Frederik, the Paul of this century lives in our midst!

The days pass in peace and happiness, hours of incredible beauty, among loved ones, a unity which is no longer of this world.
We cannot get over it, this happiness is so wonderful.
We see each other completely different.
Our lives are open to everything and we enjoy every action.
We go out together; we enjoy the theatre and other art more than ever.
A good concert speaks to your whole life.
You can now weep with happiness and yet you are not childish in any way.
People see it in you, they search for something in you and they do not know what it is.
If your heart opens and you interpret your thoughts for a moment, they usually know.
Now they are faced with a human being with sandals on.
Well, what I met there, you do not see every day.
I met a human being!
Your love for all life rushes at the other life.
How beautiful this world would be if millions of people were to start it.
It is only now that life is worth being experienced.
We received that happiness in our own hands and namely by means of our fool!
We do not dare to say that word anymore.
The people who knew René no longer believe themselves.
What was then born with him, was healthy, seemed to be lengths and years ahead of him, is now no longer consciousness.
René quickly overtakes all of them and the girls are already after him, but he does not take any of them.
Such a young talent means something.
Erica also talks about it sometimes.
Then you hear: “Could that Marja not be amongst them, Frederik?
I would die for that wonder.
I would have everything to spare in order to be able to get to know that child.
I assure you, Frederik, that I will open my eyes.
He must not buy a pig in the poke.
But why am I making such a fuss now?
It will be okay, he will wait, won’t he?”
And the boy waits!
He is not waiting in vain, if you ask me, it has been there so long already.
I have become calmer.
I can deal with everything amazingly well and Karel also absorbs it in him.
Anna is now a great wonder, she seems thirty!
That higher inspiration works like that on your life.
The marriage becomes a revelation.
Karel and Erica are like young people in love and it becomes even more beautiful for those two every day.
Erica has become a beauty.
Just look at that sweet face.
She now seems a bit bigger than before, she rises so far out of herself.
You should see now how she wears her clothes.
You should see Karel.
Karel, who walked behind himself, could not let go of the farmer’s mentality, has now become an aristocrat.
A thorough gentleman, a gentleman through and through.
A true doctor!
A good human being, a doctor with refined feelings.
And I for my part know myself.
This has not done me any harm either.
I am now walking in silver-white sandals!
I no longer think of ghosts; there has been no more haunting for any of us the past few months.
The Heavens have descended to our lives, and all people have that in their own hands.
Isn’t it wonderful?
Karel no longer has the urge to deal with horses.
He says that he will then fail his patients.
You see, that is Karel!
This is Karel, the farmer.
What we expected has come!
We find ourselves in a seventh heaven.
The human being is amazingly beautiful.
Just try following a kiss like that from Karel and Erica.
You should see when he now leaves.
She lifts him up and kisses him.
You see, I thought, that’s it.
And all of that as a result of their own child, our mad René!
This came about as a result of the teachings of Bartjes!
You hear it, we are not yet going hazy.
We remain people of flesh and blood.
We do not feel anything for behaving in a half-baked fashion.
Then René will rap our fingers.
White sheets, he says, have no meaning.
People must remain realistic or they will have bats in the belfry!
Remain with both feet on the ground, do not lose yourself, enough people have already become crazy because of this!
And this is how it should be!
Those days flew past.
I now had nothing more to ask him, I now get everything immediately from Rachi-Hadju and the others also experience it.
People have already sent flowers for Rachi-Hadju, the articles are overwhelming.
Karel also enjoys them.
They do not know who it is, but the flowers come home.
People think that it is me.
But it is not me and it will not become that in this life.
I know, we will not come back here, we will continue yonder.
Oh, my death, what a pal you have become of us.
But what a fine chap you are!
How people finish you off.
How they shout at your amazingly beautiful being.
What false sorrow all those people have.
Now it is already ridiculous.
If you see those black coaches passing you must hold your breath, put a lock on your mouth in order to stop you from bursting out laughing.
You should try following the people at the churchyards.
I saw myself giving myself the honour of already chasing about ten of them from those churchyards.
Those people lay down their flowers beside their loved ones at home.
I now see that carry-on with All Souls’ Day different.
I will say nothing about the churches, I find that amazingly beautiful, but I recently went to see what the spiritualists make of it.
Before I did not understand those people, we were cheated considerably by those seers.
I cannot bear thinking about it.
I thought like this: I will now go and see what they have to say about it.
I now know that this contact is possible.
However, compared with what those souls, those men and women make of it, then this, what we have, the actual contact, is Divine.
Those men and women squander spiritual gifts, to which you have to devote thousands of lives.
Just give me theosophy then.
How far that sect is.
I can now judge every sect, I have become a real expert in supernatural matters and laws.
In my opinion, theosophy is now at a dead point.
René told me that he will soon try to explain the laws to them.
They expect a new master.
But he is not yet there.
Their last teacher left with Blavatsky.
René says that it is he!
Will they accept him?
But that will come!
We therefore experience wonders.
I still have numerous questions to ask him about this and will do that as soon as possible.
The spiritualists experience a mass sensation.
I established that and everyone who knows something about these laws can do that.
It is wonderful to have contact with your family members, but this becomes messing about with the departed.
If these people have it in their hands, then they will bring the life for the soul to a complete halt!
Life in that other world would then have nothing to say any more.
Now they live with each other again, but according to their own thoughts.
If you go into that, not much more will be left of that other, yet so wonderful world.
We have to accept one fact: contact is possible.
René says that he will also write the books for those people, but then he will take away their imaginary gifts from many people, those people do not possess anything.
They want to possess it and just assume that gift.
As if it is possible just like that!
I established that those souls do not serve this sacred matter, but destroy it.
They make a small circle of it.
If you follow that gossip, feel the nonsense, you will soon walk away.
I will say nothing about the few good ones, but if you ask them for an answer, then you will not get it either.
René says that everything is the own thoughts.
Those people cling to their love of course, but now the spiritual being is completely still.
They follow those material beings day and night.
They do not get a step further in this way.
Is that possible?
No, that is impossible!
That is not possible!
This is therefore stuff and nonsense!
I will say nothing about the good ones.
However, if those people do not watch out for it themselves, I swear to them, nothing more will remain of their contact, it will become a great miserable chaos!
René no longer wants me to go.
It sullies your soul, he says.
And that is true.
People who had received a hold, saw it completely kicked into the mud by numerous of those people.
By means of lies and cheating, they will soon kick themselves in.
They are dangerous people!
But we live on!
There can be no two ways about it.
We no longer need to doubt this.
I now know what the theosophists know about it.
I can follow the mentality of all those sects.
When I talked to our master about it, he replied:
“Yes, Frederik, you felt that well.
Everything is at a dead point!
The churches too!
That is a pity!
When my University will soon be there, then we will come thousands of years further again.
This is the very highest which humanity will receive.
Of course, soon the masters themselves will come to the Earth.
They will have instruments then, technical wonders, by means of which they can speak.
And it is only then humanity will be connected with the sources of lives!
Then all the faculties will be educated immediately from the Heavens.
On Earth everything is at a dead point.
There are no masters.
Just work it out for yourself.
The East must come to the West in order to draw the West from that misery!
I will now go further, because my contact is connected with the Divine Universe!
I will go further than Buddha, Blavatsky, Mohammed, Krishna and Rama, further and deeper than Ramakrishna, you know him and many others.
And I am not that myself, Frederik, that is the Order for which all of us live and work.
Anyhow, you will hear that at the séances."
And this is the case, he penetrates through everything.
He possesses the highest mastery, which has lived after Christ.
We will soon have to accept that.
The laws lie open to René.
And in this way we were faced again with our evening.
René is already downstairs, the doctors are there.
They talk a bit, but then René gives me the signal that we can begin.
The teacher writes everything down.
He lies down and falls asleep.
I ask again:
“Can you hear me?”
After a few moments there comes: “I can hear you.
I am ready.”
“Do you wish to listen?
Just descend fifteen years into your own life.”
There comes: “I am already there.”
“Do you know that life?”
He mentions phenomena which he experienced at that age, in which month we live, how Erica is, Anna, we know all too well.
I ask:
“Do you wish to go back to your birth?
But remain conscious.”
We hear: “I am now a few hours old."
And we see that, the body shrivels up as it were before our eyes.
Everyone sees that.
Even Hans looks on with interest.
This is the organism of a child.
How can it be, the face is fifteen years younger.
I ask:
“Can you return to the mother?”
“I will go back.”
A moment later there comes:
“I am in the mother!”
“Then go back to the moment that creation starts.
You know what I mean?”
“I know.
What you see there is the returning of my soul, the returning of the personality to this world.
Do not fear, I will go into the epileptic sleep.”
We see that happening.
The body is as white as a sheet.
Karel worries, we take his pulse.
The heart beat is calm, but weak.
Yet that weakness is not an abnormal phenomenon, Karel says, you feel the other thing, this, this law, this release too.
It is amazing.
Now there comes:
“Before I let myself be buried in this state.
I mastered those occult laws, now I tune into wisdom.
I am one with this life.
I can now tell you how the soul descends into the maternal body.
Because of this we establish that before the soul is born it is a spiritual personality.
I am myself, I can think, I keep my conscious for so many percent.
I live in the mother.
I can see everything clearly.
I would now be able to look into previous lives.
By means of the conscious of the life in which I now live, I know the laws.
If I had been somewhere else, then that life would now reveal itself to me.
Can the gentlemen accept this?
It is therefore impossible to reduce the material body to nothing.
However, you see that change, it is not possible to go deeper, then material disturbances occur and that may not happen!
I will therefore take care of myself. But do not touch my body.
Do the gentlemen have questions to ask?
Understand well, if I was to return deeper in the material, which is possible, I would no longer be capable of speaking one word and the vocal cords would refuse.
I myself no longer possess the power to penetrate the material.”
We understand.
Lent asks:
“Can you tune into psychopathy?”
“I am connected to it.”
“What can you feel?”
“I am in harmony with the material life.
I have my own conscious.
But if I descend into the violence of this world, my personality deforms the material.
I am one with many laws.
I can assure you that there is material inheritance.
However, not for the soul!”
“What does that mean?”
“That the soul is not given any thoughts or power of feeling for its life on Earth.
The organism possesses genetics.
Illnesses can be experienced for all the grades.
Do you know what I mean?”
“We understand it, continue.”
“That therefore means that the organic systems are contaminated with illness by our forefathers.
As a result of this cancer in the third grade awakens and the next generation is faced with illnesses.
That contamination is possible; however, not for the soul.
That means that the soul has had to master its talents in the lives already experienced.
Insanity is therefore unconsciousness.
That soul is not yet that far.
It has exceeded the Divine laws!”
“How can that be?”
“By experiencing the animal-like life.
Passions and violent experiences take you to those laws.
Now you see that the soul has exceeded the harmonic laws.
Every wrong thought is marked on the face.
The deeper the soul neglects the unconscious, the dominating, destructive life for the Divine laws for harmony, the more often it will experience that a new material life begins.
As a result of this you see all those terrible masks.
If the soul is in harmony then the being radiates that harmony and you see that on the face.
However, now, now listen well, the material can dominate the soul.
That means, beautiful parents can give birth to a beautiful child.
Now the material tissue dominates the soul.
Can you feel this?”
“It is clear.”
“Am I seeing properly, are you speaking, Dr Lent?”
“Indeed, master.”
“Well, doctor, all your boys destroyed themselves in previous lives.
Now they are unconscious.
When the soul is once faced with its conscious material life, it completely traces out its material house, the body, according to the power of its personality.
That goes for your boys too!
However, this is already progress.
Now fatherhood and motherhood come, and you see thousands of thoughts like cosmic laws, which the soul is faced with and has to accept.
After all, it goes from the paternal inner life to the maternal.
Then we enter homosexuality!
After this those lives are attacked by the astral dark worlds.
It is obvious that those beings seek in full conscious, people who are open to lowness.
You see your boys as lower and higher grades of conscious?
You must see them like that.
You see your patients according to the conscious.
Fatherhood and motherhood now dominate.
The soul is neither mother nor father in three grades.
These are natural laws!
You cannot change anything about this.
Thousands of possibilities take you to this conscious deformation of the material systems.
This is destruction, doctor, unconsciousness, ignorance, God has nothing to do with this misery.
When the Divine Creation began we got hold of the Divine laws.
As a result of all those lives we sullied our self.
This, my help and my life, is the personality of this humanity.”
Leuvens asks: “Are there planets on which life is present and we as human beings were able to conquer those disharmonic laws?”
“Behind this universe there is another and higher conscious as a space.
The soul as a human being, which has reached the spheres of light, is free from sins and faults.
It is only then that it can enter the Kingdom of God, which is so much talked and written about.
Then it goes on!
But in the Kingdom of God, the first Heaven for the soul as a world, in which it lives and prepares itself for the next material existence, it no longer feels any earthly disturbances.
The planetary system has therefore reached the heightened conscious for universal and human, animal life, as for nature.
You no longer have any material laws there, after all, we return to God.”
“Do you know the laws for them?”
“They are given to me and I experience them!”
Lent continues and asks: “Do you have the means to do something for the patients?”
“You can elevate different grades of conscious by means of hypnosis.
If the day conscious cannot be reached, you will certainly feel it, then you have to accept your powerlessness.
A few grades can be reached.
The lower grades need many lives in order to be able to reach that height.
This for your psychopathic patients.
The adult being experiences other laws.
According to how conscious the life is, it experiences the organic laws, as a result of which the personality develops.”
“How did that personality emerge?”
“Very simply, doctor.
After all, by means of millions of lives the character traits were formed and they represent the personality.
We started the construction of our life on the Moon.
For this purpose we had to cover a cosmic path.
By means of this universal conscious the soul got to see its entire being.”
“Does the soul possess its own will?”
“The own will, doctor, is the personality.
Will and personality are synonymous!
And that is the life!
That life is conscious by means of the personality.
When you understand this you will know that the soul has received everything from God.
What it does is materialise its world.
It condenses its Divine attunement as a human being.
That applies for all the life in this space and for the worlds after this.”
“Also for the animal?”
“Yes, of course!”
“Where was the animal born?”
“You can accept me when I say, on the Moon?
The Moon is therefore the Mother for this space!
If you know it, Divine Creation will be open to your own life!”
Leuvens asks: “What does this mean?”
“My friend, when we started our first life on the Moon, we received the material light from the embryonic stage, we were faced with the first death as a material law, the animal originated!”
“Is theosophy that far?”
“No, but the masters who built up these universal teachings are, to which I also belong; now the masters who have this Order in their hands continue.
They penetrate the very first stages and then the Divine explanation follows.
When we experienced fatherhood and motherhood as an embryo on the Moon, our souls released themselves in order to prepare themselves for the next birth, this first embryo died.
And now you are faced with Divine Omnipotence!
I will ask you something, to see whether you understand all of this.
Do you believe that you can enter the Divine All by means of one short life here?”
“Do you believe that we as human beings can experience Divine depth in one life, as space, as fatherhood and motherhood, light, life, love, soul, spirit?”
“Well, death possesses depth too!
That first material cell experienced laws of life by means of death.
Can you feel this?”
“I understand you.”
“Thank you.
It is not possible, no!
By means of one life you cannot achieve Divine All!
However, Divine Omnipotence lies in one cell!
Do you believe this?”
“That too.”
“Do you also believe that that same human cell possesses Divine depth?”
“That is also clear to me.”
“Can you feel this?”
“I am trying to understand it.”
“So you can follow me in this analysis?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Well, my friend, this cell, as trivial as a drop of water, but also a millions times more rarefied, possesses everything which is God!
“Yes, I understand you.”
“I am not taking you to nonsense; give me your open personality, just attack me, doctor, but do not say yes if you cannot accept it.
These are Divine matters and are not to be mocked.
This cell is therefore a millions times more rarefied.
If I may make a comparison with the present stage as attunement to God, you will feel and you will know that the human sperm is condensed a million times and possesses an unprecedented conscious for the Divine laws of revelation, fatherhood and motherhood.
Is that also clear?”
“I understand you.”
“Then I am ready.
This material cell as a human being, had to accept the first universal death there.
After the split was completed, we people would also split, wouldn’t we, the soul of this life went from the material embryo and of course it left the material part behind.
Now I ask you again: Do you think that this life lived out, if you follow your own creation, for human being, animal and nature?”
“No, that is not possible.”
“I thank you for your good thinking and feeling.
Indeed, that is not the case, because God is eternally deep.
A rotting process emerged from this.
And from this rotting process new life came.
So new life from the very first source of life, grade of life, evolution.
Is it clear?”
“That became the animal world, my friend.
New life came from that rotting process.
You still know those laws, but now by means of the existing, the present, the final, creation is finished!
That means that the final phase of life was experienced.
Seen by means of all the laws of material life as bodies for human being and animal and nature.
The depth of Divine life materialised itself as sources of life, until the end of it was experienced.
You know where that end lives for your world?”
It takes a moment.
I do not know either.
René asks me: “And you, Frederik?
Does my father not know it either?
Have a think, keep on thinking, the answer lives in your heart, you are standing on top of it, you can see and experience it.
I do not mean that you are sitting under it, because you became humanly conscious and humanly pure, you take part in beauty.
I will tell you.
You see the very lowest and deepest grade of life, which, however, no longer belongs to the actual creation anymore, which we call post-creation, interpreted through your louse and other life.
Now go back.
Look at the millions of grades of animal life and you will return to the Moon, where from our first material cell existence, new life, the animal life emerged.
Can you feel how close Darwin was to his birth?
Can you also feel how poor his comparison is?
The ape, my friend, that animal being, was the first life which came from the human material skin.
Because of this the animal resembles the human being that much!
Is it not amazing?
New and namely animal life emerged from that first material cell.
When creation began, the soul had to experience depths, spaces, personalities and to materialise them.
And now the following.
When God manifested Himself or as an All-source, that did not happen at once.
Do you believe that?”
“I accept it!”
“Thank you, doctor Leuvens.
For this purpose Divine revelations were needed, seen as material laws of condensation.
After all, from that ‘nothing’, in which the primal source was, the first working emerged.
And that power, seen as protoplasm, condensed, which took millions of centuries.
If you follow that, academics, then you will see stages of transitions.
God also had to accept that.
The universe was not condensed suddenly, in a few seconds.
Is it clear?”
“We got to know those pre-stages as grades of life and laws of life for the condensation ages.
And we see that again in all life.
These laws of condensation are exactly the same for human being, animal and plant.
That therefore means, doctor, from the first human physical death, whatever would emerge from that, the Divine, final grade could not be experienced.
The ape looks like our human being, because the first material skin still possessed that likeness.
The ape is the shadow of the human being as it were!
As a result of this Darwin thought that we people had been apes.
However, he did not know the first phenomena for the Divine revelations.
He did not live in them, because those laws cannot be established from the Earth.
The ape also had to cover a universal path.
All life!
And now the second material death follows.
Therefore the deeper we come, the more inhuman animal life becomes as a being.
Seven grades emerged for the animal world.
All those animal worlds seen as independences, every grade received its own independence, your louse also possesses that world, created new life and split itself.
However, in that first stage every grade continued the condensation and splitting up.
We as people remained ourselves, the ape too.
The lower we now come, the more universal this splitting becomes.
From every grade many physical beings now come into being.
Millions of transformations reach material development.
Until the first human material cell was bred out, lived out, there was no more inspiration.
That life, doctor, reached that own independence on the Moon.
And that life would return with us to God.
And that was possible, but how? I ask my father.
“I do not know.”
“Then listen carefully.
I told you that we as people continued and that intermediate planets came into being.
Divine depth lives in us.
The very highest which we were able to experience on the Moon is the human fish stage.
Your gill consciousness can still be determined in your human head.
We continue, the animal can also do that!
The animal was also attracted by that following spiritual, astral planet.
The animal followed that own evolution!
The animal attaches itself to that higher mentality.
Plant and animal life can also go further, because the Moon sent its powers into the space.
It created for itself, therefore its life, new continuance.
The animal soul is born on the next macrocosmic body, as we people also received that life.
The soul descends into the first rotting process.
When we people start a new life, we are faced with the embryonic life.
That still lives in the mother, doesn’t it, you still possess those Divine laws, the child cannot be born differently, all nature and animal life shows you the way there, there is no other possibility of receiving new life and the Divine law also remained in this way for the animal, even if the soul experienced the next stage.
That now means that the Moon has created the soul for all life.
From the Divine All people would be able to calculate the number of human souls, born through God.
Is this incredible?
And yet, imagine the maternal body, the Moon.
It split itself up for God!
It had nothing else to do!
That is and was its task.
The human soul and the animal, also nature, received the own independence through the maternal body of the Moon.
The Moon is therefore the ‘Mother’ for this space!
The Sun ‘Father’!
Now you already see through Divine Creation.
But Buddha knew nothing about all of this!
Also Blavatsky, Mohammed, Rama, Krishna, Ramakrishna, your Eastern saint, whom I know personally, because he now lives in my environment and I will have to continue his wisdom, must represent his life, they did not reach that height and depth either.
Do not call me conceited or vain.
I give that proof, all of us are one!
We do one work!
We have one task to carry out.
They tell me that I am the Paul for this century!
They want me to say this to you.
They want you to feel that other people are continuing our work!
That other souls are preparing themselves to bring the work of the masters to consciousness!
You will probably look up to a figure such as Buddha?
I too!
But I have to go further!
I give his life personality and shape.
I am not imagining anything, you too can experience these laws.
You too can prepare yourself for this sacred task!
Do you know, doctor, that I went to your school?
That I studied astronomy in France?
Was able to get to know the astrological laws too in this way?
And did you know that I had to accept my defeat?
We return to God by means of religions, faith, study, science.
If I had been able to experience a study, then that same study would have killed me.
Can you sense this?”
Science needed you.”
“You say that.
After all, my life had to awaken.
I was already disturbed by the material light, by food and drink, sleep.
Talking and everything which we absorb as human beings in ourselves by means of our material existence and life, disturbed me.
I therefore received material conscious and I would remain completely empty!”
“I understand it.”
“Thank you.
After all, people say, natural talent is destroyed by study.
Well, my life had been given material consciousness and as a result of this closed off the inner self.
However, I took care of it myself and become rebellious?
No, I fought the fight between myself and the material conscious.
My life wanted to receive consciousness, it belonged to this life and, my soul closed itself off to this material conscious.
The more I closed myself off to the material world, the quicker my previous life and conscious reached working.
My mother experienced those laws during her being one with me.
However, we are not talking about that now.
I wanted to make it clear to you that Darwin was close to the Divine reality, but was not able to experience the laws of it anyway, because he was not able to release himself from this space, the Earth.
Darwin did not think of the Moon.
He thought he could solve the mystery from his own conscious, but that is not possible.
You must say goodbye to the Earth, your conscious, want to accept a space, which is the first life and which reached inspiration and evolution through the Moon.
Darwin therefore went to pieces.
And many academics with him.
If we reach the dimensional laws, then I will take you from your material existence to the world of the soul and you will lose your own self, which still has no meaning!
The animal, my friend, was born on the Moon, but because it went higher, it kept getting new bodies, which it created itself.
I will now face all of you with a Divine law.
You have inferior feelings in you.
I will show you that you are Gods!
What do you think, has God created this universe for us?”
“Yes, of course.”
“That is correct.
But who created the planets?”
“I will ask all of you.
“Dr Lent?”
“Ten Hove?”
“Professor Groevers?”
“I do not know.”
“Dr. Stein?”
“Dr. Van Hoogten?”
“And you, minister?”
“You see, this is human thinking.
You do not know!
You are impoverished.
You do not know what God gave you.
Listen to the Divine answer.
You, it is we!
We brought the following planets to inspiration.
We as people brought evolution, otherwise the first secondary planet would never have received new human life.
Then we were finally faced with the planet Earth.
What is fatherhood like in the space?
The Sun possesses a weak, violet light, there is still no more light.
This was the moment that the Earth would begin its task.
Then we as people had reached the sphere of the Earth, its place for Sun and Moon.
Mars and the Earth are the children of Sun and Moon!
We come to that planet and receive consciousness.
What happens in the mother if there is no inspiration present?
You do not know those laws.
You therefore think that the soul is on Earth for the first time.
However, the soul lived for millions of years.
Now that soul does not enter the maternal ‘egg’ in order to start a new life by means of the creative fertilisation.
What happens now?
No fertilisation?
You can do what you like, fertilisation is not possible, that mother has banished herself from motherhood as a result of disharmonic lives.
There is not another law and possibility!
What could the astral Earth do, therefore the part of God, which floated in the space as a result of the Divine splitting, under its own power?
Was evolution possible there?
No, that was not possible!
Because it got to experience its task through we people.
We brought consciousness, as a result of this the macrocosmic body was forced to give birth and to drive.
We created the Earth and not the Earth us!
We created the planets, we as an inspiring life gave the planets consciousness!
We, and as a result of this we got hold of the space and we will soon be Divinely conscious.”
“But the Moon then?”
“Can you not sense me yet, Karel?
Do you not understand that the Moon directly carried out Divine work and that the next life was created by it?
This is why the Sun received the half-waking material consciousness.
The Moon was assigned with direct Divine motherhood.
What would be born from her is human and animal!
The Moon split itself!
It could not have behaved otherwise and could not experience any differently, but the following planets received working by means of the life of the Moon!
We were that, the animal, that is Mother Nature.
The animal received heightened conscious as a result of this.
If we had not known that height, not received that, then the Earth would not have been able to create this heightened conscious.
Then we could have experienced the fish stage!
Can you sense this?
The stage of the Earth, we already talked about it.
But just go deeper!
If the Earth had not been able to rotate its body away from the Sun, we would be burnt alive.
If the Earth had started its condensation and it had also experienced its body like the Moon, had to split up, which happened anyway, but for its own personality; we possessed an own independence, we would not have been geared to those powers and the Sun would have smothered our conscious.
Can you sense this?
No, this is going too far for you, yet this is the sacred truth!
However, the Earth received consciousness because we could experience the space from the Moon.
Grade gets connection with grade.
When the soul as a human being, the animal and nature had reached the fourth cosmic grade, the Moon could say: ‘I am almost dissolved, ready!’
And that happened!
However, we took the Earth to working and evolution.
We absorbed so much macrocosmic content of life that this appeared to be sufficient for our first existence on Earth.
The Earth therefore experienced the own splitting!
However, we received our inner life on the Moon, by means of the Moon!
This is the Divine answer, but as a result of which we got possession of His worlds.
As a result of this we received universal consciousness!
You feel poor, but there is no poverty in the space!
There is no unconscious life!
All life is conscious!
All life is Divine and possesses Divine independence!
The animal too!
Also a flower, a tree, a plant, even a louse.
Can you feel where the Divine limit is experienced?
When you are now faced with the existing creation and when you have to accept rotting processes which will die out?
You do not know!
And you cannot know either, because you do not know the cosmic connection, do not possess it!
Every animal, insect, which has had to accept the post-creations, even if you see beautiful butterflies, that life dies out!
That life has no Divine attunement, because it was born from the non-existent.
Your mouse does not receive any consciousness of heaven, your rat does not either.
Where does your lion, tiger live now?
In heavens?
What is the consciousness of your snake?
Did you think that this life possesses Divine attunement?
Everything which is part of the post-creation and received life, belongs to the Earth and will possess this as the own space of life, but has nothing to do with the Divine birth of this obtained self, which is only temporary!
When I ask you where the first people of this world live, you do not know that.
Where are the prehistoric people to be found?
You do not know!
And if I tell you that it is you?
Will you believe me then?
If I tell you that your tiger will one day experience the existence of a nightingale?
Do you believe me when I say that all life evolves in other material bodies?
What must we do with these animals in eternal life?
The animal also continues, but only the highest sort, the winged one, returns to God!
The rest dissolves and gets the highest organism.
That would bring the planet Earth to condensation and evolution.
I ask you:
Can you experience a higher inspiration outside your own body?
You can.
However, you cannot suddenly withdraw your own conscious to the very highest for this world?
Why does the jungle child not do this?
Can you release yourself from your own conscious?
You have to experience the laws for it.
You will evolve for this!
You need lives in order to reach that height.
You see, that is the obtained independence.
You slowly go higher and further.
And one day you will possess the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on
That is the highest for you, and you enter life after death, which is not a death!
You continue.
What does the animal experience?
Descend into your animal species and you will see where Divine Creation ends!
And new life also came out of that life, but it is vermin!
Even if it flies, even if that little animal possesses the universal and Divine kingdom in colour, it remains here and dies out.
All other life continues and will return to God.
Must you give a louse Divine conscious?
That life came into being from pollution.
But try following that conscious grade of life.
What is the conscious of a louse?
You can determine from this that your aura possesses a personality.
Your human aura gave this life inspiration!
As a result of that pollution a new embryonic existence came into being, with inspiration and conscious.
It is you!
You gave form to the louse.
You inspired that life!
It is now a part of yourself!
And what was the Moon able to do?
What were its powers like, when it sent its obtained life energy into the space?
That was creative!
And as a result of this the secondary planets received a new inspiration.
Can you feel the depth of your own life?
Do you still have an inferiority complex?
Then I will take it off you!
Wherever you live, even if the being belongs to the lower types of race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, the soul has attunement to God and is like God!
And you would now like to damn this life!
Minister, examine yourself!
What do you want?
What would you like to begin?
Can you accept any longer that God spoke to Moses as a human being?
Everything is different, but much much more powerful than you think!
God gave everything of himself to our life!
All life evolves!
The prehistoric being already lives in the Divine All.
But that depth in that prehistoric age.
Take the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, yourself.
How many people are in your grade!
Now look at your own grade.
How many millions still have to experience that highest grade?
It is millions of people!
And all those millions of souls must reach and experience your grade of life.
It is only then that the soul experienced the highest for both the body and the inner life.
Those millions must therefore reach your conscious.
One lives in karmic laws, your Eskimo must still experience your grade of life as a body.
Now you are faced with the depth of your own organism.
And that body also possesses seven depths, seven grades for development, it is only then that the soul has brought itself and the organism into harmony for continuing.
Is it not the case?
The animal world also has it.
Your tiger and pet cat possess one grade of life.
You leave home or you return from the jungle to your pet.
You see, your human body also has its own grade, its own type, seven depths as laws of life, which are material and spiritual.
We find them again in all material bodies and inner attunement, grades of conscious!
You can establish them everywhere!
Why are you further than the other life?
Because you were born earlier.
Probably received your grade of life a tenth or a millionth of a second earlier on the Moon.
Now that you are on Earth, those seconds are changed into lives.
You are a few lives ahead of those lives.
There is no more to it.
There are millions of people along with you in one grade.
That is your grade of life as own human independence!
That is also your attunement for this society!
Why can you study and can the other life not?
That life is not yet that far!
But that life comes that far!
That life will have to reach your height, if it wants to return to God and then leave the Earth!
Seven laws of transition can be seen as personalities in your own grade.
Why are there geniuses?
Why can you not be famous?
Because you do not possess enough sentiment.
But your own grade possesses that genius.
So you see, that every character trait, every faculty creates the highest as a human being.
And only the human being can do that, that soul, which has created the highest for the own grade.
You now have to accept grades for your study again.
In this way you continue.
I tell you, every grade, even if that becomes human.
I know those spaces.
I know all of you!
I know who you are, yes, I will establish your conscious from your question!
You are completely lost for me, if you ask your question!
Can you feel, if you possess the cosmic conscious, we establish the lower grades of conscious!
And now you are standing naked before me!
God wanted it like that!
I represent the very highest for the personality!
You can no longer surpass me, this is the very highest!
And you see those grades again in all the character traits.
Now follow your old masters.
Are all those painters Rembrandts?
Van Dycks?
However, they represent the highest grade for their art.
Music, wisdom, study, the human grades for the personality are to be found there.
Highs and lows.
Beethoven, Mozart, they belong to the highest grade.
Your professors are not all to be found in the highest grade, the geniuses do not walk in the street, only a few of these souls live on Earth.
Can you see your own grade before you?
The human organism therefore also represents lownesses and depths.
You see that again in everything!
Your own grade now ensures dying out!
One mother does not want to possess any children and murders them, the other life of your own grade does not get any!
God’s work?
It is own unconscious!
However, if one mother did not take care of the other, the unconscious, then you would have to accept that your own grade would die out.
But this is now prevented from happening.
What does a holy person do now?
What does the church do?
Thank God, minister, that you did not become a clergyman.
Those souls are parasites!
They wish to return to the Earth?
Yes, they must return!
Now they do not only create disharmony for themselves, but for the own grade of life.
The human being creates children in order to return to the Earth.
If you do not do that, then you are in rebellion.
Then you experience disharmony!
You disengage yourself for Divine creation!
You create disevolution, you live through the laws and powers of another!
According to the harmonic laws for the birth you have to create one life for yourself and for your mother.
Those lives,do you feel it, continue your life.
More lives were not needed.
That is the Divine law for birth.
But what do you do?
You slaughter those lives!
You wage war!
People have no meaning!
But how must your own grade of life continue when you murder that?
Can you feel it?
God has nothing to do with sacredness which received human meaning.
You are only in harmony with His laws, if you beget, give birth to, create children for yourself and this Divine evolution.
Now another mother, another father must create and give birth for you!
And he laughs!
And you call that pigs?
Now look at your disharmonic life.
Anyone who lives on Earth and cannot give birth to children, lives either in a disharmonic law or she will experience her end in this world as a result of this.
But do not cling to this.
One being, one mother amongst millions experiences the final path back to God and can say: I will not return to the Earth again.
Those other millions must return, because they have not yet mastered the laws of Mother Earth and the own grade of life!
Are mothers pigs, if they give birth to fifteen children?
It is stupid talk!
Those mothers keep creation, your life going.
They create and give birth for you!
You murder the life, they take care of Divine harmony for your grade of conscious!
Can you feel how simple everything becomes, but also how just everything is?
Can you now understand, when you kill a life, you will give that inner life a new body?
Doctors, you are faced with miscarriages!
You have to accept that!
But do you know that every murder is soon a miscarriage!
I will knock you all down, because the Divine laws speak to my life!
You can accept this, the Paul of this century has spoken to you!
You look up to Buddha, and to the others!
I tell you that I will go further and deeper!
All of this is for your century, for your conscious!
And now what can be said about your patients?
About your insane people?
Can you not yet feel your own awkwardness?
Why did people give you the highest?
What is high for your conscious?
What are you, if you have become a professor?
You look at the space and do not know the space!
You look at your insane people and do not know those grades of life!
You are faced with illnesses and you are powerless, because you have smothered that life attunement yourself!
You talk about a God of love and damn His life.
All of you are faced with unconsciousness and you do not know yourselves.
What do you want?
What do you want to know?
I can explain the laws of God to you!
We as people gave the Earth condensation, working, evolution!
As a result of this we received the space, its space, in our hands.
But we will continue!
Bow your heads to the Divine Omnipotence, but also know that you will lay hands on that Omnipotence and will carry it as human possession under your heart!
And all that life is Love!
The highest for God!
How do you now act according to your love?
Involve here your jurisprudent conscious and I will crunch it for your feet.
Do you wish to administer justice and damn the life of God?
Do you wish to let the life of God burn eternally for this century?
Do you still believe that God damns?
Do you still believe that we came into existence from clay and some breath?
Do you believe in Adam and Eve?
Do you believe that as a human being of the twentieth century?
You should be ashamed of yourself!
And you, my friend and brother, doctor Leuvens ... continue!
I will explain all the cosmic laws to you.
If you wish!
I will take you back to God by means of the universal systems.
The minister by means of the hells and the heavens, from the first people to the last, the moment that the Earth will also experience its death.
Or do you believe that Jehovah is right?
Do you believe in madness that the Earth will perish with its children at any moment?
Since the birth of the very first material cell not one cell has been lost and would you consider that possible, now that you as human beings have received, can experience, have your laws of justice in your hands?
You are not rats, you are people.
You do not have any louse instinct, but Divine attunement!
Be happy, minister, you created three children with your soul.
You lost one child.
I can see that in your life aura!
Oh, no one told me anything, I would be ashamed before God.
I do not wish to know anything thanks to another, I never followed that school!
I used my feeling as a starting point.
You are like God is and you will awaken as a result of it!
Follow the laws.
I followed those laws, I went from one life to the next.
I see that in your aura.
Your Marietje is still alive!
You weep until your tears run dry, but that is not necessary!
You will see your Marietje again and you will recognise her.
She can return to the Earth, but then she will belong to different parents!
Then we are faced with universal love, our Divine unity!
But your Marietje is conscious!
I can see her!
I live in her!
She is showing me – I will go into this for a moment, but I do not do that anymore – your cross!
It is blue!
Blue, the cross of her great grandmother!
You are weeping?
You are trembling!
You are now already losing your personality?
I am omniscient in this space, minister.
Your child is alive.
But she is now no longer a child.
She is eighteen years old.
She says: I was born on the day that all of this world prays, kneels down, opens the human heart!
All of this world.
She is showing me a one and a seven.
That is all together seven minutes past one!
Her birth, at Christmas!
She greets you and she greets her mother and her sisters and brothers.
Must I also explain the following?
Also greet her mother from me!
She says, it was my end for the Earth!
I had to continue!
Believe the master!
Believe this human being, he is enlightened by God!
Sent by God to your life!
Father, mother, sister, brother, I am alive!
I am in a heaven!
I swear to you, it is like this!
But I tell you, I will not do this again.
I will not act as a contact for your life, do it yourself.
Seek, open yourself, you will now learn, otherwise you will stand still!
If you yourself can experience this contact, that soul has happiness!
Now she experiences poverty!
This is why all your spiritualists are standing still!
They do not live.
They experience nothing.
The seek, they seek and stare themselves blind at this contact.
They do not desire wisdom!
Is theosophy therefore perfect?
No, there are frills to it, the pure form has become blurred.
A pity?
I came in order to purify those teachings!
I am here in your midst in order to connect all of you with the space and your true life.
It is I!”
The minister asks: “Are you giving a lecture?”
“Soon, my friend.
You can then get your lecture from the ‘University of Christ’!”
“I will come to you!”
“Are you sure about that?”
“Very sure.”
“Have a good think about it.
I gave you a few pieces of proof.
You can now also say again: telepathy!
I absorbed it from your life.
Wonderful, then just carry on.
However, know that thousands of beings have followed all of this from their worlds, your child too!
But I am going to build a University.
You can experience the highest from this.
Spatial conscious.
And then, minister, through the Bible!
Then we follow creation!
When we come to the life of Moses, we will explain those laws.
Now the soul of God can accept them.
Now all those experienced ages get meaning.
Now we are no longer powerless and you feel that you are gods!
I thank you, you are my first disciple.
More will follow.
These teachings come from the heart of Christ.
However, you get to know another world!
I will give consciousness to all the spiritual faculties of your university.
You are standing still!
I have a message for this humanity.
And you cannot stop me.
I am blessed by God and touched by the space of His worlds!
Do you believe it?”
“I believe you, I accept you!”
“Then you can soon return home and give your and my happiness to the happiness of spheres of Marietje’s mother.
Time is short, but I will get help!
Are there any more questions?”
No one knows of anything else.
Hans has fallen asleep.
Elsje is fuming with rage, but her love can forgive everything.
René returns!
He bows deeply for the people, bows again and disappears.
Erica says:
“Frederik, the Paul of our century lives in our midst.”
There is not one who doubts this.
Dr Leuvens says:
“It is a revelation to me.”
Hans puts on his coat and leaves, he is almost suffocating.
Elsje has to go with him.
Ten Hove, the wagtail, does not know.
Dr Lent is happy.
Van Hoogten and Stein do not know either.
They say nice words without feeling.
We feel that they will never make it.
They want to keep their awkwardness.
They want to boast!
They want to be big or they are nothing!
A supernatural conscious speaks here to people like us.
Karel attacks them.
He says:
“Do you wish to have some advice from me?
Then never come here again!
I no longer wish to see you dead people.
You can talk, if you are faced with pigs.
But we can bow our heads!
If you cannot do that and you have nothing of your own self which is capable of that, then never come here again!
Go, I do not wish to see you again!”
The gentlemen put their coats on and say that they do not mean it like that.
Karel also says:
“That is wonderful, but I will no longer tolerate that lethargy here.
Or you go along and listen, or you leave.
What do you still know about it?
Are you asleep?”
“And what about Groevers?”
“That man is ill.
Do you wish to call Hans conscious?
That man is ill, but you are living dead.
One word outside and I will continue talking to you.
If I hear that this becomes a university conversation, gentlemen, I will deal with you one by one.
You can say here what you like, not outside my house.
I will vouch for the life of my child.
Also for what passes those lips.”
They leave.
Leuvens remains for a while.
Lent too.
They find it a revelation.
It is incredible.
Never believed in it, now it lives here!
It is wonderful.
Even if we cannot yet prove the laws, I bow my head to this conscious.
That is Leuvens, that is Lent!
Those souls continue!
Lent, Leuvens and the minister get their surprise, because René comes back.
He says:
“Can you feel that those people are disturbing?
I can tune into that, close myself off to it, but it is so tiring, my body absorbs that awkwardness and I must just deal with it again after the contact.
You fight against a resisting mentality, a wall, destruction!
Why would I do it?
We need men who possess true feeling.
People who understand what we lack here in Europe and as a result of which this humanity is so beaten.
Those men had to fulfil a different task.
They are not doctors.
The future requires knowledge of the soul!
Dr Leuvens, and you, minister, understand me well, I do not intend to smash your wisdom to pieces, I stand as a layman before your wisdom.
But you cannot obscure the laws of ancient Egypt anyway.
Listen, follow it, you now possess the contact, that is centuries ahead of this humanity.
Believe me, I am in connection with Ramakrishna and the others.
It is I who must continue their work and teachings and after me yet others will come, if that is necessary.
When you hear that I am omnipotent, you get a fright.
You can master those laws for yourself for this space.
Can you not understand then how beautiful life now becomes, if people know all of this?
When you know the space, the universe lies open to your life.
I am not a fanatic, not a dreamer, I know what I say and I know my life and this contact.
You can check everything I say with what humanity has already received through those men.
Ramakrishna, one of the famous ones, did not come further than the spiritual world.
And he saw and experienced the ‘Mother’ in this.
Do you know the book, Dr Lent?”
“I have read it.
I know that you go further.”
“Do not bother with formal forms, when I am here, we come closer to each other.
When the laws speak they demand of me that I remove myself from your lives.
Ramakrishna now lives under my heart, Buddha too.
Buddha manifested himself for a few spiritualists and now keeps a kind of check on those souls.
Do you believe that?
Do you wish to accept that we, when we leave here, sit down again in the first class for our development?
Did you really think that those souls stood behind a human being who is of no use to them?
I want to make it clear by this – you feel, the laws speak again, now from the conscious, because that is also possible and it is the highest that I can achieve for myself – that all that messing must disappear.
People sully such geniuses by this.
Humanity does not receive any awakening.
Ramakrishna had to lay those foundations for me.
I will not act the saint, but I received a different development.
He will also continue!
And with him all those great ones.
I know Pythagoras, and Rudolf Steiner, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle!
When we start to treat the laws, they stand next to me.
You can therefore ask me what you like, it is that Order, which speaks through me.
This is therefore not boasting, not empty talk, I will prove it!
We are now faced with revelations!
Believe it!
Accept it!”
“May I ask a few more questions?
Are you capable of it?”
“I am ready, Dr Leuvens.”
“How did Saturn get its ring?
Can you explain that?”
René tunes into the laws.
After a few seconds there comes:
“Now you think that you will not receive the answer for this.
I ask you: Is there anyone of you who know the being born of Saturn?”
“No one.”
“Well, I will go back, millions of years.
It is the place in this space which gave Saturn its ring.
You know, every cosmic body experiences a cycle, traces a path.
At the condensation for the first stages of the universe, when the mother planet experienced its condensation, many thousands of bodies had to accept that effect, radiation.
All life sent the obtained powers out.
The planets, which would fulfil a task for motherhood, absorb the conscious life aura of Sun and Moon and as a result of this receive the half-waking consciousness.
Half-waking consciousness means, to experience a grade of feeling which lives between fatherhood and motherhood.
Those are intermediate planets.
That is Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and many others.
Those planets are situated around and in fatherhood and motherhood.
Then the condensation of the universe follows.
Now those planets absorb that life aura sent out and reach the tracing of their life orbit around the Sun.
The path which Saturn traces in that time, is not deeper than the room in which we live.
However, that expansion is approaching.
Saturn has been tracing a path for thousands of centuries and that working condenses, but remains half-conscious material.
The cycle, the path which this body traces, attaches itself to the inner life.
As the Sun and the Moon enjoy more and more conscious and condensation, the breathing organs for the lives are made perfect, which those planets have to represent.
Saturn therefore condenses its own path.
As a result of its place in this space that was possible.
Other planets, Jupiter, for example, experienced a different development and condensation, because, influenced by the centrifugal powers and laws, it could start its own condensation and conscious.
By means of the location of those planets they built up an own life for fatherhood and motherhood.
They serve and have a task to fulfil, equal to that of the green in your aquarium.
Those planets are therefore the life organs of this system, this body, as we also built up our kidney and glandular systems.
There is no more to it!”
“I thank you.
It is amazingly simple.”
“Everything in the universe is simple and natural, when you know the origin.
God did not create any complicated matters.
Every law of life as a grade of life and consciousness lies open to us and can be analysed.
If we come to astrology as a result of this, then you will certainly feel, nothing of that certainty will remain.
Even the Egyptians started it, even if the zodiac was born, you can also get that from a pack of cards.
None of them knew the creations!
They look from the Earth to the space and do not know that the Earth has received the highest conscious for the universe.
If you can accept this, you will know that we as souls have to conquer this space.
And God wanted that.
From the origin, Dr Leuvens, I can explain the laws to you and that which received a condensation in the space, represents a grade of life, we see again in our own bodies.
I can explain to you why we received two eyes.
If no fatherhood and motherhood had been achieved in the space, we as human beings would have received one eye.
I can explain to you why we as creators possess bass, baritone and tenor, the mother soprano, mezzo and alto.
They are laws.
Those splittings can be seen and experienced, the masters know these laws.
They connect me with their knowledge and pass it onto this world.
Where were we father and where were we mother for the first time?
How did we receive our first death and the first experience of reincarnation?
Where did the personality, the soul, the spirit originate?
Where did we become conscious of our first contact with God?
I can explain those laws to you!
All of creation is open to me!
What are the other, the next systems to universal attunement like?
What do theosophists know about the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh cosmic grades, about the All-Existence?
I can connect them with the next stages of development!
I am their master!
But will they accept me?
Is your life capable of receiving a lecture in this?
Do those people wish to give me their white horses?
Would they who now act as masters, be capable of bowing their heads?
I can prove it to them, but what passes those lips?
I am a child of our people, but I should have been an Oriental.
Could I have achieved this mentality from there?
I tell you, one day they will have to accept me!
It is I!
And I will take all of them to a higher knowledge.
I know this space.”
“How, if you can answer this question, does the Moon possess all its craters?”
“Do you not know that birth?
I have never had a book in my hands about those laws.
My development forbade me to read what others would bring, because it would influence me.
I will now give you an answer from the universal source.
The craters of mother Moon, my friend, were its last possibilities of breathing before it died.
You see its death from this, the return to God.
Therefore in its last hours, when it prepared itself for death, that mud, that rotting, bubbled up from it.
The Moon was one rotting process during that time.
When its task was over it could die.
That mud condensed, became hard.
That natural pulp boiled.
When the atmosphere dissolved, that mass condensed.
Can you feel that it could start its dying process as a result of this?
When there was still working present in it, that kept up the atmosphere.
When it had materialised its last spark of fluid of life, its children had left, this was the end for the Moon.
Then the atmosphere became rarefied and its life became hard, that material as earth and minerals, as a result of which it came into being.
The last moments of its life bubbled upwards.
A re-absorption followed, its living heart absorbed that condensed material again to the inner conscious and the mountains and valleys came into being.”
“Is the whole planet as we see it from the Earth?”
“Yes, the Moon gets its light from suns, after all.
What you see from the Earth is materially condensed like the other part.
The Moon could not experience the orbit like the Earth, otherwise we would be frozen.
That cycle condensed itself and materialised and can no longer be changed, just like the ring of Saturn.
It keeps that ring, because it can no longer experience the rarefication.
That is its birth.
The Moon also has to accept its own laws, just like all life created by God.
Every life now possesses a material body, as a result of which it serves and has received a place in this whole universe.
The smallest insect can show you it.
The Moon condensed, but what you see is one side of its area.
Yet that other side was also able to develop.
As the Sun gained strength, the planets received their condensation.
And now you follow the location of those planets.
As a result of this you can determine the own obtained mentality.
We see those planets as unconscious laws of life.
Astrology makes conscious laws of this and now gives human feeling to unconscious planets!
Is that possible?
Astrology will therefore never become science!
It is not possible.
I take everything away from those people, they have cheated people for long enough!
That seventh house of these people has meaning for the soul, but otherwise than they think and now make of it.
I will write a Trilogy about it and then we will follow the origin of the human being to the Spheres of Light.
It is only then that those people get to know their hells.
Is it clear?”
“I thank you.”
“How did those hells originate, may I know that?”
“Of course, my friend.
When God revealed himself, I told you, working came into being in the space.
After the splitting the material life began.
The astral, but unconscious world, space, lives behind that life!
That space is therefore situated between the material life for the space and the Divine.
Can you feel this?”
“I understand it.”
“Thank you.
The human being now starts to represent the material world.
If the soul now releases itself from the material and experiences the dying process, it enters that world to prepare itself for the new birth.
The Divine world therefore lives behind that.
The universe condensed, the world for the soul was already ready.
That is the world for falling asleep and reincarnation.
However, now we go millions of years further and come to Earth.
When the first people had completed the cycle of the Earth, they entered a conscious world.
A world for their personality.
That world was their attunement.
That world was a space, but darkness reigned.
Those people still had to begin a higher life.
They did not know love.
The passions were not yet of that nature that we already know the demons, because this humanity, the present stage, to which we belong, does more evil than those people could have done.
They could murder a human being, but no more than that either.
That is of course already terrible and their souls returned to the Earth for this.
Not one soul understood it, because it did not know the material laws and the previous conscious dissolved completely.
Those are the hells!
There is no fire there, only there is a feeling of passion and violence, as a result of which those souls have to accept an underworld, a darkness.
By doing the good thing and taking care of the material being, they received a higher conscious.
Seven hells came into being there.
Seven different worlds.
You can see it.
What originated in the space as material worlds, we now also see again for the inner life.
Those seven hells represent worlds of transition.
You go from one world into the other, but you bring that world to revelation by your loving life.
You can see it, we received those worlds in our hands, but had to master the laws for it.
Seven hells were born in one space.
The attunement of such a world keeps you prisoner.
Millions of people lived there, people who had completed their material lives.
However, the world which is unconscious is also to be found in that space.
The world for the soul, which is reincarnated.
The Earth holds onto the soul!
If you have not yet reached your highest physical existence here, then that material, therefore human grade of life pulls your soul back to the Earth.
The people of the jungle, Eskimos and other peoples of lower conscious (see article ‘Human being or soul’ on, must all first evolve to the highest grade, then those souls will begin to make up for that.
You will certainly feel, in those material lives those unconscious people do wrong things.
They do not know that they are doing wrong, but the harmonic laws of God will soon force them to begin the higher life, because the soul must return as a Divine personality to God.
Can you now feel how simple everything is?
Those hells therefore have a very different meaning than the Bible can explain to us.
All that punishment by the Bible, that destroying of the human inner life was necessary.
As a result of this the material people started another and better life.
That was the Divine whip!
However, that is not Divine wisdom!
Not Divine justice.
This century can no longer accept that and you also see that the people no longer believe in it.
These are the hells.
The higher those people came, the more love they radiated and that lightened their life and their environment.
Finally the human soul freed itself from the darkness and the seven Heavens came into being.
Again laws of transition as worlds, however, now in order to continue and to enter another space, which is material again and originated from this universe.
The moment when the first souls as a human being, therefore the Angels, the masters, reached the seventh sphere, they were faced with the mental regions.
Those are the spaces which attract the soul in order to enter the fourth cosmic grade and now as a material being to enter a spiritual life.
Free from every disturbance.
Can you understand this?”
“Are there Angels who have never yet experienced the material world?”
“No, that is not possible, after all!
God did not create those lives!
Those are fabrications!
Can God be unjust?
Did God create Heavens for human Angels, outside our lives?
It would be impressive, but it is not true!
God could not create other worlds!
Because He is just.
All His life has had to cover the same path.
The Bible writers made that of it.
They made so many mistakes, but they did not know any different.
They had the most heavy task which we people could be given.
They did not know themselves.
And millions of people along with them.
Slowly this humanity is progressing.
Could people have accepted all of this thousands of centuries ago?
When the masters speak themselves – that happens by mean of technical instruments, directly from the astral heavens to the Earth – all those faults dissolve and the Old Testament is written again!
The life of Christ cannot be injured, all of us fight for Christ!
However, the Old Testament, it is that, as a result of this people lose their pure feelings.
The human being must no longer be made afraid with burning hells and eternal damnation, the soul as a human being can make up for its failed lives, it can fix the mistakes made.
God has nothing to forgive.
God gave all of Himself!
So you see, the Divine laws speak to your lives!
You continue.
Fatherhood and motherhood, it is wonderful; but universal Love, brought to humanity by Christ, stands higher.
Today I am your child, in centuries’ time you will be my child.
There is no childhood for our space.
The soul is millions of years old!
So tell your people, your followers, minister, that they do not need to fear any burning hells, but that a wrong deed punishes much worse than a burning hell!
Every wrong deed tunes your life to darkness.
That is the loss of your harmonic life for God.
Now it becomes misery!
And you create that misery yourself!”
“And Christ?
How do you see the Divine Trinity?”
“My friend, I can explain those laws to you.
But only then, when you are my disciple.
Do not forget that I do not wish to make your heart heavy.
I do not yet want you to lose your own grip.
However, accept this.
The Divine Trinity is like you received it.
God as Father, God as Son and God as Holy Spirit.
We, the masters, the Angels, say: that you are also God’s Son!
All of us will achieve the life of Christ one day.
We will enter the Divine All one day and will be like Christ!
Christ came from the Divine All to the Earth.
He is like God and can say: I am like My Father!
But you are also that!
In order to explain those laws to you, we must return to the moment when God was still to start his revelations.
Now you must experience that God has no meaning for our lives as word and as human being, you can sense who Christ is.
And why Christ came to the Earth in order to bring the Divine Gospel.
Yet reality lives in it!
You receive that, but later!
It is only then that you are ready for that stage of your development!”
“Are there fallen angels?”
The human being who had once entered the Spheres of Light, did not fall to the hells.
We as human beings fall thousands of times before we enter the Spheres of Light.
Once we have arrived there, we keep our life going.
I ask you, would you be capable of killing another fellow human being?”
“I would say: no.
But I do not know which temptations will reach me, do I?”
“You see, you are still a murderer!
We have already conquered those laws, those uncertainties, a long time ago.
We know that we can no longer kill.
We would rather kill ourselves!
But the souls of the heavens also know that!
They cannot fall in order to begin demonic lives, those lives have been discarded.
That is also an untruth, it is ignorance!
Those faults will soon dissolve completely.
There are no fallen angels, because the soul has reached its stage there by means of millions of lives.
It now knows what it wants.”
“Do you also know how we will live there as angels?”
“We try to bring the other life of God, our sisters and brothers to awakening in this.
As a result of this we ourselves go higher and further!
Do not forget, everything is born in the Heavens.
From there the Angels brought the teaching as wisdom to the Earth.
All the sciences originated both as a result of spiritual inspiration and reincarnation.
Each higher thinking came from that world to the Earth.
All art, all sciences!
Can you sense this unity?
But I must stop, soon we will continue.
I greet you!”
He goes upstairs again.
We still do not speak yet, we are almost suffocating from happiness.
Our guests say goodbye.
Karel thinks, all of us think.
They are wonders!
Revelations for our lives.
Those others must not come here again.
We must make sure there are open souls here, here only the big child can learn.
And that child of God will receive everything!
Really, the others will be shown the door!
Nothing can be done with those people.
They disturb!
They destroy!
Hans must also stay away.
Karel will tell him.
It is becoming deadly seriousness!
When we are alone, René comes back to us.
He says:
“Can you tell those other academics, Karel, that they may not come here again?”
“I feel the same, my boy.
I will make sure of it.”
“Those people disturb, Father.
Why would we approve of that.
The world has already suffered enough through these doubters.
They do not believe in anything, even if they are standing above their own spiritual corpse.
I do not wish to see those people again.
But tell me, Father, how was it?”
“I am open, René.
I can only thank you.
I will prove to you that I have learned in those years.
I will shake other academics awake, they may listen.”
“Have patience for a while, Father.
I will first prepare these.
Then we will compose a new group.
Or I would keep having to repeat myself.
In addition, I must first prove what I can do.
You will not talk about it yet.
I will warn you.
I must first write a few books.
I will describe these séances and I will publish those books.
It is only then that we can convince other people.
Is that okay, Father?”
“Wonderful, René!”
Karel kisses his boy.
Erica too.
Then we go upstairs and I write down everything.
It is amazing.
They are revelations.
This life penetrates everything.
I believe that he can receive and experience the Divine.
I write down:
“René is deeper than Buddha, deeper than Ramakrishna.
I know that life.
I read the book about his life.
René said about this person: ‘What that holy man experienced during his ecstasy, is life consciousness to me.
What he experienced as a result of his disembodiments was only the contact with life after death.
I can experience all of the space.
I can receive the Divine answer!
I can explain all of the laws; he knew nothing about the laws!’
René continues those lives!
He represents a universal Order!
And it is as a result of this that we enjoy spatial conscious.
I consider him a ‘Paul’!
It is he!
He exceeds all those people and keeps his simplicity!
He is nothing more, but also nothing less!
He fights like a conscious lion for Christ!
Can this be bad!
He goes deeper than theosophy!
Deeper than any sect too, he is a born master.
Our country can consider itself fortunate with this child, this life, this soul!
I have nothing more to add to this.
What came this evening, I will get to record next week in the logbook.
Hans is dangerously ill!
I am afraid for him!
Poor Elsje!
Van Stein, Van Hoogten and the wagtail are awkward souls.
You cannot lose anything by them anyway.
However, they are prickly.
And that is a nuisance.
René has completely undressed them!
And they do not accept that!
In this way you are faced with the personality which cannot bow.
And that applies for all the laws, is the own death, the own destruction.
I have understood, and that has already been for so long, anyone who can bow his head, will keep on getting to see new life.
Anyone who cannot do that, goes to pieces and will still have to begin one day.
We are fortunate people.
I had not thought that it would get this height.
I had never been able to dream that.
What I may now experience, is a great wonder, a fortune for this humanity.
It is a revelation, a new birth!
It is bliss!
Supernatural love.
My God, how good you are for us children!
Karel has become a rock.
You would have to see him to believe it.
He is now a man!
Erica is a wonder in herself and Elsje is radiant as never before.
Anna says nothing, but she is building Temples.
I believe that she is busy wearing the gold sandals.
Which love can Anna give you?
She is becoming divine!
I do not know myself, but I wonder what I did to deserve this!”
I go to sleep!
The tension in the hall is tremendous!
The people had not thought that this would be born of everything.
Masks fell and masks are explained!
They are quiet from emotion, even if you find people there, who are called Van Stein, Van Hoogten and Ten Hove.
They are as poor as churchmice!
If you are standing on stage you can feel the human surge coming to you.
I am that far, that they can no longer disturb me.
I have been on the stage for so long already, but the first ones?
Our students?
It rained spiritual flowers this evening!
René is now sleeping on a bed of violets, daisies and forget-me-nots!
And we do not begrudge him it in the least!
Is all of this not wonderful?
How trivial this word is now, isn’t it?
That material mask has also fallen.
We go straight to our naked self!
I have been that for so long already, and yet, can you not see my extremely beautiful garment?
For God you are always dressed.
Just bow and you will have made it!