Goodbye, Uncle Frederik ... I will wait!

A good night’s sleep is the most wonderful cure for the human being.
Thousands of adults have certainly said that to each other, after they experienced the value and the blessed influence.
For example, sick people have kept their lives as a result of it; the strongest in spirit have got their strength as a result of sleep, poor or rich, human being, animal, nature, sleep is the most wonderful thing which we know and possess. In one night’s rest wonders happen or there are dead people to be mourned.
If you go to sleep infuriated, then you will usually receive angry dreams; if you drop off peacefully then you will experience dreams which speak of supernatural influence, of which you yourself are the desired central figure.
You are now on the mark, dead on target, or you dream that you have thousands to command, even if you are lying outside frozen in the middle of winter.
What a strange dream, sleep does it, it takes you to divine and to lowlife worlds of thought, which you yourself are completely outside of.
If you go to sleep angry and if you have a loving background in your life, then the life itself will correct again of its own accord and will clean you up during your long sleep.
There have been people who went to sleep with premeditations, with feelings of murder and manslaughter, but who were like lambs in the morning, sleep had so hoaxed them while they were resting.
To the advantage of all these people.
Other people were sent precisely those murderous thoughts as a result of sleep and brought hell and the devil to people.
Books can be written about sleep; I do not believe that the academics know everything about it, so that I will just say, we do not know that either, we are not familiar with it!
What is sleep actually?
It does not matter ... as far as I am concerned I am also busy thinking about sleep.
For Karel his sleep had a wonderful effect.
He was completely himself again and felt beaten like a dog.
He already knocked on my door early in the morning and asked:
‘Just open the door please, Frederik.’
I jump out of bed.
I see that it is half past six.
He has certainly not slept a wink.
‘What is the matter, Karel?’
He races into my arms like a child and weeps until his tears run dry.
‘Just be quiet, big lout, everything is okay.
I have sacred respect for you, as long as you know.
For people who show their colours I would give my life, dear Karel.
Do you feel like an Arabic grey?
I will go to my friend the Sultan and bring the promised goods for you.
I will immediately distance myself from them, Karel, you’re absolutely welcome to it.
I will not go outside again anyway and you will need a fortification now and again.
What does my boy say to that?
It is possible to think about it.
You have another few hours time.
Come, come, Karel, be strong, you still need all those tears.
Use them, if you think that they are any use to you; you do not need to do that for me, you are just making me shy.
Come now, do not let yourself go like that, man, you are no longer a twenty-year-old.’
I know, I am destroying my heart in this way, but I cannot do any differently.
Then he looks me in the eye and asks:
‘You are not going, are you, Frederik?’
‘That is something, Karel, which I myself have no say in.
I have to!
I cannot do anything more about it.’
‘You are not going, Frederik.
I do not want it.
Will you leave it then for Erica and Anna, if you cannot change it for me?’
‘It is not for me to decide, Karel.
I am now in the service of His Majesty, I got word that I should stay prepared for a message.
Really, Karel, you were still sleeping when I received my telephone call."
"Was there a call?
From whom, Frederik?"
"Can you not hear what I am saying?
His Majesty is calling me, Karel.
Duty is duty, you are just a few hours too late.
My train leaves at nine o’clock.’
‘Have you gone mad, Frederik?’
‘I will leave that to your judgement, Karel.
You may make a decision about and for this.
I must leave.
If you also give me permission to take little René back, I will go a few hours later.
If that is not possible, then I will be gone at nine o’clock.
You see, my cases are already packed.’
Karel looks, he does not see it.
Desperately he asks:
‘But that is not necessary, is it?
You can decide for yourself what you want, can’t you?’
‘You think that, Karel, I am still in the service of His Majesty.
You can never listen civilly.
For you must give the words a lead cure or they do not penetrate to your life.
People must hit you on the head with a brick, until the blood flows down your face, it is only then that a word is your own possession.
And now you also know.
Did you suffer a great deal last night?
His Majesty needs me.
And I promised before that His Royal Highness could always count on me if there was ever anything.
And now a new course has been set, the light has been extinguished, which is not my fault, which did not originate from me, Karel, I heard his prayer.
A great deal depends on this mission.
And because I have travelled, know the Sultan well personally, our government knows that I have become a friend of His Majesty, people call on my personal character again and I am going!
You see, Karel, this is how matters are now.
It all happened when you no longer knew whether you were still alive.
But the telephone is ringing again.
Can you hear it?
Just go!’
Karel goes downstairs.
He does not understand my message.
Erica comes:
‘What do I hear there, Frederik?
Do you want to leave?
Do you have to leave?
But that is not possible, is it?
Must you leave us alone?
But father dear ... oh, father dear, you are not going!’
‘What a nice name you just gave me, Erica.
Really, you are making me shy.
Really sweet of you, believe me.’
She looks at me.
She says:
‘Who are you at the moment, Frederik?
‘Can you feel that, dear?
I am now a diplomat again!
I have put on my other mask.
I have to go, Erica.
His Majesty needs my help.’
‘So nevertheless!
William III, Frederik?’
‘What makes you think that, Erica?
Did you think that I possessed the gift to be able to speak to the dead?
No, it is she ... and then, His Highness the Sultan.
I have a mission to complete, dear.’
Anna comes ...
‘You are not leaving, Frederik!
Or I will jump in the water.’
‘When people forget themselves like that Our Lord has nothing more to say, my children.
Your dear father must obey.
You yourselves ... pardon ... they are the laws of fate, which wish to see us separated for a while’, I had wanted to say ‘tear apart’, but that is all part of that last mask.
‘A pity, I was just so nicely on the way to getting rid of all that fuss, now I must go back into it.
However, there are other aspects in sight.
I will go to friends.
Now, my children, I am going to climb the ‘Pyramid’ and I will sleep for one night in the ‘Tower room’.
I will now see the ‘Lotus’ and it will be placed in my hands.
I will prepare myself for a great task.
Believe me, sweethearts, I cannot do anything about it myself.’
When Erica hears coarse violence, she has already gone.
René is smashing everything to pieces.
Quickly, the straitjacket, children, before accidents happen.
There is Karel.
Karel himself helps.
He is dead tired and he is as meek as a little lamb.
He comes to me and says:
‘Hans asks for forgiveness, Frederik.
If you call him, he will come running to you.
Frederik, do it!’
‘I do not have the right, Karel, to decide upon a human will.
I will tell you a short story.
You will then immediately know it and that will be effective.
You will be dead on target again.
Just listen:
Someone was fighting for Christ.
The man devoted his life to both Christ and the happiness of this humanity, but was completely alone in this.
Other people also wanted to serve Christ, but were still not so far as to give their money and possessions for it.
Those people therefore did not have the feeling, the strength to do it.
Inspiration was needed for it.
And they lacked that.
Then people asked a wise man for help.
Whether he could talk to those people for a moment.
I, says the sage?
Then it will be I who ‘serve’ and not they.
No, that is going too far!
Do you know it, Karel?
If I was to ask Hans to come, then I will come to my self!
And is that possible?
If Hans cannot bow, he must not go to his old friend, I am now a stranger for his life and character.
I will not come, Karel!
I do not mind at all, do not mind and it is sweet of Hans, but I am now going on a trip.
Pass onto him the greetings from his friend Frederik.
I am going to His Majesty, Karel!’
‘Frederik, you are not going!’
‘Are we already at that stage, Karel, that I may no longer decide about myself and my life?’
‘You know better!
I am bowing to you, Frederik!’
‘And you have made me happy with that, Karel.
But believe me, nothing can be done about it.
I would be ashamed of myself if I stayed.
I must go, Karel!’
‘I will ask you once more, Frederik.
Continue to help us.
Do not go!’
‘In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?
Are you trying to deceive me, that you dare to say ... amen to this life!
Karel, do not mock sacred matters.
I am a diplomat again and I will have to be that for a few years.
If it is God’s will, I will come back.
Believe me!
But promise me that you will never be so angry again; the worst kind of accidents could have happened. But your little father is going!’
Karel succumbs.
He goes downstairs.
I know what he is up to.
Two little mites need each other.
I will break these learned heads by means of childish love and true happiness, or I no longer wish to set eyes on them.
Go, go after me ... Hans and Karel.
I had almost said ‘Gretel’, but things are too serious for that.
But that will be really something!
Erica comes back.
‘You are not going, Frederik!
It will not happen, you cannot leave us alone.’
‘Darling, now listen for a moment.
You know how I feel about you and Anna.
I love you as I love little René.
I cannot express it in words.
And you know that!
But I must go, Erica, nothing can be done about it.
I have no choice!’
‘You are not going, Frederik, or I will give up everything.
Anna as well.
It is your decision.
You are not leaving us behind in such situation.
We are wrecks, Frederik!
Tear off our masks!
Now that it is possible, you are going, you are leaving us alone.
You are not going, are you?
You will stay here, won’t you, Frederik?’
Erica and Anna cling to my life.
Anna races back and fetches something.
She comes back with little René.
She places the child in my arms and says:
‘Then over our dead bodies, Frederik!
We will die for you, but we want to live if you are here and stay with us!’
I do not know what to do?
I have never been so strong.
I say:
‘Now listen carefully, darlings.
First take little René back.
Do you not want to, René?
Do you not want to be in your bed?’
The child clings to me.
It has his arms around my neck.
When I feel that I must speak, the life kisses me, but then René hits me on my face.
The life hammers, the life hits to the left and to the right and almost scratches my eyes out.
I am already bleeding, but I think it is wonderful.
This is now also the love of little René, but it is not understood.
I think it is bliss!
Go on, little René, just give your dear father a good beating, he has earned it.
Erica pulls the child off me and places it in the straitjacket with Anna’s help.
I feel as if I have been tattooed.
It is wonderful, they are kisses from another world.
However, they do not understand it and they will not learn to understand it for the time being either.
When I wish to say something, Karel and Hans are standing in front of me.
That on top of everything else!
Karel comes closer.
Hans as well.
The big men are children.
Hans, the prof, crashes to the ground and lies at my feet.
I could have put my foot on his head just like that.
But Hans!
But Hans!
But Hans!
Come on, boy, what are you doing?
Come on, stand up!
Karel does what Hans did, but I prevent that situation.
I have now placed all four of them on the edge of my bed.
‘Listen’, I say, ‘and listen carefully, then there will be nothing more to say.
I do not want to hear another word about it.
You can do what you like.
You can drown yourself before my eyes, jump from the roof if you can.
You can end it all exactly as you choose ... when I have finished talking, you will be faced with your own choice.
Listen ... I will not lift a hand for you again!
Just end it all.
I am going!
I am going, do you hear?
I am not going for Anna, or for Erica, but I am going!
I cannot stay!
I have to listen!
I am going, children!
I do not yet know when I will come back.
I will know from your letters, through your feeling, all of you!
I will not come back any sooner!
I must go!
I am asking you, Karel, for the last time.
May I take little René back?
Do you wish to trust me with your flesh and blood?
I am asking a great deal, but I am also giving you everything!
Now I dare to ask you that, Karel.’
‘Frederik, take René, but stay here!’
We set to work.
I pack my cases; I have nothing more to do, I am ready in less than quarter of an hour.
I was already prepared, I knew my masks so well.
But I experienced a wonder, I packed my cases in my sleep.
So I am going!
A supernatural friend sends me back to the East!
I will serve!
And that so suddenly.
We act quickly, it is I who must act.
I call Anna to me for a moment.
‘Listen, Anna.
I have something else to tell you.
Can you wait a moment?
I will now go and look and see whether there is a small piece of desert for our life.
Princess of my heart, will you wait?’
I kissed Anna.
She kissed me!
She leaves and does not say a thing!
Karel comes, Karel kisses me, I kiss him!
He goes, mumbles something.
I say ...
‘What a lout, why not?
I will not go into your ditch again anyway.
Do you know?
Goodbye, my Karel!’
Hans is coming, Hans has changed.
I can hear him saying:
"My Frederik, do not leave, do not leave me."
I also sa y:
‘Is it not strange, Hans?
If you want to get to know people, then listen whether they have something to say at such moments.
Know, the strongest keep silent!
Words now have no meaning!’
Hans disappears.
I see tears.
Heads are bowed, personalities are broken.
The taxi comes soon.
We are downstairs, we wait.
There is my car.
Cases are loaded, I will not come back for the time being.
I will first take our child back, and then go to Paris, further, continually further, straight to the East.
My Pyramid awaits me!
Also the Sphinx!
Then we rush off.
I look behind me, I see broken people.
There are no masks, they stand there naked and wave us goodbye, a farewell until later.
It goes quickly, little René sleeps in my arms.
I hold the child hugged closely to me, I feel this trembling little heart, it is great happiness!
I do not want it to speak, the life will soon pass sleeping into other arms, which will take care of it for all of us!
When the director takes over the boy from me, I still hear the child moaning:
‘Goodbye, Uncle Frederik, I will wait!’
It is comprehensible.
I put my hands before my eyes and disappear.
The car drives quickly, I must catch the train to Paris, a bit quicker, because I can no longer bear the happiness here.
In the train I come to, I have slept.
In my arms lies a small bunch of flowers, they are violets, daisies, forget-me-nots!
They came straight from a heaven.
Who gave them to me?
I fall asleep again until a shock wakens me.
I get off and dissolve amongst a mass of strangers.
But I am happy!
Do not wipe any feet on ... soul, spirit and material ... it forces you later to die for it ... I know, radiates from me to all those strangers, the masks of which I want to get to know!
My love for humanity is sensitively beating!
Do you believe it?
I will prepare myself for the next part ...
Now the phenomena will be explained.
And I must go on a trip for this!
It is he!
Also called Him!
I know!
Now watch out, Frederik, a supernatural inspiration will soon speak and it is only then that the lights will go out and we will enter the next scene!
The people shuffle homewards, silence has entered all those hearts, they felt the deadly seriousness!
They are grateful!
I know and will continue!