Oh Frederik, I have had such a horrible dream!

The past few months have been messy, busy, strenuous, significant hours, hours of silence, loneliness, as a result of which you come to yourself as a human being and get to know the other being, learn to see, learn to understand, if you are open to this, otherwise everything goes past you and you experience nothing.
To me they were educational hours, because I had the privilege to be able to listen to my master, to be able to sit down at his feet, to be able to quench my thirst, to be able to draw from a source which displays the legislative reality for our human life and being – and you walk on sandals there, when those lips open themselves.
For other people they were heavy hours; everyone experienced them according to their own capacities, according to those powers as a result of which the human personality lives.
However, the nicest thing of all was still that we saw the sun in our hearts.
We fell down with bended head and gave thanks for all the things received.
Yes, we thanked him, our mad child, for everything!
In those days I wrote in the logbook:
“A human being knows a great deal, he is open to large and small things and he also finishes them off, but it is good and evil which he does."
And it is followed directly by: “does he know that for himself?”
By means of Christ he gives himself as a friend, by means of the devil as a satan!
Usually you see a friend, if you see the life by means of Christ.
But you see the dirty, worn mask first, if you do not know the soul of it, because those demonic thoughts are represented by this dreadful mask.
However, that life will also come to an end!
The human being can make a halfhearted attempt at this and say: I will see later, it is okay with me, but I now live here and I want to enjoy life, just do what you like yourself and consider good, I will live it up, I will do what I want, no one can forbid me that.
You are right, but we learnt to see it differently.
When that, which is no longer death to us, later stands before you as an eternal life, take a scythe in its hands to knock you down, chop your head off, then you will think differently about it anyway and you will have no more talk.
Here you can hide behind your mask, here you can make and break what you like, there that is definitely over, there you are faced with that nakedness, you are faced with fresh violence, to which you belong and have to do with, because we have learnt that you are soul of His Soul, light of His light, life of His life, blood of His blood, which means that you must return to Him despite all your possessions and one day, it does not matter where, start bowing your head!
Do you understand it?
Or are you not yet that far, do you still wear this mask?
Then we will also come that far!
Just wait patiently, our source of life will also explain those laws to you!
Just consider yourself like a piece of mountain, like a storm, as strong as a whirlwind, but you will stop that one day, because it is the laws which knock that gold spoon out of your hands, with one blow, by means of a light breeze, because you do not know where that breeze comes from, and then you are not on top of your pedestal, but ten metres away from it, broken, probably lifeless, naked!
You are broken!
What do you want?
To break down what other people have built up by means of blood and tears?
Did you think you could defy God by means of your pathetic carry-on?
Just act the devil, do it, just live it up, just go your own way, we know for definite that you will break your neck!
In this way you are faced with your sister and brother, with your father and your mother, your child, who carry masks and make and break what they themselves think they should do and which they invest such a lot in, which will sooner or later collapse, because death says: “You see, I am no longer death, on the contrary, my life is a great deal more certain!
If you get to know my laws, little man, trivial soul, you will run away very fast from yourself, you will be frightened to death, my life will influence you so much!
And whether you buy thicker glasses, put on a pair of sunglasses because you think that I cannot stab you, I will go through that, dear friend, and will tear off your mask!
Thank you, you will say!
You will have to bow your head, whether you like it or not, you will bow!”
Now your blood already flows and you just have to accept that.
Every human being has the power in him to do good and wrong.
However, the laws will call you sooner or later to the universal halt, which we have now experienced and the infallible of which was explained to us.
Karel and Erica, just like Anna, experienced a Temple prayer, so beautiful, so supernatural, that they became like children as a result of it, but in the good sense.
I wrote down: Every human being acts the little devil at times, but if the masks fall, if the laws are explained to you, then you lie at the feet of the master, and you can agree with everything, if you still possess the power for it and the master approves; it is also possible that he disappears before your glasses and you may listen to his good night from afar.
Then you are there and you are just outside of it.
You would say, thank you, but you do not get those words materialized, because it is his powers which have suffocated your emotional life and you are not yet that far, or it would not happen.
You see, that is being naked, standing naked, you have nothing to say, you are not yet that far, you still have to start this life!
You now feel that you are an owlet and you have neither water nor ground under your feet; you do not float, but you have been crushed!
However, if you can look consciously behind a mask like that, well, that is a very different matter, but then you can sacrifice yourself, already devote yourself to the good in the human being, now you ask to be able to be beaten, you want to see lions’ dens!
Your life will then be torn apart.
Or, you will climb up towards a stake ... can you feel this nice scorching bath?
Can you see that human fat floating and do you scream for help?
However, I do not believe that one of us – not Hans, he is not yet that far – is afraid of this!
And we received that through our mad child, who has now become like a young God, a prophet of flesh and blood, one who eats bread, but who stands on firm foundations and for whom we have sacred respect!
Try pressing that child into your arms as a mother?
Hold this this life in your arms as a human being?
Can you feel that love, that kiss?
I talked about that in the beginning; here we are now faced with golden sandals, the scattering of divine flowers, which has nothing to do anymore with a human half an hour like that, as a result of which you just feel sullied anyway, because you as a human being contaminate, pollute, the entrance of the Temple with stained clogs!
I tell you that we, Erica, Karel, Anna, Elsje and I, have found happiness!
We devoted all of ourselves, but it is there!
Finally then the Pyramid, Ra, Ré and Isis have opened our life and the laws were explained to us, for which we are inwardly grateful and happy.
Now we go to Golgotha, from there we will leave, in order to lay down our flowers there, which will be accepted by God’s Son!
Erica once asked me:
“Who is that Rachi-Hadju, Frederik, who wrote this article?
Do you not know that man?
He talks about eastern legislative powers, which give you western charm and ensure western construction for peace and quiet.
You would swear that that man knows.
Here, just read it for yourself; Karel also thinks it is a wonderful article, and many more will also come, as you will see, because he lies as you experienced that at the feet of Ra, Ré, the Goddess, the Sphinx, the Pyramid, waiting for a reply; he wants to save Europe from complete ruin.
Is it not amazing, Frederik, it shows up from all sides, people awake, I believe.
Do you not think?
How do you sense it?”
“I will read it, Erica, I believe that we will meet more of those people, because our society needs that type.”
I read, but I know every word, all of this lives under my heart, and the sober West asks for it, it does not know where it should look for it, it no longer knows how to keep the peace and quiet!
It will probably be okay.
A human child is lying kneeling at the feet of the Sphinx, because the West wants to murder this child.
This child says that two thousand years of religion, prayers, did not help the world, on the contrary, the life goes to an abyss, to general destruction.
The life places the West before the Gods and before Golgotha, before mass murder and mass love.
What should the life do?
Should mothers bear their children any longer in order to have them slaughtered?
Should young men from strange people murder each other consciously?
Where so much care, so much blood was given for, so much was suffered, should that be consciously slaughtered?
Can this life listen to universal sounds, can it merge into a God of love?
Can it ask and receive an answer?
Will God grant this life?
In the West that is not possible.
Now this life lies kneeled in ancient Egypt, it sits down with its back to the Pyramids, and looks at the Sphinx.
It begs for the word, because the powerful West is falling apart!
And that life says: “I have been sent out, Father, in order to bring this light to the West.
My father and mother, sister and brother, friend and acquaintance beg to know!
Or is everything here also humanly thought out, were they human lies?
Did all those Gods play with fire?
Did they not know either that this humanity is waiting for awakening?
But was it not mapped out there that the Christ would come, was it not predicted here that the paradise would come?
Where did it get to?
Where can the paradise be found?
Two thousand years of development, prayers and writings, didn’t unite the people, on the contrary, it is as if a curse tears the life apart and satan is invincible!
Must the human being accept that God is unjust?
Did all that human blood flow for nothing?
People sully Christ every hour, people crucify Him every second.
Is God deaf to the begging, do prayers not help?
We will sacrifice for the good in the human being, no longer for destruction and defilement.
I am a child of God, I refuse to kill, I love life.
Oh, my God, give me the answer: how should we act?”
This life takes the human soul to the laws for life and death, but places the life before Golgotha and says: “You will only get peace and quiet as a result of love!
Suffocate Satan!
Banish the devil, banish that power who steals, murders, commits arson, tortures, destroy that animal instinct and you will have quiet, peace, prosperity!”
Can the human being do that?
Erica asks again:
“Is that not true, Frederik?
It should be like this, he places us before that peace and quiet, but we do not start on it ourselves.
And yet, shouldn’t we say to ourselves: I will take part!
You should ask who that is.
René gets help, this man talks as he can do that, don’t you think so?”
“It looks like it, Erica, the more people like that come, the better.
This society is so extremely rotten, so rotten and bad, only love can bring us happiness, and in addition, the sacred assurance that the peoples of the earth reach unity, for which the Messiah died for that matter.
Do not forget, Erica, the awakening for humanity lives there, that pure culture has received the possession of our source, for which our child was also opened.”
“Yes, Frederik, it is like that anyway, isn’t it?
We are in the middle of it, I long to hear him speak in his state.
I cannot tell you how happy I am.
How Karel has changed, you will not believe it, but wonders will never cease.”
One evening, I am sitting with him, he is working on his art, I am busy arranging my questions for later when he is ready in his state, he says to me:
“You know who I am, don’t you Frederik?”
“I know that, my boy, what is the matter?”
“Do you also know what I want, Frederik?”
“I also know that, René.”
“And do you also know that I do not want to destroy the happiness of another being?”
“I also know that, René, what is the matter?”
“Well, Frederik, Hans asked me to wait with the portrait of Elsje.
He will also smash that!
Elsje does not know what to do.
Do you not find that petty?
Elsje says: it will come.
She stands next to me, she understands that it hurts me, but Hans is ill.
And she must do her duty.
I had to pack up my things and could disappear.
Jealousy, Frederik, it is narrow-mindedness, destruction, mean desperation.
He no longer knows it.
I will speak to Father and Mother about it.”
“When was that?”
“Yesterday, Elsje had to bring me that message, he himself was not capable of it.
But that does not matter, Frederik, the laws speak!”
He sinks away, is in thought, he stares in front of him, it takes half an hour, he continues to look.
Where did this life go?
You do not know.
The next morning I go to Hans.
He does almost no work, you can find him at home day in day out, this life has changed so frighteningly.
Elsje opens the door.
“Is the boss at home, Elsje?”
“Yes, Frederik, he is upstairs, I will warn him.
Will you say to René that I thank him very much?
How beautifully he spoke, didn’t he, Frederik?
Is it not amazing?”
Elsje has gone, she is wearing a beautiful blue garment.
Just look at how she climbs the stairs, this child is like a princess.
And she has to live with a learned madman?
With a human being who has everything on earth and does not see it, who can walk on violets and thinks that they are nettles or even worse, steel pins.
A truly hopeless magician, that is Hans, and yet I am involved with him.
Elsje is like a sweet spring, you see the universe in this life, heaven and earth come together in that soul and kiss each other, go arm in arm and know!
How can it be, I am so worried about this child.
Those eyes are so beautiful, her figure so rich, so angelic, her little castle is like the promised paradise, and not any happiness?
That is up to you, but Hans has never been like that before.
How differently I knew that man.
There he is now.
“Oh, the master.”
I do not go into it.
“Good day, Hans, how are you?”
“Great ...
Any news?”
“Not quite that.
I am just dropping by, you are at home quite a lot.
Are you not working anymore?”
“Say, listen for a moment, Frederik, say to René that he is to wait for a while.
Or do you know about it already?
I sent him away, I want to be in a state of purity with myself first.
And then this as well, when does that hocus-pocus start?
I will come alone then, or can you come here?”
Elsje comes downstairs now of all times, she hears what Hans says.
She remains standing for one second, but then she is immediately with Hans and says:
“What do I hear there, Hans?
Do you wish to leave me alone at home when those séances start?
Do you call that hocus-pocus?
I assure you of one thing!
I am going with you!
You can do to me what you like, I will take care of you, I will do my best, but I will not be denied this.
I am your wife, your love, your friend and everything, but not your dog!
I am going with you!”
There you are, you can make do with it, Hans.
How does the baron react?
There comes: “That is your own business.”
I must help Elsje, she may not stand here alone in this.
“Say, Hans, what could you have against this?
Is Elsje a stranger?”
“What does a woman want with scientific research?”
“Oh, has it now become scientific research?" Elsje calls out!
“No, Hans, you do not know yourself.
You no longer know what you want, you do not live, you are lived.”
“Do what you cannot leave alone.”
Elsje goes upstairs.
I ask him: “What are you doing, Hans?
What do you want for that matter?
Must this child be consciously destroyed then?
Must you trample upon this happiness before your eyes?
Can’t you see then what you are doing?
Why are you so harsh to this dear child?
You are beating her!
You are going towards your misery consciously, Hans.
Is that necessary?
Why do you want to deny her this, now that you know that the child is interested in this?
Do you want to prevent the development of a human being?
Do you want to deny her that wisdom?”
“Who says that this is wisdom, Frederik?
You are flying again, being fanatical!”
“Thank you ... thank you for that.”
“Oh, man, I do not mean it like that, do not nag me.”
“I will go away then, my friend, you no longer need anyone.
A pity, we mean it so well for you.”
He also lets me go.
This is our Hans, I think, you do not understand it.
What ungrateful beings people are.
Millions of men would bend over backwards in whatever way possible to be able to possess such a child, he behaves as if she is old rust.
Elsje knows what she wants!
I therefore no longer need to worry about her, but Hans is sickly.
I go home, Karel and Erica are not there, Anna is also out and René is busy.
Hans follows me.
Where I am, Hans is also there, I see Elsje walking behind.
He is walking with his head in the wind.
His hood has blown off, he looks slovenly, like a vagrant.
And that next to a princess.
Elsje runs left and right, he does not see her and he does not hear her calling, he does not feel her moaning, none of her inner pains, Hans is insensitive.
People have given him an injection, but we do not yet know what with.
One evening, we are sitting together, Erica is playing something, René comes downstairs in order to have his art admired, the portrait of Erica.
Then he says to his mother:
“Can you not hear that, Mother?
Can you not hear that, Karel?
Can you not hear anything, Frederik?
And you, Anna?
Can you not hear Elsje calling?
Come on, Mother, Elsje needs you.
Hurry up.”
Erica dashes off.
Karel stares his eyes out and René is sitting there again and looking at his art.
We do not dare to say a word.
However, less than ten minutes later Erica comes in with Elsje.
Hans has beaten her.
Elsje has bruises on her delicate nose, she has been beaten up horribly.
Meanwhile René has disappeared.
The boy has suddenly gone.
Karel thinks it is dreadful.
“Do you now know what that man wants, Frederik?
You could give him a hiding."
A moment later Hans is standing in front of us.
“Angry?" he asks Elsje.
“Child, forgive me!"
In our presence he makes up for it again, a piece of proof that there is still feeling left for some warmth and some happiness.
I go upstairs, René calls me.
However, I did not hear Elsje.
When I came to him, I asked:
“How did you know that, René?
Did you really hear her calling?”
“I heard it under my heart, Frederik, and that is infallible.
It is as such an intimate conversation, which mother experienced, but this is deeper, this has to do with soul and spirit, it comes straight to you from ancient Egypt, Ré, Ra, it is the Goddess.
You hear worlds at that moment.
It is exactly as if a mother is speaking to her child, which can experience that unity in that silence of her space.
It is sacred, Frederik.
I am very grateful for it.”
“Can you listen to that of everybody?”
“No, that is not possible.
If I want that, yes, but you will not do that anyway.
What do all those people matter to you.
You do not just descend into those souls.
When I say this like this, you must interpret it in such a way that it is none of my business, that I do not interfere in the secrets and the life rights of others.
Can you sense it, Frederik?”
“And Elsje?”
“That is a very different matter, Frederik.”
“What, if I may ask?”
“She has reached that grade of consciousness, now you can listen to her inner voice, Frederik, the language of the Gods.”
“Are you serious?”
“Did I not say that it has to do with Isis, Ra and Ré?
This is unity my friend and father, unity with everything.
I would be able to talk to millions of people in this way, be able to understand all of those lives, if I wanted that, because they know that I understand that life, love it, appreciate it, that I am open to everything, or it is not possible again.
Many people possess this, Frederik.
A spiritualist would say: you are clairaudient, a master or a spirit guide gave you it.
I say, no, it is I myself and I would not be able to pick it up so clearly from that other one either.
This is infallible, that from the spiritualists goes through a sea of emotional powers and laws.
And such a spiritualist is like a cup of water, and that again is that whole personality, and is the whole being like feeling for this event.
And you must get that cup of water, Frederik, out of that sea, so pure, that not a drop is lost.
Is that possible?
Can you distinguish drops of water from each other?
Yet it must be done, because that cup full of water is now the obtained possession of that astral personality.
And now it is such a spiritual message.
“I already experienced it before, René.
I was once with those people.”
“I know.”
“Do you know that?”
“You did it for me, didn’t you?”
“Yes, we sought help for you, we did not know what to do anymore.
But do you know it?”
“Frederik, you tell me it yourself, now you say it.
That is telepathy!”
“What we received from those clairvoyants was wrong.
Do you also know those laws, René?”
“Yes, Frederik.
I know all those laws, you could write books about them, there is so much deception, but do not forget, there is also reality, but that is supernatural possession.
One being in millions possesses true contact.
This of mine is own possession with divine fire, universal contact.”
“What does that mean?”
“Well, Frederik, I would think so, you experienced all of this.”
“Where was it?”
“When you sat with your back to the Pyramid, Mohammed suddenly stood next to you.
Did you let him know that we were there?”
“I already understand it.”
“You see, Frederik, this is universal, material unity, with your own grade of life and universal attunement.
If I was to leave now and wanted to visit Mohammed, which is also possible for you, but only comes to you, because we experience this unity, Mohammed would wait for me at his border.
He would know that we were coming.
I see him always, I talk to him, we experience art together and he helps me to reach the depth of the astral colour.
This is now material unity from soul to soul, feeling to feeling, but there is also another one and that is astrally spiritual, now you are truly in contact with the person who passed on, but as I already said, one in millions of people possess it, because every tissue of your body consciously stops these laws, because you must experience this contact unconsciously.
After all, if you are conscious, you must be able to disengage yourself completely, but now you are asleep and yet awake.
Every thought, Frederik, possesses universal depth, but is only infallibly tuned in when the material has been disposed of the own will.
Can you feel that spiritual and material paralysis?
It is so extremely difficult to experience the contact with your friends in the other and next world, that is the world for your spirit!
However, it is possible.
My development is completely eastern, and therefore also own possession!
I do not have this from God, Frederik, I mastered this myself.
I suffered and struggled for it, I gave numerous lives for it and I perished, was broken; yet I would reach that height one day.
And that is this life!
This is the highest endowment, Frederik, this has grown according to the laws of nature, precisely as the child awakens in the mother.
The soul infallibly gets the physical, spiritual laws in its hands and can then do what it wants itself.
I am now ready for that; what all your spiritualists possess, Frederik, is a millionth part of that universe.
Although there are some who now truly experience a pure contact, by means of the contact with their loved ones, by means of love from father to mother, child and parents, there is still no infallibility or the very highest sensitivity must be dominatingly present here and you see that sacred unity!
But you can see it, I do it differently!”
“Did you hear Elsje calling loudly then?”
“That voice, Frederik, can be heard at the other end of the earth, it penetrates through all the material, there is no distance!
When the love for the human being means something, people enter this contact, but now it is only for a moment.
This means that the human being has developed feeling for the inner life for fifteen percent at the most or it would be a permanent possession.
Usually the personality experiences this sensitivity when it is faced with suffering and sorrow as soul and human being.
Can you feel this?
Now that personality is tuned into a point, a purpose and that chance of hitting the target is more certain, as a result of which it feels what happens at a distance and the human heart speaks!”
“It is amazingly natural.”
“This is so true, Frederik, because you are now faced with the holiness of yourself as a human being and your representative love for that other life.”
“Are you one with Elsje then?”
“I already said, I know it about everyone .
But because Elsje thinks and feels approximately as I do and see the things, want to experience, that life touches me!
You must see a human being, Frederik, like your radio.
You can pick up music infallibly.
But we as human beings are thousands of times stronger, more sharply tuned in.
We can take over thoughts from other people so infallibly, where this transfer of selectivity is only a thousandth of a shadow, in comparison to our inwardly created image, which we received from God and can now live in.
And you can adorn that image, you can make it more sensitive by loving the life, which takes place as a result of your thinking and feeling and now becomes a contact for your inner life.”
“And for people who possess that feeling, but do nothing with it anyway, is it suffocated then?”
“You mean whether people who possess this feeling can also be unconscious and not possess any gifts, don’t you, Frederik?”
“I mean that.”
“Well, my little father, that is now material conscious, behind this lies the spiritual, the universal.
If you want to make that emotional life conscious, then you are faced with dozens of lives, you cannot achieve it any earlier!”
“Then it is clear to me.
I can therefore sense, understand things, but I do not receive what you now possess.”
“No, you do not receive that, because you have to follow a study for this, but in the West you cannot receive that school.”
Suddenly he jumps up and says:
“Come on, Frederik, we will go downstairs, soon we will continue.”
He takes out a few pastels and Erica’s portrait and asks me to follow him.
The family is having a conversation, Karel is talking about his countryhouse, which he cannot yet give up, now, however, as I feel, in order to give Hans some diversion and to support his soul and personality.
René shows Hans the portrait of Erica.
It is found to be very beautiful.
Then the symbolics are produced.
I have not yet see those things, they are amazing.
“Look here”, he says to Hans, “this is the space, the universe.
You can see two people as man and wife, they must conquer that universe.
But God gave us that possibility.
He laid down His universe on our human life and being.
We go higher and higher by means of fatherhood and motherhood and in this way we conquer everything.
I will give you the explanations for this later, you will also get to know those laws.
We keep entering a new and next stage, therefore as a result of the birth.
You will not yet believe it, but I will also prove this to you!
Is everything really not simple?
Here you can see two flowers of one colour, they are also man and wife.
They will represent God one day for all His worlds!
Two flowers under the cross, that means, we people have to go to Christ.
We are safe under the cross of Christ.
This is yet another one.
What are the colours like?
I have penetrated to the rarefied, the soul of the material.
Can you see that, Hans?
This is an image of our inner life for later, when we have left this material.
We will also possess a beating heart then as a human being and blood will flow in our veins.
But you will not yet believe that.
That is ridiculous for this world, of course, Hans, but when science is that far, the soul is accepted as an astral, therefore a spiritual personality, the psychologist will also get to know his patients and your powerlessness will dissolve.
You can now reach other things in order to help them, who are now left in your care.
All of that is still to come.”
He gives the pastels to the women, Karel and I also receive such a work of art.
When all of that is done, he disappears.
Elsje, Erica and Anna are happy.
Hans looks at the symbolics, sarcasm lives in him.
His soul cannot be reached.
Why does he keep on wanting to oppose the good?
Must this life destroy itself?
Wonders do not help the human being, we now have to accept this, all these beautiful pastels feel supernatural.
However, you have to be open to it.
What lives just above the normal human, is killed off.
The slowcoach masses shuffle along behind it, there is no inspiration to be got in those masses.
Hans does not go into anything.
However, René may soon make the portrait of Elsje, we have come that far.
That poor Elsje.
When we are alone Karel says:
“Did you see that face of Hans, Frederik?”
I nod.
“Did you see his eyes?”
I nod.
“Could you not do something to that man?
He should get a good hiding, if you ask me.
Do you believe that?”
“Indeed, Karel, it would do him good!”
“How will you help him?
Can he be changed?
He is looking for his ruin.
How stupid I was to listen to him.
How easily you are influenced!
You do not think at a moment like that.
You do not go into anything and only impose your own will.
You want to be right, even if you see that another person is right, you beat and kick the life and sully the most sacred matters, everything is actually destroyed which comes into your hands.
And that only in order to protect your own little personalities.
Isn’t it the case?
And what does he want?
Do you know that he wanted to deny Elsje those evenings?
It is remarkable, what does that matter to him.
I see it as tormenting, teasing, nothing else.”
“Elsje can take it, but it is pitiful.”
I go upstairs.
René is already calling me, but that takes place inwardly.
You get such a beautiful feeling from it under your heart.
Erica now knows it, I already knew it for so long, just like Anna.
All of us experience the wonder, being one with other lives without saying a word.
The first thing I ask is:
“Can we not help Hans, René?”
“You cannot change anything about Hans, Frederik.”
“But why not?”
“Because karmic laws speak here, my friend.
Hans is being lived.
Powers are reaching consciousness, which destroy.”
“Is that not dreadful?”
“No, it is not, although you must experience the laws for this, everything is different again, when you also know that space.
For many people art reaches consciousness, Frederik.
The more the life awakens, the inner life becomes conscious, all the characteristics come up and you, as the personality, are faced with the past of yourself.
And thousands of problems are found in this, for good and evil, for lies and cheating, construction and destruction.
Oh, it is terrible, but we people are to blame for it.”
“And all of us cannot get him out of it?”
“It would be possible, Frederik, if Hans would do everything to conquer himself, but will he do that?
Is he conscious of his strong will?
Does he use his will to prevent that misery?
It takes us to previous lives, Frederik.
We used to call it karmic laws, something which you once did and will have to make good later.
It is infallible, my friend, it reaches awakening as it used to be experienced.
The Divine universe gives you nothing.
A material thought carried out by means of foul acts, reaches consciousness sooner or later and then places you as a human being before that former mask.
It is the birth of your previous life, now you must either conquer or you will succumb.”
“It is dreadful, he hits Elsje.”
“I know, but Elsje must also prove what she wants.
She now has her own life to experience.
I would be willing to do everything to help Hans; I do not believe that it is possible for me.
He now experiences universal reality, evolution.
The inner laws, Frederik, want to be experienced.
They place us before that former destruction.
But God is a Father of love!”
I see that he will sleep.
Then there is a knock at the door and Anna is standing in front of me.
“What is it, Anna?”
“Am I disturbing?”
“Just come with me."
In my room she says:
“Oh, Frederik, I have had such a horrible dream.”
“Tell me, what did you dream?”
“I saw, Frederik, that Hans committed suicide.
Is it not dreadful?”
“Were you there when Hans killed himself?”
“Yes, Frederik, I was there, I do not know why.
I was there and was waiting for something.
Elsje had gone upstairs to ask Hans about it.
Then she dashed downstairs and collapsed.
Poor Elsje.
Hans had taken his own life.
Isn’t it dreadful, Frederik?”
“Put it out of your mind, Anna, I have dreamt a thousand times that I killed myself, but I am still alive.
Dreams are deception, Anna, even if you sometimes experience nice things, but this?
No, I will not go into it.
Put it behind you.
This is because all of us are occupied with Hans.
I believe that all of us dream about him, because that life follows you.
I ask you, throw it away and do not think about it again.”
Anna has gone.
I think her dream is dreadful, but I do not let her notice it.
And finally, if you are asleep, you dream so much, it is nonsense!
When I am back with René, he is sleeping.
I immediately ask a question:
“Can you hear me?”
There immediately comes: “What do you want, Oteb?
Do you want to have my answer concerning matters which we do not know?”
“Anna dreamt that Hans killed himself.
What do you think about it?”
“One child is watching, Oteb.
Dreams sometimes have universal meaning, and then the subconscious passes something to the day conscious thinking and feeling.
We will not go into it, although Anna’s dream can be checked.
Do you not feel that you may not give precisely these emotional powers any food?
You would urge him to do it by this.
Reassure Anna, but know that sometimes the soul possesses universal unity and then receives that information.
Will it not be difficult for you?
Soon you will get to know all these laws, Oteb, but now consciously, now you are open to it and ready.
I will go to the universe, what I promised you will not happen, your life cannot be reached now, you are dreaming, Oteb, you are now already influenced, the human soul reacts so intensely and there is a splitting of the personality, loss of all your powers.
Is it not true?”
“I know, I am very grateful to you.
I will try to conquer everything.”
“I will wait ... Oteb, I will also do everything to be ready.
You will see, to give yourself for fifty percent is not sufficient.
These laws require everything of your personality.”
“I am therefore disturbed by Anna?”
“You go into it, I can see from your life aura that you believe it can happen.
And then what, Oteb, if you know that he himself does not wish to change?
The human being has his own happiness in his hands.
It is he who masters the laws for life and death, no one else can help you with this.
Talking and doing nothing for your inner life, it is not that, you must thoroughly experience all the laws for your own character and then tune in your emotional life to that of Christ, or there will be no awakening.
Is it not simple?
Now you are disturbed by anxiety, and that anxiety breaks your concentration.
Am I harsh?
Did you not get to know all those laws yourself there?
Did you think that they have changed in the centuries which passed?”
The life shuts itself off to me and I can leave.
However, I wrote down in the logbook:
I think that thing of Anna’s is dreadful.
You can now reconcile yourself to it, but is that so simple?
René does not go into anything, but this is precisely it.
He can give you an explanation for everything.
He is actually right, we must let go of it or you will start to influence Hans.
Every being can pick up thoughts sent out from somewhere?
Of course!
I know that this is possible.
Anna can experience that dream through herself, but she is also capable of receiving that information from other people.
And now it is becoming dangerous.
Just imagine that she received those thoughts?
That this will happen and she now already lives in that future?
Ugh, such suffering.
How must you prevent this?
What must you do if your life awakens to the wrong?
Hans is no longer a normal human being.
He is not capable of working.
People are laughing at him?
People already see him there as a psychopath.
He must get out, but he does not want that either.
He is shackled to his piece of ground.
There is something which keeps him captured.
I believe, he would want that, but he cannot do it.
He is tied to his dungeon, he experiences an invisible law, is it a new mask?
René says: The past reaches its own revelation and shows itself as good and evil.
However, that does not mean that a human being must kill himself.
How complicated life is.
But is this not understandable?
How many thousands of problems have attunement to this, have to do with this?
I am really driven out of balance by that dream.
I can do nothing about it, but I find it awful!
The things we experience.
Great and worrying, the more you see of the life, the sharper all those problems are outlined for you.
Hans is like a psychopath.
He has no material disturbances, but it is his soul.
He releases himself from the perfect, natural life and accepts the dark, the unpleasant, the destructive, he is no longer himself.
Has it to do with the nervous system?
I do not believe it!
Must we accept that Hans has overworked himself?
I do not believe it, he really does not go into his patients too deeply.
I know other doctors, they experience all that misery with their patients and remain themselves.
For Hans that is stupid, he says: If you wish to treat your patients well, you must make sure in the first place that you remain healthy for yourself.
I have heard him say this a hundred times.
It is also something very different.
Did I not write that it lives in you and around you and that you can do nothing about it?
That it laughs at you?
If you think that you put your shoe on top of this, you must later accept that is precisely impossible, because you are laughed at consciously from the universe and you just have to accept your powerlessness.
It is there and it is not there!
And yet it eats at your human heart.
It is absurd, also abstract and yet real, it sucks you empty, it forces you to act, it dominates you completely in everything.
Hans is no longer a human being as a result of this, he looks like a wreck.
My God, where will it take all of us?
I have convinced myself what it was like with René.
When I saw that he experienced his ordinary sleep, I also went to sleep in order to forget everything.
However, what will tomorrow bring us, the day after tomorrow and the days which will come?
I just surrender myself, I cannot do anything about it anyway, these are unprecedented laws, they are also supernatural truths, but are not accepted by the human being of this society.
The articles do well, the people get an idea of how to think and they ask for more.
They want to know who that man is.
I believe that, but have patience.
I go into my own sleep and am open to a dream, I will probably also receive something like Anna experienced and I will know how to act for Hans!
I am now not happy, I know, this is pursuing all of us.
Erica also has her worries, Karel too, we take it too badly.
However, it concerns a human being here.
A human being who is no longer himself and beats a queen, oh, what madness!
How can it be!
A human being can do strange things!
He does not know himself, and that is the most necessary thing there is!
It is only now that he knows how he has to act and to prevent all that misery.
I doze off, my eyes close, I am tired.
I now do not know about anything.
Yet I already know that my soul is also thinking now and lives, because the clock also ticks, the human heart which receives that food, or I would already have worked out all the things I hope to be able to know.
It was a horrible day!