Do you not see, Frederik, that our child is becoming deaf and dumb?

As a result of the notes, I was overwhelmed with problems that required to be experienced and written down, one by one.
This is a new phenomenon, which deserves my attention.
It is the fault of the academics.
If those people had not talked about Socrates and Plato, I do not believe that my feelers would have reacted so sharply to the scientific carry-on as I now experienced.
They are now ghosts to me.
It is remarkable ... evil, good, justice, love and happiness, passion and violence, lovingness and good will, the whole dictionary for good and evil, they are all human characteristics which wear a mask and stand before me.
Just look behind that.
They want to be experienced; they ask for it, they challenge me.
Finally, I see René.
The child sits and plays with human characteristics like lead soldiers.
It takes hold of such a characteristic one by one and studies the scene.
You would say, I think to myself, that even now he already knows what is good and what is wrong ...!
When his life emits that he sees a good soldier before him, I see a smile appearing behind his mask, which, however, hides itself as quick as lightning or through another power, to come back a moment later as something completely different.
Then René throws the thing away.
He kicks it with his little legs, looks around, as I do ... and it is also to him as if he sees those characteristics as living personalities before him.
Now it becomes too much for the child, he lies down in the middle of the room and wants to sleep.
Is it a vision?
Does this mean something?
When the image has disappeared, I feel somewhat relieved, the urge from all those human characteristics decreases.
What am I actually living in?
What is the meaning of all this?
Are we experiencing trouble again?
In my book, it says:
“I believe that we are moving towards another time.
Changes will come for René.
I thought at first that I would be analysing scientific notes, now it seems that it is René who does it.
I cannot work it out yet, but it means something.
I do not feel any anxiety, but I am starting to understand that they need me there.
It is the human dictionary that the boy is experiencing and sees as shapes before him.
A feeling within me says that we are tuned to each other completely and that René passes the things of his little life to me.
So influence from afar is possible, after all, or we possess, which I can most certainly accept, a telepathic unity, which you can actually perceive everywhere in nature.
This is it!
I will not continue, but this is it!!
We are flowers of one colour, we are of one type of feeling, and I also believe that our characters experience that unity.
As a result of this everything speaks!
It is not bad!”
Then I lie down and soon fell asleep.
A short while later – it begins very hazily, as if I was walking in a mist – I feel that I am outside.
The weather clears up.
It is morning; the dew is lying on the fields and has attached itself to everything.
However, the sun comes and soon everything is different.
It will be a beautiful day.
You will see.
I go through woods and plains, the greenery outside smiles at me, birds are singing.
Over there is a large tree again, I see one.
My eyes look at the ground and there I see a child.
The little being leans against the mighty monster.
Who is it?
I think of René ...
There is a wide ditch between me and him.
I cannot reach the child.
I call, but do not get any answer.
My call is louder; the child looks for just a moment and goes to sleep again.
Yet, it is awake.
I call again: Ré-nééééé ...
I emphasise both e’s.
I note a slight shock, the child is dosing and there is not a sound out of him.
I feel pain, suffering ...!
It is playing with something and from afar, I can feel that it is the lead soldiers.
I also lie down; from my place, I follow the child.
He does nothing but stare for some time.
He does not see me.
Now the child starts to move.
When he gets up, he falls to the ground.
He stands up again but stumbles.
The child leaps up again, but does not get any further.
It seems to me that the child is dizzy.
Yet, he wants to leave here, and go into nature.
However, that is not working.
He sits down again, leaning against the great monster.
There is no blossom to be seen.
This is a different nature; it is another life.
The child falls asleep.
I think; I rub my forehead, I want to know what it could be and a moment later, I look up in order to see what it is like there.
René has gone!
The child has dissolved.
When I search the area, I see him disappearing over a hill yonder.
This life has gone before my eyes and my environment.
The life is walking!
However, for a while he will ...
What will he?
After such dreams, I keep wakening up.
I then think consciously about the experience and usually I see the answer.
Now as well!
It tells me that we are entering a different time.
If I study myself, but through comparisons with regard to René, then I know.
Now people like us can say that everything is a coincidence, but I see those little soldiers of René again with the academics.
That is the dictionary, but René succumbs under it.
That dictionary lives in him.
What the academics call subconscious haunts the child.
It means that something is brooding in that life, as a result of which it is being crushed to death.
It is so heavy, that it completely dominates this life.
However, behind it I saw space, new life!
The child suddenly gets the strength to carry on.
So – trouble and happiness?
The sun shone!
The day absorbs him; there is light!
Should we despair?
I am prepared again and go to sleep!
Less than four days later Anna storms into my room in order to tell the great news.
She cries until she has cried enough.
She is totally beside herself.
Then she says:
“Come with me, Frederik, we think that René is going mad.”
“What did you say, Anna?
René mad?
Calm down a bit ... it is not yet that far.”
On the way, I hear what has happened this time.
Karel has the letter; I will soon see it.
It is not so much a question of the letter, but René looks like he is deaf and dumb.
Karel is expecting me.
“Here, Frederik”, he says, “just look for yourself.”
I read between the curly lines ...
“When I see Anna’s bare bottom, I call hah, hah, hah!
I call, hah, hah, hah ...!”
We go upstairs.
Erica says:
“Do you not see it then, Frederik?
Our child is becoming deaf and dumb!”
René is sitting in his cot, is not looking, but staring straight ahead.
My God, how can it be, he is sitting there just as he was sitting against that tree!
He wants to get up, yet falls back.
He gets up again ... he falls, tries to get up again and collapses in a heap ...
Erica races to the child, but before she is with René, I am standing before her.
“Have patience, just for a moment!
Let him be.”
René tries to get up again, but he cannot!
The child rolls back onto the cot.
I know what Karel is thinking.
Polio ... occurs to me, but I do not believe in that. René remains lying down, closes his little eyes.
I place my hand on his head for a moment; it is cool.
No fever.
Karel already says it, for that matter:
No fever ...
What then?
René is already sleeping!
We are sitting downstairs.
Erica is weeping ...
Anna is weeping.
The women go upstairs.
Karel says:
“Is this not awful, Frederik?”
I have to talk ...
I have to tell him what I dreamt.
However, Erica and Anna have to come downstairs, they also have to know.
Karel calls and they come immediately.
We are all serious when I start talking.
“Leave that letter for what it is.
That will come later ...
What you now see is of a temporary nature.
Like everything else, for that matter.
I still maintain that René is a spiritual child prodigy!
My dream and this event are one condition.
Or do you not believe it?
Science tells us nothing.
Science does not yet believe in dreams.
Science does not know that older people and children, children and older people, support each other in this life, especially if it concerns natural and supernatural matters.
I sense that it will be of little use to you people here, but now the following.
I have checked this .... I am therefore talking from experience, through proof.
Two people in this world want to write.
They know nothing about each other ... so each will start a book.
When the first book came out the second one was also published.
Now we are faced with the fact.
Both books are exactly the same; one must have stolen it from the other.
The court is involved, but there is no proof, these people were one through a supernatural power.
It does not matter what it is exactly, it happened!
It is obvious that they drew lots to see whose book would be published.
The manuscripts were as alike as two peas in a pod.
Each chapter exactly the same, beginning, plot, everything!
If you do not believe in spiritual unity, then this example is no use to you.
I now tell you that René will get better ...!
I saw him disappearing over the mountains, there was sun, light, he was walking alone, but he knew where he was going.
When I looked at him there, I saw that falling and getting up.
He kept trying it again.
He did not manage.
Yet the child tried again, it did not work, he fell to the ground, just like upstairs in his cot.
That is all!”
Erica is a bit calmer.
Anna cannot understand it, but she says:
“And that letter then, Frederik?
Is that not terrible?”
“It is, Anna, but that will not break him.”
“But René is not a grown man?
I have the feeling as if I am being spied on.
I do not dare to undress anymore.
Karel is depressed.
The women go upstairs again.
I say:
“If you read this, Karel, it seems as if it has been written to the beat of music.
So musical as well."
I whistle the tune.
I do not understand it, but it is there, it is music.
I race upstairs and call Erica.
A moment later, she is sitting at the grand piano.
I look for the notes, because I believe that I have heard this tune before.
Now that I hear the notes, I know.
It is Erica!
When she played like a devil, this octave was constantly produced, which gave me the creeps because she was so provocative.
Then that beastly part started, which made me tremble and shake so, that I called her a wild cat.
But now what?
Erica thinks it is nonsense and leaves.
I explain the whole thing to Karel.
He does not understand it, and does not know that Erica was so upset in her time.
I call it influence through the mother.
Karel now thinks that it is possible.
When the mother feels beards and suchlike, the child is also capable of experiencing, undergoing the same process from the mother, because both lives are one.
I get these people out again ...
There is a moment of relief.
Yet, there is a tremendous pressure in the house.
Life becomes heavy in this way, and no one can deal with it.
However, Karel has to agree that this is the only solution.
The writing remains a great mystery.
To me it is a fact that this is the only possibility of determining what is really the matter.
This is the only explanation.
René is not linked to devils’ work.
He comes up from inside and looks into this rotten world.
Just at that moment, it saw Anna standing naked, no more ...
“Does that not make you laugh, Karel?”
Karel indeed laughs.
He says:
“It really seems like you are building a new university.”
“I am working on it, Karel, these are the foundations.
However, Anna has become frightened and that is even worse, because I do not know what I should do about it.
The subconscious, Karel, likes a diversion.
You can see that.
That being is laughing.
Do you not know that?
There you are!
I do not believe that René is bewitched.
Erica thinks that the devils of hell have got him.
I do not believe it!
Did Anna undress with René there?”
“I had not thought of that, Frederik.
Just call Anna.”
Anna is in front of the court.
She weeps, she utters:
“Now I am leaving, leaving for good!
Do you think that I am again a ...”
“No, Anna, I do not think that, do not say a thing like that.
We do not even want to hear the word.
We believe you completely!
There is something else going on here, it looks through the walls, Anna, no more than that!
Just carry on, do not think of it anymore and do not threaten to leave.
However, we will talk again, my child.”
Anna goes away, she is distraught by it.
I burst out laughing and Karel joins in.
He has to say:
“Damn it, there is something else going on every day here.
It seems a bedlam; it is devils’ work.
However, there is at least a joker about, which makes you split your sides laughing.
That Anna is a right one.
If it was not so sad, I would die laughing!”
Karel laughs ...
He leaves the stage, and I do not know where he goes.
Immediately afterwards I hear him calling Anna.
“Anna, just come downstairs.
Just come to the footlights ...!”
The door opens, and Anna comes in, her apron before her eyes ... tears roll down her cheeks.
Poor Anna!
Karel says:
“Just listen, Anna.
What we experience here concerns you and us.
I ask you on René’s behalf: do not go, the child definitely needs you.
I am a doctor ...
I have seen more naked people than you think and I assure you that it is nothing special.
We are all exactly the same.
You pay no attention to that looking, do you understand, Anna?”
It does not help any, Karel.
You will not get Anna like that, and you will not support her like that.
Just leave that to me.
I take Anna by the arm and go away with her.
We walk through the gate and into the woods.
People do not even look at us; they know us.
However, Anna has an idea.
She takes my arm and pulls me along.
Back home.
Upstairs, to René.
Look, the child is awake; he is lying there quietly.
Anna picks up the child, puts him in the bath as quick as a flash, dresses him again, lays him in the pram and says to me:
“Come on ... to the woods, he has to come as well.”
Anna is staying!
Now that we have calmed down, she says:
“What should I do, Frederik?”
I say something ... it is a nice phenomenon.
How can it be, I think to myself, if you are lacking something, nature gives you everything.
“Look here, Anna.
You have heard of hells before, hells where people live who have left the earthly valley of tears.
I do not know whether we should believe in it, because we know too little about it.
However, according to reports from the Bible, people live there.
Those people long for some warmth, human warmth, they would like to see our life back, but have lost it.
Day after day, those people spy on us.
They stand watching us on heightened pedestals, as it were.
Women look at the men; men look at the women.
For nothing can be hidden from God, Anna.
In my opinion, it is our nakedness for the Divine All.
People like us cannot hide ourselves, if the people are not there, there is something else which sees us, so that clothes have no significance, no more than nakedness.”
“You talk yourself out of everything, Frederik, but I think it is spooky!”
“That’s just not the way it is Anna.
You have to see things as they are.
For example, I know that God knows everything about us.
Dead people live on according to the Bible.
There are people in this world who talk to dead people and receive messages from them.”
“Is that possible, Frederik?”
“I am starting to believe, Anna, that it is possible.
If those people have a look over the fence to see what is in your garden, is that so bad?
You have to see it from a human point of view.
However, you have to be able to say for yourself: I have nothing to hide, just have a look ...
I am like all other people.
Whether I stand naked before you or dressed – God knows everyone.
Now, Anna, having babies is the nicest thing there is.
I could tell you such a lot, but that will come, only then will you believe that people like us no longer possess any masks.
If we are there where all those people experience a continuation of life, Anna, you will see that we are born naked and will be naked in everything, if that other judicial power speaks about our life.
If you close yourself off to material eyes, you will have made it.
None of us thinks that you have lost your chastity, you are still as perfect as can be ...
Oh, Anna, is it not amazing? Is it not enough to make you die laughing?
Do you not like a bit of fun?
Just let that invisible little chap enjoy some of your own beauty.
Let everyone enjoy a look into your heart, but know that it belongs to you!
That is only because, Anna, you have not had any babies yourself, then you think differently about everything.
There is no trouble ... you are yourself and you go consciously on your way.
All nature stands naked before us.
Is that not the intention of Our Lord?”
“If you see it like that, Frederik ...!”
“There is nothing else, Anna, you have to see it like that.”
“Now what do we do about the child?”
“René will make it.
Look for yourself; he is sleeping like a baby.
We shall overcome!
I swear to you, Anna.”
When we come back, Anna is herself again.
Karel is waiting for me, and he wants to talk.
Erica is also there.
He asks:
“And, did she put a diaper on herself or did you do it, Frederik?”
We laugh.
Erica grins.
She does not laugh.
She cannot.
Yet, there is a different gleam in her eyes.
She is thinking about something or is busy putting on a different garment.
When she says it, we will know.
She leaves the stage, but flings at us:
“Only now I know that I have no eyes in my head anymore ...
Those we have inside, men of science, look through the mask, those of every day are blind ...
We are idiots!”
Erica is gone!
We are thinking!
Karel is thinking aloud ...
He says something and I understand:
“It is my country origins!
If you think that you are naked, you are standing in a Roman garment shouting at yourself.
If you wear a tailcoat then you stand naked!
I now no longer need the others, because we will just be talked about.
I thank all of them.”
And to myself:
“Mouth shut, Frederik.
At least for the time being.
I will just go and tell them upstairs.
Wait a moment.”
The farmer comes back.
“That is it, we will fight it out with each other.
I believe that we no longer need psychologists for the time being.
René will just have to become deaf and dumb, I cannot change anything about it.
I will not let my life be ruined, I will take care of it myself.”
We think for a moment, then he says:
“And yet, Frederik, it is enough to make you die laughing.
That Anna.”
We are silent again for a moment, sunk in thought and it is Karel again who breaks the silence:
“Yet it is strange ... where do those conscious words come from?
You cannot stop wondering about it.
I am totally at a standstill.
I cannot help anyone; I am trembling.
I am not capable of writing my prescriptions.
I no longer see patients.
This dominates everything.
It is music.
There is music to it, if you ask me, but now it storms as well.
Damn it ... is a person never himself?
Are we never alone?
Can we not hide ourselves from anything?
How deep is life?
How deep is a person?
Is the subconscious capable of seeing behind the mask?
Does it also like nakedness?
Where do the passionate qualities in us live?
In your big toe perhaps?
In your hands, your head, your system, which was created for it?
Have brains anything to do with it?
The human heart?
Blood circulation?
What is it?
How is it composed?
Can we really think as adults before we are born, Frederik?
Do we already know what love is, what kisses are?
Do we know beforehand what we will become?
Do we already know then whether we are a woman or a man?
It is going too far for me and too deep!
However, I must say ... someone thinks about it there.
Or it is for or through René: thinking comes from there and looks at people like us.
They know there whether you are naked or whether you are walking around in evening wear, they know there what you are doing, what you are thinking, what you are eating and what you are drinking!
It is weird, Frederik!
I will keep my senses ... you are right, we have to carry on.
I will study psychology ...
It is extremely interesting, if only to understand René.
Or, I will put an end to this life.
I am disgusted by it!”
We are thinking.
I am sitting and he is walking back and forth.
Erica, who comes in again, does the same and she is also thinking!
We have our own thoughts; we have our own worlds.
One sees it like this, the other like that and the third one calls it feeling or personality or sensitivity.
I will learn later what it is, even if it is under my nose laughing at me.
There is peace in the house again.
Although the tension remains, René is sleeping ... there is no thought of food and drink.
We are worried.
They are worries that possess a supernatural significance.
I know what awaits me, and I will do it as well as possible.
There are letters, and I have passed them on directly.
What will come now?
A few days later, there was another letter.
Anna did not call me; she thought it was better not to make a fuss.
She acted very sensibly.
Erica and Karel do not know.
I told her that this was better than a load of trouble in the house.
We agreed that we would deal with these little matters ourselves from now on, if at all possible.
I look at the letter.
I feel music.
It says: “Tralalalalaa ... tralalalaa ... just look at the hole ... tralalaaaa.”
It is music.
I do not yet know what that little hole has to do with it.
Music ... music ...
I hear high and low.
It is a tune, but that is also a sentence.
Music can make poetry.
Something is growing, something is revealing itself.
What is it?
A fool is being revealed.
The life almost suffocates from inspiration!
The life is almost bursting from inspiration!
We accept it.
Anna also believes it, however, she asks me whether René is not going mad.
Now that she is looking behind the little bed, she finds a piece of paper.
A piece of paper with a hole in it.
The paper is crumpled, René has played with it.
I start to think.
I feel chaos.
That of the day and the night has become one.
Also, that of our life says something to the child.
Of course, it sees a hole.
Those others are letters, notes!
The child makes a mess of everything, also very natural.
We wait and see again and put the whole incident behind us.
To Anna this also seems the very best solution.
There is still peace in the house.
The owners do not get upset now.
We feel that we possess a bond.
We come to realise that we are father and mother and René is our child.
Anna thinks it is a relief.
She now gains support from it and I approve.
Karel and Erica have to have peace.
Karel has to be able to work, and Erica’s nerves need a rest.
In this way, we hope that it may be us who can help those two, the real father and mother.
We feel that we carry a secret with us.
It is as if I understand Anna even better and she me.
Suddenly we stand even closer to each other.
Now she is no longer afraid that they will see her naked, I even believe that I can see that she is getting little blushes on her cheeks.
If I am not mistaken, she now looks at herself.
I just imagine so, but these thoughts also flow through my soul.
I would say: Anna, carry on.
How old are you now?
Forty-five, I think ... she is a beautiful woman.
What a beautiful figure she has.
A nice forehead with a determined look.
Beautiful peaceful eyes as well, nicely shaped lips.
She does not waggle, and she has a step like a lady, which Erica could envy her.
I see her in a beautiful garment.
I see her in eveningwear at the table, amidst many people.
She says something, she speaks freely, possesses an excellent conversation.
I stand in a corner and look at her.
She cannot see me.
She is not aware of it.
How plump she is!
Anna now knows!
Possibly through René?
Is that not art?
In fact, Karel and Erica should know.
After thinking for a moment, I will come back to it, because then it will be gone, or pieces will fall off and then that delicate vase will be damaged.
It is beautiful, I would almost say: sacred!
How beautiful people are!
Anna has now looked at herself; she had never seen herself before!
She did not even know that she existed.
She was not aware that she could be naked; she always had clothes on.
Now those clothes are gone, was it a mask?
That little René beat that whole harness to smithereens in one blow.
Anna does not look for the pieces; she has thrown it all out of the window.
She looks at this new life and thinks it is a miracle.
I now know and Karel and Erica are also able to know, but they are blind.
I now also know that I will not mention a word of it.
However, I will be careful; it is amazing.
That great René!
I am going back into the woods.
On my bench I continue.
René, René, René!
What an artist you are!
How can it be!
My God, how clever you are!
My God, how difficult it is for people to understand you, but how ordinary everything is, so natural.
René is a miracle!
Ordinary people cannot do that.
This is higher psychology!
After all, I saw that Anna no longer walks in slippers; she is already wearing shoes.
Did you see, Frederik, how she was dressed?
How those skirts are draped?
It is simply a miracle!
Did you see her face?
It is new; she is thirty years old!
Did you see her eyes?
They are shining!
Did you see her lips?
Ready to kiss!
Did you see her step?
A lady cannot improve on her.
She watches her words.
She is different, suddenly different, and that through a fool, a deaf and dumb person!
No, through a person who looks at naked people, who has not seen a person of flesh and blood.
It is a miracle!
It is an incredible miracle, if you ask me.
That Anna!
Oh, that René ...
René, what a miracle you are!
It says in my diary:
“I experienced miracles today.
True miracles.
I have discovered a psychology, which is not of this world, but has a supernatural content.
It makes conscious people out of unconscious people, rich people out of poor, city people out of farmers and a lady out of a servant girl, it makes dead eyes shine like suns, it makes Greek Gods out of human bodies, science out of everyday nonsense, new life of dying ...!
I do not yet know whether it can be injected into you or through a powder with some water, I have not yet worked it out, but I experience some of it and it made me extremely happy.
I now believe that the woman from the Bible was not able to give birth to one child at the age of one hundred, but could have given birth to quads.
In this way it gets hold of you, it is so almighty for your soul, life, spirit and material independence, which, I think, I am now starting to understand.
Now it flows from my life: I believe in miracles!
I now believe that a person can suddenly change and for the better.
I knew that a person could suddenly change into a devil, can do the strangest and most merciless things, which you look at as a sensible person and have to think that the Satan himself has put up a circus tent: but for the good of a human being?
I did not know, I had not experienced it yet either ... to me they were precisely the most incredible stories which the Bible tells us, but which now no longer happen.
Moreover, they are there now!
I believe that I do not yet know myself either.
I now believe that a person can change towards nature.
In addition, the strangest part is that I admit it honestly ...
I have now received the longing to see myself naked!
Is that not strange?
Yet I find it very ordinary, I believe that I never saw myself yet.
Then that miracle also happened!
First still a bit shy ... chaste.
Then with a bit more consciousness and naturalness and then I let myself go.
Yes, I thought, you do not look so bad; I had really not thought that you had such a great, such a beautiful castle.
And that moustache really suits you.
You are a man!
I wandered about a bit, hurried into my pajamas and flirted with myself.
Not unchastely, of course!
I thought I was a creation!
It is so natural, so obvious, that it was as if nature was competing with me, I got to see a shape, the blood circulation speeded up like an engine which is starting to rotate at full speed, my heart thumped as far as my throat and I myself as the personality, got the feeling to do charity.
I noticed that I was whistling, and then whispering.
Finally, a consciousness came to me to hang out the flag today.
I have become a thousand years younger ...!
In one day, no in a few hours’ time!!!
Today is the twentieth of the year nineteen hundred and something, almost the heart of winter, but I am walking in the spring with my head in the wind and I am in blossom.
Anna as well!
Karel and Erica do not know anything about it, and they do not see it.
What a happiness that is for us.
I will watch over it.
I also now believe that I can do it.
As long as Anna does not stand on the different flowers, these little beds have just been created a moment ago.
What I did not yet know a few days ago, I now know.
Anna has changed; René has remained exactly the same.
We do believe that the child can become deaf and dumb, but it does not get through to us yet.
His life no longer speaks; something is suffocating inside.
That life is now as silent as the grave, it is just as if he has given away his powers for a while.
Or the engine, which makes his machine run, has been switched off just a moment ago.
We want to see sun!
Karel said to Anna, as a result of which I knew again that he was completely off the mark:
“I am pleased, Anna, that you listened to me.”
Anna said nothing more then: “Right, then it is okay.”
Karel did not in fact know what he could make of her, but I could guess those thoughts. Anna was still a bit sullen, and that was also understandable.
Oh, Karel, if you could now just see behind this mask, man, what would you think of it?
I now have to agree that a farmer, even if he goes to the city, still does not feel his ground disappearing.
Now he walks on a strong firm surface but he also feels the ploughed ground.
That is why he is waddling, which sailors also never lose.
Karel will remain a farmer!
Anna is now scientifically educated, which is completely new for her life and of which Karel has made a study, but does not know the pure psychology of it.
Anna now sees scientifically into the future and acts according to it.
However, it is René!
Karel has no understanding of it.
He would like to have, however, you do not get anything for nothing ... it can cost you blood.
Anna has now bought a pile of clothes.
The day before yesterday she went to do some shopping, but as a lady.
Erica looked at her leaving, thinks that she sees something, feels something else from her life, but she sinks back into herself again.
She also now looked into a sun and did not see the light!
But can you see this difference?
There are now no phenomena, she is completely herself and yet she is as blind as a bat.
I just mean: even if you think that you are yourself, you do not see everything.
Now you yourself have a mask on, you are unnatural.
Or is it something else?
Erica did not see that a new star had been discovered there and that René is the astronomer, and she would not even be able to accept it.
If she did, then it would beat into her brain and she would perhaps become ... completely mad!
You should see Anna’s hairstyle now.
I really hope that she is not going too far, then her secret will end up in the street gutter.
People start talking, they have something to say, eyes see a bit more and there you lie.
If other people interfere in it, it will no longer live, they will bury it immediately.
Now the star falls downwards like a fire-spitting mountain, you are taken out of orbit and can start from the beginning.
However, where will you find such inspiration again?
Nowhere, I believe!
I think that René is the only one who possesses it.
I think that she knows the limits where she must go.
There she will see where to stop.
Now her life remains spacious and luminous.
Miracles happen around us, we look again through the chinks; this lamppost is of unprecedented power, they are between heaven and earth – or is that thing cast – provided with light!
To me everything is now possible.
I see myself now outside in nature.
That mother also asks me:
“How do I look?
I was always like that, but I knew it.”
Is that not amazing?
I believe that people do not know how beautiful they are, if they knew they would not destroy so much of that beauty.
Many castles have been destroyed in the centuries which have passed!
I cannot bear thinking about it.
I now see that even if you are naked, God kept giving you another garment but many people made a mask of it!
The people in the hall already look at themselves.
One is even more beautiful than the other is.
They have never seen anything so beautiful.
The play is tremendously interesting, and it is a success.
They would like to see it at least ten times!
René tears off their masks.
We prepare ourselves for the next act ... and there were flowers again.
Now for little René!
Anna and I were so pleased.
Erica and Karel are upstairs ... they are already getting dressed for the next scene.
What will happen this time?
I tell you, I am no longer afraid of masks.
For the state of purity also lives behind them.
I ask for a bit more of that crazy love!
I believe I have acquireda taste for it.
See you soon.