Frederik, you are right, René is a wonder

The séances with the academics have started.
One evening René comes to me and says:
“I am ready, Frederik, you can warn the gentlemen.
But discuss it with Father and Mother.”
That is quick, I thought.
Karel took care of the finishing touches and we established the first evening.
“The academics will come to us”, René says, “and not to Hans, there must be peace, harmony, otherwise I will feel disturbed."
Erica is blissfully happy.
Yet before we were to begin, René first wanted to convince Karel, so that he would not make a fool of himself.
Karel got that proof from his son and we experienced the first wonder.
All that time I did not get the opportunity to ask questions, Hans has put me completely out of my balance.
I had to accept then that René was right, the anxiety of mine about his actions and personality, which is like a wreck, drew me, because I went into his life, to misery, into his pathetic carry-on, and I was not prepared to be able to think.
You are not open now, but I saw all those questions, which I saw before me during the years as foundations, hoped to receive the true answer to, destroyed before my eyes by Hans.
But what do you do, if you see a friend dissolving before your eyes, see him perishing?
Elsje got him that far that he managed to work again.
He has not shown himself to his patients for months.
People had already written him off there, the prof seemed to be overstrained and no longer suitable for his beautiful work.
Everyone wanted to help him, but nothing helped, he himself remained a wreck, an awkward being, as a result of his learning he now went to pieces.
Karel also tried everything, but he had to accept that Hans cannot be helped.
His human will – if the human being has a will – he added, is no longer working.
This academic has been defeated by life?
And then the evenings of preparation came.
We took our places in the room, René sits in an armchair, we are waiting for him, but we see that he changes before our eyes.
Karel and Erica stare their eyes out; Anna sits there quietly and waits like I do to see what will happen.
I see that René has tuned into his inner life.
After a short moment, we come into contact with this strange life, about which I was already able to get to know many laws.
After ten minutes that life opens itself for us and Karel can ask his child what he wants.
There is apparently nothing to be seen from René’s life, a young man of almost twenty-three years old is sitting there, the inner life of whom will reveal the laws of the East and those of our Westerners.
It is as if he has to take deep breaths, but you do not see that, it cannot be heard either, all of this takes place inside this life and namely under his own power.
I have meanwhile tuned into his life.
By means of my will he falls into his state; but he already no longer needs what appeared to be dominant for him before, people there have awakened it for his life.
For this purpose Mohammed descended into his life and personality and awakened the subconscious for this sober West.
But then there comes:
“What do you have to ask me, what do you want to know for yourself and your life?”
From Erica there comes: “Tell us something about God, is that possible?”
They know that they may not call him by his name.
René says:
“About God, where should I start?
You must ask your questions yourself, think them up, otherwise we will not come any further.
I would need thousands of years to explain His laws to you.
Do you know what I mean?”
Then Karel asks: “Is God a human being?”
“Very good, now you are starting to think.
Carry on like that.
No, God is not a human being.
You must see God through His life.
Then you can get to know the God of all life.
God is Light.
God is Life!
God is Feeling!
God is a Personality.
God is also Father and Mother!
But through everything Love, but what do you know about His love?
When God was to begin His revelations, there was only emptiness, space, life.
And God would manifest himself there.
If I take all of you back to those moments, then we will be faced with His laws, but then you will get to know God.
In that empty space life came, and that life became ‘working’ and that working became ‘light’ after millions of years, as a result of which that immense space became filled.
That is God as Light, as Life, as a Source of Energy, as a result of which the creations for the material existence could begin.
I will not dwell upon these revelations, but the wonder happened in that way.
After millions of years of evolution, we see that the universe, which was therefore first invisible, reached working and evolution.
You still cannot see God as Father and as Mother, but that will come later, although you can accept that all the Divine characteristics also have to be present there, because by means of these revelations God would show himself evolving to His Creations.
I will make sure that you can follow me, I will therefore not go into the laws.
Your learned friends may ask those questions later or you will not understand anything of what I mean.
When God showed himself by means of His Creations, that life was still invisible in those first stages.
People and animals, also nature, were still not there.
That life would take place only later, after the Divine splitting, the division for His being.
And that took place, because by means of the universe, in which we therefore live as human beings and all life received its own independence by God, those Divine wonders came about.
Now we are faced with the beginning of the creation.
The planetary system reaches revelation as a result of that splitting and life is so far that the first hazes become visible.
Those hazes, my sisters and brothers, condense themselves as God could do that.
All life in the universe gets to accept the materialization.
But that would take place through the planets.
Sun and Moon are the first bodies which were able to take part in those Divine Creations.
Since more and more light comes into the universe, the Moon condenses itself like a macrocosmic organ, but by means of that development the microcosmic life reaches the first birth.
What God was therefore able to do for himself, this evolution, follows His life!
And now we come to our first human birth, as an embryonic existence!
That life, my children, continues, it evolves.
The Moon had the task, as God was able to do that, to divide itself, split itself.
By means of that splitting up we people received life and the animal also reached materialization then ‘Nature’ follows.
If I now take you back to your life, then you will see that all life created by God must now represent His Omnipotence.
Every material particle of this world is a particle of the Divine personality and now represents God as that grade of life for the human or the animal, the natural life.
That is God; therefore God was never a human being!”
It already makes Karel’s head spin.
Erica asks:
“Is what we people received through the Bible not true?”
“Has your life discovered untruths?”
“I must accept, after all, that God was on earth in the Old Testament.
It says that the Lord spoke to Moses.
Is that not true?”
“My dear soul, you will probably hear more about this.
If your spiritual academic could bow to this word – if the proof for this will be given to you – you will get the answer.
I say to all of you, mistakes were made in that.
I will not deny you anything, but when the Bible was written Divine Creation was already billions of years old.
I will take you back to the previous stage, your prehistoric ages.
At that time there were people on earth and all those people did not know about your God.
They never knew your Bible.
Yet they continued and came higher, all these men and women awakened and reached the heavens of light.
Can you feel this?
I do not intend to give you a new faith or to deny you a certain revelation.
I am required to explain the Divine laws to you.
You must think about this!
If you can ask me concrete questions, I will go into them and I can materialize that revelation for your life.
You will get an answer from me, such as your question, your conscious is.
I will adjust to your lives and not go any deeper, because it will remove you from your own existence and social life.
And I want to prevent that happening!
Sense what this means.
I would advise you strongly to remain close to your life.
I therefore mean, do not ask any questions the laws of which you cannot deal with anyway.
Do not go too far away from your personality, try not to think, or to feel above your capacity, you will succumb sooner or later.
When I tell you that God has never spoken as a human being, that is a Divine law.
The first people who were ready to get to know God, as a result of which people on earth received a faith, were given teachings by Angels!
However, those prophets could not unveil the Divine plan in their time either, because, as you now experience, they could not explain the actual laws to the human being on earth, since they were not understood anyway.
As a result of this a start was made and you get to know Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the House of Israel.
I tell you again, Divine Creation was already millions of years old then.
You can now establish from this the personality for this humanity, to which you belong.
The academics will convince you, soon, we will now bring you spiritual science!
And we can explain every law of it to you!
It must therefore be clear to you that I want to continue to follow your own life.
The prophets spoke about God, they all brought new life, a higher becoming conscious to the earth, as a result of which the being of your society would change.”
Karel now asks: “Are there hells?”
“Yes, of course!”
“Burning hells, in which the human being lives after his death?”
“You see, my friend, now we are already faced with your own life and now have to establish that you cannot yet think for your Divine attunement.
Ask me first of all if there is a death!
I must then tell you: there is no death, your life as soul and spirit continues.
You will have to return to God in order to represent the Divine Universe in HIS immediate presence.
What you see as dying, is life!
The inner personality, it is you yourself, possesses universal attunement.
Dying is evolution.
As a result of this you enter a new and next stage.
And there, when you leave this material life, you see yourself back in a dark or in a light-emanating world, which you call here ‘hells and heavens’.
If you have experienced the laws for your material life, are separated from every material law, your inner life continues as soul and spirit.
But only then, when you are freed from all your karmic laws.
And those are laws which call you back to this world in order to purify your previous lives and to bring you into harmony again with the Divine harmony for everything!
There are no burning hells to be seen there, you are faced with the fire of your inner self.”
“So there are no burning hells?”
“What is the soul like there, as a human being?”
“The soul lives there as you have received your form here.
The soul is therefore a spiritual personality.”
Karel continues and the conversation becomes very interesting.
He asks again: “How can that be followed?
How can we people see our inner life?”
“Who is now asking me something?”
“I am asking you something.”
“Well, my friend, people live on as people think and feel here.
That is your soul and that is your spirit.
The spirit now represents the soul, which has to represent the Divine spark.
If you talk about soul, then that is also the life in you.
If you talk about an own will, then that takes you to the personality.
The soul is again life for its world, as a result of which the spirit moves forward.
The spirit is the form, and has not changed in any way for the spiritual world.”
“I can therefore assume that there is progress?
Eternal life?”
“You can accept that!”
“Are the theosophists right?”
“There is progress, theosophy was able to give those laws human meaning by numerous people.
Really, there is reincarnation.
The soul built up the spiritual life by means of millions of lives.
Since the soul as the actual Divine spark, particle of god, has received those material lives, your personality came into being.
You now represent a grade of becoming conscious, which is not spiritual, as far as the inner laws for your soul are concerned.
You say: it is working, nature, and that is true, but do not forget, that working received an own personality and also the own independence, as material world and the spiritual.
When you speak, ask me questions, that is the personality.
That lives on and is a body.
You now get to know three worlds.
The world for your inner life, your spiritual and your material existence in which you now get to know the laws.
By means of all those material lives you have created an own world; if this life has been completed, then the spirit releases itself from the material bonds and now enters the next law.”
“In the next existence for the soul?”
“It is also possible that you prepare yourself in another world in order to return to this material world.”
“And then what?”
“Now you enter the laws for your personality.
If you have to experience cause and effect here on earth, then it is possible that those laws call you back to the material life.
However, for this purpose, you experience the karmic laws first.
If you destroy a human being, murder, you as a human being have to make sure that this life receives a new body, because the cosmic time for the soul was not yet experienced.
Can you feel this?
You are now faced with a karmic law, which irrevocably calls you back to the earth.
At the moment of dying, your life is attracted by that world and the soul and the personality sink back to the embryonic existence in order to wait for the next birth.”
“Do you not know anything about it?”
“You can know, if you get to know the laws for the soul.
You see, after all, that I am now conscious?”
“You know your previous life?”
“It is this in which I am now, I see my previous existence in the East.”
“And that is awakening again?”
“That awakening already begins in the mother.”
“Is it as a result of this that the mother experiences phenomena?”
“Did my mother not receive them?”
“Did everything happen because of you?”
“As a result of my awakening she experienced the shadow of it!”
“And you also know the laws for this?”
“All of them!”
“Is the soul not subordinate to anything?”
“To nothing, it goes continually further.
The laws for the Divine revelations lie in its hands.
It experiences them.
Nothing has changed in this image of creation.
What were material laws for the soul for millions of years still apply!
Only the soul seen as a human being and a personality changed, expanded, awakened, received consciousness.”
“Is it destination, if it awakens here and is a human being again?”
“Yes, but what you mean is something very different.
You mean, whether it got hold of that destination through God.
I tell you, it possesses all those laws, it has mastered them.
God gave it life, when He manifested himself through the universe.
Can you feel, this has now become an obtained independence.
When it comes to earth, it experiences its own laws.
It has to do with those people, it possesses attunement to those lives.
Where you are born means nothing, you are there!
And now a new life begins, as a result of which the soul builds up its personality as a spirit.
Therefore it sinks back into the embryonic life, or it would kill, suffocate, dominate the fertilization.
The many occurring disturbances for the mother point to those laws.”
“Illnesses and madness, all of that is destruction, occurred as a result of the own disturbances?”
“Precisely, because God is a Father of love.
We people are to blame ourselves for that misery.
You will certainly feel, in those millions of lives we were still not conscious.
How far have you now come for that becoming conscious?
What do you know about all these laws for your soul and spirituality?
What does your science mean now?
You can alleviate the material suffering a bit, there is no more for you.
Get to know the soul and its spaces and you will do great work, it is only now that peace and quiet comes for its existence.”
“We were therefore with all the peoples of the earth?”
“Yes, you experienced all the peoples.
Fatherhood and motherhood have material depth for this world, for the universe and for the Divine laws that depth is universal, infinite, and means, you have known millions of fathers and mothers.
The universal bond takes you to the space, that for your people, to a society.
Christ taught you to see and experience love universally, because you must possess unity as people and must find justification for God.”
“It is a revelation for me, do you believe it?”
“I am grateful to you, accept it and do not let it be taken away from you again, only now you live.”
“Who was it who sent you to us, when you were to be born?”
“One of the two of you attracted me.
I will not go into those laws, otherwise you would ask questions which you cannot understand anyway.
However, know that we knew each other in previous lives.
That I came back through your life finds its origin in the past, otherwise I would now be somewhere else.
Can you feel how deep the human personality is?”
“It makes my head spin, and you also know those laws?”
“All of them, I tell you, there is nothing in this universe which I cannot explain to you.”
“Also in the universe?”
“Animal world and nature?”
“Who are you?”
“I am a human being, but I gave many lives for this wisdom.”
“Can we also achieve that?”
“Did I not tell you that you are Divine?
What does this mean?
That you must master all the laws of God for the material and spiritual existence for all His worlds.
You started in the jungle, now you are amongst the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, the highest law of life for the organic life, but as a result of which you expand as soul and spirit.
Can you feel this going higher?
I am a human being, but I have made a study of my life, I went in one Temple and out another, as a result of this I received consciousness.”
“What is the purpose of your life?”
“I am now on earth in order to connect the West with the East.
I am here in order to give the human being what I mastered myself.
That is my task and all of you will start it one day.”
“It is wonderful”, says Karel.
Erica now asked:
“I will therefore lose you as my child?”
“Dear, I am not your child.
My life belongs to humanity.
I live for all the mothers of your world.
I know millions of fathers and mothers.
However, you will not lose me, I am and will remain one with your life.
But that is in your hands.
Can you see this mask?
Can you feel what this means to your life?”
“But I will lose you then anyway?”
“Through death you lose everything of this world, but not me!”
“And if you return to the earth?”
“And you are there, you mean, live on as soul?
Well, see your own image again through thousands of mothers.
You must see millions of mothers as your own form and personality.
There is no fatherhood and motherhood imaginable in the world for the soul, which can be materially thought up and experienced, we live for each other and love all life as God created it.
That is the universal love, my sister.
We are sisters and brothers, this parental love dissolves in the universal.
However, there is never a separation.
I could give you that proof.
A mother of mine is still present here.”
Karel and Erica, also Anna, are already dizzy, but now they are faced with a shock.
“What did you say?”, three mouths ask at the same time.
“What do you mean?”
And there follows:
“Are you shocked?
You see, I would be able to place you before cosmic facts, but would you understand and accept the depth of them?”
“Do you mean that another mother is present here in the room?”
“Why do you wish to know everything about it?
I tell you you would feel impoverished by this if I explained those laws to you, because it brings about a splitting of your inner life as mother.
You will now feel another life, and also have to share that life with another, although you as material mother, therefore for this life, pick up the very first phenomena which were given to you by this unity.
However, if you do not possess any spiritual depth, you will lose that possession and the previous mother, in feeling, will be above your independence as mother.
Understand well, now that emotional life is open to the laws and you see the contact coming about for the soul, which possesses attunement with the other life.
Here universal love speaks!
You will never lose me, but I will miss you!
You think you possess me, but you do not have me.
I tell you again, maternal love goes higher and higher, this is only a material bond, but which brings you straight to universal love and only then has meaning.
My love is universal, all my mothers still live, because it was also me.
Are you not reeling now?
I am not telling you any nonsense, my friends.
What I bring to your life is the sacred truth; I am explaining the Divine laws to you!
What do you know about homosexuality?
Since the soul must experience both organisms, it loses the emotional life for motherhood and those material laws are strange to it, which it does not know what to do about.
We souls go through fatherhood and motherhood back to God.
Your mad people tell you about all those laws.
There the conscious and the sick are to be found; the conscious experience your society but have come into conflict with the systems.”
“Do you also know those laws?" Karel asks.
“I can also explain those laws to you and it is only then that you will accept what Christ said: ‘Love everything which lives’!
Fatherhood and motherhood are universally deep.
What you experience of them as people is now only one second of millions of hours of time.
But did you not know this, now that you get to accept that God is infinitely deep in His Creations?
What are fatherhood and motherhood here on earth?
What you make of them yourself.
It dissolves in universal love and it is only then that you can say: I am opened, my life is awakening!
Even if you go back to the material life and the other life stays in the life of the spirit, called the ‘astral world’, one day you will be free from the material and you will continue in that life.”
“And do you also know those laws?" Karel asks again.
“I was also able to get to know those laws and can now explain them for your lives.
They are the laws for the soul, as life, personality and space.
Every thought and character trait now stands for its world.
You will certainly feel it, your character traits must possess attunement to that universal becoming conscious or you belong to a darkness.
If you do not love now, then you will experience such a hell, which has to represent this darkness of your own life.
Now that world is your attunement!
Can you now see what being a father and being a mother mean for your material life?
You will not lose me, because all of us represent one life!
Man and woman are one for God!
Millions of men and women also possess that attunement and represent one life, one law of life and grade of life, sphere or hell, world, universe for God.
All of us are one in this and also possess one love!
I know many mothers, many fathers on earth, but I see them as my friends, it is our unity, for which we live and will die.
If this is accepted in this world, peace and quiet will come, you will now see another child as your own life!
Did the laws of Christ not teach you it?
You will have to master them.
It is only now that you get to know yourself and your life opens.”
René stands up, he stands before Karel and speaks to Erica, to me and Anna as an apostle.
He fires at our life, every word penetrates our emotional life.
Karel is like a child, Erica now feels a mother for the first time.
He says:
“The moment of dying is the release of the material systems. If the soul as spirit, therefore astral personality is that far, then it continues, but also the returning to the earth is going further.
You will surely already feel it, anyone who is ready here can go further.
You created the hells yourself.
You will also create the heavens yourself, you will make a hell or a heaven here of yourself!
Every action, every deed, tells you!
If you attune your life to the higher laws, you will build a heaven!
The lower character traits take you to darkness, misery, coldness, poverty of spirit!
Is it not simple?
What do you wish to do with your sciences. Nothing!
Feel well what I mean.
Your wisdom, my friend, has become conscious by serving .
You have received your wisdom through your serving.
The spiritual sciences for your West are at a dead point.
Your friend goes to pieces up against the laws for the soul.
And you up against your ignorance, the illnesses, the laws of which you do not know.
What can a theologian give you, when he does not know God?
Can you accept any longer that God will damn?
Is it clear to you how poor you are when the laws speak to your life?
All of this, which you now possess, will change.
Where do your mad people live?
All those souls have forgotten themselves in previous lives.
They came into disharmony with Divine harmony as a result of this.
You – this is to me – wondered, why God created misery, those children were so beaten.
God does not beat, God is Love, but we people have made a chaos of His life.
You wondered why one mother bears her children, another begs for children and is not heard?
The soul has now removed itself from motherhood.
It is now not ready, but now feels that motherhood awakens again.
Why does one mother get ten children and the other life none?
These are laws, the soul brought itself to ruin, to destruction.
For the universe the mother bears two children.
Can you feel this?
No, you cannot know that either, you are not yet that far.
God is Father and Mother, we as people will create two lives for reincarnation.
As a result of this you can return to the earth.
What do millions of people do?
They sponge!
They think that they do not need to create, they find the most sacred improper.
However, who gives them new life, a new body?
The mother, who bears her ten and fifteen children?
If every mother took part in sponging, life on earth would dissolve.
Can you not understand then that this suffocated progress?
Have a think!
What would become of humanity, if the father and the mother were to refuse to take part in Divine Creation?
As a result of this the life must serve the other.
Can you feel what your universities possess?
What your teachings and wisdom are like with regard to the Divine universe?
Is this not pitiful?
Are the churches to blame for all of this?
The church forces the soul to bear, but those men and women sponge off all those other mothers.
You see, this is God!
These are Universal laws, which the life of God sees itself placed before!
And this will only change when your university knows these laws.
Ask me what is wrong and I will get the Divine answer for your life!
Do not think that I am a saint, I am not that!
I am your child, but especially your brother, your friend!
Believe me, when I tell you that thousands of souls wait between life and death for an organism.
And there are mothers who destroy their lives.
Can you feel how terrible all of this is?
Did you think that you had not created any disharmony as a result of your wars?
Did you not fling thousands of souls too soon from their lives?
And did you think that those souls must not return to this earth in order to finish their lives and laws?
Those lives were broken, cut off by coarse violence!
But the material law, the becoming conscious in the body, takes you higher and higher.
And that is taken away from them by hate, destruction, violence.
And the mothers help in this, they help, who sponge off the universal law of life for the masses!
Did you know this, were they able to teach you this at your university?
This is God!
The human life seems like a chaos for you.
And it is that!
However, the soul as a human being possesses its universal laws of justice.
Can you already feel what I mean?
Yet it returns to earth.
It must return, because it has to become a mother, because as a result of motherhood the life evolves.
And now you violate a life.
Did you think that you could soon receive a new life after death?
Coarse violence takes you away from the Divine law, the law for birth!
Other people remained or already came into harmony with those laws and go before you!
They will finish their lives by means of the consciousness obtained, but you can now wait for thousands of years before your reincarnation takes place.
You closed your life off to cosmic harmony.
Is this not clear and just?
Now you can wait for centuries for the next birth.
People not only create material misery, illnesses, but also bring about cosmic disturbances by means of coarse violence.
And that must be cleared up by you yourself!
Murder takes you back to the earth!
Now you have to give that soul a new body.
God gave you everything!
You brought yourself into disharmony.
Do you wish to do this by means of the creating garment?
By means of the male body?
Can you now feel which laws you are faced with?
In the first place with your murder.
You must make up for that!
You are faced with the organism, but you are creating.
How many lives do you not need if you wish to feel yourself as a mother?
I was also able to master those laws, my friend.
You need ten lives for fatherhood and motherhood to come into harmony again with the Divine law after a murder.
Which people, as man and wife, came into pure harmony for the universe, love, fatherhood and motherhood?
Where do those people live?
Certainly, they are on earth.
However, can you feel that millions of people must return to this life for thousands of laws in order to take themselves back to universal harmony?
You see, that is God!
Did God want it like this?
No, these are the laws for each thought, every thought is universally deep.
If you think that you have to murder for the life of God, you will attune yourself to destruction, the disturbance for your inner life, you will hold back your universal development.
Is it not natural?
Now you live on earth, soon you will continue.
Can you now feel what fatherhood and motherhood mean to your lives?
Must I hate other mothers, because they have not given birth to me now?
Do you know that I was once the mother of one of you?
Where are you now with your university concepts?
I, who am now a child of yours, I once gave birth to one of you.
And another gave birth to me!
Can you feel that your children already possess infinity?
Can you feel that this is universal love?
Just imagine, if masters were soon to speak from the other life, as you can now by means of your technical wonders.
What would you say when that voice says: “I am professor M.
I lived there, but I am still alive and will now explain the laws of God as they were created."
What did you think you would hear?
Would the people, will the universities be able to accept me?
I will now predict to you, that will not take so long anymore!
You now already possess technical wonders which enable you to reach unity with worlds.
If this voice gets the rareness of the astral working, that personality, the technical apparatus which possesses sensitivity, that is the moment that this humanity is elevated to the universal laws.
You are laughing!
Did you think that you could now already shrug your shoulders at these wonders which lie ready?
From what do you think that you have received the art, this wisdom, all your technical wonders?
What is inspiration, when you can say, I have come into contact, in harmony with the infinite, with the universal, the cosmic laws?
Can you feel your own poverty?
Then it will happen!
Now the masks fall for your lives, but only then for this humanity, for all your universities!
Just try tuning into that supernatural reception.
What does a clergyman now have to accept?
And your theologian?
And your astronomer?
Did you really think that I would make a fool of you?
Did you really think that I was not prepared?
You can establish from all of this that I can experience and will receive the Divine answer for your life, because now the ‘Heavens’ speak, the East is brought to the West and means that the peoples of the earth will reach universal unity!
It is we, I already told you, it is the youth, the new human being?
No, not that, we are also like you children of one Father, but many people of my own grade of life are ready to bring that Divine teaching, His wisdom, His laws, Life, Light, Love, Fatherhood and Motherhood, Reincarnation to earth.
It is this time which needs this awakening, this could not have happened thousands of centuries ago, now you are that far!
Of course, you can remove the material tumour from the human brain, you can achieve a lot more than this wonder, if you were to know the material systems for the human organism.
And now you can cure patients and cure mad people for the very first grades for these illnesses.
But what do you want to do for the soul?
Stop murdering!
Give a new organism to the soul, thousands are waiting impatiently in order to be able to continue the material life.
Give birth, create, do that for your own grade of life, the sort for the material organism to which you belong or your own grade of life will die out!
What would you say if this word came to you from the Heavens?
If a master from the Light explained the Divine laws to you?
You see, a few people along with me have opened themselves to this, they are so far!
All of us now get the word, which is sent to us straight from the universe, the Heavens!
Would you wish to doubt this?
And my life is ready for this!
I made a trip for this!
People opened my life for this and I am now able to explain the laws to you for your soul, your spirit, your material existence for this world and all the secondary laws, also those for the space, this universe.
Because we have reached our human life and conscious from the universe, by means of those planets!
You, my friend, can now lay your foundations.
Build on your University, I will bring you the laws!
And after your life that Temple will receive the very highest.
Soon I will probably be able to explain to you in which connection you came to each other.
Now we are not yet that far!
When I violated the Divine laws, did I feel any misery?
I was faced at that moment with the centuries of expectation.
I was not given anything either.
But for this life, before I would be born I was awake and conscious.
Before my birth took place, I already knew what I wanted and where I would be born.
Do not forget, for centuries I devoted myself to being able to bring the laws to the earth.
For this purpose I experienced many lives in the East.
I went from Temple to Temple. In ancient Egypt we received the first lessons.
My life came to church and religion.
I know lives in which I served the church.
Do not destroy that!
Think, as a result of this the life reached awakening.
I am still a child of the church, but do not forget, God cannot damn!
Every religion has faults!
And those faults will dissolve, the laws come for this purpose.
It is only then that the child of state and church know the God of all life.
Of course, pray, believe, love everything that lives.
But do not forget that the universal laws place you before the All-concept, namely Divine justice.
Do not say again either that God is a cad, the Old Testament receives consciousness.
I was able to get to know those laws, I was able to see them!
Did you think that all of us did not play the part of priest or priestess?
We call this playing?
To do this you must go to the East.
There people also still play with the Divine laws, people there also think that they are serving God by taking part in chastity!
I will explain those laws to them.
In the first place people must serve fatherhood and motherhood there!
Do not destroy the church, it brought unity amongst the people!
Through the church, the masses, this humanity received a faith, love, a rise, worldly wisdom, unity.
That brought those masses back to God.
Now the age has come through which the laws will be explained.
I served my church by means of many lives.
I served Rome, you could follow my cardinalship.
However, who will accept you?
Since at birth the soul closes off its previous life as material laws, as physical certainty, that world dissolves for your life.
But you can establish your last life from the phenomena.
You have known a friend, my friend Oteb, who received the priestly conscious as a result of drunkenness.
You wondered how that could be possible, as a result of alcohol one will tune in to the sexual, temper, destruction, another child wants to do sacred things.
That is the previous life, my friend, that now, since the soul has closed off the day-conscious thinking and feeling, not awakens, but takes over the conscious.
The material thoughts become hazy, those of your subconscious penetrate and now live!
You already draw from your previous life at birth.
Did I do any differently?
I dominated my mother.
I did not bring her to misery, but this force, it is sacred inspiration, they were my emotional powers, put her out of balance.
Now she experienced another, but that is not yet a possession of her personality.
She still has to master this.
Are you different, when you are faced with an elevated grade of feeling and you have to learn those laws?
You could immediately have established that this must be natural working.
You, my father, my friend, my brother, said this, but you did not know it!
You guessed at this!
You did not go into it either, but Oteb, your Frederik, followed these laws.
And it was I who already forced him to make his notes at that time.
Because we would pass on all of this to this world.
All of us do one work!
You would give birth to me and experience the laws for this, you would create me.
Frederik, Oteb, my pupil from previous lives, my master in another, would have the ability to record those notes.
We would meet each other for that!
He wrote under my will!
You thought that I was influenced by this life!
It is precisely the other way round.
I had that honour, I possessed those powers and you just had to accept them.
When those first notes were made, the very first thoughts were also picked up from my mother!
When I lived between the third and fourth month, there was peace for a while!
Did you not get to know those laws?
From the first days of motherhood, after the fertilization, my previous life already awakened.
Children who have something to bring to the world, experience those laws.
As a result of this Mozart and the many others received that creating certainty!
This works infallibly!
Those laws are infallible, because the soul mastered that becoming conscious!
It descends to earth for it!
As a result of this humanity received consciousness.
All art was brought to the earth in that way, all those old masters were born for their tasks!
They made themselves suitable for this, one for wisdom, technical wonders, other people for art.
Socrates, Plato, all the great ones of the earth experienced their wisdom beforehand and made themselves suitable for it.
That is for the becoming conscious of humanity!
For this purpose Christ descended from the Divine All to the earth and brought the Divine Gospel.
Does the human being live according to the commandments.
His Love?
His Life?
His laws?
Why do you not do it and obtain joy and peace for all of you!
Mozart and all the other masters, the great of your world, brought awakening through art!
We now do so for inner awakening!
I prepared myself for this purpose, but all of us have to do with this event.
From that moment on, I said a moment ago, my life already awakened in the mother.
Was the master in art able to experience it differently?
Those laws work exactly the same.
His soul prepared itself, for what Galilee was able to do!
Buddha, Mohammed, Ramakrishna, Blavatsky – you hear that I know all my sisters and brothers; I have not read any books about this anyway – prepared themselves to bring universal wisdom to earth.
I will now go further, deeper, because I am connected in an Order with them.
And that Order, my friends, brought us together!
That Order is called ... ‘Will Serve’!
Bring awakening to earth!
Support the life of God.
Bring art to earth, joy of life, happiness!
Universal Fatherhood and Motherhood!
Before I was attracted to your life, I already knew where I would be born.
That truth and wisdom was shown to me.
My own life, my becoming conscious did that!
I surrendered, I sunk back to the embryonic stage and inspired the embyo!
At the moment that the fertilization would take place, I descended from the universe to your lives.
In your life my conscious grew, awakened, and I passed that emotional life onto my mother, but brought you, Oteb, to thinking and feeling in my direction, the aim, the task for which we now live!
But how did you act, my father?
What were your thoughts concerning all these Divine matters?
You sullied yourself!
Just destroy me, however, you destroy yourself!
Break me down, you will break yourself down!
Do not accept this, and you will stand still for your awakening!
It was me and not Frederik, but we have reached that height.
Do not think that your mad people are capable of this.
This is the highest, this is the very highest becoming conscious for your life, this is own possession!
This belongs to me, but my Order helps me, supports, inspires me.
Now you are faced with the true inspiration, I am capable of experiencing the spiritual inspiration.
Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and the others could do that.
The earth now possesses everything!
None of your artists get higher than this as a result of their creating!
That is not possible, because the highest has been reached!
That I brought myself to awakening is therefore simple, my soul was born for it, it is I!
As a result of this my life awakened, yet you experienced unnatural phenomena, which have nothing to do with unnaturalness, they were natural and legally determined!
Those are the laws for your own self, your obtained personality!
In addition, you can accept that we will now elevate another university as a result of this.
Frederik received those feelings from me!
I want to build a University!
Those powers were given to me!
I prepared myself for this!
However, his personality was open to those laws.
He could not live any differently, he received his new life for this purpose.
You feel, everything is calculated beforehand and thought out, but centuries ago!
This is now the shattering of the masks, which possess human, spiritual and cosmic reality and are Divine!
Everything which you therefore had to accept as a result of my becoming conscious, my mother, came to you, because you were not ready for that emotional life.
And then phenomena came.
We have to do with each other, our lives have attunement to each other.
I now make up to your lives, what I took away from you in previous lives!
I now elevate your lives to a higher becoming conscious, which I broke in previous lives!
I will make good for your lives, because this is the law as a result of which we were able to get to know each other!
I will make up, until I have brought my own laws into harmony.
However, if you do not want me, and how simple that is, children then leave parents, parent and child ties are destroyed!
But then I will go!
It is up to your life to accept me now!
I tell you, I want to serve you!
But if your life does not wish to accept me, then that law of cause and effect will completely dissolve and I can go where I want.
Now I will take my own life in my hands!
And not only for these laws, fatherhood and motherhood, but for thousands!
You see, if people are not ready for each other, tread on the Divine laws, they are to blame themselves for their sorrow!
However, one day you will stand before each other and you will have to accept that disharmony, until you yourself have changed, were able to attune your life to universal love!
This is my task, my work for your lives.
If a father and mother are not that far, then Divine ties rip apart.
But who is to blame?
What were your actions like, what was your thinking and feeling like in this life?
What is learning?
Did you think that you bring clarity by overthrowing everything of God?
We have fought and struggled against your ignorance and unconsciousness!
We had to accept your ignorance; but how has your life changed?
Would you still me capable of selling the spiritual, universal gifts for one guilder and forty cents?
And would you wish to support the poor of your world with this?
By the blood of another!
Do you feel that we have made good for your lives?
We were able to bring about this.
What did your Frederik do?
He thought he could take round notes from God to the people.
But was that God?
It was me!
I sent him to your lives in order to start our task!
He did not get these gifts from his God, but those feelings came from my life to the opened emotional centre of his own personality!
God has nothing more to do with all of this!
That Divine attunement lives in your life, we as people are spiritually one!
God established this at the moment of His revelations to our life.
But we would master His universes, as soul, spirit and material!
Since Frederik tuned into the rareness of the soul, he absorbed that life aura in himself and reached the thinking and feeling of the inner life!
In this way his life, his personality awakened.
I from myself!
Those laws of becoming conscious were ready to pass to material working!
Is it not simple?
Now see back into all your thinking and feeling and you can give an answer to yourself.
This is the universal source from which you have drawn, the state of purity, which has reached awakening for your life!
No astral personality could help you with this!
You would have to begin yourself first!
You will have to tune your material thinking and feeling to the laws for the soul, your inner life.
And you lived for that!
As a result of this your life reached attunement and unity with me!
What the mother experienced, you were sent from my life, because you wanted it!
Or it would not have been possible.
So you see that every being is capable of picking up Divine wisdom.
But release yourself first from the material destruction.
And you have seen how your lives change anyway!
You have unconsciously reached thinking and feeling for your soul.
All those phenomena brought your life to that world of thought.
As a result of this you learn to think for your inner life!
And then that kicking into ditches of Frederik passed over to yourself!
Now your life awakened?
Now the material action got attunement to your soul, your spiritual existence.
You now see that you are capable of making everything of your lives?
You are busy bringing the Divine in your life to material revelation.
Every action can now possess spiritual space.
Now dying becomes carrying on, happiness, the farewell for later!
Now death is your friend!
Now death speaks to your life!
Before it was harsh, inaccessible, unnatural, because of yourself!
Now it is space, becoming conscious, love, unity, father, mother, sister, brother, your worldly wisdom, your guide in order to open the lives for your soul!
Remain standing before death and you will suffocate yourself for thousands of lives!
Death can do that, your soul and personality stand at the dead point!
It is marking off the limited; you are unlimited for everything!
If you wish to awaken!
Frederik received this through his feeling and thinking, since he possesses the longing, the becoming conscious in order to reach that awakening.
Or he would have suffocated his life again!
God lives in you!
Awaken that Divinity in you.
How you will achieve this?
Every thought becomes rarefied, if that thought represents love which you give to that thought!
Is this not a philosophical law?
Was Socrates so far from it?
Can you feel that I can give those great ones a lecture?
Is this not the Divine word?
Is this not the most sacred for your lives?
Give the rarefied sensitivity of your soul to your thoughts!
It possesses the Divine attunement, this is it!
It creates as the personality, keeps on giving birth to new thoughts and all those thoughts represent its life.
That is the personality!
That is millions of years old!
Do it every second!
What will the people say about your life and personality?
Just look, what kind of human being is that?
You attract lives!
People feel you!
Love conquers all!
How are you as man and as wife, mother?
Did you think that you receive love from each other?
If one character trait is still unconscious for that higher love, your personality misses the required feeling for this in order to experience that higher love, more rarefied love, as a result of which hearts reach unity!
And now hundreds of character traits, which all lack that universal, spiritual feeling?
Do you mean to say that you possess love?
That you experienced each other as a result of love?
Are you trying to fool me that I was born through your love?
Did you think that you could elevate all your material systems to that universal emotional life, in order to be able to experience that wonderful unity, that you can do and possess through your bodies?
Can you now feel your own unconsciousness, now that these laws speak to your life?
What you experience is material benevolence, your soul does not get any feeling, does not experience anything at that moment, because it is not possible.
Thousands of character traits which are part of your human character, refuse to serve, to feed that love, that universal unity, they are not capable of it.
And yet you want to search for that happiness in another, try to find it and to be able to experience it there?
Your own self is still closed to it.
You think materially, animal-like.
If you wish to experience universal love, descend deeply, infinitely into the other heart, feel a happiness that you do not yet know, the universal kiss, then give your character traits spiritual inspiration.
Elevate all your character traits, inspire them through the Divine core, to which your life has attunement and which was given to you by the God of life!
Only now you can say: I have happiness!
Only now you know that you receive maternal love during your giving birth and creating and your life is open to universal love!
Do you know that?
Have you already experienced that?
I was attracted by material longing.
However, I assure you, when you know all these laws, you as a mother could already have spoken to my life and emotional space during those first days!
You could have experienced that love, but you could not do it!
You are beaten by it?
Is that my fault?
Are you starting to understand a bit what awaits you?
What you can make of your lives?
This is in all of you!
God lives in you!
Now give all your character traits space and you will be space!
Give love to all your thoughts and you will mean love!
Give that becoming conscious that supernatural power, it is open to it as soul.
Those powers have Divine meaning, they were given to your life by God!
Only then your life reaches pure awakening and this life has to give you the Divine existence.
Now you can take part in art, love, fatherhood and motherhood are the most sacred for this and your space.
Now know, the mother is the highest possession for your life, you as a man stand wide of creation; no longer sponge off and through other lives!
Give love!
Now you are faced with an infinity!
Is this so hard to understand?
Frederik lived through me!
You lived through me, my mother, but you awakened as a result of it!
Soon we will find ourselves in the world for the soul as a personality and we will go further and higher.
Can it be any different?
What does this humanity still have to learn?
How must society change?
I am Rachi-Hadju, Father and Mother!
I am that!
Is this strange?
You read my articles and you have changed as a result of them?
I am grateful to your life and personalities!
It is a wonder for you?
I was that mad child!
I am still it, but under supernatural powers and laws!
You will get to know that love.
I am the writer of all those beautiful things!
But many wonders will reach revelation for your life.
I will take your lives back to the source!
I will give you my love, but do not stop me!
I cannot be stopped!
None of you has the right to do it, soon this world will listen and accept what I have to give through my becoming conscious.
What do you still wish to know about my youth?
In only a few seconds those phenomena are explained.
My inner life materialized itself through everything.
I drew those material words from your life!
I got that material destruction from your life, because it was you, it is you!
Not I!
I had been touched during those days by your lives.
Other powers followed me, yet I remained dominant.
Did Marja not tell you?
Are you shocked?
Are you afraid?
If you ever hear this word interpreted and materialized by another inner life, know then, my mother, that it is this life which belongs to my conscious!
Of course, I will get married, but not to her, who was not created for me by your world, but I created her myself for my life!
She is alive!
Do you not know the laws for that morning?
Did you not hear them through my childish life and conscious?
Our lives already touched each other then, mother.
She sent me her first kiss!
Nothing can stop this process, we have prepared ourselves for those laws!
Hear the word ‘Marja’!
That is my soul!
We went through many lives, now we will experience and receive universal love together, that will only be possible now!
Marja, where are you?
Marja, where do you live?
Marja, can you feel my love?
Marja ... I am ready!
I am waiting for your life!
Mother, do you still remember that I climbed the stairs and looked into a space?
Then I was one with my previous life!
Marja lived there before me in space!
She was also searching, she also wants to give love and wants to serve!
But to me, and to this humanity by means of our unity!
You do not yet know of these events, Father?
Then you will get to know them now!
Then you laughed at everything!
Then you shrugged your shoulders; now your life is open in order to also get to know those laws.
Marja ... come!
Let Mother explain these hours.
However, you see, I am conscious of everything.
I went out as a child, I walked in another nature.
Is that not the life for the soul?
That is the spiritual personality which can experience thousands of worlds at the same time, because God is also in millions of lives and worlds at the same time!
I know, I also became conscious in that.
And we met each other there, Frederik, Oteb, we got to know this material existence there.
Then I said to your life: I will catch up with your life.
Now I am far ahead.
But is this truth?
Did I not experience the rise of my personality at the age of five?
And in addition you were able to feel that love and I was in this sleep befor your life, which is not a sleep, but wants to be the releasing from the material laws!
The laws will be explained to your lives.
Know now, when you hear her name pronounced, that she is brought to my life by means of laws.
And those laws want to tell your life: look here, we will first make up, make up for what we denied other lives, but now I bring it back to your lives.
I will now give you prophecies!
The laws of our life!
The laws of God!
Marja also lives!
I am waiting!
But she will come!
But what does each human being do?
Why can you not wait until the laws for your love come into force?
It is they which send you to your own life.
Now know that every human being receives his own love and that you will not understand that higher love anyway, nor be able to experience it, because your personality is not opened to it.
You will receive that love, which you yourself brought to awakening, but your animal-like longings will show.
You therefore cannot escape your obtained possession and me!
What would you like to know about these laws?
I am waiting, until my love is brought to my heart.
Mother, Father and friend, I can wait, because I know!
I receive my love to the second; you are searching for your love!
Not I!
I am sent that love from space and I am sure of her and my happiness!
Not you, you are searching yourself for love, you are not waiting, you cannot wait, you live like the animal that knows and possesses, all the life is for you!
But the laws explain it differently!
As a result of this I am sure of my love!
Marja is coming, my mother.
Do you still know that I uttered her name?
Was that not a supernatural law for your life?
Marja is coming!
Marja is my soul!
When God gave us everything and we people reached the splitting up for our existence, we observed the Divine laws.
That happened in that first stage under cosmic harmony.
We split up our life as God could do it for the infinity.
He placed those laws in our hands, we were laws!
Our whole thinking and feeling and the life we received is a law!
It is life!
And that life is God!
And look, we split ourselves there for the first time.
That part now from myself, which was born from me, that part, that inner life, now comes back to my life.
We were one in many lives, but later we forgot ourselves and we had to accept, I and she, you likewise, that other lives demanded that part of your soul, which belongs to your life, because one of us or both of us violated that life!
Then our lives separated!
We had to accept that, we went another way for many lives!
Now I know that Marja is alive and I will meet her.
Mother, Father, she will be as I am!
She will be as you wish to see it!
We live for you and you live for us.
But we will carry you and you will receive life and love through us.
Marja is alive!
Marja will recognise me!
I will recognise her, when the second for those laws, which now awaken, speaks for our life and our love as twin souls.
Therefore those laws will take me to her and her to my life!
Those laws work so infallibly, that no one can stop that love, can destroy it, that love is for me!
Those laws bring Marja back to my life and me to her!
You will experience this!
You will have to accept all of this, when you are brought before this universal truth.
And then there will be nothing more which will bother us.
Yes, of course, Mother, Marja is alive.
Marja is still not awake, but she is busy awakening.
Every thought, which causes her pain, gives suffering and sorrow, for example, which is not always necessary, takes her to spiritual awakening, to me.
We will be one in everything!
Marja is coming!
I will wait and see and will now start on my life and that of her.
You can now call your academics.
Establish the hour.
I am ready and conscious for their wisdom and university.
Or did you not think so?
Is this sufficient proof for your life?
Tomorrow you can ask me questions again.
Now I wish you all goodnight, peace and quiet.
Your Rachi-Hadju.
Do not talk about this, or my writing will no longer have any value.
After all, I did not know, receive, any university development!
If my word is to receive meaning, I will need your title.
But could I have been opened by your university, which was also possible?
Could your great ones have brought my life to awakening there?
All of that would have suffocated my soul!
Can you feel this?
I would then have been overloaded by your knowledge.
My life could not have opened itself, I had to and would remain empty.
But awaken uncontaminated!
I greet you!”
And he immediately disappears before our eyes.
Karel is the first who finds himself again.
He says:
“Is that a wonder, Frederik?
René is a spiritual wonder!
My God, Erica, what did we do to deserve this?
I am now suffocating in those words.
It is he!
What do we want?
What can we do?
What are we?
I have been conquered, Frederik!
I have received sacred respect for René!
My God, how will I deal with all of this.
Come on, we will drink to this, I am almost suffocating.”
Karel pours in a good glass of wine.
Erica sits there and has been beaten senseless.
Sacred reverence radiates from her eyes.
How beautiful Erica has become.
But then she races over to Karel and kisses him.
Karel weeps.
I clink glasses with Anna.
She also gets her kiss!
We cannot stop talking, stop thinking.
We do not want to go to sleep, because we are almost bursting with happiness.
“My God”, I keep hearing Karel say, “how can it be?!
What did you think of him, Erica?
Is this a conscious?
What do we people actually know?
Oh, what will the academics make of it.
This can no longer be denied.
Nothing can be said against this or you must want to consciously finish it off.
But I am standing next to him!
My Frederik, did you know that?”
“I knew everything, Karel.”
“And that about that Marja?”
“And do you know where that child lives?
“No, I do not know that.
But somewhere between the fifth and sixth year – isn’t it, Erica? – he was already talking about Marja.
I could just look it up in the logbook.”
“Is it recorded, Frederik?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Then it will be a revelation.
Good heavens, what kind of people are we actually?
What will we still experience with him?
Is it not awe-inspiring, Erica?
Man, Frederik, give Anna a kiss.
Let her share in this happiness.
Do it!”
“Anna has already been sharing for so long, Karel!”
“What did you say?”
“That Anna is to me what that Marja will be for René!”
“Are you serious, Frederik?”
“For so long already, Karel!”
“Then I will give you my blessing, big monkey, you could have told your father that.
Are you really serious?”
“Well, Anna, just give that bigmouth a kiss.
I will give mine to Erica.
We may now assume that we were touched by an universal bliss.”
Erica receives her kiss and Karel too.
Karel says:
“If I understand everything properly, Frederik, you came here in order to get Anna.
Do you know about each other?”
“René has not yet told me everything about it, but I also got that wisdom sent to me.
It is Anna!
It was always her!
A pity, that we cannot become four hundred and seventy years old, I would have wanted to do it again, but from this knowledge and thinking!
This conscious love for each other.”
“How long have you already known this, Frederik?”
“Can you still remember that we took René away together?
Do you still remember that we had a few drinks then and you placed me before these laws?
Later you kept coming back to it, Karel.
You asked it at home too, just like Erica, but we did not go into anything!
Yet it was already all settled then.
I let Anna wait and am still letting her wait.
We are not yet there, but we knew it!
We opened ourselves for René!
I had the feeling in me then, to not be able to split my life!
I did well with that, in that way I could help René and I now know that this happened.
Tomorrow we will ask him these questions and you will hear it.
I am so happy that I was able to wait. But Anna followed me, she tuned into my life again and awakened as a result of it.
Now we know what love is and what we must do in order to keep, to experience this sacred love!
I will now go to sleep!”
“You would like that, wouldn’t you?
Now you will stay here for a while.
Come on, Anna, I will drink to your eternal love!”
Anna got to wear her silver-white sandals that evening!
Mine were already beside the bed, I had already worn them for a long time without actually realizing it.
Karel begins to weave his sandals.
Erica too.
The beautiful garments, I also wrote in the logbook, will come soon.
But we are growing towards universal love and unity!
And that as a result of our lunatic!
I no longer dare to say it now.
Neither does Karel, none of us!
Can you feel Anna’s heart thumping?
That is for me!
For me!
Only for me, because I was also able to earn her.
And she earned me!
We see it like this now, we feel it like this now!
And that through René.
At ten o’clock the following morning flowers came.
For René, Anna, Erica and me!
We gave them to René.
They came from Karel.
There were bouquets of violets, daisies and forget-me-nots.
I walked out of the house in order to have a good weep in the woods, I could not even deal with all that love!
“Good heavens, how beautiful people are”, Karel called.
And then you should have seen him.
Erica succumbed under his love!
Really, she fell to the floor in our presence.
Karel lifted her up and in his arms she opened her eyes.
The words which then passed her lips could only mean ‘Karel’.
Karel, but my Karel!
What did we do to deserve this?
Will you always stay with me?
Will you never leave me?
Will I not lose you there now?
We will ask the master, Karel.
I never want to lose you.
I would die, Karel.
Believe me, I know what I am saying, I would die.
You have now become so sweet, so good.”
I just left.
I was also full and I had still wanted to say something to Anna and she to me.
Our master went to his lesson as usual, painted, worked, as if he had not given us anything.
The day passed in this way.
At eight o’clock, Karel has arranged everything in such a way that they cannot disturb him this evening, we are already sitting waiting for the master.
René enters at ten past eight.
He sits down, but first we get to feel his hand in ours, Erica gets her kiss, Karel his nod, Anna and I his greeting.
We float, we burst from happiness, we cannot get enough of it.
We see him becoming like another personality.
And a moment later those amazing lips open and then there comes to us:
“What do you want to know, Father?”
“Just let Mother ask."
First we hear the familiar informal ‘you’, the Father and Mother, but when his soul attracts the higher becoming conscious and he tunes into that, the higher formal ‘you’ comes to us and the past speaks to the present!
Rachi-Hadju against the West!
Erica immediately asks:
“Do you also know, whether I will have to lose Karel?”
“How can you ask a question about this."
I already hear that we are immediately involved with the master, as follows:
“Can you not feel the danger of your question?
Oh, do not worry, do not get a fright, I will explain those laws to you.
At this moment you would not wish to miss your love.
And that is understandable.
You can count yourself lucky, it is he!
But if it was not him, then what?
Then you have to accept that you will soon belong to another.
Yet, you know nothing about that, however, the next life will place you before those laws.
When you continue for your spiritual life, also your love, then you will come to face your universal love.
And that love dominates this one!
You will immediately bow to that love, to that personality.
If you carry the light for it in your life, you will also know.
If you do not have that light, then you will not possess that wisdom either!
And then your love will live somewhere else.
You can live in one world, or in different worlds.
Are you split up then?
No, you must then accept that both of you possess a different attunement to love.
And the laws force you to accept that life which belongs to your life.
That is the part of your soul.
Now you will continue eternally.
If your life belongs to another soul, then that is your life!
You began your cosmic tour with that life.
And that inner life will come to you!
You will meet each other!
You must meet each other!
Because both of you are one life!
No one is capable of separating your life.
What belongs to another here, that can be your life.
If you are therefore now back in your universal harmony, then you will get your universal love.
She or he, one of you.
No, it is like this: both of you walk to each other.
You cannot avoid each other in this space, in this infinity.
You have gone from planet to planet, here on earth you found each other again.
Karel is the part of your life, it is you who belong to him.
If that was not the case, then I would have had to explain to you that you and that he were born for other lives.
You therefore experience the making up during your earthly existence, the returning to Divine harmony to which you belong.
Yes, I see that, you are one.
Your characters correspond, your souls have one grade to represent.
This life is already the eternal for you.
It could also have been that you would belong to other people.
And people experience these laws by means of different possibilities.
You therefore cannot search for your love, that love is determined by laws through yourself.
Of course, you can live it up, you can attract ten, twenty men to your life, but now it is passion and violence.
That is own destruction!
You are broken loose from the Divine anchors.
That is part of the construction?
Part of the destruction.
Anyone who possesses true love finishes off one life.
Anyone who can do that, is faced with the freer love, the higher, the other!
And it is only then that you are faced with new laws.
If you are now free from cause and effect, it is possible that it will probably come to you.
But do you accept that it must also experience cause and effect?
Now your love possesses a different life.
And that life loves your love.
In this way you can find a companion outside of the laws who shares life with you; but your lives will part again.
What you felt yesterday and this morning, my mother, is the obtained possession by Oteb, the possession of your Frederik and my mother from the past, Anna!”
René waits for a moment.
We are thinking.
Erica says, but her tears run down her cheeks:
“Is this why, Anna, you came into our midst and were able to understand him so well?
That you possess that love for your life from before?
You were his mother?”
“And Oteb was my father ...
Once we were one in the temple of Ré and Ra and later in that of Isis!
In other lives we were able to get to know each other and we gave ourselves to each other.
Can you now feel what universal love is?
Not this one, but the other one, which has awakened in your life.
Frederik came to your life.
Anna came to your life.
I too!
The laws for your lives and for your death work infallibly!
But your new and next life lives beyond death!
Your love!
Your happiness!
Prepare yourself for this, serve this life, give all your love to your husband or to your wife, your children, make a path for all of you, which will take you back to your Father!
How do these wonders happen?
I brought them to your life!
You came to each other from my life.
Because all these laws received consciousness with this, your lives entered into harmony for spiritual love, we are this far.
And millions of souls experience that.
Millions of souls experience these revelations, but they do not know the laws.
Do not search for your love, it will come to you sooner or later, and begin now with true benevolence, opening your personality, release yourself from the material laws, love, serve!
This already lived in Anna when I was not yet born.
After my birth her life awakened for me.
You, Erica, did not sense me, you were not yet that far.
Now you are capable of sharing your love for me. Those laws open themselves to me and to you for the first time at the age of twenty-one.
But I already knew as a child that Anna had been my mother.
I was also able to recognize Frederik, as a result of this we were one!
Do you now feel cheated?
Is that still possible?
Have we not reached unity?
Are your souls not one?
I will remain your child, but I will take all of you to universal love.
Love everything that lives and you will awaken for this!
Ties which have universal conscious, cannot be broken.
However, I tell you, wait!
Do not break any ties yourself!
Do not release yourself from the life, which you once served!
You are capable of this serving with your physical laws.
The mother gives herself, the father creates, but the mother serves!
The father by taking the worries upon him.
In this way you finish your life.
And that will take you to the omnipotence for this universe.
Karel belongs to you!
Your lives have now been opened.
Nothing can be done about this.
Since Frederik was able to wait for my development, he continued to tune into my life, I brought him to her.
This is my help, my serving!
Do you know it now?
Is this so unlikely?
You have waited, Oteb, in order to split up your life.
I asked it from your life.
Do you feel, not for your love, but for yourself.
You were still not yet that far, that you were able to give two worlds of equal power your full hundred percent.
That grade of feeling in power must still awaken for your life!
Is this all clear to you now?
Do you now know why you waited?
Because you thought of my life, were able to think, the past opened to your conscious.
Your previous life elevated itself as a result of this.
If you had elevated her completely to your life, if you had now already allow that division, the passion would have taken you to her life and organism, then you would not have received me.
Then I would have had to follow another path and our lives would also have been led in very different directions.
Can you feel this?
Now you would have closed yourself off for these laws.
You would have experience a different life.
The life for your material feelings and personality.
Is this clear?
But now that you have adjusted your life to mine, attuned it, you went further and higher.
You call it ‘being in blossom’, but the inner space reached awakening for your life and personality.
Did anything get lost?
On the contrary!
But can you now feel that your life would have split itself up?
Since you followed me, these thoughts came to you.
Since you accepted them, your life opened itself.
Since you dealt with them for me and for your life, had to complete the logbook, the task we were given, you kept getting more and more of my life and conscious and your inner life grew.
However, this is for everyone.
When the soul wants to attune to the higher, its life awakens.
If you open yourself to the higher laws and continue to follow them, give them form through your will, your Divine attunement awakens.
Now your personality develops and you experience the laws for your soul, you also get to know your spiritual life.
The laws have definitely spoken to your lives, but I sent you the feelings, that is possible as a result of the universal telepathic working.
However, this has placed all of you before cordiality and love.
Since you can sacrifice something, you receive!
However, this is not sacrificing, these are the laws for your life which force you to act like that.
If you did not wish to experience those laws, then you would follow another path and we would be separated.
I would not have accepted your lives, I would not have wanted to possess this life, that emptiness would have disturbed me.
I would therefore have left sooner or later.
However, that would not have happened, you would act in such a way, this event was therefore infallibly calculated, thought out, but it is your soul, which gives the inspiration to the law.
It is your grade of life, your attunement to that life, otherwise such events do not reach consciousness.
I tell you, a great deal of people experience these wonders, which are not wonders, because you brought the laws for them into working yourself.
You will see my life and my becoming conscious again in material attunement, which all your artists experience, for which they lived.
Would you shrug your shoulders any longer for the laws of the universe?
This has to do with your life, but thousands of laws take you back to this life.
Did God want this?
Yes, but otherwise than we as people experienced the laws.
Yet, as you see, we will reach awakening one day and the life will get meaning for our spiritual progress.
Whatever has happened in the universe, lives under your heart.
The planets served us in order to take us back to God.
This universe created those human laws of life.
On earth we see those laws again.
They became soul, spirit and material!
They are experienced and obtained by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
Who am I?
A child of God, you too.
Damnation does not exist!
God did not create any misery.
We did that, we people created misery.
God is Love and remained that, we people created hate and destruction.
One mother murders her love and the other weeps until her tears run dry for it.
However, the first one creates disharmony, the other mother comes free from her karmic laws, from cause and effect.
She deformed the material systems by means of her unconscious and inharmonious inner life.
Laws, not a punishment thought up by God, but called up by the soul which got beside herself.
At our following gatherings you will get to know those laws.
The academic will probably not accept them.
Yet they will bow their heads to the word which is given to them.
And through you, Oteb, I will go to the laws.
Make sure that you are ready.
Are there any more questions?”
Erica asks: “Do spiritualists also experience this?”
“No, then you would have heard about it.
Such contact is possible, but the human being is also born then for that task.
And the masters for theosophy have already determined their height.
The books which I have to write, my father and mother, friends, will explain the laws.
It is only then that people will be able to accept me.
Spiritual contact with those who passed away is possible.
The laws for this take you to the infinite for your life.
You will have to lose yourself, completely, or the messages will stem from your own thinking and feeling.
You must be in this sleep, if you wish to receive an answer from those who passed away.
I will not permit anyone to speak to my life, or I would also split up my contact.
Can you feel this!
This is not reception, this is possession!
If I explain the laws to you at a universal attunement, I will receive!
And that word comes from the universe, from those who awakened for it, to me.
I will then pass it to your life.
This is the Order which I spoke about.
They are my masters and yours!”
“What will we have to do for you?”
“Nothing, my mother, love my life, I will give you my love!
Try to be in harmony with everything for your and my life and we possess universal happiness.
No more than that.
Wait and see what will happen.”
“Can I do anything for you?”
“No, my father.
Stand next to me and soon fight for our life and happiness.
Do not go one metre to the side for your colleagues, they have not yet earned their thrones.”
“We will know it then.”
René came back to his own conscious and Karel immediately asked:
“Are you now different, René?
Do you feel different?”
“No, Karel.
I feel a bit estranged from your life if I go into the laws, because then each tie must disappear.
You feel, that would connect me with the present one, as I am now, and that would disturb.
You can call it inspiration.
If this consciousness is in me, if this wishes to speak and act, then I am also connected with your life again and I feel close to you.
However, my thinking takes me away from your lives.
And yet I am one with you.
Is it not amazing, father Karel?”
“Boy, I have no words for it.
I tell you honestly, I bow myself to every word.
It is for me and your mother a revelation.”
“Thank you, Karel, thank you, Erica, you make me happy.”
“Will this not demand too much of your physical powers?”
“Just take my pulse, Karel.”
Karel does it, but there is no increase, “on the contrary”, he says, “the pulse is extremely calm.
We possess a wonder”, he adds.
“A great wonder, for which we must thank God.
Even if it is own possession , you would fall on your knees for it."
Karel says this and Erica does not say any differently.
We go to sleep, but I record in the diary:
“We now live in November of the year so much.
The wonders have come to our life, we know!
We may know!
The Heavens speak to our life.
It is the Angels. All of us now walk in silver-white sandals!”
Four days later we are sitting in the large living room with the academics together.
Hans and Elsje, Van Hoogten, Dr Lent and Ten Hove.
Then we have Dr Leuvens, an astronomer, minister Dicksma, Dr Stein, Karel, Erica, Anna and I.
René will take his place on a settee, lying down, so that, as he says, the organism cannot disturb.
I must put him under hypnosis.
He has already taken tests with me and Karel together, and everything went according to our wishes.
Then he says to the academics:
“When you ask questions, you ask them in the ordinary common language, I will not go into university terminology.
I want everyone to understand this event.
I will not go into technical questions either.
I will treat everything which touches the spiritual scientific arguments, but nothing and nothing else.
But you will see that.
You can begin!”
Little René lies in the middle of the room, our child and our master, on the settee.
I stand before him and force him to go to sleep.
Soon his eyes close and I ask him, while a stenographer describes everything:
“Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?”
Then there comes: “I can hear you.”
“Do you know where you are?”
“I know.”
“Where are you then?”
“Between life and death.”
“What kind of world is that?”
“It is the world for the soul.”
“Explain it, if possible?”
“When you as a human being go to sleep, you descend into the depth of your sleep.
That sleep possesses seven depths.
The fourth depth or grade for sleep is the verge of your life, you cannot go to sleep any deeper.
Under this lie the fifth, sixth and seventh grades of sleep, but these three depths represent your subconscious.
I am now in sleep, but I am also conscious.
If I go on and I tune myself into the physical laws, therefore that for the organism, then I will experience another sleep, that for the body.
I have also now descended to the epileptic sleep, you can see this from my eyes.
Observe that.”
Karel sees that the pupil has been pushed upwards, the doctors are convinced.
This body seems to have died, but lives.
The pulse is taken, a low pulse, heartbeat a bit weaker than normal, but calm.
I continue:
“Can you see there?”
“Yes, what do you want to know about me?”
“What do you see?”
“I can see into another world.
However, I am connected to this, my life, and will remain so.
However, I can move and then I go to the laws for soul and personality.
I have therefore gone through sleep and yet remain awake.”
“How is that possible?”
“I made a study of this in previous lives.
This is the eastern way of disembodying.
Great initiates, such as Ramakrishna, could do that.
I am also that far.
However, he never spoke a word during his disembodiment.
I do that and am capable of it.
As a result of this you can ask me questions.
I live like a personality for the life of the soul.”
Hans now asks:
“Does the soul possess a personality after death?”
“I just went through death.
I can therefore answer your question with a yes.”
“Does it have a universe, is it conscious?”
“I am in a universe and I do not speak to your life?”
“Is that so, is that true?”
“Am I capable of seeing in your midst?”
“No, your eyes are closed.”
“Blindfold me if you want.”
“It is not necessary ... but what do you want?”
“Do you wish to know what the time is?”
“Tell us!”
“Take all of your watches then.
Yours is at seventeen minutes past half past eight, so thirteen minutes to nine.”
“That is right.”
“My father’s is at a quarter to nine.
His wife’s watch is at eighteen minutes to nine.
Dr. Lent’s is at seven minutes to nine.
Ten Hove’s – van Leuvens’ has stopped – is at a quarter past eight, no, sixteen minutes past eight.
It is slow.”
They have been beaten already.
The ice has been broken.
Yet the academics feel as we so often felt: taken in.
I ask who wants to speak.
Hans asks again:
“The soul is a personality, how do you establish that personality?”
“It is you!
When you die, what now speaks to me releases itself from the material life and then enters a world.
That world is infinite, finite too, but that is now the life space, which you must see as conscious, because the soul goes higher and higher and returns to God.”
Hans behaves sarcastically, but he does not look forward to asking questions.
You feel his life tremble, yet this passes his lips:
“What does that life look like, what is subconscious?”
“It is the life for the soul, I already told you.
That is subconscious, in which all your lives are to be found and as a result of which you represent a universe.”
“Can you descend into it?”
“I am connected to it.”
“What does it look like?”
“What it looks like here?
The life, in which I am now, lives on the surface of this world.
You can feel this comparison.
All my previous lives, thousands for this world, are part of this conscious.
And you call it subconscious; I find every thought in all those lives materialized, here.
I see, I feel fatherhood and motherhood, laws of life for the organic existence, those for the body, all the material laws, experienced from the jungle, also those of the universe, in this subconscious and it is part of my day-conscious feeling and thinking.
I have experienced thousands of lives, as a result of this I built on my personality.
The life of now closes the subconscious off for the personality.
At birth the new life begins to release itself from the previous existence.
When the soul has to accept the dying process and it will return to this world, it sinks back to the embryonic stage and is now attracted by the parents for this birth.
Whether it be fatherhood or motherhood!
When I tell you that we started in the jungle, then you can accept this.
You see the people as types of race, I see them as physical grades of life and laws for the soul, because it can experience the highest for this planet through those bodies and it is the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on!
The soul as human being, also the animal experiences these laws, comes here to earth and begins there in the jungle on its first physical existence.”
Dr Leuvens asks: “Where does the soul come from, when it must start in the jungle.
Is that the first life for this world?”
“The soul as human being and the animal, but we determine ourselves with the human laws, comes from the universe to the earth.”
“Do you mean that it comes from other planets?”
“Very well felt, it is the case.”
“Which planets are that?”
“Small and large bodies.
The Moon, for example, has created life so many thousands of years ago.
Mars still possesses life and there are smaller planets which possess life, which you can consider as an intermediate stage.”
“Does Mars still possess life?”
“Mars still possesses life, but is faced with its dying process.”
“What does that mean?”
“That it has carried out its enormous task for the universe, its process of giving birth already belongs for millions of years to the past.”
“And on Venus?”
“No human life present!”
“Why not?”
“Because the atmosphere there is just not suitable for human existence.”
“And Jupiter?”
“Is a gas ball, a half-awakening conscious for the universe, which lives between fatherhood and motherhood and has to carry out a task of its own for this.”
“So no life?”
“No, because those bodies have known neither fatherhood nor motherhood.
You must see the universe as ‘father and mother’, the dominating laws for all existence, as a result of which we as people could experience the Universe.”
“A gas ball, has never know human life.
They find themselves in the universe and serve as your kidneys serve your organism.
No more was needed.
They reached working through fatherhood and motherhood.
The life aura sent out, brought immediately from motherhood to becoming conscious, created these organs for that organism.
The universe is also a body.”
“Who, or what, is the fatherhood in that?”
“The Sun!”
Dr Leuvens has a think.
The minister asks:
“What is God?”
“You see God and recognize Him from all His lives.”
“Is he Father and Mother?”
“Has God spoken as a human being?”
“Can you accept some space?
Then do not get a fright, when I tell you that God has never spoken as a human being!”
“And the Bible?”
“I know your Bible.
I have sacred respect for your Bible.
I will do everything in order to give that light universal meaning, but can you accept the Old Testament as truth?
Understand well, we do not touch the phenomena.
Those phenomena were drawn up by people, who accepted the event as their task.
God never spoke to Moses as a human being.
Moses knew eternal life as I now do.”
“Who was it who spoke to Moses?”
“Those were masters, Angels, but they were also people who lived on earth thousands of years ago.
They were the first ones who wanted to bring this humanity to awakening by means of faith!
How do you see God?
Do you wish to make a human being of God?
God was never a human being, even if you must accept your own life.
God created us as human beings, but He lives behind and through our human existence.
When Moses started his task, he lived in life after death.
There an Angel appeared to his life.
Moses longed to bring his knowledge to the earth in order to convince his own family members that he was alive.
And that happened.
Then an Angel manifested itself and the soul came back to the earth as Moses.
That was not God, but a child of God, which had awakened for the universe.
As a result of this you can explain the Old Testament and it can also be accepted that so much blood was shed at that time.
Or do you wish to accept God as a murderer?
Is the feeling in you that God waged war, protected the children of Moses in order to finish off, butcher the other life?!
If you can accept this, your life will receive liberalization and depth.
Soon you will have to accept it after all, because after this life you will be faced with those laws.”
“But then everything will fall!”
“Then nothing will fall, my friend, everything will remain!
You now have everything in your hands.
If you cannot bow your head to this, then you will possess a God who is unjust, a God who murders, butchers, lies and deceives.
Is that your God?
Mine is different.
That of all of us, of millions of souls along with us, souls who populate the heavens and inhabit the Divine All, all of us have been able to master another God.
Do you believe me when I say that I have been one of the souls who supported Moses in his task at that time?
And when I tell you that Moses can give me his word, do you believe that?
Where do you think that Moses, that all those other great ones of soul and spirit are now to be found?
How do you imagine the division of the Heavens?
Do you believe in burning Hells?”
“No, not that.”
“I wish you luck, otherwise we will never reach agreement.
There will be no burning hells.
I repeat, Moses received his inspirations from Angels!
They were illuminating forms, it was they who gave this humanity the belief in God.
It was they who took on the battle against the evil of this world.
But keep God, a Father of love out of it.
Christ is God’s Son, and did Christ destroy a life?
Would God have been able to do that?
You must accept it and remember, my word is law!
That means, I have connected you with the sacred truth.
I do not intend to lie to and cheat your life.
You must not see me as a young man, I am centuries and centuries old.
My conscious is cosmically deep!”
The minister reflects.
Karel asks:
“Why was all that misery created?”
“Go back millions of years with me.
I would wish to ask you a question.
Do you know how illnesses came into being?”
“No, I do not know that.”
“Then listen well.
If we people, also all the life in this universe, must accept that God is love, why did He create illnesses and misery?
Did God create that misery?
No, but where did all those illnesses come from?
I ask you again: how is it possible that the human body, if God is Almighty after all, reached this decline?
If God created bodies according to His image, according to His powers, His Omnipotence, how come all this misery then?
Do you know this?”
“No, we do not know.”
“God created lives by means of some clay and breath of life?
Do you believe that?”
“I do not know, then the Scriptures fall!”
“I let nothing fall, I tell you.
I ask you only, whether God created people by means of some clay and breath of life.”
“I am now losing my study, my God, my everything!”
“You are not losing anything, my dear friend, because the God of life speaks to you!”
“What did you say?”
“That the God of life speaks to your conscious.
See me as Apostle Paul, but for this century.
I speak in the name of the Divine Trinity to your lives.
I will go further.
I will connect your questions with the laws of nature.
You do not know where the illnesses came from and you do not know either whether God created illnesses.
But how many millions of souls accept this?
But then what, when God did not create any illnesses and you do not know as academics how those illnesses were born?
Go back with me to the stage where the illnesses came into being.
However, I will first go back with you to God.
I must also ask you a few questions.
You accept that God created everything.
People who are ill, that is God’s work.
God beats one life with blindness, illness, madness, God gives one life everything and the other child gets to accept the jungle stage and lives under the ground, in misery, poverty and want.
You know the misery of this world, you are powerless against all that misery.”
I ask my friend the astronomer:
“Do you think that God has given everything of His life, His power, His force, His universal conscious, His primal source in us to our life?”
“I accept that!”
“And now we must accept that we people possess nothing but misery.
God beat our life with illnesses.
We find ourselves in awe-inspiring misery.
But did you know that you would not have been needed, doctors, if you had not sullied your own life attunement?
I will take you back millions of years!
When there were still no cities, the people knew nothing about your university laws, but had already left the waters – or do you not believe this either? – the tribes had formed themselves, the woods were experienced, illnesses came into being, were born.
But how, I ask my learned father and the gentlemen medics?
You are forced to make no reply.
You now still see those types of race (see article ‘There are no races’ on on earth.
These are different people.
Every people was a tribe millions of years ago.
That tribe was a grade of life, a grade of conscious for the human organism.
You see, I already said, types of race (see article ‘There are no races’ on
I and we, the millions of souls of God who represent the Heavens, see only tribes, types of organisms, for the soul.
The soul experiences the first and follows the development on earth as a result of this.
The earth created seven material grades of life for the soul.
Every grade of life possesses millions of people.
Millions of people as men and women, represent one grade of life for the human organism.
The soul therefore possesses a body according to its own conscious and that is the attunement of a grade of life, to which its organism belongs.
If you can feel this, then I can continue.”
A buzz comes.
We call out whole-heartedly: “Yes, we understand you."
The others nod.
Only the astronomer says: “It is clear to me.”
René continues and says: “Those types of people, I said to you a moment ago, are still to be found on earth.
Nothing has changed about those different types of race (see article ‘There are no races’ on as grade for the human organism.
In those millions of years the Divine laws for material and soul could not change, reached materialization from the very first revelations for us as a human being, that has been the case.
These human, physical laws of life are still to be found on earth and are now the many types of race (see article ‘There are no races’ on which you have to accept as such.
But now we go back to the very first people, the human being who released himself from the waters.
We people were born in the waters and then started to accept life on land for the first time.
In those woods there are now seven types of people to be found.
Seven different types of race (see article ‘There are no races’ on
Those types represent the possibility for the universe and for God to experience and enter from the lowest and first organic grade the highest, the seventh.
You believe that those people gave birth and created?
You believe that these people also experienced, knew fatherhood and motherhood?”
There comes: ‘Yes’ ...
Hans is silent.
All of them admit this.
René says:
“We now find ourselves in their midst.
We live in that jungle.
We represent the highest attunement for the human organism.
But the fifth and sixth also live in our environment, spread all over the earth, and the four other laws of life live on as people, who evolve.
I am father.
And my wife, we are like animal-like beings, also lives here.
We are capable of creating children.
And those children will be as you now still experience, born in the same way.
We are now not talking about from where the soul enters that life.
We are concerned with the fact that people, we, give birth to children and create children.
From our own obtained grade of life.
We represent as man and wife the highest becoming conscious, because our organisms have reached that height.
Our inner life adjusts to that becoming conscious and has to listen.
No change has come in this either with your own time of life.
You have to now also accept the physical, you cannot avoid the material physical laws, you can follow the natural path and as God wanted it, create and give birth, for which these bodies are created.
They could also do that!
But now it comes!
Those men sought another life.
There in that jungle they migrated further and met many lives.
They did not carry the wisdom of feeling, in order to take care of your own life, that consciousness, under their hearts, they completely lived it up.
The highest grade split itself with a lower one.
Where we came we begot children.
Then the human being started his own inbreeding!
He ripped his primal powers apart and shared that law of life with another.
The seventh and highest grade shared itself with the fourth and third grade.
From that third and fourth grade of life children were born.
And those children continued this process.
What do we see: after millions of years this universal body weakened.
The actual primal source split up.
The Divine universal independence, which was calculated against weather and heat, cold and natural laws, lost the natural core as a result of the actual splitting, lost the universal attunement which God laid down on these lives for the own sort and grade of life.
People lost their resistance!
Men and women can no longer stand those enormous laws and succumb.
Impairments came into being, those exceedingly strong bodies can no longer stand the natural laws and look for clothing.
Before this destruction started this natural organism resisted every natural change.
Because the human body is like the waters, is like the condensed material, grown up on land, but has lost the own primal source as a result of the split with the lower grades of life and as a result of this we see the first illnesses come into being!”
Not a word is spoken.
It takes a moment.
Then René asks Karel:
“Can you accept this?”
“I accept it for a hundred percent.”
The other people do not yet know it.
They discuss the case, the end result is that it is regarded as possible.
Then the young master says:
“You are helpless beings.
Do you not see that you are now still dying from that inbreeding, that the natural blood of life is dissolving?
And that you lose your actual powers as a result of this, create impoverishment?
The first human being also achieved this.
You, clergyman, can therefore now accept that God did not create us by means of some clay and breathe of life.
But you must accept, when the Bible was written, Divine Creation was already millions of years old!
Not a word is spoken about this.
The Bible writers were not yet that far.
The debates that God made people with some clay, can no more and also no longer be accepted by this humanity, this awakened personality.
We as people were already millions of years old then and had already millions of lives behind us, we came from other planets to the Earth.
This for the Earth; but before we had reached the Earth, our feelings were already awakened for creating and giving birth.
We brought along that becoming conscious.”
Leuvens asks: “Had we not started that inbreeding on those other planets?
Did it not happen there?”
“You are proving that you cannot think.
After all, even if that had happened on other planets, then this still would have no meaning.”
“Why not, if I may ask?”
“Because this concerns the soul and not the organism.”
“I thank you!”
“I thank you, because you want to understand me.
What the soul experienced, seen on all those cosmic life grades and laws as planets, remained behind there.
The soul released itself from that closed-off space and continued, it was now attracted by the Earth, when it had experienced the intermediate planets.
We now also see seven consecutive laws of life as planets, which give the soul the elevated stage, if it wants to remain in harmony with Divine Creation.
As a result of this the human soul and the animal are capable of experiencing the elevated grade of life.
It is ready for that grade of life.”
“Which planets are that?”
“I ask you, if you can accept for a moment, that secondary planets came into being, bodies for the soul in order to continue, where do you think you will see those bodies?
Where are the first transition stages to be found for the universe?
I talked about fatherhood and motherhood for the universe.
Those planets created own life, just like we people, so that life would evolve.
Where are those bodies now?”
“We do not know!”
“Did they receive a name?”
“Not as inhabitable planets.”
“You see, we only see the universe as fatherhood and motherhood.
All those millions of bodies have only one purpose and one task to carry out.
The secondary planets lie spread through the universe.
Where does the first one live?
And where does the second grade of life live for the universe?
You must see the universe as a body.
Where was the first life born for the universe?
You must know that!
As a result of the first conscious life the second life came about, the next grade of life.
Do you believe that all life created by God must create new life, that all life on earth, also for the animal world, must create new life?”
“I accept that!”
“Well, where did the first life begin for the macrocosmos?
Where did the microcosmos come into being?”
“We do not know!”
“Listen, it is the Moon!
The Moon has now ended its task for motherhood.
However, it was the Moon which condensed itself and then represented Divine Creation for Motherhood.
The Moon is dying.
It has completed its task, but Creation, the Universe came into being.
Well, since the Moon sent out its powers, other life came into being.
Since God split himself up by means of the universe, in a spiritual state, therefore before the material condensation, this wonder happened, the Moon reached its own independence.
Can you feel this?”
“By means of the splitting up of the universe?”
Before the macrocosmos started the Divine division, that universe was one whole!
Can you accept this?”
“I thank you!
Then God split himself by means of the universe.
Can you also accept this?”
“However, at that moment millions of years had passed.
Because from the nothingness, that is the moment of before the Divine revelations, there was only darkness.
But God lived in that darkness!
Can you also accept this?”
“It must be the case.”
“Thank you, it is also the case!
God started to manifest himself!
Hazes came into being.
Hazes as a power, but those hazes are Divine laws.
You must see that power as Divine life aura, Divine Plasma.
The Protoplasm born immediately from God, which is busy expanding itself and moving, condensing.
As a result of this we see the universe, the infinity in which God lives, but born from the All-Source, the All-life, All-soul, All-light, All-motherhood and All-fatherhood.
God ... whom you stumble over, the name of His life, wants to represent all of this.
The word God, this GOD is the word for all of this.
You see this word as the name of the Creator.
Of course, but you do not want to see Him any differently.
You can now see God as Light, Life, Fatherhood and Motherhood, Soul, Spirit, Personality, as Laws, as Justice.
Now still for himself, because human being and animal would come into being from these revelations.
And your God now lives in that universe, this infinity.
That universe which is God, with all the revelations for material, soul and spirit, the manifestations mentioned above, as soul and spirit, rarefied plasma.
But condensation entered this universe.
We see light come into being.
That took millions of years, but this light is Divine Life Aura, it is the All-source, which gave life and powers to this phenomenon, but that wants to be Love!
This is the invisible macrocosmos!
That macrocosmos would condense itself, therefore materialize.
And that happened!
Until a golden light came into being, just like your Sun is.
Then this life split itself up.
You now see God as a tight garment!
The Golden light for the universe and the space was just like your blue in the sky and your own firmament.
This is God in different manifestations!
Since He manifested himself, split up, another grade of life is achieved.
What happens if you divide the light?
What are you left with, if you divide the candle light millions of times?
The light dims!
However, sparks of light came into being.
No longer perceivable in your little universe.
This dividing of the Divine light of life also took place for the Divine Universe and darkness came.
However, in the heart of God, the middle of this Universal body, the All-Source stage continues to beat.
The All-Source continues to create, will give birth.
That All-Source beats for this evolution and creates, controls, drives on; yet darkness came.
God was at the moment of becoming conscious by the condensed Universe as light, Father!
Now the Divine personality has split itself as Father.
Millions of sparks came into being at a cosmic, macrocosmic attunement.
The planetary system will be born as a result of it.
And that happened!
The All-Source conscious beats in the middle of this universe and that feeds the creating being for the Divine revelation as Father.
That will become the Sun!
The first phases of life reach evolution!
The Moon, as macrocosmic life, is in the vicinity of the core and receives that inspiration.
You called that planet Moon, but you do not know why and for what purpose!
We see it as the first cosmic grade of life, the mother for this universe!
And that mother will split herself as God did and was able to for His laws of life.
Those powers and laws of life are to be found in that Divine aura as a whole!
That life was born from God, after all.
That life is Light, is Soul and is Spirit.
That life represents God in everything!
It is not any different!
And now you can follow the development of the first cosmic grade of life.
Hazes come about.
Those hazes condense themselves.
There follows from this that those hazes separate, will split up.
The first embryonic life reaches material awakening.
A material core was now already born from the nothingness and the life for human being and animal has begun.
The surface, the soul Moon, the life Moon therefore, condenses itself, gets force and inspiration from the universe, by means of the creating forces, the Sun, which has meanwhile condensed.
The Moon continues to work.
Its macrocosmic body materializes.
We see the material embryo before us, we are that as people, and from our life, after the first material death, new life comes into being.
The animal!
The Moon reaches general condensation.
The first cosmic grade for life and death has been achieved.
However, meanwhile the Moon sent its own powers into the universe.
It worked on an own space and from that space, closed off by its own life aura, named atmosphere for you, it sends its already obtained conscious energy.
I now tell you, academic, as a result of this the secondary planets came about.
Does the first secondary planet now live in its immediate universe, in the atmosphere of the mother?
Can the life condense in its atmosphere?”
“Yes, that is possible, we know these laws.”
“That is true, but what you feel, belongs to your own world.
We now see that the Moon created elevated life.
Can a mother of the earth already create the cosmic organism.
I mean, a higher organism than you possess?”
“Then I thank you for your understanding, that is not possible, because you cannot create new life outside your earth’s atmosphere.
You have to follow the laws, which are given to you by the earth.
But what does this mean?”
“I do not know.”
“That the life aura sent out from the Moon could only be picked up by other macrocosmic bodies, therefore energy, seen as a part of God, outside the life source for the Moon.
Or the human soul would never have received an elevated organism.
That expansion now, picked up by a body, which received a place somewhere in that environment, picks up the sent out, but already conscious life aura and is creating an own consciousness as a result of this.
That is the first secondary planet for the human soul, but which Sun and Moon have worked on as fatherhood and motherhood.
That first secondary planet only now reaches working when the human soul has reached the highest for the first grade of life, the Moon and now the life carries on?”
“We do not know!”
“But the life of God has to return to its source, doesn’t it?”
“We must accept that.”
“Well, then there must be a possibility, created by God, as a result of which the soul can conquer this universe as a human being.
And for this purpose the first secondary planet came into being.
The soul which experienced the fish stage, carries on.
The Moon did not create any higher conscious, it created the ‘Soul’ for the human being, gave this life material form.
There was no more for it to do for the Divine plan.
When it had condensed itself for God and for the universe, materialized, split up as material cells, it could start its dying process!
The first secondary planet was achieved, a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and now the soul as a human being comes to stand before the second cosmic grade.
And that is a mother planet again, which is ready, condensed by the secondary planets to the half-waking conscious, therefore still in a spiritual state, in order to be able to receive the human soul.
And that also happens!
Six transition stages came into being.
Those secondary planets gathered themselves around and between fatherhood and motherhood for the universe.
They created an own earth’s atmosphere and closed off the own created life for the destruction as a result of this.
Those smaller planets received a name as a result of your science, however, most of them are not known!
They are situated in the region of Mars, but experience the final stage of life for the maternal body, of the second or first cosmic grade, as a result of which they came into being and now have a task to carry out.
The soul as a human being carries on from planet to planet.
As a result of this those seven human grades of life were also born for the earthly life, we find those transition stages again in every law of life as matter and soul!
Now Divine Creation is already millions of centuries old, the planet Earth is not yet condensed, but that moment is approaching.
The soul now as a human being, therefore came from other planets to the Earth and also started an own evolution on Earth.
The Earth also had to accept its initial stage, but in the universe fatherhood and motherhood already reached consciousness.
The Earth begins, the human soul comes and takes the macrocosmic soul as a body to materialization.
The secondary planets are to be found spread out in the universe.
However you see from this complete whole, divided up as cosmic grades, for your life, the Divine consciousness received for this universe.
The soul as a human being has therefore already had to cover a universal path.
Yet it is to be found just on Earth.
I now ask you, minister, would you think that the soul can already enter the Divine All after this life and is like God?”
“I do not know.”
“Thank you.
Can the soul as a human being enter the Divine All in a short existence?
What you will experience after this life and have to accept, is a world for the soul, but that is not the Divine ALL.
That is a world for its consciousness, but it continues.
After all, all life expands, creates, gives birth, until all life has reached the Divine stage and conscious.
There the soul, the life can say: I am like God is!
And as a result of this, now listen well, seven solar systems came into being.
This universe represents three grades!
One and two represented by Moon and Mars, the third by the Earth.
Then the soul as a human being follows the next stage and it enters its spiritual world, the ‘Hereafter’, or as many people call it ‘the Other Side’!
And that is also the Other Side!
That is the world for its spirit!
The soul as spirit!
The soul as life, but with the obtained personality!
And it built up that personality as a result of millions of lives as father and mother!
Now it continues and the fourth cosmic grade of life came into being!
Also the fifth and sixth, but then the seventh cosmic grade of life follows and the soul as a human being and the life created by God has reached the Divine All!
The soul is like God here!
Here the life is conscious like God!
Here the soul possesses everything as God wanted and created it!
That is the Divine Universe!
Every spark created, gave birth to new life!
The universe also created new life!
The Sun created new life and became rarefied as a result of this.
That aura for the universe built on another solar system.
For the human soul, the animal and plant life.
And when the soul as a human being had reached that height, that universe was also ready for the soul as a heightened law of life and it could begin a new life there as people!
Distance therefore has no meaning.
Only the law has meaning!
How far the Sun is removed from the Earth, does not matter, the paternal powers are there!
And that is enough.
But do you now know the conscious and unconscious fatherhood for the universe?
The conscious and unconscious motherhood?
As a result of fatherhood and motherhood all those cosmic, macrocosmic theories came about!
Jupiter now, Saturn, Venus and other planets, which have not known any process of giving birth, or fatherhood, represent the unconscious giving birth and creating.
Can you feel this?”
“No, I do not understand!”
“Do you also take part in astrology?”
“Thank God, or I will take all that certainty away from you.”
“As a result of what?”
“Do you not understand then that an unconscious planet cannot provide you with creating or inspirations of giving birth?
Do you wish to give the human being unconscious powers and human consciousness to unconscious planets?
Can you feel that my life is cosmically conscious?
I will not deny you anything, you will receive, but directly from the Divine heart, because God wants your life on Earth to awaken.
I place the psychology for the universe at your feet.
God and His universes now speak to your lives!
What is human psychology if you do not know your being born and your evolution processes?
What does human passion mean with regard to the universal depth for the soul!
Can you feel, all of you, I am connecting you with the Divine truth!
Where did the illnesses come from?
God did not create them!
You yourself are to blame for your illnesses.
You sullied the natural obtained Divine source!
You as people did not only split up for fatherhood and motherhood, but you split up and weakened the natural primal source.
Now illnesses came!
From then onwards that destruction started!
And these were not Divine children?
Did you really think that they also did not possess the right to return to God?
It is now they who have already reached the Divine All!
They are not connected to the laws for the Last Judgement?
Did all the Angels in the Heavens, who are people, who lived on Earth, not have to accept those laws?
Were all those Divine laws of justice not created for them?
You yourself are the Last Judgement!
You are faced every second with the Last Judgement.
Do wrong things, destroy and you will be faced with your sins and faults, with your destruction!
That explains that the Bible has not yet experienced the Divine laws, or described them.
But that will come!
That means, academic, that we were not born from some earth and some breath of life, but as a result of an evolution, which lasted millions of years, before we had reached the Earth.
And the first people, who had reached the Divine All, they came back and brought through Moses, the House of Israel, faith to Earth.
Can you accept my laws?
No, you cannot yet do that.
But could the people of Moses do that?
Had those unconscious souls understood the Divine plan?
How should the Angels reach those souls?
Moses descended to the Earth for this.
The Angels inspired Moses from the spiritual life.
By means of violence, because humanity was not yet open for higher thoughts.
Can the peoples now do that?
Can the peoples of the earth be reached by prayer?
Can you reach the peoples as a result of love?
As a result of struggle and misery to development!
This humanity is not any different.
Beliefs, sects and religions came into being.
Those sects released themselves and followed an own way.
They experienced the laws of God for soul and spirit.
My life belongs to that!
Then, after Christ, comes the Christian faith, the Catholic church comes into being.
Do you wish to see the church destroyed by my life and wisdom?
I am a child of the churches!
I go through the Church to the higher conscious for your lives.
However, Christ said:
‘I do not come to teach you, but to explain the laws to you.
I get the mistakes out of the existing teachings.
Your Bible!’
And we do that too!
As a result of this Christ brought the Divine gospel.
I live and I die for it!
However, if you wish to continue to accept that the first Adam and Eve were born in this way as people taught you?
Do you wish to be called learned?
No destruction is employed by God in order to punish His children, God has never punished.
Can you feel the conscious of your humanity!
That is still unconscious for the universal laws.
I tell you, you are faced with the University of Christ!
As a result of these explanations you must see a different universe and get to know yourself as a human being.
God did not speak to Moses, those were people who had reached the spiritual.
When the first human being entered the Divine All, he was faced with his unknown God again, but he had experienced, reached, conquered the Divine stage.
Then the first ones descended to the Earth from the Heavens to start with human faith.
You may keep everything from the Old Testament, but do not see God as a human being!
That was the child of God which returned in order to give a faith, consciousness, awakening for soul and material to the millions of the Earth.
Those people would now become convinced of a God!
Those masses knew neither God nor commandments!
The future clergyman should learn the Divine laws.
This study!
It is only then that you can explain your Bible to that life and the life of God awakens!
What does the life do now?
If it awakens then you will lose it!
The soul cannot accept any damnation!
Then the child walks from your church, because it wants to see another God!
Why does the Bible not talk about the development in the universe?
Because that wisdom was not yet there!
Those people knew nothing of their own being born!
They did not know the universe and started an image, which has been able to feed the human being for centuries, but which is now no longer possible, because the astronomer can explain to you that Divine Creation was already millions of years old for that stage!
Did God create misery?
Did God create illnesses?
Did God create the human being from clay and breathe?
No and yes, but that took millions of years.
We came into being from the Earth, but as a result of the inspiring emotional life of the Earth as a macrocosmic life!
The earth which the Bible talks of is condensed material.
What is the human body like?
Do you not know the materials by means of which the human body came into being?
Must I pass them onto your university?”
Ten Hove gets there like lightning and asks:
“Can you also explain those laws?”
“Of course, but do not see me like a doctor, even if I know those laws.
You must see me as a spiritually conscious being.
My conscious is universal!
Don’t hesitate to write it down, if the highest being wishes to speak to your life.
Or do you think that your brain has meaning for the soul after death?
The body received the hydrogens by means of the waters.
The hardening and condensation by means of life on land and water-like conscious.
Transition to condensing reality.
We know the individual soul as an astral, spiritual personality.
Muscular tissue and nerve centres gave the organism mobility, but we see those systems again in the universe, as a result of this they received the possibility of existence.
Heart, kidneys, glandular system are to be found in the universe as Sun, hazes and unconscious planets, which ensure the blood circulation of the universe.
How many percent of proteins does your body possess?
Which animal was born from your life?
And concerns that same independence?
For each cell seen as tissue food was born.
Does your personality feel like having squid?
Why did types of lives come into being for your human organism in order to feed it?
You could have done that yourself!
You received your mineralogical constitution from the universe, but the planets brought the feeding process, the awakening, the birth.
You find universe and time again in your organic life.
What the universe brought to condensation, the waters gave you for your organism.
The elementary laws created the oxygens for the material garment, but the condensation took place in the waters.
Or did you expect the explanation from me for your fat content in life and conscious?
Must I analyse the salt containing part for your university according to the universal laws?
That is not my task!
The mineral salts for your body came into being, received colour and condensation by means of the waters.
Because that condensation carries the universal and being born universal in it.
What you therefore see and find in your body, lives in the universe!
But you are now also faced with the universal grade of conscious as an elementary law and that for the animal-like being, to which you belong as a human being.
From every tissue of your body an animal species was born.
The waters connect you with those laws and you see your own creation.
But how deep is your creation?
Can you already establish the inner depth by means of your material conscious?
How deep Divine Creation is!
How will you adorn your life?
How far can you go, if you wish to experience the infinite, which is the Divine halt for you?
For this purpose you have to accept millions of laws of life and you carry on evolving.”
Hans asks: “From where do you draw all of this?”
“From the conscious obtained by me!”
Dr Leuvens asks: “Why did the Moon die?”
“Because it has completed its task!”
“Is there no more life there?”
“The Moon atmosphere is now of such a nature that you would suffocate!
The first atmosphere for its life has dissolved.”
“What does that mean?”
“That it has started its dying process as a result of this!”
“Is there still an atmosphere?”
“Yes, there is, however, it is half-material.”
“The Moon would lose its balance and as a result of this create a chaos for the universe.
It would be ripped from its orbit.
Can you sense this?”
“Do you also know why the Moon can only be seen from one side of the Earth?”
“I can also give you that answer.
The Moon does not know any orbit like the Earth.
As a result of this you see it from one side!”
“Why not?
I mean, why has the Moon not received the laws of Mother Earth?”
“Does this answer interest you?”
“Yes, of course!”
“And do you not know it?”
“No, we do not know it.”
“Well, learned friend, when the Moon started its condensation, its life had reached the embryonic stage.
What would happen if the Moon had removed itself at this stage of development from the Sun?”
“Then cooling would have occurred.”
“Very precise, then cooling would have occurred and the first life on the Moon would have been frozen, died!
Then the Moon would not have been able to split up its life for God, but then we and all life would have had to accept an irrevocable halt.
And what does this mean, my father?”
“But there are no disturbances in the Divine universe, nowhere to be experienced.
That would be the Divine halt.
But it was not!
At that time, the Moon still did not possess the vitality for the awakening.
It continued to warm its life as a result of this.
It sucked up that heat sent to it from the universe for itself and its life.
As a result of this life continued and evolution came.
Is it clear?”
“Clear ...” comes hesitantly from one mouth.
René continues and says:
“But now the Earth.
If we had had to accept the Earth in the Moon stage, what would have happened now for the begin stage, for our human awakening process?
No one knows it?
You can not establish coincidences now, the laws have been calculated by God!
What would have happened?
Do you still not know?
Then we as human embryonic beings were burned alive.
Then the Sun would have reached a strength as the creating power.
The young life would not have been able to deal with that strength of light and heat.
The Earth therefore made night and cooling came into being.
Now we shall be faced with your Bible.
Prepare yourself, my friend.
I will connect one wonder with the other created by God!
Is physicist satisfied?”
“I will come back to that.”
“Thank you!
But what does it mean, my friend the theologian?
Do you not know it?
Must I help you?
You do not know your Bible!
It describes how God made two lights, a large light to control the day and a small one to control night, just like the stars!
But are you safe with this?
God created night and day.
God created a light for the day and a light for the night.
Is that the case, clergyman?”
“Yes, this is the truth.”
“You see, your colleague the astronomer can now explain to you that in the universe there is never night!
Never was either, after the Sun received its own condensation, but from that moment onwards the Sun was Father!
The Bible writers talk about a light for the night.
And God created that light.
But did you not know that the Earth makes night?
That the Earth created the nocturnal darkness?
Was God wrong about this?
Not God, but your Bible writers were mistaken, they did not know Divine Creation.
There is never night in the universe!
The Moon receives the light from the Sun!
Is this not true?
Outside the physical laws of the Earth there is light.
And that is the Sun and it will remain so.
It has already been like this for millions of years.
Did God not know his own creations?
Is this a mistake?
Not by God, because God was not mistaken!
But the human being has given a wrong image of your and my God.
That is it!
Now you are faced with the word of a human being.
Divine Creation was born differently, the human being also received a different birth and came into being from different material!
The Moon is not a light giving life from its own source.
Is this correct, Dr Leuvens?”
“Very correct.”
“Well, minister, that does not tally with reality!
Everything came into being differently.
I will not deny you your faith, but as a result of the spiritual laws of justice you get to know God.
The Moon experienced a very different meaning for our life and conscious, than the Bible writers made of it.
They did not touch upon the life of the Moon.
They did not know this wonderful event either, your astronomer was not that far either.
All of you are only at the beginning of your own faculty.
And further?
The Moon receives light from the Sun, but the Earth makes night.
Can you feel how improbable all of this is?
Then the people did not know better!
Even now the human being still looks at the Moon and does not know that God contradicts with regard to HIS own Creations!
For what purpose were you able to finish your study?
Is this the end of your study?
Do you know your God as a result of it?
God gave light to the Moon, by the Sun, the Earth created night and you are faced with ignorance!
Do you wish to say this about God?
God is Almighty!
But what did your Bible writers make of your and my God?
The beginning of all the Divine Creations was not touched.
Can you feel this?
This Holy Scripture was blessed by Christ!
Religion and faith reach spiritual scientific truth!
And that will soon be given to you!
Imagine all of this.
I will not deny you anything, I place the beaten Divine laws for your life as universal foundations at your feet!
Those revelations were given to my life.
I serve Christ!
And what will take you to human psychology?
The universe!
From the universe the soul received its life and conscious.
By means of the physical laws it received a personality.
By means of millions of laws of life it got hold of the universal self, but the planets created bodies for this.
You can accept all of this together as an introduction, as existing foundations in order to ask your questions.
Is there anything else?”
Ten Hove asks:
“Is this legislative power prepared to answer human knowledge?”
“Is all of this not human?
Does your life not float in a universe?
Is the Earth not a universal body?
Even if you lose yourself, you release your life from the Earthly laws and you accept your universal self, the universe was born for your life and you came into being by means of that universe.
Ask me your human questions, you will get the universal answer!”
“If we die here, what will happen then?”
“You will live as an astral personality or you will return to the Earth in order to begin a new life.”
“And we are not conscious of this?”
“Much of it lives in the day conscious.
By the awakening in a material state, therefore after the birth, the moment that the eyes open, the new conscious begins.
From the last one and from that which you now are, you begin the new life.”
“And when I continue in the life of the soul?”
“You have to accept your obtained personality as a sphere, a heaven or a hell and darkness.
You will see that world as your inner life is.”
“Thank you.”
“I thank you for your troubles.”
Van Hoogten now asks: “Has the child therefore become an independence at birth?”
“It was already that millions of centuries ago!”
“The psychology of the child therefore does not hold true?”
“You must see the child according to the material law.
The life slowly awakens, but it has to accept that material growth!
In the next existence the being a child dissolves completely.
For the universe there is only old age.
The child which dies, leaves this life too soon, loses its life as a result of murder, gets new life!
The child that has completed the material evolution, continues for the inner life and awakens there, grows up, but that only lasts a short time, because the soul was not disturbed by its material evolution.
This psychology places you before infinity.”
Hans does not ask anything.
The doctors are thinking.
There is enormous tension, they do not know anymore.
René says that this is the end.
He comes back and opens his eyes after a short time.
He drinks a cup of tea and disappears.
Karel says:
“And, what do you think of this?”
They must admit that an enormous conscious is present here.
Whether everything can be accepted is of course another matter.
The astronomer is the most accommodating.
The minister feels rotten.
He has lost his God.
Karel says:
“When science can convince you that Creation is millions of years old, must we then accept the Bible and start to believe in clay and some breath?”
Leuvens says: “The explanation for the universe is correct!
If the Moon possesses an orbit such as the Earth, then if we lived there, we would be killed according to our concepts!
I must say, it has taken me by surprise.
I had not thought that I would receive these answers, everything is new to me.
A conscious life speaks here.”
We come so far that we will meet in a week’s time in order to continue the questioning.
The gentlemen leave, Hans stays for a while, but we do not get a word from him.
Hans remains sarcastic and I believe that he finds it hocus-pocus!
Elsje and Erica are up in the clouds.
All of us have sat at the feet of a master.
The teacher has written down everything and will write it out in full.
René wants to have the recorded text.
I record mine in the logbook.
We were able to experience an amazing evening!
Dr Lent is enjoying himself.
He has not asked any questions, but accepts everything.
He is open to the teachings of the universe.
The wagtail feels like a professor.
Tippy also wanted to be there, but Erica did not want to see her, she considered her too empty for it.
She is right, that life would just have spoiled our unity.
I wrote down:
“If the people can accept this – we believe everything irrevocably – we will be faced with another humanity.
My thoughts of before were right.
I now know that I was sent everything.
It is very natural, when the human being tunes into something, nature can inspire you.
Also people.
Now it becomes inspiration by means of telepathic reception.
It cannot be any simpler.
However, we are standing with both feet on the ground!
And that is a must.
I have nothing more to write now, I only want to think.
I will ask René a few questions.”
The boy has meanwhile received a little exhibition of his most beautiful works.
Landscapes and a few portraits, also a few symbolic representations, and he can be satisfied with this too.
People see a great talent in him.
The articles continue, he is now really building on an own world.
The sketch which he made of Elsje, has turned out amazingly well.
He waits, but he will still try to make an oil painting of this.
That of Erica is very beautiful and shows great resemblance.
All those talents reach consciousness.
He works hard for it and he understands everything so well, none of his life is at odds with you.
This life takes care of you in everything, he makes a universe of every thought and gives it to your life.
It is a revelation for me and for all of us.
Karel stands next to him and fights for his life.
The evening after all of us are sitting in the room.
Karel talks to René and asks:
“Tell me, René, how do you actually get those laws explained?
You have not been to the Moon, have you?”
“Look ...”, comes the answer, “Father, we were able to reach a height in the Egyptian Temples, but that was still nothing compared to the level of what we now know.”
“Who are those ‘we’?”
“I told you that I was connected to an Order.
That is the Order of Masters.
That Order takes care of the well-being of this humanity.
That Order ensured that art and wisdom came to Earth.
If you wish to start serving for this, Karel, you can start already now.
Later art came.
When the first people had experienced the Earth, those souls were faced with darkness.”
“But do you know everything what you talked about?”
“Everything, nothing escapes me.
But you are taking me away from what I will experience.
It is all so true, Karel.
Those first people lived in hovels and caves.
In the woods.
Those people lived it up there.
What did those people have?
But fatherhood and motherhood continued.
New lives were continually born.
When they had finally experienced the height for this world, this Earth, they had to continue!
Because the soul as a human being and the animal will return to God.
After they had experienced the height, the human organism, those people had nothing else to look for on Earth and could not receive anything more either.
Then the last death came.
As spiritual people they were faced with their own becoming conscious.
Darkness, because there was still not any light.
Now they followed life on Earth.
While searching they were drawn back to the Earth by means of their own grade of life.
That spiritual world lives here.
Wherever you are, Karel, there is also the life for the soul and that universe.
We are as God is, but we must make the Divine laws conscious for our life.
And those people started that, as a result of which they received light and conscious.
Once it was that far they understood that the material being did not know those laws.
They understood that they had left the material life, and that they lived on.
You will feel that people first lived it up completely by means of the material being.
And that, Frederik, became astral possession.
Every human being was possessed during that time by the spiritual being.
Later millions of people started another life, they understood that they would not come any further like that.
However, life on Earth continued.
You know, Karel, how the first people lived.
There were not yet any cities.
Slowly small inventions were achieved.
We see fire, people start to work, culture comes.
The land was ploughed, social conscious is on the way.
That continues for millions of years.
In the other world we see the soul making progress.
Since it is released from the material life, that human being rises higher and higher and worlds of light come into being.
In this way the soul climbs as a human being to God and returns to His life.
Meanwhile prophets come.
Those people on the other side now know that God is life, feeling, and laws.
By means of fatherhood and motherhood the soul comes to higher bodies, higher thinking.
In that other world the laws for soul and material, spirit and human conscious are accepted.
They are faced with reality.
Moses comes.
However, that is a soul, which sees that it lives.
When that got through to this life, Karel, it wanted to return to the Earth in order to tell it to the family members.
And you will want to do that too!
The masters, who had already reached their cosmic destination, had got to know the stars and planets, who saw the Moon and the Sun as father and mother for the universe, who could return to the begin stage for the Divine revelations and could follow law after law, now knew what God was like!
They had got to know God.
However, meanwhile those millions built on a great plan.
The first people, with one Master, one Mentor in their midst, reached the Divine All, the end for the human being.
What would you do if you lived there?
Seven cosmic systems came into being.
I can explain laws to you which you have never heard of, Karel.”
“And can you see those laws?”
“Soon I will answer your questions, approve that I give you this image.”
However, the doorbell rings.
Erica goes to look, René says that it is Elsje.
Elsje has come to visit.
Hans is crazy.
She no longer understands him.
We ask what he is getting up to.
Hans is searching for it everywhere and nowhere.
However, Elsje is extremely strong.
Hans is occupied with friends and is drinking a lot.
He cannot be helped and all of this is hocus-pocus.
But he does not say it.
I will get through it.
René continues, Elsje also listens carefully and it is support for her life.
“So, my dears, those first people reached the Divine All.
Seven solar systems came into being, Karel.
You already heard me, and I will later be proved right in everything, just believe that.
This universe represents three cosmic grades
The Moon, Mars and the Earth, the other planets are powers which provide this universe with breath of life.
Is it not amazing?
I give an astrologer his God in his hands with one blow.
I will write a book about it, you will experience wonders.
For that matter, I have already started it.”
“What?" Erica asks.
“My dear mother, the book about astrology.”
“Are you serious?”
“Of course, Mother.
I will read out the beginning of it one evening.
No, I will do it differently, I will immediately connect you with the laws.
As I do now, but later.”
“Have you nothing to do for me, René?" Elsje asks.
“For you, dear?
Yes, of course.
Listen carefully, Elsje.
You must ensure that you know your own language well.
You will learn to do shorthand.
You will make sure that you know your language well, then I can give you work later.
Also Mother, all of us must understand well what God has placed in our hands.
Can you do it?”
“I have already been busy with it for some time.”
“Then I would not even have had to tell you.
But it is okay.
I will continue.
I explain in that book, perhaps it will be three books, mother, all the laws of the universe with regard to astrology.
And I take those laws back to this humanity.
I want to achieve with that what was assigned to me, namely that people are no longer cheated by that nonsense.
I see, after all, that everything is different!
But now listen, dears.
I was in the All.
Yes, Karel, I will go there just like that!
And that is not nonsense from me, I mean it.
I am not fooling you and myself, I know what I am doing and what I can do!
I see the All, Karel, before me, as I see you!
Is that enough to make you weep?
Those intermediate planets, which I talked about, have only laid the connection in order to be able to reach the actual cosmic grade.
Now you see for certain how simply all of this was created by God.
You go from stair to stair and I saw that when I was a child.
I went higher and higher!
Those cosmic grades, Karel and Frederik ...
It is now already a wonder for myself, that I can think so sharply, I would not even need to go under your hypnosis, Frederik.
However, we will not miss out any bits.
Those cosmic grades have therefore all worked on the human body.
And as the growth of the body progressed, the following planet also got appointed its place which was necessary for the growth and the condensation of the human being and body.
It is therefore no coincidence at all that the Earth, in between Sun and Moon, received a place for this evolution.
We know that Mars is wild and furious.
However that Mars would work on the human body, science does not yet know anything about all of this.
Now, in our time, Karel, Mars has come to the end of its task.
Soon, that will take another few years, of course, humanity will see that I am right.
These three grades therefore represent this universe.
However, every body created again.
That core lies attached to that life.
It is Divine substance and possesses Divine qualities, which I already mentioned to you at one of these séances.
Light, Life, Soul, Spirit, Fatherhood and Motherhood.
Those planets carried on working.
That radiance influenced another world.
That made an invisible space in this space.
This divine garment, which you got to know as the firmament and in which we therefore live, fly round, created a new space.
The Sun and the Moon sent out their powers.
That became a new solar system.
That is the fourth cosmic grade as space and as a next stair for the life of God.
However, that universe is now different.
After all, in the life after death the soul as a human being is also already different and lives spiritually pure, according to the laws which were created by God.
The universe will be therefore soon be different.
Now we see that these three universal grades possess a universe.
There the planetary system was simplified.
Now you have seven planets together there.
You do not believe, Karel, all of you then, how life is there.
For example, on the first planet you become about three hundred years old.
On the Mother planet, that is the highest grade, approximately seven thousand years old as a human being.
For example, you return to God .
There is no more sleep and there are no more illnesses there, Karel.
The human being will remain awake one day!
This sleep is necessary for us, because we still possess the animal conscious and the body still does not possess that spiritual rarefication.
However God is working in everything.
It is obvious that we will also be working one day, we will then no longer need sleep.
Because there is no murder, no more violence, people have not sullied their bodies, all those laws for destruction will have dissolved completely!
There you have justice!
Police as here will not be necessary!
The human being has mastered a higher love.
You feel for sure, in a thousand’s years time the people will also possess that on Earth, but then we will be in the spheres of light and we will prepare ourselves to enter the fourth cosmic grade of life.
Because we return to our Divine stage!
And not one soul will be excluded!
It is therefore such a pity that the church does not want to see that God cannot damn!
Now a sermon would be of much more use to people and they would long for it not to come to an end.
That beautiful life will get.
However, we will talk about those matters later!
In this way seven cosmic universes came into being.
The first three here, in which we live, then life after death follows, which is no more than a world of preparation.
You will certainly feel it, the soul climbs up and is one day like God!
And from there, Karel, people returned to the Earth.
Those Divine people put themselves in connection with the sixth, fifth, fourth and third Cosmic grade.
With the people, the masters in the spheres of light; called the Heavens.
The highest Mentor spoke: ‘Start this plan as quickly as possible, we will remain in connection with you.
The Earth must receive consciousness.’
And then they searched for a soul, a human being.
And that human was found.
That human being already lived there and wanted to convince the material being that there was no death.
However, that human being did not know how.
He spoke on Earth to the material being, but he did not hear him.
That human being was too coarse.
You must be able to hear that spiritually, through your soul.
It did not work out.
That would therefore have been possible through inspiration, if some of those people had lived on the Earth.
However, those people still had to be born.
Then those higher Angels descended into the lower spheres and they found the ones they needed.
A human being who is longing to tell the life on Earth that there is no death, that they would soon see each other again.
Now the human history begins, Karel.
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, you know the history.
Moses comes, the House of Israel begins.
That is all true; even if we find unreal stories amongst them, the core has really happened.
The House of Israel gets meaning.
You will certainly also feel that the Angels could not reach those wild masses any differently.
They knew that those people were still not open to love.
Humanity on Earth is like a wild gang, the rulers live it up.
If you possess nothing, you are a slave and your life is tortured.
Moses fights.
But Moses is a reincarnated soul.
Moses already got to know life after death.
He knows nothing about his previous life, Moses has not yet learned those laws from the Earth.
And you must master them from this world.
I will explain those problems to you later.
However, Moses brought the feeling for them to awakening in himself.
If you are not free from the karmic laws or cause and effect, you will certainly already feel this, then those thoughts disturb you and you never reach the spiritual revelation of your own life and conscious.
Then you came back to Earth for something else and not for spiritual tasks.
For this purpose you must be completely free from every material disturbance or your soul as personality will not get to feel or to see any space.
You can make comparisons for yourself and then you will know!
Moses is free!
Before Moses came into connection with the Angels, he tried to return to the Earth on his own initiative.
He descended into the mother and experienced the fertilization with her.
However, Moses must accept that this life belongs to another personality.
If the life comes to three months, it pushes Moses from that contact, the being one with the mother.
Now he must accept that he lived outside that Temple.
The doors of the maternal egg were closed.
Can you feel this?
How wonderful it is!
Moses weeps.
He must accept that he will not get a material life.
He wants to convince people with his knowledge of what he saw in his spiritual life.
However he does not yet know that the birth suppresses the previous life.
After all, the soul awakens and absorbs what is present around that life.
In this way all that previous sinks away into the subconscious and can only be made conscious, now listen well, if you can still experience your inner life as a previous conscious outside of all those hundreds of thousands of material laws, which I now possess, but for which I had to give hundreds of lifes for before I possessed this.
I went through madness, through suicide, through every material law, in order to master the spiritual laws.
You all reach this longing and it is only then that you are busy making something of yourself.
I wanted to possess it here, just like Moses wanted it and millions of others with us.
We want to help the material people and to take them to the spiritual awakening!
And you see it, we are already busy!
In this way Moses stands outside that mother and has to accept that he will not get the material life, but that it is another one which will experience this birth according to the cosmic laws.
Moses has ended his earthly lives perfectly, he can only receive a new life through his longing.
If that longing has reached a hundred percent, you must listen well, Karel, how simple everything is, if you are in harmony with the Divine laws, then we become like that law.
Then we are law!
And now we experience Divine revelations.
Moses wanders around.
He still has his own name, of course.
He is still not called Moses, but he will get that name later, because he will come to his own family, for which first Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will be born!
But we are still forgetting Noah.
He actually started, in order to lay the first foundations for the House of Israel.
Moses floats around like a spiritual being in this material and spiritual space.
He looks at the stars and planets, because when he tunes into them, he can see those planets.
In that life there is only one longing: back to the Earth in order to tell the material people about the true God.
However, he does not yet know the name of God.
He only knows himself and knows that there is no death.
No one on Earth knows God!
God as a word has not yet passed any lips, people do not know any law about all those realities.
In this way this soul floats through the universe.
He is on Earth as a human being and follows the people.
He sees how people live it up.
He also knows how they can do something for themselves and what they can achieve during their material life.
However, no change comes.
But it does in his life!
He is bursting with longing.
He is suffocating from the longing to be able to return to the Earth.
Did he experience this life, Frederik?”
“What I myself was able to experience, René, is already in blossom!”
“It is the case.
Also as a result of your searching, your thinking, your longing to think for the stupid masses, to be able to help the stupid masses, your inner life awakened.
You not only went higher and higher, but every law already spoke to your being.
You started to open yourself.
What you call the state of purity, was nothing and nothing different for Moses!
You went away from the Earth in feeling, you gave your material thinking inner expansion.
Moses did that from the spiritual world and finally reached that height.
Now we are faced with a Divine law, Karel, and you can experience the wonder of God in you.
Frederik became rarefied.
Moses too.
However, what happens here, is exactly the same there.
What Frederik received, Moses gets hold of.
Frederik dissolves before your eyes, he changes, he becomes finer and more rarefied, he starts to feel the things and already gets sent those thoughts from time to time.
What does Frederik do?
He awakens his inner life.
He works on his soul world!
And that is a space!
He stands in the blossom, yes, of course, the sweetness of his inner life reveals itself to his inner personality.
He continues to persevere and comes that far.
You can follow me in everything.
I live with him, because his life opens itself to me.
If this was not the case, then we would have, Frederik would have experienced other phenomena.
Moses did not do it differently.
He climbs up in feeling.
He becomes rarefied, he becomes birth as a result of his longing!
He cannot experience anything else anything more, he is not capable of anything else.
Moses plants himself!
He receives full consciousness and he sends himself to that law.
No one can help him, not even an Angel, life must want that itself.
We can get everything from God, if you want it yourself and want to start that heightened becoming conscious.
Moses becomes heightened working.
He becomes law, the law for the birth, he is and he does not want anything else!
He returns thousands of times to the Earth, he sees how those terrible masses live.
He also sees that one or two live it up at the expense of those masses and they are the rulers of the Earth.
The rest act as slave and are tortured and punished!
Slowly but surely his life and being change.
He reaches rarefication of his personality and returns to the astral world.
There he walks around in a misty world.
You feel, an Angel of light, no longer takes part in rough violence.
An Angel from the first Heaven can no longer commit harsh acts.
A human being is needed for this, who has not yet reached that height.
It is Moses!
He lives again in the astral world and is sad.
He can no longer stand the people there.
They do not do a thing.
Most of them do not yet know that they died on Earth and those unconscious people do not ask about that, it does not yet mean anything to them.
We have millions like this in this world: they are not bad, not good, they have discarded the demonic, but there is not yet light!
They are dear good people, but there is not yet any feeling to do something spiritual for other people.
Moses isolates himself.
He walks round there in that infinity and thinks.
How can I return to Earth.
Who can give me a new body?
He begs for expansion, in order to be able to serve.
And now, Karel, an Angel comes to him.
Moses feels that he is no longer alone.
Many people here on Earth already have that.
Moses thinks.
He wonders what it is.
He feels rarefied and is calm.
And then he suddenly hears being said to him:
‘Can you hear me?’
‘Who are you?’ he asks.
And then a conversation follows.
Moses gets an answer to all his questions.
The Angel as master of the light says that he is from God and will be God.
And that is true.
A message comes from the All, that people there must connect everything which was created by a word.
That one word must express the life of the spaces completely.
Then the word of God, the Lord, came about.
Moses now already hears talking about the Lord.
And the Angel says to him that he must return to the Earth in order to follow the people there, he will receive help there by means of thoughts.
Moses goes to the Earth.
However, the masters have already started the plan.
The House of Israel has already been achieved, that House will receive consciousness through Moses.
Moses strolls on Earth again.
You will certainly feel that he has not yet made it.
He must become more and more rarefied and live according to the law for reincarnation, it is only then that that law will elevate his life.
According to our own calculations twenty years pass, but then this life returns to the spheres and feels ready.
Now the Angel appears to his life and speaks to him.
The Angel follows Moses, until this life receives reincarnation.
This inner life dissolves.
The master says that Moses will listen to the Divine voice on Earth.
And now Moses sinks back to the embryonic stage.
He dissolves before the eyes of the master, he becomes smaller and smaller, until he is a spark again.
And after a while, the soul is now asleep as a personality – it cannot think as a spark or it would destroy the fruit – this inner life awakens in the mother.
Moses is attracted by the material fatherhood and motherhood.
And he comes precisely at the place where he must be.
The House of Israel takes care of this life.
Now this soul is called ...
And the child awakens.
The soul possesses intuition!
This feeling is open and conscious.
There is only one purpose, one longing in this life: to serve for this humanity.
This humanity must receive a faith.
Moses gets his information in order to bring unity to those masses.
You will certainly feel, all those children, men and women are the living dead.
Now faith comes, the Lord will speak!
And that happens too!
However, the Lord is represented by the Angels!
Now a connection has already come with the Divine All.
The Divine All follows all of this.
We know Moses’ life!
Other prophets follow!
All those prophets, who were born for their task like Moses, speak about the Messiah.
One after another comes to Earth.
Moses has made himself strong.
Yes, he must wage war in order to protect himself and his children.
He can do that!
However, does this have to do with God, the God of all that life?
Of course!
However, it is not God himself.
They are the masters, the people who had to experience all the material laws like Moses.
However, all the spaces of God are inhabited!
From the Divine All the masters were sent messages, they know how they must act, all the worlds have reached unity.
The Earth is already in the hands of the Divine All, the human being who has been able to complete his universal cycle.
The centuries pass in this way.
People speak of a Divine wonder.
God’s Sun will come to the Earth.
And that is Christ!
Absolutely, from the Divine All Christ will bring the Divine Gospel to humanity.
Of course a great deal of victims will fall!
Anyone who devotes himself to that development, will be faced with torture.
It will become the fight against the evil in the human being, hate against love!
Passion against gentleness.
Darkness against light, which is now brought to Earth.
Then the Age of Christ approaches.
The Bible history was written long ago.
What those people wrote, is all good for the people in that own time, but no longer for this century.
Everything is good, what they were able to follow themselves, but when it concerns the Divine laws, then they do not know it of course.
In this way it happens that they had to make a start.
And I ask you, Karel, does the life of our society know how to give an answer to cosmic questions?
That is not yet possible, because science is not yet that far.
That the human being was born from clay and breath of life, came into being, is still accepted by millions of people!
Because people are told that God’s word is sacred, people believe it and they are afraid that something will happen to their lives.
Just follow such a study of a theologian!
Take the study of a theologian!
What do those people know about Divine Creation?
Is the astronomer that far that he knows the beginning stage of Divine Creation?
No, we are not yet that far.
However, people laugh and people shrug their shoulders.
In this way humanity received development.
Then the masters started on wisdom, art, and technical wonders.
You will feel, millions of souls work on this becoming conscious.
They establish how the illnesses came into being.
The medical faculty comes into being.
Music comes, the human life needs that rarefication of feeling and musical expression!
Everything has been calculated!
Not one soul can work on this development under his own initiative, you must be born for this and have brought your own life into harmony for it.
In this way unity comes.
What used to be tribes centuries ago have now become peoples.
As a result of the wars those wild masses awaken.
Those masses start to feel and understand, that it cannot be like that either.
And we are now faced with that for the first time!
Now the peoples start to understand that you do not come any further by means of those massacres.
However, the laws of God have not changed in any way.
There are still illnesses!
Insanity too.
The higher the soul comes, the more it gets to know those laws and it will master the spiritual source!
What used to be huts in the jungle, are now cities.
We received light, we received art, we mastered wisdom, but people do not yet know the universe in which we live.
That still has to come and that is on the way.
Now I will tell you how I know all of this.
As I already said, I have given hundreds of lives for wisdom.
I went through magic and through the laws for the yogi!
I mastered laws, as a result of which I could let myself be buried for weeks.
I could not die!
Those people are still there, but those are the physical occult laws.
I went further!
I brought it that far that I was released from all the material systems.
I therefore consciously departed from my body and then stayed in the life for my soul.
Once I was there, a master stood waiting for me, who said:
‘Rachi-Hadju, we are only now that far.
I am your master!
You may now get to know me.’
I lie there asleep.
Many lives ago another crawled into my body and because I did not yet master the laws I had to accept the insanity.
That personality lived it up in my body.
Because I went away from this material world, I came to him and he to me.
I also had to accept those laws.
During the first times up to my material death and we were ripped apart.
That bad person started to look for a new life, and lived it up again.
That is now spiritual possession, Frederik!
You can see thousands of grades of live in this.
Because every human being is different, of course.
There is the conscious and unconscious insanity.
Therefore the sickly and the healthy.
People, for example, who live it up by means of a healthy human being, to whom Hans has attunement at the moment.
You cannot do anything about it, Elsje, because he does not want it himself!
Because he cannot do it yet. Because for every power of thought we have to devote our whole personality, in order to spiritualize those character traits; then we can no longer be reached by dark egos.
The master said to me then that he wanted to begin in order to connect the West with the East!
You now know that I am here and where I have all that wisdom from.
I was connected with an Order, Karel, and that Order now elevates the West to the spiritual height of ancient Egypt.
It is for this purpose that we had to start making that trip.”
“It is a revelation for me, Frederik.”
“As for everyone who wishes to open himself”, Erica adds.
Karel asks René:
“Do you not know any tiredness?”
“No, Karel, this inspires you in everything, after all, doesn’t it?”
“And when you are asleep?
What do you experience then?”
“Then I disembody, Karel.
And now I will go back to my master.
It is he who explains the laws for the cosmos to me.
And he is an Angel of the light.
This bond, this being one, is infallible.
No more disturbances can come in this!
This is finished!
Now all those laws are explained to you.
Only we do not go into technical wonders, you feel, that is something completely different.
You must not think either that I will act the doctor, even if that is possible, because I now look through the illnesses.
However, we will not do that, because as a result of this the actual purpose splits and that is no longer the intention.
We used to do that!
We experienced all those laws.”
“A pity, that Hans was not there, Elsje!" Erica adds, “but that will come.
Have courage, child, we get nothing for free!
Now we can already see how amazing life can be.
I would not wish to lose it for all the gold in this world.
It is also a pity that Lent is not here, they can all get a lecture.
Really, I bow my head to your ability, René!”
Erica takes Elsje away, we also talk for a bit.
You can ask him everything.
Karel now understands why those old masters were able to paint like that and how Mozart crawled to his piano so early and thousands more things receive consciousness for him.
René now goes upstairs.
He is conscious of everything.
Karel says:
“Did you always know this, Frederik?
You certainly did not know anyway that he would reach this height.”
“Did I not always tell you that René is a spiritual child prodigy?
And was I proved right?
I must say, those thoughts were given to me.
I now also know how my hand was controlled.
By René and his master.
I now also know how I received the longing in me to let myself be locked up in Hans’ institution.
I now know everything and can give myself an answer to all the questions.
What were we like when this life was born?
I know, he will not have it easy, but what comes from this life is being more highly conscious for everyone!
I can already see the books!
Imagine, Karel, he now already takes on against the astrologers of this world.
It is incredible, but you experience the wonders.”
Erica comes back.
“Hans is a madman, Karel.
What should we do for our poor Elsje?"
Have you already asked René any time, Frederik, what he thinks about this?”
“Ask him yourself, I believe that he is coming downstairs, Erica?”
And yes, he comes back for a moment.
Karel asks:
“Hans is like a madman, René, can you not cure him?
What must we do for Hans?”
There immediately comes: “Father, do you believe in me?”
“For a hundred percent, my boy!”
“Then I tell you that you cannot do anything about this.
Hans must try to get out of it himself."
“Is that possible?”
“Of course that is possible.
But it is not that easy!
He must do everything humanly possible for his normal life or he will succumb.
He is now under a terrible influence.
He does not accept that!
Just try telling him, he will laugh at you.
That is his personality.
Can you now get round laws any longer?
That would also be unjust, then every being would buy some feeling.
You could now buy the human conscious, but that is not possible, you must devote all of yourself for this purpose.
As a result of this you cannot reach Hans!
He has sunk back into his own past.
Hans lived under the laws of love which his mother possessed.
However, finally you see the real personality.
That personality must become conscious sooner or later.
There are people who are under it for all their lives.
In this way a mother can influence her child for the life.
For strong personalities that only takes a few years.
The weak-spirited, you saw that for me and mother, do not come out from under that influence.
It is only then, when death comes; now these different worlds separate.
Hans cannot be helped, because he is attached to karmic laws.
He is now lived by those laws!
He must want to free himself from them, but that is a fight of life and death and sometimes even worse than the natural working, which he now has to accept.
In this way you see millions of people walking around and not untill now all those people experience the problems from previous lives.
Hans is faced with a new conscious, but other laws point to something, which he already felt the birth of.”
“What is it, René?”
“I will not go into it, Father.
Later I will explain those laws to you.
It is only then that I will think about it, now I am not capable of it.”
“Why do you want Elsje to learn the language?”
“Because I see gifts in Elsje.
Elsje can write!
You will also see that reach awakening.
Then she will be stronger in this life.”
“Why do you not look out for a girl, René?”
“I will get one, Father!
But in time!
My master says: wait!
I will wait.
I will tell you one thing, I will be happy in this life.
Do not worry about me!
All of you think in my direction, I do not need anything more from you, you will leave the rest to me.
I am now seventy-five!”
Karel laughs.
He taps René on his shoulders and says:
“Boy, my thanks for everything.
I bow my head and I hope that I will be able to help you one day.”
“Have a good look at your patients, Father.
Talk to these souls and give them everything of your life.”
However, we already know, Karel needs help, his practice is going so fast.
The people no longer want to lose him.
His character is becoming soft.
He now carries his patients.
The people are screaming out for his personality.
The poor people carry him.
He has already been given the nickname of being the doctor for the poor.
Karel is proud of it.
The flowers which he receives from his patients go to René.
Erica stands behind him like a beacon light!
You should see Erica.
You could embrace her!
Erica has become a powerful personality.
We came home from the trip and we enjoy all that luxury.
The snake bites have healed!
Brown bears no longer growl for us.
We do not know hyenas, the boat has not become a wreck, but a sea castle.
We are capable of sailing all the seas.
Hans is still the only ballast.
He is attached to the boat like tar to iron.
What should we do?
Giving a white coat of paint does not help.
He himself does not want to serve as white gloss paint.
This is how matters are now.
I do not know where this will lead.
Yet I actually know everything.
Only I do not wish to think about it.
It charges at your life.
I also understand René!
He is conscious, but oh so careful.
In my room I record all these things.
The laws which are explained, come in the logbook.
I can keep everything up-to-date, I have all the time of the world.
None of all this beauty will be lost!
Nothing, but every day new phenomena are added, which will all be explained.
I long again for the actual séances with the academics.
The problems for this humanity are explained amazingly sharply!
Desperation cannot be seen from anything.
He does not owe us an answer in anything, what he cannot do is also the irrevocable halt for him.
We were already able to receive an amazing amount.
He works on his art and on his life, also on this so terrible society.
And that life still has to turn twenty-four!
My God, who could have believed this?
And should we say, it is impossible?
Can we accept a God of vengeance any longer?
Poor humanity, why do you not go further and higher.
What will this society look like when there is light?
Then no more religious maniacs will be born.
Lent will ask him questions soon.
That beautiful person prefers to listen.
Leuvens is a man of feeling.
He says honestly that we do not know yet!
However, he also says that this could really be the solution.
It is supernatural to him, but for God everything is possible.
Leuvens gives himself as people expect of a learned man.
Opposing this does not help anyway.
Leuvens says: I am still not that far!
If everything is proven scientifically, we will experience the greatest genius of this century during these hours!
Erica has got that into her head!
Karel too, he considered it a real word?
He also says that René is a genius and we have known Karel!
Ten Hove does not come out with it, that life is too awkward for that.
I did not understand that Karel involved him.
When I asked him about it he said: that breaks it up a bit!
You must not have all those sharp thinkers present.
Leave that dope be, he can now become a different person, he is not bad.
Now Hans as well!
And then we would all be there!
I wait, we will soon carry on.
We were able to experience Divine contacts!
Is this not amazing?
Oh, how happy I am!