicksma was delighted with me and called out: Thank God, that dreadful mask has also been destroyed!
What a blessing for the millions of His children as a result of which we live and go back!
Just consider for yourself how many masks have been created for your life.
The biggest of all have to do with our own lives.
In the first instance, they are ‘God’, soul, spirit, hells and heavens, eternal life or eternal damnation!
Now you are faced with a universe!
It is a hole, also a slippery slope on which you stand and as a result of which you see your own destruction.
Then the Universe follows, fatherhood and motherhood, life and death, happiness and poverty, justice and injustice created by God.
You are faced with a jungle of misery!
There is no happiness.
Anyone who says, I am happy, does not know himself.
Anyone who says, I know everything, is deaf and dumb!
If you know everything about your faculty, you still know nothing!
You see, they are masks!
And what kind of worlds?
What love do you give to your own life every day?
Why do you live with her and you with him!
Why did you not have any children and why did you get a fool?
I cannot help it, I did not have the answer, it was our fool who inspired this ‘University’ and gave it new life!
When you are still involved with visible things, it remains simple.
However, now we descend into the soul and spirit.
We are now faced with supernatural masks.
Is there one psychologist who knows their laws?
Is there one astronomist to be found in this world who knows the Universe?
They are masks!
Our fool not only showed us the mask, but also explained it to us!
He was a young God at that moment.
He did not create an appearance, he penetrated the first moment, each thought and inspired us to be one with him!
Now you are faced with a human castle which is haunted.
You are the ghost yourself!
You tremble and shake from yourself, but you long for some love.
We got to see, feel and experience that love!
You have never before experienced such a beautiful thing, so sacred, but yet so human.
I know that everyone wants some of that crazy love.
We enjoyed it and could not get enough of it, even Karel, who did not want anything to do with invisible things anyway, went along with us and he fell to his knees from happiness and gratitude.
The curtains, for our lives, had only been torn open for a few hours at that moment.
What would happen if you could stay here for millions of hours?
Then violets fell from the sky, we gave each other a bouquet of them and thought of something nice to make the other person happy.
What had seemed like misery a few days ago was now awe-inspiring happiness.
You saw yourself and your God who had created you.
You danced for joy because you knew!
There are no troubles, however great, which you cannot overcome, you know!
Is all that because of a fool?
Yes, a fool took us to the ‘Masks’ and tore them away for our life.
Then we recognised ourselves and entered a different, better self, a subsequent, but true bliss.
Oh, how good life was then!
How awe-inspiring.
Everyone should know!
Grasp it, look for it, think, learn to think, and learn to feel the way it should be.
Now you are faced with the moment, the play is starting!
The people in the hall are ready, waiting for the great news.
They will get to know themselves and their masks!
Now you are faced with a shape, like a person, a soul and spirit, that thing is speaking to you!
How will you reply?
It is visible and it is invisible, yet you can hear it and feel it!
It is near and yet far away!
It walks and you hear the rattling, you can also feel the sharp scythe but you can also see that the thing is not sharpened.
You walk completely naked through the street and yet no one sees that you are undressed.
What is it?
You write letters and it is not you, yet it is you who is holding the pen!
Then you do something and beg for help.
I ran out of the door and tried to find it in nature, where I found myself again!
Otherwise, a part of the Mask had disappeared!
You sing and think you sing yourself, you play the piano and think that you can, when the ‘Mask’ appears you see that it was him!
Good gracious, can you deal with this?
You talk in an awkward way, you stutter, a moment later you are analysing things in a scientific way which would make a real scientist dizzy.
Do you know that mask?
You understand everything, you have seen a bit of the world and yet, if the mask appears to your life, you are no longer anything at all!
You feel that you are a mother and you can say: My child will have a beard later, so it is a boy.
Who gave you this certainty?
Then you are faced with your own mask!
You are walking in the street and you are not there, you are somewhere and nowhere and yet you are yourself, you greet everyone and yet you know that you are not there yourself.
What do you do then?
You devote your life to your patient and yet that patient dies, just get annoyed, if you are a good doctor and a humane scholar, the mask will laugh at you and then you will be left standing.
Sadness does not help, it is powerlessness, the mask of this life leads you to the death of your own personality, a moment later it calls to you: I am already there, I greet you, can you see my incredibly beautiful but new garment?
Would you have believed it, dear doctor?
No, but you can see it, it is true!
If thoughts flow into you and you write poems, which later don’t even belong to you, what do you do then?
Still try saying that you know a part of yourself, still try saying that all fools are abnormal when you get to know those masks through a fool.
That is perfection, the only thing which is good and true about you!
The first act is still not finished, we are not nearly finished, because this play connects you with the supernatural in a person!
You float and walk at the same time.
Can you also do that now under your own power?
You are at sea and you have your own compass, a moment later you can see that you do not have one and you are at the mercy of the anger of the elements.
It is night, it is storming and there is thundering and lightning!
What do you do?
There is only one compass and that lives beneath your human heart, but you do not yet know, you do not even know that it is there.
What do you do now?
If this mask appears to your life and you realise how small you are, then you will thank God on bended knees for His help, but now something wonderful has happened!
You have immediately become another person.
You now give your life for what you did not used to believe in and you are as happy as a child!
The other mask elevated you to that world and you came home safely!
Isn’t this amazing?
You are dying, you will die, you will be buried, but a moment later you are sitting on top of your own grave weaving a wreath of daisies, violets and lilies-of-the-valley ...
You look around you calmly and you know that all is well and you are like a wise person, you expect something which will definitely come to you, as a result of which you will receive the first ‘universal’ kiss.
What is it?
What happens at that moment when you as a human being feel coarse material!
Even if you are a King or a Queen, an Emperor, however great, you fall down and pray, you beg, only now you can give your pure kiss!
Is that the crazy love which we people wait for?
What then when you see that ‘Heaven and Earth’ kiss each other?
What will you do when you can see, feel, experience this as an ordinary, normal person?
Did you still think of walking away, escaping from yourself?
Yes, you thought that, but you can now stay where you are.
Yet this is not the Last Judgement!
Not at all, Heaven and Earth also love, for that matter, every insect carries, creates, participates in that wonderful thing, which we people do not know, but call ‘Love’!
I bless the moment when our fool was born.
We bless all those troubles, how happy we became!
Now do not lock your bedroom door, what you have to experience is still to come in, even if you do not want to listen to that knocking.
What do you say now, good morning or good evening?
What day is it?
Is it day or is it night?
Does that still mean something when the masks fall, the masks are explained?
I tell you, then there will be no hour or day, week or year, there will only be you and that is what it comes down to, after all.
You yourself and the love for which you live!
And still in this universe!
Now there is eternal love for you!
You will no longer die, a death will only bring you other ‘sandals’ and you will also wear the new garment.
Do you recognise these divine gifts for yourself?
Are you prepared?
Are you ready to follow him now?
Come on, we will begin!
Follow me!
Decide for yourself whether you have to say good morning or good evening.
I know what I have to do.
I am ready!
Now dare to continue.
I tell you, at the end of this maze you will be down on your knees saying thanks for what was given to you on the way.
However, I am telling you, our fool will light our way!
Hold onto him, hold onto his life, do it and you will reach the end!
I am very curious which ‘sandals’ you will wear and what your garment will be like.
I already know one thing, you will thank God for what you were able to receive, see and experience, if not, then you are too much like the living-dead, too unaware, too inhuman, and you have no longings to be loved and cherished.
You are now hypocritical, wicked, not a normal person, because every soul wants love, wants happiness, wants to have a nice garment, if your city consciousness has awakened for your human feelings and thoughts!
Just admit it!
Carry on!
The play can start!
We are standing at the footlights of this world.
The people are sitting there.
Who is on the stage?
Is it you yourself?
Who is it?
Look, a shadow ... another one, another one, I can see all of them.
However, do you possess those ‘eyes’?
Yet it lives in you, it thumps beneath your heart!
Did you see that?
Did you see that, Frederik?
Isn’t it wonderful?
Now the first material word falls!
It is night or light!
Can you hear the first kiss?
Can you taste the silence?
That is a ‘little human castle’!
Oh, oh, get to know yourself!
Weeping is no use to us now.
Be man or woman!
Understand your first footstep.