Oh, Frederik, isn’t it dreadful, Hans has committed suicide!

We are up to our necks in misery.
Hans has committed suicide, he ended his life with poison.
Anna’s dream has come true and many other matters have revealed their masks.
René knew everything!
He could do nothing for Hans, there was no avoiding it.
And now that horrible influence is suddenly gone, which I wrote about!
You are on top of it, you kick it to pieces under your feet, a moment later it is sitting in a tree and laughing at you.
I have always felt that, but I was powerless against it.
We still do not believe it, but there is a cross on his grave and he himself lies under the earth.
We have lost him.
I cannot bear thinking about it.
René has explained the laws to us and we can carry on again, or I would not have known what to do anymore.
Two evenings after we had held the last séance, Erica asked Karel:
“What would you say, Karel, if we asked Hans and Elsje to come and stay with us for a few weeks?
You can perhaps still achieve something.
And we will do our bit.”
Karel approves and thinks it is a very good idea.
We are sitting at the table, making small talk, but Hans does not go into anything.
He is quiet and actually rough, he attacks everything and breaks it to pieces before your eyes.
Nothing can be done with him.
You cannot talk to him properly for a single moment.
He has become an awkward being.
He has actually become hardened, no other path can be taken with him.
Erica soon had to accept that he cannot be helped.
Karel tried everything, Erica and Elsje gave a beautiful concert, but that also disturbed sir.
By eleven o’clock he had gone really mad.
However, then we were suddenly faced with a revelation!
The event hit us so unexpectedly that we became yellow, red and green from it, our hearts thumped in our throats, none of us could control ourselves.
If Elsje had felt what it was actually about, the child would have succumbed.
However, she did not know and thought that we were so shocked about Hans.
Hans wanted to leave, but Erica and Elsje wanted to finish a song from their beloved Schubert.
He becomes angry and roars like a wild lion.
Suddenly he comes out with:
“Marja, I am going!”
He walks away, collects his coat and hat and makes off.
Elsje is already by him, the drama is over in only a few seconds.
We sit here and cannot speak a word.
Karel is the first who finds himself again and says:
“Not a word about this, please.
If the laws speak to us, those laws must decide how we people must act.”
A good and clear answer.
We agree that none of us will talk about it with René.
The boy just missed it, again something, as if it was meant to be, I thought, and I recorded it later in the logbook.
Erica also says:
“Is it not dreadful, that you cannot do anything about those things?
Our lives work infallibly against each other.
My God, I am going to sleep.
I want to think about this.”
We do not sit for much longer together, I also go to my room and sit down in front of my logbook.
There now comes from my pen:
“Already at fifteen years of age, he was I believe a bit older, but that does not matter, René spoke about Marja.
I see him sitting on the stairs, the child goes higher and higher.
It was a wonderful picture.
Erica looked into angel eyes at that moment.
And now we are faced with Marja.
Marja has been coming to our house for some time already, she eats and drinks with us, she is an angel, a being sent from a heaven.
I can hardly bear to think, because I do not know where I should first begin.
I open the logbook!
Everything is recorded, this does not lie!
I have to bow my head to these laws!
I cannot avoid it, I am beaten!
It suddenly occurs to me when Hans said:
‘Perhaps I am still useful for something else in this world.’
Ugh, I cannot bear thinking about it, Hans.
I carry you in my heart, I do not wish to know about it, hear about it, I banish all those strange thoughts.
But you yourself bring her to our life?
To him?
To his heart?
Because what do we not know?
Oh, Hans, if you only knew these masks.
We look behind them, we are now on top of them, we experience these laws, and you, now that it comes to it, are sleeping!
You are living dead!
You are no longer a human being.
An incredibly unhappy human child!
Marja is here!
I believe that this is Elsje’s second name.
We have never heard Hans say that name.
Now this has been materialised, elevated like a pedestal for one life, but with which we are all involved.
I will go to sleep, I am cut up by it!
And yet something else has come to my life.
That terrible influence is lessening.
Since this name was spoken, a tear has entered those unprecedented powers.
It is as if they now want to be experienced, be born is clearer.
But I will stop.
I want to make sure that I am fit tomorrow.
I do not want to lose myself now.
René came to me a moment ago and showed me his new pastel.
It is a wonder!
He depicted the Egyptian Lotus.
I have not seen anything so beautiful of him.
His heart and his blood are recorded in it.
He says just like that:
‘She has awakened, Frederik, can you see that?
She speaks, she lives, she gives me something!’
I let my tears fall, when he was gone.
I wept like a child, as I had been unable to do for a long time, the boy is so touching, moving as he now talks to your life.
If he only knew.
I looked him in the face, in his eyes.
And something else lived there.
I felt something there. It did not twinkle there now, an unprecedented depth lay there.
It is a knowledge!
It is a happiness!
A depth of unprecedented beauty, but the personality is far away, away from this world.
You see a master and a child at the same time.
Like this a human being is simply beautiful.
He knows it?”
That following day we are quiet.
No one says anything.
And another day passes, not a word passes our lips.
We sense each other and we cannot talk.
It is as if something is hanging above our heads.
René works hard, we walk past each other like stone statues, who still have such an immense amount to tell.
I race off to the woods, but I do find any peace there either.
When I come back, Elsje is at home.
Hans has started wandering.
He drinks much and comes home in the middle of the night.
Elsje has had to take another room.
He forced her to do that, he hits and screams like a madman.
She does not want it, she wanted to help him, support him in everything, but he kicked her out of the room.
He behaves like a wild man, like a drunkard.
However, Elsje says that she does not need any help, she will deal with everything and she will stand next to him.
We cannot do anything.
Yet Karel tried everything again.
The other doctors also see that it is going wrong and talked to him.
Hans has kicked them out the door.
Now what?
The following morning Erica says to Anna:
“Just go to Elsje and ask how it is there.”
Anna has gone.
I had left the house and had something to do.
The editors received new articles.
When I came back, Erica raced up to me and says:
“Oh, Frederik, isn’t it dreadful, Hans has committed suicide.”
I fall into a chair.
Anna went to Elsje.
Elsje says, I will just see how Hans is, he came home late.
Then Elsje dashes downstairs into Anna’s arms.
Elsje comes to the house with Anna.
Karel is called.
Karel goes with Elsje to Hans.
Karel determines death by poisoning, but he puts it down as heart failure.
The rest speaks for itself.
Hans is buried, the university emptied.
And now we are sitting together, soon Erica and Elsje will go on a trip.
Elsje has to go away for a while.
Erica is going with her.
They will visit the south.
Hans has already made his possessions over to Elsje.
Elsje is very rich, but it does not matter to her.
We discuss the trip, we take action.
We do not talk about the problem of Marja.
Then the time comes for Erica and Elsje to leave.
We go to the train.
Thousands of things happened in just a few hours, not one of which we could have imagined beforehand.
In this way the life flies through our souls.
The train leaves, Karel and I say goodbye.
René did not want to go, Karel thought it was best for all of us.
He says, that boy knows exactly how it must be done, I am proud of him.
Then we go home.
In the evening René comes to Karel and me and says:
“Laws, Father.
Nothing but laws!
Do you now know Marja?”
Karel jumps out of his skin.
I am ice cold, I knew that he experienced everything, because it could not be any different.
He continues:
“You see, Karel, this is why you could not help Hans.
Do not worry, I know what I am doing. I will wait.
I will not influence anyone.
I know exactly what you are thinking, Karel.
I will explain the laws to you, then you can make progress.
We will go back a few centuries.
We live in ancient Egypt.
I lived there, as did Hans, Elsje, Frederik and Anna.
I met you in later lives.
I was busy there mastering the laws and devoted my life to this.
I got to know a love.
This child was raped by Hans.
I was locked up, but was later released by friends.
Hans was a high priest.
His whole being and personality were still evidence of this.
However, Hans served evil, I already served the good.
He not only took away my possessions, also my love.
He tore this Marja, who was also called Marja there, away from my life.
What do you do when you are powerless against the highest of a Temple.
Hans lived it up through the priestesses.
My parents gave me up to the Temple, later we came together again.
That is Frederik, Oteb, he also followed my life and did a great deal for me in order to alleviate everything.
I then escaped from that satan.
That life was misery, that life beat me so dreadfully.
I was the child of Anna and Frederik.
They suffered and struggled and did everything in order to give my life and their own life colour and shape.
We bore everything.
I knew that I would face Hans again one day and that he would make up for what he took away from me and had stolen from me there.
These is in broad outline.
I continued my life, achieved the highest for there, but followed the same laws in other lives.
I went to Ra and Ré, from Isis to India, Tibet!
Until I had prepared myself in order to serve.
The God of all life knew that I had accepted my misery.
If I had done my best against him, if I had fought him with evil, this would never have been revealed, because then we would destroy that just law.
Since I did not do anything with regard to Hans, his name there was Rohna-Goe, the supreme priest for the occult laws, I could never have experienced this happiness, because we are now faced with the destruction and justice cannot experience any victorious end.
Every character trait now gets Divine meaning as a result of this.
Every wrong deed must be made up for; if the soul can accept, it will irrevocably get back its own possession.
However, Marja had to make up to Hans as a result of a previous life.
She has now devoted her own life to this purpose, she had to do that with her body!
The mother devotes all of herself as a result of this!
She pays her debts, deception is made up for, she comes back into balance again with her universal laws as a result of this.
This is the way things are.
Anyone who is cheated as a human being, Karel, and wants to restore that deception in the same way, therefore by deception, will never get hold of the Divine law.
The Universe will never speak to your life, because you want to repay evil with evil.
I already understood at that time, because we experienced the astral laws.
Oteb was rich!
I was from Eastern nobility like my parents.
However, that does not mean anything.
Oteb and Anna are twin souls.
I and Marja too, otherwise we would not have met each other.
Marja is the part of my heart which emerged from me, was born on the Moon.
Both of us form one life.
I from her life and she from mine.
When we started our own splitting up, Karel – I will explain these laws later, then you will be more strong on your feet – we created two new lives through our life and we could return to the Earth.
For there the Moon!
Until we had reached the Earth, we remained in harmony.
The physical laws demanded that we would experience them.
However, when we became people and had experienced the material, therefore physical laws, we were faced with cause and effect.
For this purpose, we had thousands of lives, in order to come from the jungle to the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org).
Fatherhood and motherhood force us to accept those laws.
As a result of this you come further.
However, gradually you come into harmony again.
If you now know that you commit sin and mistakes in each life and every thought flings you from Divine harmony, you will feel what is necessary for this, if you want to come into harmony again with Divine Creation.
We experienced those laws.
Everyone experiences them.
You cannot escape them.
We made up in those lives.
Slowly but surely we started to follow the good.
We were taught that in the Temples.
Do good, do everything according to the natural laws and you will get hold of yourself.
Never get angry, even if it costs you your life.
Bow to everything!
And I, Oteb, Marja and Anna mastered that, Karel!
We already lived then in order to give this humanity happiness by means of the Divine laws.
Those lives brought us to growth and blossom.
You cannot take what was once conquered to the passionate.
You call a halt to those feelings.
Marja threw away her life there.
Hans lived it up, but we had already come into connection with each other for this purpose.
So we see that we receive thousands of lives.
And all those lives are necessary, if you wish to come out of that terrible cause and effect.
Karmic laws take you back to the Earth in order to give souls a new body.
Hans is attached to those laws.
He could not escape them, the past revealed itself to his life.
You do not have the feeling, the power to understand everyday things and you are not open to them either.
Now we get everything back!
Or is Marja now sullied?
Hans was not able to feel a gram of feeling of her soul.
Yet he brought Marja back to my life.
Marja knew inside that, when she attracted that man to her, she would experience her happiness.
As a child, you will hear that from her later, she already knew that.
Just as the past awakened in me, that knowledge came back to her life.
Every life demands the past consciousness.
When you are therefore born that past comes up.
You cannot do anything about it, those emotional powers force you to accept them.
You are not different, you do not act different.
This is our incredible subconscious.
It is this which the academics make such a fuss about and for which they can never find a conclusive answer, because they do not accept reincarnation.
It is therefore clear that when the soul awakens, you already live in your past, the previous life.
You cannot get round that, Karel!
All those feelings from one life, it is so much feeling from your infinite subconscious, now forms the personality.
For many people art lies there, people with good heads, talent for something, but in the next life that sinks back into the depth of that space again and then you are a weak-spirited.
Hans has now succumbed as a result of his past.
It started after his fortieth year and reached awakening.
His Hansi awakened it.
Hans could have led a quiet life if he had not done psychology, but his subconscious forced him to it.
However, I tell you, you cannot escape it.
Could I, could you have helped him?
Could Hans have done any different?
Why was Hans so well off?
Why did his parents have so many possessions?
All of those lives come back to our life.
You will feel, you can be involved with thousands of people in one life.
And all those lives do something, they live it up or you are taken in by all those lives.
Usually it concerns love, the man or the woman!
And that is simple, because these lives experience the universal laws, money and possessions are attached to it, take part, but it concerns your life, that must be devoted to this!
These laws reach your conscious infallibly.
And sometimes two or three lives at the same time.
The personality absorbs feeling in it from all those lives.
Lives are experienced which mean nothing.
Millions of people experience those qualities.
Millions of people experience nothing, because they still have to awaken.
Bubbling experiences penetrate your day-conscious.
They want to be experienced.
They cannot be stopped either, the soul as the personality awakens them itself.
As a result of this life begins.
As a child you start to see what really lives in the soul.
The character has to listen, the personality is attached to it.
Art, wisdom, mysticism, passions and violence, fatherhood and motherhood, all those thousands of laws now come to the foreground.
And that is the personality, that lives in the organism and stands for good and evil, for cause and effect, for karmic laws.
Now try saying that you have nothing to do with other lives.
I tell you, there is not one human being in this society – not in the jungle, Karel, because you cannot experience those laws, they are of course other grades of life seen as organisms – or you have to do with those lives.
If you are separate from those souls, you have made up for cause and effect, then those lives leave your aura.
That works infallibly!
Your own grade of life has inspired the most.
You can now experience the human organism, the laws of creation four grades of life back.
That means that you can beget, can attract children, by means of those lower grades.
You can beget children from an Eskimo, but that is not your own grade of life.
Now you are faced with a natural law, you are already tuned to another grade of life and you are in disharmony with your own grade of life.
Or did you think that this had no consequences for the cosmic laws?
You can go further dozens of lives, one day you have to make up to that life, the natural law for fatherhood and motherhood will call you back.
In this way the soul throws itself away and it brings a splitting, not only for the physical, but also for its personality.
The cosmic law asks you to accept the grade of life, which belongs to your own life.
If you are born here you must not search for it with other people.
This grade forces you to create and to bear children and you are always certain.
In a few centuries people will get to know these laws.
You will then remain blood of your blood and child of your own people, people will say then, but you are in harmony with your grade of life.
Now you can reach unity with many peoples, that does not mean anything, as a result of this different blood enters our body.
The laws can therefore already connect you with the life of other peoples, yet this is the highest law which speaks to our life.
In this way one grade of life reaches the very highest for the human organism.
Do not forget either, that the races (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org) of the Earth strive for this themselves.
Every race creates its own core!
Every grade of life searches just as long until the life has been found which belongs to the other.
Now your soul lives in other parts of the Earth.
You will collect it there or it will come back to your life.
You will feel, thousands of possibilities come to you and you do not know one of them.
Yet nature continues.
The seven physical grades of life for the organism demand from us that we experience and accept the laws.
You are attached to people for lives on end and only become released when you have made up for it.
Now it is true, our own grade of life has spread itself across the Earth.
If that was not the case, then you would see that no Dutchman would be able to marry a child from the other people, because the soul itself quite simply does not want that.
This seeking from people amongst other peoples to find true love, already drives the soul to the other people.
However, if those karmic laws are experienced, then they cease to exist and the inner life no longer becomes free from the own grade of life.
You can no longer escape it, you cannot get away from it, something in you says: to here and not further!
Just as with Hans now, he could not do any different!
These are therefore laws.
Not only for the own grade of life, but thousands of other laws now decide about your life.
And that is a human being!
That is a woman and is a man.
If you have committed murders, then you must become a mother in order to bring life back into harmony as a result of your own possession.
What kind of possession is that?
Your body.
But now men have got each other out of the way.
One of us has committed evil.
In another life you are mother and you are faced with each other.
Do you recognise this soul?
Can you accept from your child, that you murdered it in previous lives!
Why did I come back to you, Karel?
Because I took something away from you in one of my lives.
And that has precisely to do with being a child.
I am now making up for it!
I bring you back to the conscious, which I took away from you before.
The most dangerous thing which we people can do is take away faith from a fellow human being.
Keeping people away from the highest is the greatest crime of all which we can commit.
If this holds back the development for the soul, you will fall as a result of it!
Those are now cosmic laws.
They are much and much more conscious than any other evil.
You now have Divine evolution directly in your hands.
You are now faced with the Divine law.
Anyone who now finishes me off and sullies people spiritually as a result of this, therefore crushes to death, keeps them from my teachings and the Divine laws, creates defilement, has another thing coming.
You will not only have to dissolve the physical faults, you are now faced with a human being whom you would give everything, but will probably not be accepted.
Why not?
Why does that soul not want to accept?
Why can't you change this life's mind?
Because you destroyed that life yourself!
Just see now that you awaken it again.
And you cannot take another step in life after death, if you have not opened those children of God to His laws.
Thousands of possibilities keep you prisoner.
You cannot become released from them, you have to experience them and to take them back to the Divine harmonic laws, those for justice and Divine evolution, but which you are occupied with life after life!
Just destroy me, soon you will be faced with your own destruction.
Woe your life, if I bring truth.
If I am talking nonsense, then everything will be different and you will have the right to kill it.
But if I am bringing the Divine harmonic laws to your life and that of others, Karel, then you must just sully me, you need lives for it in order to remove that poison from those souls.
Do you now know why so many people slave in order to bring the other life of God to awakening?
Do you now know why there is such an enormous willpower in me to complete all of this?
I let myself be hacked to pieces for it.
I will die for it!
I want to bleed to death for this task, because I also experienced all those laws.
Try speaking wrongly about a being, a human being, just kill that life, sooner or later you will be faced with your own misery.
And if it is your wife?
Did you think that all those failed marriages had no meaning?
Did you think that those people came to each other just like that out of their own longing and as a result of their own will?
You can let rip, you will create new karma as a result of this, but she or he who belongs to your life will stand before you sooner or later.
Won’t they?
Why does the soul not take action?
What refuses in your personality?
Why do you not reach a decision?
Why is it precisely that other one?
It is precisely the wrong one.
Yes, you would like that, Karel.
That which is conscious in you acts now!
This, which must represent the day conscious , now decides about your life.
And now you do not understand each other.
That is natural, you now get to see your task.
You can now begin in order to take the soul back to the state of purity of Frederik.
I waited.
Because I know that I do not need to do anything, the life will come to me!
I will meet her.
If I had taken one of the girls who wanted to possess me, then I would have closed myself off to the spatial law.
You will feel, you can just attract several girls to your life and experience unity in this way, soon you will meet that life anyway, because you have connected yourself with that soul as a result of the most powerful laws, fatherhood and motherhood.
If you limit yourself to playful amusement, to the human kiss, or if you marry that life and children come, it is not your soul!
Your own soul, who belongs to your life and as a result of which you must represent this universe and the Divine All; with her you are strong, with her you can take on everything, she carries you, she inspires you, she drives you upwards, which is wonderful and which only a few people in this world experience.
That other one sucks you empty and holds back your own happiness, you sully your happiness at a cosmic attunement.
If you remain alone, even if you are bursting with longing, but you feel that you must wait, and this life passes by, then you have remained in harmony with your own life and that of your twin soul.
Hundreds of thousands of possibilities charge at your life.
The woman in front of you is unconscious.
Or it is you yourself.
You do not belong to each other for eternity, because that is not possible.
If you do not finish that life, then you will be faced with it again and you can start again.
I knew all of that.
I therefore acted out of previously gained knowledge.
I mastered those laws.
Marja still had something to experience, to make up for.
However, she knew, you will hear that soon, because of that soul I will get the other thing.
And that is not deception.
You could see for yourself how she fulfilled her duties.
She carried the life of Hans.
If I had seen – I have already known her for a long time – that she had neglected Hans, then I would have known that she is not yet ready for my life.
I would not have been able to meet her either, I would probably have met her in life after death, and that is written in our hearts.
Only in the Heavens!
Now we will receive this wonderful life.
She is ready for me, I for her!
She will help me and I her!
This is why I said, learn your language.
She will finish what I will create.
In this way we will now serve, but I will let the laws do it, she herself must know it!
I will only go into it then and I will be sure of myself!
I do not wish to create any karma!
As a child I already saw her, she was sent, given to me?
Not at all, we had come into harmony with the space!
That’s it!
You and Erica found and received each other.
You belong to each other.
But can you feel the difference, Karel, with us?
Your emotional life is material, ours is spatial, you can already experience that attunement spiritually and that is also an amazing happiness.
You can experience the highest for this world, Karel, because you and Erica were repeatedly born for it.
You killed that other Karel ten times.
Erica herself as well.
But what do other people do?
They cannot do it, because one person is faced with that other emptiness.
You cannot change that soul in one life, but that is possible when those powers live in the day-consciousness.
Otherwise you are faced with unconsciousness and you both pull to your own side, like two asses on one rope!
Just look at Frederik?
How did he act?
If he had split himself.
If he had asked Anna a few years too soon, then all this wisdom would have escaped him.
Now he gets universal love in his hands.
What would have happened, if he had accepted the material life?
You will know that soon enough, that has no meaning for your awakening.
Yet the human being searches for that, he lives it up as a result of it, but you cannot escape your own laws.
They call you to the spatial halt for thousands of things.
Fatherhood and motherhood, creation forces you to accept the other life.
If you are on your way as a mother and your motherhood awakens, no creator comes, what do you do?
It is possible that the first soul belongs to your life.
Who knows himself for his love?
Who feels, that the life, however unconscious and miserable it is, must be finished?
How many divorces do we not experience?
I tell you, you cannot escape it anyway, one day you will have to give that soul absolutely everything of your own life.
But then that life will be a hell!
But God has nothing to do with it, that is you yourself!
Every thought demands from you to live your life and personality in harmony.
Just look at yourself.
How do you live?
How did you live years ago?
What did you give Erica?
Can you, if you are not open, are unconscious, give everything of yourself to your wife, your love?
Did you think that all those people awakened as a result of their searching for another life?
Your life awakens precisely as a result of misery.
That misery makes you think.
If you now begin to bring that life to awakening, take it to better and more conscious, that is your own development and you will soon be faced with higher love.
If that comes to you, you will experience the Divine law for your love and your own happiness, as man and woman, as two souls of one will, one feeling, one love and one concept!
Can you sense this conscious and that love?
You will then die for that and as a result of this people wrote so many books!
Can you learn from it?
If you begin that, but people do not do that!
What does a psychologist know about the soul, Karel?”
“Not a thing!”
“That is the way it is.
Do you think, that I would get a university degree, if I give lectures?”
“They must accept you in everything.”
“Imagine, that they knew that I was right, how would all those great ones act?
Now I am a nutcase.
You will hear it.
I am a fool, a dreamer.
But what do those people want?
The highest, which is not understood, is always killed off.
That human being must be got rid of.
You will see.
Even if they cannot do that anymore now, I have not got it yet in this sober West, but we ourselves can do masses for it.
I know at least what awaits me and I am not afraid of it, I will soon challenge them one by one!
I will force them to listen to me, my books will be accepted by thousands of people!
I have something to bring.
I now bring a message to the wild West, the sober self of Our Lord!”
“What will you do with Marja?”
“You will soon see and experience that yourself, Karel.
Mother will call us.
Then we will celebrate our engagement yonder, on the beach, in the wonderful South.
But first we will all go to Giza, Isis, Ra, Ré, the Sphinx!
I already know that.
This will then be the wonderful possession for your lives.
Oteb, we will send this soul message to Mohammed.
Do you wish to experience another wonder, Karel?”
What is it?”
“I want you to experience the mercy, how the child is one with God.
I am also that with Marja.
Mohammed is receiving my message at this moment.
I am sending to him: we will soon be coming.
Go to Marja and bless her with your life and your love.
I bet, Mohammed is going!
I send mother to the Sphinx.
She must go to Egypt, you can also do that.
We will be together there.
Do you like the idea, Karel?”
“This is incredible.
I will go, finally then.
And what do you think of Hans now?”
“Hans took his own life.
That is the very worst thing which the soul can do.
Now, you will certainly feel, it has neither life, nor death.
It flings itself too soon from life and has not ended its life.
What follows this is the following process.
It is tragic through and through, but nothing can be done about it.
I can tell you one thing, Hans still had three years to live at the most.
Actually even shorter, because I already saw his normal death in his aura.”
“Can that be seen?”
“Everything lives in the human aura, Karel.
Hans is now under the ground attached to his body.”
“What did you say?”
“Hans consciously experiences the rotting of his body.
He is not separate as a soul and personality, not lived out, is he?
The law which dominates his life, which will determine time and everything, which determines the hour of birth and the hour of death, that law keeps him tied to the body like a spiritual personality.
Hans experiences that rotting consciously and is beaten from the material, from the spirit!
Nothing can help him, I can only ask my masters, to go to him now and again, and to alleviate his life by means of their appearances.
I will tell them: alleviate his suffering, explain the laws to him and say that we continue to think of his life.”
“How long will that misery last?”
“Until there is no more fibre on his bones, it is only then that the human auras tear apart from the physical and he can go where he wants to.
But now?
If he must return to the earth, then he has to live in there, in that world, where neither life nor death can be seen.
That world is empty, it is the attunement for suicides.
However, he does not see a single one of them!
There are millions along with him who have taken their lives; he does not see them!
He is alone until the hour of dying on Earth comes.
And now Hans experiences his material death.
Is it not amazing?
In this way the soul recovers!
In this way it returns to the harmonic laws of God, for soul, spirit, material!
And then?
If Hans must start a new life, the world for birth will attract his life and he will dissolve.
Then he will become an embryo.
But I have another wonder for you, and you can be happy: Hans will not come back.
Hans has experienced his material cycle and he does not possess any more karmic laws.
Hans was good, Hans was a fine human being, he did everything for his patients, but was attached to his own life.
Hans will therefore go to the astral world.
If this had not been the case, then we would not have seen him again in thousands of centuries.
But that does not matter anymore!
As a result of this you see that only the soul, the life, has meaning for God, not Hans as a human being for this world.
We know millions of souls and all those souls are part of our own life.
However, as a human being and as your father or your mother, your sister or your brother, you no longer see and feel those people.
It is life!
And that life lives for you, you live for that soul as life.
That is the universal attunement for our own self, for which Christ died.
We will therefore recognise Hans later.
The first of us who passes on, will see him!
The years which he now experiences, years of unprecedented misery, suffering, pains, are indescribable, because you experience that process, you experience that the worms eat your heart to pieces.
You scream, but no one hears you, you are attached to yourself!
That will last approximately three years for Hans.
Then the body will already be well on its way to decomposition and he will be torn away from this misery like the Divine spark.
If he still had ten or fifteen years to experience here, then he would be attached to that grave and that body for those years.
You cannot remove yourself and you do not know why it is.
You pull at that cord, but it does not break.
I know all those laws, because I myself ended my life in order to get to know them!”
“What did you say?”
“I committed suicide along with many others, there were seven of us, the high priests, Karel, who wanted to get to know death and eternal life!
Or did you think that I had received this knowledge just like that?
We entered death, we sought out death!
And then we had to consciously accept and experience those laws.
We learned from them, because we were consciously tuned into death.
Another one does not have that, he does it by unconsciousness.
It is exactly the same as when you smoke a good cigar.
The one which you now have in your hands has also been smoked, but you do not know that you have smoked.
Now that is nothing!
You do not enjoy it, you only blow.
Smoking is an art!
Those who enter death as a result of misery, do not experience anything.
They only feel a bit of fear later, when they are faced with suicide again, but no more has changed in those souls.
We entered there consciously!
We were laid in a wonderful way in our graves by the other ones.
And then we went even further.
We let ourselves be embalmed.
There are still some of us in ancient Egypt in the ground, who let themselves be killed and embalmed, but they smoke a dreadful pipe.
That cigar burns on eternally.
All those embalmments create an internal influence.
You will sense, those bodies cannot dissolve, the soul is attached to them and cannot be separated.
Yet such a soul gets another life.
But what is the conscious like?
Are these your very smartest fools?
No, the worst psychopaths there are.
Those souls do not have their full conscious.
This is why we know conscious and unconscious psychopathy.
Those are souls who went too far.
That embalming of all those bodies stops the development of the soul.
The soul attaches itself to those bodies.
It will not reach consciousness in centuries, because it drags something along behind it for eternity!
The burning of the body is also in conflict with the Divine laws.
It all seems so wonderful, but this life does not know the Divine laws for body, soul and spirit!
But mainly for the spirit, because that is the personality for the soul in the next life.
That is your Divine attunement and transforms you as material and spiritual life!
Is it not simple?”
“What did you experience in those dungeons, René?”
“Well, Karel, the rotting of our bodies.
We experienced that consciously, but all the priests followed us.”
“And then?”
“After centuries, one after the other, we went back to our Temples.
Then our past was awakened.
And it was there that these laws occurred.
Ancient Egypt never knew them, they were not yet that far.
And you know better than I do, that there is more embalming done there than anywhere else.
I tell you, there are still thousands lying in beautifully buried dungeons waiting for release.
I will do a lot for this if it is possible, be able to change a lot about it.
But what does such a present pharaoh say to me?
See that you leave!
If I tell him, I am so and so, I lived here as a high priest, he will put me behind bars.
Mohammed did everything for it, but this king does not wish to believe it, that is a violation of a culture which is sacred to him.
And there you stand now, Karel!
If you wish to help those souls, then you must burn all that nonsense.
Those embalmed bodies, we also have enough of them here, eat at the conscious of the soul.
Those bodies keep something going which must die, dissolve.
If you wish to be free, to be able to go further in order to finish your lives, that is only possible if you have no ballast to carry with you.
Now you enter a life again, you miss something, you do not know what it is, doctors want to give you an injection and make you even more unconscious.
You feel it and you carry it with you.
You cannot avoid it, but you are amongst the living.
Something draws you if you have become conscious somewhere.
But where does it lie, where does it live?
And now all those thousands of problems for which you live!
Can you feel that the human soul has made a chaos of itself?
It has raped the natural laws.
It no longer has a normal existence, it is like a tale of woe.
Even more in the invisible as in that which you know as illnesses or other miserable matters.
The invisible laws, such as Hans now has to experience, will teach you to bow your head!
And then your conceited personality also goes down, because the worms take you there!
That embalming is the most unnatural thing which you can do for yourself.
Cremation, on the other hand, goes too fast.
You will certainly already feel it: souls are attached to the human body and burn.
That shock is dreadful!
They are separate, of course, the burning process rips the soul and body apart.
But the soul is not conscious.
It feels material, earthly.
It therefore walks round with that shock, wherever it goes, it will only be released from that state when it possesses another life or possesses such a spiritual height, that it has conquered itself.
Millions of people, Karel, suffer that they scream from it as a result of the astral laws!”
“It is tremendous, René, I believe and accept everything!”
“Just work out what you can do with your life of the Earth.
You will say: Elsje has been broken!
Should I have accepted another life?
Should I have married a chaste child, pure child?
That is good for unconscious people.
Of course, you see it, I also still had to make up for it.
But Hans was not able to experience a single gram of feeling for her life as a result of his emotional life!
Despite this, I must bow my head for these laws.
I am grateful to God that now our eternal life can begin.
Every thought is now a universe for us!
Did you receive your soul?
You received each other, but millions of people too, who only saw then that they had been beaten to death by one thought.
And that is thousands of times worse.
No, Karel, give me Marja and keep your queens of this world.
For that matter, did you not see that she is a queen?
That is my possession!
That is her conscious and it dissolves in mine.
We will live!
We will love. But all of us will soon go on a trip.
And as a result of that trip we will help and support Hans.”
“Who now, or therefore later, will die here, will see Hans?”
“Yes, Karel, Hans will wait there for you.”
“Do you know which one of us will go first?”
“I know!
And because I know I will not say anything.
Nevertheless, I will give you the proof.
Soon you will see it yourself.
I will warn the person in question beforehand by means of thoughts.
And that soul will see Hans first, as he was.”
“Will you recognise him immediately?”
“You have not changed in any way, Karel.”
“Are you the same there in everything as here?”
“In everything!
You will possess teeth and molars there.
We were already able to experience materialisations in ancient Egypt.
In our times half temples floated in the space, but we experienced black magic.
I then sought for white magic, the sacred law for life, and got to know that.
Hans is there as he was here.
The spiritual personality lives on.
You can experience contact with those souls, but then you must conquer everything of your body.
And that is not so simple.
This is why those spiritualists have such a lot of deception.
Nevertheless, they follow the laws of ancient Egypt.
Other sects want nothing to do with it, but they now close themselves off completely to the direct contact.
You see Hans as you will see and experience yourself.
Oh well, he who is the first will enjoy his personality again.
That is another, a loving being.
You understand that what he must now experience, is a dreadful fight!
He is beaten by the laws of his organism.
I will also write a book about this.
We must still do a great deal, Karel, but I now already know that I will achieve what I must achieve.”
“So is age determined beforehand?”
“Yes, Karel.
The laws for the soul determine its age.”
“What do you think, Frederik?
Did you not know this either?”
“No, Karel, I am happy with it, it is wonderful!”
“Do you know then how old you will become, René?”
“I know that, Karel.
Birth gives you a new life and that only ends when the life aura has been experienced.
Suddenly the clock refuses to tick and the soul returns in order to enter its next life.
Those lives end down to the last second.
If you are connected to an order, then that order will allow the other soul to continue your work.
When Gallilea went, Newton was born.
So you see, that every soul can experience those laws.
And that is in your own hands!
You prepare yourself for this purpose.
And the mother is there with you, as your soul.”
“So do you know whether you will remain man?”
“I am that, Karel.
Later as well, in the next life.
But it is also possible that you must return to the Earth for this purpose.”
“What does that mean?”
“Imagine that I am the mother for my own part.
Let me add that we are both for the space, father as well as mother.
If I possess that attunement, I would have to return to the Earth for it.
I would soon be attracted and will also soon return as a child.
My mother is crying again until her tears run dry, but I am the life of another.
And that other awaits me in the Spheres of Light.
It is obvious, if you live in darkness, you are still far removed from those laws.
You must already have reached your spiritual attunement, or it will not be possible.
We are now in harmony.
The soul tunes in completely and attunes to those laws.
The previous life already regulates itself according to those laws.
You can experience seven lives as father and mother, before you can enter the actual attunement.
There are seven lives in order to bring you into harmony for your own soul!
That is amazingly beautiful and awe-inspiringly deep, but also very natural, because God has given us those harmonic laws.
Gradually you come upwards and you grow back to your own life.
One day you will stand before each other as man and woman.
On the fourth cosmic grade you change again of your own accord, each next life is different.
We awaken as a result of motherhood.
In the Divine All you are father and mother and also there you see yourself as a human being, but you are now Divine conscious!”
“It is amazing, where did you get all of this from?”
“You can ask me what you like, Karel, I will never owe you an answer!
Thousands of books can be written about this and not one book will tell you the same thing.
By means of one thought we come through spaces, until we stand before God!
And how many worlds do you now have to experience?
You must deify that one thought!
And then make out the millions which you possess and that are part of your personality.
How deep is the human soul?
What is marriage?
What do people understand about marriage?
Oh, Karel, do you feel what this means?
Feel, to be one with a life which is one with you to the bone?
Can you not feel what you then have to give each other?
Do you understand why I do not like a missy like that?
Emptiness, poverty, you will hear it soon, won’t you?
Tell me what you want and I will know you.
But that is not even necessary, I can see it in your eyes, your shape, your face, your walk, your voice, your build, everything, one triviality and you are now gone for me, no matter how beautiful you are for yourself!
I do not like you!
What does the man see in the woman?
Beauty attracts, but what does beauty say?
Elsje is a queen.
And she is my youth, my life, my soul.
Can you feel what awaits us?
We will see this humanity together!
That is the highest for Hans, he has given us back the stolen goods.
I already bought the cross for Marja in Vienna.”
“You are not serious!”
“Wait a minute, I will show you, Karel.”
René goes upstairs and comes back a moment later.
“Here, just look, this is for Marja!”
“How can it be.”
“It is the truth, Karel.”
“Did you know all of this?”
“Frederik recorded everything in the logbook.
I have always seen Marja, she has always been with me.
But do not millions of people experience this?
The human being does not yet know the laws, Karel, however, I assure you that every soul experiences them for spirit and material, for fatherhood and motherhood and spatial justice.
Marja lived consciously in these laws.
But for us!
If you know, Karel, for what you live, life is a sacred wonder.
Do not make a misery of it, then it will be a hell.
And Hans stood for this!
Hans did not want me to paint Elsje, did he?
I asked Frederik what he thought about it.
But try looking behind this!
Just see that mask, how true it is.
Hans felt unconsciously who I was.
Hans hated me!
Hans did not like me.
And was I not always friendly towards him?
Did I give him a reason to hate me?
Hans could have killed me.
But why, for what purpose, Karel?”
“Now that you say so, everything is clear to me.”
“You see, this is how previous lives work!
This is how the laws are which you do not know.
You hate someone and do not know why.
Yet you carry that feeling.
Did those souls have to do with your life?
You must make sure that you love all life.
But this?
It is his subconscious!
But you are searching for the subconscious, for that matter, and do not know what it is and where it lives.
Yet you are inspired by it.
You cannot avoid it.Slowly but surely it comes in order to destroy your day-consciousness and you must prove what you want as a personality!
Hans experienced his past!
The more he started to hate, the closer we were to this end, the new mask!
It penetrates your world of thoughts infallibly.
Truth, Karel!
Sacred truth!
Now you get to know the subconscious of the human being.
Hans did not like me, Hans could have killed me!
This is why I stayed out of his way.
I did not want to irritate him in any way, yet I wanted to give you proof for the logbook!
He also receives his passages.
When Hans married, all of us were with him, Frederik, you followed me.
I absorbed your thoughts in me.
I already knew then who Elsje was.
You recorded that in the logbook.
I saw you write from my life, I forced you to do it!”
“Is that recorded, Frederik?”
“Everything, Karel!”
“But that is tremendous.
It will become a film, a play.
They are amazing books.
And then, René?”
“I heard through Elsje her second name.
I heard Marja talking to me.
I received her thoughts sent to me inwardly.”
“And did Elsje also know that?”
“Elsje knew everything!
Elsje knew that she would meet me through Hans.
Something drove her in that direction and Hans brought her to us.
And Elsje could deal with everything.
Did you think that she would not succumb?
She knew, her soul lives there!”
“And did you never speak to her?”
“I swear to you, Karel, never!
We were not allowed to do that and we did not need that either.
I told Frederik that I did not wish any love, which belonged to another.
I am that far!
I know that my age has no significance!”
“And is that also recorded, Frederik?”
“Yes, Karel, everything.
Every thought has been described!”
“When will the books be finished?”
“That will take a while.
René will be able to tell you.
Not I!”
“When may we read everything, René?”
“That is also a mask, Karel.
I could tell you it, but then I will open too much.
I have not spoken about it with Frederik.
But I know that he can say down to the last second when the logbook will be finished.
Can’t you, Frederik?
But I know something else for it.
I will write down or record, Karel, when you will read the logbook.
Frederik knows, but he will keep quiet about that.
I also know and that also comes to our lives from the space.
You will also get a closed letter from me this evening, Karel.
I will soon start on it.
You will open that letter only when I tell you.
Before that you may not glance at it.
Can you promise this?”
“Of course.”
“That letter will tell you then, why Frederik cannot tell you this, at least not now.
Karel squeezes René’s hand, then mine.
I know what he means, I know!
The boy continues and says:
“This is how things are, Karel, you will get to see your own life as you have not yet known it.”
“But now something else, René.
Could Elsje not have come to you before she met Hans?”
“You see, it does not yet get through to you.
Did I not tell you that we had to make up for it to Hans?
Elsje did that through her physical laws!
This is the highest which a soul has to devote.
Money, possession have no meaning.
Devoting yourself bridges every law and you cannot avoid it.
You can see that now!
Elsje could not avoid Hans!
She had to open herself to his life.
You cannot avoid it anyway.
But I tell you that Hans did not experience a single gram of her soul.
That was not possible.
Hans only touched the material laws.
What one person sees and feels in a soul as ice-cold, is for the other personality, who possesses attunement to that life, supernatural love!
Did you think that people could experience each other?
Did you think that they knew, experienced, each other’s love?
When you yourself are not open, how do you wish to be able to devote the thousands of character traits for your love if they still cling unconsciously to your personality?
Can you feel this?
Hans did not touch her life, he could not do that!
He was not capable of it.
How did you live yourself, Karel?
Did you two not die a few times for each other?
Did you not keep on killing yourself inwardly?
You must wish to kill every character trait, must experience the dying process for your personality, if you wish to elevate all your character traits to love.
You were able to make something beautiful of yourself.
You stood for destruction and misery, because Erica is not further than you yourself on this path.
You correspond, but if you had experienced other grades and she belonged to another, you would not have reached this height, the material life is too short for that.
You can experience tremendous heights, but is life capable of that?
Does the human being wish to make something of himself?
You already stumble over one thought.
But that thought is a part of the real character!
And in that way, it can beat your whole personality to pieces.
You stood up!
You have, for example, the wonderful feeling in you to bow to the truth.
If you could not have done that, Karel, then nothing would have become of your marriage!
But this is the highest which you have.
Since you received some feeling, some love, you can bow your learned head, your personality became different.
The human being does not bow.
The human being thinks that he is something, but he is nothing if he wants to be right and yet is wrong!
You will never escape it, Karel, you will beat yourself, you will continue to be faced with those laws, until you bow your head!
One day, in the other life, you will be faced with those laws again.
Just as long until you want to be beaten and it is only then that you will begin your own life.
Erica was open to you!
How much love did you receive during those years?
Is it no wonder to you?
Is she not one woman in hundreds of thousands?
Would you wish to possess a queen for her!
What does Erica give you?
What do you get?
You did not know her!
She had nothing to give either, she was living dead!
This is why I already said as a child: that inhuman washing away is demonic!
Can you not feel it yet?
Just let Frederik open the logbook, Karel, and you will know yourself better!
I want to prepare myself inwardly, you did that materially?
What does material mean, what does a body mean?
And yet that is the most wonderful thing which the soul possesses!
As a result of this the mother gives the universe to the father!
Did you experience a universe as a result of it?
What did you have to give her and she you?
Nothing, Karel!
You were too empty and too dead for that.
So you see, you have died many times.
Your marriage has become a sacred wonder, you will never be old, never, because that is no longer possible!
You gave each thought life conscious, Karel!
Now you are new for each other!
You are awakening, you throw off mask after mask!
It is as a result of this, that Hans could not experience Elsje.
I receive her from a heaven!
What should a frill like that have given me?
Did you think that a soul is pure, even if it has not been touched for this world!
Hell and devil reach consciousness!
No, it is not that, at least not for us, every life has its own laws, but every law can be analysed.
Girls forced themselves upon my life!
If I had wanted, I could already have created accidents on my trip to Italy.
How quickly you fall for that and is that amazing?
But what is the end?
That you wait!
That you watch out!
You will know irrevocably, that it is she who comes to you!
And if it is wrong, it is called: ‘I bought a pig in a poke!’
Wrong, Karel!
You must have her, because you have to make up to that life!
What is subconsciousness?
It lives on the surface of your daily self.
Hans suffered from it and he did nothing about it, he surrendered to it.
But he could have lived for another three years!
Try going into another life?
What do you do now?
Create new karma!
You come to be faced with laws, you create new laws, which connect you to other lives.
You can just live it up in this world, there are enough men and women who are open to some crazy love, Frederik, but if it is perhaps the wrong one?
If you want to experience love, and the mother can say to have converted her longings by giving birth to a child and to be happy as a result of it, your lives have something to reveal for this humanity, it is a blessing.
Woe your soul and your personality if it becomes trouble!
But what do millions of people do?
They think: I will take that and I will take this.
Try making miserable matters of this now?
You will be faced with that one day and then you will have to accept that unconscious misery!
It is obvious that you create new suffering and new misery.
You can follow and analyse all these laws, Karel, according to the Divine revelations.
But if you wait, you have to accept what your love is like, breaking the contact brings you to a standstill for centuries.”
“Are you describing these laws, René?”
“Yes, Karel, I will write about thirty books.
Books for soul and spirit, for the material laws, as a result of which the soul gets to know itself.
You can write a book about every law.
But I will soon begin.
Painting was just a sideline for me, even if I will achieve much with it, because as a result of art my inner life awakened and received personality!
I myself destroyed those masks!
I will write books for this humanity, Karel, that is my task!
Elsje will help me!
We and you together and those who want to follow us!
First all those books, there has been misery enough written, this is more use to people!
Now the laws will be explained!
I will also write books about insanity!
We will build on a universal psychology!
It will become a university, Frederik has already started!
His books form the foundations, are the actual systems, on which the University of Christ will stand!
That is my life and is your own life!
This is the gift for everyone who wishes to awaken.
For Christ he belongs to His life.
We will not destroy anything, we will build up!
Soon every sensible soul will have to agree with me, because science goes further.
Many academics will agree with me, because they will soon penetrate the embryonic life!
Also many clergymen, and astronomers, because they have to accept, there is no other path to take!
I know what I am doing and what I want, Karel.
I do not intend to deny people their God, but damnation does not exist!
The church is more necessary than bread!
If there were no churches, this humanity would be lost.
I live for catholics and protestants, for all the sects of the Earth.
I am a bringer of light and not a destroyer!
I receive my wisdom from the Angels, the Masters, and not one soul will stop me!
I have prepared myself.
Soon you can start yourself, one day you will have to give your soul and bliss for this!
Just you bow now, only then you will go to the perfect love for which you live after all!
True or not?”
“I accept everything, René.
But something else: what do you think about the different illnesses?
Do we get help from the masters for cancer and TB?”
“Do you not know what cancer is, Karel?”
“We do not know.
We do everything, but where does the source live?”
“Cancer is inner destruction, Karel.
Glandular systems which have lost the own natural source.
You will not achieve anything with what you now know.
I know that destruction and I know where the core lives.
But will you go back with me for millions of years?
The laws live there, there you can see the construction of these illnesses, which you are powerless against.
Cancer is weakening and then decaying follows.
Only the pure natural life aura can dissolve that weakening, so that the glandular systems can do their work again!
We will also talk about that.
Father, then you can get a lecture from us!”
“Gladly, René.”
“Thank you, Karel, I will prove to you that you are not involved with a fool!
However, I will go upstairs now.
I will prepare your letter.
I repeat, you will lay off it, it will be a piece of testament.”
He leaves.
Karel says:
“Is that life not a wonder, Frederik?
But how I am talking.
What strange things a human being can do!
I cannot bear thinking about it.
It is amazing what he knows!
And this is the way it is!
You cannot avoid it!
They will be wonderful books.
I will control myself.
I find it supernatural.
Only now I am starting to live.
He is right about everything!
What were we like?
How did we live?
And what is it now?
Even if I knew that I would have to give up Erica, what a power you get as a result of this.
I would then prepare myself for the other life.
You would yearn to devote yourself to all the life of the world.
But he is right, we are not ready for this.
I think everything is sacred, Frederik!
Do you believe me?”
“I believe you, Karel.”
We also go upstairs and there I note:
“What do you want, people of this world?
To laugh?
Shrug your shoulders?
Behave intelligently?
Just destroy, because you know better again?
Standing stiff from poison and destroying the life?
We know better!
We accept and we are well off!
Hans is also coming out of his misery again!
I know it already now!
I will say nothing!
But I know.
I know exactly when the books will be published!
I already said it, for that matter!
They can know!
But everything is going well!
It could not be better!
I have nothing more to say, I will record his wisdom tomorrow.
I have time enough!
But I am trembling from happiness, from immortality, I believe!
How can it be, Karel?
I already knew this when he had still not been born!
I admit that I did not know the masks.
But he already sent it to our lives from Erica!
World, humanity, just accept this, just believe it, love and build on your eternal love!
Now try looking at your wife, creator!
Wife, mother, now try looking at your husband!
Do you already know him?
Do you know him like that?
No, you don’t, not yet like that!
This will become his and will become her universe.
Now taste the kiss of his soul and you will have made it.
According to me?
Yes, but you must also decide that for yourself!
My God, how good You have always been for us!
I will cry out this evening ...
World, can you hear?
There is no damnation!!!
The God of life loves us!
I will not tell you anymore about it!
I am going to sleep!”