They are the devils of God, Frederik

We have aged again, the summer is over, we are heading for Christmas, which we hope to celebrate all together.
Also René!
An awful lot happened during the months after my mental examination.
However, we got good reports from René’s doctor.
It sounds gratifying to the ears and gives support to the human heart.
You can breathe again and open yourself to other things.
A temporary improvement is noticeable.
The character is being formed of its accord.
We just have to wait and see.
Erica, Anna and Karel are doing really well.
They want to visit René, but his doctor did not wish to hear of it.
I agree completely with him.
The man considers everything in a very natural way.
He says: too many visitors disturb the inner life of the child.
Parents must be able to control themselves.
A reunion for a mother, it is wonderful, of course, who does not long for their own blood in such a situation?
It is heartrending for the soul, painful, it works destructively for the day consciousness.
The doctor says: this life has to be released from everything which it experienced during the phenomena, every contact has to be broken, if we wish to be able to build up a new life.
René is awakening, he is opening up to everything and, according to the reports which Karel received, he is hypersensitive.
However, we know all about it, it is nothing new to us.
A few days after my homecoming we drew up a few plans.
Hans and Karel were very enthusiastic and gave me their full co-operation.
I started a week of preparation, but when I knew what to do, I went back to Hans.
I started with old Piet.
I treated all of them to something nice, made hearts happy and got new friends.
Then I was back in their midst, different, very different.
I looked sympathetic in my white coat.
The men recognised me, but it did not get through to them what I had really got up to during those few days.
Doctor Franciscanus immediately came up to me and asked whether I wanted to assist him, he was too busy with all those plague victims ...
What he built up today they destroyed again tomorrow.
He needed a herbalist.
They all had something good for me, some more than others.
The language expert wanted to give me lessons in Latin, French, German, English, Spanish etcetera, but asked for a hundred two-and-a-half guilder pieces in advance.
I could immediately register, but at the appointed time because it was busy.
I thought: how busy they are, these louts.
Only old Piet remained in the background, he observed me from his life and thought a bit more consciously than the others.
I called to him and when he was standing before me, I said:
‘Are you coming along, Piet?’
‘I am going to my cousin, sir ... what is your name again?’
‘Van Zeul, Piet.
I am Zeultjes.
Come on.’
We are outside.
I walk around with Piet and talk a bit.
He answers me, but his thoughts are confused.
He talks about the cousin who deceived him.
I do not believe that Piet sees a difference between thousands of cousins.
That one did not beat a hole in this consciousness.
That will have to mean his salvation.
When I talked to Hans about it, Hans wanted to know what he actually wanted.
I explained Piet’s consciousness to him.
As a result of induced hypnosis, which we used to talk about sometimes, I wanted to give Piet the chance to begin a new life.
Hans wanted to help me in everything.
Now that I am outside with Piet, I ask him about various natural things which we come across in the environment.
‘Can you see those flowers, Piet?’
‘Yes, of course, they are the children of Our Lord, I love flowers.
I really love flowers, if you wish to know.
Of course!’
‘What would you think, Piet, if we were to go for a lovely walk?
Amongst people and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to the pictures?’
‘Is that allowed?’
‘That is allowed now, Piet.
However, we will go home first, we will have some tea, we will have cake.’
‘Okay, and then we will go to my cousin.
Won’t we?’
‘Exactly, Piet.’
Piet looks around him.
He does not feel yet that he is free, but that will come soon.
Hans is at home, Karel is also coming.
We walk to his castle.
I have a wonderful plan.
Money does not play a role; as a result of money we cure people, with money you can make devils dance, but with money you can also work miracles.
When we arrive, we are greeted by Hans and Karel.
First of all, Piet gets a cup of tea and cake and enjoys that.
You would say that he is already a normal person.
In the beginning he made very effort in Hans' institution, but they did not believe him there.
We will soon talk about it, we must first try to put Piet under hypnosis, give his will the strength which it lacks and as a result of which he behaves so uncertainly.
I will be the one or I will not, I will try it.
I think that it is possible.
Piet has eaten and has had a drink.
We lay him on the couch.
Piet does everything, he does not feel any fear.
I sit down on the edge of the couch, Karel and Hans look and follow everything.
I say to Piet:
‘Piet ...’
My voice gets through to his soul and I put emphasis in my voice, my willpower has to influence and dominate this life ...
‘Piet, you will now have a peaceful sleep.
You will sleep very peacefully, Piet, and then you will awaken and be happy.
When you fall asleep, I will be with you.
We will then go to the cinema and have something nice to eat and drink.
However, first of all, we will go to sleep, we will peacefully close our eyes, peacefully, very calmly go to sleep, but you will surrender yourself completely, oh, how wonderful it is to sleep!’
I looked Piet in the eye, I penetrated the pupil and looked through him in this way, I descended with him to the depth of his soul, and see ... his eyes are closing.
The life reaches a peaceful sleep, Piet is under hypnosis.
Really and truly, I have become a hypnotist within a few days.
I possess what I had never thought possible.
My God, what good things you can do with this, I start to feel.
Piet is sleeping, but now what?
Hans and Karel are extremely interested.
Hans wants to know what I will do now.
‘Well, Hans, we will first see what is present in that life.
What is it that occupies this soul, makes it talk and think and disturbs the day consciousness?
We do not know.
What do you hope to achieve with your medicines?
In this way we will never get contact with the inner life and being.
I will start to understand what I have to do.
I already know, Hans, this wisdom is given to me.
I do not think that it is Franciscus.
I thought about it for a long time, but this has become my own possession.
That gift lay dormant in me, and now I have allowed the dominant feelings to awaken.
As a result of my search for the reality, wanting to know what lives behind all those masks, my own mask has fallen off.
I am going back to something which I probably made dormant myself.
Just a moment, I will begin.’
‘Can you see ... dear man, what lives yonder for you?’
Piet’s lips want to say something ... the lips murmur.
I ask:
‘Can you hear me, dear man?
Can you hear me?’
‘Yes ...’ he says, ‘I can hear you.’
Then listen, listen to me, only to me, to the voice which speaks to you.
This voice will not harm you, dear man, not at all, this voice is love, it does nothing but good, gives you strength, makes you right-minded.
Do you know what that is and what it means?
What is right-minded, dear man?’
He says: ‘Right-minded?
Is right-mindedness not the same as doing good?
Oh, I have got it.
Right-mindedness is doing good, right-mindedness is ...’
‘Be quiet, dear man ... if this voice asks you something, then you only have to give the answer which you are asked to give.
You do not start to think for yourself.
Only give the answer to what the voice asks you.
Do you hear me?’
‘I hear you.’
‘Do you know what I mean?’
‘I know and I will think about it.’
Piet thinks for himself and that is not allowed.
He thinks more politely, it is now ‘thou’ and ‘thy’.
I behave a bit awkwardly, but I will get used to it.
I am not a qualified hypnotist, but that is not necessary either.
I am doing it with my own skills, it has nothing to do with learning.
When Hans wishes to say something, I place my fingers on my mouth; it is a case of being silent ... waiting and seeing how Piet reacts.
I know that we have contact with the inner life of Piet.
The life is sleeping, it will react to my will.
I ask:
‘Can you hear me?’
He says: ‘I can hear you!’
‘Can you see that woman there, dear man?’
‘There she comes.’
‘I can see her ...
I can see her ...
Yes, I can see her.’
‘Be calm and quiet.
That is your cousin ...
Peter ...
Piet, or what is your name?’
‘I do not know ...’
‘Then we will call you Piet.’
‘Right ... right ... right.’
‘Can you see that lady over there?’
‘I can see her, what does she want?’
‘That is your cousin ...
It is she, whom you thought was so beautiful, so true, so honest.
You do not know her, you did not see her as she was.
You have to see that life differently.
You have to look at it, but you must not fall because of it.
Do not fall!!!
You will see her as something sweet, which is not for you.
It is not for you, you will see something completely different.
Something else entirely.
I will let you see her ...
Here she comes ...
Look, there is she.
I will call her.
But you may only watch.
You do nothing ...
You can see her.
Can you see her?’
Piet says: ‘Yes, I can see her.
I can see her, I can see her.’
‘That is enough, you can see her, you can continue to see her, but you must wait until she comes back to you.
Do not forget, you wait, you are calm, you will continue to wait until she comes and then you will see her differently.
Probably even more beautiful, more peaceful, won’t you?’
‘Correct, that is the way it is ...
I can see her, I can already see her.’
‘I will let her go away ...
Now watch carefully, now she dissolves before your eyes.
There she goes, but she will come back later, much later, and then all will be well.
She will come back, but you will wait.
‘So what will you do?’
‘I will wait, I will wait until she comes back.’
‘Now you are calm ... you will remain calm, you will not let anything bother you.
Not anything, you will be calm every hour.
You will be calm all the hours of the day.
We know that you are calm.
Nothing can happen to you, nothing, you live, you are in society, the cousin will come later, but you live.
You think well and in a normal way, you do not let yourself be disturbed by anything, by anything at all, you know what you want, you know so well, oh, you know so well.
You will not forget that.
You will never forget it!
You are like that, you will stay like that, you will live, think, feel like that, there is no disquiet in anything, you know what you want.
You think and talk to people, but as a result of your calm.
You want to be calm and you will remain calm.
Do you hear?’
‘I know, I will remain calm, I am peace, I am peace, I am peace.’
I look at Hans and Karel.
I leave Piet ninety-five percent free in his thoughts and feelings.
Five percent from my will remains behind in him.
What Piet lacked, had lost, since he was tuned solely to one thing and as a result of which, at the end of his tether, he behaved wildly, smashed windows, he had it in for windows, now has to be compensated for by my will.
This emotional power, which remains behind in him, I call induced hypnosis, Hans and Karel.
You will see, the soul masters the other as a result of this induced peace.
I see his degree of life, he lives for fifteen percent under the day conscious self, which can get better.
I give my life for it.
What I want, is the following.
The female nurse who experienced my influence, will soon help Piet.
He will gradually win back his former self with her help.
I have a thousand guilders and more to spare for one soul.
Can you feel it?
Then we will continue.
Hans and Karel know what I want.
Even if the way of speaking and laying down of will is not yet finished, I know that the soul ‘Piet’ will react as I want.
The fact that Piet started to talk more politely already proves that he is normal as long as he is not dominated by the chaos.
Karel says: well, and Hans also has to accept it.
Piet is sleeping peacefully.
I can now let him eat and drink.
We will give him tea and cake and he will have the feeling that he has been to the pictures.
I go even further.
‘Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?’
‘I can hear you.’
‘Look, can you see what I have in my hand?
A nice cup of tea and in my left hand some delicious cake, which I promised you.
When we have eaten and drunk this, we will go to the pictures.
Now drink the tea.
Can you feel the cup?’
‘I can feel it.’
‘Is it good?’
Piet smacks his lips, the tea is tasty.
Now the cake.
‘Now eat the cake.
I will put it in your mouth.
Is it good?
Is it not good?’
Piet smacks his lips, he cannot say a word, his mouth is full.
I held my hand to his mouth for a moment.
Piet takes a bite and eats.
See this child, feel the soul, what is a human being?
Piet says:
‘See this child, feel the soul, what is a human being?’
I continue and answer:
‘A human being is a miracle.
You are also a human being.
Now we as people will look at the people.
You now have to see what they are like.
Do you see those windows ... those windows there?
You are afraid of them, aren’t you?
Oh, you are so afraid of them.
Do you know why?
Do you know why you are afraid of them, Piet?
Did you see that?
Did you see that?
Did you see that there is a fire?
Did you see that fire there?
Then you wanted to leave.
Then you smashed the windows.
Oh, just do not be afraid; I am with you.
Nothing will happen anymore now.
I am with you and you are not alone.
You could have taken the stairs, then nothing would have happened.
Now you smashed all those windows.
Did you see it?
Don’t be afraid, I am telling you, I will stay with you.
I will stay with you, but you must never smash windows again, never ever, never ever, because that is not allowed.
That is not allowed!
That is not allowed!
Do you hear?’
‘I hear, I could have taken the stairs, I will not smash any windows, I will never be alone again, never ever, I am no longer afraid, I will not smash any more windows.
Stop ... stop ... stop ...’
He utters the word ‘stop’ as a result of my will.
Piet is therefore telepathically one with my life and being, my will.
Hans and Karel establish that.
I will prove it to them .
I ask Karel:
‘What do you want Piet to do?
Do you want to know the time?’
Karel looks at me as if he has seen a ghost.
However, one thing starts another rolling.
What I saw in the East and saw with my own eyes, has now been revealed to my life.
I can also do that, but through the life of Piet.
I ask Piet:
‘Can you see what the time is?
Could you look at this clock and tell me what the time is?
Look, I have a watch in my hand.
Can you see it?
Can you see it clearly?
What time is it now?’
He says: ‘Quarter past two ...’
It is quarter past two ...
Hans and Karel observe the miracle of this.
Has Piet become clairvoyant?
Piet takes over thoughts, Piet tells what I know and can see.
Nothing else.
This is possible as a result of imposed hypnosis, the will of another person.
Piet follows that up and passes it on.
As a result of this it is possible to protect this life from a further relapse.
That is everything for today.
We will quickly go to the cinema.
Piet has to be amongst people.
Piet has to look at people from a state of sleep and he has to master that as a small child masters walking.
I feel this soul and I am now capable of looking into his subconscious.
I had already done it and I felt that Piet had experienced an anxiety somewhere which had beaten a hole in his life.
If Piet was to rebel, lose himself, he would smash the windows.
Out of malice?
Out of fear!
He could have lost his life in it.
Piet would smash the windows; if he rebelled again, if the anxiety overcomes him again, Piet would smash the windows and he would have to accept the institution for good.
Piet will never get out, if people do not help him.
Piet is like a small child which has to learn to walk, but in Piet’s case there are no legs, I have to give them to him.
Only then will he get out of his spiritual maze.
I feel where Piet lives, but he himself has to say it, and that is possible too.
I tell Hans and Karel about it and they find it a natural diagnosis.
We now go outside.
‘Can you see me?
Can you see how I am?
Do you know me?
Can you hear me speaking again?
Do you recognise my voice?’
‘I can hear you, I can see you.
I can hear everything.’
‘Then it is okay.
Look, we are now going outside.
You are no longer afraid of windows.
Windows cannot hurt you.
Those windows are there to keep out the wind and the rain.
Rain and wind make you cold.
Can you feel that?
Can you feel how cold it is?’
Piet trembles and Piet shakes.
He feels the cold.
I am continuing.
‘Do you see all those windows?
Can you now see that people like us may not destroy those windows?
We will never smash them again.
Soon we will see what we were so afraid of.
Fear, it is fear, isn’t it?
Oh, what a fear it is.
Can you see this window?
Can you see this window in my hands?’
‘I can see the window!!’
‘Do you see that I am not afraid of that window?
I am not afraid of a window, because I know that this ... window ... say it again ... serves ... say it again ... serves ... to keep out ...?’
‘The wind and the rain.’
And wind and rain make you ... make you ... make you ...?’
‘Cold and wet ...’
‘Good, that is the way it is.
And because we know that, we will, we will ...’
‘Not smash windows again.’
‘Very good, wonderful, very good ... wonderful ... wonderful, we know that now.
We know that.
Windows are to ...’
‘Protect you ...’
‘Well done, then there will be no more fear.
And all these people here are our friends.
Those people who are walking there are like us, they live and do their shopping.
And there is the cinema.
They act for us there and you can see the people on the screen.
Can you see them?
Can you see them?’
‘I can see them.’
‘And can you see what they are doing?
They are playing football together.
You know ...
They chase a ball and kick that thing away again.
You know that.’
‘I know that football, I know that.’
‘Then we will carry on.
Now we are tired, we will go to sleep.
Just for an hour.
When the hour has passed, we will waken and we will be rested.
Wonderfully rested, completely awake and we now think about everything.
Oh, what a lot we have seen.
We awaken and we are no longer afraid of the windows.
Now we awaken.
We have slept well, it was wonderful.
Piet opens his eyes and is awake.
Hans pours him tea.
Piet gets cake and a small cigar and is really well.
Hans talks to him and says:
‘Would you like to work for me, Piet?’
‘Yes, please, sir.’
‘Do you know who I am, Piet?’
‘Aren’t you the doctor?’
‘That’s right.
They are also doctors.’
‘I know that.’
‘Then we will talk about that Piet.’
‘We will talk about it ... sir.’
Piet wanted to imitate the doctor, but then his own thoughts came and he recovered himself.
Piet has already peace for a few percent and has got back some of his own personality.
We may be satisfied.
I agree with Hans and Karel that we will continue in a few days.
Piet has to go back to the patients, we will see how he now behaves there.
The power to think lies within him.
In one direction, in one line, and namely towards society.
Piet does really well.
We go to the men, he does not see one of them.
He is thinking.
Piet is nearly fifty, he can still make something of his life.
Meanwhile he will start a new life amongst the men.
Hans will follow him.
I will visit that cousin.
I find out that Piet has received a small inheritance.
A cousin will have to become his wife, a whole family is after Piet’s money.
A doctor is called, Piet behaves wildly and smashes windows.
He has to be locked up.
Piet does not feel anything for that cousin, but they talk until Piet dissolves completely.
His childish nature is now dominated.
Piet’s family get a cousin under legal restraint; the solicitor and doctor do not know any better.
The doctor treats Piet like a patient, but knows nothing about Piet’s past, his outbursts of tears, his fears.
This big child becomes a plaything for the evil in the human being.
Piet falls into the hands of a doctor who wants to live for himself and his institution, wants to advance, who chooses the devil above God, because he is helping to serve the dirty plan.
The thousands have fallen into the hands of demons, it is Piet who comes to grief and only sees the cousin.
However, the cousin is married and has four children.
The family is waiting for Piet’s life like hyenas.
What if Piet disappears?
What if Piet succumbs?
What if Piet never comes back?
The devils of God are playing with sacred fire.
The doctor is guilty of everything.
Piet is paid for, but Piet has nothing more to say about himself.
Piet is like the living dead.
His tremendously beautiful childish emotional life has succumbed.
If Piet starts to experience his sorrow, this life will enter another world.
If the sorrow becomes conscious, Piet will sink back as his own personality into that other world, the world and the space of the soul, and will talk nonsense.
However, that nonsense is childishly simple.
Piet will come back, I know!
The doctor should have looked behind this mask.
The doctor, who gives colour and shape to his institution, remains alive as a result of the lunatics.
If these lunatics are paid for, he and his institution will be taken care of.
However, Piet and the other people good of spirit will never get out again, they will remain prisoners.
The devils of God will rule over people, because this blood money is accepted.
I will handle that, if only Piet is better, Piet is normal; we have Hans and Karel and others behind us!
Four days later I go and fetch Piet.
He is already working and helps where he can.
He is quiet on the ward, he talks less, he thinks.
He has already asked for me.
The nurse who was put under hypnosis, takes care of Piet.
He says to her:
‘I have seen my cousin.
Now I know what she is like.
But it is not for me, not at all, I see her differently.
Oh, how differently I see her.’
Furthermore the nurse makes sure he is occupied.
He walks through the gardens with her, looks after the grounds, he is busy.
Piet already works, Piet already thinks, Piet is getting better.
When I stand in front of him, he enters my life and is so happy.
‘Are we going back to the town, sir?’
‘I am called Frederik, Piet, Frederik, you may only call me Frederik.’
‘Are we going to the town, Frederik?’
‘Come on, we will go to the town.
We will drink tea again, eat cake.
Do you remember that?’
‘Of course, Frederik, of course, that was so tasty!’
I go to Hans, Karel is not there.
When we enter, Hans walks over to Piet and gives him a friendly handshake.
‘Good day, doctor’, Piet utters.
Piet lies down.
I go to him, look him in the eye and say:
"We are going to sleep, Piet, sleep peacefully, just as we did a few days, we are not afraid of anything, I am with you.
Did you hear, Piet?
Did you hear me?
Can you hear that I have the same voice?’
Piet is already falling asleep.
I ask him:
‘Are you there, Piet?
Can you hear me?’
‘I can hear you.’
‘Now we will go back, we will look at your youth, there where there was a fire.
How old are you now, Piet?’
He says immediately ... ‘Fifty-one.’
‘Wonderful, we will count downwards, we will go back to your childhood.
We are counting, Piet.
Fifty, forty-nine, forty-eight, no fire, no fire, no fear has entered your life, we are going back ten years.
Where are you now?
What can you see?’
‘I am with Waalsberg ...
He is my friend.
I am playing dice, I am playing dominoes, I am playing cards with him.’
‘Then we will go back further, Piet, we will see what it is, where you saw the fire.
We will go to twenty-five, twenty-four, we are now twenty-three, twenty-two, twenty-one, twenty, nineteen, eighteen, seventeen years and no troubles have come.
We will go back, Piet, further back ...
To sixteen, fifteen ...’
Piet is getting afraid, he shakes, he trembles.
I say: ‘We go to fourteen years, Piet, fourteen years.
Now we can see the months, the days and hours.
Can you feel how long an hour lasts?
Can you feel an hour?
We will go further ...
However, Piet refuses to follow me.
I say to him and his life:
‘We can see the months, Piet, we are counting off the months, the days and the hours.
Watch out, you are fourteen years old.
Now it has been your birthday.
Do you know when your birthday is?
Do you know that?’
‘The eighteenth of June’, he utters.
‘Well done, Piet, we will count ...
January, February, March, April’ and there are still no troubles, no fear.
‘May, June, July, August, you are trembling and shaking, Piet, but you remain calm.
August ... the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh ...!’
Piet lets out a scream.
I say:
‘Be calm, Piet, what did I tell you?
You do not need to be afraid.
I am with you.
It is morning, you waken up.
You eat and drink, your mother is not there.
Where is mother?’
‘Mother is dead, father is not there either, father is working out of town.
That is father, there is father.’
‘I can see your father, Piet.
We will go to work, we will work.
We are working, Piet, we think of nothing.
I see what you are doing, do you know as well?’
‘I am working on furniture.
I am making a nice table.
A very nice table.
There it comes ... there you have it ... fire, fire, fire ...’
‘Be calm, Piet, we will not smash any windows now, we will go through the factory to the ladder and then we will be outside.
Can you see the ladder?
Can you see that you do not need to smash any windows to get outside?
Can you see that, Piet?
Have you now seen that you do not need to be afraid?
You would have got outside.
When you smash all those windows you are no longer yourself.
You should have remained yourself, can you see that?’
‘I can see it!’
‘Then we can carry on.
We will go back to your present age.
You become the old Piet again.
We count!
Twenty, thirty years, forty years.
Do you know, Piet, that we are counting in tens?
Missing out years?’
‘I know.’
‘Now you continue yourself.
You count on, Piet.’
Piet starts ...
‘Forty, forty-one, forty-two, forty-three, he goes to fifty, reaches fifty and says fifty-one ... and January, February, March, April, May, June ... now it is my birthday.
We are celebrating.
It is my birthday.’
‘But we will continue, Piet, other months passed.
July, August, September, October, November have passed, and now which month comes ...?’
‘December ... the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth ... eleventh ... eleventh ... eleventh ...’
‘What are you waiting for, Piet?’
‘I cannot continue to tell.
I cannot continue to tell.
I am at a standstill.’
It is the eleventh of December 1900 and such and such.
We are in the castle of my friend Hans, who will soon become a professor.
I am treating a mentally ill person, a child of fifty, whom people had wished to murder.
Piet is already nearly better.
Piet is reaching awakening.
When he opens his eyes, he sighs deeply.
I ask him:
‘What is the matter, Piet?’
‘I have been ill, Mr Frederik.
Where am I?
Where do I live?
Who has my money?’
‘You will get your money back, Piet, and you have got better.
We will give you a few fortifications and then you will get back to work.’
Piet gets food and drink.
He smokes his cigar.
Karel comes to have a look.
We are just finished.
Hans finds it amazing.
Piet does not go to his institution again, he goes home with us.
We still have a room free.
Anna will take care of him now.
The sister can take him over later, until she can also say that it is enough.
Piet lives amongst us and is calm.
He talks nine to the dozen with Anna.
He goes along to do shopping, he loves shopping and behaves like a little boy.
When he goes to sleep the next day, Erica calls me.
‘Piet is going to sleep, but he now flies back to his fire.
He is already doing it of his own accord.’
I can weaken my will.
Piet will get better, he says that you may not destroy any windows, you have to look first whether there are stairs.
You have to control yourself in everything.
His conscious is changing.
Piet is climbing back to the normal.
The days are passing.
Meanwhile I visit Mrs Van Soest.
She does good and wants to do good, she has succumbed as a result of her good nature.
She and the others want to bear the poverty of this world.
Mrs Van Soest knows that, but people no longer believe her, until she has succumbed.
I talk to her.
We take her to Hans’ room just for an examination.
I try first by using gentle words, then by hypnosis.
She lies down and falls asleep immediately, but she does not say a word.
Her soul has closed itself off completely.
I know what it is, she was forced in all kinds of ways to say something.
This personality is watching over itself.
We do not need her either.
She sleeps and she remains asleep for a few hours, she will awaken out of herself and through herself, but through a will which is instilled at a distance.
Hans has her taken to a separate room.
It is eleven o’clock in the morning, she has to awaken at four o’clock.
Meanwhile I place in her life what I left with Piet through words.
We wait.
At four o’clock Hans enters her room.
It is a few seconds before.
He counts the seconds ... and look, the patient opens her eyes.
She asks:
‘Where am I?
But where am I?
What did they do to me?’
‘Do you not recognise me?’ Hans asks.
‘But of course, I recognise you, you are the doctor.’
We take her back to the ward.
The sister only has to observe her there.
She thinks, she wants to think, and after half an hour she asks:
‘Sister, where am I here?
Who brought me here?’
‘You are sick, we are looking after you.’
‘But where am I?
Where am I, who brought me here?’
Hans comes.
Hans takes her to his room.
I am there.
When she comes in and has sat down, I ask:
‘Do you recognise me?’
‘No, I do not know who you are.
But where am I?’
‘You are in my institution, Mrs Van Soest.
I am your doctor.
We are busy curing you..
You will remain here, you will go back to the ward.
Keep calm, we will do everything to help you.’
The woman collapses.
She falls to the ground unconsciously.
When Hans brings her back to consciousness, the sister comes to fetch her.
She will be taken care of properly.
Hans asks:
‘How is her condition, Frederik?’
‘What I know about it, Hans, lives in your hands and is within your reach.
This life is not mad.
Has never been mad.
It is money, money, money!
God’s devils have locked her up and you did not see that.
She is mentally exhausted, fatally affected in her maternal heart, her charity became fateful for her.
There must be thousands like her locked up, to whom the doctors give themselves completely, while the gentlemen or ladies live it up.
Did you not know that, Hans?’
‘I swear to you, Frederik.’
‘How did she come to you?’
‘As a wreck ... you saw her, didn’t you?
I admit, she has changed the past weeks.’
‘This soul, Hans, came to grief as a result of her charity.
Her suffering, her misery put her in this state.
However, this sleep took the soul back to day consciousness.
A few hours sleep, by an imposed will, gave her this return to the normal, the day conscious self.
If this soul had been so sensitive as various other women, then she would be faced with possession, I believe an astral effect, influence; I do not yet know what these laws are like.
Now the life is attacked and the soul moves to its world, but feels closed off to our society.
What one person experiences through passions, is religion for another.
It is a bit more difficult for us with Sonja, but she can also be cured.
Mrs Van Soest must first be herself, you and Karel and the others must examine her.
We need proof.
Tomorrow she will sleep again and you will see what hypnosis can do.
If you feel these laws, Hans, you will understand that she and Piet live through me, will keep going until they can stand on their own two feet.
I have divided myself.
What they are lacking, they will get from me, people like us are capable of helping each other.
Did you not know that?
You see, I called her back to awakening to the second.
The human soul listens, because this is possible through sleep, a will.
She does not want to speak, but that will also come, my dear Hans.’
The following day Mrs Van Soest was put under an induced sleep again.
We let her sleep for eight hours and now too she woke up at the time fixed by us.
She woke up weeping, it was as if she was broken from sorrow, it was fear of having to go back to society.
The harshness of people had broken her.
We reassured her and give her the belief that she was now being helped and had got new friends who would support her.
After the fourth treatment she revealed her life to us.
She is a mother of two children.
Husband and children buried her alive.
Husband and children, a daughter and a son, thought that mother should be put under legal restraint and denied her a quality of life.
When she resisted it, her mental exhaustion broke her day consciousness, she was locked up.
‘Of course’, she says, ‘I was no longer myself, however, I knew what I was doing.
Then I sunk into a very different world from suffering and did not find myself again.’
Hans is furious, Karel no less so.
They will drive out the devils of God along with Van Hoogten and Stein.
The trust in material and spiritual help, in the doctors, comes back to her.
After the seventh day she is in our midst.
We talk about all these dreadful problems and now know what these miserable creatures are like.
Her husband lives it up, the children go their own way and thought that it was okay like that.
Mother was a spendthrift, she threw her money away and that was not allowed.
She visited the sick and unfortunate people, overdid her charity.
‘How could my children have believed him?’ escapes from her lips as a raw cry.
They may keep everything, she does not want anything more to do with all that money, she wants to end her last days in peace and quiet.
What did she do to deserve that?
How could God approve of this?
But why?
They are questions which we asked, and will be asked by millions of other people.
But it is we ourselves!
On the twelfth day Mrs Van Soest moves to friends, who offer their hospitality until she has her own house.
Old Piet also gets his money back and we have a small business for him, so that he has something to do.
First Hans wanted to give him a position, but after having considered everything, I had a very different idea.
I found a cousin for Piet, a widow who lost her husband as a result of an accident.
A former home help of mine.
These souls will start a new life.
The nurse will stay in the house for a while in order to keep an eye on things, however, we know that Piet has returned to the normal and will remain himself.
Every day you see that this life is changing.
He knows what he wants, his spirit has become young.
This soul has not yet received anything from life.
Piet didn't not assume anything, he saw his cousin before him, he has her, even if it is a different one.
Then Piet wept from happiness.
I thought: what an influence such a little bit of will has, you can cure people with it.
What devils achieve can also be reached by the good.
And now the others.
We had more difficulty with Mrs Van Lakenstein, but she is returning to normal thinking and feeling.
She also came to grief as a result of that damned money.
Her family wrecked her life.
Broken in body and soul, she gave up the unequal battle.
I determined that all these people can be helped, provided they do not possess the terrible sensitivity of deep madness.
When passion speaks, you are faced with deeper problems, the laws of which I do not yet know.
Yet I believe that many of these patients can be helped, because we as people possess a strong will, even if the majority of the millions of people in this world does not yet believe much of it.
I am also trying to collect proof of it and have the feeling that it will be given to me.
Her life requires a bit more patience.
Yet she no longer belongs with those other women.
After the fourth treatment peace already came, normal thinking, her talking is serious, is thought-out and you no longer hear any abnormal sayings.
However, her nervous system has suffered enormously.
Hans takes care of that, she now gets a wonderful treatment, also the other doctors are now completely open to these patients.
They want to clear their names, they are contaminated by devils.
How can it be?
Just have a look, the doctor forgets himself because he wants to keep his institution, or he will lose his independence.
How many of these people are imprisoned?
My God, and that in the twentieth century?
Now I was faced with Sonja.
I went to talk to her first.
We walked outside and I got to see her life bit by bit.
Sonja was asleep immediately.
While she was asleep we got to know why she likes to dance so much.
Amazing problems are revealed, which themselves represent a world of their own.
Sonja sends us to a world which we know nothing about yet.
The baron – who is not a baron, but to whom she gave her capital – wanted rid of her.
When Sonja went mad from suffering, a neurologist came and he wrote notes.
Sonja moved to an institution in order to give her nerves a rest.
Seven years passed and Sonja is still in an institution, she went from one institution to another and ends up with Hans, who has already observed her for a year, but cannot get her so far that she can begin on the material life.
When we force her to go back to her childhood, force her to look for herself where her longing to do art started, it appears that she already possessed these longings before she was born.
That took me to thousands of problems.
We got to see that this soul, like both the other women, was simply dismissed, because the male gender was interested in something different, younger, more beautiful, with a bit more happiness and independence.
However, Sonja was destroyed like the others, the thousands whom I do not yet know, but they exist and have to accept an imprisonment.
Hans and Karel, along with the other doctors, have to admit that induced hypnosis can work miracles.
I explained to them that these personalities remain under my will and that they possess more powers as a result of this in order to experience life in society.
They are a bit lacking in this feeling, will power, they are not so far that they can experience their sorrows under their own power, they lost themselves as a result of suffering and sorrow, misery.
Those who lack a bit more consciousness, belong to the serious degrees.
Now we are faced with the depths of the soul with all her characteristics, which need their own development one by one.
However, we get Sonja back to normal.
The logbook says:
I have experienced amazing things as a result of my mad behaviour. I have become a hypnotist.
I believe for certain that I can now help René.
I was able to determine very natural and unnatural emotional worlds and I saw the universes crystal-clear in front of me, so that I could fill in the holes in such a personality, close them, which happened as a result of my serious will.
Because I leave a bit of myself behind in those people.
Since they go to sleep, those powers continue to work, I feed these souls from a distance.
I am starting to understand what people experienced in ancient Egypt.
I am now beginning to understand what fakirs and magicians can do, although I do not appreciate their lives.
I am starting to feel what a healthy yogi can do there!
Is it incredible?
We have proof!
Sonja returned to her previous life, although I do not yet have proof of it.
However, I believe for certain that we will hear more about it and only then will we be faced with a new university, a new century, it is a miracle!
We were able to save the other women because they lack a sensitivity, as a result of which all these terrible illnesses occur.
I know for certain that they cannot be helped then, because these souls do not yet possess the feeling as a human being for this material existence.
There are women amongst them – and I was able to observe something similar with the men – who came to grief as a result of physical love.
I found that the most terrible thing there is.
As a result of this, I am starting to see for myself the degrees for human consciousness.
I am starting to see that animal and human degrees of consciousness exist.
As far as dreadful homosexuality (see article ‘Homosexuality’ on is concerned, I am starting to understand that those feelings are material or spiritual, but that the physical laws for it take us straight to fatherhood and motherhood.
I mean that I do not believe that the soul can only experience one body as a human being through God.
By this I mean that the soul has to experience both bodies as a human being.
I have to write down that once I ... was also a mother.
That sounds really crazy, but if it is true we as human beings get more and more of a hold with God, because God is also Father and Mother.
Then why not us?
How God became Father and Mother, well ... I do not know that.
However, we as humans will have to experience both bodies or, I should say, we experience an injustice here.
Yet I would like to experience that maternal body, because giving birth to and carrying children also means something to men like us.
When I imagine all of this, it becomes pleasant in my soul, I start to feel heat, it is a delicious sensitivity, because I am now one with everything in this universe.
When I think about that, believe me, then I see thousands of problems before me, on which I am standing and to which I suddenly get an answer, but then bits and pieces fly off our university concept, but my life receives significance for this so awkward humanity, our Western existence, that of reincarnation and soul affinity, a life after death as a conscious human being and numerous other possibilities, which are worlds for the soul to which it belongs and which it has to do with.
I am beginning to consciously accept that this homosexuality is nothing more but releasing the previous life, being a man or woman ... and that the soul as the personality has lost its natural attunement during the experiencing of one or more bodies.
I am saying it wrong ... because now there is no question of losing, the soul has had to temporarily discard that life, as a material body.
Since the laws of nature force it, it now comes into an unnatural independence, but it is now faced with the abnormal.
If feelings are added now which it has not yet conquered according to our concepts, then this soul will succumb.
And if it is now also attacked by an invisible being, which the soul is as a spiritual personality after the material death, then I am faced with a battle of life and death, and they are faced with a miserable existence, because the spiritual world now lives it up completely through the material world!
However, I am not yet that far, these are still suppositions, I do not yet possess the foundations for my hypothesis.
I believe very certainly that I will also receive them, because I saw the direction determined.
But then?
Oh, I cannot bear thinking about it, then we will be faced with matters which will bring about a revolution for modern psychology.
Oh, Grim Reaper ... now you are no longer death!
And your terrible scythe has changed into daisies, violets, forget-me-nots, now people know your mask!
Will we become good friends?
I honestly admit that I am not yet that far.
The women and men who have forgotten themselves, possess just too little in order to keep going in this life.
I believe that Hans will be able to do much for this faculty, at the moment he stands on this ground with other legs.
He goes through his masks, he now sees what kind of amazing laws he is faced with.
What he considered nonsense some time ago, is now wonderful, because he was able to observe the devils, who decorate their institutions for money and possessions, which cannot be the intention of God and mankind!
The man with all his knowledge of languages can be cured, by taking him back to nothingness.
However, that will take some time.
If you can take the soul back to where it still had to start, then that heavy head will dissolve completely, all that ballast has to go overboard.
I believe that people can make circus tents out of these institutions, space for something else.
We will be left with the heavy, the animal-like degrees and we will find something else for these people.
I am not a fanatic, but the proof exists!
If you gradually give the soul new foundations on which it can place its little feet, we must be able to achieve that through our thoughts.
We call it ‘hypnotic sleep’, but it is the human will which works these miracles.
And in that state we tie up all those cares, all that learned nonsense, we force the soul to let that go, because this same soul is capable of it, because it has experienced thousands of lives and has also taken care of all of that for itself.
We know that numerous psychologists have already started, but do they continue their research?
Hans and Karel know these laws, they are now more open to them and will achieve a great deal.
I think so, I know, I am just a layman, but what could you do for all these patients?
We cured four people in a short time as a result of my mad behaviour.
Is it not shameful that our society is capable of such destruction?
Must the doctors give themselves for this?
I said to Hans, because you have looked at illness too much, you neglected the background and those are the devils, which make such a creature perish for this life.
I flinch when I think about all those mothers and fathers, they are children, who are infected completely by a plague, but that can be done by those who are merciless!
All in all it was a wonderful time for me.
I have seen and learned great things.
What my research achieved is priceless, it is a university.
I am grateful to Erica for her phenomena; as a result of her, our suffering and misery, I started my research.
And we are not finished yet!
Who knows what we will experience.
I will continue for the time being.
Old Piet has returned to society, lives were opened to nice things and matters, love entered human hearts and especially the belief that God has nothing to do with all this misery.
I will follow my theories thoroughly and I can already provide them with firm foundations.
I will now consciously start on little René, I will support him.
I know: he is getting there, he shall get there, because his sentimental life is open to me.
I insist: René is a spiritual child prodigy, even if we hear not yet about miracles.
The reports are a little less hopeful the past few days, he ran like the wind through the camp, sunk back again and he has become acquainted with the straightjacket again.
However, that does not matter.
I will visit him now.
I just want to see him.
I have a reason for this and the doctor did not mind.
Although he does not understand what I want, my feeling is still completely responsible.
I will help him through my willpower; I feel the need for this more than ever.
I do not believe now that we will have him home for Christmas.
Erica and Anna want to come too, but that is not allowed yet.
They have been without him for such a long time, their hearts speak, it is taking too long, but they have to continue to control themselves for a bit longer.
However terrible it is, it is not any other way, we cannot do the impossible, they have to wait!
Many things are given thought in this life ... people want riches and possessions, they want to possess everything, which makes life pleasant ... but what they forget is the construction of a better and healthier personality.
I believe that our development as a human being takes shape by thinking, by seeing things as they are, and only then are we faced with a state of purity!
Now the masks fall away, but you have to want it yourself, or you will never make it!
What lives behind it is awe-inspiring with happiness, love, justice, it is a heaven!
And I want to master that!
There were many flowers this evening, but I bought them for myself and the others.
How strange a person can behave!
I saved people as a result of it ... because He sent me there ... I think, and now everything is fine!
We will continue!