Frederik, oh Frederik, what a day!

MINISTER DIcksma has just celebrated the marriage of Elsje and René.
Organ sounds from the heavenly Bach gave these two souls divine happiness, wings, so that they would begin a fantastic life.
These souls are connected for eternity: René’s pupil completed his task in a way from which the human being can learn.
This free community got inspiration because of it, their minister gradually takes the human soul to a Father of love.
They are blessed hours which people can now experience through this human being.
You must listen to his sermons sometime.
They are kneeling down over there, these two supernatural children of Our Lord.
What was not necessary, they did anyway; they do not want to break away from this society, they want to give an example of how it should be and what it will become!
This is why minister Dicksma celebrated this marriage; they want to go through the church to the light ... through what the Apostles of Christ received to the space, the universe of two souls of one colour, as sweet as flowers for each other!
We go home.
Everything is over, today we are celebrating.
Erica whispers in my ear:
‘Frederik, oh, Frederik, what a day, isn’t it!’
‘What a day, darling!’
She is holding my arm, Anna is walking next to Karel.
We get into the carriages and go to Hans’ castle, where our children live.
Did Elsje want it like that?
Hans wanted to experience it like that!
Hans himself!
We waited four years, waited for an answer, which would be given to us through the heavens.
And when it came Hans was in our midst.
Then Hans said what he wanted and he left us for a long time, as he said, in order to begin with himself!
René got that message from his masters.
His masters, his Order, which he serves.
Hans left, but placed all his possessions in the hands of René and Elsje.
He also said:
‘I will think about you on that day!
But I will work, I promise you!’
For us that was the moment that we could accept that Hans was free from his misery.
He has that frightening torture behind him.
He let us know through René that he would return later, so that René would also describe his details.
Even if René knew it better than he did, the human being of the Earth must still know what awaited him if he took his own life and put an early end to it.
It would be a separate book.
Then we sang out.
Then we kissed each other from happiness, because of our Hans!
We bought flowers for Hans for a few hundred guilders, put them down in front of his portrait, but five thousand guilders went to the poor and even more.
A thousand people will share the happiness with us, in honour of a soul who has triumphed!
What this was for Hans takes you to the chilliness of a grave, which is actually no longer a grave.
It is now a torture chamber for the soul as a human being!
Then René and Elsje decided on their marriage.
Four years of waiting, four years of great happiness.
All our thoughts went to Hans and we now know that he felt us, there in that terrible loneliness, his horrible misery.
But before that we experienced wonderful things.
The séances continued again.
René let two months pass, then the academics came back and the laws were explained to them.
Erica and Elsje were still travelling.
One evening René says to Karel:
‘When can you go away, Karel?’
Where to?’
‘We will follow Erica and Elsje.’
Ten days later we were already sitting in the train.
Anna, Karel and I.
We would meet the ladies in Cairo.
And that happened!
Meanwhile Mohammed had presented himself to the ladies.
Karel got a piece of supernatural proof again, which was not only in the air again, but was calculated, felt and experienced in every detail, at least the things which would come, René's contact with him and other souls of this world.
Then we all lived together under the Pyramid and the Sphinx.
Here in ancient Egypt Marja awakened for her love.
On the way she got the inclination to travel on to Egypt.
Erica found that a revelation.
René sent off the telegrams, that he and we would follow soon.
Meanwhile Elsje had opened up her life to Erica.
She literally said:
‘I knew, if I married Hans, that I would see René.
I knew that I had to make amends to Hans, this is why I asked for that beating and I got it.
I still had to be beaten.
But now it is a blessing!
I wanted Hans to give us another beating like that, then we would still have him with us.
Now everything is different!
I am René’s, Erica’s.
Did you not know that?
I gave my name myself.
It suddenly struck me, I exchanged Maria for Marja.
I did not know that it came to me from the past, but I was so sure of it.
And when I saw René for the first time, I knew that it was him.
Then I devoted myself to Hans, because I did not want to make any more mistakes.
I made those clothes for René and for Hans.
One in order to show him that I was there and the other in order to open him to the beauty in the mother.
Hans did not see and did not feel that, but I had my satisfaction from that, I saw him, after all, didn’t I?’
‘Did you know all of that?’ asked Erica.
‘Just ask René, he knew it too.
I always saw him for that matter.
I had already drawn him as a girl of seven years’ old.
I looked for him and did not find him.
However, I knew that he was there.
When I met Hans, it was as if a voice from inside said to me: take him, beg him to take you and devote yourself completely to this life, he will take you to the other one, who was born for you.
And Hans did not want it!
Hans was stumbling!
Hans loved me as a child of his.
But I was his everything and because I was everything for him, his previous life revealed itself.
When René began with the séances, I already saw the end.
I did everything, I talked to Hans, but he could not be helped and we do not have to reproach ourselves with that!’
We all walked together along the Nile.
René and Elsje, Erica and Karel, Anna and I.
I do not need to say what those hours meant to us and I will not go into it either.
They are too sacred to me.
We saw that Elsje and René started to prepare themselves in order to receive their cosmic celebration.
When René felt that they were ready, we left for Mohammed’s palace.
They would receive their temple celebration there.
Many priests came to us!
And then we experienced how two souls were celebrated for the universe.
It happened in the way that the Temples of Ra, Ré and Isis knew.
There these children received the highest which a human being can experience.
In ancient Egypt, Mohammed told, when both were kneeling at the feet of the Goddess, this was the very highest which two souls could receive from God.
This only happened for the great winged one!
That was not the high priest, but that was the Divine contact for the Temple!
That was the soul which received the wisdom between life and death and was received as a God!
If a soul like that, a ‘great winged one’ like that had died, and if the Temple was no longer in possession of this contact, then months and months of preparation would have passed.
The soul would then be added to this spiritual wonder, a priestess, by means of which they would receive a new life.
Now it was a question of waiting.
Which of the priests would it be, who would devote himself to this new birth?
No one knew that!
That would be given through the Goddess, as visionary images to seven high priests.
In this way the high priests received visionary images and stuck them together to make a whole.
No mistakes could be made in this.
If one image was not real, the reception would be no good.
For example, one received something of the character of the priest who was called as creator for the sacred being one .
Another got to see something about the youth of the priest, yet others something from the past, by means of which it had to be shown who was ready to complete the universal duty, and by means of which the Temple would attract a new life and would receive the great winged one.
Then there was a celebration and sacred preparation, which could sometimes take months and months, but also years, because no priest was ready.
In this way a pure soul was now attracted, so that the Temple could receive wisdom.
It is impossible to image what this was for those souls, no other man and woman on Earth have experienced, could experience, such a preparation for their marriage, no soul was opened for that purpose!
Even if you are that chaste and holy, the soul knows nothing about that.
That was only possible in a Temple like that!
And those laws were placed in the hands of René and Marja just like that!
Mohammed took care of the sacred finishing touches.
The priests and priestesses came to these lives from all directions.
René and Elsje lived separately; we did not get to see them for four months.
They were under supervision day and night, their lives were watched over!
Marja would be born.
Elsje had to die during those months!
And she died too!
Now René as the great winged one got a new life in his hands!
Mohammed saw the laws, he returned to our own lives one evening and told me clearly, what I and Karel and Erica already knew, how our lives had been.
Karel could now check as much as he wanted, that was close reasoning.
Finally Elsje had died!
Then we experienced a temple celebration.
My God, I thought, how poor everything is with us if you see that eastern event and make comparisons.
The garments which they wore, were of unprecedented beauty!
Elsje was dead and buried.
René will describe everything about it, I will keep my hands off that, I cannot depict his feelings and those of Marja anyway.
Mohammed thanked me for that and said: just let that Rachi-Hadju do it himself, Frederik.
And he was right, I would have succumbed under it.
When the priests, twenty-one in number, knew, saw, had received the messages from the universe that Elsje had died, Marja came forward and we saw her again for the first time.
Karel was a revelation in those days.
He says to me:
‘Frederik, I will die.
I want to do it over again.
I will also lock myself up!
It is something so wonderful which I am experiencing here, that I can fall on my knees in order to ask your forgiveness again for all kinds of things.
Man, how you must have suffered, when we chased you out the door and sent you to the farm in order to better your life.
Can you really forgive me?’
Then we saw Marja, I already said.
More beautiful than ever.
What had they got up to with that life?
She was like an angel!
I could not believe my eyes.
Erica and Anna cried until their tears ran dry!
I no less!
Karel too!
We fell down on our knees before her!
The priests too!
With our large number we lay at the feet of René and Marja.
The light, Mohammed says, for the West.
Marja is another being!
We do not know Elsje anymore, she is dead!
It is a great wonder.
And now the celebration.
Heaven and Earth get unity.
Cosmic love and Divine wisdom manifest themselves.
They are sitting there, on a throne of happiness, a hundred and thirty four men and women are lying at their feet!
Mohammed reads out old formulas.
The Goddess of Isis lives in our midst, she blesses these lives!
These souls are on Earth in order to give wisdom to the people, they are the contact with many worlds, the laws of which we were already able to receive.
We breathe in a lovely smell of herbs, which caresses our human olfactory organ.
The laws of the universe are read out to them.
They must not only bow to this, but also prove what they can do.
René must be able to answer the questions, which are universal, otherwise he will not be a ‘winged one’!
We know what he can do and how deep his life is.
Then the gifts follow.
From Mohammed a thoroughbred grey, also a beautiful animal as a gift for Marja.
Pearls and diamonds, take your pick, the heavens open for these lives.
And that just like that for nothing!
However, René will have to pay for all of this with his blood.
These two will have to devote themselves to this!
It is a film!
Our dinner was an awe-inspiring wonder, you would need a hundred pages in order to say everything about it.
Then the journeys which we made.
Now they know my Sultan!
Also the harem ladies.
Karel said a thousand times that he gave a castle as Hans had been able to experience this.
But then he stumbled with Elsje, who is now called Marja and has started a new life.
We stayed there for three and a half months in order to have a rest.
The amount of dignitaries we got to know and became our friends, is already a treasure for this life.
And all those people want to support this mankind.
They are not Maharajahs who want to wage war, they are priests from old stock!
They represent the temple life of the Goddess of Isis.
Of course, the laws were explained to them.
René came forward as Rachi-Hadju and all credit was given to him.
We travelled the universe again by means of our boy and yet such an old master.
Now Mohammed enjoyed himself.
He asked him questions, which were never asked before.
He says literally: ‘I will give a million pounds for this life.
I want to lay my whole life at his feet.
If only I could buy that’, he sighs, ‘because this is divine bread!’
And I made a comparison with our sober West.
When I asked him: ‘But is that not possible from here?’ he replied:
‘We cannot change those laws, Oteb.
We must bow to the Goddess!
It is she who wants the West to awaken!’
What Mohammed meant is for himself.
We met people there, who want to give their fortune for some wisdom.
But they ask you questions.
And they know within one second whether you really are it.
This life was accepted.
Marja got the star of the East pinned to her left chest and then the Wings, the great wings!
René gave them ten evenings of Divine beauty.
The fire which people gave him, the questions which were asked, also caressed his inner life.
He did not need to doubt for one second.
That life is immediately ready to answer.
Mohammed said to me:
‘Is it not a wonder, Oteb?
Is it not a Divine mercy to be able to listen to this?
And did you think, Oteb, that we did not know whether he knows the laws?
In only five minutes, by means of one question, we already know what the soul can experience for our consciousness.
How many were here and succumbed?
We gave those people a beating, burned at the stake because of our questions and then gave them some bread and something to drink in order to return home.
This is it!
This is a ‘winged one’ such as we have not experienced before, but we knew that he would return to us."
You must be able to experience that yourself in order to be able to experience the power and the Divine of that, but that cannot be retold, you will not believe it.
We sat together until the morning at our séances.
René came back to his Temple.
He explained the laws to Marja at the ruins.
He showed us the place where we had lived.
Classical languages flowed just like that over his lips.
Karel became pale from it!
The love which we feel and possess for him is unlimited.
What we possess for these two children and got from God, borders on the incredible!
Karel and Erica changed there as they had never thought possible.
They also got a mark for good behaviour.
Then I experienced the highlight of my life.
Anna and I were offered gifts, but the following day we were also forged together for eternity!
Only now Karel and Erica got their wish fulfilled.
I cannot write a word about it, my pen is refusing now!
The others will just have to do that after my death!
I will probably also come back myself then!
That too, we know, is possible!
But we will keep the most sacred of all for ourselves!
If you do everything for that, you can also experience and receive that sacredness in the West, you must only want to die for that some fifty times, or it will never get a contact with your human heart.
We died for that!
Dozens of times!
We want to die for that every day!
We will bow our heads for everything!
That brought us to awakening, to the descending into another life and to feel the good for that.
We are not sentimental, we know what we are doing, it is supernatural happiness!
And then the end of this journey came.
Karel and Erica also wanted to go back to the Sphinx first.
All of us made a desert journey, Mohammed as guide, never to be forgotten.
We kneeled at the feet of the Sphinx and heard the answer, for which Karel succumbed.
We stood in the turret room, we were in the past and in the present, in heavens on earth!
And we wanted that for all people, everyone!
Having arrived home we started with our work.
The séances returned, René has already begun with his books.
Marja is in our midst day and night of course, we do not want to miss her for a second.
I felt dead tired!
I must honestly admit it, it warned me that I am no longer who I was a few years ago.
When we came home I had a rest, people forced me to have a rest.
They followed me.
René came to me and said:
‘Look, Frederik, we do not need to tell each other anything, but did you follow your warning?
Do you know how long we may still possess you here?
Rest a bit, even if you work day and night, rest while working, you can do it.’
I knew then that he followed me in everything.
Meanwhile I began with the books.
I know how much time I still have, I not only got that knowledge from René, but also from Mohammed, who could see it in my aura.
I will be ready to leave this beautiful life; for me this existence was a paradise!
I can say that with what I learned the people can make themselves happy, it also gave me everything!
I know that I could have acted very differently, but I can be satisfied.
And that is the same thing for the log book.
I let the things be as they spoke to me.
I could very definitely have changed words which sounded a bit harsh, but I knew – and I also experienced that – that the material depicts itself.
We people do not need to change anything about that, because it takes you to the inspiration.
It happens of its own accord!
At least if you can open yourself, then you experience that sacredness and the life has something to tell your consciousness.
If the words bother you, then have a good look at what it is about.
It is a mask, which wants to show us how you must act.
And this mask was perhaps a false one, that means, there should have been another word there.
I will leave it like that, because I also want to learn that and hope to be able to master the laws of that.
I worked hard during those four years.
The first and second part are finished and I am already finished with a large part of the third one.
I have been busy day and night; I had nothing else to do.
All of us were really busy.
Karel meanwhile got his own institution.
His own hospital. There are many people under him who want to work with him.
A gift from Mohammed for Karel!
What do you think of it?
You should have seen him, our Karel.
René divided the whole building as father Karel wanted it and yet did not know anything about it.
This is how the feelings go here from human being to human being.
And then we surprised Karel.
His own hospital?
Imagine, the wish of his life.
Approximately three hundred patients can be admitted.
It was not even empty for ten days, the people came from far and near.
The patients no longer want to leave him, those who are struggling, do not want to leave and that is now possible, they may stay as long as they want.
Karel got help and can come and go as he pleases.
René and Marja also put something in their father’s hands, as a birthday present a little hospital like a palace was given to Karel.
It was written at the entrance: ‘For Karel, from Our Lord!’
You should have seen him!
Mohammed was proud of giving him that.
A great honour for that soul.
Karel wept, we could not believe our luck either, we were really suffocating in our happiness!
René worked hard.
Séances with astrologers, psychologists and doctors, they could not make him empty.
And he got the good and only word as recognition.
He is a spiritual wonder, everyone had to accept.
But René and we know all too well that we can throw their faculties upside down, that will come later!
But what they say about it, is victory!
They cannot stand it.
Of course he must prove to science that he is right.
Despite that all the academics said: We do not know it ...
This is incredible, this is supernatural, people must give him a doctorate for all those systems!
They dealt with him so sharply that I thought: man, now say what you know.
But he went with the academics from grade to grade, not only through the universe as far as the Divine All, but returned from there to the human being and explained the laws for the spiritual and material life!
He will describe all those séances himself, I do not need to do that, I would just lessen the violence of that.
What they gave him is already sufficient, because every séance speaks for itself.
An exhibition of his art gave him satisfaction.
He got good criticism!
He painted a Christ.
Now you can no longer say that he has violated himself, now it is a work of art which hangs in their house, where they rest and experience the seriousness for the universe!
He has also depicted Christ walking with his apostles and Marja’s portrait has become a wonder.
The cross is now hanging on her chest.
We know what this means for both of them.
I no longer record those things, because it is no longer necessary!
The law speaks for itself!
And it is also the case that during these four years I have had time to reflect.
I write down something for everyone in the diary.
I began with Karel, so that they will have something from me for later, when I am no longer there.
It says:
‘Yes, Karel, even if we talk to each other every day, I have never told you what I think of you, even if you will find a lot in the logbook.
It says a lot in there which belongs to you.
If I have made mistakes, forgive me for it, I am not a master.
I did my best, because I felt that other people would be able to learn from them, I did not give any more than that.
I put forward the mistakes rather than the good things, because by means of the latter we learn, the other one builds a trivial pedestal, which you do not want now anyway!
When I think back to our trip to the fjords, I have to smile.
You thought I was nice, I thought you were a real braggart.
Erica attracted me, and why, we know that now!
It was not you, because that consciousness was still not there.
I did not beat about the bush, you know yourself now, you know what it is and what came to your life.
You were a fusspot, not much different to the wagtail which we got to know later, even if you had other characteristics, which made it possible to descend into you or I would have disappeared.
But it was a nice time and there is so much to be said about it, but I will not go into it.
I have let the facts speak, the supernatural.
There have already been so many novels written, this must not become a novel, and yet your life spoke for everyone.
Later, Karel, everyone will know you.
Yet I did not mention your house number, I do not even know it myself.
But everything is fine!
It is fine, it could not be better.
I actually have nothing else, I find life so good, I was so well off, you were such a good friend to me despite everything!
All the things I was able to learn, Karel.
I learned such a lot precisely from the things and by means of your ditches.
I saw you change.
One thing: tell everyone who wants to hear it that when the personality bows, the whole of this wonderful universe is open to you.
You can then go further and further.
By means of our boy we got to know those laws.
Bowing to the law, that takes you back to God.
You can never avoid it!
And we saw, didn’t we, Karel, that is like that.
Big fellow, how beautiful you have become!
What a beautiful life you are now!
How I love you, Karel!
And then to be able to know that we will soon go hand in hand in order to get to know the universe with the masters?
Do you believe that I already long to be able to go?
Certainly, I already see myself in the universe.
To the Moon, the planets, I am at home everywhere now.
And we know once more that this is not nonsense.
The first thing which I will do there is look up Hans, but he will probably come and collect us.
I would already like to tell you which one of us will go first, Karel!
Do you want to know it?
It is me!
I now actually already feel that I am busy releasing myself from this world.
I kiss every footstep where I have walked.
Soon I will say goodbye to everything.
You will not notice it, but I will do it, because I will not come back here again as a material being.
Do you know, Karel, what it says in René’s letter?
That you will read the books when I am gone, because this must also be in them.
And you will not put a velvet jacket on any unborn child, even if it is one of the highest race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, you wait with that until everything is over.
True or not!
I am the first one, Karel!
The rest later, do you hear?
The rest later when I am gone.
Erica, you have been a gem for me.
I love your life!
I love you!
I got to love you so much!
There is no more to it!
Everything seems so trivial if I now want to say anything else.
I will go over everything, everything.
But I refuse to write.
I cannot move a hand, a sign that it is good.
Leave it like that!
You know it.
I have grown within your heart.
I live within your heart.
You are not only my mother, but also my sister.
I am everything to you and you to me!
Even more than that!
It is spatial!
I will see you again yonder.
I believe that we will also live together there.
What always went wrong among the people when they lived together became a paradise for us.
And that now for the world?
Erica, it was so wonderful!
I did not see, did not feel you all that time, and yet we were close together.
Sometimes I didn't see you for months, but you sat with me at table and we sat opposite each other.
Isn't it universal!
The people do not yet know how it should be done.
They pull open each other lives and rip them to shreds.
We kept it decent, there were no creases.
Wasn't that wonderful?
That is how it should be!
If you have feeling for each other and you give some love, another person is the highest thing that you can experience in this world.
How tremendous is friendship?
And then all that beautiful love that you get from that?
But watch out for the little details!
One wrong thought already throws you out of that other life and you stand before the crumbs of your meaningless character.
The whole of mankind will become this!
It will become like this!
It will be like this!
Do you believe it?
So I still had something to say after all.
Later all the other things.
It is only now that I can tell you what you have meant to me.
But I will also write another letter for you alone.
Only a few thoughts will follow here.
Do you know it now?
Do you know it?
I can see you sitting at the brook... the piece of water that we so love, where we celebrated the honeymoon for the hereafter!
I can see you walking, I can see you going, I can see and hear you thinking.
It is you!
You are my Divine end!
Without you I am broken-winged!
Oh, how we will soon travel and trek.
Millions of laws will be explained to us yonder.
But I am the first one who is allowed to leave.
I will make sure that our house there is in order.
You still have a few years in order to prepare yourself for your great journey.
Years of preparation, my Egyptian beauty!
But you will make it!
You know what you want.
And we will prepare ourselves there together in order to go to the fourth cosmic grade, where we will be mother and father in turn.
Isn't it wonderful?
Then I will receive you as you have not been received before.
And we will know that consciously then, because we will become more and more spatial, there will no longer be any sleep, any diseases, any fear.
René has explained those laws to us.
We will float there in the universe as material people.
What a priest here on Earth can do, Angels there can do better and in a more perfect way.
The Tibetans are now already levitating themselves.
I have seen that with my own eyes.
I could still tell you so much about my own life.
I learned so much in the East.
I experienced, Anna, that a priest travelled thousands of miles in only one hour.
You know very well that I do not mock our sacred matters!
I was able to check that with my own friends.
I gave that man a thousand dollars in order to know.
It was actually a bet, but I lost it.
And then to think that we will one day be people in more rarefied material, what will we be like then?
How will we live and love then?
I cannot bear thinking about it, because you will rip open from happiness.
But that awaits us, and everyone who begins with it.
What did the last séances teach us?
We will get wings, Divine consciousness.
We will fly from one planet to the other.
We can return to the very first beginning of the Divine Creations.
And that as people?
But sense, Anna, my queen of this universe, what awaits us!
In the Spheres of Light, we will prepare ourselves in order to obtain that conscious grade.
We will be one with all the laws of the universe.
We will know how to awaken and how we can experience all the life.
Isn't it true, Anna?
We penetrate all the grades of life, nothing stops us, because we are Gods!
We have conquered all the misery of the material world.
We live without distinction for the Divine spark!
This is what Christ came to the earth for.
Can you not see Him strolling, Anna?
I can see Him every second!
He is showing me the way every second, God himself comes to me and says: Frederik, here are another few letters, will you deliver them for me?
Do the people believe this?
One day, they will be standing on top of this.
Now they still trample Him, soon they will get to know Him, but then He will not be sitting in a tree laughing at them, He lives in the universe, also the tiniest little insect... in everything, as long as you look behind that mask!
We are going to higher regions, worlds for the good, because we were able to conquer the bad!
Can you see our castle yonder, Anna?
Can you see the violets, the daisies and the lilies-of-the valley?
All those beautiful flowers of your heart?
Can you feel that we are one from heart to heart?
Can you feel how deep the life is?
You have the right to know everything about me.
I was married once, Anna ... but I was cheated terribly.
I therefore received my worries and my blows.
That wife gave me three children, Anna.
But cholera took that life away from me.
And later I heard that she too got her dues, but that she bowed her head.
Then she saw that as a punishment!
But I know better.
The children opened her eyes.
Then she wanted to come back to me on her bare kneees, but within my life she had died, for which I had made amends.
Straight from the heart and then a death like that is universal!
The very last thoughts die off!
I had two girls and a boy.
You should have seen them.
But I will place the portraits in the letter that I will leave behind for you.
You will also get to know her.
And then something else.
Karel is now allowed to know that I was a doctor.
I was a paediatrician, Anna.
I was interested in everything about children, but suddenly I had enough of that, because I could no longer deal with that injustice.
However, I completed my studies in Vienna.
I was certainly not a bungler in my profession.
I also did psychology, Anna.
I also obtained my university degree in that.
I threw all that academic matter overboard.
I did not even want to hear another academic word.
It made me sick.
I started to talk like a peasant, in this way I learned numerous dialects.
But for all those years, I played cat and mouse with Karel.
You can tell him it!
That will then be a special present for his life and personality.
Do you find that strange that I always kept that to myself?
Now I possessed all the power, Anna.
You have seen it.
I could now hold my own against ten academics.
Anyone who thinks that he is something has already lost his powers.
If you think that you know something, you know nothing!
This is how I treated all those gentlemen.
When Erica received her first phenomena, I thought: Frederik, now you will have it!
I thanked God that I was sent on her path, all the laws of which we were able to get to know.
You see, Anna, in the jungle I was able to give thousands of black people the light of day.
I sympathized with all those little mothers there.
Then I got to know God, even if I did not understand the laws.
For all those years, I acted like a stupid person, but now I was learning.
I remained a child; adults beat everything to bits and pieces, as you were able to see for yourself.
I was therefore somewhat prepared!
I absorbed, experienced, also completed all those doctrines.
When I saw where it would bring me, I had to accept all that deception, that of my wife too, I succumbed.
It took me years to find myself again.
Then I acted as courier, Anna, and took care of the little children of many people on the way.
Where my help was needed, I gave all of myself, I no longer wanted any money for it.
I have never left one question unanswered, a person never waited for me in vain, but I no longer let myself be deceived!
I learned that!
And when I saw what I could still do for many people, I began to think for those masses!
Now I know, you know, that it had to be done like that!
It is our life!
I travelled for twenty years.
I actually experienced all the peoples.
I was asked to tea by every nationality.
I was a friend of sovereigns and of poor people, you have already known that for so long, for that matter.
I saw that there were enough academics in the world, I was concerned with high possession!
But do you not find me weak, that I threw down my job because of that, because I know after all that it had to be done like that?
I was able to help thousands of people, Anna, they came to my life from left and right.
And I always made something beautiful of everything, which then brought me further on this path.
I saw that what I was doing was good.
I already got to know life and death as a boy, but then death told me that he was life.
I did not understand death yet, but from that moment I walked towards him.
It is only now, since a few years, that I have felt that his mask would fall!
And how did his mask fall?
Even if I was not a genius in my profession, I still saw life being born as God created that.
Karel will be surprised, but I was strong because of it, I knew!
Those blows hit the mark!
I could always deal with them, for that matter.
I was concerned with seeing their little personalities.
I learned simplicity, in everything!
Perhaps I was too simple, but then I would not have been able to open all those hearts.
If Karel had known that I was a doctor, I would never have got him, never have been able to open him.
Can you also feel it like that now?
And you, Karel?
Would I have reached you, if you had known what I knew and lived in me?
We would have soured each others' lives.
I bowed to you!
I went out of your way, I always said: The honour is yours!
You were always the first one, but I shuffled along behind you!
However, I went ahead of you in everything.
Science is power, but if you lose yourself because of that, you will be poorer than a rat under the ground.
Isn't it true?
Our lives decided, the karmic laws forced me to leave the jungle.
Now I have achieved more, infinitely much more, because I learned to think.
I learned how it should not be done!
Now you actually know everything about me.
I know where you came from.
I also know how you experienced your blows, even if I still have to hear the first word about that, I know!
You see, we are also exactly the same in this, we keep quiet, we keep something for the moment when it can be born.
Now it is power, possession, it used to fly through our heads, in one ear and out the other again, without us having thought about that.
Now it is a blow for Karel; if I had played off myself, then I would have been a lost subject and he would have wiped his feet on me.
If I had told him everything, then he would never have accepted me.
Now it has become a source from which we all draw.
Now science is space, love, happiness, I did something with it for other people, but at the right moment.
I resolved to bury that wisdom and I managed that completely.
You see, as a result of this I understood René.
When I was empty, was no longer anything, the universal truths stormed at me and awakened me.
I left my throne and descended to the void, but received treasures in return!
I do not mean that everyone should act like that, you will sense, that would be nonsense.
Every life is different.
However, one day you give that honour to other people and you go downhill, back to the lower countries, but where God and His Creations speak to your life!
And then I got hold of one happiness after the other.
Materially I was well-off, because I had everything; father and mother left me a large inheritance that I could make use of.
When I am gone, you will know what to do with that inheritance.
In the first instance, you will have thousands of copies of 'Masks and Men' published and you will share them out amongst the people.
It is a new piece of life.
And anyone who wants to help can, when we share them out, teach the people to think, to bow because of them, they will receive love and feeling by means of our lives.
This is my gift for millions of souls of this world.
René knows that, I received that honour.
Are you not happy now, Anna, that I did not make a fairground of your life?
How easily could we not have fragmented our happiness?
You know everything, after all, don't you?
Did I not live under and in your heart?
So we see, the heavens have awakened in our lives.
If you make a material one of that, you will also stand in the material and you will have to accept those feelings.
I was certainly not a goody-goody, not a saint, and yet I got so much!
I never want you to see me as a good man, because I have faults!
I still have so much to change about myself, Anna!
And I will do my utmost to give you that!
I am working on myself!
I thank you for the revelations that you gave me, from the bottom of my heart!
I saw you and recognized you immediately!
Now everything is fine!
We never allowed space for one wrong thought and that is how it should be!
I live in you!
I live under your heart and will remain there!
The rest will also follow!”
When I had somewhat taken care of all those matters, I could give myself completely to the logbook and I experienced these years in unprecedented happiness.
Until the time came and René told me that Hans was free and they could think about their marriage.
That he opened himself to Dicksma is because he wants to unite his life with the earthly happiness, because the people will also see later that you should not throw everything overboard that was brought to earth by God and the Angels.
Dicksma understood him very well and found this marriage the first true bond which he has blessed.
These two souls know what awaits them.
And René knew that Elsje could not give birth to children by the other life.
But if there had been five or ten children, even then Marja would have opened herself to his life, because the universal laws carried these lives to the worldly altar!
And now too there was understanding and there was happiness!
So we see, what can no longer be done is no longer possible either!
And yet René knows that he will attract souls!
Marja knows it too!
Is it any wonder!
They receive that honour!
They can experience those laws!
Not Hans, he was not capable of that!
He had other laws to experience, himself first!
What those two will attract is free from darkness.
The lives that will be born through these souls are to be found in Divine riches, will be given a task to accept, which is of course attuned to this development!
And that Order continues in this way!
That Order brings consciousness, the House of Israel has begun with that too!
This is a new age!
The higher becoming conscious for all the children of this world!
The beginning of the Divine kingdom!
That's it!
René wanted them to connect their lives with the lives of other people.
And now we have already experienced the great happiness that numerous ministers are open to the laws and openly say that the bible should be rewritten.
They already know that the Old Testament begins with a lie, tells nonsense.
They also know that the bible writers were faced with an incredible task and could not know more about the solar system further than the length of their noses.
You must not shout at those people, even if they will have to accept their mistakes, like we do.
One day they will return in order to make amends for those mistakes!
And then for the first time we will get a new and conscious life on earth.
You see it yourself, if the people know everything about the church, they will walk out of it.
They do not believe in a God who hates, who wages war, who is injust!
That is not possible!
And science muddles along in this way!
Never achieves real power over mankind, because there are holes which no one can close.
And yet it must happen!
René is now already getting help from all those ministers and that is tremendous, all of them are open to him.
They are already making progress, they are no longer skirting around things.
They can no longer let a word pass their lips in a playful way, they will suffocate in that because they know that it is not the truth!
They know that they are belittling and sullying their God in this way!
You see, those ministers have already worked it out!
And Dicksma is one of them!
He is a wonderful guy!
He is having a hard time, he now already has to deliver his battless, but his faith says: it is true!
And isn't it gratifying?
Dr. Lent is already giving lectures about the universal laws.
He is looking behind the insanity!
And numerous academics are wondering where that guy is getting all that noise from, has received the knowledge, everything is so clear.
By means of Freud and other people, the veils are now falling from the universe.
The masks no longer have any meaning, they look behind them!
Isn't that good?
In this way we are receiving new consciousness.
A new life has begun, this Age brings awakening for every soul!
And now I am sitting here thinking.
The party is awe-inspiring.
Karel has invited numerous academics in order to experience that sacredness.
All of them are talking about Hans and have come to love him.
A different being one than years ago.
The Ten Hoves are here too!
Van Stein is here too, even if he had to take leave of the séances, as did Van Hoogten, Ten Hove as well.
Karel does not begrudge them the life!
I have seen and learned myself, Karel says, how difficult it is before you understand yourself.
They cannot help it, we will give them one more opportunity to become human beings!
Tippy is different!
I can see her there talking to Erica.
Marja has just arrived and is listening to the women.
They are a nice couple.
Tippy looks different, because a bit of old age has entered her eyes.
And he, the fatso, has become a bit more agreeable, he is not boasting as much.
I believe that I am starting to think differently about those souls.
Truly, Ten Hove comes towards me.
"And, Frederik?
Are you happy?"
"I am, my friend.
"Yes, Frederik, I am becoming happy.
I am occupied with becoming smaller, a bit more childlike, you understand what I mean.
I was that far away, wasn't I?"
"Congratulations, Joke ...!
Happiness, I mean it!
Give my greetings to Tippy as well."
"Did Karel already tell you?"
"I am joining his home.
I am going to connect with his home, we are combining everything into one, together.
I believe that this is it!
Now you can take care of a great deal more!
We must be one, must do everything for the patients, with all of us, you will be as strong as can be!
Isn't it true, Frederik?"
"Congratulations, Joke.
Truly, Karel knows it."
"Can you forgive me for my fuss, Frederik?"
"Congratulations, Joke.
Truly, you have become a different person.
Do you still long for an evening dress?
Do you like to prance on the dance floor, Joke?"
"Hey man, stop it.
I am busy killing off that wonder.
I kicked out at my patients.
Another few weeks and I could have gone to a factory.
I believe, Frederik, that it is high time.
Is Karel not wonderful?"
"I must congratulate you on everything, Joke.
Look, there is Tippy.
Good day, dear."
"Good day, Frederik.
May I thank you for everything?
Will you accept my thanks?"
"I understand you, dear.
I am so happy.
Look, there is Van Stein too."
"Good day, Frederik!"
"Good day, my good man.
How are you?"
"Fine, Frederik, did you hear about it?
I am part of it too.
We are going to build one large municipality, one city, only for our patients.
Hey man, how well-off they will be.
I hope, Frederik, that you will also experience this.
I am so happy, but what a goose I was.
Karel is a miracle!"
And there is Van Hoogten as well.
"So, Evert ... good luck, I have already heard about it.
Good heavens, what progress.
Unity amongst the academics.
Everything together, from one hand to perfection.
How God will thank you!
But what a blessing for the patients and for this mankind!
Guys, ten bottles of champagne are on me."
We will drink, and have a very good drink!
I have never participated like that before.
After the wonderful dinner we sit together with the women around us.
Karel reveals his plans.
There is enough money.
There are millions!
Gentlemen, guys, we will begin with another life.
We will serve!
We will now experience the truth!
We were bandits, disengaged the good ones.
I was a bandit, I was a veterinary surgeon for humans!
I am still ashamed!
If this society cannot do it because there are always arguments, we will do it!
All those wonderful ideas were smashed as a result of own interests.
Me first; that is over!
First the patients.
I know, Karel continues, there are enough institutions in the world that are ahead of us, but it is not yet here!
One in everything, but living conscious for the patients.
There are already four psychologists, three psychiatrists, seven internists, three surgeons, and seven gynaecologists!
Does it not mean anything to you?
We are absorbing Hans' institution.
Hans will enjoy his work.
Guys, to the health of all future patients!
Long live love!
It is going very well like this, it could not be better!
These are people, I thought when everything was part of the past again and we left that blissfully happy couple alone.
They did not need to go on a honeymoon, we know that they disembody and now choose the universe.
René said to me:
"We are going to the moon together, Frederik!
I was able to bring it that far.
What do you think of it?
And there we will celebrate our being one, one with the laws of God, we possess the great wings!
When I was falling asleep, just attuned myself to those lives, I saw them leaving.
They are going straight back to God!
I can see those garments.
René is wearing little sandals in which you can see the universe.
Those of Marja are celestial blue!
Hand in hand they go, our children.
Now they dissolve before me.
I am not that far yet that I could follow them now, but that will also come.
But once asleep, I also got the longing to just look further than there are powers and feeling in me.
I counted a little bit on some... 'mercy'!
You are a human being for this reason, that longing is always present in our life.
Anyone who says that it is not the case is consciously lying and we stand again before a coarse-material mask, with which I want nothing more to do.
I called to the others:
Will we also receive a little excursion?
Truly, I see that Karel and Erica are also preparing themselves to enter the Divine stage, to kiss HIS firmament and the obtained ... human possession and to lie down at HIS feet.
However, I believe that this unprecedented was given to us by René.
Oh, good gracious ... I am standing outside of it!
Anna, I am standing outside of it, I am standing outside of my castle and I am alive, I think, I can now see into the state of purity consciously!
Can you see me shining?"
Anna opens her eyes, she asks:
"Where are we now, Frederik?
My Oteb, where are we?"
"We are in the 'light' of all the Lights, my dear.
We are now going to the meadow of Our Lord, but we must be careful.
Look, there is Karel too.
Look, Erica is releasing herself!
Can you see your beautiful sandals?
Can you see how wonderful your garment is, my angel!
Here too we carry the nature in which we live, our feet have been taken care of spiritually.
These are our sandals!
These ones!
How wonderful you are, Anna.
Oh... how will we be able to deal with this wonder.
Yet it must be done!
Karel, Erica, come, I will go ahead of you to the Divine meadow, you will see your tree of life.
Now you stand in the blossom... all your character traits blossom, my children.
We are going there where I was able to see René for the first time."
Hand in hand, we float, we leave our material castle.
We know that we are alive, we are conscious!
We are bound to each other.
Four hands together, as happy as children, there is no science!
And yet?
Is this not the ultimate for all HIS life?
The great longing?
They are four people, real, of flesh and blood... children of one Father!
We know!
We also know where René is with his universal wonder.
He speaks to our lives and says:
"It is fine like this, Karel, Erica, Anna and Frederik!
This is the gift of Our Lord.
Go further, we will continue to watch over!"
We are at the ‘meadow’!
It is the place where the human soul prepares herself for entering the Spheres of Light, but where you see your own tree of life as you are yourself, here you stand before the Divine altar!
Now we see millions of trees, they are people ... children of Him, who watches over us.
He sees from the flowers how far you are and how or whether we people love His life!
How could it be any different!
We walk in a paradise, but there is even more, both the laws and the love of which we will master.
We know what we stand for!
We are now omniscient in this space, which is ours, we lived for this, carried, understood, we have become it!
God wanted it like this, as we see now.
He created this for we people!
Here I get my first spiritual kiss.
Karel and Erica too.
Anna lives in my heart!
We have now become eternal entities, we are luminous and our happiness is awe-inspiring!
And that because of our René?
Yes, yes ... it is a revelation!
We live here, we walk in our own obtained happiness, the whole of this space is pure love and we suck ourselves completely full.
We live in an own life attunement, it has been earned, we know, because we bowed our human heads to HIS laws!
Now we no longer have any masks, all our thinking and feeling according to the material laws is conscious, we understand everything!
Death is laughing ... he possesses a wonderfully beautiful garment ... he says: ... “I scattered forget-me-nots, lilies-of-the valley and daisies ... because your human character traits want to possess a divine representativeness.
Now everything is fine... We are now eternally one.
Precisely... and that because of me?
Now you can think!
I am feeling, light, life... but for everything... love!
But that death!
I am now twenty-three years old and the others are a bit older than I am after all... only Anna has reached my youth...!
Karel looks thirty-six, Erica slightly older, I believe just a few minutes, but you can see it from her shape; because of her incredibly beautiful aura you determine this most definitely.
We already know it, the 'human soul' remains young and is eternal, and as blossoms represent the space, you now stand consciously in the Divine Spring for yourself and those who belong to you.
Can you feel a kiss like that burning on your lips?
Now just say that you do not want to experience this crazy love?
I do not believe it!
Every human child expects to experience the state of purity one day and to be able to get to know everything about that!
We know each other and we know where we have lived for this consciousness.
Can you feel now, there is no old age in this world, being young is possessing everything!
We belong to each other or one after another would have had to accept that this mercy was not laid aside for the life of now.
We were not ready then.
And every mother, every husband - there are no children in the Divine Creation, the soul is, we now see, millions of years old - can receive this awe-inspiring happiness!!!
We bow to everything!
Then four doves came flying, with olive branches in their little beaks, which placed this Divine symbol in our hands, and we knelt down.
We were touched by the God of all life!
It is a kiss!
I cherished His message, gave thanks, and I wept like a happy child.
Karel too!
Erica too!
Also Anna!
We were this ourselves!
We had never been so close to HIS life before.
We felt His breath,
His heartbeat entering us.
Our Divine spark matured, stood before this consciousness in a Divine blossom.
However, there are still thousands of worlds which we must conquer, we knew immediately at this second and is the following for which we will serve.
We go higher and consciously further.
Higher and higher, until we are like He is!
Millions of species of flowers welcomed us and asked our human heart for love.
We descended into these lives and became one with this bliss.
We understood!
There were flowers that dissolved into the clouds, a sign that they were already one with those other worlds and sent out their feelers in there, absorbed the life saps into themselves, as a result of which they already received and experienced a spiritualization here.
And that is also for the human being of the earth.
Oh, mother.. how little your children know about your life and cordialities...!
All this life returns to God.
We see millions of birds, they come to us.
They perch on your stretched-out hand and speak a language that you understand.
Now you weep, you can do nothing else... and your tears now have meaning... it is happiness!
We know now that all this life has had to accept HIS laws.
We do not see lions and tigers... this extraordinarily beautiful bird once lived in the jungle and was wild... belonged to a different animal species... we see and have to accept that all the life evolves, changes... what used to live in prehistoric times blossoms here as eternal calm and peace, has now become 'love'!
We have to accept this!!!
All this life returns to God!
We do not need to say a word here, because our hearts are one, we speak from feeling to feeling.
I thought... my God, how do we return.
How should we soon continue our life there?
Yet it must be done... we are still one with and connected to our little castle.
I see my own garment, I cannot interpret it, I do not possess that power... or I would have to fill volumes of books, but I believe that I no longer have the time for that.
I am light... life, love... my garment and that of the others originated through my will... they are the love and the understanding which irradiate me like a thick haze of material.
My garment is approximately like that, it radiates, it lives, every character trait that forms part of my personality, you see in that, lives in that, but it is I myself who now smiles at you, gives my love, in everything!
What is now earthly possession, material beauty?
My garment and that of the others are space!
And you see that space in my eyes ... also in those of Erica, Anna and Karel.
My God ... oh, if only Your children knew this?
We stand consciously on the Divine stage... this is it!
It is space and happiness, for which God created His children!
If I now look back at the human stage, then I see all those people weeping.
Did they expect this end?
No, but it is there!
The men press the women, their love, to their hearts; these mothers suddenly radiate like angels, this revelation is so wonderful for the human being.
Those lives also dissolved completely and we also know now where they will go and for what purpose they live.
Both the human stage and the Divine one are one life; wherever the life is to be found, it plays there, it lives, it can give something of itself to the other... HE lives behind all of this!
He is following our game... hears, listens carefully.
He sits in our midst and we do not even see and feel Him!
But did you see that?
Dad... did you see that?
I saw it, my child... I have already seen it for so long.
It is fortunate that you are now already capable of seeing it!
That is gratifying news, a father says to his own child, the mother calls to her happiness on earth and a charming young man whispers in his girl's ears ...
And behind this happening stands the faith, the church for your life ... if it was not there, you would not have any happiness ... it is still it, despite everything, that gave you your first sandals!
Good day, father!
Soon I will be proved right... I, but if you definitely want to be proved right, you will not see your own blossom... now you are an unconscious being!
Good day, my good... you will have to return many times... because you let me and other people darken.
I see clergymen of the earth in the hall, they want to climb onto the stage in order to thank the actors, but they slide off the boards like slippery material and back into their own existence.
Help these people, give them a hand, Karel, elevate them into your good life, you can do it!
I tell you... men and women are weeping, I can hear their 'kiss'!
But God says that everything is fine!
Now we begin with a new life, all of us...!
The last phenomena brought an overwhelming satisfaction or a frightening perception, it is a 'knowledge'; the light here as well as in the hall darkens.
The light in which we live dissolves, this Divine mercy has been experienced, the end is there!
And we have to bow our heads to this once more.
The people are still looking, broken, but longing, open and conscious, the faces are radiant, these little human spaces... familiar from childhood... now that they have been able to behold the radiant, blessed light of life of their God, now that they know that behind all of this... our good earth, the life continues as if nothing has changed.
On the contrary, it is more beautiful, more charming, more blissful here where we live and along with us all the millions who went further for us by means of their coffin.
The people of the earth head for home, all of them now try to float ... men and women are kneeling and pray, give thanks, they were also touched, were opened, began with a new life and learned 'to think'!
They too will soon see their flowers, their own tree of life in blossom...!
Their masks also fell off!
However, they want to experience this acting a thousand times, these children felt themselves change in a playful way, and none of them felt a shock... Our Father in HIS heavens is so loving!
Did you see that?
I saw it!
All of us know!
We return to our little castles and will have to end our material life.
There were loads of flowers when we returned.
Our hearts have been opened, Mother Earth will go further until all her children experience this Divine contact, she will know then that there is only 'good'... 'happiness'... 'love' on her body... that now has to accept and admire the last little remains of her life... but then her time will have approached closer to the 'eternal'...!
Can you feel this?
Then she also dissolves, she also stands before her coffin, just as her mother also experienced it, who while dying will still pass on all her knowledge to the Earth.
Mother Moon ... I am life of your life, soul of your soul, spirit of your spirit... but above our life we can see the Divine All!
The people have seen their Divine 'self'!
Oh, my Christ, now we want to both die and live for You.
Now it is possible!
Forgive us our mistakes... we will make amends!
And namely by means of the material possession of all Your worlds!
* *
The logbook is finished, the end is here, also mine for this world.
I have completed my task, I now stand before my coffin.
I see that Karel, Erica, Anna, Marja and René are standing at my bed; a moment ago I was far away from their lives, I was already dwelling in the ‘meadow’.
But I returned, because I must prepare myself for the conscious end.
I now pass on my thoughts to René... He is capable of receiving them and he will materialize them after my passing over.
If you can feel this, then we are certain of these two worlds and your life can also accept that mercy.
René lets me know that everything is fine, he takes notes ...!
A moment ago Karel gave me his injection, because he wants me to remain conscious until the very last moment.
And I sent to him through René that I approved of it.
Not a nerve is at full power, I have used up all my material strengths, my body will be no use to the worms... and this is how it should be, I see now, we people must shake ourselves empty, it is only then that we experience something and achieve growth.
I gave every thought life, light and love!
My consciousness is already weakening.
I no longer need to shake hands, we have already done that, but then I was still completely healthy.
I must tell you, I was never ill.
I now also experience a natural passing over, slowly but surely my 'self' releases itself from the little castle and I am free from all the material obstructions.
This is how it should be!
I am now getting my spatial wings, René... I send to his life...
Did you note down everything?
I get, yes, my dear Oteb... yes.
Just continue!
I sent to him: then my life wants to thank you!
Thank you!
Then... suddenly it came to me and people there hear passing my lips...
"Children, Hans is here ... Hans" ... and all of them weep from happiness.
"Hans is coming to collect me!
Hans is here!"
René tells my message to the others.
Hans is here!
Hans is alive!
Hans has become a different person, even if he still has to expand himself a bit, but I see, what makes me so happy, that he has already begun with that.
Oh, my Hans, how happy I am!
I hold onto Hans' hand, press myself to his heart and we are completely one again!
Hans helps me to undergo the releasing.
You see, I send to him... this is our state of purity, yours is already beginning to blossom!
Oh, my God, how loving You are for us!
Karel stands there with the logbook at his heart, a moment ago I gave it to him and all those who wish to devote their lives to the 'absolute', the opened.
The logbook is finished, Karel!
Our eyes remain one, I say my goodbyes to Karel!
We have nothing more to say to each other.
Goodbye, my Karel.
I hear...
"Goodbye, my Frederik!"
"Thank you...
I go to Erica... "Goodbye, my dear."
"Goodbye, Frederik!"
I go to Anna... our lives are one.
I give her... "See you later... soon then, if you wish to know" that has already come to me too!
Anna whispers: "Goodbye, Oteb."
There also follows: "Goodbye, Frederik, my everything!"
I go to Marja, only for a few seconds, we know.
"Goodbye, my child."
"Goodbye, my dear"... there comes to my disappearing self and now I see that the very last moment is approaching.
I come to René, we have known each other for so long now.
I send to him:
"Have you got everything?"
"I have everything, Oteb ... I will pass it onto this mankind.
Just say that I will continue to do my best.
Goodbye... goodbye...
"See you soon, my loved ones!
See you soon...!"
I can hear angels singing.
There are no longer material masks!
I am separated and can go where I want.
Hans lets me know that we will make a universal trip.
And together!
Together, Hans and I together on a journey, because we go higher and want to know!
What remains behind is ‘death’, but there is no death!
I can see my sandals, the real spiritual ones, I am shrouded by a beautiful garment.
Light comes from my eyes, and my heart is open to everything.
A moment ago I saw God and HIS son coming to me!
All the saints smile at me, they live and were once like I was, human beings!
And above all of this I see the Divine Lotus...
I can see myself, with Anna, still ever so small, but from this life we rise upwards, by means of HIS will, because we are as HE is, life, light, but love in everything!
I got that, this little Frederik!
It was René!
Goodbye, my children, see you soon!
I became ninety-seven years old there... how is it possible!
And now just in my twenties... which was also created for your own life!
I am completely free, I can see in my world and in yours!
I am there where all your loved ones live, if they too wanted the good.
Build, no longer destroy for which so much Divine blood flowed... love!
I say... and I am kneeling, with Hans next to me...
"In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit..." now too the 'Amen' still does not pass my lips... because I am not there yet!
Later for the first time, I can see, I know now, it will come!
I will also have to earn that 'word'!
But then we float higher and higher, Mother Earth dissolves before us... we are one with HIM and HIS spaces created for us.
Mother... we are coming!
Peace enters me... we are still floating further, with Hans, hand in hand!
If all the material gets sandals, the garments will sparkle with both happiness and love, I know that I am separated for eternity from the earth and her laws...
I can see now, this was my last life there, but I will soon return in order to give her, my Mother Earth, my heart flowers.
But for shame... do not cause her any more pain, do not roar any more like that, that her maternal heart breaks, she is life!
She possesses blood circulation...!
Know it!
A new, awe-inspiringly beautiful life has begun!
I carried all my stones myself, I can see now that not one soul can help you or it has no meaning here.
And I also saw that René followed me in everything, so that this truth also comes to you clearly from the state of purity!
I am now releasing myself, my friends, my sister and my brother... I am going, and also for your life the... 'see you soon'!
Your little Federik!
Do not forget Hans!
To all of you there a life full of blessings...
To here!"